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My Soulmate(ARSH)Index pg 32 pt 13 pg 42 (Page 5)

funkybratz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Loved it!
Waiting for shilpa entry

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Kashkidiwani Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 9:27am | IP Logged
loved ti
do cont soon
and plz pm me

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.Suhasini. Goldie

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Posted: 07 December 2010 at 10:08am | IP Logged

Lovely ff...........prolgue was like wah..........and first part was like his past(riddima) waiting for his present(shilpa)

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ramani Senior Member

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Thanks everyone for the comments.
I am glad you liked the part.
Will post the new part in few minutes.
hope you will like it too......

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krazy4kash Goldie

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
i had luved the os ......n i'm sooo glad ur goin to write an ff on it............if you could plzzz pm me

will be waiting

ramani Senior Member

Joined: 16 April 2008
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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
Hi everyone here i am with new part. The part is a big one. i hope you don't get bored. no shilpa in this part too. would be in the next one. this part was kind of necessary for armaan-riddhima relation ship to end.
please do comment. any type of criticism or insight is mostly welcome.

                                                          Part 2

It's been a month since armaan's confrontation with riddhima. It has been weeks since he has formed a brotherhood ship with a co-doctor in the hospital, who also happens to be by the game of fate husband of riddhima. How they met? Well  a big question

It was regular work day, the staff was busy, the doctors rushing around to their patients, armaan was standing by the nurse station looking at his charts while talking on the phone with a technician from the lab on the third floor. Beside him stood another man looking at his chart of a patient. "Rajeev, look I saw the reports and also seen symptoms in the patient. They don't exactly match together" he sighed. He listened as person on other end talked and continued "I just want you to look once again to all the reports or better take a test once again. I want to be sure before I start her medication. If the tests are right then the medication will work for better but if they are wrong then the medication will have  severe effect on her. I just want to be sure. Please" he asked once again and hanged on the phone after a response from rajeev. "Confusing diagnosis.hmm" he chuckled from his position looking at armaan running his fingers through his air. "Can't say,won't say"armaan half-smiled at him. "Dr.Siddhart Modi"the man introduced himself. "Armaan Mallik. I have never seen you here before" he asked the man. "Well, I was away on vacation and has just returned. Well I haven't seen you here before" sid asked half amused. "Well, I have done my internship here and just returned a month back to work here." Armaan answered. "Oho, that explains. I joined here immediately after  my internship,I think after you left. Where did you work before?"

That landed them into sharing their histories. Armaan told his story along with his love but kept her name to himself. While siddhart shared his story of being from punjab and of his family still being there while he was working here in mumbai on his own. He also mentioned of him being married a month back and so the vacation which he celebrated with his wife. They however couldn't make the connection that the women in their stories was the same. "I think I will just leave now. I need to meet my wife" siddhart finally rose from his seat. "It is nice meeting you. I hope we will be meeting again as we work here at the same place" he shaked his hand and left. Armaan was really glad he made  a new friend. All his friends has left the place and he had no way to contact either of them. The only connection he had here was riddhima, but that relation too was no longer present. He was here trying to establish a new life for himself, that's what he was saying to himself. But somewhere he had hope. He had hope of something better happening for him, for riddhima to come back or something. He didn't know yet so he overruled it.

Over the next week he met siddhart many times. They talked to each other as long lost friends. They had that comfortable aura around them. Siddhart would always tell him of the ways he messed up with riddhima, though he never used her name. he loved calling her his wife, it gave him a sense of owning her, wrong it might be ,a cavemen quality but still he needed that assurance that something as best as riddhima was his and no one else's. he was a little bit tardy which was always a thing for fight between sid and riddhima as they were never used to the other's living habits. They both had temper which made it worse with them hurling insults at eachother. But once they temper cooled down they would search of ways of pleasing each other.

Though sid never used riddhima's name armaan knew who his wife was. He has overheard a conversation between them. He had tons of weight on his heart after he heard that. He never thought the one friend he had made their was riddhima's husband. And every time sid came to him for ways to woo riddhima he couldn't help but give him quips from his experience. Manchoist you think it might be of him to help siddhart but it wasn't,  it was a pleasure to him to know that sid didn't know riddhima as well as he knew. That he knew her too well, he read her expressions too well. It brought him an evil pleasure as he thought to himself that no one could ever love her the way he did.

All the times siddhart did something to please her,riddhima didn't miss the traits of armaan in them. It disturbed her greatly. She didn't understand why he bothered to help siddhart when she has clearly mentioned to have nothing to do with him. she knew siddhart made a new friend in the hospital and that it was armaan. He talked about him everytime, she knew sid was an affectionate person and so he got attached to people easily. She also knew how he got hurt because of that quality in him. She had been there when he was cheated by a person he considered a close friend. She held him as he cried over him, as he felt hurt. And she didn't want anyone to take advantage of sid. She feared armaan was playing a game with him to get her back. She knew armaan wasn't such person but she couldn't help being paranoid of her relationship. She loved siddhart and she wanted her relationship with him to work to eternity.

She wanted to talk to siddhart about the things he did to please her, to ask him where he thought of such things from. But every time the love that shone in his eyes, and they way he showered it on her kept her shut. But after another morning cup of hot chocolate with a smiley, which armaan usually did for her when she was angry with him, she couldn't bear it. She needed to talk to him. so she went in search of him as she reached the hospital as sid has left early with his morning shift. She placed a message for sid at the nurse station and left taking her charts.

In the lunch time tired with the work of the day, sid came to the nurse station to drop his charts and move to canteen when he got the message from riddhima. He moved towards the canteen for her with a smile on his face. He truly loved her. He met her the first time with her lying on the bed looking dead. She had been in an accident and was hurt badly. She slipped into coma as a process of healing. The first time he looked at her he was drawn to her, there was an invisible hold to her.  He looked after her, took great care of her. Though not advisable to get attached to the person as a doctor, he couldn't help the chemistry that was between them. He got emotionally attached to her, he would hold her hand all night, read to her, talk to her. He slowly nurtured her back to health and the first time she opened her eyes, he was there looking at her with adoration. He held her like a glass, too sensitive to hold,afraid to break her. The adoration she saw in his eyes broke her to tears, she couldn't understand this pull towards him too. She heard him in her coma, the way he talked to her, she felt his caressess. The first time she saw him she fell for him. it was not the first look but the bond of one month they made in her period of coma that had brought them together. It wasn't a superman complex syndrome or so where she fell for her person who saved her from death but she fell for the person who took care of her in her broken stage, who could have chosen to leave her but chose to get emotionally attached to her.

"Riddhima" he smiled moving towards her taking her into her arms. She was still down with her morning hot chocolate incident, and then she had to take care of the childrens ward where the children ran around not listening to her, and finally she had to deal with patients who weren't actually sick but had a feeling they were sick and would instead question her degree and diagnosis. "Bad day" he asked kissing her in her hair. "Yes, something like that. Sid I need to talk to you" she moved to sit in her chair while he sat opposite to her holding her hand. He raised an eyebrow while she continued "I….I just want to say………stop doing all the things you are doing these days. The morning hot chocolates, the flowers every hour in the hospital, the evening date plans". "Why riddhima. Don't you like them?" he was taken aback by her suggestion. He thought she would happy with all the things. "Sid, we have been married for two months now. You never did those things before, then  why now. What brought about the change in the last few weeks" she asked him. "Nothing, I just thought I make you angry everyday with my habits. I just want you happy. I know you love hotchocolate, the flowers and the date. So I just thought I would make you happy." He answered her.

"And you think I wasn't happy before you did all these things. I was happy before too. Yes there are certain things we fight about, but they are small things sid. They doesn't stop me from loving you  because they make you. That is what you are. But these things you are doing now, they aren't you.  They are armaan. I know that." She whispered the end. "How do you know it's armaan. Riddhima" his eyebrows frowned as her looked at her. But soon he made the connection, he knew of riddhima's past. And now he has a name to the character. "I am sorry, I reminded you of him" he whispered sadly. "What!! No sid it's not like that. I love you. I love you for what you are, who you are. Never question it" she said. "I understand riddhima, I am not questioning your love. I am just sad that they ……."but she cut him off . "What I had with armaan is not even close to what I have with you. I love you wholly, with armaan we always had fights. I never accepted armaan for what he was, I would always ask him to change his ways if he wanted to be with me. I wouldn't talk to him for days.I could handle the seperation but with you I can't. I survived the seperation form him but I think I can't bear it with you. You are my rock sid, my life. I just want you as you are, I don't want you to change for me or for any one " she cried. He moved to her holding her into his chest "hush riddhima, I know I know" he brushed her to calm. "I…whenever we had fight he would please me with the flowers, baloon and a lot of groveling, I could handle being angry with him. when he would such things it wasn't that I liked it or hated it, I just prided it as that I had such power in the relationship. I couldn't understand it at that time but now I understand. I thought it was how it supposedly should be. But now I understand. I can't stay angry with you, because I love you, I need you by my side, I can't be with out talking to you. I love you sid, I love you" she hiccupped into his chest. He held her tightly understanding her emotions. He didn't question her love for him, because he can see it in her eyes, but he was sad that the things he did brought back those memories to her. It brought pain to her.

Every word she said hurt his heart, armaan stood fixed by the canteen. He never imagined she thought like that. But now he thinks about their relationship, he realised that yes she had always been the one controlling it. She would always get angry at his childish ways and would ask him to change.  Every time he would make her angry, he would grovel, make regular pleas, give her all the attention. But those damn words that brought him to the realisation just broke his heart all over again. Until then what little hope he had that riddhima was just confused because of his long absence, and would be back to him once she clears it, was all gone.

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-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
nice update
hope to see Shilpa in next part
Thanks for the pm
continue soon

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MeetPremeer IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 December 2010 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
eagerly waiting for shilpa entry

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