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FF*Simply love*(Maaneet) completed

naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi this is my first topic at Geet forum. . This my prediction after watching 16 july epi
but as i got posiam tive resoponce i making it a ff hope you all will read it and enjoy do leave your vauable comments and do tell me if you want me to Pm you.

pm list
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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Simply love Maaneet*
Welcome to my new thread hope you enjoy your stay here.thx for your support & love.
Part 28
DEV: enter and saw Maan feeding Geet
Maan: bus aik aur then you can have icecream
Dadi: was smiling watching them.
Maan: finished the bowl & gave that to Vicky
Vicky : bro you a nice baby sitter...since when you have learn all this?
Maan: beta shadi ka baad sub karna perta ha
Geet: was looking bit exhausted she was just keeping her head on Dadi's shoulder her eyes were closed
Maan: dev rakh do let her sleep.... pointed at a small room freezer
Geet: dekha dadi he feed me soup but didn't let me have ice cream.
Vicky : oh bhabi with close eyes you keep an eye on bhai
Maan smiled
Geet: i have to keep Vicky you dont know how many girls are behind him
Vicky : here you go bhai.... winked at Maan
Maan: by the way geet i am not interested in any girl.
Geet: oh really any girl..she open her eyes
Maan: oh i mean only except two special girls .
Dadi:beta bus now you need rest . other wise DR will not let us take you home.
Geet: my ice cream.
Vicky : take is bhabi gave a cup to dadima.... bhai why are you stopping her whisper
Maan: if she get more sick then what will happen? He sat next to her feet.placed her hand over her leg...nobody notice it
Geet: heard him she just took few spoons..."bus dadi i am full"
Dadi: ok beta now you sleep. ask them to be quiet.
Maan: did you guys find who was that person?
both nod in -ve.
Maan: please shift our things to out house.
Vicky: but bhai for security reason we have shifted your office to outhouse.
Maan: what security reason?bit angry tone
DEV: inspector kumar asked us to be very care full
Dadi:you guys go out if you want to talk.
Maan: sorry.. saw her sleeping....   (thinking i am talking for her she can't sleep without feeling me)
Dadi: aur Maan ab bus she will stay in front of my eyes.
Maan: at last had to surrender as he couldn't take any risk.
Dadi: ok beta you stay with her we all will go home .she pulled Dev & Vicky out of the room.
Vicky: Dadi Bro is change.
Dadi: yes he is ?
Vicky: his business was his first priority but now family is first.
Dadi: beta it is a pleasant change
Vicky : yes?
DADI: we have to do few arrangement at home before she come back.
Dev: what dadi?
Dadi:there will be a prayer in evening when Geet will come home.
Vicky: dadi where is bhabi parents.... did bhai had an affair with her... i am too confused
Dadi: Vicky (he was driving car) we are her family.
Dadi : beta as you are part of family & before you heard all this from someone else I am telling you ….she saw Dev bit uneasy…. Dev was Geet first husband.
Vicky: what? He stoppedlooking Dev & Dadi face
Dadi: yes ….dev you better tell him
Dev: it was my awful act for which I can'tt ever forget myself….. he looked at Dadi
Dadi: walked out of car.
Vicky: dadi dadi .. he try to follow her ……but stoped
Dadi : raised her hand to be quiet
Vicky: bhai tell me what is all this.. he turn to dev
Dev: for money I ruin her life he punch at the pillar.
Vicky: but how Maan bhai ?
Dev: i betray her bro was there for his work,her family wanted to kill her as she was carrying my baby.
Vicky: what he just hold his both are cruel bro really cruel.. i hate you
Dev: yes i am see what i did? & what they are doing..
Dadi who was watching all this from inside came called them.. both of you come here
the walked in Dev with ashame & Vicky with a puzzled feeling ... to be happy for Maan or to be annoyed from Dev.
Dadi: beta the damage has being done we can't repay for her sorrow. but promise me you both you will
not hurt them more with any of your deeds.
Vicky: how they forgive him
Dadi: she forgive him for Maan as he took her to him & he forgive him for her ..
Vicky: oh .... recollected " Dev i will forgive you take me to my Maan" remember how she was saying
Dev: was holding his head....
Vicky: oh my oh my oh my Dadi so much happen in family.. he hugged her
Dadi: ok now you both fix your faces, you have to support them as a shield promise me .. she offer her hand both placed their hand on her's

At hospital
Maan: walk to Geet as Dadi left he sit next to her bed. she was still very pale. he removed her curl
Geet; hmmm...
Maan: kya huwa
Geet : i am having pain in my shoulder.
Maan: let me call dr
Geet: hold his hand "no you keep your hand"
Maan: slightly started rubbing it. "is it ok now?"
Geet: was fast a sleep.
Maan: kissed her forehead." i will not leave who ever had done this" .
knocked at the door:
Maan: looked back Sasha entered ... his face became red to see her. he ask her to stop right there with
his hand. slow took out his hand from Geet grip .
Maan: "how dare you come here" walk to her pushed her out of room.
Sasha: i am just here to tell you i have not done this.
Maan: i dont trust anyone.. he was bit loud
Sasha: Maan i agree my behavior was obnoxious that day but trust me once i didn't try to kill you or Geet.
Maan: Sasha that time will tell..& i don't trust you. you better buzz off from here otherwise
Sasha: Maan
Maan: get lost Sasha i am just controlling my anger just because of Geet health otherwise i would have sort each one of you...
Sasha: started walking away.
Maan: one more thing i don't forgive myself if i had made her cry unintentionally how i forgive you all for hurting her insulting her.
his guards came at the spot.
Maan: don't dare let her come to meet me ...or i will fire you all
DR: who was watching all this ? walk to Maan.. HI any problem
Maan: sorry Dr i was bit loud.
Dr: Mr Maan you are just stress out.....
Maan just open door of the room to check Geet. "when she will be fine Dr i can't see her like that?"his eyes became moist .
DR: lets go in he patted Maan.
Both sat on the sofa.
Dr: you should be strong to support her, if you will break she will be more dis hearted.
Maan: wipe his tears."she had pain in her shoulder"
Dr: let me see .. he was and old man in his early 60's... he very care fully examine the wound.
Maan: is every thing fine
Dr: yes it is ...he smiled.
Maan: really
Dr: yes i think she just stretch her arm that why she had pain at that time.
Maan : may be . he was bit relieved .. can i take her home?
Dr: ok you can but be very careful & be brave sunny.
Maan:wanted to take her at once to home he hospital atmosphere was making him sick.he looked at her she was sleeping peacefully he drop hiss idea to wake her up sat next to her.after an hour geet started moving her hand.
Geet: Maan
Maan: yes i am here caressed her softly
geet: opened her eyes saw him sitting next to him" you are sitting like that for so many hours"
Maan: yes you asked me to be here. started in her eyes
Geet: i am sorry
Maan: no prob dear.. tumhar leya to jaan bhi
geet: chup placed her hand at her lips.
Maan: kissed it " are you having pain"
Geet: nahi.she wanted to get up he helped her to sit.
Maan: want to go home my life? pinch her nose.
Geet: yes ... with his help she stand on her feet. she was feeling weak he wrapped his arm around her waist.
Maan: can you walk?
Geet: yes. she walk to washroom.... i will go from here.
Maan: may i help you
Geet: no i will go.
Maan:ok but don't lock the door i willnot come promise.
Geet: you don't have to promise me i trust you.
after 5 mins she called him
Geet: Maan
Maan: was standing next to the door. kya huwa can i come?
Geet: yes.
Maan: walked in she was trying to brush her teeth but not able to take out toothpaste."let me"he hug her from back he very carefully brush her teeth help her to gargle. wipe her face
Geet: i am depended on you Maan
Maan: no problem janu manu. he softly kissed her shoulder. picked her up in his arms.
Geet wrap her around his neck.peck his cheek you are the best hubby.
Maan: oh really. placed her in bed
Geet: no doubt.
Maan: want to eat something
Geet: with shy smile nod yes
Maan: read her eyes .. you naughty Wife. he pecked her softly.
Geet smiled at him..
Maan: i needed that for quite some time.. did it again.
Geet: closed her eyes in her heart i knew that Maan
Maan: let me ask Dr again. pat her cheek went out

to be cont

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Great part, Vicky finally finds out the truth about Dev.

Waiting for next part.


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hey nadds it was so cute but u promise to give sum more scenes between maaneet and only them no interuption plzzzzzzzz

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.sireesha. Goldie

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Hey congrats for the new thread Dear
Thats Awesome.........................................
Loved it
Maan is really  the best Hubby.
Loved each and every single line
will be waiting for the next part
pls update soon

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febinyusuff IF-Dazzler

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nice update nadi.. finally geet is coming home...

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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amazing part. loved it.
loved the banner and vm. they are just beautiful , just like ur ff.
continue soon.
hey where is my name on ur pm list.

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bluedreamz953 IF-Dazzler

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finally maneet at peace although they havent found out that rahul did all this

please yaar,jaldi se wo bhi raaz khol do....really can't wait to read more
jaldi update karna okay?

btw how old are you?
i am 13

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