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~*~mY OnE - ShOt pIg OuT DiNeR~*~ [KaSh] UPD Pg 3!

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All my sweeties. Lovelies, darlings, and of course Kaminis!!

Welcome to my One Shot Gala!!

Plzzz take ur time to read them and post your views!!!!

Main zyada bak bak nahi karoongiii!!


[AR] WhAt MaDe mE fAll fOr yOu!!

Ok my ffnnnddzz I wrote mainly AR but die hard KaShian so now on I will write more ArSh!!

This was my First One Shot so bohut imrovement ki zaroorrat ho gi!!
Plzz bare with me!!

MUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screamed a 21 year old as it was early morning on a Monday!

"Mummy dekho na iss duffer fir se uutha diya subha subha!" The girl blasted again.

"Hello Hello, duffer kis ko bolti hain" A strange grey eyed boy about 22 relpied with a frown upon his face!

"Armaan, Riddhima subha subha jhagda shuru ho gaya tum dono ka?" A women said.

"Mama, iss Armaan ne fir se mere sir pe paani dala" Riddhima complained

Then out of nowhere Armaan laughed looking at the enraged Riddhima and mostly at her hairstyle..

"Arre iss ko kya hua.....?" Riddhima asked with a horrified expression because of his way of laughing. Armaan took her in front of the mirror to explain himself and that is when Riddhima had started giggling and all three were having the time of their lives! When Armaan looked at the time and shouted..........

" RIDDHIMA...... zara time ko toh dekho hume 10:00 baje pohochna hai anaat ashram varna aaj hamari dhulai pakki!

"Main abhi tayyaar ho ke aati hoon tum jayo gadi le kar aao!"

Armaan obidiently followed her orders and left for the car.

15 minutes later they were at the anaat ashram and you see they are gathered around by kids as one kid asked, "Almaan bhaiya aap aur Liddhima di kab miley aur kaise??"

Armaan and Riddhima were looking at eachother and started to explain......................

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* FLASHBACK *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~
In 3rd person perspective:

You find a girl in a crowed college infact the best college of Delhi ,Maurya Medical Institute, You see her engrossed in that book she is reading when all of a sudden **THUD** she bumps into someone very strong she is prepared for a hard landing she new she was going to land on the marble tiled floors but when she didn't, she was amazed at the distance between her and the ground it was about 1 foot and wondered how is that possible unless gravity has given up then it.......... just when she looked up she found her self being stared at she was feeling insecure but secure at the same time like he is someone she knows from a long long time, when she looked into the deep grey eyes she was stunned like time has stopped the other people moving around have frozen and it was only them, the two of them she felt the stranger raise his hand to push away the strand of hair that was blocking her view or shall I say his view of her creme courled skin and the pure shade of blue eyes...........................................they both snapped back to reality the girl which you've probably guessed it is our one and only Riddhima shot up and said, "I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" the man followingly said, " Oh no I'm sorry I was lost in my self, by the way I'm Armaan Mallik second year and you are......?" "Riddhima , Riddhima Gupta" she replied, " So coffee?" " Sure why not!"

They were at the Edward Stone Cafe (it is made up) you could see they are having a great time laughing and sharing hobbies .................. " Mujhe Sky diving bohut pasand hain aur romantic movies I love shahid kapoor in Vivah he is so sweet and cute in that movie have you seen how awesome that movie was and did you see it and Shahrukh in Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge that scene at the end where he says that kay hua agar woh ladka tumhe deewaano ki tarah pyaar karta hai it made me want to jump up and give him a tight hug oh and that old movie Love Story was just fantastic and..............." she was disturbed at the way Armaan was looking at her he was completey dissolved in her " Kya hua? Aise kyun dekh rahe ho" siad Riddhima puzzuled " Nahi kuch nahi" he answered Riddhima looked at the time and said " Armaan it is getting very late and I'll have to go" " Oh that's fine we'll meet tommorow at the theater 2:00 ka show hai Love Aaj Kal no no's okay" " par Armaan" " I said no no's" "okay fine"

Over the week they had become great friends they were always together movies disco's malls ghar pe ek dusre ke aur college ke canteen ko bhi nahi chod te thay!

One day there happened to be a call that Riddhima had recieved from armaan meet me at hollows Hall at 9:00 p.m. sharp aur dress up!

It had almost been one year to their friendship and Riddhima was very happy with her and his relationship she was wondering what was going to happen now! Armaan was always giving her surprises so she was ready but it wasn't any special day today which made her worry!

As she entered the place she was kept in pitch darkness "Armaan" she called frightened with no reply she was starting to get teary eyes "Armaan" she called out again but all her efforts went in vain and suddenly she was blinded by a ray of light shining up above of her she was amazed at how high the ceiling was and importantly she realized she was standing on rose petals she saw her elagant white sari and the red matched perfectly. Another ray of light shot from above and revealed an beautiful round table, set with navy blue rose petals (there are such things) and red chairs with white candles and then again a red table cloth it was just what she always wanted!! What she dreamed of she had shared this dream with Armaan and no wonder he did this she just wished he was going to propose she would finally be living her dream with the love of her life!

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~ 2 Weeks ago

Dear Diary, Monday December 14th

Aaj maine Armaan ko Maya ke saath dekha mujhe pata nahi kyun itna bhura laga aisa kyun hota hain? Maine aisa kabhi feel nahi kiya Armaan ke liye asia kyun lagta hain ke main sirf uuske baare mein hi sochti hoon? kyun har waqt mujhe uuske hi khayal aate hai? Mujhe kyun bhura lagta hai agar woh kisi aur ladki ke baare mein baat karta hai? Kyun main love stories padhte padhte uuska chehra meri aankhon ke saamne aajata hai? Kya yahi pyar hai? Nahi pyar toh nahi ho sakta, lekin yeh sab uuske hi symptoms hai yaar main personal life mein bhi doctor ke connection kar rahi hoon, but I think .....I think I am in Love.............Yes I love Him ...........I LOVE ARMAAN!

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~ Back To Flashback! (Orignal)

The music from Fashion Kuch Khaas Started playing and a shadow appeared from behind the table Riddhima smiled when hios face came in clear view he was a wearing a white shirt with a his orignal ripped baggy jeans you could say he was looking very appealing , sexy!

He came upto her and said," Riddhima tumne mujhe saari khushiyaan de di yaahan aake tumhe pata nahi hai main kitna nervous hoon tumhe yeh baatane ke lye ki itna nervous tabh bhi nahi that jab maa aur paapa ka divorce ho raha main bas yeh kehna chaata tha ki jabs maine tumhe dekha hai mujhe sirf tumhaara khayaal aate hai aakhen bandh karoon to tumhaara chehra aate hai aur tna bhi ke jab main book padh ta hoon toh tumhaara chehra hi dikhai deta hai aur mujhe yeh kal pata chala ki......................................................... he was interupted by Riddhima's soft sudden lips pressing against his as he realized what this meant he escatastically kissed her back the passion between them two was erupting the two were finally together. They released from eachother's girp and Riddhima was blushing badly,"Oye Hoye!" Armaan said, "Tum blush karte hue toh kuch zyada hi khoobsurat lagti ho!" Riddhima hid her face in his chest out of embarresment he hugged her back while saying," I Love You Riddhima" " I Love You Too Armaan,Armaan jab tumne Maya ke baare mein batayaa tab mujhe bohut bhura laga tabh hi mujhe pataa chal gaya tha ki main tumse pyar karne kagi hoon! Tumhe mere baare mein kya accha laga?" " Bataadoon?" He teased her," Bataao" "Bataadoon?" " Ab bata bhi do" " Thik ab tum itna insist karti ho toh main bataa hi deta hoon ki mujhe tumhaari aankein bohut pasand hai pehli baar jab maine tumhe dekha tab mujhe nasha ho gaya tha tumhaari aankhoon se itni khoobsurat ankhein maine pehli baar dekhi thi mujhe laga ki yeh sab toh sirf bahhaari khoobsurati hai issliye maine tumhe coffee pe bulayaa sochaa tumhe acchi tarha se jaanloo fir maine realize kiya ki tum itni bhi bhuri nahi ho aur fir hum acche dost ban gaye sur mujhe tum acchi lagne lagi aur jab bhi tum uss Rahul ki baat karti thi merra khoon khaul ne lagta tha mujhe bohut jalan hoti thi uss se tabhse maine tayy kar liya ki main tumhaare saath har waqt rehne vaala tha aur maine tumhe kissi aur ladke ke baare me sochne hi nahi doonga fir maine socha lekin mujhe kya hai agar tum kissi aur ke baare me soch ti ho toh then I realized I'm in love that I'm in in love with you!" He finished.

"Armaan",Riddima said "Hmm......... I love You and I just don't say that I love you I mean that and it's because of how you are I really mean it and you are the world for me!" Armaan was sincerely staring at her face understanding what she was trying to say and followed," Riddhima, I promise main tyumhe kabhi kabhi dukh nahi doonga aur kabhi bhi yeh beautiful aankhoon mein aasoon nahi aane doonga aur bas itna bata doon that you mean the universe for me not world!" He finished and Riddhima simpley just hugged him and the two became one forever the lived life and enjoyed the company of the eachother for 5 years until little Ryan came in their life followed by Ria! They were like a fairytale couple they lived happily ever after!


Mera first One Shot!!

Do sayy!!

[AR] hOw yOu BeCaMe MiNe!!

"Riddhima please meri baat suno, please listen to me love," A boy around 22 said, " Armaan mujhe kuch nahi sunna tum jao na apni mini skirt vaali nikki se jaake baat karona mere picche kyun pade ho?" Riddhima retorted as she took off her heels and slammed them on the floor sitting on her bed grumpily." riddhima, Riddhima meri taraf dekho aur battao tumhe kya nazar aata hai?" He answered in the most genuine way. she turned to face him and only saw pure love, plain love, she could see his eyes water up. " She only managed to say, " Armaan main tumhe kissi aur ladki ke saath nahi dekh sakti jab tumne usska haath pakda tab meri jaan ja rahi thi armaan prmse ki tum kabhi mera saath chodo ge?" she asked while he just looked at her lovingly and took her into a tight embrace protecting her from all the fears on Earth from all the problems they've faced in life implying that he would always be there for her in all circumstances they were meant to be together!

They stood there in each others arms while the song played into he background........

Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
Down, down
Ooh (ohhh)
(Verse 1)
You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go,
Put on a show, i wanna see how you lose control,
So leave it behind cause we, have a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape.
So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
(Verse 2)
Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me,
Ill take you away, hey, turn this place into our private getaway,
So leave it behind cause we, have a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape,
(So why dont we run away)
So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
LiL Wayne
(Verse 3)
Even if the sky is falling down like she supposed to be,
She gets down low for me,
Down like her temperature, cause to me she zero degree,
She cold, overfreeze,
I got that girl from overseas,
Now she my miss America,
now can i be her soldier please,
Im fighting for this girl,
Im a battlefield of love,
Dont it look like baby cupid sent his arrows from above,
Dont you ever leave the side of me,
Indefinitely, not probably,
and honestly im down like the economy,
So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down (this video doesn't belong to me neither does the lyrics!)

She broke their moment and stared into his eyes and he just pressed his lips on hers while she responded equally their passion was growing and their kiss was getting extreme she broke the kiss when the both ran out air and she just blushed and hid her face in her chest to hide her embarrassment he smiled and caressed her hair!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2 months later!

" Ridzy babes jaldi karo" said Anjie." Aayee di bas do minute aur plzz." She replied. Anjie walked upto her room only to find her sitting infront of the mirror in her wedding dress with the biggest smile she has ever seen.............

" Hayee, Ridzy tujhe koi bhuri nazar se bachaaye" she said, as she put the kaala tikaa under her ear." Di, aap toh aise baat kar rahe hai jaise main aapse duur jaane vaali hoon di Armaan ka ghar sirf 3 minute duur hai" She told her older sister." haan yeh to hai lekin phir bhi I'll miss u!" she said while Riddhima just hugged her then they left for the mandap.

When they got to the mandap u could a 110 eyes staring at her in awe. She was really looking like an angel today Armaan's angel. His eyes were stuck on her as she proceeded towards him she walked up to him and told him to close his mouth, " Armaan muh bandh karo varna macchar ghuss jaayege!" On the other hand he obiediently shut his mouth and the ceremony began. They were getting up for their saat phere when Anjie grabbed Riddima's hand and pulled her out of the mandap. Armaan watched confused Riddhima was just standing there as she knew their plan." Agar Riddhima se shaadi karni hai to pehle apna pyaar ka ishaar karo voh bhi sab ke saamne !" she said smiling wickedly. Armaan simply looked at her and smiled he bent down and started" Jab se tumhe dekha hai to dil mein kuch kuch hone laga hai, raaton ki need aur subha ka chian cheena hai jahan bhi jaatan hoon sirf tumhaare baare mein sochta rehta hoon, kisi ko bhi milta hoon mujhe tumhaara chehra dikhaayee deta hai to aj main kehta hoon ki kya tum mujhese shaadi karogi, will you marry me?" she simply just nodds in a yes while evryone else hoots and claps!

They were done with the wedding and they were home their home sweet home.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 years later!

" Armaan" screamed a 3 year old. " Aaya princess" he replied with a hint of laughter. I mean who wouldn't laugh when a 3 year old mimicks their mon to see the expression on her face. Yes it was their 3 year old daugther Ria. Armaan entered the family room only to find his love and his life Ria and Riddhima sitting on the sofa playing with eachothers noses as Riddhima gave a peck on her duagthers nose she gave a slight pinch on her mama's nose. He smiled looking at he duo and walked upto them" kay chal raha hai mera bina hmm." " Kuch nahi paapa aap ke bina kuch ho sakta hai kya hum toh yahaan sirf aapki surprise party ki planning kar rahe the" as soon as she said that she bit her tongue and looked at her mamma who looked at her with an angry expression but then softened up seeing her afraid already she just gently ruffled her hair an smiled she whispered in her ear and told her to chill. he looked at them 2 and raised his eyebrows and said," accha toh phir main tum donno ko luch pe le jaane ki soch raha that lekin I see u are busy so I'll leave.!" " Daddy wait where do u think u are going wothout your princess huh..... I want to go to Pizza Hut and that is final chalo mamma main ready hone jaa rahi hoon aap bhi tayyaar ho jao!" she ran away on her last word.

Armaan and Riddhima just looked at each other baffled . Then just broke out into laughter!


I noe I noe I used KKK3 Dialouguee!! ROFL

[AR] WhAt LiEs BeHiNd BeTrAyAl!!!

"You listen to me first!", said a boy around 23 to a girl the age of 22 with rising anger. " I don't care if you made a mistake or not Dr.Nikita you've played with my feelings Nikki I loved u but all u did was stab me in the back.... How could u do this to me? Like if u loved Abhi than why play with my feelings am I not a human?" He let out his feelings while the girl just stood there with no expression on her face just plain ignorance. " I really don't care about u n u'r love I thought I loved u but then abhi came into my life and I realized u were a mistake... u get that?" She replied with arrogance. He stood there heartbroken, and instead of replying he just left her there simply just left her while she had a huge smile on her face. She took out her phone and dialed a number........ "hello Abhi hi baby........... yes I did it I got the contract papers the property is all ours now so No Worries kay....... I know I am the best and I love u too" she talked with Abhi for a while.

On the other hand the boy who's name is Armaan walks to her cabin her best friend her all time companion his someone special someone he can't apperantly live without his love his Riddhima his wife " Riddhima!" he calls out, as she looks up admiring her love the Armaan mallik her best friend her boss but her pride." Hmmmm. bolo" she replies." She dumped me" " What how could she do that doesn't she love u weren't u and her inseperable...."
She replied so fast that her words were hardly recognizable but he heard her he heard everything and understood her feelings because he knew her so well. he knew her more than he knew himself and it was the same with her. He laughed out loud as he her act like she is so surprised, " oh come on Riddhima we knew this was all a set up then why act so disturbed?" he said " Well, armaan u see hum yaahan ad agency khol ke baitein hain to thodi si acting maine bhi karli aur vaise bhi kya farak padhta hain Nikki uuska sabak seekh ke hi raahe gi!" She answers with the sweetest expression.


" Nahi Abhi abhi tak nahi hua lekin 2 din mein ho jaayega I promise aur vaise bhi yeh Nikki ka vaada hai!" She retorted gleemely to the other person who is definetly Abhi. " Thanks Nikki u are my true love thank u soo much ab kaun rokega Armaan ko raaste pe aane se I mean uusne saare office ke saamne meri insult ki thi ab main uusse nahi chodunga usse sazaa milke hi rahe gi!" Hr answered evily with a smirk on his face. What they didn't realize is that she was standing right there Riddhima was standing right there outside his room!


They both smiled as she retold the story." So ab Abhi ko kaun rokega barbaad hone se!" as broke into laughter once again. They turned to the door as they heard it opening and looked at the person and simply just smiled, " hey mom" said Armaan" hello beta kya kar rahe ho mere bina itni hassi?" she asked , " Nahi ma actually hum Abhi ki barbaadi pe has raahe the ab voh nakli papers dekh ke kya haal hoga bas usska chehra imagine kar ke haasi aa rahi thi!" Riddhima replies to the question. " Hmmm. ye to bohut accha hai ki tum dono ne tumhaari shaadi ke baare mein kissiko nahi bataaya varna hum me nikki ka plan kaise pata chalta kaise karrti voh Armaan se pyar ka naatak sach beta I am really proud of u both!" They both bent down to get their mom's aashirvaad while she happily gave it to them!


" Riddhima " he said for the 15th time because she was taking so long in the bathroom. "Riddhima jaldi karo varna hum late hojaayege" " Aayi bas do minute" she replied. " Bas do minute bas do mniute karke do ghante laga diye Riddhima jaldi!" he turned his face when he saw her approaching him in the preetiest sari he has ever seen..............

look at the one on the left gotten from google images!

he smiles seeing her blush but he doesn't realized when he found himself walking toward her and gave her a peck on her forehead and said" You look beautiful" He siad while she just embraced him in a light hug which soon turned into a passionate one which made him and her both to look into in eachothers eyes and she just gently put his lips onto hers and they shared the longest kiss in history he releases the kiss and says, " Oye Hoye u look even more sexy when u blush!" which only made her blush even more. " Armaan jaana nahi hai?" she asks, " Arre ha bhool gaya chalo varna hamaari reception par hum hi late ho jayenge!"



" Armaan" Riddhima said, "hmmm" he replied, " Armaan I love you" while just smile and says " I don't love you" she looks at him confused and also worried like whats wrong, " I don't love you because when u say u love it is like I am saying it because we are one right" he explains on the other hand she just smiles at his answer and answers" Right forever and ever and ever!"


The two lived forever and ever and ever but onlytogether did they wish they would live together as in Armaan, Riddhima, Riya, Ryan, and their dog Bruno together they were the best of a family that shared their toughts with eachother and problems too!

Kaisa tha???

[AR]. BeCaUsE TrUe LovE LaStS FoReVeR!!

Armaan: She was sitting all alone in her room with her eyes swollen and clothes torn she rembered the days events................. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~FLASHBACK~*~*~*~*~*~*~ She could feel his lips around her neck as he laid her down on his bed he was the first guy she let to make love to her the love of her life Armaan mallik famous business man she loved him dearly he made love to her all night and then in the morning he saw her sleeping peacefully in his arms he looked at his angel his Riddhima he loved her so much from the day he saw her he wouldn't let anyone harm her not even herself he could die for her. He gently pulled on his pants and made his way to the bathroom to get fresh when he came out he saw her still sleeping not to disturb her sleep he went down stairs to prepare breakfast and let her realize how much he loves her. While stirring the coffee he felt warm hands around his waist I love you baby Thank you for making me the luckiest man on Earth he turned around and hugged her and said I love you he hid his face in her neck and then realized that the smell wasn't familiar it wasn't Riddhima but it was too late she had seen it all, Riddhima had seen it all she walked up to Armaan and slapped him " Papa was right tum ek achhe insaan nahi ho aur nahi tum mujhse pyar karte ho it is all a game for you!" She left saying but not shedding a single tear! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ End Of Flashback~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Scene switch to Armaan's house: Armaan just stood there his life had just slapped him saying he doesn't love her he turned around to see who the girl was it was MAYA the girl who had tried to ruin is life before she returned and this time successfully snatched his life he harshly grabbed her hand and litterly threw her out of the house. " Who do you think you are you are nothing but a selfish pig and just ruin peoples life you are back to ruin my life but now I won't let you get lost and you will go to hell!" He screamed at that life ruiner. Getting mad at her bruised arm and paining leg she immediately walked up to him and said, " Maine to tumhaari Riddhima tumse cheenli abb kya karoge!" She left him to cry over his sorrows. He entered his house and the song Jag Soona Soona Laage started playing in the background he slowly walked up to his room and opened his drawer to get out a tiny but special box he opened and revealed a white gold diamond ring he remembers........ Armaan this ring is so pretty na kitni acchi hai I hope jab mujhe pyar ho aur jab voh special insaan mujhe propose karega toh yeh ring dega it it so beautiful He walked around his room where he had kept her picture it was from the strawberry picking farm where she had her clothes all red due to the strawberry juice and her hair all messy it was his favourite picture of her. He then remembered how they confessed their love for each other.............. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~FLASHBACK~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Riddhima he shouted with no reply he started to panic Riddhima with no reply again he started to frantically search for her where are you and he only found her sleeping with her head on her study table he gently removed the hair disturbing her and then picked her up to lay her on her bed in the process she was sleep talking ... I love him god plz usse bhi mujhse pyar ho I love you armaan ...... he was shocked hearing this from her mouth and woke her up by giving her a kiss on her right cheek she woke up with a and found him staring at her she said , " why are you staring at me like that" He just stood staring at her and said, " Did you know you sleep talk and did you know that you were sleep talking when i came?" She looked at him saying "did I say something wrong ?" " No you only said that you are in love" She was getting scared now " you also said that you wish he would love you back" She was sweating now and then he said" Riddhima I LOVE YOU TOO!" She was sitting there idled she didn't say anything but instead she brought her lips to him and just kissed him ever so passionately he kissed her back indicating that its okay they both parted from the kiss and she said I LOVE YOU! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ End Of Flashback~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Scene Switch To Riddhima's House: She entered her house to find it empty as usual nobody ever cared for her she was always left alone she ran straight to her bedroom and started to break her and armaan's picture she fell down on her knees and and finally shed those tears she kept in her heart! Armaan's Place: He quickly got in his car and realized he can't let her do that to him she loves him and he knows it. He was driving at 125 km per hour and finally reached her place. he entered the place and ran up to her bedroom he found her asleep in the manner he searched he room only to find their picture shattered on the floor he teared up and started to clear the pieces and got cut but he kept clearing the pieces when that was done he picked Riddhima up and laid her on her bed knowing her sleep talking he stayed by her side holding her hand! This time she pleaded god that what she heard isn't the whole part of the story she hopes there is something more. Armaan gets happy listening to that and waits until she wakes up to tell her the full story. When she gets up she is furious seeing him beside her and that too holding her hand. " How dare u enter my room with out my permission!" " Riddhima I want u to listen to me once I need to tell you the whole story and I need to ask you something please hear me out!" he begged in front of her. She started," How could I Armaan how could I give you a chance you broke when I heard you say I love you to her my whole world came crashing down on me armaan it felt like someone had pushed me in a forest of fire with no escape, you ripped me apart you ripped my heart apart maine kabhi bhi nahi socha ki tum mere saath aisa karoge! but still for the sake of humanity I give you a chance to explain... " She ended. " She was Maya she is the girl I used to talk to you about Riddhima she is my ex but when I saw her with another man I dumped her and I guess no guy has dumped her so she wanted revenge and came at my house that day she hugged me from behind and to my foolishness I am so madly in love with you that I thought it was you and said those words but when I realized it wasn't you it was too late! After you left I had to do something to her so by now she probably is at the hospital now, I had pushed her out of the house!" after a long pause Riddhima and Armaan both together said, " I'm Sorry" and they both started to laugh as it is their habit to say their feelings together but both stopped noticing it is not the right time Armaan turned around getting the point that she hasn't forgotten him due to her abrupt stop when she calls back to him, " Armaan there you go again you are one more of your promises" Armaan looked at her puzzled, " You said you would never leave me and here you are doing that now!" Armaan smiled and turned around only to see her running towards him and soon were into their tight embrace. None could break them apart now not even themselves because their souls have bonded into one there is no cure to this bonding this bimaari because this is what you call love........................................................................................! '''~~*~*~~*~*~~*~*~~*~*~~*~*~~*~*~~''' 3 years later! They had a sweet 2 year old daughter named Poonam named after Armaan's dead sister! They had been living together without their parents but still had a happy family Armaan had turned into the best surgeon of India and Riddhima the best Gynaecologist. 'Together they could do anything' said the medical times news paper about their jodi! Love is everlasting as long as its true love! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Sorry forgot to mention he changed professions because Maya tried to rob his bank account to make Riddhima realize that he can't keep her happy!

Do sayy my readerss!!

[AR]. BeTrAyEd bY TrUsT!!

Saanse kho gayee hai kiski aahonmein main kho kho gayee hoon jaane kiski baahon mein……………..

(Playing in the background)

She slid down the rough brick wall, that scraped her visible back from the halter. Her ripped knee lenght skirt was now rising a little above her knees. Her tears reached down to her neck. Her sobs got louder when she realized what had just happened her eyes naturally got smaller and she stretched her memory back, winding it for 30 minutes before the present.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• FLASHBACK •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

" Riddhima beta love come here dekho tumhaari shaadi paki ho gayee hai!" She made her step forward cautiously was ghat true bu she loved him she loved Armaan then why, this guy? He knew she loved Abhi then why Armaan why?

She elegantly placed her foot ahead I order not to show her discomfort. But ofcourse he knew it the Armaan Mallik knew her from the core of his heart. It's been five gears for gods sake he's been in love with her since long.

He finally got up the courage and take a step forward. He Invitdd her in and they made their way to his room in silence. She bravely spoke by saying, "nice room." But he sensed her awkwardness he knew she didn't like this one bit so he decided to ask her. "i know this is a bit fast for you so I wanted to ask you if you are alright with this marriage. There is no force from my side it's just that maybe you are not ready." She couldn't handle it any more she really qicly mumbled, " Ilovesomeoneelseandhelovesmetoopleasesaynotothismarraige!"

He knew what she said and he knew it very well and so he said okay she stared at him in awe and smiled he smiledback but she noticed the pain.

Somehow it pricked her heart inside bub she rubbed the thooght away and said thank you. In excitment she abruptly pulled him into a hug and said a thank yu again. A tear slid down his cheek but he managed to wipe it away. How could he be so foolish. She's preety cute how could someone not fall in love with her?

They broke the hug and he asked her," If you don't mind may I know who is the lucky one?" she answered bit one bit hesitant ," His name is Abhimanyu Mallik!"

His smile turned to anger and he relectantly replied," I know him and because I care I'm going to let you know be is not a good person even if he is my brother!"

Her smile vanished and she slapped him across the face. How dare he say anything about him like that, and what did he mean y brother. Just then realization struck her he was the Armaan Mallik Abhi kept on talking about: What he had done to him.

She rushed ou of the room and instantly called Abui. She tole him she is coming to his house in half an hour.

But due to no traffic she reached there in 15 minutes. Her heart was beating fast, for some reason she was afraid and her heart was pleading her to go back to Armaan where she felt safe in his arms. She couldn't believe what she felt and she imidietly ran into the house. Bit no one can run away from their own feelings and thoughts now can they. She entered the house and to her amazement it was open. She smiled because she knew he left it open for her. She didn't say anything as she bought she would surprise him but she had a surprise herself. He was screaming at someone. "Why are you here I didn't give you a second house key for that she's coming right now if she finds out that you and me are dating And that I'm cheating on her she will kill me. No to forget you know I'm doing this for her property. Come onjaan get out from here before she comes.

Riddhima was shocked but she didn't break down she quickly hid behind the kithen wall and she saw that B**** make her way out eight an evil smile. She was just about to leave when her skirt got caught I the drawer. She pulled it out and it ripped from the bottom.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ END OF FLASHBACK ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~

Now, there she lay on the wet ground with only the support of the brick wall. She mow realized how much she trusted him and what would have happened if she..........

No she could not let that happen. She jumped with fright when someone tapped her shoulder. She looked up to find him, Armaan without thinking she hopped upto her feet and embraced him.

They broke after along time and she said she is sorry. He replied that there is no need but thy both knew it wasn't the hug thy were referring to it was the slap.

The slap that changed their life. That slap which brought out the reality.

She smiled and he held her hand reasurringly a tear slid down her cheek and he being polite just wiped it away.

Somethings in life are mutual like theirs how silence could speak so much, and for them I was the start of a new begenning.

~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ 2 YEARS LATER !!!!!!

" I love you Armaan, happy birthday"
" I love you too baby thanks for giving me the pleasure of your company on my special day and happy anniversary"

On his birthday to loved ones united because it was all because of him.


This was a chhotta sa one shot!!

[ArSh]. eK DuJe kE VaAsTe!!!

Kuch pyaar ki daastaon mein aisa bhi hota hai ki pyaar ki emhiyat tab pata chalti hai jab bohut der ho chuki hoti hai……. Lekin iss ki koi aur vajaa bhi ho sakti hai…….. bas vishwaas, samajhdaari, aur pyaar ki zaroorat hai…………. Phir apna past, majbooriyaan aur problems toh kya bhawaan khud bhi in dono ko juda nahi kar saktaaa………. Kyunki pyaar duniyaa pe nahi chalti………… duniyaa pyaar pe chalti hai……….. TOH ………………. Jaa…………………….. JEE LE………………………. Ek duje ke saath ke sahaare……………………. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste………………………..

Saasein kho gayyi hai kiski aahon mein main kho gayyi hoon jaane kiski baahon mein
Manzillon se raahein doondhti chali, main kho gayyi kho gayyi jaane kahin raahon mein…….

She sat there plainly. Numb from all the thoughts evading her mind. Now she had to pick from two, two very beloved things to her, two most important things to her. One was her family's love that she has been longing for all these years of her life. Those painful years she spent in an orphanage without any warmth or love from what you call a dad or mom. HECK…. She hardly knew if these were meant for her. Until, one hopeful day she saw him…. Her love on a rainy day while trying to help a few kids in the storm she had hit him with her rod. Through these circumstances she giggled. She still remembered how he was pissed at first but forgave her later on. Her smile vanished directly after knowing the truth. He was her so – called EX Jiju. How she wished he could be hers forever. How she could be his forever. How she wished they could be each others. How she wished………

But…. She had to face reality, she couldn't marry him, she couldn't tell him how much she cared for him. She couldn't tell him that if no one else cares for his well being she does. If he thinks ki kisi ko uski khushie ya ghamm se faraq nahi padta, usko padta hai.

She couldn't do it anymore she had to decide. Armaan or her sister, Riddhima. She chuckled again, it is funny that these to names weren't ever said apart. It was always Armaan – Riddhima, never said a part. She wondered how Armaan – Shilpa would sound. OLD? Mysterious? Perfect? Yes, perfect was what she settles with, just perfect.

She closed her eyes once more to think of what she wants. His pictures flashed in front her. A full slideshow. Even though she tried there weren't any pictures of her family that fit in, not one. She had gotten her answer. She had to go tell him, even if he didn't reciprocate those feelings.

She entered Sanjeevani in a rush and headed straight to the recreation room. And there he was sitting on the stool with his head placed in his hands. She almost skipped a beat as she saw him in his black undershirt. His broad frame was heavenly appealing.

She walked up to him and whispered, "Armaan" and once she said that his head shot up. He stood up gradually taking the support of his punching bag and looked her straight in the eye. All she saw was pure hatred, and anger. Even through his swollen red teary eyes she could figure out his feelings for her and so she decided to turn around and just leave.

Before, she could even slide a mille meter behind his chest was pressed hard against hers.

He had hugged her, hugged her so tight no allowing dust to pass through. She was dumbfounded for a while. She sensed security importantly she sensed LOVE. She gave in and clung onto him, and cried. She cried and cried and cried. He shed his tears as well. All that was there was love. She couldn't think of any words to say.

After they pulled away a huge smile was set on his face, a smile of satisfaction and pure LOVE!

" I Love You" was all he managed to utter in that heartwarming husky voice.

Her smile reached up to her eyes and she placed her lips on his tender ones. They both savoured each other for what felt like just mere seconds but it was actually 5 minutes. They broke apart for their breathes and he pulled her in an embrace again.

A gentle one this time.

"When you said you are leaving me forever I died, I died Shilpa, I died, I died all over AGAIN, when Riddhima left me it didn't even hurt that much then when you said those frightening words. Shilpa, don't you dare even think about that gain, co this time I literally will, d……" He said interrupted with her finger on lip.

"I'll NEVER leave you, coz you what? If I leave I also die, I can't live without Armaan. Shilpa dies if there is no Armaan." She spoke stuttering.

"And Armaan dies without Shilpa." He muttered.

He kissed her once again, with all his pent up emotions for the past 3 months. All he felt, all she felt was emersed in that liplock of two soulmates.

They lived happily TOGETHER! Ek Duje Ke Liye!!


Hiiyyaa respected readerss!!!
I love u all do sayy!!!

[AR]. aLoNe, iN tHiS WoRlD??

Chapter One

Once, not to long of a time ago there lived a charming, little girl who would soon grow into a royal, rich princess. The odd thing was she was all balled up as she was crying with her hair blowing in the cool winter breeze and her white skin tight t-shirt drenched with tears. We see the king in his late 20's being carried past her. You could see the dark circles around the handsome man's eyes and you could easily make out the stains of tears and exactly where they stopped, something was not right. "In the honor of the king I shall announce his will" says a court man from across the lawn. "The only demand on the will is that all his property and rights will be passed onto his daughter and until she is 16 the duke will take care of it" the man continues.


Sixteen years later in the town of Markham
You see a young, beautiful woman sitting in front of an elegant, mirror. Through the reflection of the mirror you see the gorgeous, wide, honey-brow n eyes sparkling in the dim light of the marvelous crystal chandelier. Her long, silky, and straight hair reaching down to her lower back swings as she smiles flashing a set of perfect teeth glistening in the sunlight. Again, for some odd reason there was something missing from that exceptionally beautiful face. The face which, anyone could look at and stay staring. It was solemn. "Riddhima" came a sound from somewhere nearby. "Coming" she replies with a hint of excitement. Riddhima steps forward with grace, complementing her blood, red dress rising just a little bit under her ankles. Running she reaches her bedroom door. Just then does realization strike her, it wasn't her they were calling, and it was just someone calling their daughter at the park below her window. She smiles seeing the duo of the father and daughter as he picked his darling daughter up spinning her around in the mid air as if there was no one around, as if there was no worry in the world. Suddenly, her eyes travel across the park to where a cute couple was sitting sharing their ice cream. Now you know the missing glow from the face, she felt lonely, she had no one to look after, she had no one who would love her unconditionally and look after her, not even her father. A tear slides down her cheek as she walks back to her table where, she continues writing in her dairy. Her face has unevenly drained its colour as she picks up her pen and dips it in the ebony black ink.

Chapter 2

Dear Diary,

It was a tremendous day, it was the day when my father and I were both out to the horse races, having the time of our lives, when the terror struck. Everything was just fine as it was until, an idea struck his brain. He decided to impress me and said he would ride a horse and beat the experienced horse riders. I was okay with that being only four years old. I pushed him out the door urging him on. He told my baby sitter to watch me and left. Of course, I now regret my stupid, insensible move. I mean why did I have to be so damn curious to see him on an animal. That was the worst day of my life, or should I describe it as the happiest day of my life, because it was the first and day with my father. I see him getting ready to sit on a horse, and he sees me clapping my hands anxiously. He starts with a slow pace and then is galloping by the other riders who are staring at him in utter shock at how awesome he rides. Little did he know he, being the
king was the only reason they could live he was the one who makes this a safe place to for them to build an empire. Someone around this place was green with envy. Just as he was about to cross the finish line, he turns around to look at me and gives me a thumbs up sign. I respond equally. He is speeding and then the perfect scene is interrupted with a long silver sword compressed into his stomach. Blood is oozing from every part on his upper body. I'm staring in utter shock as I realize what happened. I'm crying as much as strength I had to burn all my blood. My baby sitter lifts me up and runs towards the scene of crime. I look at him with an expressionless face as I see the ambulance pull up behind the horse. All I could manage to say is "Daddy" when the stretcher takes him away.

A Whole Hearted,

By the time she is done her whole face and neck is covered in salt water. Her eyes are all red, and the blood has drained out of her face as she sits on her bed wondering.

Chapter 3

Riddhima smiles while walking in the park in her Lululemon jogging pants and exercise shirt. A young man with beautiful eyes approaches her as and asks," Excuse me madam would you by chance happen to know where Ms. Riddhima Gupta lives?" "May I know who you are sir?" she replies not answering his question." I'm sorry madam I may not reveal my identity to anyone other than her in person," he answers apologetically. "Please follow me," she says a bit annoyed and leads him to her apartment.

After she changes back into her gown she makes her way towards the man waiting in the guest room.

"I am Riddhima," she tells him and shows an ancient ring to him. "I am so sorry my princess I didn't recognize you," he asks for forgiveness and she accepts."What may you seek from me," she asks, "I do not seek anything from you my princess. I just needed a confirmation that you are safe as the orders of the king, back then." His words pinch Riddhima's heart and she turns around revealing her scars plastered across her spine." Does it look like I'm okay?" She yells."You people beat me, bashed me after I came back to England from school in the U.S. You said I wasn't the daughter of the king; I was just greedy for the money. You were the ones who were greedy; it was you men all along. You guys are the ones that forced me to come to Canada and now I have no wish of staying alive, if I did want to stay alive, I have no one to stay alive for. It was you court men that were delighted with the death of my father it was you all along get out of my house, my place, and my life!" She continues to yell breaking down in front of him. He holds her by her shoulders and lifts her up staring at her face all red and wet." It was nice to meet you my princess" he says as he sheds big fat tears from his beautiful, wide eyes walking out the door. Looking at the direction he left she stands there in put.


Riddhima is in the kitchen strangely sitting on the floor. Out of thin air there is a gorgeous, young lady standing there. She immediately stands and runs towards her when, the lady exclaims," No Riddhima just stay there your mother is not alive I came back to talk to you about a special subject." Riddhima looks at her ghostly mother, who is floating up in the sky and says," Momma, if this is going to be about that court man I'm not going to listen."" Look at me honey, what makes you say he was a court man?" she asks her with a surprised expression." Mom, no one in all of Canada knows that I'm the daughter of the 8th king Mr. Shashank Gupta, what else am I supposed to think?" replying to her mother's question with another one."My love, did you think that he may not be from Canada maybe he is from your school." She says leaving a confused Riddhima behind her thinking who that could be.

Chapter 4

Riddhima is sitting there solemnly, in the comfortable, warmth of her home. Though, she didn't look comfortable at all. Her eyes were swollen, clearly showing that she's been crying. Her hair from a nice bun has turned into a messed up wreck. Her beautiful face is a light colour of crimson because of the crazy day she has had. Right now she was thinking, thinking about the man who came this afternoon. Now, when she thought about it he looked familiar like she knew him. She sighs and goes back to writing in her diary.

Dear Diary,

I've talked a lot about my bad days; it will make me feel better if I could talk about some good days of my life. The best days of my life were when I was in boarding school. After the death of dad the duke sent me out to school in the France and that's when I met him, Armaan. He was the best person I met. We both were best friends since kindergarten. We were like a package deal, if someone invited me he would tag along uninvited because they know the bond between us two. These were the best years of my life until; I told him I was a princess. He didn't believe me and took me as a liar. This was just the beginning of the bad days. I went back after graduation and I was accused for being a traitor for trying to prove myself the king's daughter.

She dropped the pen without finishing the entry. "Oh my god," she said in a high voice." It was him, it was Armaan," she continued in utter shock. She picked up her phone and dialed a number."

Hello, may I be able to speak to Mr. Armaan Mallik?" she asked the man on the phone."Speaking," replied. "Armaan, Armaan oh my god Armaan it was you who came today not a court man."" Yes, it was me Riddhima," he answers in a monotone, despite the fact that she was practically screaming."I'm so sorry Armaan I really didn't recognize you.""You never told me about your father," was the only sound that came from the other line.

There is dead silence on both ends of the phone when Riddhima brought up the courage to talk."Armaan, I was afraid, I didn't want anybody to be sympathetic for me; I wanted you to like me the way I am not because I didn't have a dad." She said very shocked and politely."I will always like you for what you are, what made you think people won't like you," he answers politely." I don't know Armaan my subconciousness or something but I that was what was stopping me from telling any of you.""You know what, you are going to meet me at Central Street and we are going to have some old day fun okay?" he demands her."Okay" she replies and they bid their good bye.

Chapter 5

She smiles after a long time, the smile which reaches up to her eyes. The blush was clearly visible on her face after his demand, and her energy was bringing a smile on every person that passed her while she was walking. Her long, hair was making others linger behind her. Her tight jeans were praising her beautiful curves as she stopped to meet Jake in front of the great fountain. She smiles as she approaches and clears her throat. He looks around but continues listening to his music. She smacks him for ignoring her and he looks at her with a shocked expression.

"Ummm…. Excuse me who do you think you are to smack me across the face when I don't even know you?" Armaan asks Riddhima, unknowingly. "Armaan! I'm Riddhima you know me since kindergarten," Riddhima exclaims shocked from the unwanted and unexpected answer. "No ways, Riddhima you looked so different in a gown this morning.""Yes I know I like to be different. Now will you say sorry or what?" Riddhima ordered him forgetting all her sorrows and princess rules."Whoa, okay cool it, I'm sorry, I'm sorry happy let's go or we will miss the movie." He answers both scared and tensed." Movie, you never told me we were going for a movie." "Do I have to tell you everything, now let us go!" he grabs her hand as we see a confused Alice being dragged into the cinema.

When being dragged she has the best thought in the world. She felt the support of somebody; she felt that she finally won't be lonely. Just then a horrible thought over comes the good thoughts! What if he is leaving soon? What if he doesn't even care about me anymore? What if he is just here because he found out about my father? What if… Just then her thoughts are interrupted by him calling her name, "Riddhima, are you okay? Riddhima?" She smiles again and says," Yeah, let's go," and then they leave for the movie.


All you can hear is the laughter of them two as they walk on the cool and soft beach sand bare foot in the breezing night of full moon. "Hmm… So tell me what did you do after I left?" she asked him still in a gigglish voice." Nothing, no really nothing, I did nothing but go home sleep, eat, and then sleep, eat!" He replies, and they laugh louder. He stops her by the ice cream stand and they have a seat at the table.

They smile and look at each other. She laughs out loud and says,Est-ce que tu vu? He laughed and says, Rein, juste comment content nous ts aujourd'hui aprs un longs temps. Even though, the feeling is mutual they know that they are meant to be.

They know that they will never leave each other's side because they know how much they both need each other how much they enjoy being together.

They knew that it would be almost impossible to separate again and so they decided to ignore the feeling of separation and continue talking in their favourite language. After all, they decided to part ways, only for the rest of the night.

It is not an art to have a million friends, but having one when millions are against is!
But respectably that one, has to be special, someone who understands and sticks to you like crazy glue.

Respect your friends and most importantly the special ones who stick to you like glue.


They decided to expand their long time friendship into the next step.

He was crazy about her. He couldn't resist the temptation of having her beside him all the time anymore. No longer could he wait for her to confess.

So that fortunate day he blurted his feelings for her on the roller coaster when he stared at her eyes shut tight as they went down the Behemoth!

Throughout the rest of the ride she couldn't believe what he had said.

Instead she took advantage of the only harness tied around their waist and turned her face to him and obliged herself with a kiss. A kiss that lasted the whole time through the ride.
What a day that was, he thought who confesses on a roller coaster.

But, that was probably the best opportunity, for him oops now I mean THEM!
Together, they now live in peace.


By: Jinil

P.S. Leave your comments, press the like button and DO NOT copy this somewhere else.
Respect as some else's creation.

Hey all my Jaanus and Jaanis and lovelies!

How was this?

You may be shocked to know that I wrote this as a class story in grade 5!
And now I converted it to AR and thought of posting it on IF!

I know GRADE 5 now I am in Grade 9!

Jees the no. of files I save.

Oh and please ignore any mistakes and please ignore any Alice's and Jakes as they were the original names!

God I am so Desperate!

And for those who are waiting for me to update my **MOMENTS** I will update soon maybe before this Sunday if I am lucky and if you are too!
My, my main toh bashaan hi deti rahi ab aap log kya karo ge likho aur mujhe reviews do!

Love you all!


French Translations

R= What r u looking at?

A= Nothing, just hiw happy we r today!

Thanks everyone!

Do tell coz I seriously dont have any clue of how it is and how royalty is!!!


Okay people my One Shot Gala will be updated everyone time I write a knew one!!

Plzzzzzzzzzz comment!!!

I hope u all know me!
Aur jisko nahi pata voh log khud jaan jaaye ge!!

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Hello_01 Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
hey, thats alot.. to read.. thanks.
Will read and comment back realli soon.
woww the work is awsome .
i loved each and every shot ff here
totally in different... i meant all the story r realli terrific and differend from one  another..
Good job, i personally liked all of them
 Love MahaEmbarrassed

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ABNER IF-Dazzler

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hey nice 

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Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Hey dear,
waow all one shots are amazing realy each one is different and very gr8 concept for all of them
Love all AR ones and the ArSh one is special
Do write more hoping to see some ArSh shots from you
keep it up

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asmara19 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
wow that was a treat seriously!!! awsome it was from the top to the bottom all of themTongue

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ryka_27 Senior Member

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hey kamini....

all os are awesum....with different concept of each....

loved them....

WhAt MaDe mE fAll fOr yOu!!

i liked in it how armaan call her at coffee to know her better then confesion its awesum....

[AR] hOw yOu BeCaMe MiNe!!

its is amazing...Ria is too cute....copying her mom....

[AR] WhAt LiEs BeHiNd BeTrAyAl!!!

its awesum... how AR teach AN lesson by doing pyar ka natak....ROFL

" I don't love you because when u say u love it is like I am saying it because we are one right"

loved this line....

[AR]. BeCaUsE TrUe LovE LaStS FoReVeR!!

its also awesum...ridhima speeking in her sleep is nice...

[AR]. BeTrAyEd bY TrUsT!!

its nice...

[ArSh]. eK DuJe kE VaAsTe!!!

already commented on it....LOL

[AR]. aLoNe, iN tHiS WoRlD??

ispe bhi already comment kar chuki hu...ROFL

i have commented on each.....LOL

do write more....

thnx for the pm...

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awesome os's
loved them all
all of them had different concept
and beautiful meanings
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2010 at 12:46am | IP Logged
awesome os's
loved them all

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