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25/8 SR & ArShi : Phew! Ishq leta hai exam

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:00am | IP Logged

25/8 ' SR & ArShi : Phew! Ishq leta hai exam


I think Sid has taken away all the luxuries away from his wife until she finds her brains back and chooses between biwigiri and mother hen giri. Anyway, madamji arrived in an auto and her current project jeevan-mein-aage-badho Armaan Puttar also came zooming on his bike. No, no. No boyish charm , no naughty grin'Dhanno nahiin thi na wahaan attitude dikhaane ke liye? Anyway, Mommykins Riddhimaji looked at Armaan as if trying to read this on his forehead " I am zooming ahead in life , motherji and planning babies with Shilpa , so please inform Sid fatherji also"'.par nahiin!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jo itne episodes mein nahiin hua woh ab kaise hoga?....Oh yessh , yessh! Since you have to sympathize with madamji , FBs of Armaan making her guilty-shuilty for moving on with Sid and loving Sid are also put in. '. " Tum theek ho na, Armaan?" ' HUMPH! Jis dinn usko ye question poochhna band kar doge , woh automatically YRF ke gaane gaane lagega Shilpa 'in-a-sexy-chiffon-sari ke saath.  Anyway, Armaan gives her a " oh, not again" look '.You and your pati Sid. Life mein Project Armaan ke siwa koi thrill nahiin hai kya?.....He throws her a " Main Devdas hoon par cool hoon" look , he tells her to go and bother about her janam-janam ka saathi Siddhanth. Go and do some biwigiri , woman! Jab dekho , freakin' social service'..


Then , we look at our beautiful naari but Armaan ke pyaar ke bojh ki maari Shilpa in Sanjivani. Phew! Ishq leta hai aajkal sirf Shilpa ka exam. Creatives need to officially transfer all copyrights of 'Ishq leta hai' to Shilpaji. Bechaari sundar pyaari pari hamaari '..gets haunted by images of the beeta-hua-kal to such an extent that you'd be like ' cut the crap , man! 'AAHAT' bhoots are less  scarier than these FBs ' stop daraaoing audience with this bhootgiri and spare our Shilpoo. Shilpaji hides in the FE to stop Ishq from taking her exam. Kya se kya ho gayi Shilpa Armaan ke pyaar mein? Woh badi-badi aankhein , woh Dolby Digital Sound jaisi effective echoing hanseee kho gayi bechaari ki Armaan ke pyaar mein''Ishq leta hai Shilpoo ke exam , Ishq mein jiyegi , Ishq mein maregi, ab Armaan Mallik hi hai Shilpa Malhotra ka Bhagwaan.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kucch to hua hai, kucch ho gaya hai' do chaar dinn se JP ka dil Shilpa ki badee-badee aankhon mein atak gaya hai''Can't blame JP. Shilpoo is the DMG stunner. Dekh kar sab ke mann mandir ki bella bajj jaati hain' tann' tann.. tann'.So, JP's gonna impress Shilpoo. Good , koi to hansaayega bechaari ko' sau dard hain to kya hua? Sau raahatein bhi hain.


Cut to '


Fatherji and Motherji!... OOOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSSSS! Mr. Siddanth Modi and Mrs. Riddhima Siddhanth Modi. Both are playing Armaan-Armaan with each-other amidst stolen glances and " Ye kaisa pati hai/ Ye kind of patni hai" looks' Yahaan bhi! Sid's worry is Armaan ( GRRRRRRRRR! They both seriously need to hand over Project Armaan to Shilpookins) ' " Kahiin maine Armaan ko zyada to nahiin bol diya?"'And how can motherji stay behind ' " Kya main Sid se Armaan ke bare mein poochhoon?"' The patient lying between them is like.. " Dude and dudette, munh ka shutter khol kar hi baat kar lo , 1940s ke shaadi-shuda couple!"' And in comes a Shilpafied JP'.. Baar baar ye dinn aaye , baar baar ye dinn aaye aur poori duniya gaaye' HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! '..SR are like " Huh?"' JP gives an emotional speech and Sid , looking least bit interested in going to the party wonders if the cake would be more interesting than the dukhi situation of their lives. Riddz notices that Sid is behaving like a KARELA CAKE. But nahiin? Time par aaj tak madamji ne munh kahaan kholaa hai jo ab kholegi?.... JP goes and SR look bored and go back to their " Munh kholoon ya na kholoon" mode'.


And we come back to my baby Shilpa who is daraaoed by creatives and editors with Season 1 FBs which not even Armaan, Sid and Riddz want to watch in this janam. Kitna dukh sahegi bechaari? She just wants to turn into an athlete and run away from Armaan ' and in a telling moment , the very FE door from where she had imagined the Armaan and Riddhima FB, she sees Armaan walk in all alone. " Main duniya se dukhi aur duniya mujhse dukhi" Armaan poses in dukh , planning to give my Johnny Depp some serious competition'. Shilpa looks at him with her big-big hirni jaisi gol-gol aankhein and walks upto him thinking him to her hallucination-giri and asks him emotionally that who is he ? Why is he so different from others? Armaan forgets his dukh and worries about his Dhanno's mental health' he shakes her up' O TERI! Kya ho gaya aapko Dr.Shilpa? GRRRRRRRRRRR! Have motherji and fatherji included you also in Project Armaan ki gaadi aage badhaao?... Shilpa is surprised and without getting shocked in 3D effect , she turns away from her hone-waala 'janam-janam-ka-saathi'.phew! He better not see my aansoo, nahiin to phir rumaal de dega aur baad mein paise maangega'..


Armaan turns from angry jawaan aadmi to Devtaa-giri reloaded'..kabhi haan karta hai , kabhi na karta hai, audience aur Shilpa ko jab dekho torture karta hai. '.Suno Shilpoo! I know am a beast these days ( kya karoon 2.5 saal takk dupatte pakad pakad kar thakk gaya yaar' ab attitude dene ka mauka mila hai , thoda seh le yaar' baad mein tere dupatte lekar gaana hi hai na ishq leta hai) ' but I don't like hurting you. You surely are one helluva babe , if u can tolerate me and my mood-giri , you can love me! Yippie!... But I promise , I won't hurt you again ( haaye, haaye, ye writers kaise kaise jhooth bulwaate hain. I am supposed to ruin and reconstruct her)'. Shilpa , now in tragedy queen mode tells Armaan in the most pained tone'. " Armaan, main woh nahiin hoon jisse tumhe koi promise karma chaahiye"' Nikamme! You are going to make chutney out of my naazuk sa dil in the very next episode, so stop your jhoothe wade. Armaan is struck' Promise nahiin karunga to todunga kaise? O teri! Love story to tabhi shuru hogi na?..... Jokes apart , she just told him that she remembers what he said' she is a nobody'so, don't give me hope. I do not exist . I do not matter''


And we move back to motherji, fatherji and Project Armaan' phew! PHINALLY! Fatherji remembers that he is Motherji's pati aur agar Armaan ko jhoola jhulaate rahenge to inke bacche jhoola kab jhoolenge? They both maaro duniya-jahaan ke sentimental but MUCH-NEEDED dialogues to each-other. Riddz tries to take advantage of her aansoonyon ki dukaan but Sid is watching his sexyface videos and is more interested in saving his shaadi than giving rumaals to gather her aansoo. Listen up, babe! We love Armaan , we care for him but you gotta get it in your Mommykins head that our dard-ka-rishta with him and our hope and pyaar ka rishta with each-other are different. So, gather your brains and priorities , learn to segregate your zones , then , open your munh ka shutter in front of me' and like always , in front of Sexyface,Ickyface is just ZONKED'..Aur hamesha ki taraf auntyji ke motte motte aansoo. Sab ke taps chaalu karwaati hain- sabko rulaati hain' aur jab apni baari aati hai , to apni band bajj jaati hai? Huh, Riddhima Modi? If you love your husband, show it or else I can gather charity funds to arrange you a therapy session in Kerela.


Oh, yessh, yessh. Armaan darling heard SR ki " Tu tu main main" and DHAN TANEY! Baba Sid ka lecture is showing asar already. Instead of running off for another street fight , abusing Sid  ( oops , woh to " kisi aur ka kaam hai", Armaan is 10 times more civilized than them.. yuk, yuk, yuk) for daring to raise his voice at Riddz , he understands their jhagde ka root cause''. " Me gotta convince the cuckoo jodi that I have moved on in life' nahiin to dono ladh-ladh kar Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki ke 1000 episode chhaap denge"' and you smile!... Balle , balle , balle! But before your balle , balle can finish, Armaan throws a bouncer that leaves your jaw hanging' Ladki! SR ko convince karne ke liye Chiffon Sari mein ladki chaahiye! ' O TERI! You need to be normal and happy to convince SR. Yash Chopra ke gaane itne jaldi nahiin gaane'. So, you shake your head on Armaan's Mission Ladki Dhoondho'. And there in the Restroom, Shilpaji is cursing herself for falling for Armaan' haaye! Meri itni himmat ki main Season 1waale Armaan se pyaar karoon?... Phew! Chill maar yaar' Ab Armaan Season 2 mein hai'.Now, you both can sing Ishq takes exam to each-other.


As for Shilpa's resolve to maintain a professional relationship with Armaan, well it pankh lagaoz and udoz outside the window the second they see each-other'. Beta , teri kismet mein 'Saajna' hi hai'.


PRECAP: ArShi set the floor on fire. Sid is TEAM SHILPA and TEAM ArShi FOREVER ( sorry to the janta who is allergic to "phorever")' and Riddz is Team Chudailpana. Aunty , ya to ArShi ki baby-sitting kar lo ya apni shaadi-shuda love story ki fitting aur setting kar lo.


P.S- Mere munh lagne ki zaroorat nahiin hai. Embarrassed


Love and luck always,Heart


GOD bless everyone. Hug


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mischief Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:01am | IP Logged

Hey Poca

That was simply hilarious   ROFL ROFL How do u come up with such brilliant thoughts???

And seriously man Riddhima shud really stop with her chudailgiri... um glad Siddy gave her a peace of mind... she was gladly taking him for granted...

And now the ARSH love story... Looks like Shilpa will have to walk on Fire to claim her love.... All good wishes to this girl who is soon gone be devastated and wrecked ....

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uppaas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Loved yr take on todays episode..Yes....Mother and father shd lv Armaan to shilpa..But I dont know If Shilpa is going to like Armaans plan???LOL

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naaznin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:08am | IP Logged
very nice post totally loved it

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beast4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:10am | IP Logged

i love to read your analysis on epi.

love the way you wrote the thing which includes the funny stuff.

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StarshineHues IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Pocu !! Hug

Can I say that I love your post ? Love, love, love !! Heart

So Sid unleashed his Sexyface today, and Ickyface was left Siddhantified as usual. I'm so glad Sid was open about his feelings today, "Main samajhta hoon Riddhima, lekin problem yahi hai, main aur nahi samajhna chahta." He knows and understands Armaan's plight and Riddhima's concern, he's worried sick himself, but he wishes that just for a few moments, it'd be just about Siddhant-Riddhima again. Riddhima baby, you'd better let go of your Chudailpana soon, if you don't want Sexyface to turn into Baddtameez Sexyface.

And poor Shilpa. Just as she'd made up her mind, enough is enough, Armaan Mallik is only going to be a senior doctor to me, destiny laughed right in her face. As the saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes". Armaan decided that to convince SR that he's moved on, he needs a girl. And the first woman he comes across is Shilpa. If that isn't destiny, what is ?

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petrichorr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Lovely!  Nice to see the humour touch in this post.
I for one will defenitely contribute to your fund to get RM treated in kerala...
How much ever I try to understand her concern and guilt,  she did go overboard and  break my Sid's heart and that is unacceptable...
Madam Modi was moved to tears upon hearing her husband ...Hopefully she will  re-adjust her priorities and leave Armaan alone.. Somehow to me it seems  to me that might not happen so fat and like this is just a beginning of SR tiffs over A. Need to wait and see...
Didnt like A  eavesdropping into a married couple's conversation but I guess it was done for a purpose. 
Two things that looks like will happen but not o happy about...
1. Armaan ending up using Shilpa to show SR that he is indeed moving on...
2. Riddhimma sensing this (during the party) and again getting all converned...
Anycase sad to see the not so happy Sid today.

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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2010 at 11:15am | IP Logged
wah , masha allah, aaj toh poczyy is back to her humour wala postingsLOLHug
hmm armaan understands he is the reason for the knok jhok between pati-patni..that makes mne feel better.. otherwise I have been stepping into posts cautiously to avoid stepping my foot on lecturesTongue
I just love this sexyface wala sid.. His wifey has taken him for granted for quite a long time now. She needs to understand that however good a pati is , he needs to be pampered tooEmbarrassed

brilliant post sweet heart( aaj kuch zyada likh di maine- am loving my hindiSilly

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