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$ King of Heart SeXiest RajeeV Khandelwal$ RK

AdorableAyesha IF-Sizzlerz

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 a home for all Rajeevains..........

                      You   are the one that  i adore  never,  to me, are  you  a bore
   for with you i feel small and poor
compared  to you greatness, and much more
      you are the one that i adore
but suddenly, has  opened a large door
of opportunity for you in store
and i urge,go forth and explore
       you are the one that i adore
but now our love is more a chore
  so  i say goodbye from my core
but hopefully   not forevermore

Its is also no doubt ur extremely good looks, sexiest man, right from ur eyes, that scorch us with its intensity, to  ur superbly shaped lips, which relaxes to give the world's most beautiful smile and blush or stiffens in anger, that slight bulging nerve near the corner of ur right eye, to the nose,that has a character  and mind of its own,it is slightly  broader on one side with a slightlybulbous tip,

Then we have ur physique,  not any six pack abs, but a perfect well tone body for this  extraordinary man.

Well that is what u like to call urself , but there is definitely  sexiest man. U are this beautiful specimen of the male species.
Can not help but admire this magnificent creation of GOD.

    Never met a man
quite like you... didn't know you can
Making  my dreams come true

You're  strong and you're smart
you're taking my heart
And i'll  give you the rest of me too

You're the perfect man for me...i love you i do

I've never felt...quite like this
Good about myself...from my very first  kiss( in my imagination)
I'm here when you call..you've got it all
A confidence like never knew

You're the my perfect man for me..i love u i do

you've  got a charm...you simply dissolve  me every time
As long  as u try...I'm along for the ride
All the way..i said it before
There wont be  a door...that closed to us
putting all my trust in you
cause you, you'll always be true,oh

I never planned, no This would be,
oh you and you alone..Now for me
I know ur the best  ...you've pastevery test
It almost too good to be true

You're the perfect man ...for me..i love you i do

seems absolutely written for our BelovedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


...Rajeev   khandelwal    is  a name  that needs no introduction. he is the perfect  example   of what  we call  a self made man....  they  sy thae one can not surbive in the showbiz   without  having  a godfather  for you  proving  this wrong rajeev  is someone  who has made his mark in the industry without any Godfather. He owns  his success  to no  one but  himself

Right from  Television  kya  hadsa  kya haqueequat  to aamir   his journey is an  inspiration  to all those who wants to make  it big  in the industry  and do not  have any background

...Rajeev khandelwal    is the man   who can   make  millions  billions of  girls  faint.  He  is most good looking , extremely talent   actor. He is  an  indian television and Bollywood   Actor  from jaipur , Rajasthan. 

......................................................Rajeev khandelwal   (born 16  October  1975  .   His  zodiac---Libra.         He is from an  army background  and did most of  his higher    studies from Ahmedabad, gujarat.  he is  an  B.SC (Chemistry)  graduate  from St. Xaviers college , Ahemdabad .


 His  journey  from jaipur  to mumbai   was indeed a difficult one. being  from  army background  he had  2 face opposition of his parents  in this  decision. Despite that he  want to Delhi wi8 dreams in his eyes.  That was very  struggling period  indeed. There he stared out as  a production - assistment.  Then he star writing  documentaries also director  some documentaries. Then he  shot a pilot series n went 2 mumbai.

.......So he started  doing  commercials  add  for  LML Bikes, Green label , kodak,vasmol, videocon   etc....oneday he got   to know  that balaji  production house was looking  for fresh  face. so he auditioned  &got selected.it was sujals  character.,  kahin to hoga

 Television  career-- ....
he doing ,             kahin to hoga             ItS is probably this show which  gave him  the real recognition and acceptance into the telly world .He  portrayed the character of sujal garewal which brought him enormous success.Like all other  balajj shows....this show tooo revolved around 5 woman..but Rajeev's aura was such that  he dominated  the show in spite of having multiple parallel leads. The arrogant and obsessed lover that he played made women of all ages  go mad after him. Thought the show was scheduled for 11pm in the night, people  of all age groups stayed up just for one glimpse of their heart-throb. The emotions which he portrayed through his eyes...remain evergreen and  etched in the hearts of his fans forever.

     ,Time bomb                         , sun leynaa
Deal ya no deal


                    Left right left ,

And his  next  Hug  success  was with SAB  TV  in their  serial.
 He  playing  an on  deputation  army officer  he brought back the long forgotten yet highly  respected  and  honored  army life back to the screen.... with his  not so macho man image set new records  of success



For his  remarkable performances   rajeev is awarded with many awards  Here's a look of it.

                          Rajeev khandelwal...............the Actor   who   has stolen our hearts with his beautiful  performances,   the man  who has face  many challenges   without backing off......
A   Perfect  human being , with  the right  mix of confidence  and modesty...

                                 A brilliant  Actor
                                 A lovely friends
                                    Intelligent, honest........

Rajeev   might   have   won  many   awards......



 ................................his               Awards list ...............

.......Star  parivar Awards......best jodi(with aamna)-----(2004)

.Fresh  New Face~~~~sangini indian telly awards(2004)

..best jodi in indian television (with aamna )....sangini indian tellyAwards (2004)

..Best    TV   personality ~~'sangini indian telly awards''(2004)

                          Best  TV personality~~~'Garnier Light  Indian Telly Awards (2005)

..Best Actor in a Cameo (CID)~~~Aap jaisa koi Awards  (2006),sony)

....Best Actor(LRL)''''''''Sansui  Awards(2007)

......Best Actor(LRL) ...Gold Awards (2007)

..Special  Recognition~~Rotary  Awards(2008)

............Special   Recognition~~~Indian Telly    Awards  (2008)

.......Best  Anchor  (SKS)........Indian   Telly      Awards(2009)

.........Best    Anchor (SKS)...Star  Parivar  Awards  (2010)

........Best    Host  (SKS)..........Indian   Telly     Awards    (2010)


....Most  Stylish  Actor ~~~~~MTV   Style   Awards   (2005)

.Most stylish Host (deal ya no deal)....~MTV Style Awards (2006)
Most  sexiest  Men  in indian television  2006

Most 100 sexiest  men in  ASIA  2008   .....He has nominated

Top  10  most handsome men in  Indian Television  he has no 2 position

   Personal life  


 RK  is in a relationship with Manjiri  kamtikar who works at an advertisement Agency. khandelwal  has said he is an atheist, although  he is not against people who  believe in God.                                                                                        

  Rajeev's  fav

Fav colour-- black
 Fav  holiday  spot ---leh & Ladakh
  fav book--founatainhead
fav sports -- River rafting &Rock climbing the most,then horse riding,swimming

fav actor-- Amitabh  Bachchan, Hritik  Roshan, 
      fav actress- kajol
 fav film -- sholay, shakti


                                  Rajeev khandelwal    

 You gave us reason to smile

To  just  keep looking at u

And forget all a our worries for a while
Your eyes showed us the heights of hooded intensity

Your heart filled with nothing but sensitivity

The kid behind those mature looks

Your naughtiness  wanting to emerge from every nook

Your touch decisions made us proud

Distinguishing  you in the crowd

Your belief n your conviction

Got  you  through every situation

Your honesty stole our hearts away

Just hearing your name made  our day

Seeing you brought twinkle in our eyes

Our mind  going blank n being  all smiles

The far away look  that came on our face

Thinking  n praying  for  your win in the race

The  race of life,the race of love,

The race of fate and the  race of luck

Just    wanted    to   thank     you

For all  that   you  have  bestowed on us

Love you !!!

He is  a God sent gift for all of us...  we could never ask for anything more then him...

One day when God  felt generous.

He looked down at me and smiled

 " since i feel so magnanimous,

I'd  like  to give you something, "child".

He asked me what i wanted,

I said ,"oh, really nothing more

You've  done  so much already

He said ,"That's  what God is for ."

You have been pretty  good, "He said,

I know there's  not much that you seek,

I will pick a little something,

just to make your life  complete".

with great anticipation,

i looked forward to  my gift,

i wondered what God had in mind,
That would give me such a lift.

"This gift," God said , "you realize ',

Bears  some responsibility,
So, if  you accept my present

You must be willing to agree..

To offer unconditionally,

A section or a part

Of more than half of you
The larger portion of your heart.

Okay, God , i answered,
since in you i always trust,

I'll meet your obligation

In the manner  that i must.

To myself,i thought, woow, what a gift,

For soo much of me, God's asked,

Now what could be so valuable,

That my share  was more than half ?

With both hands i  sought  my gift,
i still did not  have a clue

Then God put your hand in mine,

And said His gift to me was  you !

         Your smile  makes my day brighter ..your laughter  fills me with joy..all want to is  think about you all my life otherwise  i wish i  could  die......& be  Reborn

To some one  very special

he is my bottom of my heart

he is dream

he is angel

he is extraordinary  person

The  charm of his personality was magnetic

his eyes speak
your the most beautiful  the gift of GOD.

To Some one

i admire a lot
some people  dream of success......

while  others wake up and
work hard at it.........

Your most  Desirable man..

your most amazing person
 your king of heart .

 your are someone  special
who believes in creating Rajeev
your own destiny
Every path you take,
bears the stamp of success
because you believe in your
 own worth.

 The world would be a nicer place for everyone ,its true, if every body every where ,...Rajeev as nice as you for you
 for you warm the hearts of others by
the world around you, in a very special way.
with all my love for only your.....

will always be with me along with the best of wishes
for  only  you in my heart and mind and soul ...
  A  beautiful world filled with warm and  happy....

Rajeev  your are my life ..
your my heart ..
your my soul.....

the eyes of love

The most beautiful eyes in the earth
 your eyes speak
most sexiest eye ever

everybody  like his eyes
The eyes of love makes really it is truth and truth

Rajeev eyes most attractive and beautiful.
the eyes of love makes every person in  the
world beautiful n attractive.
Around the movement eyes magic his performances. HIS

hIS  eyes expression is soooo magic and most gorgeous
AamZing  his  every performances Rajeev his eyes movement and ASK 
ask more  silently................

It is almost a definition of gentleman
to say he is one who never inflicts pain. he is  mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles which hinder the free action of those about  him.
The true gentleman carefully avoids whatever may  cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he comes in contact. his great concern is to make everyone at his  ease and at home.
He has his eyess on all his company , he is tender towards the beautiful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd.

He always remembers to whom he is speaking  and guards against unsuitable allusions or topics which onay irritate.
He never  speaks of himself except when  compelled.
He has no ears for slander or gossip.
He is never mean or little indisputes

He is sooo down to earth
he is honest
he is most wonderful human being
he is perfect gentlemen

he is one only Rajeev khandelwal

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AdorableAyesha IF-Sizzlerz

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..Rajeev khandelwal.....in......Bollywood........

..BOllywood  ......


Rajeev khandelwal-An  Actor  who  has wowed the audience wi8 his amazing performances, whether it  be in  KTH,TB,LRL or AAMIR.... A versatile actor indeed .

       A person simply so  down 2 earth, which makes him more special  to his  fans. His  charming personality  & Killer looks drives  us craizy....Embarrassed A mere glimpse of him  can bring wide smiles  on ours faces.

   He  doing some great movie. but some   difful.................t  he  face  some trouble  in bollywood ...... he sign  many movie include some big banner   ex-SLB   CG but its not happening
he  face some problem  ......................
He has  sign  7 to 9th movie  ..........but some  Dit...........pro issued.

his three movie already  completey   .....................Peter Gaya Kaam Se.....JOKER,  Will  you marry  me  ............just waiting   of released  date.

he has also stared  the shooting his next movie   with koukon  sountrack   in  October  2010. hope sooo.

Next year  he has star his next movie Taatnia ,   AND  woo  pyar  hai  to  thai ................CG hope sooooooooo       

Rajeev khandelwal    Filmography

.1.   ...AAMIR     .....2008

Rajeev  made a transition from  small  screen  to big  screen  with this outstanding  movie.

                A story about  AAMIR  a NRI   Doctor who  returns  to mumbai  but  little does he know what's  waiting   for him  at the airport. he is  handed a cellular  phone  and  is left with no  option but to follow the stranger's instructions. Moving along  the crowded area's  in  mumbai    Rajeev    enacts emotions from  confusion  to fear to helplessness to anger  with such  effectiveness that  he won huge critical  acclaim  for his performance of making a simple guy so lovable.

.......2.....Peter   Gaya   kaam   se


p.......wooo adventure   sooo hotter  just hollywoodstyle flick   amazing  ........fi  on this sensation  ...this season .....
dangerous  trill .............romantic ..........very galmourussss

......................PETER   GAYA KAAM SE

Peter  gaya kaam se   is a fast  paced  action  adventure with romantic twist that tells the story of peter, a football crazy motorcycle taxi  rider who decides  to turn his back on  goa and quite his job.thats untill his sleazy loan shark boss  bosco persuades him to do one last job.romancing with NRI  damsel he creates a new history onscreen.

With a completely new avatar of peter, goan taxi, bike rider, a confused  soul as we may call him, he promises a new refreshment and trill

...J joker

     Rajeev plays a parent to six  year old son  who is ill and wants his father to get married to his friend. Based on  a father son relationship this movie is shot in the picturesque locations of ooty and kashmir. shrey  bawa plays Rajeev 's son in this film and Rajeev  is full of praises  for the small actor. prachi desai  plays Rajeev's love interest in the  film

...4......will  you marry me


5.    just love

 6.  soundtrack ---  2011
 7.     TAINAAT----2011
  8.         chenab  gandhi  -2011
  9.... Woo Pyar  Hai to thei .---2011(D..Tanu 

Return Gift

C        R        E                I    O   N

     creation  made by  Ruksaar

these other creation made by  RK  others member

this creation made by pihu


.charismatic personality
                         charming Looks
Extra-ordinary acting talents
A smile to die for

                   bollywood  Awards list

.He has  Nominated Film fare  Best Male Debut Awards 2008       (AAMIR)
..Nominated  Star Screen Awards 2008---- Best  male Debu Award  -------2008  movie --AAMIR
StarDust  Award -----Rajeev nominated best Actor ..2008


                                 Bollywood  latest  update

Peter Gaya Kaam  Se---- Exclusive First  Look  was  !!! released  in net

LINK-----      http://youtube.com/watch?v=5mTtDOzfZcU


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~' Rajeev  khandelwal   is the man  who can make millions of girls faint ***************************he make millions of   fans  all over world..........

Rajjeev  khandelwal, has won  millions , zillions of hearts .....................

these site RK FC  some   fans  lits

Rajeevains   Members  List :

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AdorableAyesha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posts: 10393

Posted: 23 August 2010 at 2:25am | IP Logged


1.  please  avoid  double or triple quoting

2.  please only one person write the caption for any pic

3. pleased avoid  saying hello or post welcome

4.pleased avoid repetition of pic  for caption

5.please discuss Rajeev in every of ur replies

6.Discussion about SK can be done but plz do avoid discussing RA  in the FC .

7. similarly, do discuss RN but  do avoid topics related to RP  FC
 8. No crticism   to  be made  on Rajeev  unnecessarily

9. If there is any  disagreement  regarding any post of any member in the FC then  the member should first  bring  the matter to the RKFC Management Team . before reporting the post to  the moderators. unnecessary warning  in the fc are not wanted. plz keep the FC clean and warning free FC.

          C   r    e   a   t    o n s    

          Siggies   by farheen Embarrassed


              Every  Rajeevians  who loves  RK 
he is king of heart.  he is most charming   and every girls weakness . he is dream man of every girls ..............

I  think his fanz  all  have this same feeling  of ours  We All  feel soooo proud  to say that we had never fell in love with any of  the stars  in our life before Rajeev khandelwal  and will  not fall for anyone  goin  forward. The respect We  have  gained  on HIM form the close  observations   We  have made on HIM through  his interviews, and written article and the choices he made in his life  soo honestly . we know he is one of  good looking  and extremely  talent  actor. we   all love his    inside and outside beauty also. we know  he is  most  wonderful  person in this world. It was amazing for us to see how he  managed to stay so humble  ,down to earth ,very honest ,despite his hug loyal fan base because of his very charismatic and Brilliant Acting. He  has never let success go his  head...............................


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PhoenixRainbow IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Hello ayesha u request  fulfill

i have done my job

................i have include  Rajeev khandelwal   Endorsement  brand.


Rajeev  had  modeled  for several  brands like LML  bike, Green Lable  whisky, Kodaks  Express ,building  metro, vasmol,  ,Nescafe, & Videocon  refrigerators

Rajeev  khandelwal  endorsement   some big brand   like videcon .Kodaks,LML, greenli....,vasmol ,nescaffe  ,

Rajeev khandelwal   ------------Brand ambassador  .................................


Sweet  Dreams , Bulid  Haasul   mmaa no 1 sdd film festival , prateek  wisteria  real  easted  with prachi
Rajeev khandelwal is brand ambassador  Sweet Dreams ......................................4 years  with aamna

Rajeev khandelwal  brand ambassador  with prachi  


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pinka28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
keep up the good work  Fizzylicious and best of luck
congrats for new RK FC
just posting so keep the link
yazh. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 August 2010 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
ok we have got one...Smile

The rajeev konkana movie is called "soundtrack".

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