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31/8: SR & ArShi: Chaahat par sabhi ka haque hai

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 11:43am | IP Logged

31st Aug: SR & ArShi: Chaahat par sabhi ka haque hai


Hey Daffodils!


Am just making  notes on the two couples  and a footnote that is just my wicked but true observation. Sorry guys, lucky you that I cannot go through the entire episode step-by-step.




If you were to ask me if SR love each-other , I'd look at them and say'. NAAH! IT IS LOVE AND MUCH BEYOND ' it is faith, it is compassion , it is support , it is respect and honour , it is camaraderie , it is compatibility , it is walking together, it evolution, it is poignancy ' it is EVERYTHING that a man and a woman can explore in one another ' it is everything that two human-beings can explore in each-other and grow old together ' To me this is LOVE and this is a MARRIAGE of true minds as the Bard would call it.


Siddhima are not perfect and infact show faults much more frequently than anyone else but with the wisdom, transparency , depth and simplicity with which they mend their faults and always hold each-other's hands makes them the most beautiful imperfect couple. Today , as they both reviewed their behaviour with each-other and their relationship sitting on different tables in the same cafe , you understand why they are soulmates ' they feel so much for each-other that when it comes to the other , the self becomes immaterial and they step back. As Sid refused to be selfish in his want for Riddzie's love and attention, Riddhima decided to put everything and everyone on hold for Sid. If this is not love , I don't know what is.  When the two of them tell Shanky that they want to be together and are happy together right after a big fight , it is not to make him happy , it is to tell you that their relationship and their love and respect for each-other overrides everything that is negative. Riddhima was so excited about celebrating their marriage with love and happiness by undergoing the holy rituals again that you could see she was glowing ' she was happy , infact , she appeared much happier than Sid. But Sid was touched when an excited Riddhima said that she wants to marry him again for him , for themselves and what they share. As Shanky threw the divorce papers' pieces in the air in happiness , you just wished that all problems that SR face just go out with the wind like that.


Lastly, the lift scene was a quintessential beautiful SR moment ' loving , teasing , warm and a wee bit naughty. I loved Riddz throwing that little tantrum that Sid was not paying attention to her. Hamaari shaadi ka dinn'pyaar ka dinn'.sounds magical, doesn't it?


And don't bother about Riddz acting pouty and bratty with Sid and taking Armaan's name. We don't know what the scene is but yes, even if she momentarily compares the attention that Sid gives her to what her past gave her , big deal. You and I can count on our fingertips how many couples in this world act pouty with their spouses and tell them how their ex or even their grocery guy used to give them more attention. Relationships don't come into suspicion at the drop of a hat. There is always a larger picture'..

I loved Riddhima's " Mere would be  permanent patidev" to her darling husband Sid.


Oh, and yes, if still a certain section thinks that Riddz has only stayed with Sid out of guilt , obligation  and blah, blah, blah'.girls , you need to marry good men , so that you understand that no woman in this world stays untouched by the love and respect given to her by a husband like Siddhanth Modi.




Kucch to hua hai' Ting Ting'

Kucch ho gaya hai' Ting Ting'

14th June se lagta hai jaise'..

Sab kucch alag hai' Ting Ting'

Sab kucch nayaa hai'


From SR's placid lake like love , we come to ArShi's waterfalls. Haha. My jaw dropped to the floor at two ArShi moments. First , the CPR Demo. Poor , poor Shilpa. Ain't she totally Armaanified? But the look that she gives Armaan is not that of a schoolgirl who has a crush on her senior or her good-looking teacher or of a teenager reveling in the feeling of her first crush. It is the look of warmth, compassion , love that emanates from her every being- it is the look of Shilpa Malhotra. So when she goes 'Sajna', you go with her and her feelings for Armaan- feelings so deep and beautiful that even Maasi could sense them. Today , when Shilpa was a wee bit too close to Armaan's face , ( I don't believe this. Shilpa was actually going to do a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Armaan! That is when my jaw dropped for the first time, haha. She is so innocent and cute!) 'okay, at that time, it was not just Shilpa, it was Armaan also who was affected by her proximity. Infact , Shilpa should have asked Armaan'.  " Bataao Armaan, kaise dekhte ho tum mujhe non-stop binaa aankhein blink kiye, tell, tell?" '.. Lolz.


Then , for the second jaw-dropping moment'.Uhmm- hmm! No, no, not Armaan puttar in shower. His thoughts while he was in the shower. He was trying to make sense of the little surge of emotions  that he is beginning to sense now in his heart ' it is just a murmur but he is sensing it. All the times that he had found himself staring at Shilpa's  beautiful compassionate face, all the times that she was close enough for him to guess her fragrance ' he had never escaped unaffected.  Shilpa is becoming a part of him and he has no control over it. For the first time, Armaan is thinking about another woman and that too "as a MAN" and that is not at all bad for starters. Tomorrow, when a glowing Sid's Riddhima speaks to him regarding her remarriage ,  Armaan may do something stupid again to himself but his moment of introspection on Shilpa in the shower has told you that there is hope for him and I want to believe in that hope.


And later, I fully agree with what Maasi told a tearful Shilpa. Why cannot Armaan move on to a new love and a hopeful life? So what if he had a past with your sister? Does that take away your right to love him and his right to be loved? Don't stop yourself and don't stop him. You are on your way to becoming his present and there is nothing you should do to stop it.


So, when you look at Riddz trying hard to protect Sid , her marriage and looking forward to a beautiful blissful life , when you look at Sid who loves his wife and is touched by her wish to marry him again, when you look at Armaan who is taken aback by his turn of thoughts and a small surge of feelings for Shilpa, when you look at Shilpa who knows that she is madly in love with Armaan but refusing to let it show'you do believe that no matter what we have been through in  life and what has been, we all need and deserve a little loving ' hence, the title.




This forum doesn't surprise me but I was a wee bit amused today. When Sid felt for Riddhima, he was bashed, when Riddz fell in love with Sid , she was bashed and they both continue to be bashed for having a loving husband-wife relationship. Shilpa was bashed for no rhyme or reason and her feelings for Armaan brought under the judgment stick . But today when Armaan has felt a small surge of feelings for Shilpa ' thought of her as a man would feel about a woman, why no question mark posts on him? Why not accuse and abuse him for having impure thoughts about Shilpa and daring to think about another woman? No. You will not do it. Not because Armaan's feelings for Shilpa are innocent indeed  , but because you do not give that respect and love to Shilpa and SR. But you know what? Dil bhi sabkaa ek jaisa hotaa hai aur sabki izzat bhi ek jaisi hoti hai. And , no , am not sorry for saying this.

Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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omgggg me early ......got excited ...kasam say abhi kuch nhi parha soo cant comment exactly but i full faith watever it is i shall love it ....
soo will edit after reading Embarrassed

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beautiful post again
i soo agree for SR part..as u said.they are beautifully imperfect couple Day Dreamingand i love them for thisEmbarrassed

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again loved it Clap

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Seriously gal u make awesome posts.... guess no one can dissect the episode like you!!!

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PSharada IF-Sizzlerz

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Can I shout that I love absolutely love your posts Poco. I want to write in detail about today's episode because the stage that SR are in is what you call a marriage. SR are married in the true sense and have understanding which very few married people have in that short time. I really liked Riddhima wanting to marry Sid for himself and for their happiness. You feel genuinely happy for her and you wish she always stays happy in her own world with her Prince Charming Sid. Compare this Riddhima to the one who wanted to kill herself on the marriage day. Both of them are 2 different Riddhimas as far as I can see.  The Riddhima who wanted to end her life on marriage altar didn't think of a life without Armaan and the Riddhima who now wants to marry Sid out of happiness and for their relationship is the one whom Sid brought to life. I really don't want any more heart breaks here. SR got to the point that they need to be and you just wish they get married and go away in a magical carriage to their own land. They deserve every inch of happiness that is out there.

Shilpa I felt so bad for her. She has fallen hard for Armaan but her mind is not allowing to admit it because she feels Armaan is off limits for her. Bechari she doesn't know that dil par zhoor nahi chalta hai. I agree with Shilpa's massi that Shilpa has every right to dream about Armaan and what is the big deal if Armaan loved her sister Riddhima in the past. That is the past and this is the present. Hopefully Shilpa will not dwell too much in past and present and accept her love with all her heart. Also it was good to see Armaan coming out of past and for once thinking about someone/something other than Riddhima and his pain.

And coming to your post I agree 1000% with this below line.

Chaahat par sabhi ka haque hai

Everyone has a chance at love and I admire/respect people who try to move ahead in their life even when everything falls apart in their world.

Take Care

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StarshineHues IF-Sizzlerz

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Pocsy !! You said EVERYTHING !! Hug

SR were so in love today......it seemed to emanate from their entire beings.  The scene in the cafe where Siddhant decides that he loves Riddhima with her cuckooness and he'll never, ever, take away her independence and freedom of thought, and like you said, Riddhima decides to put everything on hold for her Would-Be-Permanent-PatiDev....is there a soul in the world who can say that she doesn't love him and he isn't worthy of her ?

That love, that GLOW, was so visible in front of Shashank as well....."Hum bahut Khush Hain". Yes, we have our problems, yes, we have our issues, but our love is beyond that, and it will take us home, always.

And the scene in the lift, awwww......you're just swept away by her happiness aren't you ? She wants to do this wedding for the man she loves, for the man she'll always love. And the fact that she said Armaan's name, it was so teasing-"Oye, tumhe meri kadr nahi hai, you didn't give me time. Woh hota toh aisa karta." Lol, thats such a cute, playful nakhra. But as soon as she said the words she realized that she might've hurt Sid who's so raw about this issue, that her own eyes widened in pain. Like you said, if that isn't love, what is ?

And Shilpa was beautiful today, she was so innocently in love. But she did not let her tide of feelings come in the way of her goodness, you could see how beautiful her soul is when she decided that she won't be the girl in Armaan's life just because he's her sister's past. Armaan was unsettled by his feelings for Shilpa today...."Kuch toh hua hai". LOL

And your footnote was epic. Pyaar pe toh sabka haq hai, dil bhi sabka ek jaisa hai. But why is one person's love so "impure" and "degrading", while the other's is sunshine and all things beautiful ? Thats a tad unfair isn't it ?

Awesome post Pocsy !! Hug Love you. OMG, I think I lost it today. I've gone on and on. But seriously, I know how busy you are. So its ok if you can't reply to the whole of my pravachan. LOL

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