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This post will have all the press articles related to Time Bomb. When ever any article is posted it'll be later moved to this section. This will help the members to see if any article is already posted in the forum. And also to help them in going through the past and see what happened time to time in the serial. The post will remain closed and can be operated only by the administrators. So no comments here


sujalfan & Megha_Desai.


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Here's the article copy pasted from the link given by Sneha (breathing_irony)... Thanks for the info Sneha

 Waiting to explode
   By: A hitList Correspondent
   June 17, 2005

Seconds ticking by: The Time Bomb 9/11 team at the launch of the show
Film director Ketan Mehta's small screen offering Time Bomb 9/11 starts ticking from June 20. This international political thriller has its epicenter in Asia.

Why 9/11? "Because it is the single most defining moment that shook the world," says Mehta at the media launch of the show held yesterday.

"Global interconnectivity has made the world grow smaller with everyone feeling the repercussions."

The weekly show will air at 10 pm on Mondays. The main protagonist is Varun Awasthi, played by Rajeev 'Sujal' Khandelwal.

He is an army officer who has been sent as an undercover agent to Afghanistan to penetrate the Al Queda. Playing the role of his wife Roma is model Amrita Saluja who works as a journalist.

Due to work pressures she has separated from her husband. Akashdeep 'Ansh' Saigal plays Usmaan, son of Osama bin Laden, played by actor Vallabh Vyas (Chandni Bar, Lagaan).

The cast also includes Vivan Bhatena who essays the role of an industrialist and Amrita Khandelkar who is the prime minister's daughter.

This 24 episode series has Deepa Sahi as producer and will be a one-hour show. Both Khandelwal and Saigal want to shed their Sujal and Ansh image and start afresh with this series.

Time Bomb takes on political tangles, bureacractic hiccups, inter-departmental rivalries and personality clashes.


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Shocking naa...? Rocked me off my chair... here's the Indian Television dot com's article...

20th Century Fox contests Zee's 'Time Bomb' in Delhi HC
Indiantelevision.com Team
(17 June 2005 9:30 pm)

MUMBAI: Subhash Chandra and partner-turned-rival Rupert Murdoch are at loggerheads again. News Corp promoted Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation has moved the Delhi High Court, challenging Zee Telefilms Ltd (ZTL) for copyright violation.

Twentieth Century Fox has alleged that Zee TV's upcoming thriller Time Bomb is a copied version of its ongoing TV serial 24. Time Bomb is slated for launch on 20 June, Monday.

Rough weather: On the sets of 'Time Bomb'

According to a PTI report, Justice B D Ahmed issued a notice to ZTL on a lawsuit filed by Twentieth Century Fox.

Senior advocate R K Anand, and C M Lall, appearing for 20th Century Fox, contended that the act of ZTL amounts to infringement of copyright bestowed on the serial 24.

20th Century Fox said it was shocked when it recently learnt that the ZTL was in the process of producing and launching a television serial titled Time Bomb. According to the company, ZTL CMD Subhash Chandra had earlier inquired representatives of 20th Century Fox in India about the possibility of licensing the rights to 24 to create a local version in India. But the company had told Chandra that time that the licensing would not be possible.

The company added that, later, when it had an opportunity of viewing a power point presentation of the serial prepared by ZTL, it found out that the characterisation, storyline and the script of Time Bomb had numerous similarities to 24.

However, ZTL got a breather when the court refused to stay the proposed 20 June launch of the serial. The court has asked ZTL to file its reply and affidavit on or before 20 June, Monday and place before it the CD/VCD of the first episode of the scheduled programme.

Reacting to the developments, Essel Group VP corporate communications and brand development group Ashish Kaul told indiantelevision.com that the channel had no issue in fighting its case in the court. "Time Bomb is an Indian story set in the International backdrop. The concept and the story of Time Bomb belong to its director Ketan Mehta."

Zee's counsel Maninder Singh, and Pratibha Singh refuted Fox's allegation saying the thriller produced by the domestic channel had nothing to do with the American serial and they were ready to pass the test by the court.

The serial 24 revolves around the security agencies' efforts to protect the US President from an international terrorist attack. Zee's Time Bomb is an international political thriller on global terror with its epicenter in South Asia. The story revolves around a plot to assassinate a young and dynamic Indian prime minister.

When asked to comment on 20th Century Fox's argument that Zee had used 24's '24 hours - 24 episode format' for Time Bomb, Kaul said that was a very broad definition. "This way, none would be able to make shows," he argued.

Time Bomb will be a fixed duration serial that will run for 25 weeks as a weekly one hour show (Monday 10 pm - 11 pm). The first episode is supposed to be a curtain raiser.

Waiting for Monday??? Me too... let's see what happens...

TIME BOMB 9/11 Monday 10:00-11:00 p.m. I.S.T

Making of Time Bomb 9/11 Sunday 07:30 p.m. I.S.T


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Time Bomb lands Zee in Court

20th Century Fox says the serial is a copy of their show 24 and calls it an infringement of copyright

The telecast of Zee's thriller Time Bomb will have to pass the test at the Delhi high court as Hollywood producer Twentieth Century Fox film corporation today alleged that the serial was a copied version of its ongoing serial titled 24. Justice B D Ahmed issued a notice to Zee Telefilms Ltd on a lawsuit filed byTwentieth Century Fox alleging that the concept of Time Bomb was based on its television serial 24 starring Emmy award nominee Keifer Sutherland.Refusing to stay the launch of Zee's thriller slated for June 20, the court asked the domestic television company to file its reply and affidavit on or before Monday and place before it the cd/vcd of the first episode of the scheduled programme. Senior Advocate R K Anand and C M Lall, appearing for the US producer, contended that the act of Zee Telefilms amount to infringement of copyright bestowed on the serial 24. However, Zee's counsel Maninder Singh and Pratibha Singh refuted the allegation saying the thriller produced by the domestic channel had nothing to do with the American serial and they were ready to pass the test by the court. During the hearing, it was submitted that Time Bomb was an international political thriller on global terror with its epicentre in South Asia.

* Time Bomb revolves around a plot to assassinate a young and dynamic Indian Prime Minister
* The Serial 24 revolves around the security agencies' efforts to protect the US President from an international terrorist attack

Identical USP
The serial was divided into 24 episodes of one hour each with a storytold in real time about events over a period of 24 hours



2. this is frm cybernoon.com....

Tele terrorism
Friday, June 17, 2005 15:24:50 IST
A serial on international terrorism
< name=frm =site_search/sitesearch1.asp method=post> </>

for :   

Time Bomb, a new product of Zee, that promises to give action packed entertainment, hits your television screen from June 20. Time Bomb is claimed to be an international political thriller of global terror, with its epicentre in South Asia. Starting from Monday, this serial will go on air every Monday from 10 p.m.  Time Bomb has television's current heart throb, popularly known as Sujal, Rajeev Khandelwal (Varun), who is a special agent of a secret, multi-disciplinary intelligence agency RAW. Also the most hated person for the kind of roles he plays, Akashdeep Sehgal is seen as a terrorist in this serial.

According to the director, Ketan Mehta, "We have a well researched plot which will run
for about 25 to 26 episodes. " On the target group, he said, "This serial caters to all 'thinking' men and women." The story is based on the increasing terrorist attacks and how RAW handles it. As per intelligence reports, there is reason to believe that there will be an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of India. About his role in the serial, Akashdeep Sehgal quipped, "I have chosen this role for two reasons, primarily because it is directed by Ketan Mehta and because I play son of Osama Bin Laden." He added, "Also, it is a new concept and has a multi plot and so it is challenging". 



Fox smells Zee plot theft

Mumbai, June 17: Zee Telefilms says it can still spot the difference between the two plots.

One action thriller has Jack Bauer, a CIA agent who heads the country's Counter Terrorism Unit, uncovering a plot to assassinate US presidential nominee David Palmer. There were 24 episodes in the first season, spanning the 24 hours within which Bauer has to identify the killer and save Palmer's life.

The episodes unfold in real time, with Bauer — played by Emmy award nominee Kiefer Sutherland — also trying to cope with a strained marriage and the serial points at the "Islamic threat" to the world.

Produced by 20th Century Fox, the serial, which is into its fourth season, is titled 24.

The other action thriller has Varun Avasthi, a RAW special agent who belongs to an "exclusive intelligence outfit" called the Agency to Counter Terrorism, uncovering a plot to assassinate young and dynamic Prime Minister Aniruddha Prakash.

There will be 24 episodes in the serial, spanning the 24 hours in which Avasthi has to identify the killers and save Prakash. The episodes again unfold in real time, making up the 24 hours of the single day, with Avasthi also coping with a strained marriage and threats.

Indian small-screen star Rajeev Khandelwal plays the lead here. The serial, which is produced by Zee Telefilms and scheduled to be aired from Monday, is called Time Bomb.

As the similarities are striking, despite Zee not thinking its serial has anything to do with the other one, 20th Century Fox has moved court.

Delhi High Court has issued a notice to Zee on a lawsuit filed by the US production company that alleged that Time Bomb was based on its 24.

The court did not stay the serial, but asked Zee to file its reply and affidavit on or before Monday. It also asked Zee to present before it a recording of the first episode of the serial.

Senior advocate R.K. Anand and C.M. Lall, appearing for 20th Century Fox, alleged that the Zee serial amount to infringement of copyright bestowed on the serial 24.

But Zee's lawyers claimed that their thriller had nothing to do with the Fox serial and they were ready to pass the test in court. Zee's spokesperson in Mumbai also stressed that the serial was unrelated to the American one. The similarities were coincidences, he said.

In a way, the Zee serial does go beyond the American one. Here, the plot morphs into the giant scheme of saving the world, as the protagonist realises that the conspiracy is only a ploy to distract attention from simultaneous plots to explode nuclear devices in Washington, London, Tel-Aviv and New Delhi.

If that wasn't original enough, Time Bomb also features Osama!

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Will Star's stars shine on Zee too?

Gurdeep Kohli, Rohit Roy, Ronit Roy, Akashdeep Saigal and Rajeev Khandelwal. No we are not talking about the cast of another Star network soap. This is the latest 'star' attraction on Zee.

http://www.indiantelevision.com/tellychakkar/y2k5/june/17jun /news_zee.php
This is not a deliberate attempt to be seen on another channel: Rajeev

With Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, Gurdip Kohli was the first actor to shift from Star to Zee. Others followed in her footsteps. Audiences noticed brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy in Manish Goswami's Sarrkkar hopping over from Star and Sony respectively.

So are the nation's television heartthrobs Akashdeep (Ansh of Kyunki...) and Rajeev Khandelwal (Sujal of Kahiin To Hoga). Viewers will see them sparring in the Ketan Mehta produced thriller Time Bomb. Sizzling Sangita Ghosh (Pammi of Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand) is not to be forgotten. The radiant lady will be returning to Zee TV after almost five years when she starred in Aroona Irani's Mehendi Tere Naam Ki.

Co-incidentally except for Gurdeep and Sangita all other actors including Karishma Tanna (who will be playing lead in Cinevista's Paalkhi) seem to be moving out of the Balaji camp extending their wings and reach (maybe) to different audiences through another channel.

Actors want to try out different things: Rohit Roy

Reflects Rajeev, "This is not a deliberate attempt to be seen on another channel. I wanted to work with Ketan Mehta and the show happened to be on Zee. I am willing to work on Star and Sony also."

Rohit agrees, "This is a strong co-incidence that most actors shifting to Zee had been doing Balaji shows last. I think actors want to try out different things, making them work with different channels."

Zee managers say this is all part of a strategy to get some of the best known names from television to star in its soaps and series. Zee TV's President Abhijit Saxena told Indiantelevision.com a few days ago, "Today Zee has the best star cast industry has to offer; Rajeev Khandelwal, Akashdeep Saigal, Sangeeta Ghosh, Rohit and Ronit Roy, Gurdeep Kohli. Name it and we have them on board. There is still a long way to go but we are getting there fast."

Zee TV's Marketing head Tarun Mehra shares, "Yes, this is a strategy. But it is not a deliberate attempt (to wean away stars from Star, Sony and Balaji). We would like to have the best of the industry in our shows. We look for the best directors and best stars. So, basically, this is a strategy to get the best of the industry."

Zee TV Programming head Ashwini Yardi echoes the same view adding, "these actors were immediately thought of when the script was written. Divya Seth came to our mind when the character of Priyamvada in Sarrkkar was drafted and so did Rajeev for Time Bomb," she explains.

With the coming on of Star's stars on Zee, will it shine? Watch this space.

http://www.indiantelevision.com/tellychakkar/y2k5/june/17jun /news_zee.php

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New Delhi, June 19: Ketan Mehta loves his thrills. If you thought he would be a trifle sad now that his magnum opus is finally done, you are wrong. ''I am exhilarated that The Rising is finally over. I have already spent two long years over it,'' he laughs.

But even as he is through with this period flick, Mehta is not done with playing around with time. He is now on to his next project, and this time it's a serial for Zee TV. Titled Time Bomb 9/11, the serial is set in the 9/11 period and is a thriller on international terrorism. It will hit Zee on June 20.

And no prizes for guessing who's the baddie in the serial. It's international terrorist group Al Qaeda supremo Osama Bin Laden! No less.

''Osama is now no longer just the man. He's a symbol, in fact, the most identifiable image of terror and fear in the modern world. Which is why I chose him,'' Mehta clarifies.

The serial is set in South Asia and is the story of a single day when Indian RAW agents are trying to thwart an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister by an international terrorist group.

The plot, however, thickens when they find out that it's not just India, but the whole world which is under threat. Even if it sounds like a typical potboiler, the USP of Mehta's serial is the fact that it is set in a single day. ''I don't want to drag the serial unnecessarily. So we will end it in 25 episodes. It's going to be crisp,'' he promises. Produced by Deepa Sahi, the serial stars small screen favourite Rajeev Khandelwal as the RAW agent, Akashdeep Sehgal as Osama's son Usman. Actor Vyas Valla plays the character of Osama. Actor Kay Kay, the protagonist of Mehta's earlier serial Pradhan Mantri will act as the Prime Minister of India, while Amrita Saluja Raichand debuts on the small screen as Khandelwal's screen wife and a journalist. The serial has been shot extensively in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Himachal Pradesh in India. First Mangal Pandey, and then Laden, does Mehta have a weakness for characters out of history? ''Their possibilities interest me. Characters like Osama are a result of a lot of myth, conjecture and fear psychosis added to their actual deeds. My story is an imaginative interpretation of that.'' Isn't he worried that such a theme might stir up a hornet's nest among the fundamentalists? ''Being timid has never really been a virtue with me, and people should know that this is just a fictitious account,'' comes the reply. So Mehta has got his hands full at the moment. Coming up next are two more films, which form a part of The Rising trilogy. ''But I enjoy working for the small screen just as much. I love the sheer reach of the medium, and the anticipation it generates,'' he declares.

From: http://www.indianexpress.com

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Whirlpool mommy makes acting debut

Remember the lively lass who twirled her fingers, rolled her eyes and worked Mummy ka Magic chalega kya? In the Whirlpool ads before Ajay Devgan and Kajol took over?

Amrita Saluja: jadoo chalega kya?

Amrita Saluja, the pretty ex-Whirlpool model, will now play estranged wife to television's hearthrob Rajeev Khandelwal in Ketan Mehta's forthcoming opus on Zee, Time Bomb. The 24 episode series is a gripping saga that traverses the lives of several characters over just 24 hours. Amrita and Rajeev, (who sports a fresh attitude and a macho stubble) share just 10 to 15 scenes in the entire series.

When we ask her why she took so much time to take on tellydom, Amrita quite candidly points out, "I was a very pampered model, I was happy with what I was doing and to be very frank I am not overtly ambitious. Moreover, I can't act in serials that I don't watch. When Ketan Mehta called me, I thought that it will be good fun just to meet him. When I heard the story I was really blown away."

The pretty lady, who hosts The Big Night on Zoom, is rather excited about her character in the show, where she plays a journalist, who is caught in the political turmoil around her.

"I come from a very conservative family and I am very uncomfortable romancing men and frankly even holding hands is an issue with me. I am afraid I have been trouble for Rajeev," gushes the actress, who says that she flashes the "I am married don't mess with me" signal openly. Thank god Time Bomb is not a mushy love story...to see Rajeev's charms go waste will surely break the hearts of his fans.

Ansh's fans too have reason to rejoice. The truant offspring of Kyunki's Tulsi appears in an Osama Bin Laden like role, wearing his long tresses to good effect. Rajeev, just back from a shoot for a Pakistani series, is gung ho about the new project and seems to have put Kahiin To Hoga firmly behind him. He is even full of praise for Gurpreet Singh, the man who stepped into Sujal's shoes after Rajeev quit. "I think he looks quite good, except for his dialogue delivery, which too I think will improve as time goes by," he says generously.

Time Bomb, sources say, will have various parallel tracks running till the 16th episode, after which the characters converge and move to a climax in the 24th episode.

Courtesy :- Telly Chakkar : Indiantelevision.com

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"I am a die hard Balaji guy"- Akashdeep

Ansh aka Akashdeep will star in a fresh Star Plus soap to be produced by Balaji Telefilms. Although the long tressed actor has been switching channels rapidly ever since he got killed at Tulsi's hands in Kyunki... six months, he appears to be quite happy with his decision.

Akashdeep and the team of time bomb

He hasn't moved out of the Balaji fold though, he maintains. His track in Sony's Kkusum may not be going great guns, and for now, he may seem firmly entrenched in Ketan Mehta's Time Bomb, but Ekta's production house is still dear to Akash.

"I don't like playing negative characters," declares the guy whose positive roles always seem to take on negative overtones as the script moves ahead. "But I love to be compared to Amrish Puri or Amjad Khan," he grins his wicked smile.

"I always thought 'Gabbar' was Amjad Khan's real name, I never knew his real name till a very long time. That's the kind of effect a character should have on the audience. I see kids on the street calling out to me as 'Ansh.' This role is different from the one that I have done for Kyunki….as it was a mean character which was crafted, there was a motive but no justification. In

Akashdeep: "we love to hate you"

Time Bomb there are no emotions, but Ussman, my character, has a mission which he needs to accomplish by hook or by crook.

Akashdeep today seems a contented actor, yet itching to take on that experimental role that will allow him to explore his histrionic skills further.

Says he,"I feel proud when people say we love to hate you." Way to go, Akash!

Courtesy :- Telly Chakkar : Indiantelevision.com

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