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Lafangey Parindey Reviews - POST ALL HERE (Page 5)

glitters IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 5:53am | IP Logged
By Taran Adarsh, August 20, 2010 - 17:10 IST

Sometimes, your reputation precedes you. Pradeep Sarkar carries the reputation of making women-centric movies. Films like PARINEETA and LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG prove it. Who would've ever thought Sarkar would do a 360 degree turn in his third film by calling it LAFANGEY PARINDEY, set it in a chawl and make his characters speak tapori lingo? Hard to digest, isn't it? Frankly, the skilled storyteller takes you on a trip least expected from him.

When you attempt something you haven't attempted earlier or ventured into before, you either fall flat on your face or walk with your chin up in air. Sarkar doesn't slip, although LAFANGEY PARINDEY does have its share of hiccups that show up intermittently. Unlike PARINEETA and LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG, Sarkar narrates a simple story this time around and though it has nothing to do with the Rajesh Khanna - Mumtaz - Meena Kumari starrer DUSHMUN, you can't help but draw parallels with it, which, frankly, could be a coincidence as well. Yet, to be fair to Sarkar, he ventures in an unknown territory like a seasoned player.

Write your own movie review of Lafangey Parindey
On the flipside, the film has a major flaw and that dilutes the impact to an extent: Casting Neil Nitin Mukesh as a tapori. He just doesn't look like one. Even if he tries very hard to get into the skin of the character, you just can't connect with him since the suave and dashing demeanor makes him look like a Harvard returned, not someone from the streets or wadis of Mumbai definitely.

Final word? Sure, it has its share of shortcomings, but is an engaging watch nonethess.

LAFANGEY PARINDEY is about a group of youngsters living in the backstreets of Mumbai. It is the love story of Nandu [Neil Nitin Mukesh] and Pinky [Deepika Padukone].

One-Shot Nandu takes boxing to a new level by knocking down his opponents - blindfolded. Needless to say, One-Shot lives life on his own terms and is a local hero amongst his friends. But all that changes when he meets Pinky.

Pinky works at a mall, but is a kickass dancer on skates. Strong-headed, talented and fiercely ambitious, she aspires to rise above all the 'losers' living in her locality and carve a niche for herself. Two different personalities. Two different lives. Destined to meet.

LAFANGEY PARINDEY starts with gusto! Also, it moves on a singular path, without diversifying into unwanted sub-plots and superfluous characters. In fact, the story takes off at the commencement of the film itself and how Neil and Deepika's lives get intertwined makes for interesting viewing.

The film has some truly engaging moments and most of them are in its first hour. Sequences between Neil and Deepika after the accident are wonderful and keep you hooked. However, things begin to slacken in the post-interval portions, when the love story takes over and Neil and Deepika realize that they share a deeper bond. Just when things are about to go downhill, the climax happens and LAFANGEY PARINDEY is back on track. In fact, the drama in the finale - when Deepika and Neil have to perform the final act for a television show - is the highpoint of this film. The skating sequences and choreography are stunning and awe-inspiring.

Blemishes? Oh yes! The love story is conventional and dreary. Also, the investigating officer's track is half-baked and looks like an add-on. Besides, the film is embellished with a mediocre musical score [R. Anandh]. Also, the Bambaiya Hindi has its limitations.

Like I pointed out earlier, Neil is the wrong choice for this part. Also, he lacks the fire to carry off the role with flourish. LAFANGEY PARINDEY clearly belongs to Deepika Padukone, who suits the character and enacts it with such competence that it leaves you amazed. The pretty lass is only getting better with every film. Piyush Mishra is first-rate. Kay Kay Menon is okay in a brief role. The friends, each them, leave a mark. Especially Namit Das, who's wonderful. Shiamak Davar, Juhi Chawla and Javed Jafferi feature in brief roles.

On the whole, LAFANGEY PARINDEY may be predictable, but is engaging and entertaining nonetheless. A decent watch!

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kawal_tak IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 8:04am | IP Logged
Faridoon Shahryar Faridoon_S
Lafangey Parindey has a predictable storyline wid endearing performances by Deepika n Neil (he's v gud in d film)

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laly Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged

Janta verdict: Neil, Deepika shine in 'Lafangey...'

Mumbai: Lafangey Parindey is Pradeep Sarkar's third film as a director and second film with Yash Raj Films. After a disastrous Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Pradeep returns back with Lafangey Parindey after a gap of three years.

Neil Nitin Mukesh (Nandu) plays a character who fights opponents in the ring blindfolded and Deepika Padukone (Pinky Palkar) is blind but an ambitious roller skate dancer.

The first day first show saw a decent crowd at a suburban multiplex. Let's find out their take on the film.

Many cinema goers went gaga over Neil and Deepika's performances. Charu Asopa says, "Neil has acted very well and his chemistry with Deepika Padukone is very good."

Megha Sharma says, "Deepika's performance is up to the mark. To play a role of a blind girl is not easy. I think she pulled it off well. Also, Neil, in spite of having a very complex character keeps it normal and doesn't over-do it."

Dev Bhatt says, "Neil was good in the film. The tapoori style dialogue delivery could have been better though. I think this is Deepika's best performance till date."

Obviously, the performances have got positive feedback but when asked if the film was an entertaining watch, the responses were mixed.

Vipul Kalra says, "The treatment of the story is different but the story is nothing new. Also, the story goes to a point where they are practising for a dance competition. It reminded me of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi."

Pavan Pal says, "The film is a typical Bollywood film. There are no surprises and the film gets predictable. But I like the way they have ended the film. They have kept it simple."

Will this film have a great weekend at the box office or will it be another dud for Yash Raj Films? Monday will give a clear picture.

laly Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Movie review: Lafangey Parindey

She, a wannabe figure skater, cannot see. He, a bare-knuckles street-fighter, doesn't need to. But both Pinky Palkar and Nandan Kamtekar have their sights firmly set on a better life, a life beyond the mean backstreets of Mumbai. The path out of this morass is, needless to say, littered with countless snares.

This is just the kind of narrative raw material that is inherently primed to yield loads of drama, some dirty dancing and a bit of daredevilry. But does it?

As a love story of a somewhat different timbre, Pradeep Sarkar's third directorial vehicle is youthful, nimble and sure-footed, a far cry from his previous outing, the rather stodgy Laaga Chunari Mein Daag.

For the most part, Lafangey Parindey trundles along at a fair clip, although it never turns into anything more than a predictable ride. On the way, there is much bump and grind, and flying fists and bloodied noses too. But behind it all is a wholesome human tale that celebrates the doggedness of those that are down and but not out.

Not everything that Lafangey Parindey delivers is likely to strike the audience as convincing, but on the whole the impact of this effervescent entertainer is pretty rounded, which, given the many recent misfires from the Yash Raj Films (YRF) cannon (Tashan, Pyaar Impossible, Dil Bole Hadippa, Badmaash Company), is saying a lot.

In Lafangey Parindey, the Bollywood tapori makes a clean break from his usual moorings. Well, his lingo still reeks of the street, his wadi buddies answer to names like Chuddi, Gulkand and Diesel and, like all good aamchi Mumbai mulgas, they have a customary go at the dahi handi.

But this is a YRF film, so the gang here isn't of the grubby, crude, foul-mouthed variety. These boys mimic their upper-class counterparts: the Barista crowd of numerous Bollywood flicks.

Even the supposed grit and grime of a Mumbai bustee assumes a soft halogen glow in Lafangey Parindey. The cluttered neighbourhood wears a well-scrubbed look and the rough and tumble of life here – the cops and the underworld are never far away – is lent a romanticised halo.

But the film's edgy, go-getting soundtrack (music: R Anandh, lyrics: Swanand Kirkire) is a marked departure. Aided by the informal ways in which the songs are filmed and edited, the music captures the sprightly spirit of the film to perfection. Kirkire's Gulzaresque Mann lafanga bada/Apne mann ki kare and the grungy rhythms of the peppy Dhatad tatad number are truly striking.

One Shot Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh) – the name is derived from his uncanny ability to lay his opponent low with one blow – talks tough, acts rough and is blessed with exceptional wiles. He fights blindfolded every Friday for satta king Usman Ali (Piyush Mishra, as exceptional as ever). He always wins.

Pinky (Deepika Padukone), a shopping mall employee, dreams of winning Rs 50 lakh from India's Got Talent, but an accident throws her off track. She loses her eyesight, job and confidence. Egged on by Nandu, she learns to refocus herself on her goal. She uses all her senses – touch, smell, sound and heart – to offset the absence of sight.

Nandu and Pinky form an unlikely pair, and as fate and life-altering twists throw them into the same ring, they learn to wriggle their way out of the mess.

The story of two underdogs from the wrong side of the urban divide fighting tooth and nail for their place in the sun may not be strikingly original. It might not be particularly rousing either. But Lafangey Parindey has enough energy going to hold the interest of the audience. Particularly stunning are the figure skating sequences. Full marks to the choreographer and the lead pair.

Deepika Padukone has several hits behind her. Neil Nitin Mukesh is still looking for the first real blockbuster of his career although he has figured in films like Johnny Gaddar, New York and Jail. Neither of the two is a finished article yet but they are getting there. Lafangey Parindey offers a canvas that allows them to use just the right colours and moods. The duo does a fine job.

Lafangey Parindey soars just high enough to stand a fair chance of garnering mass applause.

The publicity machinery had, in the days leading up to the release, let on that the film's fight sequences and stunts were performed by the lead actors themselves, without the aid of body doubles. Wow! But why would young, promising actors who have their lives and careers ahead of them risk their limbs for a film like this?

What are a few bruises on the body if a box office hit is the reward? Lafangey Parindey has the makings of one.
friends_rock IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:01am | IP Logged

positive rewviewssss

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friends_rock IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Lafangey Parindey Takes A Decent Opening

Friday 20th August 2010 18.00 IST

Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

Lafangey Parindey took a decent opening in the range of 40-60% today. The music of the film was not a big success but good publicity seems to have managed to get footfalls into multiplexes. The business at multiplexes was better than single screens in most areas.

The film will easily make money as the satellite rights have gone for big money and not much is needed from theatrical business to put the producers into profit.

The film has a production cost of 12 crore and 6 crore costs for publicity and advertising giving a total investment of 18 crore.

Although good profits are certain from the film it will remained to be seen how well the film goes theatrically in India.

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glitters IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged

Lafangey Parindey
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring : Pradeep Sarkar
R. Anandh
Swanand Kirkire
Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra, Manish Chaudhary, Viraj Adhav, Namit Das, Vinay Sharma, Palomi and Amey Pandya
Lafangey Parindey Movie Review

August 20, 2010 06:50:02 PM IST
By Pankaj Sabnani, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Reality shows on television have climbed up the popularity charts. So much so, they have even made it to the big screen. RAB NE BANA DI JODI was a 2008 romantic film from the Yash Raj banner which culminated in a dance competition. Cut to 2010 and you have another film, LAFANGEY PARINDEY from the same production house, which ends in a reality show.

Set in a small Mumbai locality, LAFANGEY PARINDEY is the story of One Shot Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh), a street fighter who knocks opponents blindfolded every Thursday and does tapori giri on other days. Pinky Palkar (Deepika Padukone) aspires to make it big through a reality show. 'Life mein bada cheez karne ke liye bada kida chahiye', she says and believes. Unfortunately, she meets with an accident and loses her eye sight. Nandu, who is an expert in fighting blindfolded, takes the onus on him and helps Pinky in achieving her dreams.

LAFANGEY PARINDEY kicks-off promisingly with a refreshing first half. However, drags and disappoints in the second half.

The accident portion of Pinky is ingeniously written. Also, the exciting training sequences between Nandu and Pinky are the film's highlight. The chemistry between the lead pair is excellent here.

Moving on, some uproarious moments keep you entertained like the one in which Neil dresses up in a girl's outfit or the one in which a character says Ijjat hath me nahin paon mein hai, just before Nandu and Pinky are about to dance.

On the flip side, the dance training sessions in the second half, become banal after a while. Director Pradeep Sarkar (who gave us films like PARINEETA, LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG in the past) takes his own sweet time to arrive at the film's humdrum climax. The investigation of Pinky's accident becomes so ludicrous that one wonders why it was there at the first place, if the climax was anyway so convenient.

R. Anandh's music is decent with Nain Parindey and Mann Lafanga go well with the film. Gopi Puthran's dialogues are catchy. Editing by Sanjib Datta could have been a lot better, especially in the latter half.

Neil stands out. He is very convincing in his fighter avatar. However, with his charming looks he doesn't seem to be a tapori from a petite Mumbai locality. Deepika Padukone is infallible as the blind girl. With her poise, she also proves she's a good dancer.

From the supporting cast, Namit Das (WAKE UP SID fame) is admirable. Kay Kay Menon is completely wasted in his two scene role. Manish Choudhary doesn't have much to do. Child actor Amey Pandya is funny.

LAFANGEY PARINDEY has some amazing performances but is marred by a feeble script. For the 'records' this LP doesn't seem to be a long playing one.

Rating - 2.5/5
glitters IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2010 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Review: Lafangey Parindey
By Rummana – August 20th, 2010
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Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

The promos of Lafangey Parindey didn't give away much, other than the fact that it was a love story between Deepika, a blind skater and Neil Nitin Mukesh, a regular boy-next-door who fights blindfolded. The highpoint of the movie seemed to be the pairing which was, well, not run-of-the-mill. The movie, unfortunately, remains just that.

Neil is the local hero, an ace fighter (remember Aamir Khan in Ghulam?), fights blindfolded and always wins, therefore nicknamed One-shot Nandu. Deepika plays Pinky Palkar, a gifted dancer, graceful and elegant on skates. She aspires to win a talent show that will help her escape a salesgirl's job and a life of mediocrity.

While they know each other for a while, they fall in love when Neil decides to help Deepika achieve her almost impossible ambition. Neil and Deepika's love story is the high point of the film; their training sessions especially are fun to watch. However, that's about it. Neil's fighting scenes are repetitive, gory and repulsive. The plot just doesn't hold together and the film feels much longer than it actually is.

Neil looks good, puts in a lot of effort but has a long way to go before he can deliver a convincing performance as the Mumbai tapori with a heart. It's difficult to spot his internal anguish and struggle as he attempts to portray this conflicted character. Deepika is charming as the dancer and does a decent job.

Shot against the backdrop of Mumbai's bylanes, the film has some nice moments – a smattering of smart Mumbaiyya one-liners, some cool bike stunts and a few well-choreographed dance sequences, but these alone can't make a film work if the plot itself is flimsy. Pradeep Sarkar's disappointing execution leaves you wanting. Another lacklustre attempt from Yash Raj Films this year – I have my doubts whether it will rake in much at the box office.

Sarkar's Lafangey Parindey seemed to have potential but drags endlessly even before it attempts to make a point. For once, there seemed to be something new and promising in this story that didn't have the Yash Raj stamp of roses and ice-covered mountains on it, but Sarkar just fails to put it all together to deliver a compelling tale.

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