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So it's been ages since we've been here hasn't it? And I hope the (extra) long Musings makes up for it. Bhav's been busy, I've been lazy which equals no Musings! But with classes starting on Monday, and free time scehduled between classes, here's hoping we have a more steady stream of posts coming towards you!

A reminder - orange means Bhav, purple means Radz.


All We Are, We Are

Episode 4: Family Ties

The First Five Minutes

I remember thinking "what the heck?" the first time I saw this opening, with Elena getting all creeped out when nothing was shown in the previous episodes about her being suspicious about anything. Then Damon shows up, and Stefan wakes up and I was shocked. Yeah, second time round? That shock is still there, albeit less intense.  I freak out everytime I watch that scene, alongside Stefan. (and a part of me wants to give the poor man-pire a hug!) And then we find out it's Damon messing with his head - not sure if I want to stake him or laugh my head off because I love the delivery of the lines. [and frankly, any scene with both Stefan and Damon is awesome!]

And then the interaction between the brothers, with Stefan flinging a paperknife at Damon, and then the suspicious behaviour of Damon - "Why did you cover your tracks?" Stefan's always suspicious, yes, but with good reason! Damon has something up his sleeves, as we can clearly see in the first five minutes.  The difference in their strength scares me though - Damon barely flinched when the knife pierced him, and poor Stefan was in so much pain! *want to cry*

While the opening was less creepy than others, freaky, yes, but not creepy, it definitely builds up to something. What that something is, well, I guess we find out.

First up, I honestly am annoyed by how they perverted the purity and honour of the Fell family by making Logan Fell such a - *ahem*. I know that they're - permitted- certain liberties when they go from print to screen, but Honoria Fell stood for so much more than Logan does, and that saddens me ): Moving right along. I LOVED the freaky-creepy-factor of the opening, with Elena in an empty house with no lights and the tv suddenly comes on. A little cliched, maybe, but I think that was redeemed by, guess who, Damon. You get a vague sense that maybe this is a dream, because, well, Elena is so obviously standing right there, how can she be dead, since she doesn't even know that they're vampires, right? And then STEFAN wakes up. Not Elena, but STEFAN. 'BOOM' is the only word I can think of to describe that. Wickedly awesome opening. OHHHH this is the scene with the knife and the shirt!! *dissolves into uncontrollable giggles because Bhav LOVES this scene* Damon is so - overdramatic? Melodramatic? One of those things. It sorta plays up the whole "I'm so totally badass" thing, but it makes him so much more exciting at the same time. (Don't you agree, ladies? LOL) "This is John Varvados, dude." *fans self desperately* Oh me, oh my. *realises that Damon just totally wiped away the creepiness of Stefan's dream* Hmm. Oh well. I ain't complaining. Wink


Logan Scumfell

Okay, yes, from everything Jenna says (and everything we find out by the end of the episode) Logan is an ass - but he's cute. And entertaining, and there's definitely a lot of chemistry between Aunt Jenna and the hot news anchor. Unfortunately, my insatiable curiousity is not quenched with the little we find out on how Logan ran Jenna out of town - did he cheat on her? Get her pregnant? Break her heart by putting work first? What?? I need to know! *coughs* I'm good. I'll settle for speculation, since we don't have any other choice. *pouts* Where was I?

While I don't like that they've changed the history of the Fells from the books - I loved Honaria! Though they do mention her, and we can assume she was part of the Council, Logan is a poor representation of the family. Honaria was awesome - Logan's sleazy.

Note: I love that Jenna switches the TV off right after Logan smirks.

Other Note:
I love the easy relationship between Jenna and Elena! They're more like sisters than anything, which makes for fun viewing for us!

I like how the news scene started off with Stefan wondering how to stop Damon, and then - transitions - to Jenna calling Logan a "scumbag...scumbucket..." It makes quite an interesting contrast. Jenna so obviously still thinks he's cute, which I find so cute! The relationship between Jenna and Elena is so different from what you would expect of an aunt and niece, but it's refreshing too, how they tease each other. (side note: the doorbell rings here, and I pause my video to see if anyone's opening the door. Oh, my god, Bhav. Oh, my god.)

Is It Sadie Hawkin's Day?

I found it amusing that it was the girls who asked the guys out in this episode to the Founder's Ball. Elena asked Stefan (after a hot and heavy makeout session - with the door open and her aunt and little brother downstairs! *shakes head disapprovingly*), Vicki forced her hand in getting Tyler to ask her, and Caroline asked Damon - though admittedly, she had to be compelled for that to happen. Still, nice turn of events.

Bedroom Hijinks

Are Stefan and Elena messing around in Elena's bedroom on a morning with her aunt and her brother presumably nearby?! ... Duuuuuuuuuuude. *shakes head*

Edward's So Whipped!

I apologise in advance to all Twilight fans - but this scene was BRILLIANT! *cheers* I love watching it, it cracks me up everytime. Even my Twilight obsessed little sister laughed when I made her watch it. (and we fight everytime we bring up vamp!books because we cannot agree on a thing.) Though I've never read Anne Rice. *hides from Bhav*

I...*gives Damon a big hug and a cookie* I heart Anne Rice. Although...Damon clearly does not think much of Caroline, seeing as how he's so openly telling her that his ring protects him from burning in the sun. This could have been an interesting take...

(I'd like to sidetrack for a moment and say that I cannot WAIT for the Jyler interaction in season 2.)

You, Me, Him, Her - Relationships

The entire scene between Caroline and Damon defines her for me - she's vulnerable and wants so desperately to be loved that she's accepted this abusive relationship with Damon because of the few moments of kindness he shows her. It's so sad.

We also have family 'bonding' between the Lockwoods. *scoff* No wonder Tyler's messed up - with that man as his father, who wouldn't be?

I'll admit though, I squeed with how hot Michael Trevino looked. *swoon*

The protectiveness Bonnie has over her friends come into play again! I loved how she was looking out for Caroline, and how they talk, and tease one another. It's sweet, and healthy, and it's probably one of the few stable relationship on the show. They really are soul sisters. (right, D? *grins*) And she spills to Bonnie about the Stefan/Damon issues! *cheers* I've always wondered why Damon told Caroline though, maybe hoping it'd get back to Elena so that Stefan's heart would be broken? Seems like something he'd do.

The Ty/Vicki/Jer triangle is it's own set of issues all on it's own. I'm not even getting into it - I'd go all day.

Another messy relationship - the Salvatore family! Okay, who is Zach descended from? Seriously? And why so much hate from Damon and none from Stefan, and so much hate for Damon and none for Stefan? Where's the background - how many seasons do we have to wait for that? [I'm not a patient person.]

Jeremy's closeness with his parents is finally - finally! - explored a little in this episode. We've seen how Elena was affected by their deaths, and now we see that stoner!Jer is a product of depression and teenage angst - losing both parents in an accident and having to deal with high school, and strained relationships with his family turned Jeremy Gilbert into a druggie. And Elena seems to have forgotten that Jer was close to the parents, and only sees stoner!Jer. *cuddles Jeremy* Can I hit Elena over the head with something now? Though her actions in defending Caroline later in the episode earn her points.

In my family portrait, we look pretty happy...

I really would like JP and KW to please explain how the hell the Salvatores and Katherine have descendants. Although for Kat it'll probably be revealed next season. I heard something about how the Salvatores have another brother or something, but even in the flashbacks, they never actually show that, you know? So how in the world is Zach related to Stefan and Damon??? And on that note, how exactly did Damon 'see to it' that vervain was never grown since 1865? (Hi, Bhav? What? Maybe you shouldn't dwell on all these little details. Uh...I thought the point of Musings was to muse over all these little details. Yes, but - can we shut up and go back to the show now? *grumbles* Fine.)


Tyler claims he really likes Vicky. Jeremy also cares a lot for Vicky (though I'm not entirely sure why, she doesn't seem like the best chick for him). I suppose it's perfectly natural that the two of them loathe each other. But what bothers me is, why do the two of them like her? I can't quite see much in her, except for a troubled girl who's just...well...wasting her life away. Help, someone? (:

*gets totally distracted by a shirtless Damon looking at himself in the mirror* Ahem.

Now I have to go to the party angry. Who knows what I'll do?

Damon. Has. The. Awesomest. Lines. Period. He is obviously psychotic, and if you weren't so...drawn to his devilishly good looks, he's the guy your mama warned you to stay FAR away from. But his lines. Oh, my, GOD, his LINES. They just make you giggle like some fourteen-year-old schoolgirl (ahh, memories! Remember, Radz? Wink) because his lines are so sarcastic and he delivers them with so much seriousness that it makes it all the more awesome. Scriptwriters, you guys ROCK.

"I'm not some drunk sorority chick, you can't roofie me."

Ahh. Not smart Stefan, though it was a good try. I hate Katherine though! What little we learn of her here makes me want to smack the little bi - vampire. *hides* I almost swore in a family-friendly environment. Forgive me?

Seriously though, she played both brothers, and Stefan is beginning to see it, I think he's seen it for sometime, but Damon refuses to. At all. Not sure if that's romantic or idiotic. I'll get back to you on that one.

I tasted, tasted love so sweet and all of it was lost on me

Did anyone notice how sad and wistful Caroline looks when she says how cute Stefan and Elena look together? Poor Caroline... ): And then Damon just...brushes her off...

On a slightly related note, I love the background music that TVD plays. Like the one Stefan and Elena dance to, Matt Nathanson's All We Are.

Ohmygosh, I hate Logan so much right now! Hang on, Logan-lovers, lemme just explain myself! It's really sweet that he appears to want to reconcile with Jenna, but he's just using her to get to the pocketwatch, and Jenna never even finds out about it! Poor Jenna )):

I love how within this same song, you see so many different...well, storylines. Stefan and Elena's, Caroline and Damon, Bonnie's witchiness (with the candle, just in case you've forgotten), Jenna and Logan...And they all display different things, different emotions and all. And the Stefan-Elena mood totally shifts from being happy-lovey-dovey to something more sombre and problematic as the song fades out. Just...splendid work from the part of the producers.

Just acting like we're animals

I find it VERY amusing how Elena threatens to go to the Sheriff if Damon touches Caroline again, mainly because, well, the Sheriff is totally useless against Damon, and Elena doesn't realise what he is. Irony at its finest? Maybe not, but still pretty entertaining.

Are all relationships so messy? I can't even begin to dissect them all here! Gah - okay, breakdown from this episode:

-  Damon's abusive, Caroline doesn't really care because she's accepted.

-  Damon's mean, Stefan's broody.

-  Stefan's broody and secretive, Elena's suspicious.

-  Bonnie's worried, Caroline's not, Elena's worried.

-  Jeremy's angry, Elena's upset.

-  Jenna's annoyed, Logan's annoying.

-  Vicki's pissed off, Tyler's single (yay! *dances*)

-  Vicki's upset, Jeremy's arms are wide open.

-  Stefan's protective, Caroline's unhappy.

Did I miss anything?

Fave Scene

Jenna turning Logan down when she runs into him at the Founder's Party - hilarious! I absolutely loved this scene. The banter, the timing, the faces!

"I'm meaner now."

Sara Canning's delivery of the line is spot on. And the face that man makes after is a cross between 'I love that woman' and 'this is going to take some work'. Brilliance!

The Jeremy-Elena pocketwatch scene. I really, really like this scene because of the side it shows of Jeremy. Previously we've seen him as this apathetic, stoned...junkie...and then now we get to see just how..close..he was to his parents. I know this seems like a far fetch (even y mind's going 'wait, whatttt?'), but really. It seems that even Elena has forgotten the (presumably) close bond that Jeremy had with their parents, overlooking that and focusing simply on Jeremy doing drugs, and that's why she appears so..callous..about the whole issue that I just want to slap her after we find out why Jeremy took the watch. So this shall be my fave scene. (Lemme just add that Steven looked supermegafoxyawesomehot in that scene.)

Fave Quote

There were a lot in this scene - some Damon's, some Stefan's and even one and two of Elena's. But my absolute favourite was Caroline's questions to Damon:

"Are you going to kill me?"

The inflection, and the implications in this line. My God - so lost little girl type, and yet, it shows she does see how dangerous Damon is, but a part of her doesn't care because at the moment, he's giving her attention and time and it's more than she gets from so many other people.

And Damon's not dangerous. He just has a lot of issues with his brother. You know, like, major, deeprooted drama. - Caroline

I really like how this episode focused more on the sibling rivalry between Damon and Stefan, and for me, Caro's quote pretty much sums the episode up, even if it  does lapse into oversimplification. So, yep, fave quote of the episode. (Betcha guys thought I was picking the 'Edward's so whipped' one, weren't ya?)

Fave Character

Can I say Caroline again? I always say Caroline. *sigh* But she is awesome. Though this week, my awesomesauce character award goes to Bonnie for being such a great friend. Looking out for both of her besties as best as she could do - and with the development on the powers front! Gosh that candle scene was amazing. I love how her storyline is developing. (So my fave storyline for this account is hers too!)

Caroline. Caroline was wonderful in this episode. So needy, so vulnerable, such a far cry from her first appearance in the pilot episode. Apart from this insatiable need for love that leads her to Damon, we see her messed-up family in this episode. Her dad left her mum, he's gay, she seems to hate her mum, intentionally provoking her at I can't remember which point. No wonder she looks to Damon to, presumably, fill the void.

Fave Storyline

The Tyler-Vicky-Jeremy love triangle. This episode is definitely a milestone in the TVJ love triangle. All along we've seen Vicky tossing Jeremy to the side in favour of Tyler, even though Tyler doesn't really treat her right - as Jeremy never fails to point out. Vicky has obviously fallen hard for Tyler (or his wealth? His status? Is she looking for something to elevate her from her social status?), and she refuses to see that, but Jeremy's words clearly have made an impact on her, and she finally walks away from Ty, not even looking back, heading right into Jeremy's arms. And Jeremy takes her back. *shakes head sadly*

Fave Actor

IAN! *fans self* Not only is he hot (shirtless Ian in this episode girls! Brace yourselves.) but he plays psychotic insanely well. The facial ticks and nuances in his delivery of his lines, and stance and it's all so faint, but there - he brings out Damon's nature so well. He IS Damon, the Damon I pictured from the books, the homicidal vampire who cares for little but himself. Ian is absolutely brilliant. Not to mention gorgeous and there is so much chemistry with everyone.

Ian Somerhalder, hands down. Apart from the delivery of his lines which I have already gushed about, the way he conveys every nuance of Damon's character is In the final scene, when he's super pissed off at Caroline and she's so terrified of him, his face twitches just ever so slightly, reminding us how Damon is so...unstable...and it gives you goosebumps, watching that scene, wondering just what Damon's going to do to her. It's these nuances that Ian puts into his portrayal of Damon, that's the reason I picked Ian as my fave actor.

Final Words

Stefan and Elena's relationship disintegrated fast. We're what, 4 episodes in? Elena can't take secrets, Stefan can't tell her the truth, her best friend is being abused by his brother and he's seemingly doing nothing. Ahh, drama. (and I just said that to myself out loud and sounded like the cast of AVPM/AVPS saying "Ah, magic!" *covers face* I need a life.)

*squee* Jenna and Logan banter! He really loves her, or cares about her deeply, it's all over his face - though that end! *clobbers Logan Fell on the head* Seriously dude? Do not play Jenna, not good. Did you not learn anything the first time round? You don't wanna hurt her!

Damon being captured - unexpected, but interesting. What could he do locked up like that right?

Ahh, that end. Of course we're given cliffhangers. Of course!

All in all, good episode, nice build up of storylines. I love the idea of the Council - and people, Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood included - knowing about the supernatural. This changes things, and for that alone (and the Twilight crack) this episode gets a 4.5 out of 5 from me.

Sheriff knows! And the Lockwoods know! And Logan Scumfell knows too! *gasp* And he's gonna use Jenna!

I suppose it'll be shocking on the first watch (heh, watch...No pun intended, of course!), but it's a lot more anti-climatic the second time around.

If I remember correctly, I complained that the previous episode wasn't as creepy as the first two. Well, this one TOTALLY makes up for it. Especially the last part, with Damon and Caroline. Oh, my goodness. And okay, I'm totally hungry right now and it's dinnertime, so I'm just gonna give this epi 4 gold stars.

And here we leave you with our thoughts, and ramblings on the fourth episode of The Vampire Diaries. We hope you enjoyed reading this (if you lasted throughout) and please, share your thoughts and views as well!

note: the views represented here are our own. we respect everyone's views and thoughts, so let's have a healthy discussion!

Take care, and till next time.

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you are absolutely gonna hate the fact that I am first! :D

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Yay you edited the title. *pats head*

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*Reserved for my comment* =D
Yes, it's been ages! Took a LONG time to update. *shoots you both a deathly glare*
The beginning of the episode...yes i agree with BOTH of you. Elena getting freaked out, Damon lunges for her throat, you realize she might be having a dream but Stefan is the one having the dream...all thanks to our physotic hot vampire Damon... And yes i know i spelt psychotic wrong...sue me! Bhav don't pounce on me because you're an editor. *glares*
Wow! I totally moved from one thing to another there...oops. Anyways, the Salvatore bro's interaction was really amazing. I completely loved how Stefan aims the knife at Damon and he just goes "okay, i deserved that" and then stabs Stefan back afterwards. *shakes head*
Oooo great! I'm glad you think of Tyler that way Bhav because that is exactly what i think of him! I mean, c'mon! But then like you've already mentioned, the story of the show is different so....guess it doesn't matter.
LOLMe wanna know what made Jenna leave town too Radz. He probably cheated on her best guess. LOL.
Oooo i didn't notice the "Jenna turns the TV off after Logan smirks* part.  YES! I lubbb Jenna and Elena's easy going relationship which is why, i want an aunt exactly like Jenna. LOL
I love how Jenna is randomly calling Logan names looking at him. It's so cute because it's obvious she has a TINY WEENY crush on him..LOL
Ohhhh...thanks for mentioning the bedroom scene you guys. *blushes* Damn! That was such an amazing Stelena scene.
Damon's "Edward's so whipped" line had me cracking me up. I'm a fan of Twilight but i love TVD more and well...i dont see whats so special about Twilight but i still am addicted to it...does that even make sense?Confused Oh and no offence to any other Twihards.
Anne Rice.... right...i kinda of figured that you liked her which reminds me...Bhav i haven't started The Vampire Chronicles... *bites tongue and looks at her sheepishly* BUT i have a valid reason....i still haven't finished Flowers in The Attic so i have to finish that first kay?
I agree with both of you once again about Caroline. She obviously craves for some love because of the lack of attention everyone in her life was giving her and although Damon was doing this for his own selfish reasons, he was still giving her attention and that was enough for Care.
Which btw, is very upsetting.
Care....riiighhtt...Matt calls her Care and i love it when he calls her that btw. --Totally random, i know but i had to say that.EmbarrassedLOL
I was wondering the same thing Radz. Where on earth did this Zach come from? In the flashbacks, they only showed Stefan, Damon and thier father! No one else. So i really don't understand any of this.
How Isobel and Elena could be related to Katherine...i can't say anything about that yet because i'm hoping they'll explain that in season 2 considering the fact that the next season is "The Year Of The Kat"...which...makes me wanna do the happy dance! *party time!!* LOL Katherine rocks!
Hey hey hey, i strongly believe that Elena is right in however she's treating Jeremy...except for some scenes. She's just trying to look out for her little brother and wants him to be the Jeremy she once knew.
Of course they haven't really shown that Elena remembers the fact that Jeremy was close to thier parents as well but we can see that from Jere's POV and we see how close Elena was from her it makes sense.
Yes Bhav, Damon does have the best lines. They are amazing!!
OMG! Radz....when i read this: "I almost swore in a family-friendly enviroment"--I thought that said vampire-friendly eviroment. LOL
"I'm not some drunk sorority chick, you can't roofie me." ---I honestly don't get how this quote relates to Katherine in any way....explanation please?LOL Yes, i am a bit slow on these kind of things but can you blame me? Katherine is my fave character!LOL
I noticed how sad Caro looked as well. But Damon...LOLhe was so annoyed. The way he says "Don't talk please." was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing even though i felt bad for Caroline..
Wow! Radz, amazing job with the breakdown. TVD is very many emotions.
As for the fave scenes........
The Jenna-Logan banter was not only hilarious but also cute and i would've liked the guy if he hadn't turned out be a lying, deceiving scumbag. LOL
The Elena-Jeremy pocketwatch scene was really emotional. I actually felt for Jeremy there and it was so sweet of Elena to understand.
ShockedRight..the "Are you gonna kill me?" line was soo....actually....i just...i dont know. I never really looked into it much. LOL
Overall, i agree with everything you guys have said and i loved this episode too.
4.5 or 4 sounds about right.... I couldn't agree more.Big smile
Great job, Radz, Bhav!! The next edition better not be THIS late okay?
*stern look*
Alrighty!! Bye!

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-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2010 at 11:24am | IP Logged
o0o0o0o best edition yet. So deff worth the wait.
Read everything but have to reserve for now for my input because no time.
Seriously thought the beginning was E's nightmare but I love how it was Stefan's instead. He really worries about her, awww. Damon shouldn't do that, but on a superfical note I'm glad he did because I got to see a hawt Paul shirtless because of that, woooot! Yes, I am aware shamless pimping is bad, but I can't help it! *snaps fingers in Z formation* (;
I wasn't aware of HF when I watched the show- books came later for me remember? So now looking at this I am sadden that it all came about like this. I really liked the battle and how HF wanted to protect the town, offering powers to Elena, mannn. We won't see that now will me? *shakes head in dissappointment*
Logan maybe Scumfell but he's a hot one at that. If everyone is swooning over badass murder Damon, I'm swooning over hot scumfell, not ashamed at all *grins* But back on note, ITA loved Jenna here and love JE interaction, so fun to watch!
Hahaha SE need not to get a room but a different house. LOL. That is a no-no, haha I kid.
Ohhh loved D/C here, not gonna lie, kinda made the episode so much better for me! Twilight refs and saying he lives in the real world and he burns not sparkles made my night!
I really have no input to add into the relationships you guys described all I want to say so flawlessly so I'll just smile *inserting a smiley face here*
Like last time I choose 'both' of fave scene and fave character because its one of the advantages of being liked by you guys is that you have to put up with this
*grins widely and innocently*
Oh Bhav! I'm totally on your side for once, with the quote. That was it for me as well!
As for the fave actor, storyline, and last words I agree as with all stated (:
Lovely edition cannot wait for more!

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great musing volume.... found it very enjoyable thanks!!!! also i agree with you girls on many points actually all!!!!!!!!!

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You guys make a great team for this sort of stuff :P I loved reading this... it was extremely interesting :)

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--Edited my post--

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