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which actress hasn't gone under the knife?? (Page 11)

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Originally posted by mona21

above website dish out the plastic desis
Yes that site is dishy and bitchy. Smile
Pasted from that site.

Amitabh sports one of the finest wigs in the industry. It's a combination of a good quality hair piece and great styling (Shahrukh and Shekar Suman please take notes) that makes it blend in with his natural hair line, without showing any glue or net and makes him look fabulous. My only qualm with Amitabh's wig is  his choice of wacky bi level golden/ burgandy highlights. I am not sure which crazy stylist convinced him the colors look fab on him but they DON'T, they just remind me of Kate Gosselin prior to her divorce. Please Amitabh, dye your wig a normal color. If you wanna add highlights, add grey ones. They'll look much better.

If you folks recall this is how he big B used to look like before his wig:)

Recently Katrina Kaif was hospitalized for what is turning out to be quite the mystery procedure. After much speculation her spokespersons spoke up putting it as a "surgical procedure" to correct "low haemoglobin level".
Now that's plain BS!!!! The few options available to people with low haemoglobin are either iron shots or a blood tranfusion both of which are no surgical procedures. Not even remotely! Moreover the said procedures require no extended hopsitalization as Katrina reportedly underwent.
Considering Kats already has rhino and lip collagen ticked off of her to-do list I am guessing it could either be cheekbone implants or blepharo, a combination of both or something less perceptible like lipo.
Watch out Kats, I have my eyes on you!!!!
Since Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone I have yet to see a celebrity with authentic "bee stung lips" and Katrina Kaif is no exception. Kat's newly acquired trout pout has been attributed to lip implants by some but considering how the size of her lips keeps changing, I would place my bets on good old collagen. As the cliche goes, another one bites the dust!

Guess who's Sleeping on their stomach these days!!

by admin ~ February 28, 2010


Newly done butt implants are painful to sit on….our condolences to Shilpa. OUCH

Priya Sachdev: Plastic Surgery Horror

by admin ~ February 18, 2010


Cosmetic surgery should enhance your natural appearance and not announce to the world that you'd have work done. This ladies' face screams PLASTIC SURGERY and even a novice would be able to tell that something is "off" about her face. The overly shaved nose, the bee stung lips and the high arched brows…. sigh when will people learn.

P.S: Who is this lady anyways? socialite? Celeb? She looks a lot like Rachel Uchitel (Tiger Wood's alleged mistress #1), undoubtedly coz of all the work both have had done to their faces.
P.S.S: Don't think I missed the cheek implants, just forgot to mention it. CHIPMUNK CHEEKS!!!!!!

Aamir Khan Also needs to Stop

by Meemee ~ February 7, 2010


Considering the huge hit 3 idiots has become with reports of some new box office record pouring in every other day, it almost seem sacrilige to be bringing attention, yet again to Aamir khan's plastic surgery aided youth. He may have nailed the part of a college going youngster but the truth remains that Amir's face was obviously choked with fillers of all kinds and variety!
Judging from the picture it is obvious that he is ODDing on botox as well as possible fillers and/or a face lift. If you notice he is talking animatedly but there seems to be not a hint of a wrinkle anywhere on his face. Now that is surely not normal for a person of any age let alone someone who is FORTY THREE years old like Aamir here. Nuff said???

A Dream Girl for all ages

by Meemee ~ February 7, 2010


The original dream girl Hema Malini looks great for a woman in her 60s. Recent photos of her show a smooth forehead with no wrinkles which is a sure sign of botox and an eye area which has a subtle lift and temporary fillers. She has been wise enough to stay away from a total face lift (think Rekha) which can be seen from her jowls which have the nautral hang and sag of a woman her age. No doubt she is a beautiful woman to begin with but her smart decisions still make her look very much like the dream girl. One who can give today's girls quite a run for their money.



by admin ~ January 19, 2010


Since her Big brother stint, Shilpa has been seen sporting po*nstar sized assets which are all over the web. I am amazed at the lack of originality at this point!! the minute our desi ladies become famous they pick up the nearest available saline sacs and shove them in their chests.

Breast implants are known to deflate, explode, give infections,cause pain in the breast, cause asymmetry and sag along with a lot of other complications. Revision surgeries are painful and costly and do not necessarily fix the problem. The biggest downside of implants is that once you've gotten them, there is no going back. The implants stretch the skin and tissue to such an extent that without the implants, the breasts will literally sag to your feet. So to all those ladies who are considering this procedure, please understand the risks involved before you take the plunge

Malaika Sharawat: WTF?

by admin ~ October 31, 2009


What's up with Malaika Sherawat's tummy? is that some sort of a tummy tuck scar (though tummy tuck scars run from hip to hip), or some bad scarring during a lipo procedure gone wrong? or could that be a C-section scar.( these pix were originally posted on TMZ where most readers thought that was a C-section cut). You guys be the judge

Are the Kapoor sisters trying to beat Joan Rivers?

by admin ~ October 31, 2009


The kapoor sisters have morphed so much over the years that it's difficult to determine which parts are 'original'. From the Lipos to the nose jobs to the fillers, to the face restructuring they've had it all. I remember not too long ago, Karishma Kapoor used to be referred as "Khusra" Kapoor coz of her awkward features. Now she looks gorgeous. From the above pix, it's pretty obvious that both the sisters received upper eyelid Blepharoplasty. It's one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures (heck my friend's mom had it done) and is used to enhance the upper eye lid area.

Malika's Fake-Tresses

by admin ~ October 11, 2009


Malika Sherawat appeared at some event sporting a ridiculous set of hair extensions. I can't stop laughing!!!

Shahid Kapoor's rules for growing up

by admin ~ October 11, 2009

Rule #1: Stop smiling. In fact try to have as stern an expression as possible.

Rule #2: Take a trip to the Tanning Salon ( I am curious if there are any tanning salons in India or Pakistan). Or use a self tanner/ bronzer.

Rule #3: Get a set of pecs and biceps. Get a wax before show casing the pecs.

Rule #4: Get a rhinoplasty…… BEEEEP.. okay, this rule seems to have bombed. Seriously Shahid, you had a perfectly nice nose. Why did you get it refined? upturned noses are for white chicks, which you clearly aren't.

Jokes aside, his nose DOES look better. The change is very subtle. This is one of the best rhinos I've seen on a guy.btw rule#1 made it very hard for me to do a before and after comparison since the shape of the nose changes when you smile.

Note: Thanks to my reader Meg for pointing out Shahid's recent makeover.

Attack of the Freak

by EMTEE ~ September 29, 2009


Not long ago Shekhar Suman was one of my fav. funny guys for his spot on and hilarious impersonations of Indian Politicians like Vajpayee and Laloo Prasad Yadav. In fact the latter became a celebrity outside of India for Shekhar's impersonations alone. Somewhere along the line however Shekhar suman's real and reel lives got muddled and he actually started looking like a jester more than sounding one. Just check his recent photos out, he doesn't even need to open his big mouth to land a spot on a Freak circus show.
In case anyone missed it, his hair is as real as Pamela Anderson's rack!!!!!

Ranbir Kapoor: Me and my weave

by admin ~ September 29, 2009


Not too long ago, Ranbir Kapoor resorted to 'comb-over' to camouflage his receding hair line (as seen here) . Recently he has upgraded to hair systems or hair integration system (also sported by Shahrukh Khan and the Big Bachan) and can't stop gelling back his hair and showing off his fake hair line, which btw TOTALLY gives it all away. Dude if it weren't for your hair line, I would have never guessed, so stop showing it off.

Anyways, with these types of wigs, the wig piece is integrated with your own hair by gluing it on the crown of your head using surgical strength glue (Sometimes, the thinning hair under is shaved off). Since the surrounding hair is your own, it looks more natural then a complete wig.

Spotted: Kangana Ranaut sporting a trout pout

by admin ~ September 29, 2009


Kangana was obviously not satisfied with her earlier stint with cosmetic surgery and returned to the docs office to get her lips inflated. Unfortunately her desire to be the next Megan Fox backfired and she's left with the dreaded trout pout. ugggh she looks disgusting. I bet there are prick marks all over her lips where the injection hit her.  If she's used collagen, her lips should become normal( albeit a little droopy and wrinkly) in 4-6 months . I hope for everyone's sake, she will cover up her face with a paper bag or something and spare us the sore sight that is her lips!!!

Spotted Deepika, looking not too fabulous

by admin ~ August 9, 2009

Yes folks!!! I couldn't believe my eyes either!! this is the one and only Deepika of Om Shanti Om fame. This pic was posted on rediff by a user who ran into her at some airport. I swear if I didn't know better, I would've mistaken her for my Maid's daughter ( who btw beats Deepika in the looks department on all accounts). Goes to show there is no such thing as 'natural beauty', take away everyone's makeup, outfits, skin care stuff and plastic surgeries and we all look the same!!!!!!!!!!!

Katrina Kaif: Nose Job?

by admin ~ August 9, 2009


I've received several requests to post Katrina Kaif on this site and determine what she's had done. In all honesty, I found it hard to get hold of candid pix of Katrina. Photoshoots hardly do any justice as photoshopping/ contouring make it hard to determine the person's real features. In any case, I think Katrina appears to have received a nose job. The pic to the right is from the premier of her latest flick 'New York'. Last year, there was some rumor of her getting injured on her nose on set and having needed 'medical' assistance . It could've been a geniune accident, or it could've been a cover up for a nose job ( as is typically the case). I'll let you guys be the judge of this one:)

Saif Khan: I wanna be forever young

by admin ~ August 9, 2009


Has dating the vivicious and young Kareena Kapoor made Saif look and feel young ? Rumours mills are going crazy that our Chotte Nawab has used botox for his home production 'Love Aaj Kal' in which he stars oppostie the (much younger) Deepika. The pictures above, clearly show that some serious ironing of facial wrinkles has taken place. But is it just botox or also a face lift?? A source revealed,

"Saif was wearing shades to a lot of events just after he got the job done. This was done to hide the signs. Now that the after-effects have worn out, he steps out in day light without the shades."

Botox neither leaves any track marks on yor face (or bruises for that matter) nor does it make your eyes sensitive to the sun. Then what could Saif be hiding under those glasses??  My guess is, he received under eye blepharoplasty to remove saggy skin or under eye bag. What do you guys think??

Deepika: Fire your hair stylist

by admin ~ July 17, 2009


Picture Source: My sister:)

One of the privileges of being a celebrity is having your own stylists and makeup artists so you can avoid pulling of fashion gaffes. So I have to ask, who the heck is doing Deepika's hair? I mean geez, I bet a trained monkey could do a better job putting in hair extensions than Deepika's stylist. She reminds me of the countless Hoochie Mamas that stroll down Manhattan in the hopes of scoring a big shot wall street dude.

Note: I can understand her stylist's predicament though, as ALOT of work needs to be done ;), you guys' will understand what I am talking about when my sister decides to send me that one pic of Depika that I've been waiting for since the past 3 months. Yeah sis, time to send it through!!!.

Aishwarya: Smile though your face is aching.. Smile even though it's breakin…

by admin ~ July 17, 2009


Picture Source: My Sister

Nothing beats waking up in the morning and giving a loving smile to your husband, only to realise….. YOU CAN"T!!! everything is frozen stiff and the simple act of smiling is painful!!!!!. Yeah folks, that's how Ash's mornings begin these days. She probably tosses around in bed for a while wondering why the hell she chose to inject her face with Botox. So do we Ash, so do we!!!!!! But hey on the bright side, you've finally started resembling your wax statue at Madame Tussauds

Kangana Ranaut: Transformation

by admin ~ June 27, 2009



  • Thick eyebrows give her face a soft look, I am glad she decided to opt out of thin brows
  • Wavy hair look far better on her than her natural tight curls
  • Previously she used to wear a foundation atleast 2 shades lighter than her skin tone, which simply looked ridiculous( although now she's used a tad too much bronzer

Cosmetic Work
While going under the knife, it's always a good idea to make subtle changes to your appearance rather than over doing it. Kangana's has done just that.

  • The bridge of her nose is slimmer and the surgeon has given a very subtle upturn to her nose which looks very cute.
  • Her chest looks enhanced without looking too big for her frame(like Ayesha Tacky-a)
  • Her skin has become much smoother than it used to be. Her skin used to be bumpy and acne scars.
  • Her jawline looks different, specifically her right side. I think she had work done there as well.

My only problem is with her overly botoxed face. It may have smoothed out her forehead lines but she looks crazy shiny

Sushma Reddy who?

by admin ~ June 27, 2009


I don't know who this chick is, but the internet is buzzing about her boob job. I think she is some bollywood actress or model or anchor( or all of the above:p). But i guess she is a Z lister hoping to get her big break through a boob job and unfortunately it didn't work ( or i would've known who the heck she is:))

Ayesha Tacky-a

by admin ~ June 27, 2009


Why anyone would want to stuff their chests with cantaloupe sized implants beats me. I guess when you have no other discernible talent, you hope your gigantic rack will make you a 'Star'. When the first set of implants didn't work, Ayesha decided to opt for a bigger size, but as they say less is more…and in this case less is not trashy.

Minissha Lamba Who?

by admin ~ June 14, 2009

Some chick in Bollywood got her nose shaved off and bloggers in India are having a field day. Personally I don't know/care who she is, but I found these pix all over the internet

Both pix on the left are zoomed in version of the right pix. Looking at the Zoomed in versions, It's pretty obvious she's had work done,and i gotta hand it to those who made the effort to scrutinize her to this extent.. ppl must really hate her i guess.
btw the surgery was totally unnecessary, her original nose was far better

The beautification of Shilpa Shetty

by admin ~ June 14, 2009

Prior to hiring a plastic surgeon and a Stylist, Shilpa looked like any Desi Masi living in the slums. Fast forward Nose job and ample grooming/ styling lessons and Vola we have Madam 'Shut up and Bounce'


Oh and she's had more work done, stay tuned for more posts ;)


by admin ~ June 8, 2009

When the hell did it become so simple for men in their 40s to get the bodies of 20 something professional weight trainers??? Did I miss a medical news on the discovery of muscle enhancing gene therapy???

Did these two Bollywood heart throbs experiment with steroids to get these ripped bodies? or did the venture into the arena of Male pectorial/ Six pack implants,Lipo or abdominal etching?? These plastic surgery procedures are so Taboo that even googling them, doesn't provide many results simply because patients are hesitant to submit their before and after pix. So folks, what is the verdict?? ( and spare me the dumb answers like  "they got them naturally")

You can view before and after of abdominal etching here, Lipo here and Implants here before making your verdict

Malika Sherawat: Me and my stuffed Chest

by admin ~ May 31, 2009

Google 'Malika Sherawat' images and you are more likely to get shots of her saline filled chest than her face. I think she had a pretty hot body to begin with she just looks plain tacky with her fake bolted on breasts

post7More pix of her ridiculus chest can be seen all over the web, I just didn't feel the need to post them on my blog:).

P.S: Her implants were done by the same guy, who did Bipasha Basu's ( who spilled the beans on her when she failed to make a payment)

Malika Sherawat: What can i get you Sir?

by admin ~ May 31, 2009

I wish i had a high resolution pic to show you this rare sighting ,but before she became a super star, Malika Sherawat used to be an air hostess who practically looked like a MAASI


How many procedures did she undergo to finally become THEE Malika Sherawat?

Baiboo's new nose

by admin ~ May 31, 2009

post6Aside from getting a new stylist, Kareena Kapoor AKA baiboo, also got her nose under the knife. I am not sure, if it made a huge change to her overall appearance, though the new stylist certainly did:)

Sri Devi: I love Michael Jackson

by admin ~ May 23, 2009

Back in the old days everything was puristic and simple and women were chaste and naturally beautiful and birds used to chirp on the trees and fire flies would fill up the dark and angels would land on earth….YAWN!!!! and the world wars didn't happen and Elvis isn't dead!!!!
Seriously!!! people simply become stupid when it comes to anything about their 'good old days', specifically if its around their celebrity crush from yesteryears.But folks, lets quit the drama and face the facts. Sri Devi, the reigning bollywood queen of the 80s and early 90s was 'naturally' blessed with a gigantic bulbous nose, which she shaved down with plastic surgery(ies) sometime in the mid 80s. It was a good change that brought attention to her big, expressive eyes.
But the story doesn't end there my friends. Somewhere along the line, she fell for michael jackson and wanted to emulate his looks. So our dear Sri Devi, searched far and wide for the WORST possible plastic surgeon in the history of plastic surgery, to shave off her already shaved off nose


Recent sightings of Sri devi have revealed the result of her quest and it ain't pretty, pinched nostrils, crooked and broad bridge .  In all honesty, Sri  looks GREAT for her age (courtesy unconfirmed rumours of botox and the likes) , but seriously, we'd much rather remember her as the luminous Chandani than an extended member of the Jackson family.

Poor, poor Harman!!!

by admin ~ May 19, 2009

If there really was a time travel machine, I'm sure Harman Baweja would be the first to hop on it and erase the humiliating fiasco that was the year 2008. His mega launch pad 'Love Story 2050' was probably one of the biggest disasters to come out of Bollywood in recent memory. In preparation for his launch Harman probably went through more procedures than a mansion full of playboy playmates. And that does NOT include the sickeningly sissy contact lenses, bleached and tweezed brows, bleach/streaks/lowlights on hair plus a very unconvincing hair piece.

A lowdown on Harman's plastic procedures includes:
Eyes: Notice the downward droop of the eyes a la Suzanne Khan Roshan that has been fixed in the after photo
Nose: Obviously his real nose which could literally serve as a heli-pad had to go and it did.
Jaw/facial contours: It has been widely reported that Harman changed his facial contours and jaw line with a volumatrix face lift by one Dr Vijay Sharma. Apparently he even had a picture of Hrithik Roshan with him at the time. Now I understand why I am reminded of Hrithik but in a very, very surreal almost scary way.
Skin: Laser skin resurfacing to remove bumps and past acne scarring

Gauri Khan: Hair today gone tomorrow

by admin ~ May 6, 2009


Having styled my room mate's hair extensions for a year, I have acquired a certain confidence in identifying hair extensions :). So what is my verdict on Gauri's locks.. FAAAAAAAAAKE. While Gauri used to have beautiful hair in her youth, with age she's lost the volume she used to have.In the picture on the left, notice the texture of the hair on her chest is very different from the top of her crown. While her own hair are slightly wavy in the picture, the extensions fall poker straight.  Extensions are sometimes chemically straigtened or curled before being sold. For people with wavy hair, this poses a styling problem. Once the styling products wear off, the extensions fall back into their original texture creating an OOOPS situation. The picture on the right is just ridiculus. There is so much volume at the ends whereas you can't see much above the shloulders

Rani Mukherjee: There are some things makeup can't change…

by admin ~ May 6, 2009

Rani Mukherjee's nose is one of those things…. I mean seriously, look at it !!!. I don't think its bad, but there is no way in hell, you could contour it to look thin. The new nose looks great in the bottom left pic, but looks kinda strange in the bottom right one.  And Rani dear, you badly need concealer in that candid photo of yours.. or a photofacial. I am also suspicious of her eyes, notice that the upper eyelids looks very pronounced. I smell upper eye lid blepharoplasty? If my best friend's mom can get it, ANYONE can ;)

Sushmita Sen: Insecure Miss Universe?

by admin ~ May 4, 2009

What's the obsession with cantaloupe sized breasts anyways?? they look fake, and stiff and more than often BURST. Sush you've already been crowned Miss Universe, what could you POSSIBLY be after. If you wanna be a rapper's eye candy, these implants need to go in your rear end:p

Gauri Khan: Oops I did it again

by admin ~ April 22, 2009


A reader posted some older pix of Gauri for comparison, so here we go:
-Her face is no longer 'flat' thanks to, either cheek implants or injectable fillers in the cheek area.
-The before pix aren't exactly high res BUT, notice that the overall shape of the nose remains the same except……. wait for it……………………… the upturned tip in the 'after' pix. Upturned noses are supposed to be cute and girly…but i think she just looks plain silly.
-Her lips are naturally full. lucky girl!!!!!!!
-Her brows have always been this crazy lifted, no brow lift suspected.

She actually used to look human at one point in her life, quite hard to imagine now…….. btw I am not done with Gauri Khan yet ;) but i don't wanna rush her post,  so you guys will have to wait:)

Priyanka Chopra: Grooming + Plastic Surgery = Hot

by admin ~ April 13, 2009

Ms Chopra seems to have under gone Rhinoplasty to refine her nose. There have also been rumors that she received skin lightening treatments to go a couple of shades lighter. Besides these obvious procedures she's undergone a hell of a change courtesy her stylist. Below are pix from her birthday in 2006 and 2007.UGHHHHHHHHH MY EYES, MY EYES…. they have been damaged beyond repair!!!!!!

Madhuri Dixit: Great Plastic Surgery

by admin ~ April 13, 2009


Recently, Madhuri has been looking 'fresh' and seems to have shed 5- 10 years off her face. In this candid picture taken in 2004, her jawline has very pronounced jowls, droopy eyelids( her upper eye lids aren't visible) and under eye bags. Fast forward to 2007 and OMG she is looking better then ever. Looks like she received jowl removal surgery and a facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty and some type of skin tightening procedure such as thermage, photofacial, or maybe even fillers. Whoever did these procedures did an EXCELLENT job. The key to a good outcome is to avoid something drastic and get minor tweeks, that make you look like a younger YOU…

Aamir Khan : High Resolution's a Bitch

by admin ~ April 8, 2009


If I'd only seen Aamir khan in 2001 and 2008, I would've thought he's our real-life Benjamin Button, whose wrinkles disappear with age and what not. but his 2006 pic throws that theory out the window. Guess somewhere between Fanaa and Gajini, he got stung by a botox carrying bee:p

Shabana Azmi: Turning back the clock

by admin ~ April 4, 2009


A pic is worth a thousand words, the AFTER pix are all from the premier of 'Sorry Bhai', sometime last year. Here's my two cents on the stuff she got done:
Brow Lift: The brow lift was totally unneeded!!!!! She looks permanently surprised in ALL the after pix. As can be seen in the BEFORE pic, if the eye brow is naturally raised( when we talk animatedly), the forehead tends to wrinkle. In the after pix, there is no wrinkling of the forehead since the eye brow has been surgically lifted. BADLY done procedure!!!!!
Fillers: I am very PRO fillers, I think its a far better option to get facial fillers( such as fat grafts and collagen) rather than pulling your face tight with a face lift. In shabana's case, however, i think there is an obvious over dosage of fillers. I think the doc needs to cut the amount in about half.
Cheek Implant: I think the cheek implants look good on her. They give good definition to the cheeks, which were clearly flat before… but you all know my take on chin implant, which can be read in previous posts:)
Neck lift The neck looks firm in the after pix, a far cry from the loose droopy neck in the before pic. Good job
Lower lid Blepharoplasty /Eye Bag Removal: I've seen this surgery being performed on a patient and i was pleasantly surprised at how clean and easy it is. It's definitely a procedure I'll be getting in a few decades:). Shabana looks fabulous without those tacky bags.Great job.

Salman Khan: Speed over your hair surgeon

by admin ~ April 1, 2009

Hair Transplantation has come a long way since it first started. Gone are the days of hole ridden scalps and unnatural hair lines, thanks to newer techniques such as follicular unit hair transplantation. Or are they??

Looking at these pix makes me shudder. Maybe coz he looks like a latino drug lord looking for his next victim or coz a trained monkey could do a better job at plugging hair. Or maybe it's coz i am having mental images of Salman running the idiot surgeon over with his jeep instead of that poor homeless guy. oh yeahhhhhhh, that's what i am talkin about!!!!!!
errrrrr I am just gonna go to my happy place and pretend i didn't see this abomination.

More Preity Zinta

by admin ~ March 31, 2009

Reader's requested that i post different angles of Preity Zinta's before and after face. Check out my previous post here and also the pix below.


Her face is so much more structured now. A combination of face lipo, facial fillers and implants have contributed to the new face structure. I suspect she resorts to temporary fillers to give her face more structure as the shape of her face keeps changing. The nose job is prrrrety obvious. The saggy eye area has also been given a lift. Her teeth look kinda chiclety to me.I'd have to have a closer look in order to determine if they are real or porclean. But all in all, she looks very different from what she started off with

Shahrukh Khan's Hair Weave

by admin ~ March 22, 2009

While researching Gauri for my previous post, I discovered a pic of shahrukh accepting his award for 'Chak De India', with his- imagine the horror of horrors- hair piece glue showing.

To start of with, I haven't watched many Shahrukh flicks or noticed his hair so i didn't even know that he wore a hair piece. But my knowledge on hair pieces is excellent and I instantly recognized Endura Bond( a type of hair glue) on his hair line.

There are many different types of hair pieces, with French lace wigs being the most advanced. In these wigs, the hair is woven into a lace cap which allows hair to be parted or styled any way. Wearing the wig requires glueing the hairline of the wig onto your natural hair line. Often when Endura bond is used as glue, it gives a white hairline as it turns white when in contact with sweat or oil. Below is a pic of Beyonce with a white hairline. (Source:


Gauri Khan: What was she thinking?

by admin ~ March 22, 2009

What are the tell tale signs of botox overdose and cheek implants? As demonstrated by the specimen below, the face gets crazy shiny and the cheeks starts resembling those of a chipmunk.


Has Gauri looked in a mirror recently? She used to be a pretty decent looking woman before, but now she can be the scary lady to make your kids finish their food." Baita khana khao warna gauri aa jai gee"

Update: I am looking for older pix of gauri but the ones out there are very low resolution. If someone gets their hands on high res pix of gauri, please email them to me

Bipasha Basu

by admin ~ March 16, 2009

If you are planning on jump starting your career by stuffing your chest with silicon, its probably not a good idea to get a photoshoot done prior to the procedure. and its definitly a BAD idea not to PAY your doc, otherwise he may end up exposing you to the media. Bipasha would certainly agree.


Fatima Bhutto: The journalist's new nose

by admin ~ March 12, 2009

Fatima Bhutto Nose Job

Why a talented journalist chose to go under the knife baffles me!!! Maybe the constant media spot light. or maybe a certain secret beau;) if someone as perfect as clooney was into me, I'd probably be running to the butcher next door to get my face fixed too.

On a more educational note: The top two pics show a very distinctive bump on the bridge of the nose and a long pointy tip. The bottom pics from last year, show a much more refined nose with a smoother bridge and defined tip. Whoever performed this rhinoplasty did a great job as her new nose suites her face, without looking worked on.(good for her, i bet clooney is all over her at this point)

Preity Zinta: I am addicted to plastic surgery

by admin ~ March 5, 2009

How many procedures did it take before Preity Zinta was finally satisfied with her looks? apparantly ALOT

In the before pic, her eyelids are not visible , whereas they are clearly visible in the after picture. This points to Blephroplasty , a procedure used to give the eyes an uplift, by removing excess skin from the eyelids. Priety's eye brows are also raised in the after pic, which suggests a brow lift.  Her nose used to be very broad and is very refined in the after picture. 

The BIGGEST change in preity zinta's face, is the face structure itself. Remember the broad jaw bones and flat face. Well now the face is much narrower and well structured.  I suspect multiple procedures to attain this look, which include and are not limited to facial liposuction. Click here to view a patient's facial liposuction results with Dr Omer of Aesthetic Surgi Center.

Koena Mitra: What was she thinking of?

by admin ~ March 1, 2009

I get it when unfortunate looking people take the surgery route, what i dont get is why perfectly beautiful people decide to wreck their face surgery after surgery. Take Koena for example.. i think her pic speaks louder than any words


It's like she bought the entire friggin plastic surgey center. Blephroplasty, facelift, eye brow lift, possibly botox and fillers and last but not least atleast a couple of baddddd rhinoplasties. If i were her, I'd shoot the guy who did this to me….

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lalixlily IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 8:48am | IP Logged

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qwww IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 9:07am | IP Logged
That was an intresting read - I feel better about my looks now LOL

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Debo_Afghan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 9:41am | IP Logged
I always thought how lucky Amitabh Bachachan is to have that kind of hair in his age. Never knew he had a wig Confused

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perfectlyflawed IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 9:59am | IP Logged
OMG tht Article .. i can't stop lafing at the one liners ROFLROFLROFL

IMO i toh think every actor in BW have done sumthing or othrErmmROFL

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-Mmmmm- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 10:13am | IP Logged
The one liners are  definitely hilarious.
I agree with the comment on Madhuri's make over. Whoever did the work on her did an excellent job. She looked lovely on Koffee with Karan.

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