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(16th Aug. '10 - 20th Aug. '10)

Salaam, Namaste, Hello & Hii to all My Lovely YRKKH-ians & all our Rishtedaars.
We take immense pleasure in presentin' the 6th Edition of the "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" Weekly Newsletter. So Happy Reading & Enjoy
Don't Forget to leave in your feedbacks, Comments of appreciation & criticisms.
All are heartily welcome. Big smile

Credit :: Maheen(Summary of the Week...)

All the Singhanias came to Maheshwaris House for the pooja arranged for Varsha and gave her their blessings!Akshara sees the letter written by Sneha for Naitik and gets upset with him!Naitik try to explain her but she didnt listen anything!Both miss each other!Then Naitik also Fast for Akshara.Varsha tells this to Akshara and then they both after sweet nok-jhok open each other's fast anf share a very sweet moment!Then Dadda jee came back n ask Naitik to call Sneha for lunch at home!Naitik says ok.Gayatri tells Akshara that Sneha is coming for lunch!Akshara says that she will come back home till afternoon but inside she gets again angry as Naitik himself didnt tell her that.To see will Akshara and Sneha will see each other?What will Naitik do in this situation?.!!Keep watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai...Monday to Friday...9:30 pm Only On Star Plus!!!

Credit :: Manasi(The Best Scene of the Week)

This week we had beautiful scenes of the Teej preparations, mostly at the Maheshwaris'. But the best scene of the week was the Teej scene where the ladies are praying to the moon and then their respective husbands feed them water in order to break their Teej vrat.
The scene included all the ladies pouring down water on the floor from a glass while looking at the moon, then the tilak and aarti of their respective husband and then their husband feeding them water.The BG score played during this scene gave an authentic and traditional feeling to the entire scene.There was also an emmotional touch of Bhabhimaa missing Daddaji during the pooja and a surprise element of Daddaji returning unexpectedly, thus making all Singhanias happy.

Credit :: Manasi(Best Dialogue of the Week)

Akshara : Aapne kuch bhi nahi kaha phir bhi main sab jaan gayi..sab kuch..
Naitik : Sab kuch kya?Confused
Akshara : Yahi ki aap ek ladki se bahut bahut bahut pyaar karte hai..Din raat sirf ussi ke baare mein sochte rehte hai..Embarrassed
Naitik : Akshara..aap.. aap yeh kya keh rahi hai..!Shocked
Akshara : Kyun..sab jaanti hu main..Aap uske liye chhup-chhupkar kya nahi karte..Wink
Naitik : Akshara, aisa kuch bhi nahi hai..!Disapprove
Akshara : Naitik maan lijiye aap uskle liye woh kar sakte hai jo shayad hi koi kar paaye..Embarrassed
Naitik : Akshara aapka kya matlab hai?Dekhiye.. kis..kiski baat kar rahi hai aap..?!Confused
Akshara : Uss ladki ki jo kitni buddhu hai ekdam bewakoof hai paagal hai, kuch bhi nahi samajhti..TongueWoh aapka pyaar nahi dekh saki..Embarrassedaur ulta naaraaz hokar baith gayi..Hamesha aapko galat samjha..

The whole dialogue set said by Akshara with some interruptions of Naitik in between was juz superb and very touchy..Akshara in a way teases Naitik that he cares alot for a girl and the girl is so stupid that she couldn't even see his love.Naitik gets nervous and confused about which girl is she talking about.However,Akshara is referring to herself, coz she misunderstoos Naitik and got upset with him, not thinking of how much he loves her.
The complete dialogues were very touchy where Akshara gets emmotional and speaks it all to Naitik.

Credit :: Sia(The Character that stood out from the Rest)

N a i t i k   S i n g h a n i a

Our munna babu was rocking all the way this weekWink.Naitik, being the lovely husband he is, kept a fast for his wife Akshara, and the best part is he dint let her know anything.He asked varsha not to tell akshara about him keeping the fast.Aww, so cuteEmbarrassed.He was totally adorable this week.Heart
Jaadu yeh kya chal gayaDay Dreaming.

Credit :: Manasi(The Actor/Actress that outshines all for his/her Acting Skills)

H i n a   K h a n

Li'l suspicion, a pinch of anger, immense love, sentiments and lots of other emotions - The lead actress of the show got to play varied emotions this week..And must say, she did a commendable job with all the expressions..!Her expressions are always clear-cut and worth appreciating.From being a loving daughter to a possessive wife to a respectful DIL, Hina portrays different roles with great ease.Her emmotional scenes always seem to be natural, and at times, can create the magic of getting tears in the viewers' eyes.This actress definately has a long way to go with her charm, beauty, smile and acting skills..!!

Credit :: Sia(Best Dressed Character)

A k s h a r a  
S i n g h a n i a
She looked gorgeous in the green lehengaEmbarrassed.She was fully decked up and looked beautifullSmile.She manages to look beautifulll in both ways, with or without pallu.So its our munni all the way this week.Wink
Credit :: Vanshika (Best Jodi for their Chemistry)

NaKsh : NaitikHeartAkshara

Thz week Naksh  totally rawked. They had some cute n romantic moments  which was jzz superb.. n thr sweet nok - jhok added spice to thr luv..Embarrassed n v saw ki Naitik Kept fast 4 Akshara which showed his ture luv . Naksh had a great time in da terrace Day Dreaming . Their scene was so Chemistry-licios...

Credit :: Sia(Best Song played of the Week)

This week we had 3 lovely songs played, but the best song played was
Ek Ajnabi Ne Yeh Kya Kar Diya.. Jaadu Yeh Kya Chal Gaya... when Naitik-Akshara patch up in the terrace.An emotional scene where they hug each other after solving their misunderstanding.The song suited the situation perfectly.Smile

Credit :: Manasi(Rishta of the Week)

Pati - Patni

This week had a beautiful Pati-Patni rishta being portrayed between all the couples in YRKKH..The whole week showed us the occassion of Teej being celebrated and this festive day juz brought all the couples more close to each other..
The most appreciable rishta was between Naitik and Akshara and Daddaji and Bhabhimaa.

Naitik - Akshara (NaKsh)

Patni pati se naaraaz hoti hai, pati uske liye vrat rakhta hai, patni khush ho jaati hai....
You might be wondering what type of description is this..lolz..LOL..But it's exactly the same that was portrayed between Naitik and Akshara this week.
Akshara is upset with Naitik on the 'Sneha's card' issue..Naitik tries to manaofy her but is unsuccessful.He secretly keeps a Teej vrat, only for her.EmbarrassedAkshara ignores him when he comes down to meet her on Teej at her Maayka.But when Akshara learns about his fast for her, she melts down for him.Big smileHowever, she isn't able to talk with him.Naitik tries to feed her water on the Teej night to break her vrat but she doesnt take it.Naitik feels she is upset.Later Akshara meets him on the terrace with Varsha's help.They both have an immensely cute scene where both patch-up and feed water to each other.
Day Dreaming

Daddaji - Bhabhimaa (DaBhaROFL)

Iss buzurg jodi ka bhi din aa hi gayaa..Rofl..LOL..But on a serious note, their rishta was shown to us after quite long...Tongue
Daddaji is away from home and Bhabhimaa did miss him for so many days.She gets very happy when she knows Daddaji would be returning on Teej.But on the eve of Teej, Daddaji calls up informing that he won't be returning so soon since he has to conduct a pooja.ConfusedBhabhimaa gets very disheartened.She is constantly missing him during Teej preparations and even during the Teej pooja.EmbarrassedShe feels bad that she has to do aarti to his photo frame instead of doing it to him personally.But Daddaji surprises her and us by returning on the Teej night to feed water to Bhabhimaa so as to break her Teej vrat.Big smile

Credit :: Manasi(Most Lovable Romantic Moment)

This week Naitik-Akshara portrayed a beautifully romantic scene during the Teej celebrations.Day DreamingAkshara realises Naitik has kept Teej vrat for her and her anger melts down, but she is unable to talk with Naitik due to other family members.She doesn't drink water from Naitik's hand during the pooja coz Naitik too hadn't had water till then.Later she touches the hot kheer purposely so that she can escape from everyone sitting and having dinner.She tells it all to Varsha and Varsha calls Naitik on the terrace.
Naitik comes on the terrace but doesn't see anyone there, so he turns back to leave; juz then Akshara comes there.Naitik questions her as to why did she call him there if she dislikes him and doesn't wanna have water from his hands.ConfusedAkshara interrupts in saying Shhhh and keeps her fingers on his lips.Day DreamingShe asks him who told him all this.Naitik gets confused.Akshara starts teasing Naitik in a way by saying that she knows he keeps thinking about a girl and likes her alot.WinkNaitik denies it and gets really nervous.LOLAkshara takes him near a decorated plate of food and asks him why he didn't inform her about his vrat for her.EmbarrassedNaitik feeds her water and Akshara inturn feeds him.Day DreamingThen they feed food to each other.EmbarrassedIn between, Naitik finds the food to be li'l spicy and Akshara feeds him water again.Both hug each other.
Day Dreaming
This scene was so beautiful and extremely cute...The BG score of Jaadu Yeh Kya Chal Gaya gave an awesome feel, as always..!!

Credit :: Manasi(BlushyEmbarrassed Moment of the Week)

After Naitik-Akshara feed food to each other on the Teej night on the terrace of the Maheshwaris', Varsha comes there telling Akshara that Rajashri is searching for her.Akshara tries to leave, but Naitik holds her hand and says that his stomach is full, but his heart is still not completely full..!HeartHe asks her to stay there and not go since he doesn't wanna let this moment go away..EmbarrassedAkshara blushes.Akshara hears someone calling her and she is about to leave but Naitik pulls her back and she bumps back onto him.EmbarrassedShe blushes.Naitik asks her if she'll be coming home with him.Akshara says there's no doubt in it,she'll definately be coming and blushes.

Credit :: Nikki (Emotional Moment of the Week)

The most emotional moment of d week was when Akshara learns from Varsha dat Naitik has fasted for her ..Akshara becums very emotional n realizes y Naitik was refusing to eat or drink anything n also y he didn't took medicine..Akshara runs to see him with tears in her eyes!

BG music>> Har khushi har rang har pal
saajna ke pyaar bin sab kuch adhura hai..!!

Credit :: Nikki (Funniest Moment of the Week)

Naitik fasts for Akshara on teej therefore he refuses to take snacks at Maheshwaris n makes an excuse dat his stomach is don't eat anything. Shaurya n Anshuwho were sitting on left n right side of Naitik respectively were having snacks. Poor Naitik luks kabhi left kabhi right n starts feeling hungry!!

Naitik must b thinking "kitne maze se kha rhe h dono..Daadu aap to fast kar lete..main b to Akshara k liye karta hun to kya aap Varsha bhabhi k liye nhi kar sakte?"

Credit :: Nikki
(Biggest Blooper of the Week)

In the epi of 18th august Naitik in order to hide it from all dat it was his fast makes an excuse dat he is having headache therefore can't eat anything. Varhsa gets  a tablet for him(purple color) but Naiitk refuse to takr it. Then Varsha hands d tablet to Akshara n Akshara asks Naitik to take it(which was of green color this time)..

so CVs juzz tell us ki tablet ka colour kaise badla?? Kahin aapne tablet ko replace karke gems  to nhi dedi??..kyunki gems rang badalti hai!


Credit :: Bhavya(Best Siggy of the Week)

The Wining Siggy for this week is by preksha_naksh

Here's your Prize Siggy, Do Use itWink

 Credit :: Bhavya(Best Avi of the Week)

- n o n e -

Here's Your Prize Siggy, You can use this all this Week Wink

Credit :: Bhavya(Best Video-Mix of the Week)

This week we had a beautiful VM created by amnaloving.

Keep up the gr8 work Buddy!Clap Here's the Prize Siggy, Use it to flaunt it...

Credit :: Maheen(Best Writer for the Week)

The Writer for this Week is Sia for providing us with the Written Updates as our regular updater wasn't available.
Here's The Prize Siggy, do use it... Clap

Credit :: Maheen(Most Active Member of the Week)

The Rishtedaar for this week is pravz_me aka Pravallika.... !!

Here's your siggy, use it to Flaunt it...

Credit :: Maheen(Most Active Thread of the Week)

This week the most active thread was the gupshupp club, thtz our Forum's CC...LOL

-!YRKKH's Rishtedaari - Chat Club # 10!-

Credit :: Sia(New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum)

Our Newest Rishtedaar is Anu with username anu93.
So, lets Welcome Her to the Forum..
Here's your Welcome Siggy Buddy, you can use it all this week...

Credit :: Manasi(Prediction for the Week)

The last week was enjoyed thoroughly by all the ardent YRKKH fans and viewers...We saw Teej celebrations bringing all the couples closer to each other..
Present track focuses on Daddaji being interested in meeting Sneha coz he has been hearing a lot of appreciation and praise pouring in for her designs.Naitik is informed about this decision of the family at the last moment.He is juz back to his house after a patch-up with Akshara, and Sneha's arrival scares him all the way thinking about how will Akshara react to this.He intends to bring her back and call her up to inform about the same but Gayatri tells him she'll call up Akshara instead.This gives in a way for another MU between NaKsh coz Akshara wonders why didn't Naitik inform her himself, or if he intends to hide Sneha's arrival at their house from her.She makes up her mind to go back to her sasural and decides that if Sneha wouldn't be coming after she reaches there,her doubts and suspicions would deepen all the more...
This week's promos indicate that Sneha would not be reaching the Singhanias'.Rajshekhar and others will tell Naitik to call her up but Akshara's look and stares will scare him and he'll avoid it.Akshara's suspicion might juz deepen..But we can still expect some cute NaKsh moments..
Sneha is completely in love with Naitik as we saw her keeping a Teej vrat for him.She'll obviously be very excited to meet Naitik and his family.What awaits to be seen is why won't Sneha come to the Singhanias' for lunch..!
This week we might also see Sneha's mom learning about Sneha's special feelings towards Naitik and they both might take a rishta to the Singhanias'...YRKKH is gettin all the more interestin..Let's hope and wish that the complete track unfolds in a light and amazing way, making us all happy..!!

Credit :: Sia(Best YRKKH Segment for the Week)

A segment in SBS where they show Naitik-Akshara patching up Big smile.Akshara in green lehenga looking gorgeous and naitik looking dashing in red kurtaTongue.They show some cute scenes of Naitik and akshara feeding each other, they both break their fast .And also showed a cute Naitik-Akshara hug.Embarrassed

Credit :: Sia (the most entertaining episode of the week)

The episode of the week is the episode aired on19th August .
The episode started with the chand puja.The ladies at Maheshwari house and singhania house first pour the water down , then put tilak on the men's face.Thy take the men's aarti.Rashmi holds Daddaji's photo for Bhabhima.Then the ladies take the husband's blessings.The men make the ladies drink water.

The sequence was beautifully shown with Pyar mil jaaye Piya ka as the background song.Smile
Then the SURPRISE element where daddaji returns, and bhabhima and daddaji do the chand puja.All are happy to see him backBig smile(so are weWink).
Varsha  asks for forgiveness , and rajshri forgives her.The scene was very lovely and well emoted.Clap

Akshara purposely drops the hot kheer on her hand in order to avoid having dinner as she knows Naitik is fasting for herEmbarrassed.Varsha makes naitik-Akshara meet on terrace.Naitik-Akshara patch up.They break their fast and feed each other.And a very cute Naksh hug.Heart
A fab episode altogether.Star

Credit :: Shikha(Quiz Contest for the Week)

The Contest is On for the Siggy Compy, So *||*FF Signature Contest*||* Double Masti
 is again the Contest for you all... The Last Date has been Extended till 27th Aug. '10. Lets wrap it first before actually moving on to the next one..

Participation Siggy...Clap

 Prize Siggy

Do Check it out & Do Participate. Hope to see some really wonderful participations from all of your. Good Luck.

Its again our dear Friend Ami... for managing the Forum so well !!

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Written & Video Updaters, honeey_16, manasi_31, sonyfan, Nipun97
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Hope you all had a great time & enjoyed reading this NL. Thanks To all my NL Team Members
Nikki, Maheen, Sia, Vanshika, Bhavya & Evryone. Hope I'm not missing out anyone's name. Sorry if I am. Hugz to alll Hug

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phewww......completedd guyzz.....!!!Smile
Tried my best.....Hope it's looking good....
Sorry for the li'l delay, jz struck with fever nd severe headache..:(..

Do leave in ur suggestions/comments/criticism...

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awesome jus as shikzzz did u ur doing
congrtazzzzz winnerssss

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excellent job done manasi!!!ClapClapClap
n congrats to all !!StarStarStar

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u did a fab job manu ClapClapClap
congratzz 2 all d winners !!!!

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wonderful NL Manu dearClapClapClap

congo 2 all d winnersThumbs Up

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wonderful Mansi..luking very nyc!Thumbs Up
gr8 job NL team!Clap
congo to all d winnersParty..Pree, Amnaloving, Sia, Pravzz n welcum Anu!Hug
thanks to DT team!

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Whoaaa.....Congo guys....NL is getting BIGGER and BETTER....

Supern manu..!!Clap
Congo all the winners...!!Big smile

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