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Bin Tere... chapter 12 updated (RT-MC ff) page 21

rinku4u IF-Dazzler

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This FF is my gift to my Shruja di . She requested me to write something  on our  favorite pair RT-MC with a Bengali background . So I started writing after 1 year. As I am half Bengali I don't know whether I will be able to do justice to my culture or not . If any discrepancies are found please forgive. I don't know whether you will like it or not  but my motive will always be to make the readers  happy .

 Shruja Di  "Bin Tere" is specially your brain child & thanks for naming it.
Two more persons who encouraged me to write is Aka & Pathu Didi .
I will try my level best to live up to your expectations .

& one special mention which I have to do '.. Someone really really special ..Who   encouraged me to write a story at first place a year ago. & requested me to continue writing , but I never took it seriously , but for this She was strict enough & She is one of the 2 persons I can never say "no" to, Love Her always She is a Sweetheart ."Prii" love u as always

 so I had to start this  FF or story  whatever all say .

I am not a writer , just trying to put  something may be scribbling.
Sorry if comes out bad experience, please do bear with me & forgive me.

Thank You .


Bin Tere'

This story starts at "IFD" Institute of Fashion & designing  at Kolkata.The central characters being "Roody" & "Bibs" studying at "IFD".& the others being

Maternal uncle & Aunty of Bibs ' Mr. Amol Mukhopadhay & Mrs.Aloka Mukhopadhay
Friends of Roody & Chandreyee

As the story progresses other characters will join in. For now

"Bin Tere'"

Chapter                  Page

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rinku4u IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 1

Annual Convocation  ceremony .

 Hey!! dude congrats '.  Someone said from d 2nd row

Heyy Roody '.. congrats bro !  Konishko hugged roody congratulating him for topping  in IFD again '.  
Thanks yaar !Roody  was more than  happy on this consecutive win of His in the institute .
  Congratulations honey !!  saying this Chandreyii hugged her Love &  pecked His cheek'with a smiling face

 This calls for a celebration! what say  Roody! Aabeer  asked  Him but before he could answer , chandreyee continued yeah sure why not ? but at my farmhouse ..

Agreed ' shreya confirmed .

So pals see you at 5pm at my place from there we will move out .All friends greeted Roody again & dispersed. Chandreyee couched her hand  through Roody's arms & was about to go .

What happened love ? are you not happy over this achievement ? she enquired seeing his gloomy face .
Yeah I am alright Riya .. just that want to inform Maa once ..

 Are u crazy love? Do I have to make you remember about.. !

 Leave it .. its ok ..  & he left her hand & proceeded  through the crowded corridor .

Roody listen ! Chandreyee  ran  after him, "love  please try to understand me  I just want you to be happy today besides all friends are planning a party today if you spoil your mood then how will they feel honey? "'  she said politely
Yeah ,' I know Riya ' don't worry I am fine . 'he was gloomy that didn't avoid Chandreyee's eyes but she decided to ignore it

 That's like My Love .  Chandreyee smiled at Him  now lets go before we are late for  packing  and made a move from there.


Roody & Chandreyee stopped on their way . It was   Banerjee Sir ..
 Congratulations Oni !! You did it for the 2nd time ? I am so proud of you My Son .

Excellent Choreography & Photo shoots, and Chandreyee Your designs were  perfect for Oni's show. Grt work  My child ..

 Roody & Chandreyee ' were feeling  at the top of the world with these compliments .

Thank You Sir .. Thank You so much '

 Don't thank me Chandreyee .. its your dedication & hard work ..  you really proved as you say , that You are the Best ..  great Job .
 Well Oni , I need a favour from you & chandreyee  too if possible! Banerjee Sir requested. You may say a kind of personal favour .

 Yes Sir please feel free to say  no probs at all . Roody  concluded.

 Actually Oni one new student has joined today in  your  batch only . She came through one of our trustees so we had to take her. But she has said that she will continue if she can prove worthy to be my student. So I was thinking if you can guide her.  Just for few months once she gets accustomed with this institute. Then all will be fine.

But Sir how can anyone? Chandreyee was worried hearing that Roody will have to guide that new girl .

 I know Chandreyee, but  she came through one of our trustees so we have to help her .

 Chandreyee finally agreed  as there was no other way left.

 So Oni ? Is it ok for you?
Sure Sir ' no probs at all .

Ok let me introduce Her to You then

 Hearing this Chandreyye Held Roody's arms tightly


 Yes sir I am right here! Before Banerjee sir could call her name she came there .

Yeah Oni & Chandreyee She is '

Hello I am  Bibs 'a girl dressed in  Capri & a gorgeous top. Well fitted in a slim figure.
Chandreyee thought  If Aabeer would have been  here  he would have surely said in his way " God Made Bibs while drinking cold coffee on a Sunday" & her clasp became tighter  on Roody's arms ..

Hi .. I am '
Yeah I know'. Roody ' IFD topper for the 2nd consecutive year . Congratulations. Bibs said .

Ok then you three carry on I have to see designs passed by Miss Basu

 Thank You Sir .. all three said . as Banerjee Sir walked away ..

  Hi .. I am Chandreyee .. fiance of Roody .. my love . she said  quickly with added  effect .

 Ohh hi I am '.
 Yeah Bibs '  we already heard '.  Chandreyee  ragged her

 Bibs? What type of name is it?

 Why do u have a prob? Bibs looked straight into His eyes  & asked .

 No Why should I have ?

 Great .. coz  u cant have any problem now.  Bibs added

 What?  What do you mean?  Chandreyee asked tersely

 Nothing ' have a great time with your fiance  she smiled at them .besides I heard that you have another identity  too  other than being Mrs. Fiance of your Mr Fiance .
You are Miss Chandreyee Ghosh  top designer of IFD Isnt it?  Bibs enquired

Yeah I know I am the best .  Chandreyee said with a tinge of pride

 That's because I was not here . Bibs murmured.

What? What did you say?  Bibs didn't reply just smiled at  Roody

 Chandreeyee looked at him & saw he was staring at Bibs ..

Roody lets go . . we are getting late  we have to reach the farmhouse too at Noorpur .
& they finally made a move '.

 Hey Miss Fiancee ' Bibs  called Chandreyee while they were going
Have a great time with your Mr. Fiance  & smiled teasingly

 Chandreyee clutched Roody's hand & went away annoyed.

 Did you see that love?  Just because she came through the trustees does she think she can  say anything to us? Damm her ! I will show her how to behave.

 Riya ' I think ' I saw her before ?  Cant remember where but.! Roody said unmindfully

 You boys are all the same every girl you come across you feel you met  her before ..

 No Riya ' its ' its just

 Forget it love  they will be waiting for us .

at Bibs residence

 How was your first day   My child? Amol asked Bibs.

 It was perfect uncle ' it couldn't have been better.

Aloka came to the drawing room with snacks. ' Did you meet him?
Yes aunty  I''I met him .

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rinku4u IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 2

Did He ? '. Aloka became curious.

No Aunty. Everything happened, as I wanted '

Bibhu How many times have I told u not to call me aunty ' Aloka was annoyed

& How many times I have told you AUNTY not to call me Bibhu ?  She said smiling

Ok ' Ok. Both of you now stop complaining. Bibs '.so all in all your first day at IFD was great!

Yeah uncle it was really .. She answered satisfied.

But ' My child what You are doing is 'is

Please Mesho we had a lot of discussions about this before so can we put it aside?

Saying this she made her way to upstairs.

 Bibs listen! At least have something!  Aloka called her but she went on her way


In Bibs Room

Thank You Mr. Roy thank you so much without your help it would have been impossible for me to get admission in the mid-session at IFD. I am so grateful to you.
After few minutes of conversation Bibs finally kept the phone  & saw Aloka coming to the room with a plate of food .

Maashi  What is it?

Bibs you didn't have anything since you came back have something please.

Maashi please! You & mesho treat me as if I am a kid.! I can take care of myself!

I know you can but still for me shona please have something or else Amol will scold me !  Aloka  requested.

Okay okay. Maashi ! Maashi just pack my bags For a day or two

Why? What happened? Is everything all right there? I mean we haven't got any message

No maashi. I am leaving for Noorpur  for two days

Noorpoor? But why?  Aloka was surprised!

Bibs didn't reply anything just stared silently at Aloka with a winning smile as if she was about to do something.

Maashi I need to reach there within few hours so please if you can pack my bag ?
Aloka understood what she meant by saying that,Bibs You are not doing this right shona ! Whatever happened its not only'!

Maashi enough !! are you packing my bags or Shall I '.

Okay Okay I am doing it you go & get ready!

Thanks Maashi ' she said while having the last sip of the juice & a bite of sand witch.

& maashi tell driver to make the car ready .. & You   give me the keys of our bungalow

What? You will drive? It will be late night when you reach there. I will not let you go alone at any cost. & Moreover Amol will not allow.

You don't worry I will manage mesho .' She screamed from the closed doors of her lavish washroom .

Seeing no other way Aloka sighed, started packing Bibs's bag. & Kept the keys ready.

 Aloka what happened?  Why do you need Bibs's car now? Where are you going? Kitty party? 'Amol wondered

Are you crazy Amol? Why shall I go in Bibs's car? & I mean with bags & keys? - Aloka steamed at him while coming downstairs

Then? What happened? 

Your Darling niece Miss BIBS will go to Noorpur now! That too alone.!She confirmed, while arranging the cutleries on the dining table

Ohh! He gave a sigh of relief you scared me?

Scared? What for?- She turned & asked with an inquisitively annoying face

Amol sat on the nearby sofa with the newspaper in relief-- I thought you needed Bibs's car .

 With this cool & calm attitude of Amol in this issue Aloka was irritated in anguish she threw the duster on the table & came swiftly towards Him.

"You know what? I just want to ask my father that seeing what he chose you for me!"

Same here. ! Amol murmured with eyes fixed on the newspaper.

Why don't you understand Amol what she is doing is not right. She finally spurted out in concern.

& Why cant you see Aloka what she is going through. I agree that you are worried about her, but this is going to be a regular affair now. She is in IFD for a reason; you also know that isn't it? Her work will compel her to remain outside for long hours  & besides why can't you see simple things in simple way?

Amol! She took away the newspaper from his hand look at me & answer is there really nothing to worry about? She asked in quiet voice

Aloka we had enough discussions over this so can we postpone the issue for few more moments until Bibs leaves. Amol left saying this to survey the car in which Bibs will leave.


Bye mesho. Bye Maashi '. Bibs was ready to move out as usual motherly nature Aloka called her from back. & Bibs had a rough idea what list was coming on way.

Yes Maashi I remember. I will have food on time, will take care of myself, will think of only good things to gain positive energy, will not switch of my mobiles at any time in these two days & will switch on my web cam every half an hour whatever be the circumstances? ' hooof .! Okay? Or anything left She finally halted her speech. Aloka just smiled at her & softly bit the corner finger of Bibs's left hand. Yeah okay! But all these should be done also.

No no no no ! Not at all okay. Amol was ready with his list just beside the car

What left mesho?  Trying very hard to remember with a pout. Amol just hanged out the key from his hand in front of her face.

Ohh yes, speed not more than 80 & no eating junkies from roadside restaurants. She finally sat inside the car to go.

Not yet Bibs.

Yes yes yes mesho. I will not touch the mobile while driving. Okay?
Now if you both let me move. ?

She signed off finally.

The car ran through the busy roads of Kolkata & finally was on the highway.  The sun has just set.

Thank God its twilight now or else it would have been very difficult in this hot & humid weather to travel. - Shreya muttered while mopping her sweated neck. By the way whose idea was it to travel in this all sides open vehicle?

Of - course of Aabeer! Konishko fueled her anger

 What the hell is wrong with Aabeer? Where is he after giving this worst idea? Chandreyee yelled at Him

Its okay Riya . I don't have any problems to drive at one go & he will manage to reach there don't worry. Roody answered calmly.

Who the hell is worried Love? I am just eager to bang his head. ' Riya said irately.

God I hope it rains heavily after we reach Nurpur & Aabeer is stuck at the middle of the road. Shreya prayed.

You know Shreya that's only the punishment he deserves.

Now stop you both leave some space for the poor soul. Besides we never know what God has planned for us.

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rinku4u IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 3

Its raining so heavily, & no cabs. Gaaawd how will I reach the farmhouse now? Chandreyee & Shreya will kill me . God knows at what moment I called for a party! It would have been much much better if we would have met at "Shisha" or "Some Place Else." & my loyal bike had to show its piece of loyalty this evening only? At this moment who will give me lift on the highway. Thinking about all these when Aabeer was exhausted & couldn't make out what to do he saw two flashlights piercing the darkness amidst of heavy showers.

Thank God! I think I will make it till some distance now!

 Determined to take a lift he stood at the middle of the road & as the car came near he stretched out his arms high to stop the car. Bibs had no other way left than to stop the car at one or it would have rammed over Him.

She stormed at him ignoring the rain!

What type of stupid behavior is this? If you own this road fine!  Please make announcement in broad daylight when people are around with some poster! Demonstrating in front of me will not gain publicity to your big identity I suppose! She burst out at him wrathfully.

Sorry !! sorry Ma'am ' I am extremely sorry for this but I had  no other way out . Aabeer said as softly as possible. My Bike has given up & I am getting no cabs now I have to.

Whatever! Call some channel they might be profitable for you in this publicity stunt of yours. I am not interested; please move from the way or else tomorrow morning I will get some publicity to your name including flowers. Bibs was on the way to the car.

Ma'am please help me. At this hour I will not get any conveyance please Ma'am my friends are waiting for me. I was supposed to go but I just couldn't manage it on time & my bike is also not working. I have to reach Nurpur today Ma'am. Please help me- Aabeer said hurriedly   before she got into the car.

Nurpur?  This was the perfect reason for Bibs to turn around?

You will go to Nurpur? Bibs asked surprisingly.

Yeaaa'. Yess ma'am Aabeer couldn't understand what was the reason of curiosity but seeing a positive vibe he continued   fumbling'. Ma-aa'aa-m I.. I am really helpless now ' please help. I - I am from a respec'. good family. My name is'

Bibs Sharply interrupted' I don't need your bio-data. Come I will drop you.

Without saying a word Aabeer quickly got into the car.

Thank You -Thank You Ma'am.

Don't thank me, thank your luck.  She said straight way, with eyes fixed on road & hands on steering.

Open that cover. You will get a towel inside it.

Girls, Indifferent to information about a handsome man that too like Aabeer?  Exceptional indeed. I have never seen such an awful combination of rudeness & incuriousness. See Shreya , a half mad , doesn't know what she is speaking or doing but keepsall information about Konishko. Then Chandreyee always stuck to Roody & needs every information about him be it brushing teeth or wearing shoes, "Miss timetable".

 But this madam is the deadliest of all, perfectly homely lady in a salwar kameez & see the speech? Miss Hitler! . Seems weird better not to talk. But must admit, Aabeer has never come across this type of deadly 2 edged sword till date. Be it in his co-ed school & college or fashion stop as IFD. Thank God Chandreyee didn't see her or else She would have packed Roody in a sack & kept it in the almirah of her room. ' A thought just buzzed Aabeer's mind while mopping his wet hands & neck

 The car ran through pitched road with two strangers in heavy rains.

Ohh God Why it happens to me? All of a sudden it starts raining heavily. & On the middle of the road I am stopped by this clown .If I wouldn't have seen that small portion of IFD 'identity card peeping out of this pocket I would have never given him a lift.
& Now I have to travel the whole distance with is weirdo ' But anything for you.. "R-o-o-d-y" how can I leave you alone.
' Bibs Smiled to herself while driving

After sometime the silence inside the car was so much haunting and awkward that Bibs couldn't find any other way than to speak to the stranger sitting beside. May be she can get some interesting information

So! Where shall I drop you Mr'.

Aabeer ''..You can call me Abi ma'am 'He stammered a little

No .!.  I think Aabeer is perfect as Ma'am isn't it? She straightaway declared looking into his eyes with a graceful smile '

Aabeer had no other option but to shut down the eagerness, which was clearly reflected on his face after seeing a gorgeous beauty in rain.

Ohh Ok ma'am. You can drop me at Ghosh  Villa '.  He said bit reserved.

Ohh God Bibs when will you learn to behave? Now how will you find out about IFD and''. wateverrr? '
Bibs thought with eyes fixed on the road in front

"You should have been more careful while starting off from home Mr. Aabeer. I might not have traveled through this route today."- She advised Him

God '.. it would have been much better if I waited for a truck  than traveling  with this  mountain of arrogance. How can a girl be so arrogant?  She is thousand times more than Chandreyee , "My son" , leave all hopes she cant be your lady  though she is perfect to stand opposite  Chandreyee & give her sleepless nights . But I cant handle her as Roody does Chandreyee .. Oops its vice versa. But enjoying the ride
 -he thought

Actually ma'am it was all right don't know what happened and I was in a real hurry. Thanks for the lift. ' Before Bibs could answer his phone ranged.

Yes, Roody I am on my way dude! '.. '.. chill .. I am fine !'I  will be there in an hour .

Ohh '.. so he is going to meet him! So Mr. Chowdhury, its like God also wants I reach You '.  Just an hour Mr. RoyChowdhury I am coming ' She smiled

Ok. Byee .take care .'

What say Aabeer? shall I ask this "Miss Pompous" to join Roody's success party ?I think  fair enough , Aabeer in the party with a lady ' "My Fair Lady", a bigger celebration than Roody's success  & moreover want to see the expression on the face of "Miss Time Table" . But how to ask? Ohh c'mon Aabeer you can do it .She is a girl after all'Ok!!'. But if she denies?'.Noh.. She cant every woman looks for a handsome man.

Mr. Aabeer we have entered Nurpur now if you can tell where your "Ghosh villa" is '

Aabeer just came back to his senses with this voice. Yea .. Yes .. Ma'am  Just.. Just to the right.


Ma'am thanks for the lift. ' He said with a bright smile

Don't thank me Mr. Aabeer, it was your sheer luck. Next time you might not be lucky Bibs said  & was about to go. But at last Aabeer made an effort .

Ma'am if you don't mind , we have a party tonight at Ghosh villa , it will be very nice of you if you join us .

Bibs contemplated for a moment & said "Sorry Mr. Aabeer I am not in a mood to make you feel nice now. May be some other time. Right now what I need is some rest. Thanks for the invitation but no thanks ". & She drove away   Aabeer stood still at the entrance of Ghosh Villa .
Hey Aabeer where were you? Roody asked as he saw Aabeer coming inside.
"Just stuck in rain dear."- He answered with a sigh. He eyed at Roody's face for a moment & asked, "Do You really think women are from Venus & men from Mars 'Roody?"

Roody was surprised with this sudden enquiry '"Abii? What happened dude? Are you okay?

Yeah- Yeah I am fine he thought something for a moment and said '"I think its vice-versa"- Roody was speechless as he had no idea what Aabeer was talking about

Mr. Aabeer Basu . Where the hell were you? Chandreyee screamed at him from the first floor. Aabeer looked at Her & then shifted his look to Roody with a sigh.

See! I told you its vice-versa & went inside, to answer Chandreyee's queries leaving Roody still surprised.


See Maashi I have reached here safely. I am fine as you can see, Bibs came in front of the web cam & smiled gleefully.My hands legs face all are okay, my car is okay, my cell phones are okay.Aloka just smiled seeing her & couldn't answer anything. I am just going to have my dinner now. Okay? Tell mesho & both of you take care Good night- she smiled & switched off the web cam

After having her dinner Bibs finally rested herself on bed thinking of the incidents whole daylong.

Mr. RoyChowdhury few more hours please, though I had a chance today too but it's better to start fresh work on a fresh day isn't it? Till then you enjoy your success party may be after this you don't get any chance to celebrate anything, because I will leave no stones unturned to make your life hell. She smiled & closed her eyes

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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firstly congo and all the best
now my vishaish tipni....
awesome.....waiting for more

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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thank u so much for posting ur ff here Hug
me commented already in rtw
waiting for next update dear Day Dreaming

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Hey wow Neha amazing ff.
Just superb.
Plz post the nxt ud soon.

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fatzfathi Senior Member

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hey nehu..... nice to c ur creation here toooo...Smile
i love to read ff in IF rather tan in rtw... so am very happy u decided to post it here also...thank u sooooooo much...Hug
well about ur story.. ur writin is just wonderful... but as i said b4 am stil confused wit many things in ter...Unhappy wil giv detailed n descriptive comments wen ur story proceeds n wen i get over my confusions..!!!LOL
 love u...
n do ud at regular intervals.....Wink

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