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arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:05pm | IP Logged

Okay, you know the rules...and if you dont like Siddhima, then it's simple, dont read LOL

Sid didn't mince words today.  And you know what? Good for him.  It is about time the people around Armaan took off their kid gloves and gave him a hit of reality.  Sid has held his tongue for as long as he could.  He tried every other method to try and get Armaan to see that the future was still there for him he only had to open his eyes and reach for it.  But the tears he saw Ridz shedding the night before the tears and anguish he saw in Shilpa broke his vow of silence.  He would no longer stand in silence and watch people he loved get hurt by the lashing words of Armaan.  If you watched the episode then it was abundantly clear that Sid did not speak these harsh words out of distaste or anger, but out of love.  He cares  about Armaan.As he repeated countless times he doesn't want Armaan's happiness for Ridz's sake, but for all their sakes.  See Sid has always seen Armaan as a good friend, and not so long ago he even gave Armaan the honorary title of Big Bro.  Thus, Sid wants only Armaan to be happy.  Oh sure he didn't bother to hide the fact that with each of his actions Armaan wasn't just impacting his own life, but the lives of everyone around him.  That Armaan has become a selfish angry man that no longer resembles the man that had once sacrificed it all so that his love could a live a life without burden as he lost his health.  Or the selfless man that did everything he could to keep his ex's marriage from falling apart.  Sid and Armaan both know that the man standing with them is a bitter shell of the man he is supposed to be.  Although I know the words hurt Armaan, I personally think they were needed at this point.  The kid gloves simply weren't working.  Armaan needs to be thrown back into the evolving world again, he needs to be dragged out of the dark cave he has taken refuge in and face the world.  As Sid said, only Armaan has the power to determine what he wants his future to be.  And until Armaan makes that decision there is nothing anyone can do.  But Sid also wanred Armaan off, that he would no longer stand by silently and watch Armaan hurt Ridz and even Shilpa.  That Armaan is free to throw his life away and continue to wither away in the black and white world of yesterday.  But he is not, absolutely not, allowed to try and guilt and hurt those around him anymore.  Sid won't stand for it.  


Can I just say that I think Siddhant Modi is one hell of a guy.  This man continues to show kindness and compassion towards a man he has every right to avoid and ban from seeing his wife.  And yet instead of doing that he wants to help this man move forward so that, "They can celebrate life and happiness together".  Sometimes when I sit back and think about Siddhant Modi and the character he has been made into it makes me wonder if people like him do exist.  If there are people out there willing to put their lives on hold so that those around them are able to ease into the reality they have all been forced to accept.  A man that is willing to stand silently by his wife and hold her hand when she reaches for it, and let it go when she releases it.  Who drops everything so that he can come running to help his wife with her new side project, her ex.  Who stands by silently and watches her tear herself into pieces over her past and not demand that she move forward, not demand that she forget about the other man.  Then the CVs go and grant me my wish.  They finally make the kind sensitive man that seems almost too good to be true become real again.  He finally breaks and spills all he has been holding in.  He finally will tell his wife that he is sick of hearing about her ex in every moment they spend together.  How he wishes that in some of those breaths his name comes first.  How even after all this time all that his wife is concerned about is Armaan, and not about the fact that her husband has been feeling neglected and has been supportive.  Silently hoping that at least some of the time he is the one she shows concern about.  That he is the one on her mind.  You know what I am glad Sid will let Ridz know the hurt she has been unknowingly been causing him by becoming consumed with the need to help heal her ex.  This is something I like about this couple.  Sure they sit by silently and suffer, but when it gets to be too much they crack like little porcelain dolls and spill all that they have been holding back.  These two can't keep their feelings from each other for too long, it all comes out eventually.


As for Ridz.  Who would have thought Ridz would have spoken the truth for once out loud.  She admitted to the one person who she disliked the most the truth about loving a dreamer.  "The highs of his love will be the highest high you will ever feel.  But the path towards his love will also be filled with lots of pain and tears." (If you need more clarification on this refer to my post about realists and dreamers)  I think today Ridz got to see a part of the real Shilpa.  Today was the first time Ridz saw Shilpa acting human, adult like, by crying tears of anguish alone.  And no matter how much Ridz dislikes Shilpa she couldn't stop herself from going towards the woman and offering her words of comfort.  For Ridz knows best the pain that comes with loving Armaan as she has been through it countless times. I would just like to point out that today when Ridz uttered the words about the path of tears a woman has to travel to find love with Armaan she seemed relieved that she wasn't the one crying those tears.  I have maintained from the beginning the Ridz willing to tear herself into pieces to fight for Armaan has been gone for a long time. And once again we got to see how she was quite all right in knowing that Armaan needed to move on. In fact she was so okay with it that she gave Shilpa the go ahead.


As for the kangan I don't really think the way Ridz reacted was too out of line.  I mean she had clearly just warned a woman she dislikes that if she continues toward the path of trying to find happiness with Armaan that inevitably there will be pain, and that she just wants her to have her eyes wide open as to what she is walking into.  This in itself was a big gesture by Ridz.  She indirectly gave permission to Shilpa to pursue Armaan, if she had the strength to.  And then as she turned to leave she glanced back and there sat the kangan.  And what would any woman do upon seeing something that was theirs?   Claim it as such out loud. It doesn't matter that what it once symbolized no longer holds true because when you find something that was yours you still say, "Oh that's mine."  Now I believe that as Ridz held that kangan and slowly walked out she was thinking of the good times they represented.  She wasn't shedding tears of anguish nor was she heartbroken at what would never be.  To me it seemed as though she was smiling at piece of her past.  A memory that she holds near and dear to her heart, for it is a part of who she is.  But it no longer represents who she has become.  Just think of the look on her face when she was waiting for Sid to get the ghar pravesh stuff and she glanced down at the ring he had given her.  That was the look of a woman lost in memories of her present and future.  That was a woman who was excited to embark on the future that ring represented.  Now think about today's kangan scene.  The look on her face is one of a woman reflecting back on old memories, like when one looks at old yearbooks.


So I leave with this...Sid once again played the realist and tried to help his good friend see the pain he was not only causing himself but those that cared for him as well.  Ridz once again proved that Armaan and her will never be and she doesn't regret it, she only hopes that if Shilpa is the one that decides to pursue Armaan that she has her eyes wide open and knows that the path to his heart won't be easy so that neither of them get hurt in the end.  As for Mr. and Mrs. Modi I can't wait for tomorrow.  It is about time this married couple finally speak to each other instead of silent thoughts.  I am glad Sid will get off his chest all the hurt he has been harboring by playing second fiddle to the ex, and that Ridz gets to hear and see the pain she has been unknowingly causing her husband.  Sid doesn't want Ridz to stop caring for Armaan and he certainly doesn't want her to abandon her project to help him become his old self.  He only wants her to spare a few of those moments and spend them with him and him alone.  He wants some quality time with his wife where they talk about each other to each other.  As for Ridz she needs to realize the cost her obsession with playing Armaan mender is causing her marriage.  She needs to be pulled back into reality and be reminded that the relationship she shares with Sid is new and vulnerable and needs to be nourished as much, if not more, than any other relationship in her life.


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Dsntmatter Senior Member

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
So true! Go Siddhima!

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pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
stunning post////absolutely top notch..kudos

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome post Arp.Clap
You have described every character with such beauty that nothing more can be said.
Sid,for a change,placed his feelings out in front of Armaan and Riddhima.
To Armaan,he made it clear that his pain hurts others as well especially him. Armaan has been in pain for too long now and needs a safe harbour who is Shilpa.
Riddhima should realize that her husband also needs some of her time for him,and him only.
Riddhima has been too indulged in Armaan's life and doesn't realize that her marriage is not entering a good phase due to this.
Sid has mostly made the effort to keep this marriage going and now it is his wife's turn.

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malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
ok finally managed to watch the epi.
all i can say is way to go sid, cuz i love u armaan but its not holloween and therefore dont be a crybaby [yes i kno lame joke shut up]
i loved your post!
as always you have managed to point out well the whole point of the epi.
which i often times dont get cuz i rush through them due to school and hw.
so i read ur post an im like so THATS what i was supposed to learn!

as nikki said we should start yelling at u to update so sid can recover and have mini sids running around [omg mini karan wahis... dude. kw and i would have amazingly adorable kids...]

i diverged!
sorry [but really they would be sinfully adorable!]
anyway sidmaan,
i loved todays scene, i mean "loyal ar fans" aka the "bash anything and everything that doesnt say AR on it" were all going on about how horrible sid is and im like.
DUDE. im sorry but can u think? like sid has been sitting [and standing] around as the omniprescent person everyone runs crying to to. his wife n him are trying to move past monsters and armaans moping around rubbing it in their faces that hes suffereing because of them. it makes them feel like shit.
sid seems perfect, i have to admit, i really dont think people can be that perfect.
i mean, hes so UNDERSTANDING! and TRUSTING.
like hes only getting mad because he realizes that armaans hurting himself and therefore everyone else around him, shilpa, rhidz, and sid.

even jp the clown was depressed!

basically armaan needed it told to him.
it couldnt have been rhidz, cuz that wouldve broken him more and not shaken him out of it. [plus shed prob cry and give another i care lecture {BORING!!!!}]
and shilpas sobbing her heart out too broken by the past few days... she needed that moment to finally get all the truths...

back to sid n armaan. yea... as u said somehow theyve grown to share a bond like brothers despite all odds. and from that standpoint, siddhant has a right to tell armaan to wake the hell up and get on with life because noone wants to babysit you for the rest of thier exsistence! and armaan will eventually realize that he said that because of his love and the fact that sid thinks he has that right as armaans friend and not as rhiddima's husband.

but the precap i have to admit confuses me....
maybe thats why kw wanted to leave, bechara confusion so seha nayi paya...

basically i had a rockin time watching[ ok ffing through] the epi and them carefully reading ur analysis

a line for sid: [im obsessed for the moment] can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars....
i could really use a wish right now..

i think ill make a siggy on that...

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:42pm | IP Logged

Hahaha I love the line of reserves! Arps I should tell everyone to reserve till you update your FF and your response to my post does not let you off!!! But today I shall be nice and let you off as I just became an aunt Dancing.


Arps I love your posts, they always say what I am feeling in such a brilliant way.

If Siddhant Modi's exist, I want one. Not that I am as complicated as Riddhima but I still want one! LOL Today like you said his words were of care, not of insecurity or jealously. He truely wants Armaan to move on because he wants Armaan to be part of his happiness and he wants to be part of Armaan's happiness. I mean what if tommorow Riddhima said she was pregnant, I mean what would Armaan do would he be bitter?Confused

Riddhima, Shilpa and the Kangan (I feel like I am about to write a childrens book LOL) But on a serious note, that scene was significant she actually saw Shilpa did care for Armaan, she also told him you can hold your heart back if you wish to as the journey will have pain, but Shilpa said I can bear the pain because I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is why I love Shilpa she can smile even when every muscle in her body is aching because she still has hope after everything that has happened to her, through her rough childhood to Armaan's bitterness, she maybe hurt but she is willing to smile. As for the Kangan and Riddhima - I said this when I first saw the scene Riddhima is content it is her past and she is content with her life, it is a happy memory. Riddhima I believe will give the Kangan to Shilpa when the time is right.

As for the pre-cap Sid I absolutely adore you, no comment on it till I see the episode but it needed to be said because everything she has said to him has been Armaan based recently. She needs to see she has a life as well, which she needs to live.

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
I am going to post what i wrote in Pocu's threadSmile
I dont see what wrong Sid said as a husband, as a friend and as a carer
Sid said all the things we have been seeing in the episodes, and how it relates to everyone, and how they are worried about him, so i dont know why ppl thought it was selfish when we ourselves have seen episodes of how Armaan is being, and thats all Sid told him about and out his feelings across, and yes its the truth Sid's life is being effected, his marriage is, he is not wrong, he isnt trying to make him feel guilty, but its the truth and also Armaan's needs to open his eyes
Because all that Sid said related to all the previous episodes that we have seen Armaan lashing out and not being bothered who he is hurting and being harsh, and that his behaviour is hurting ppl and they are concerned and worried, Armaan is at the point where he is ignoring two ppl who are telling him stuff to help in a way, Ridz and Shilpa - nothing is happening, so now its the limit and Sid has stepped it and he has seen his wife cry her heart out and he has just seen Shilpa hurt - what else do you think a Sid was going to do
Sid spoke not about his life, his Ridz but also Shilpa who is an innocent, and bottomline is all of them love him and for his own self its called Tough Love that Sid belted out
As for Ridz all i can see what she said to Shilpa was the truth, in her path to obtain Armaan she will indeed get tears, isnt that what is happening now, that Shilpa is crying over Armaan - for about 3/4 episodes isnt that what Shilpa has been doing, Ridz only highlighted the truth, and also because the way Armaan is and what he has lost, it will so hard to accept him and his past, and yes it will be a struggle to get to Armaan and his heart and yes also tears will be shed, because as i said this is what is happening
Ridz kinda indirectly gave Shilpa permission to go after Armaan in a way, but also said that along this route she will obtain tears and hurt etc - its no going to easy, which we all know its not going to be easy
As for the kangan, i said earlier, Ridz looks at in awe, a lovely memento and part of her past, but she does take it away, as she said to give it to his owner, maybe Armaan or maybe Shilpa one day
I do believe Sid as a hubby was right to confront his wife and let his feelings out on how he has been feeling, he has been understanding and so patient, hiding the pricks he feels on his heart, i still feel something has happened for Sid to say something, and i do feel he is been feeling isolated, because to be honest for a wife - their husband should be first priority, we all know this - but the situation here is that its understandable and Sid understands he is not, but sometimes he wishes he can be, that his wife thinks about his first, thinks of how he is feelings and how he is doing esp when she mentions Armaan everytime, look at when he was going away Armaan got mentioned, when he came back Armaan was mentioned, like you said its not like Sid is saying or demanding dont care for Armaan, sometimes Sid wishes that his name would be first on Ridz lips, its that too much to ask from a husband to his wife
But the fact is Ridz whole concern on just Armaan and not living her life is affecting Sid and their marriage and she doesnt seem to see that Sid has feelings, and how is Sid feeling today and doing today, what his emotions and mood is
We saw his mood on Monday, he was not happy, angry and stern - Ridz noticed, but did she worry and be concerned enough to go and see how he is and what he is feeling - No we didnt, and i doubt we would today
If we see Sid really gets nothing from Ridz, in the sense she reacts more to how Armaan is being

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
Take A bow girl....!! What a wonderful post man !! I am in love with analysis of your post !!
Manzil ko Rahi dhoondh lete hain.......!!! Today SID behawas Rahi for Armaan to show him right path ......!! Self Destruction he was doing is paining everyone around him !!
Ridz always react before seeing the bigger picture and that is her weakness....!! She then feel guilty.......!! She is doing assumptions ka samandar all the time and baraspado to everyone !!
yes Sid modi ---intense angry young man is back with action...he will not take anything wrong from his wife....He can bring world for her...but not pamper her for her wrong  behaviour and our SIDDHANT MODI is back !!
I am glad Arpu you make post ...where the other people have left no stone to bash our SID...who is an extraordinary beautiful persona !!

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