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Lafangey Parindey Reviews - POST ALL HERE (Page 6)

lovanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged
I am happy with decent opening....
It is relying on Deepika's shoulders..Neil is good but to bring public to theatre is not yet his forte....

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glitters IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:06am | IP Logged
Review: Lafangey Parindey is complete paisa vasool
Published: Friday, Aug 20, 2010, 18:50 IST
By Aniruddha Guha | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Neil Nitin Mukesh and Deepika Padukone in a scene from Lafangey Parindey

Lafangey Parindey (U/A)

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra and others

Rating: ***

"Vaat lag gayi." "Dimaag ka keeda." "Duniya ko yeda banate hain." If you thought you wouldn't get to hear these dialogues in the 'multiplex age', you should watch Lafangey Parindey. It takes you back to the Hindi films of yore, to a simpler form of storytelling and characters that are real and lovable, yet capable of doing the extraordinary.

So our hero is One Shot Nandu (Neil). He's called so because he can knock a guy out with a single punch — even when he's blindfolded — making his opponent fly several feet in the air before hitting the ground. Our heroine, Pinky Palkar (Padukone), is blind. But you can bet on her to dance like a dream.

Watching Lafangey Parindey requires you to stop questioning what's happening on screen after a point. But then, our films are a lot more enjoyable when seen with some suspension of disbelief. Especially, when they are packaged as well as this film is.

Nandu and Pinky are residents of Tilakwadi. Nandu fights for money, and aspires to be like Anna — Kay Kay Menon in a short but important role — who is the right-hand mank of Usmanbhai (Mishra). Nandu and Anna are sent out on an 'assignment' in which Anna gets killed, and Nandu knocks over someone while escaping in the car.

The person he knocks over is none other than Pinky, who lives in the same locality as him. Pinky, a skate-dancer aspiring to win a competition — India's Got Talent — is rendered blind due to the accident. Nandu, guilt-ridden, takes it upon himself to help Pinky win the tournament in spite of her disability.

There is a parallel track of a police officer investigating the incident in which Anna gets killed and since Nandu was the one present with Anna on the day he died, the cops close in on him in their bid to get Usmanbhai.

There is a lot happening in the film. There is the track of Nandu feeling responsible for Pinky's blindness and wanting to do something for her, there is the one about Usmanbhai, then the love story between Nandu and Pinky, and finally the dance competition itself. But all of these have been woven into a seamless screenplay by Gopi Puthran that helps the story progress effortlessly and keeps you hooked.

The dialogues, by Puthran, are entertaining. Recently, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai gave you a taste of dialoguebaazi after a long time, and this movie takes that forward. And while they have a tapori element to them – which will be lapped up by the masses – the film has a certain kind of sophistication as well, which makes the wordplay palatable to all.

After a long time, you see a film that has drama, comedy, action, romance, emotions and songs, and that makes Lafangey Parindey a complete package – paisa vasool, if you may. And such a film comes with its drawbacks.

Nandu, bloody and battered in each fight, looks fresh like a daisy right after every time, and Pinky's recovery from a girl who has been in a life-changing accident to a confident achiever is a bit too hurried. The cop's turnaround in the end seems a little too convenient as well. And was it so important to make Juhi Chawla, Shiamak Davar and Jaaved Jaafery act that fake as judges of the dance competition?

But the film's plusses are definitely greater than its shortcomings. For director Pradeep Sarkar, Lafangey Parindey is a sort of a reply to critics who ripped apart his last film, Laaga Chunari Main Daag. Here, he displays a sensitivity you got to see in Parineeta and he shows that he can shift genres while keeping a firm hold on the medium.

With writer Puthran, Sarkar has dished out the kind of film that cuts across age and class barriers and can be enjoyed by all. The music by newcomer R Anandh may seem mediocre otherwise, but the songs are very enjoyable when seen in the context of the film.

Sarkar deserves credit for extracting great performances from the cast, too.
As is the tradition in his films – both Parineeta and Laaga Chunari… were woman-oriented – Deepika gets the author-backed role and doesn't disappoint. She brings a certain sense of innocence to Pinky Palkar, who is a firebrand otherwise. She doesn't want you to sympathise with her blindness, and you don't. The scene where she's getting used to her disability, only to reach home and call out to her 'Aai' in sheer desperation, works due to the heartwarming presentation and Padukone's portrayal of the girl's helplessness.

Neil Mukesh's seems to be an inspired bit of casting. He is supposed to look tough, emote less, look awkward while dancing and generally be wooden in his appearance. Irrespective of whether it's deliberate or just something that comes naturally to him, Neil fits the character of Nandu to the 'T'. Piyush Mishra as Usmanbhai and Manish Chaudhary as the cop are both high-calibre actors and display that in their performances. The supporting cast of Namit Das, Viraj Adhav, Vinay Sharma and Palomi all contribute beautifully to the film.

Lafangey Parindey is more conventional than groundbreaking, but highly watchable nonetheless. In these times of 'propah' characters and experimental filmmaking, it reminds you of a time when films were made purely to entertain. Watch it to enjoy the old-world charm of the masala Hindi film.

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glitters IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:40am | IP Logged
20 August

Pradeep Sarkar carved a niche with his directorial debut Parineeta but his reputation took a beating with his second venture, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. That was one of the two reasons as to why everyone is so skeptical about Lafangey Parindey. The second reason being, Lafangey Parindey seems so different from Sarkar's kind of cinema. The promos showed Mumbai, its gritty streets, chawls, boxing, dance and skating…something which is surely isn't his forte. But surprise! Lafangey Parindey turns out to be a neat film! Pradeep Sarkar handles it very well and is surely worth the 250 bucks ticket!

The story of the movie: Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a street fighter who has a unique way of fighting with his opponents-blindfolded. Confident, charming and carefree…he lives a content life fighting and roaming with his chawl friends. In the same chawl lives Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone). She works at a mall but can wonderfully dance on skates and dreams of winning a reality show. One rainy night, hell breaks loose as Nandu has a dreadful experience. On the same night, Pinky loses her eyesight in an accident. Fate brings them together and how Nandu and Pinky teach each other lessons of life is what the film is all about.

You fall for Lafangey Parindey in the intro scene itself (Nandu explaining his fighting strategy). Nandu's interaction with Anna (Kay Kay Menon) and the accident takes the film higher and higher! Especially the accident sequence was nicely executed (by showing it in 2 different ways). It also adds a nice surprise in the narrative. The scene thereafter right till the intermission keep you hooked thanks to interesting sequences and a fast-paced narrative! In short, the first half is just awesome!

Post-interval, the film tries to maintain the flow but gets dragging at places. Also Neil's dance was weird in the elimination round sequence. Perhaps he could have worked better at his moves. The writer could have added some more turns towards the finale. But that would have not only increased the length of the film but also could have failed. Hence he kept it simple but at the same time predictable. Thankfully it works but also reminds you of the climax of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! Nevertheless, overall the film turns out to be a decent attempt!

Neil Nitin Mukesh was a surprise for such a role. But he does total justice to it and although he doesn't look like a chawl guy, his terrific performance compensates for it. The actor will soon be seen in 2 exciting films-Vishal Bhardwaj's Saat Khoon Maaf and Abbas-Mustan's The Italian Job remake! Way to go NNM!

Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly the best performer in the film! Her dance, mannerisms, expressions and her beautiful smile…everything about her shall leave you spellbound! Another amazing performance from an amazing actor! Piyush Mishra was great no doubt but he doesn't leave a mark as he did in Tere Bin Laden and Gulaal. Manish Choudhary was decent as the cop. Namit Das who played Ranbir's pal in Wake Up Sid was too good. So was Palomi. Kay Kay Menon has a special appearance in the film and nice to see him after a long time. Others were good.

M Anandh's music wasn't outstanding but made for decent listening. The title song was the best song of the lot followed by Man Lafanga and Nain Parindey. Zubin Balaporia's background music was perfect. N Nataraja Subramaniam's cinematography was as usual excellent. Sanjib Datta's editing works especially in the beginning scenes. Sham Kaushal's action was terrific and very realistic. Bosco Caesar and Sandro Guerra, the choreographers do a great job and they contribute in the film's success considering that dance and skates have an important role in the film.

Newbie Gopi Puthran has written the story, screenplay and dialogues and has excelled in all 3! Story was novel but it's the screenplay that is really terrific. Dialogues seem very real for the setting of the film.

Finally Pradeep Sarkar springs a surprise! He enters a new territory but does an exceptional job! Good to see that he's back in form and hoping that his next film, too, would work!

Some of the best scenes of the film:
1. The first scene
2. Nandu with Anna
3. Pinky's accident
4. The song Nain Parindey
5. Nandu trains Pinky
6. The intermission point
7. Nandu puts on the skates for the first time
8. The cop's investigation
9. Nandu and Pinky watching movie (hilarious!)
10. The last 15 minutes

On the whole, Lafangey Parindey is a great attempt and succeeds in impressing. Surely worth putting your money for! At the box office, it has all the time upto the release of We Are Family (September 2) to rule and emerge as a hit!

My rating-*** out of 5!

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey (2010)
20 August 2010 Friday | 13:56:00
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Lafangey Parindey: Watchable stuff

Rating: 3 out of 5*

Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Manish Chaudhary and Piyush Mishra

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

August 20, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Pradeep Sarkar after delivering a critical and box office success with his debut feature Parineeta had faltered in his next one, Laga Chunari Mein Daag but with Lafangey Parindey he has managed to get back in form and has succeeded in giving masala entertainer. The only thing that goes against it are the predictable plot points and the slow pace. But despite its few flaws LP is still worth a watch for its unusual lead pair Neil and Deepika and good direction aided by nice music.

Nandan Kamthekar aka One Shot Nandu (Neil) works for Usmaan bhai (Piyush Mishra) as a fighter for his betting games. In the Tilakwadi basti that he lives in Mumbai, also stays Pinky Palkar (Deepika) an ace skating dancer who aspires to win a TV reality show contest and break out of the lower middle class life. A botched up job for Usmaan bhai along with his mentor Anna (Kay Kay Menon) leads to a big mess for Nandu. Pinky's life changes over night too as all her dreams get crashed with her accident that leaves her blind. Circumstances lead to Nandu helping out Pinky and teaming with her to participate in the talent hunt show which she always dreamt of winning. How it changes all equations for Nandu and the people connected to him forms the rest of the plot!

Pradeep Sarkar should be commended for opting for a completely different genre to the female oriented subjects he has been adept at. However, Sarkar has ensured his female lead's character is pretty strong enough. The Mumbai chawl setting appears authentic and so do the characters inhabiting it. The action and skate dance sequences have been imaginatively shot. The songs too don't act as speed breakers. The only major flaw of the enterprise is the sense of dj vu one gets of films like Jeetendra – Hema Malini starrer Kinara and Aamir Khan's Ghulam. But then that is a minor flaw, as the screenplay is infused with plenty of good moments that need to be experienced on screen.

Neil Nitin Mukesh convincingly adapts himself as a Mumbai tapori despite his suave persona befitting a rich dude. Deepika Padukone is only getting better with each film and with this one she treads successfully on a difficult character graph. She is effortless in her blind girl act and very good in emotional scenes. Piyush Mishra as the bad ass don is super cool in his act and is fun to watch mouth some really acidic lines laced with humour. Kay Kay Menon in a short but significant part is effective. All the actors playing Neil's friends are very good. Manish Choudhary (last seen in Rocket Singh) playing a Police investigating officer delivers a fine act too. The two kids of Tilakwadi are hilarious to watch, especially Ameya Pandya in his tapori kid act.

R.Anandh's music is fresh with Man Lafanga and Dhatad Dhatad being the pick of the lot. N. Natarajan Subramaniam's cinematography is good and captures the dark night Mumbai sequences well. Editing by Sanjib Dutta however could have been better as the film drops pace in regular intervals. Bosco Caesar's choreography is innovative.

Do give Lafangey Parindey a chance. It is definitely not a waste of time. Its characters succeed in endearing themselves to you. It may not be an ace but its still a quality product from Yash Raj Fims and marks the return to form of Pradeep Sarkar.

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Originally posted by pragya0

I normally like this guys review and he has badly trashed the movie, so I'm not sure if the movie is any good

Lafangey Parindey Movie Review : Bheje Mein Shot

Magik   | Review | August 20, 2010 at 1:57 pm       Print this article!  Print

Hum Saath Saath Hain

Janmon ke saathi...

Overheard a 'One Shot' Review:
"Dekhne mein cute hai re, chhapri log ko acting karne nai aata hai"

Rating: 2 Stars. Strictly for the Lyrics & Music. One for 'Dhatar Dhatar' & another for 'Mann Lafanga'

May be I would have been better off & a happier flake, had I written just a music review for Pradeep Sar's Lafangey Parindey. Why did I watch the movie? Even after blah blah blah' In Indori colloqial talk it's called "gareebi mein aata geela karna" roughly translated as "while you should be saving money for a rainy day, you go & see Blue". A classic case of ho gaya kalyan!

Deepika is NOT blind in the film.

Oops' that was a spoiler.

No wait, I was just kidding. Bwahahahahaha

I happened to meet veteran PFC author Zoorya yesterday & had the fortune of spending time with him. Somewhere during our conversation, He said "I only wish Deepika isn't REALLY blind in the film." We laughed over it and let it go as we had other things to mull over. Like Sriram Raghavan Sir's "8 Collumn Affair" [Do watch it!]

Lafangey Parindey I saw. Why? For Deepika Padukone. *Sharm se nazrein jhuki* But her smile' those dimples' those nasheeli albeit andhi nigaahein' those kateeli adaayein' those jhatkas'

And what is this 'Talent Show' Fixation. Did we not see that in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? Hey wait, was that a spoiler? Not really. What could spoil a movie that has Neil Nitin Mukesh playing a Tilakwadi ka chhapri? Does he even belong there? He BELONGS to New York. May be Napean Sea Road or Bandra. Just doesn't work.

You have to really try hard to convince yourself that NNM is a BOXER who actually takes a few blows as a warm up, bleeds a bit from the corner of his mouth & then in ONE FREAKING SHOT defeats the opponent. Every single time. Every. Single. Time. He just doesn't have a bad day. Even when he does, he WINS. No questions asked. It's like a Saas Bahu serial's re-run. You get the drift'

Deepika is an ambitious (figure) skater who is sick of her Tilakwadi kind of chindi lifestyle and is counting on a Talent Show that is apparently her 'Passport' to a better life. In a scene she makes fun of her sister who is trying to study. WTF. May be, just like her, she thinks even her sister should aim to win a goddamned talent show & hit the jackpot & live happily ever after. Kareena Kapoor would do a few somersaults out of joy watching a few sequences in the film. Such tashan!

Then we have Piyush Mishra who plays a badass DON. The kind that will make you shit your pants. I got goosebumps when he calls out to 'Qasim' who is his 'Sambha'. There is something RICH & AUTHENTIC about the way he says that name 'Qasim'. Am sure most of us wouldn't be able to say that name like Mr. Mishra does. Qasim. Try it now.

There is not much backstory that is served. Piyush Mishra is a Bhai but kiska Bhai? He is seen making money off NNM each time he punches to death a 'born to lose' boxer. NNM WINS. No. Matter. What. He fights. He skates. He dances. He does it all. Unfortunately they didn't get him to sing a song. He would have done that too. And WON. Hands down! For that matter if they would have made NNM cook, he would have defeated Sanjeev Kapoor as well. He JUST wins!

He has got a bike. His friends too. They all drive bikes. They were happy till NNM screws up & they end up with a blind Deepika. Noteworthy here is that Deepika meets an accident. A bloody fatal accident. It was so damn fatal that they had to show it through chindi VFX. But only thing that happens is she goes blind. I have been through an accident, not half as fatal as the one Deepika goes through in the film & was laid up in bed for an year. I didn't go blind.

Thank God. My legs, my hands, my head' all broke. But Deepika just went blind. Nothing broke. Is that what they call PLASTIC? And very soon she is back at her game. You know why? Becuase NNM trained her & When NNM trains you, you have to WIN. Hell YEAH. I hope he trains me in sword swallowing. Even I just might'

The side actors actually steal the show, though their presence is just to fill the frame, as much ever leftover by NNM. Special mention for the kid who is apparently plays NNM's kid brother. Loved his comic timing. So for me, it was just about the two songs, mentioned in the beginning of the review, DEEPIKA (even when she went blind. I love her unconditionally you rascals!), Piyush Mishraji, that kid, a few dialogues & that hot seduction & later make out scene that got edited from the final print :(

Why did they have to criminally waste KayKay Menon? So I would like to summarize the post by this song from the film: Paanch.

@red- This is funny LOL

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laly Goldie

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Director: Pradeep Sarkar
Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone
Release Date: 2010-08-20 08:00:00
Quick Take: A touching love story

So every now and then comes along a film that not just takes you by surprise but also doggedly tugs at your heartstrings. Lafangey Parindey is one such film. The title is hugely misleading-in fact you are not even sure what the hell Lafangey Parindey means and you sure hope that smelly pigeons wont be flying around the frames in the same annoying manner in which they fly around your balcony and thankfully your fears are laid to rest. The pigeon metaphor is subtle and yes the film soars on a number of counts.



You have One Shot Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) a boxer who works for Usman (Piyush Mishra) a don and you have Pinky Palhar (Deepika Padukone) a skater dancer. One accident later Pinky is blind and her hopes of becoming a huge dancing star are almost shot to smithereens when Nandu decides to help her see. Why he wants to help her is also a crucial part of the story. And Pinky learns to see with her ears and also ultimately with her heart. And Nandu grapples with love and betrayal and guilt and the choice of doing what's right or going with what's easy. But it all ends well and by then you sure are rooting for these two absolutely adorable people.



The romance in Lafangey… is refreshing. It's not your average 'look into each other's eyes and sing a song on a mountain top' kind of romance. Yet its filmy at heart and it makes you smile every time Pinky tries to 'maaro line' on the extremely shy and uncomfortable Nandu. Pinky is a delight. Blind or otherwise she is tough as nails, tomboyish, won't suffer fools gladly, will chase her dreams at any cost and her undercoating of vulnerability is remarkably etched out. Nandu has nerves of steel in the boxing ring but is a puddle of emotions when it comes to Pinky. He falls in love with her but his innate taporiness makes it difficult for him to express it.



Deepika as the spunky Pinky is fabulous. She gives it the right 'namak' and you are happy to see a non-simpering normal Hindi film heroine. Neil is earnest and endearing. He scores in the emotional bits specially where all he is doing is looking and not speaking. The chemistry between the lead actors is interesting and warm.



The narrative by Gopi Puthran is fairly taut and engrossing. Production design by Eldridge Rodrigues and Madhu Sarkar Kuriakose is stupendous and great production and art design has always been director Pradeep Sarkar's forte. The music by R Anandh is like silken rain drops on a wet window specially Nain parindey and Man lafanga bada… Cinematography by Natarajan Subramanium lends the film a great atmosphere and texture. After a limp Laaga Chunari Mein Daag Pradeep Sarkar returns with a bang.



Lafangey is ultimately a sweet love story. Of course there are flaws, like for instance Pinky who has just been in a life threatening accident which leaves her blind is almost immediately up on her feet and wants to get back to skating and dancing. What about dealing with day-to-day things first, as someone who is suddenly blind? But then nothing is perfect least of all love. And Lafangey Parindey is ultimately a film about love and trust. And we can never have enough of those.

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Cast: Deepika Padukone, Neil Mukesh
Direction: Pradeep Sarkar
Producer: Yash Raj Films
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Rating: ***

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Neil Mukesh
Direction: Pradeep Sarkar
Producer: Yash Raj Films
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Only a Mumbaikar who takes that crowded local train everyday to work, dances on Nashik Dhol, Lezim taasha during Ganapati festival, plays the dandiya in Navratri and does the popular Govinda dance during Dahi Handi knows where the beauty of his city lies. It does not lie in malls, multiplexes and any form of modernisation that Mumbai is often associated with. It lies in its Mumbaiyya culture, created by its real inhabitants who predominantly reside in sprawling chawls and match box sized flats rather than palatial sea facing bungalows.
Pradeep Sarkar pans his camera on these gritty streets and gullies of Mumbai and tells a simple tale of two free-spirited youngsters who believe nothing is impossible.
Popularly known as One Shot Nandu, Nandan Kamtekar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a small time boxer who beats his opponent in one punch. Though Nandu's popularity is limited to his locality, it doesn't limit his dreams. Nandu dreams of stepping into his mentor Anna's (Kay Kay Menon) shoes. He also dreams of becoming an important member of his godfather Usman's underworld gang.
Another Tilakwadi resident, a blind Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone) too is a dreamer. Pinky is a skater who loves to dance. She thus dances on skates and dreams of becoming a world renowned dancer some day. Pinky curses herself for being born in a lower middle class family but her tapori neighbourhood that fondly addresses her as 'dance bar' and 'Kareena Kapoor of Tilakwadi' does not bog her down.
As fate would have it, a tragic incident brings the two together while their dreams come crashing down. Will the two be able to overcome all odds, fight their destiny and shun the mediocrity they thoroughly despise... forms the story of Lafangey Parindey.
The beauty of the film lies in its simplicity. Sarkar does not get preachy or patronizing in his storytelling in spite of his story being predictable. The portrayal of Mumbai life including the taporigiri showed is not over-the-top. The clothes and even the names of the characters fit the setting. Second half is a bit of a drag but even then the film never loses its grip. High on emotions, the film is more of a drama but comedy and romance too have their prominence in the script.
Deepika Padukone is an apt choice for Pinky Palkar. She looks, walks and talks like a perfect Mumbaichi Marathi Mulgi. She is in fact a revelation as far as her performance goes. As a blind girl who loathes any kind of sympathy coming her way, she is superb. This has to be Deepika's best performance so far.
Neil too acts exceptionally well. He is restrained and real when he displays all of Nandu's emotions through his eyes. Nandu's inner conflict with his biggest regrets and fight to achieve redemption is beautifully portrayed by Neil although the actor falls short of getting into the skin of his character. His stylish clothes, neat and clean accent and fairer than fair complexion, unfortunately fails him.
The supporting cast is superb. The actors who play Chaddi and Diesel are just like your real best friends who would never leave a single chance to pull your leg.
Music is decent with ' Main Lafanga Bada' by Mohit Chauhan and ' Dhatad Tatad' being the best songs of the lot.
Lafangey Parindey is a human tale of risk and loss, and emotional victories. It is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Mumbai. Watch it for its earnest performances, real characters and sheer simplicity.
After churning out letdowns like Tashan, Pyaar Impossible, Dil Bole Hadippa and Badmaash Company, Yash Raj finally gets it right this time.

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Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey

August 20 2010 | 4:10pm   Comments 8 Comments
Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey

Lafangey Parindey, a decent entertainer that has a good amount of laughs, emotions, and very well written dialogues!

Expectations are soaring high when the Yash Raj banner brings a film on the silver screen as this reputed banner has a history of successes in its kitty. Lafangey Parindey through its promos has generated quite some buzz as the Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge to Hum Aapke Hain Kaun dialogue has become quite famous amognst Bollywood buffs. But does the film live up to the high expectations anticipated by a Yash Raj film? Can the newly made pair Neil and Deepika win the hearts of audiences as an onscreen couple?

This is a story set in a small 'vadi' or colony with very rustic language taking us into the lives of Pinky (Deepika Padukone) and Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh). Pinky is a girl full of dreams who wants to get out of the locality she has been born and brought in through her amazing talent in dance. Dancing on skates, Pinky hopes to win her passport out of her small colony through this passion of dance that keeps her going. Nandu is a one-shot boxer in a gang under Usman bhai and he happens to live in the same colony as Pinky. Life changes for both the central characters when Nandu while driving accidentally runs over Pinky. The world thinks that Anna, the criminal accompanying Nandu that night was the cause of the accident, but no one is aware of the fact that Nandu is the one responsible for the accident.

Pinky after the accident has not only lost her vision but also her dreams. Nandu through a common acquaintance befriends Pinky in order to make up for his wrongdoing. Soon Nandu starts teaching Pinky how to see again by giving her lessons about the other senses such as hearing, touching, smelling, etc. The two start falling in love with eachother as Pinky works towards her dream of participating and winning a reality show called "India's Got Talent". Pinky is unaware that Nandu was the man behind her accident and she starts trusting Nandu so much that she chooses him as her partner for the show. Nandu learns skating and dancing for his ladylove but with the guilt that he is the one behind her blind eyes today. The story slowly unfolds as Pinky finds out about the true culprit behind her accident in the midst of the finals for the show.

Lafangey Parindey entertains with an 'expected' Bollywood story line. There aren't many twists and turns in the film and the screen unfolds just the way any Bollywood moviegoer would guess. The climax with Nandu and Pinky's final performance for the finale is somewhat unrealistic as though the couple does a good job, it just does not seem to be a performance that would be the winner of a reality show. Their previous performance in the selection process was also flawed as Nandu falls so one is forced to wonder how they even got selected. But this is a Bollywood film and thus the hero and heroine have to be selected for the film to move forward.

While the story line is average, the true ace in Yash Raj's Lafangey Parindey is the excellent dialogue writing. The dialogues are strong and touch one's heart. From the comic to the emotional, the writing is par excellence and gives life to the characters. The tapori language manages to make the audiences smile as well as feel the pain of the central characters. Songs are situational and blend well with the film, especially the title track 'Lafangey Parindey'.

From Rani Mukherjee to Kajol, many actresses have enacted the role of a blind character on screen and thus Deepika has a tough job when it comes to winning the hearts of audiences with the character of Pinky. And Deepika is extremely successful in accomplishing this task as she connects with the audience and naturally flows into the character of Pinky. Her realistic portrayal of the character and strong command on her dialogues containing rustic language, bring life to the character. By far, Lafangey Parindey is Deepika's best work thus far.

Neil, on the other hand, is good but he could have been better. At times, Neil feels expressionless and one wishes he would emoted more so that his character could connect with the audiences better. Deepika surely overshadows Neil but together these two come across as a good pair in the film.

Overall, Lafangey Parindey is not a perfect film but it does entertain. Metro audiences and college going students are sure to catch this film in theatres while the film may or may not work in the international markets. Overall Lafangey Parindey is a decent entertainer that has a good amount of laughs, emotions, and very well written dialogues!


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