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My Soulmate(ARSH)Index pg 32 pt 13 pg 42 (Page 36)

ramani Senior Member

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Posted: 05 October 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Thanks for all the comments and encouragement...will continue soon...

unnatia Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged
great ff!

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MaNaLoVeKaSh Goldie

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Posted: 12 October 2011 at 4:36am | IP Logged
continue soon 

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ramani Senior Member

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 1:13pm | IP Logged

Hi, I am back with new part. Hope you will like it. Please do comment.

Part 11

"What do you think you are doing armaan?" she questioned him gesturing to his bloodshot eyes, "Why are wasting away like this? Please get some help armaan. I can't see you like this. It hurts me to see you like this" she cried for him. Riddhima has spent several sleepless nights worrying for armaan, having witnessed his recent behaviour. She has discussed with sid about it, but sid suggested her to stay away from armaan as it wouldn't be of any help to armaan to be bothered by riddhima or himself. So she has stayed quiet, looking at him from her peripheral but never approaching him. But today she couldn't help herself, she saw him wince when a nurse accidently collided with him, and so she pulled him into the fire escape. She looked at him receiving no response. He was looking around the fire escape, a small nostalgic smile on his face. "Fire escape..." a murmur escaped him. He slid down and sat on the stair, and finally looked at riddhima. "So many memories we have here riddhima. You remember the time you punished me with pushups here" his eyes glazed. "I hate pushups..." he mumbled softly with a chuckle. "and the time you massaged my head with that stinky oil..."he chuckled... "i couldn't wash away that smell...nor could i believe my hair colour changed to purple...haha" "Ah! I love those teasing me...playing pranks on me...your love...our moments of riddhima". She filched at his last term "Please armaan...stop it..." riddhima interjected him. "Those moments are long gone and those are no appropriate things you should remember of me. I am some one else's wife now. You need to remember that distinction. I am now sid's riddhima". "Then why do you bother, Riddhima? Answer me?" he questioned her. His eyes held a hopeful gleam, a hope which he held when he helped sid with riddhima, a hope that she was merely confused and would be back to him soon, a hope that she was and is his. "I bother because i feel guilty, i feel you are doing this because of me. Because i am no longer letting you in my life..." he tried to protest but she continued "But what do  i have guilty to be about. For finding my soulmate, for not waiting for you when it was you who left me. And why should i let you armaan. Did i leave you? Answer me. Did i?" when he didn't answer she continued. "Was i the one who ran away like a coward leaving no note of explanation?". "Riddhima i did it for your own good. I didn't know i was gonna live. Every one thought i was destined to die, but it's a miracle i survived. How can you hold it against me?" he pleaded her. "No armaan you don't understand. I am not holding anything against you. This is not my vengeance against you. Leaving me was your decision, you did out of your self-righteousness, for me to find myself without you, for me to move forward, then how can you fault me when in that time i found my true soulmate. You and i were never meant to happen. It was proved again and again armaan, the number of times we broke up, the times we fought with each other. I never truly accepted you for yourselves. Tell me how many times have i asked you to change for me? Was it right thing for me to do. Is it someone who truly loves you asks of you? Tell me armaan?" she questioned. " I was never fit for you, neither are you. We are not for each other. Understand it. I learnt it in my time with sid. Think once again armaan, think of our relationship again. You will realise that what i am saying is right. We were never right for each other. Understand this, realize this, you will see that you are wasting your life on you assumptions about us. Just think armaan. Please armaan." She begged him. He stayed silent, his body motionless. "I may not be in love with you, but i care for you, love you. Please take care. Promise me armaan. Promise me" she cried to him holding her hand out. She waited for him to say something. She has poured out her heart to him. She wanted him to realise that his behaviour was hurting her but it wasn't also her mistake. She needed him to reevaluate their relationship and realize himself that his fantasy was just that, it was no reality and that he couldn't waste away his life on her and his fantasy. In reality they were two different people with no chances of life together. He stormed out of the stair case, her words may have been true but it didn't shade away the hurt he felt. Her casting away of him from her life hurt him. Her words stating they were not right for each other stung him.  His abrupt snubbing of her words hurt her. His silence disappointed her. She left the place defeated and disappointed.


Armaan woke up to the chirping of the birds the next day. His eyes felt swollen and he couldn't open them. They were still moist with his tears the night before. He felt around him, he could feel the soft silky sheets. He lay there for a moment trying to recollect the previous night. Images of his breakdown, of shilpa holding him played in his mind. His breakdown was a result of his confrontation with riddhima. He breathed heavily, he really wasn't ready to think of what she has said. She might be right but he wasn't ready for any type of realisations. He released a sigh. He realized he was at shilpa's place. She has once again come to his rescue. How she found him, he has no idea. But he was thankful for her help. They were two strangers but still she helped him from the start. He couldn't understand her need to help him. He has pushed her, insulted her but she came back again. Why? He has no idea but her presence was gratifying. It was a relief, some one cared for him. His inner monologue was broken by a snort followed by a light snore. He chuckled at it, he knew it was shilpa. She might have spent the night with him in the same room, incase he needed her. He couldn't help but appreciate her consideration to help him. Another loud snort/snore finally pushed him to break into hysterical laugh. He curled on the bed laughing, and rolled pulling all the sheets with him falling on to the floor. This further sent him into hysterics. He thought his laughter would wake her up but shilpa slept through all his laughter snoring loudly. "Psst...stop" shilpa mumbled again snorting. He finally  controls himself and moves off the floor trying to find shilpa. His eyes couldn't be opened. They were sticky, his eye lids stuck to his cheekbones. "Ouch!!!" he shouts as he hits a table. The shout finally wakes shilpa. She wakes through her momentary haze to see him crouching in pain. She skips to him instantly and helps him to the couch she slept on. "What happened armaan? Are you alright?" she asks him in panic. "Nothing shilpa. I hit a table trying to reach you." He pacified her. "What? How can you just overlook the table right infront of you. Are you blind?" she shouted at him. She puffed with anger at his carelessness. He blew out "Ya, right now i am. I can't open my eyes. They are sticky and a little delicate now. And can you stop shouting. My head is hurting" he pressed his forehead trying to push away the pain. "Oh! Sorry! i think i have tablets right here for the head ache" she searched through her cabinets for the medicines. She thought about getting the tablets in the night itself, but when they reached her house, she felt tired and finally succumbed to sleep. "Here you are" she handed him the tablets."I will just come in a minute" she said rushing towards the washroom. She came out with a wet cloth and kneeled infront of him.  She waited till armaan downed down the tablets and then said "You know armaan if you couldn't open your eyes to find me then you could just have shouted for me. I would have woken up. No need to do any feats." Wiping gently on his eyes. At this armaan who was staying still letting her help him snorted taking the cloth from her and said "Ya, like hitting myself with a table is a feat i would like to do. Besides you sleep like a log, dead. Waking you up is feat in itself. I have been trying to wake you up for a long time, i tried shouting, i even sent some pillows toppling down at things hoping the sound would wake you up , but you god! I repeat sleep like a dead. So i just decided to shake you up. I was trying to follow the sound of your snort-snoring and hit the table" he exaggerated teasing shilpa. The swipe of wet cloth helped him, his eyes opened but were still swollen. She looked at him shocked at his blatant words, her mouth open, her mind processing his words, his words mortifying. Armaan tried to control his laugh at her expression, but few sniggers escaped him. Her eyes narrowed at her suppress laughter and she huffed saying "You are lying i know. I don't snore nor do i sleep like a dead" she pushed him. "Hey, no man-handling..." he pushed her hands away... "Keeping saying that to yourselves. But you do snore...what do you to tape prove it to you..." he asked. "Yes, maybe you should...I don't believe you..." she grumbled picking up the sheets from the couch.  "Really...ok i will remember it the next time you sleepover..." he walked grumbling to himself at being called a liar... "Maybe i should install video cameras in my home...and then those listening instruments... big big stereos to wake her up..." he mumbled to himself moving to the bathroom. She just smiled deviously at him and left the room but not before locking the door to the bathroom.   "Shilpa..." he shouted at the sound of the lock...


"Hey, dad" she greeted her father. She sat beside him, taking his hand in her. Her hand was lost in his, they enclosed her, engulfed her in it's warmth, reassured her with it's strength, calmed her with it's presence. "I feel like i have survived a battle dad." She sighed resting her head on his shoulder. "Maybe i have. I have battled against armaan's submerging emotions" she mused. "It was fun today. I have let him have a free day, with me ofcourse. We enjoyed together, just two friends fooling with each was some improvement...i know it wouldn't be instantaneous...but it was some have him enjoying my company rather than always pushing know that a big relief..." her eyes brightened at the thought. She turned to face her father, but he was looking at her inquisitively, as if trying to dissect her...but not knowing who or what she is doing. She pushed her  hurt away...and moved away in one quick fluid motion rushing outside.


Well, the first part is confrontation between riddhima and armaan, that led to armaan's breakdown and riddhima's disappointed and defeated look from earlier how do you like this progress between shilpa and armaan...finally armaan is ready to accept shilpa in to his how was the part...good?? disappointing??do comment...


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ramani Senior Member

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Hey everyone...will pm later...sorry!!

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fri42911 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
awesome part!!!!
i think the CONFRONTATION b/w AR will help arman to realize that riddhima's each word is true about their relationship.
they were never meant to be together.
he needs to move on with his life, like riddhima did.
he needs to find his true soulmate like riddhima.
loved the little fight b/w ARSH and the progress they are making in their relationship, even though it slow.
please continue soon.
Suvarna.... Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 9:47pm | IP Logged
It was very cool. And I loved ArSh bit ... both fooling around. Loving the way the story is progressing. Finally some silver lining I see.
Update soon.
Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
gr8 part
loved it!!!!!

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