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Eternalsiddhima's (SR OS) - A plunge of jealousy

EternalKarSim Senior Member

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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 4:27am | IP Logged

So guys after all these days I've finally written a new OS. I know all the Siddhimaaholics are depressed to see the situation SR are under now so to cheer you guys up I've dedicated this OS for you guys. And I've tried to make it a bit shocking. So I've written something which a lot of us want to see it. So here it goes:


Eternalsiddhima's (SR OS) - A plunge of jealousy



So as Sid talked with Armaan about how his self-destruction is affecting on others, especially Riddhima, Armaan is slowly digesting the words of Sid. On the other hand JP thinks of an idea of how to get everyone happy as it is killing him to see them in pain. Jiggy gives him an idea of having a birthday party so in this disguise everyone will at least be smiling. Sid and Riddhima are treating patients and Riddhima looks at Sid and thinks, " Sid ko dekh kar nahin lagta ki woh Armaan se baat ki." Sid being Sid is treating patients when JP comes to him and says, " Are! Sid bhaiya! aaj mera janamdin hai. Ghar me party rakhi hai. Aap aoge na?" Sid says, " JP mera mood nahi hai party karne me." JP gets sad and says, " kaise mood nahin hoga? main toh aap ke liye toh kuch hoon hi nahin. kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki main aap ki zindagi me important nahi hoon." Sid gets all depressed and says, " nahi yaar aisa nahin hai. main toh sirf yuhi keh raha tha. tu mera sabse pehla dost thana. main tera birthday me zaroor aunga." Hearing this JP gets happy and goes away from there. At that time Shilpa comes and whispers to Sid, " Tum free hokar cafeteria me milo. mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baat karni hai." Hearing this Sid agrees and Shilpa goes away from there. After some time Shilpa waits in the cafeteria for Sid. Sid comes and sits with her. He orders a cold glass of coke filled with ice as he can't stand the heat. Sid says, " Toh Shilpa, kya baat krna chahti thi tum." Shilpa looks down trying to bring words to say to Sid. Sid looks at her and gets worried, " Shilpa? kya hua? kuch toh bolo." Shilpa took some time and finally opened her mouth, " Sid……main Armaan ke past ke bare me janti hoon." Sid gets quite shocked to hear this from her but he knew that a day will come when she will get to know about it. Shilpa continues, " main janti hoon ki Armaan kise pyar karta tha. aur who Riddhima hai na?" Sid looks at her with a bit of a sad smile and nods saying yes. Then Shilpa continues, " Lekin mujhe ek baat samajh nahin aa raha?" Sid looks at her puzzled and says, " kya?" Shilpa says, " yehi ki agar Riddhima aur Armaan ek dure se pyar karti thi, tum kaise Riddhima ki pati bani?" Sid smiles and chuckles. Sid looks up to her and says, " bohot lambi story hai. sunna chaho gi?" Shilpa nods. Sid says, " toh theek hai. main start karti hoon meri sanjeevani ke life ke saath. main US me born and brought up thi. meri parents chahti thi ki main doctorate paroon aur maine kiya. mujhe ek spoilt brat se ek responsible insaan banane ke liye meri parents mujhe sanjeevani me bheja." Shipla giggles at hearing this from Sid. He continues, " main yahan ek minute bardasht nahin kar pati thi. main kaam nahin karna chahta tha aur India me bilkul nahi. Meri jaisa aur bhi interns tha. main, naina, yuvi, JP, aur….. tamanna." The scene changes and shows a woman comes and shows her all hazy. Sid continues, " saab ke saab meri sabse achi dost the lekin mujhe sabse special laga….tamanna ko." The scene changes and shows the woman from her back. Sid continues, " pehle bohot dushmani thi humari beech me lekin dushmani se dosti hui. bohot achi dosti hui humari beech me. main usse 'miss puppy gayab' kehta tha because she had this big doe eyes." The scene changes and shows the woman's eyes. Sid continues, " uska favourite colour red tha." Then they show the woman walking wearing a red selwaar kameez. Sid continues, " uski baate logo ko use pasand kar deti hai." Scene changes and shows the woman talking to the receptionist. He continues, " jab woh muskurati hain toh maan karta sirf dekhti reh jaaye." Shows her smile. He continues, " uski zulfe sirf hawa me haalti hai." Shows the woman from the back and her hair flying. Shilpa looks at him smiling and amused. He continues, " yehi thi…… meri tamanna." Scene shows that the woman is Tamanna, smiling and feeling great to see sanjeevani. Sid continues, " uski aada mujhe ek alaag si feeling deti thi. phir mujhe yakin ho gaya tha ki mujhe pyar ho gaya tha. bohot din ho gaya tha aur mujhe yakin tha ki woh mujhe bhi pasand karti thi lekin uski dad mujhe pasand nahi karti thi. aur woh bohot traditional thi aur woh sapne me bhi nahin soch sakti thi ki woh uski dad ke khilaf jaa sakti hai. uski dad usse kisi aur ki saath aur ki saat shaadi karwa di thi. larka Canada me rehti thi. usse last time milna chahti thi. Woh mujhe kehrahi thi ke woh sirf meri pasand thi. meri pyar nahi. woh kehrahi thi ki main ek bachi ki tadha hoon jo jise pasand aaye, paane ke liye zid karti hai. aur woh kehrahi thi ki mujhe aae badhna chahye aur meri zindagi me sacha pyar aayega. airport par milna chahti thi. jitna door jaarahi thi utna andar hi andar mar jaarahi thi. phir achanak kisi ladki ki saath bump kiya….. aur woh laadki Riddhima thi. aisa lagraha tha ki usne mujhe CPR de kar mujhe zinda rakha. bohot larayi ki humne. phir mujhe uski past ke bare pata chala." Then he explains how Riddhima looked everywhere for Armaan. The body heat episode, how it lead to their marriage, Riddhima's suicide attempt, Sid being all angry at her, their honeymoon trip, how Riddhima tried to make the marriage work, Sid looking for another girl because of his mom, Riddhima saying that he is her husband and hugged him, the first time Sid felt something for Riddhima, arrival of Armaan, Sid seeing him at sanjeevani, the whole scenario of Sid, Riddhima and Armaan, the lonavla episode, and so on. Shilpa looked at him with her mouth slightly opened and thinking, OMG, this guy has gone through a lot! What a guy! Then Shilpa says, " Oh! toh iss tarah tum dono pati patni huey." Sid smiles. He adds, " toh tumne dekha, I've lost the game of love once, I don't want to lose it again." Shilpa smiles. Sid says, " main ek living, breathing example hoon Armaan ke liye. usse aage badhna chahye, jaise maine badha tha." Shilpa pats on his hand and smiles widely and thanks him for sharing this with her. Sid says, " ufff! yeh baate karte karte mujhe bohot bhook lagi hai. chalo kuch kahte hai." Few hours past and he heads off to the locker room after finishing his work. He enters the room and stood there frozen. Riddhima, Armaan, Shilpa, JP, Jiggy and most importantly Tamanna was there. Sid just stood there glued to the spot at seeing Tamanna here at sanjeevani. Shilpa just couldn't stop smiling. Sid described her exactly and she felt like she knows her very well. Riddhima being Riddhima and Armaan being happy. Tamanna looked at Sid from head to toe. He changed a lot. Tamanna got up a gave Sid a tight hug. The scene gave Riddhima look at Tamanna like a wild cat. Sid says, " T…t…t..Tamanna! tum yahan? kaise?" Tamanna replied, " bas yuhi tum logo dekhna chahti thi. Especially tumko." Riddhima thought like what does she mean by that. Sid just couldn't stop smiling and gave her a tight hug. Armaan looked at Sid and then to Riddhima and thought, Ohhhhh! things are getting hot in here. Tamanna looked at Sid and said, " tum kitna badal gaye ho, aur mature looking ho gaye ho." Sid says, " Thanks, tumhari pati kaha hai?" Riddhima thinks that, " isski pati hai phir bhi Sid ko hug kar rahi hai." Tamanna gets a bit sad and says, " meri pati aab nahin hai. Woh Canadian highway me road accident ho gaya tha." Sid gets shocked and says, " OMG tamanna. I'm so sorry to hear this." Tamanna says, " it's ok." Tamanna takes Sid in a corner and says to him while everyone can still hear them, " Sid……… kya tum aage badh paye ho?" By hearing this Riddhima gets shocked and Armaan dropped his file from his hands by hearing this. Riddhima thinks, " yeh kya kehna chahti hai? aur Sid.. aage badhna… matlab?" Armaan also thinks the same thing. Sid looks at Tamanna and then looks at Riddhima and says yes. Tamanna feels relieved and says, " toh kaun hai who ladki?" Sid points at Riddhima and Tamanna smiles widely. Riddhima thinks, " iska matlab…. Sid aur tamanna…. meri aur Armaan ki tadha…. aur tamanna usko chod kar……. iska matlab Sid bhi Armaan ki tadha tha…. no wonder Sid understands Armaan's pain more than me." Tamanna felt it's better to change the subject and talks to JP and JP says that today is his birthday and Tamanna has to come. Sid, Tamanna, JP, Jiggy and Shilpa leave from there and leaves a wondering Riddhima and Armaan. Armaan says, " toh Sid bhi humaari tadha…aur Sid bhi meri tadha….." Riddhima looks at him and nods. Now Armaan believes he can move on, because Sid is a living breathing example himself. Its nightfall came and everyone finished their respective works and head to JP's party. Sid and Riddhima were sitting on a couch while Armaan and Shilpa were busy with some of their friends and Tamanna were talking to JP and Jiggy. Shilpa and Riddhima's eyes suddenly switched to Armaan as he was talking to girl. Sid was still depressed at the conversation he had with Riddhima.



Sid was marching towards Riddhima as he found out that she refused to go to JP's party. Sid says, " Riddhima, tum party par aane ke liye mana kyun kar rahi ho?" Riddhima replies, " Sid, yahan itne problems ho rahi hai aur tum party ke bare me soch rahi ho?" Sid says, " Lekin Riddhima, JP humara dost hai. Humari problems ke vaje se hum humari dosto ko bhul jayenge?" Riddhima irritaded, " Mera party karne ke mood nahin hai, aur vaise bhi main yahan Armaan ke bare me soch rahi hoon, kaise usse baat karoon." Sid holds Riddhima's shoulder, " Riddhima main Armaan ke saat baat ki, saab kuch theek ho jayga." Riddhima concerned, " Kuch theek nahi hoga." Sid looks at her and says in a sad tone, " tumhe mujhpar vishwas nahi? Jab main keh rahi hoon ki saab theek ho jayga toh tumhe itna questions kyun hai?" Riddhima gets a bit shocked and says, " Aise baat nahin  hai, it's just mujhe Armaan ki fikr ho rahi hai." Sid quickly says, "Exactly!" Riddhima turned to face him. He continues, " Tumhe Armaan ki itna fikr ho rahi hai ki tumhari aas paas kya ho raha hai woh tumhe nahin pata. Itna fikr ho rahi hai ki tum tumhari dosto, relative, yaha tak ki mujhe bhi koi fikr nahi hoti. Aur meri feelings, meri emotions, meri mood, uska ka kya? Armaan ki yeh ho rahi hai, Armaan yeh, Armaan woh, Armaan ki fikr ho rahi hai. aur yahan mujhe? Armaan ke liye, hum apni shaadi shuda zindagi kyun roke?" Riddhima gets shocked at what Sid was saying. Riddhima says, " Aise baat nahin hai, mujhe laga tha ki tum samjho ge." Sid says, " Samajhti hoon, magar aur nahi samajna chahta. Jab maine kahan ki Armaan theek hai, tabhi tumhe bharosa nahi hai. Armaan ki itna fikr ho rahi hai, itna chinta ho rahi hai ki tumhari dosto, yaha tak ki tumhari apni pati…..sabse end me aata hai. Ya phir…….. tumhe koi mahine nahi lagta." Sid gives a sad look at Riddhima and Riddhima's eyes are swelling with tears. Sid leaves a crying and shocked Riddhima in the room.


   (Flashback ends)

Sid comes out of his thoughts and looks at Riddhima who has her eyes fixed on Armaan talking to that girl. Sid gets more sad and looks at Armaan and says to Riddhima, " Riddhima? Tum yahan Armaan se baat karna chahti thi na?" Riddhima gets quite speechless. Sid continues, " Tumhe itna chinta karne ke liye koi zaruri nahin. Armaan seems fine. Agar tumhe fikr karna hai……toh mujhpe karo." Riddhima looks at Sid and Sid giving his sexy, anger look to his wife. Tamanna calls Sid and Sid gets up from the couch and goes to her. Riddhima feels bad at what Sid said. Tamanna says, " Party toh bohot shandaar hai, JP aur Jiggy bilkul nahi badla." Sid smiles at her. Riddhima, who was looking at Armaan at some point turned her eyes at Sid. She saw Sid laughing and joking with Tamanna. She just couldn't stand to see him so close to her. " Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai? Armaan ko uss ladki ke saat dekhkar thoda bura laga….lekin Sid ko Tamanna ki saat dekhkar aur bhi bura lagh raha hai. Armaan toh theek hai lekin Sid uski ateet ke saat." Tamanna holds his hand and jokes around by looking that Riddhima gets jealous and thinks, "Sid uska haat chodo! Sid tumhe meri kasam…. uska haat chodo!" Tamanna sees Sid looking a bit sad and says, " kya hua?" Sid replies, " Woh  Riddhima, ki dhayan aur khayal kahin kho gaya hai." Tamanna has an idea, "Sid agar tum Riddhima ko jaala do toh woh tumhari paas daur kar ayegi. Main tumhari saat hoon. Main help karoongi." Sid says, " That's great idea!" Armaan and Shilpa hears it and runs to them trying to be part of the plan and Armaan wants Riddhima to see jealous. Tamanna says, " Toh tay hai. Sid ki saat ko tum log?" The gang says, "Yeah!" Sid is happy that Armaan is helping him and seeing him happy made him happy. Tamanna says to Sid, " Acha Sid, ab tum Riddhima ki paas jao aur betho aur uski saat baat mat karna." Sid says, " This I can do very well." Sid goes to sit on the couch where Riddhima is quite happy. Sid again becomes like that and doesn't talk to Riddhima. He just smiles. Riddhima says, " Toh kya baate ki thi tum wahan?" Sid giving a careless answer, " kuch nahi." Riddhima doesn't ask further questions. Riddhima thinks, " ab Sid ke paas kaise approach karoon?" Sid showing his attitude but inside his still the same romantic Sid who can sense his loves uneasiness and smiles. The whole gang discusses something and approaches towards Sid and Riddhima. The whole gang sits down on the couch. Armaan says, " party toh bohot achi hai, nice going JP." and laughs. Riddhima looks at him and thinks, " shayad Sid ne sahi kaha, Armaan ko toh theek lag raha hai…… lekin ye Tamanna Sid ke itne kareeb se kyun betha hai." By looking at them she also slowly sit near Sid and at a point where Sid is being squashed by Riddhima and Tamanna. Sid is liking the fact that Riddhima is finally giving him some attention. Shilpa says, " itna shandar party hai but no dance?" Armaan says, " lekin dance ke bare me ek baat toh sahi hai ki boys can dance better then girls." Tamanna says, " woh toh hai. maine Sid ko dekha hai, bohot acha dance karti hai." Riddhima looks at Tamanna with a look which says ' tumne jo bola mujhe acha nahi laga'. Sid says, " What are you saying? tum bhi bohot acha dance karti ho. I've seen you." Riddhima looked at him with look which says 'TUMNE jo bola yeh toh aur bhi acha nahi lag raha' Then JP says, " toh theek hai tay karte hai. Sid bhaiya aur Tamanna flowerji ke beech me ek romantic dance performance hoga." The gang agrees and Sid takes Tamanna to the dance floor. Riddhima looked at him with her mouth slightly opened. Tamanna says, " hum Spanish salsa karenge." JP turns on the music and Sid looks at Riddhima who looks at him thinking, " please Sid. I beg of you…. uski ke saat dance mat karo….. main dance karti hoon tumhari saat lekin main bardasht nahin kar sakta tum iski kareeb se dance karne me. please usse chodo." Sid thinks, " Riddhima main janti hoon tumhe yeh sab dekhar dukh hoga lekin main tumhe yeh ehsaas dilana chahti hoon ki agar tum mujhe aise ignore aur neglect karo gi toh kya hoga. aur agar yeh tumhe tumhari dill ki baat zubaan pe le aaye toh aur bhi acha hoga." The music starts and both dance very well and both are acting very nicely showing passion and closeness in their dance. Sid holds Tamanna and whispers, " Riddhima jaal rahi hai kya?" Tamanna looks at Riddhima  and says, " Bohot zyada! uska chehraha toh dekho." And continues to dance. Armaan looks  at Riddhima and smiles and pokes Shilpa to look at Riddhima. Armaan and Shilpa can't seem to stop smiling. Riddhima gets up and heads to the bar and starts to drink. Riddhima looks at them dancing and takes tequila shots one after another until she became talli. Armaan saw her situation and wanted to help her but Shilpa holds his hand and says, " rehne do. agar issi zariye se Riddhima ki dill ki baat zubaan pe aajaye toh yehi theek hai. Aur Sid uska acha khayal rakhe ga. Don't worry." Armaan agrees to her and stays back. Their dance finish and Riddhima says, " finally! 15 miutes of torture of seeing them together. uff!" Tamanna said to Sid, " ab woh nashe me hai. tum usse har le jao, I'm pretty sure who kuch toh kahe gi tumse." Sid thanks her for the selfless act. Sid goes to Riddhima who was taking numerous shots of tequila. Sid stops Riddhima. Riddhima, drunk, looks at him and says, " aagaye tum? bohot acha dance karti ho tum. lekin uss ladki ke saat? tum janti ho main bhi dance karti hoon." Sid takes her to their car. At Modi penthouse, Riddhima was singing in offscale voice and was carried by Sid. Sid took her to their room and sat her on the bed. Sid locked the door. Riddhima looks at him with dreamy eyes and said, " tum bohot hot lag rahe the jab tum uss chudail se dance kar rahi thi." Sid chuckles. Sid sat on the bed beside her. Riddhima looked at him and said, " Tumne mujhe ek baar bhi apni ateet ke bare me nahi bataya?" Sid replies, " batana zaruri nahi samjha." Riddhima sits closer to Sid and says, " main bohot buri hoon na? tumhe ek baar bhi attention nahi deta. Main sirf Armaan ke bare me soch ti hoon na." Sid looks at her with love and affection. Riddhima continues, " Magar tum janti ho, jab tum uske saat baat kar rahi thi, jab tum uski saat dance kar rahi thi, mujhe bohot jaalan ho raha tha." Sid says, " I know." Riddhima gets shocked and says, " aur jan kar bhi tumne roka nahi. tum DR. Mean Modi." And she punches Sid. Riddhima then says, " Jab tum meri zindagi me aayi, tum meri sabse bara dushman aur main tumhe itna nafrat karti thi ki main explain nahi kar sakta. Ab main tumhe itna chahti hoon, itna pasand karti hoon ki main explain nahi kar sakta." Sid smiles at her and Riddhima gives er cute smile back to him. Riddhima then adds, " tum meri zindagi me ak fereshta ki tadha aayi aur mujhe doobne se bachayi. tumne mere ateet ko itna aasani se accept ki, ki aaj tum usse tumhari bare bahi kehte ho. kab iss battameez se pyar ho gaya mujhe khud nahi maloom." Sid has tears in his eyes and thinks, " bas! dill ki baat toh keh di lekin kash Riddhima nashe me na rehti." Riddhima comes closer to him till she is on top of Sid and whispers, "I Love You Sid. I loved you all along. And I promise you to love each and every moment in my life and in the hereafter." Saying that she gives him a rosy kiss on his lips and he returns back with a kiss as well. Riddhima broke it and said, " Wow! maine kabhi kisi insaan se kiss nahi ki." Sid says in a husky voice, " then its good ki mai who pehli insaan hoon." Riddhima then says, " Promise me kit um mujhe kabhi chod kar uss Tamanna ki paas nahi jaogi. Promise karo ki tum mujhe apni paas rakhoge, apni bahon me. Promise me kit um mujhe har raat apni bahon me sulao ge aur mujhe kisses aur hugs dete raho ge. Promise me." Sid chuckles and says, " I promise you ki main tumhe kabhi chod kar nahi jaungi. I promise main tumhe apni paas rakhungi. I promise ki main har raat  tumhe apni bahon me sulaongi aur kisses aur hugs deti rahungi. And most importantlyI promise to love you with every breath I take and with every breath I exhale. I love you very much Riddhima." Saying that Riddhima smiles widely and rests her head on Sid's chests. Riddhima still with her sleepy tone says, " I love you." Sid hugs her close to his heart and Riddhima hugs him, digging her head to his heart. And they slept the night peacefully in each others arms.



                                                   THE END!


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AnnaNAshley IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 March 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 4:59am | IP Logged
awwwww......awesome yar....its so good...u r such a great writer...i imagined all the scenes so well...loved it thoroughly..and loved the whole jealousy thing...riddhima so jealous...kash aisa he hota party main....loved it...write more often Clap
jyoti_wahian Senior Member

Joined: 26 July 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 7:28am | IP Logged

It was awesomeee........Clap

Gr8 job....loved every bit of it......amazingly written......Hug

next tym when u write an OS plz PM me.......Smile

-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 8:36am | IP Logged
it's awesome yaar......so loved the jealous riddhima.....well even i have written an OS.....did i send you the link?????

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 February 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 11:00am | IP Logged
It's awesome yaar Clap
Loved every bit of it..Ridzi jealous...kaash asia show main bhi ho...!!!!
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 11:40am | IP Logged

@Eternalsiddhima  Hug

Dis is awesome Clap

I wish party k baad aisa hi kuch Hota Day Dreaming

But dis CVS Angry Angry

Anyways loved it dear Embarrassed

Do write more


EternalKarSim Senior Member

Joined: 31 May 2010
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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
i wrote it for my fellow Siddhamaaholics coz they are really feeling bad for the current track so to cheer them up i've written this.

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 28 August 2010 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
aww adorably cute ending! haha loved this riddhima :)


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