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24/8 : SidMaan & RidShi: Nain Parindey......

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 3:23pm | IP Logged

24/8 : SidMaan & RidShi: Nain Parindey, Pagle do Nain'


For SR:


Nain parindey baadal baadal
Khwaabon ke sitaare chug lenge
Hoo nain parindey chaand chura kar
Palkon se apni dhak lenge
Palak jhapakte udh jayenge
Sapno ko apne ghar layenge
Mashoor bade, matwaale nain
Nain parindey, pagle do nain


For ArShi:


Ho nain parindey roshan roshan
Andhiaare saare dho denge
Hoo nain parindey chalke chalke
Palkon ko moond ke ro lenge
Palak jhapakte udh jayenge
Gumm ko bhula ke muskaayenge
Majboor nahi, sapniley nain
Nain parindey, pagle do nain


-         From the song 'Naina Parinday' from the Motion Picture ' Lafangey Parindey'.


Hurt , tormented by her own heart and stung by Armaan's rudeness , Shilpa ran back into the hospital corridors , crying. Armaan had the power to hurt her , to make her cry , to break her down and he did. The little girl with big , brilliant eyes was searching for a corner where nobody would see her cry. But JP saw her ' he saw her and her tears. And it left a bad taste in his mouth. He is used to seeing the hopping , laughing , joking and bullying Shilpa . Her moment of weakness strangely made him feel bad on the inside. It reflected what a sensitive man he is.


Armaan lowered his eyes on seeing Sid. Armaan knew he cannot rage and rant at Sid ' but at the same time, he did not want to speak to Sid either at this moment. But then , he saw Sid walking towards him and Armaan knew that Sid has seen how he had just treated Shilpa. So, he was like " Damn! Here comes another lecture! GRRRRRRR! Meri life par movie banaane ke ilaawa koi kaam nahiin hai kisi ki life mein?" And he voiced his thoughts to Sid by jerking away his arms and telling him to basically get lost. Sid may not know Armaan as well as Shilpa or Riddhima , but he handles him very well. And that is what he did. Sid , a furious husband and a concerned friend rolled into one final balance unleashed himself on Armaan. Leave you? Leave you alone? In this state? In a condition where you are making slow suicide appear oh-so-cool? It is so easy to say my life , my rules. But what about us? What about me? Riddhima? Shilpa? You want to punish us because we love you? We may not know what you suffer but our efforts to ease your life are venom to you? Do we hold no place in your heart? Have you ever given a thought to your bitter behaviour with Shilpa? What has she done to deserve this? Tell me. Me and Riddhima know no peace because you don't know any peace! When you hurt yourself , we all feel the pinch. My wife cannot see the sunshine with me because you are stuck in a gale storm. Can't you see that we hurt as much as you' only because, we love you. We might be faulty , we may not be ideal friends' but with whatever heart and humanity that we have, Armaan, WE LOVE YOU.


And Armaan listened' mildly protesting once or twice , but all the time listening to Sid ' his expressions oscillating between bratty and pensive. But not angry. Sid matters to Armaan . Armaan is receptive and responsive to Sid and holds affection for him. And it matters to him what Sid thinks of him. That is why Armaan heard Sid in silence '..Irrespective of how a certain section of Armaan fans fails to see the bond between these two men, the creatives have always highlighted the package deal between SidMaan. You cannot take Sid away from Armaan and vice versa. Forum par jitna gala phaadna hao , phaad lo, kisi ki sehat par koi asar nahiin padta.


Yes, at the first go , Sid sounds rude and insensitive but looking at the history and relationship of SR with Armaan and how they are bound, you know where Sid is coming from and how desperately Armaan needs this jolt. Self-destruction does not need sympathy and support ' it needs SOLUTION and that does not come from " awwwww' my poor baby, Armaan". Life doesn't run like that.


Coming to Shilpa. What  can I say about her that I have not said already. She is born for heartbreak , agony and pathos and all that to be disguised behind a beautiful face with a  1000 watt smile. Ironically, she pours out her heart to her 'ideal' lover's diary , little knowing that the one she seeks comfort in is causing and will cause her damage beyond what she can imagine. Sigh! Ironies, ironies.


JP and Riddz' convo basically conveyed JP's inherent goodness and the general mood of the characters and situations in DMG and how everything badly needs to get back on track. And that Riddz did give a thought to Shilpa's tears and why she could be crying was a welcome change from her chudailpana. That it did matter to her that a girl considered a nuisance and unfit for Armaan was crying kinda indicates that maybe , just maybe in the future, Shilpa's tears will affect the elder sister very much. Why do I feel that there are 500 meters of lectures awaiting Armaan Mallik in near future?


Riddhima went looking for Shilpa. It was kinda unsettling for her to think that the Brat Dhanno would be crying ' Riddz is not used to even picturing Shilpa like that. Yet, instinctively that there is only one man who can break a warrior like Shilpa's heart and make her sob like that '.Armaan. Shilpa was crying all alone in the LR and Riddz really did not know how to approach her but she had to. She switched on the lights for Shilpa to sense that someone was around , so that she stops crying at least. Shilpa stood up and hid the diary as Riddz walked up to her. Shilpa was sure that Riddz is going to scream at her , so she stammered and stuttered but Riddz kept a warm hand on her shoulder. She said it's OK. She shouldn't be sitting in the dark ' it is not good. And Shilpa just blinked her eyes at her'. Darkness? Why should I be scared of darkness, Dee? That is where I have lived all my life. My light is you ' your love and affection. That is the light I need. Riddz comes straight to the point '..Loving Armaan , accepting him with his vices and virtues, dealing with his complexities is not going to be easy, Shilpa. There maybe more tears and more heartbreak than what you can handle. Here , you understand that actually Riddz feels that both ArShi are unfit for each-other. Her not knowing the stuff that Shilpa is made of is one reason and how devastating Armaan can get is another reason. If only she knew that love is never about who is right for whom' it has more to do with who is there for whom. Were she and Sid right for each-other at the start? No. But they were there for each-other and that is how they slowly became right for each-other. Simple.


Shilpa  is fragile but she has spirit of steel. She tells Riddz that maybe she is right. But from what she has understood of Armaan , he is capable of loving as well. If he was not , if he was that bad, Riddz wouldn't hold tender care for him after all this time. Riddz gets sentimental because she does not like the mention of what she has buried . So, she cuts Shilpa in between. Riddz is fighting a lost battle with ArShi. It is too late now. ArShi's destinies have crossed each-other and no matter how much Riddz tries to jhaado Armaan and samjhaao Shilpa' they both will be pulled to each-other like magnets.


As for the kangan part , well, devastation for Shilpa. Devastation that the ideal lover she seeks refuge and healing in is none other than Armaan. Shilpa was NUMB at that moment as Ishq leta hai played on her. Ironically , every lyric of that song seems written for Shilpa. Riddhima's dialogue " Kisi ki amaanat thi mere paas" indicates that the bangle will either be handed back to Armaan or else given to Shilpa by Riddz herself someday. As Riddz walked out holding the bangle , there was a pensive small smile and a nostalgic feeling on her face ' no pain or remorse but a visit to the memory lane' indicating that whenever Riddz looks back at her past while holding Sid's hand , she wants to be able to smile at it.


Precap: Sid is an ordinary man with an extraordinary heart , so , yes , like any of the men , he is allowed to be an ordinary husband who wants to be the most important person in his wife's life. It is a normal human reaction and that it has come so late is what I would term abnormal. And if forum members think that Sid is being 'selfish' by asking Riddz for the essence of their relationship, well, let your spouse play mother/father hen to a stunner and then we will talk. Riddz' eyes are filled with tears and you know that she never intended to hurt Sid but now that she has hurt him , he is hurt , she is hurt ' and hopefully , this should better their fabulous marriage. Armaan is going to encounter a sentimental Shilpa in the restroom and I guess from their expressions that Shilpa will try to give some dumb excuse or avoid him while Armaan will be softer , kinder and try to rectify his mistake of having made her cry so much. I think Armaan is moving on  not in the sense of moving on but rather convincing SR that he is moving on'. Hmmm'.Somebody is gonna be shattered beyond repair.


P.S- Only 'NORMAL' people are allowed to reply in my posts. My degree in psychotherapy is stranded as my project on 'psychosis and abnormal human behaviour' is hanging due to lack of convincing examples.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug



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Poco, have to sleep.. but want to reply to this post and once again as is the nomr there would be slight disagreements :-) or rather i will list what I did not like .... I was fine with everythign Sid said except for the blaming armaan for STmiseries and telling armaan that he has already made riddhima suffer so much!!! I honestly did not like that.... even though I love Sidmaan. I don't think it is right to make a person guilty on top of the rest of his miseries... SR needs to sort out their lives and it is not Armaan's fault if Riddhima after all her lectures to Armaan si unable to tak the final step in her marriage... Just as SR is not responsible for Armaan's condition, Armaan is NOT responsible for SR's situation!!!

And abt Riddhima - the less said the better... no apologies as expected after the horribly low blows of the previous day!! wonder if she thinks an apology is not required!! and then she tells Armaan shilap is not the right girla nd she tells shilpa Armaan will give you lot of pain?? and why is she constantly on abt how Armaan is good at giving pain to others?? Is that all she has to say about Armaan?? with all the knowledge she has of him? she doesn't mind maligning him with Sid ro Shilpa... she has already said once to sid that armaan only gave her pain or some such stuff!!! I wish some day she would learn to appreciate people for what they are not keep finding faults with them!!!

I am not pissed off with Sid although I didnt like those parts that I mentioned... I honestly think Sidmaan is beautiful!! But unfortunately I am seriously pissed off with Riddhima!! unless she really redeems herself in some really big way I think I will never be able to like her character at all!

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
Your posts always make me go down to the episode and think about it all once again..in simple words your posts are fantabulous.Clap
I loved Sid and Shilpa today.
Sid told Armaan in simple words that all three of them love him and can't bear to see him like this anymore which i loved. He was Armaan's hero today.
Riddhima and Shilpa's bonding was exceptional. Felt really bad for Shilpa. After losing so much,she again lost one hope of finding love.
As for Riddhima and Sid's relationship,this was bound to happen,some day or the other. I have always appreciated Sid for having an extraordinary heart but today he also wanted to be a common man.
I have noticed that Riddhima is mostly concerned about Armaan and sometimes takes Sid for granted which i feel is wrong.
Well,lets see what happens tomorrow.
Take Care

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Madiha_20 Senior Member

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Awesome post. I completely agree with everything you have written. Especially the last few lines. I think Armaan will be putting up a facade for SR, but I know Shilpa will be able to heal him. She had the ability to make Armaan Akad Malik smile, and what can be better than that. Sidhannt is acting like a typical husband (lol) and itz nice that he is laying out his feelings in front of Ridhimma instead of just conveniently sweeping them under the carpet Smile I hope I'm the first to comment in a Pocahontas post lol. Dmg always gives us the best male Jodis and even though I lovvvvvve TACOS sid and armaan come a really close second Wink

You write awesomely, and I am a big fan of your posts.

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sajni786 IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely post............U always put things so exponentially........Clap

Today after watching the epi......I simply felt a heavy heart for all 4 characters coz it certainly is no fault of any of them that today time and situations have placed them at such cross roads that all are hurting n in pain connecting to one another.........and rather jumping for joy for Sid's words today to Armaan and to Ridz in the precap.......I was rather feeling sad for all of them.......so much so that I had ended up making a post on the MF..........and dont be shocked coz I shocked myself more than anyone ..........and I solely blame ur bhoots from Aahat overcasting their spell on me........LOL

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 5:49pm | IP Logged
Brilliant post Poco

You have summed up today's episode brilliantly. Sorry I haven't been replying to your posts! Embarrassed

SidMaan a bond that can never be broken because they have been through so much in a short amount of time that Sid can say this to Armaan because they are connected.

RidShi. Shilpa she has so much hope in her and if Armaan Malik breaks a single drop of that hope I will personally be ready to make mince meat out of him LOL. Riddhima spoke to Shilpa told her the path she is treading on will hurt and it was like an approval, I hope you find happiness at the end.

I still believe a SidShi scene is needed because at the moment, I feel Sid is the one that can help Shilpa through this and as for tommorow I can't wait to see Mr Batameez in action! LOL

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Poco ....yes Lafange parinde !!
Wonderful post always ..!! I have missed many...!!
Today i love the episode.....finally our SIDDY WIDDY speak up straight and do not like to pamper anyone when they are wrong !! SID is back with bang !!

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pocco excellent post!!!!
each and every word is correct...
cant write a long comment yaar totally bustUnhappy anyway good news got selected in the institute i was applying!!!Smile
love ya!

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