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30/8 SR + ArShi: Dil Kabootarkhaana Hai.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:40am | IP Logged

30/8 SR + ArShi: Dil Kabootarkhaana Hai.


Riddhima , heavily bitten by the Mommykins Complex sat fuming in complete Chudail Mode in her cabin. When will Sid understand that Shilpa and Armaan together means fractures , first aid box and maar-dhaad for Armaan. Why doesn't Sid understand that Shilpa is a bad influence on Armaan. And you wish you could stuff the popcorn and potato wafers in your hand into her mouth so that she shuts up. Siddhanth is absolutely right when he says that Riddz is turning into a control freak. She believes she knows Armaan the best and seeing his vulnerable condition , she has basically turned into a maternal figure who is rather overbearing. Without realizing , Mrs.Modi is suffocating Armaan's life. Anyway, enter THE SIDDHANTH MODI who basically puts Riddhima's  chudailgiri to rest. Sid truly is the man in control, man with a vision and man with a sensitivity and sensibility. And FIDDLESTICKS to those who still don't get him. You can see that Sid does not want to talk to Riddz but when chudail opens her mouth , you know that she is going to unleash the badtameez in Siddhanth. So, the moment Riddz starts babying Armaan and passing moral certificates to Shilpa, Sid shuts her up and tells her what the audience is trying to tell Riddhima.


Look Riddhima, my life is basically a volleyball between you , myself , yes, yes me and Armaan right now with Shilpa joining the madhouse but let me get this straight into your head. First, ArShi going to Panchgani is NOT my decision , it is the management's decision. And don't you dare behave like a kindergarten kid questioning their decision. ArShi are two mature individuals and whether they want to sing baarish ke gaane or plan babies, it is none of your or my business.Leave Armaan alone. Stop pulling him back to what he trying to leave behind.  What do you want me to do, in any case? Send you with Armaan to Panchgani?....Riddz is hurt as her mind runs back to Panchgani which was the exit of Armaan from her life and the coming in of Sid as her future life-partner in the most unbelievable manner. The transition point of her past and present which is a sensitive portion of her life where Armaan and Sid crossed paths with each-other and Riddhima was in a way left by Armaan to be taken care of , nurtured and protected under Sid's wing. Now, you know why Armaan is always called the root of SR.


So, basically, SR would have made milkshakes out of each-other over Armaan who on the other hand was coolly waiting for Shilpa to show up in the parking lot. BUT!....Armaan's angel called it ceasefire between SR. Shilpa knocked at the door and Sid was angry enough to make meatballs out of whoever it was but the moment he saw a meek Shilpa walk in , his face calmed. Riddz , of course threw attitude with a 'humph' and Shilpa preferred to pay attention to her jeejukins. She did not question the decision , even though you could see how scared she was of going to Panchgani with Armaan. She just wanted to know where exactly are they supposed to go in Panchgani. Sid tells her 'Sanjog' orphanage , throwing his wifey a badtameez look' 'Sanjog' ' the word means 'destiny' in Hindi.  Destiny for ArShi to join in a bond ' if these are not signs, what are? Anyway, Shilpa looks taken aback. That orphanage is her root , her childhood. Why is destiny taking her back there? And that too with Armaan. Shilpa doesn't let the discomfiture show and glad that Sid doesn't know about her past , she goes away. Oh, SR?, I think Riddz threw her stethoscope on Siddhanth after Shilpa left.

Shilpa cribs in the sweetest manner possible to God that why does HE make everything so difficult for her? Here, she is concentrating so hard on her Mission Armaan ko Chhodo and God is telling her that Armaan ko pakad ke rakho? The wardboy voices God's will' Dr.Shilpa, Dr.Armaan aapka parking lot mein wait kar rahe hain. '.*wink*'*wink*


And here come ArShi to the orphanage. Shilpa with memories of a happy childhood with Maasi where she was loved, nurtured and taken care of . Armaan with memories of the last time ever that he saw love for himself in Riddhima's eyes and how he had released her back then. And as they both descend the steps of the orphanage , you look at Shilpa who is missing the time that is gone and Armaan who has no idea that what he is missing is right next to him. Destiny.


Sid is Sid. The man never fails to amaze you with his wisdom and his wonderful understanding of human behaviour ' yes, even when it is about him. He is sitting all alone and reviewing his behaviour with Riddhima. Maybe I was too harsh on her. But somebody had to get it across her head that she cannot control Armaan's life. And we both are on that level when I can tell her all these things without hesitating. We are on an equation where we can discuss anything under the sun. He looks at Riddzie's picture and you look at Sid. Big smile. Riddhima Modi is lucky'.very lucky. No other husband in this world will put up with such a difficult and dense woman like her. But Sid does because he loves her'.and be it the good part or the bad part, Riddhima knows it.Sid gives you a surreal feeling of faith , of assurance and of love that makes you want to sleep like a baby in his arms.


Coming to the Shilpa and Maasi conversation, doesn't Shilpa just fill up your heart with love? Lots of love? Such a teddy bear heart and such a sponge soul. And her loving Maasi voices what the audience feels about Shilpa. Her eyes are the windows to her beautiful soul and her beauty as a human being sparkles through those brilliant cognac concentric circles. Maasi also highlights how vulnerable Shilpa is. And you wonder how this girl masks her feelings so well. I personally loved it when Maasi hugged Shilpa. Nobody has ever hugged Shilpa with love and warmth in Sanjivani and I love the motherly comfort that Maasi gives her. The girl is happy for real and it just makes you feel happy. I hope Riddz becomes the mother that Shilpa never had ' but yeah, without trying to control Shilpa's life. And then'. You see the Armaan that you have missed for a long long time. The dude Armaan. It is adorable how he takes Shilpa's name on various scales to call her out to play. And Shilpa shows you how attached she has become to Armaan. His one call and Shilpa , leaving everything runs out to see him, worried if he is okay. Maasi is taken aback as she sees her little girl panic on the thought that something could happen to Armaan and watches her with eyes of wisdom. As Armaan plays with the kids, Shilpa's eyes watch him with the glow of love. She has so much to give and Armaan needs that love , warmth and faith desperately. Shilpa is Armaan's HOPE. The best hope that he can ever hope for.


Back in Sanjivani , Riddz is walking down the corridor, worried sick that Shilpa's company will mean 10-20 broken bones for Armaan. And no , quite contrary to popular belief , you can see that it is not jealousy of a woman that has her worried sick. It is the bonding, the attachment and instincts of a good friend. Armaan and Riddhima will always be emotionally attached in a way  but that equation is on an altogether different level and no opaque mind can understand it. That is from where Riddhima's panic springs for him and in no way it raises a question on Riddhima's love and loyalty for Sid and her marriage. Never jump the gun. Things always run deeper than what they appear'..


And then, creatives give you a lovely moment. As Riddz folds her hands to pray to God that Armaan stays fine, God gently directs her mind and heart to where it belongs. She closes her eyes and every fiber of her existence runs back to her husband. How much he loves her, how much she loves him and how in her babying of Armaan , she has been hurting Sid. Armaan quietly bows out of her mind and her thoughts, feelings and tears run to Sid. She is in a daze. And strangely , when Sid gives her lectures about Armaan's worry occupying her mind , you know that when she did not hear the sister , when she did not hear Sid call out her name, it was Sid she was thinking about and how she has been neglecting him. And as Sid rages and rants at her , she keeps looking at Sid , blinking back the tears of realization that she is hurting the man who means everything to her. In her bid to protect Armaan , she is putting her marriage at stake. And as Sid goes away to look up a good therapist's number in Yellow Pages for his wife, Riddhima's thoughts and feelings stay with Sid and how it is Sid who needs her nobody else.


PRECAP: ArShi are each-other's saviours. Of body, heart and spirit. Tomorrow, when she is caught in fire and Armaan saves her , it is just another step in the deepening of their bond. And as for SR, you can see the glow and happiness on Riddzie's face as she happily tells Armaan that she and Sid are marrying again and this time willingly. But the best part is that when she is telling Armaan about Sid and her marriage, she is talking happily to a friend whom she wants to include in her happiness. And no that is not insensitive. Armaan has to make peace with his present or else he will never be ale to embrace the future.


In the end, I will like to say that if you look at Armaan, Sid and Riddhima, none of them ever voiced jealousy in this entire track  ' Sid believed it to be a control freak shade, Riddhima knew it was affectionate and protective concern edging on possessiveness for someone who is dear, Armaan who knows both SR inside out sensed nothing. I don't know what creatives will do later but nobody wants to bring down their heroine to moral degradation , a heroine who has been shown to fight tooth and nail , circumstances and her own husband to keep her marriage ' a marriage that has her heart and feelings , not obligation. Riddhima is complex but not SICK yet.


And as Shilpa knocks softly on Armaan's heart and Armaan is learning to deal with life (even if on pretence ) , he knows that the woman he looks at today is Riddhima Modi who loves her husband. He himself told the audience today that the Riddhima he knew died the moment he left her in Panchgani and Sid created a new Riddhima, the Riddhima he knows today is  ' Siddhanth's Riddhima'..Infact , if you look back at episodes of April and May , you will know that even as audience comes up with a  new theory everyday , Armaan has always known that SR love each-other and that is the only reason he kept them together.


P.S- The title of today's post is 'Dil Kabootarkhaana hai'  because just as a pigeon hole is never devoid of pigeons, the heart is never incapable of loving , even when it is burnt to ashes. It rises again. Riddhima proved it by loving Sid who brought her back from the claws of death and darkness. Shilpa will force Armaan to believe the same when she teaches his heart to beat again.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Oh god m one of the first one

but wow loved ur analysis as always

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Pocco di  Hug
great post as usual Clap 
Chamtkar !!! Chamtkar !!! Chamtkar !!!!

We got 8:30 min Siddhima scene today Shocked

I think d editors of DMG r on leave & their assistants hav edited dis epi & may b dey r also SR fans like us.. LOL LOL

Anyways coming to d epi.....

Another reality check 4 Mrs Modi

Ahhh I loved it.... Embarrassed

Each & every word said by Sid was just perfect... Ohhh I am loving my Sexyface


OMG did I heard it right ???

Siddhima re-marriage Day Dreaming

Atlast CVS hav given importance to our views..

Mrs. Modi was looking so happy abt their re-marriage

And after listening to d dialogue ' hum fir se shaadi kar rahe hain aur is baar apni marji se ' I was like ahhhhhhhhh Day Dreaming

Goshh can't 4 tomorrow's epi , Ridz confession & SR re-marriage wohhhhhhuuuu PartyParty

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AnonymousUser IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Poco you always have the most interesting titles Tongue ok *runs to read Poco's post*

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UnKnFascination IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Awesome post as alwayz...beautiful analysis

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sheeban4u Senior Member

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arsh was fraking awesome 2day!!!!!!!!
hope to see arsh 2morrow also............

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mightymyth9 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 August 2010 at 10:53am | IP Logged
what the.....
they are gonna remarry. i cant wait to see that.
nice post as usual.

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StarshineHues IF-Sizzlerz

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Pocsy !! Hug You said everything that needed to be said. Lovely, lovely, post, AS USUAL. LOL

Firstly, I loved Riddz today. I even did a "Why I love Riddhima Modi" list, inspired from your Sid list. I hope you don't mind that. Poor Riddz needs all the love she can get. lol. LOL She was adorable today, and she showed the world once more that never mind her cuckoo brains, her heart is in the right place, with her husband, with her love, Siddhant Modi. Just the thought that she unintentionally hurt Sid broke her heart, and her love for him spilled out in the form of her tears. If that isn't love, what is ?

Sid was the man, again. In incredible pain himslef, all he thinks about is that how Riddz might be feeliing hurt coz he was harsh with her. Just like you said, when he looked at her photograph, you just knew that Riddhima Modi is the luckiest woman on the planet. Yet, even in his emotional turmoil, he can differentiate between right and wrong. And thats what makes him the man he is.

"Sanjog".  OMG, that is exactly what Lennie and I were discussing the other day. Its destiny. You could see destiny when Shilpa was talking to God and the wardboy said that Armaan was waiting for her. And its destiny that Armaan and Shilpa have gone to the very place where Armaan saw love for him the last time in Riddhima's eyes. Its the place where Siddhima were born, and it shall be the place where Shilpa'll lodge hereself firmly in Armaan's heart. Like you said, a heart which has loved once, which is capable of so much love, will love again.

Awesome post Pocsy !! Hug

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