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(Siddhima) The Silent Ones are the Strongest

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:23pm | IP Logged

Okay, you know the rules...and if you dont like Siddhima, then it's simple, dont read LOL


So after a long time we finally got Sid to see the truth that is his wife.  There he stood watching silently as his wife cried her eyes out over a picture he thought was her ex.  And what did he do?  Nothing.  He had every right to run over there and yank the picture and tear it up into pieces and demand that his wife be faithful in every way.  But that's not Sid.  Instead he keeps his pain and hurt barreled inside and stands by silently.  He admits to himself that his wife may not have moved on in her heart as he had hoped.  But he doesn't say it out of anger nor out of disgust.  He is simply stating to himself what simply is.  Sid doesn't blame Ridz for feeling the way she does, he knows that she loved Armaan with her whole heart and that moving on from Armaan to him was the biggest challenge Ridz has had to face.  So no he doesn't demand reassurance or comfort from his wife, even though he deserves the right to do so, instead he simply stands as a guardian on the sideline ready to run if she needs him.  And if she doesn't then he will simply melt to the background and let her continue.


As for Ridz, well as I have said countless times the CVs refuse to show the audience what is going on inside this woman's head.  To them it is much more intriguing to keep her thoughts a secret then to make it easier for all to understand what she is feeling and why.  Well I think today, at least to me, the Ridz we saw was something that was needed for all.  You see a crying Ridz after the harsh words Armaan had spoken to her is what any woman would do.  She already felt guilty for being able to move on while her ex was stuck in a past that could never be, but to have him straight out say it out loud that even he blamed her.  Well, that was like a knife straight to the heart.  You see Ridz never meant to move on in life, and she certainly never thought her life would have to be separate from Armaan.  She even resisted when Armaan left her and told her to move on in life.  But then destiny stepped in, in the form of Sid, and she had no choice but to move forward.  And now that she had finally moved forward and is actually happy with her present and excited about her future, her past is self destructing and it pains her to see it.  See that's life.  Sometimes we get exactly what we hope for, and then there are other times where nothing we want comes true for us.  I must say for Ridz a lot of the latter has been true until lately. 


Now as to why I think this scene was needed it is actually quite simple.  For once we see Ridz crying tears over something Armaan said, but it's not because the words he said reminded her of her loss or the fact that Armaan isn't hers.  It's because she is unable to be happy in her life right now.  For that is the kind of person Ridz is.  Her heart is big and generous and although initially it is virtually impossible to gain entrance into it.  Once you have, you are there forever.  Oh sure, your title or how big a piece of it you own may change, but there is no doubt that a part of it is yours, forever.  What I must say is that today, for once the sadness and pain Ridz was enduring was not left uncomforted.  Finally, she was able to take comfort in her one truth.  She held something in her hands that has now become her whole world, her marriage, her husband, her Sid.  See although she may not say it, and although at times it seems as thought Sid is simply a blip on her radar.  The truth is Sid is her world.  He is the one she looks for when she enters a room, he is the one she calls when people she loves are in trouble, he is the one (even in picture form) that she cries on when she is hurt.  Today, we got to see Mrs. Riddhima Modi seek comfort in the one relationship that has never let her down, her marriage.


As for Sid finally seeing the truth, I am so glad he got to see that the picture his wife was clutching with the jaws of life was in fact a picture of the beginning of their relationship, and not a picture of her past.  That she was shedding tears because she wasn't sure how to be happy without feeling guilty at the same time.  Once again, Sid the mature man that he is inside immediately recognized the strength that Ridz must have inside in order to continue to face the barbs her ex threw at her.  To face the fairytale prince that was supposed to be hers and return home with the man that is hers.  To accept the hurt and pain hurled at her so that her ex may feel a little bit better so that he too could move forward.  Sid when he watched Ridz sleep acknowledges the confidence and contentment he felt with his Riddhima.  Sid knows.  He knows that Riddhima is his for all of eternity and that nothing can take her away from him and the confidence he has in her and their relationship becomes abundantly clear with the way he continues to help her out with Armaan and allows her spill her doubts about Shilpa and Armaan's relationship.  He knows that the reason Ridz wants to help Armaan is because she cares for him.  No she's not in love him, but neither will she ever stop loving him and he gives her his support without question.  


See Sid is a silent warrior.  He will standby and watch the world around him crash and do nothing as long as the ones he loves are happy.  But the second one of the people he loves gets hurt or is hurting, then he will take on the whole world and not give one hoot about who or what he must fight.  And that is exactly what is headed our way next.  I for one am extremely glad that Sid will take action after seeing the pain Armaan is causing not only himself and Riddhima, but Shilpa too.  Sid is going to finally lay it all out for Armaan and show him how what he is doing is not only hurting himself, but that his actions impact everyone.  Isnt this what Sid is best at?  Opening the eyes of those drowning in sorrow of lost love?  I mean just go back to the poison fiasco where Ridz was willing to give up her life because as far as she was concerned it was worth nothing.  The only one who was able to open her eyes and make her realize that her life was not hers alone.  That her life was joined with many others and that life was not something you threw away because things didn't work out the way you wanted it to, but that it was a gift that you are supposed to embrace and nurture and make the best of.  I think it is time for Armaan to here this pep talk of Sid's, and I can only hope he will get through to him.  For as he says in the precap, his life is inevitably joined with Armaan's and no matter how he wishes it wasn't, there is nothing he can do.  So he's going to stand up and protect his wife from the continous hurt and guilt Armaan continues to hurl at her.


So I leave with this, although lately this show has been driving me nuts with the rumors, and random promos.  I must say that it is scenes like this that make me come back again and again.  Even though this scene was only a few minutes long the underlying message in it was so deep.  It depicted the silent strength of husband for his wife.  Siddhant Modi, your wife was right.  Every girl deserves to have a husband like youDay Dreaming.



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Reserved! Shall be back!

YAY the Bak Bak is back!

Thanks for the PM!


Arps Beautiful post! I miss your Bak Bak too much I think DMG needs more episodes like this so we can have your thoughts on this Forum.

Today's episode even though no story moved forward I believe was totally needed because you need an episode in which feelings are released by everyone - even JPJ feelings were told though their feelings weren't heart breaking there feelings were heart touching because their feelings showed love for their friends Sid and Armaan.

Sid stood there and watched Riddhima cry, its because that is Sid he knows her past he knows her love for Armaan, he never wanted to come in between that and he still doesn't but today when he saw all the moments where Riddhima mentioned Armaan or was looking at Armaan, we saw he was jealous and insecure and I loved it because it should Sid as he has always been shown raw with emotion, he will not hide his feelings even if it is a bitter one like insecurity. He wants her happiness and that can be seen, as I said earlier her tears flick a switch in him and all he wants is for her to be happy and for that he will go to any lenght even if that means living a life without a life in it.
But today the CVs showed Sid and I believe the audience that Riddhima's feelings for Armaan are now pure concern, through Sid's jealously and insecurity. The wedding picture put a lot of wrongs right. It showed Sid, Riddhima has moved on her life is now with him.

Riddhima she was crying because she is tired of fate, everytime she smiles it just makes her cry. Armaan's words stung because it just brought her guilt forward but you know what Riddhima said these words to Armaan and I think she needs to say them to him again, I never left you Armaan you left me. Because its true she never left him, she went out there and fought for him but he told her to move on forget him, and she did eventually. She never wanted to but fate made her and she has never regretted this decision ever but it is the one constant in her life like you said that has never let her down, Sid has never let her down. He has become her world and that is it, without Sid there is no Riddhima, because this Riddhima is Sid's Riddhima, she is no longer basket her world is Sid and if he ever left her she will not be able to breathe. This marriage is her life line.

Today was beautifully shown and I can't wait for tommorow emotions shall be running high!

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petrichorr IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely post! Thorouhly enjoyed reading this.
Today was Sid's day!
The pride, content and the confidence Sid had when he realised that his wife ws actually holding onto their weddin picture close to her heart  was  just amazing!
Today was another day where we got to see the depth of Siddhimma bond.

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bajlooka Senior Member

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
nice post. i am seeing your post after long time. please post regularly.

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naadanmasakalli IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
yay arpu missed ur bak bak for so long and trust me nothing excites me  more than reading ur posts in this forum thank u for once again analysizing and writing it so well once again


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malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
o arp!
atleast YOU understood todays epi!
i have to admit i was confused, probabbly cuz i forwarded through the whole seq where i was convinced it was just shots of the four crying/rhidz sleeping/
but gosh when sid told shilpa to get armaan and thent he precap where hes yelling...
i melted. like god. damn. it is not right to look so hot when your yelling at someone.
thats beside the point tho, basically i love how u always get the underlying message

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VERY TRUE.............THEY R SOULMATES.............

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