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FF: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (IMPT NOTE +upd pg 14) (Page 2)

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~ Part 5 ~


AUTHOR'S WARNING This part might not be meant for young readers, so I'm giving you guys the warning. . Mods, I gave the warning to the readers, so I would appreciate it if you DO NOT edit this scene, as it is quite essential to my fan-fic ' note that it is not a s** scene, but just a kissing scene, but it brings out the passion that premeer have between them, so is kinda impt to the story


NOTE to readers this part is kind of short, but a total treat to premeer fans. But I guess this part will be more enjoyable if u guys listen to the Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahaan song while reading it. I put the link of the song at the bottom of this page, in case you haven't heard it yet' but, incase u guys do listen to it before reading this part, here is the link'


Back to the present'


Prem and Heer look at each other and smile. Prem, especially, gives a full grin as he looks at Heer and remembers the past. His grin then, changes to a naughty one, as when Heer is blushing and looking somewhere else, he closes in on her. When Heer finally turns her face towards Prem, she finds him staring at her. Heer tries to get up, and "escape", but he again pulls her down. Heer gets shy again.


"Prem, koi dekh lega."


"Koi baat nahin, Heer. Ghar mein koi nahin hai, sab kal hi aane waale hain."


"Lekin, Prem'" Heer starts to protest, but Prem puts his finger over her lips, and says "Shhh'!"


"Yeh kuch aakhri pal, jo hum saath mein bitaa sakte hain, bitaane do. Pata nahin phir kab waqt milega." Prem continues.


A lone tear drops out of Heer's eye when Prem says this, as she thinks about the sad news they got earlier, but Prem kisses the tear away. Heer is about to cry more, but Prem turns her face to face his. He looks her straight in the eye, with such intensity, that she is unable to help herself.


This time, as Prem moves in to kiss her, she doesn't hesitate. Prem kisses Heer forehead, then her cheeks, then goes on to nibble on her earlobe, as she shivers under the passion. Prem then goes on to kiss Heer's neck, giving her a few love bites, while she still continues to shiver. The passion, though not really started yet, becomes too much for Heer to handle, as Prem continues to tease her, kiss her, nibble her. Finally, Prem brings his lips on Heer's, but instead of kissing them just yet, just brushes his lips on Heer's lips. But, Heer, unable to control herself any longer, grabs Prem's hair, holding his head to her's, as she parts her lips to kiss him. Prem kisses her back, with passion full on. Prem lays Heer back down on the bed, and pulls the covers over them, as they continue in their moment of passion.


The song Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahaan ' from Kisna ' plays in the background.


(Note I didn't put one with Premeer in VM, coz I don't have the proper pics for one, plus, the ones already available might not really have pics relevant to my ff storyline yet'even if they do, I don't want to reveal anything now' so anyways, yeah'u guys will have to make do with the original video of the song'later on, I just might create my very own vm based on how the story goes' till then, u can just imagine premeer in the song instead of vivek-isha- and that gori whose name I don't remember' anyways' here are the lyrics..)


Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
Hum miley na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan 
Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan 
Rang dhal jaate hai, Din badal jaate hai
Raatein so jati hai, Raahen kho jaati hai
Pyar khota nahin, Pyar sota nahin
Pyar dhalta nahin, Haan badalta nahin 
Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan 
Hum jahan aaye hain, Meherbaan saaye hain
Hum yahaan khwaabon ke, karwaan laaye hain
Dhadkane hain jawaan, Ga raha hain samaa
Pighli pighli si hain, Mehki tanhaiyan 
Hum hain iss pal yahan, Jaane ho kal kahan
Hum miley Na miley, Hum rahey na rahey
Rahegi sadaa yahan, Pyar ki ye dastan
Sunenge sadaa jise,Yeh Zameen asmaan  

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~ Part 6 ~



Prem and Heer spend the whole night, and almost the half the next day together, in bed ' only getting up for lunch, and in order to get ready before the rest of the family comes.


At around 4pm, Heer is in the kitchen making some snacks for the family, as she knows they will be arriving anytime soon. Prem is busy reading the paper outside in the living room, waiting for Heer to come out. When she doesn't, despite his calling her a few times, he goes inside the kitchen himself, to see what's taking her so long. There, Prem starts to romance Heer.




"Kya hai?"


"Main tumhein kab se bulaa raha hoon. Sunayi nahin deta kya?"


"Sunayi deta hai, lekin main tumhein ignore kar rahi hoon."


"Kyun? Tumhein pata hai hum kuch aur waqt hi saath hongey na' Toh phir, mere saath roman'" Pret cuts his sentence off midway when he sees Heer crying again, for about the tenth time since they got the news last night.


"Heer, sorry."


"Sorry mat kaho Prem. Har waqt mujhko rulaate ho, aur phir sorry kehte ho, yeh puppy-dog face dikhakar. Toh mujhe maaf hi karna padta hai na. Aage se humari judaai ki baat bhi ki na, toh main tumse baat nahin karoongi"


"Ok baba. Aage se no judaai ki baat, no dukh bhari baat. Lekin Heer, main ek baat manta hoon, woh khabar sach ho ya phir jhooth ' na waqt, na log, na halaat, koi humein kisi bhi tarah judaa nahin kar sakta."


When Prem says this, Heer does feel a little relieved, and she goes and hugs Prem. They hug tightly, as if never wanting to let go, tightening their embrace with each passing second.


The song Baahon Ki Darmiyaan ' from Khamoshi plays in the background ' as we see Prem and Heer hugging, not saying a word, just the sound of their heartbeats, 2 hearts, but one soul and one rhythm.


Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan
Dhadkan Bani Zubaan 
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe HainJ
aane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan
Dhadkan Bani Zubaan
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan
Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi
Khulte Badn Hote Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi
Mujhse Keh Rahi Hai Ki Badhne De Bekhudi
Mil Yoon Ki Daud Jaayein Nas Nas Mein Bijliyaan 
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan
Dhadkan Bani Zubaan
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan
Aasmaan Ko Bhi Ye Haseen Raaz Hai Pasand
Aasmaan Ko Bhi Ye Haseen Raaz Hai Pasand
Uljhi Uljhi Saanson Ki Aawaaz Hai Pasand
Moti Luta Rahi Hai Saawan Ki Badliyaan
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain
Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan
Dhadkan Bani Zubaan
Baahon Ke Darmiyaan .



5 minutes later, and Prem and Heer are still hugging, but their moment is interrupted when they hear someone coughing behind their back.


Prem and Heer part, and turn around, seeing Preet standing in the kitchen entrance, smiling to himself.


"Kya, yaar, bhaiyya- Heer bhabhi. Hum log do hafton ke baad Dubai se vapis aa rahe hain, aur aapka romance abhi tak khatam nahin hua? Oye hoye, bhabhi, aap blush kar rahi hai, aur Prem bhaiyya, aap bhi!! Waah, waah! Kya baat hai! Vaise bhabhi, aapko nahin lagta ki yahaan Dubai se bhi zyaada garmi hai? I mean, jis tarah aap dono itna sharma rahe hain.. " Preet, the devil says.


"Preet ke bacche!! Abhi dekhta hoon tumhein!" Prem says, embarrassed at being caught hugging Heer, as well as "angry" at Preet for teasing them.


Saying that, Prem chases Preet out of the room, and the rest of the family members, seeing them there, just say "Yeh Preet, na zaroor isne hi kuch kiya hoga. Kabhi nahin badlega yeh shaitaan!" and laugh aloud.


Meanwhile, Heer gets some food ready, and makes some tea as well to bring to the rest of the family out in the living room. She sets down the pakore, dhokla, and tea.


"Yeh lo mummyji, bauji. Aapka favourite dhokla." Heer says, as she settles the tray down.


"Aur mere liye kya banaya aapne bhabhi?" Preet asks Heer, as he comes down the stairs, with Prem shortly behind him.


"Tumhare liye?! Zaraa idhar aa'" Heer motions Preet to come near her, and when he does, she pulls his ears, making him say "Ow, ow, ow'! Bhabhi! Accha, pehle ke liye sorry."


"Ab kya hua Heer didi, aur aap mere pati ke kaan kyun kheench rahi hai?" Meher asks, entering the main door.


{note: I know Meher and Kripa are sisters, but Meher also considers Heer her sister, and calls her so' don't get confused then}


"Tera yeh shaitaan pati, pata hai kya kar raha tha?" Heer asks Meher, who seems utterly confused.


"Nahin, kya kiya usne?" Meher asks, in her reply.


"Jab main kitchen mein thi, toh Preet vahaan aaya, aur'" but Heer stops her sentence in midway, as she looks up and sees Prem, and her mind goes back to the earlier incident, when she and Prem were embracing each other and Preet caught them. Heer starts blushing, and Meher catches that, so she just changes the topic.


"Accha didi, woh sab chodo. Dekho, hum aapko aur Prem bhaiyya ke liye Dubai se kya laaye hain. Aapko sach mein humare saath aana chahiye tha, lekin aap toh apne honeymoon par bhi Dubai gayi thi, toh shayaad aap aur Prem bhaiyya bore ho jaate, kyunki aapne sab attractions toh already dekh lein hain." Meher continues, and shows her all the stuff they bought during their holiday.


Soon, the rest of the family members, including Mayank, Prem's other younger brother, who is married to Nupur, one of Heer's best friends. The screen fades away, as the entire Juneja clan is seen talking, and enjoying themselves, being merry, and basically being together.

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~ Part 7 ~


It has been about 2 weeks since the Juneja family has returned for their vacation in Dubai. Prem and Heer have not yet informed them about the tragic news they got the day before they all arrived back, as they don't want to make them sad and depressed just yet.


It's morning time, and Heer is seen doing the pooja and aarti, singing as she does so.


"Om jai jagdhish hare,

  Swami jai jagdhish hare,

  Bhakt jano ke sankata,

  Daas jano ke sankata,

  Kshan mein door kare

  Om jai jagdhish hare…"


Soon, the entire family has gathered around the mini temple in their house. Heer soon finishes singing the hymn, and goes around to give the aarti to everyone. After all the prayers, everyone goes to the dining room, and sit around the table, as Heer, Meher, and Nupur prepare the breakfast inside the kitchen, and bring it out. Heer serves everyone, and then goes to sit down beside Prem. Heer tears out a small piece of the aloo paratha she helped make, and puts it in her mouth, somehow doesn't feel all that good.


"Arre, Heer. Kya hua? Aloo ke parathe toh tumhare favourite hain, toh kyun nahin kha rahi?" Padma asks, noticing Heer's hesitation, as to what she thinks, at least.


"Kuch nahin mummyji." Heer replies, and continues trying to eat.


But, even her second attempt at trying to eat the paratha doesn't seem that good, and she even begins to feel sick. Suddenly, Heer gets up from the table, and putting her hand over her mouth, runs to the nearest bathroom. Worried, Prem gets up and goes after Heer, as the same as everyone else.


"Heer, kya hua? Tum theek toh ho na? Kya main andar aaoon?" asks Prem from outside the bathroom, knocking to check if Heer is feeling alright, and seeming visibly worried.


"Main theek hoon, Prem, kuch nahin hua." Heer replies. But just then, she throws up one more time, and Prem gets really worried.


"Heer, main andar aa raha hoon. Tum theek toh ho na?" Prem presses on, even more worried for Heer.


Prem is about to push the door open, after some tries, but then Heer opens the door herself, and Prem again asks her how she is feeling.


"Heer, tum theek toh ho na? Doctor ke paas leke jaana hai? Main kitna pareshaan tha maloom hai. Tum andar ulti kar rahi thi. Kya hua? Haan, bolo kya hua na? Kya kuch galat kha liya? Tum apna khyaal kyun nahin rakhti? Maine kitni baar kaha hai ki tumhein sab ore logon ko hi nahin, apna ore bhi dhyaan dena chahiye?" Prem asks Heer a string of questions, hoarding her with them as soon as she comes out from the bathroom.


"Relax, Prem…! Kal shayad restaurant mein maine kuch galat khaya tha. Kuch nahin hua hai mujhe, aur mere se zyada tujhe itni tension hai." Heer says, teasing Prem for being so worried and asking so many questions at one time.


Everyone laughs at Prem, and returns to the table. Heer too, does, but she doesn't feel like eating, after vomiting so much, so she just has some dry toast to settle her stomach, and some juice, sip by sip. Later, after the breakfast, Padma takes Heer aside to talk to her, and when Heer comes out, she seems quite elated, but when Prem asks her, she says its nothing.


Prem and Shashank later, have to go out for some important office work, so he does, along with Mayank and Preet who go to get a "feel of the office work, stress and meetings," this being their first time attending the office – the company is owned by the Juneja's themselves.


Meher and Nupur, meanwhile, stay back to get the house ready for Prem's surprise birthday party the day after tomorrow. Heer, on the other hand, leaves the house with Padma. And Meher, and Nupur, confused as to why she is leaving the house and not staying back to prepare for Prem's surprise ask her, she doesn't answer them properly, but just says she is going with Padma to the doctors for a checkup, especially since she is not feeling that well, and vomited earlier.


Padma and Heer ask the driver to drop them at a Lilavati Hospital (that's the only hospital I know in Mumbai…LOLz). A few hours later, they both return, with a slight smile visible on their faces. All goes well the rest of the day as everyone at home continues to prepare for Prem's surprise birthday party.


The next day, Prem goes to office, thinking that he will finish all his work that day itself so that tomorrow, on his birthday, he can spend the whole day with his family and his beloved Heer – especially spending time with his Heer, since time for them, together, is very precious.


So, the guys of the house, including Shashank are away in their office, finishing up whatever projects and last minute work if any. After Padma and Heer do their share of the planning and organizing of the party, Padma drags Heer again to the hospital, to get the reports of the tests Heer had done the previous day.


Meher and Nupur again become somewhat suspicious, especially when Heer and Padma return from the hospital with huge smiles on their faces, and refuse to tell them what the matter is, even when they ask. Heer, infact tells Meher and Nupur that she wants to tell Prem what the matter is first, before she tells anyone else. And when they ask why she already told Padma, Heer replies that she didn't tell, Padma just guessed – and if they thought just a bit harder, they too would be able to guess. But, Meher and Nupur, too preoccupied with thoughts of their pati's at work, and the impending surprise birthday party the spent so hard planning and organizing, are unable to think any further.


At around 11 in the night, the guys of the house return home – after having done all their work, as well as gone out to the pub/disco to have some boy's night out (yess…including Shashank…don't be surprised… Shashank is quite youngy-young ji…KKHH…haha). They spend a further 30 mins or so talking with the rest of the family in the living room.


Prem is surprised to see that Heer is not there, especially since she has the habit of staying awake for him whatever time he comes home. Padma tells him that Heer has gone to sleep, since she has been feeling very tired. Prem is both surprised and worried when Heer says this, so he goes up to his room to see that indeed, Heer is sleeping.


Prem, seeing his Heer, his angel, sleeping so peacefully, doesn't wish to wake her up just yet so he lets her sleep on. And instead, Prem goes inside the bathroom t shower. As soon as he goes inside with his towel and night-suit, Heer wakes up (after having pretended to sleep, of course…!).


Heer tries to make minimal noise so as not to let Prem suspect anything – which he anyways won't be able to do, as he can't hear anything due to the shower being on. Heer goes out of the room


At aroung 11.50pm, Prem comes out of the bathroom, and he sees Heer gone. When he looks to the side table, he sees that the water jug is empty, and Heer's glass not there, so he suspects that Heer must have gone to the kitchen to get a drink. He decides to go there, hoping he can catch her there and talk with her alone, before they come back upto the bedroom, because then, both being tired, will straight away hit the pillows and the bed.


However, when Prem enters the kitchen, he is surprised to see that Heer is not there – instead, there is just a note for him, saying "Kitchen mein aa gaye? Ab seedha seediyon se upar terrace par aao. Main vahaan hoon. Thandi havaa mein, chaand-sitaaron ke neeche baithkar baatein karte hain."


Prem walks back to his room, to get 2 shawls – one for him and one for Heer – knowing that she would probably have forgotten hers, and if they'll be talking on the terrace, they would probably just fall asleep there. By the time he gets to the terrace, it is 11.59pm.


Prem looks around for Heer for about half a minute, but after not seeing her there, he thinks that she may have returned to their room, so he leaves. But just before that, Heer comes out from a corner where she has been hiding, and she holds Prem's hand. Heer then hugs Prem, tightly, and Prem too hugs her back. After a few seconds, they part, and Heer wished Prem "Happy Birthday", and kisses him on the lips.

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~ Part 8 ~


Prem and Heer have a quick kiss and hug before parting. Then Prem asks for his gift.


"Heer, tumne toh mujhe wish kar diya. Ab mera gift bhi dedo."


"Errrm' Tumhara gift?"


"Nahin layi mere liye gift? Koi baat nahin. Bas ek aur kiss dedo, kaafi hoga."


"No ways' Tumhara gift hai. Ek minute, abhi laati hoon." Says Heer laughing, moving away from Prem as he tries to go closer to her to hug her and kiss her.


Heer goes to her room, where she brings the report files, and gives them to Prem, who looks confused.


"Kya? Yeh hai mera gift? Hospital ke reports??... You are giving me paper for my birthday?" Prem says in mock anger.


Heer watched Prem's facial reactions as he reads the papers. But Prem shows nothing on his face. And then, he just goes away without saying anything, leaving Heer confused. As he goes down the stairs to the living room, Heer also follows him all the way, running after him and calling his name.


"Prem, Prem' Zaraa ruko na'"


But Prem doesn't listen to Heer, and continues going towards the living room. He finally reaches there, and Heer to follows closely behind, and puts her hand on his shoulder as she reaches him.


"Kya hua, tum khush nahin ho?" asks Heer, visibly worried at Prem's behaviour.


"Kisne kaha mahin khush nahin hoon?" replies Prem.


"Toh phir'" says Heer, wanting to ask Prem why he rushed off like that, without giving any reaction the the news. But, she is interrupted by Prem who shouts for everyone to come down to the living room.


"Maa'Papa' Mayank'Preet' Meher'Nupur' sabhi'jaldi aao yahaan, living room mein" shouts Prem.


And everyone rushes out worried, about what Prem has to say, thinking he must be in some sort of trouble. Everyone except Padma, that is, who takes some time in coming, bringing out Prem's birthday cake, looking relaxed and pleased. Prem, and Shashank, and everyone else infact, seems confused at Padma's behaviour. And Shashank, asks her why she seems to be so relaxed.


"Padma. Tum yeh aise behave kar rahi ho? Dikhta nahin, ki Prem kitna pareshaan sound kar raha hai? Aur tum yahaan cake laake usse wish karni aayi ho?"


"Oh. Don't worry. Mujhe pata hai ki Prem itna kyun chilla raha hai." Says Padma, not seeming worried at all.


"Maa, aapko pata hai? Toh mujhe pehle kyun nahin bataya? Heer ne tumhein bataya?" says Prem, surprised.


"Nahin. Heer ne mujhe nahin bataya. Maine khud hi guess kiya." Replies Padma.


"Kya guess kiya?" says Shashank, confused and demanding to know what is going on.


"Yeh guess kiya ki Heer ki bimari ki vajah kya hai." Says Padma, trying to calm down Shashank.


"Heer bimaar hai? Kya hua Heer ko?" asks Shashank, really worried now.


"Kuch nahin hua Heer ko." Says Padma.


"Lekin abhi toh tumne kaha ki Heer bimar hai. Toh aisa kaisa ki kuch nahin hua?"


"Tum khud Prem se kyun nahin poochte?"


"Prem'" Shashank asks, turning to Prem. "Heer ko kya hua?"


"Papa' Heer ne mujhe ek birthday present diya." Says, Prem, handing over the hospital reports to Shashank, who seems confused as to why Heer's birthday gift to Prem are the hospital reports ' the reason behind her illness. But as he reads the reports, his facial expression also changes, and he seems utterly joyful.


At this time, Preet and the rest, Preet especially, are very confused.


"Koi mujhe bata dega ki kya ho raha hai? Heer bhabhi ko kya bimari hai?" ' Preet yells out, worried for his Heer bhabhi, being very fond of her, and her "favourite devar" too.


Heer wants to tell Preet, but Prem holds her back. Prem then goes to Mayank, Nupur and Meher to tell them the news, deciding to tease and irritate Preet for a little while more. He tells them the news in their ears, and they too get very happy, making Preet more irritated.


Preet shouts out one more time, demanding to know what the matter is. And finally, Prem decides to reveal the news. He starts getting all excited, with his voice high, and tells everyone and news, once again.


"Wooooohoooooo'.!!!! Preet, tu chacha banne wala hai. Matlab maa aur papa dada-dadi. Aur main papa. Aur Heer maa' Heer pregnant hai. Aur woh bhi teen mahine. Yaani cheh mahinon (6 weeks) ke andar, main papa banne waala hoon. Yesssss'.!!!!! Is din ka main toh kab se intezaar kar raha tha. Yeahhhhh''.!!!!!!"


Preet breaks out into a huge smile, and goes towards his Heer bhabhi, to hug and congratulate her, first before going to Prem. The rest of the family just laughs at Prem's excitement, him becoming like a total child himself, hearing this news. Then, they all give their presents to Prem, who though excited at getting the gifts, and thanking them, says "Yeh gifts toh bohot achche hain. Lekin jo gift Heer ne mujhe diya hai, usse bada aur koi gift nahin ho sakta."


And everyone agrees. After cutting the cake, and feeding everyone, Prem and Heer sit down with everyone else in the living room to have a chat. Prem puts a protective arm around Heer, and Padma and Shashank, seeing that, smile.


After some time, everyone goes to their rooms to sleep, being really tired. Prem and Heer too go, after they all have already gone, with Prem carrying Heer upto their room. While they go up, they stare into each others eyes.


And the song Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein ' from EMI ' plays in the background. (


Hmmm Ummmmm Aahaa Ooo Hoo
Baithe Rahe Khayalon Mein Yu..
Uljhe Rahein.. Sawaalon Mein Yuun Hi
Umm Kitni Baatein Hai Jo Kehna Paaye Unako
Hum Toh Na The Iss Tarah...
(Hooo Hoooooo Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Yuun) - 2 Khoye Rahein..
Hmmm Ummmmm Aahaa Ooo Hoo 
Bas Tumko Dekhe, Dekhate Hi Rahe
Ruk Jaye Lamhein Sabhi Jaate Huye
Kya Tumse Kehde, Aur Kya Na Kahe
Tum Hi Samajh Lo Sabhi Ai Kaash Ke
Bas Yeh Tamanna Hai Dil Jo Apna Hai, Usko Mil Jao Tum
Abb Na Khayalon Mein, Na Sawalon Mein, Baahon Mein Aao Tum..
(Hooo Hoooooo Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Yuun) - 2 Khoye Rahein 
Chand Sitare Sare Benur The,
Tumse Mile To Sabhi Roshan Huye..
Yeh Sab Najare Phir Mile Naa Mile,
Ek Do Kadam Hi Sahi Milkar Chale
Kal Kisne Dekha Hai Kya Bharosa Hai, Reh Na Jaaye Gile
Yeh Ibtada Bhi Hai Intehan Bhi Hai, Hai Mohabbat Liye
(Hooo Hoooooo Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Yuun) - 2 Khoye Rahein, Khoye Rahein, Khoye Rahein.......... 
Prem lays Heer down on the bed, and they both go to sleep, continuing to stare into each other's eyes. As they fall asleep, they think about the past and the present ' those wonderful moments they have spent with each other, and not about the future, when they will soon be separated, not by time, not by people, not by circumstances, but by death'  

~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


Now, we see the flashbacks' to the day where this fan-fic actually started' That stormy night when Heer (and Prem) got the news that changed their lives forever'


Its raining heavily outside, with the rain pattering heavily on the windows and the terrace roof, as Heer can hear it. Heer is sitting inside her's and Prem's bedroom, with the lights off, rocking on the rocking-chair, and waiting for the call. Heer has been holding the cordless phone in her hand for the past hour or so, waiting and waiting, anxiously. Soon, the phone soon rings, and before it can complete its first ring, Heer picks it up.


"Hello. May I please speak to Mr Prem Juneja. Main unka doctor hoon?" asks the person on the other line.


"Jee. Woh is waqt ghar pe nahin hai. Aap mujhse keh sakte hain. Main unki patni Mrs Heer Juneja hoon." replies Heer, clearly with worry in her voice.


"Mrs Juneja ' I'm afraid khabar kuch achchi nahin hai. Mr Prem ke tests ke reports aaye hain'" says the doctor, who is on the other line.


"Doctor, Prem ko kya hua hai?" asks Heer, on the verge of tears and about to break down.


"Usse last stage cancer hai."


"Kitna waqt hai unke paas"


"Cheh mahine (6 months) ya phir zyaada se zyaada ek saal agar woh ab bbhi chemotherapy karna chahe"' (I dunno the real time the doc give, but I wanna give this time, as it fits my ff nicely)


The phone drops from Heer's hands. The doctor tries talking to her, but on getting no reply, he decides that it is best if he cuts the line. After some time, Heer is able to get out of her initial shock. She picks up the phone, and calls Prem. As soon as Prem's voice is heard, Heer is unable to hold it anymore, and she completely breaks down. Hearing her sobs, Prem rushes over to her as soon as he can'

(and the rest of the story u guys know')

~ ~ ~ END OF FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~

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~ Part 9 ~


Heer wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and screaming. "Nahin'!!!" Prem too wakes up, and has to calm Heer down, assuring her that he is not going anywhere, not for a long time at least. Heer then holds Prem's hand, as his other hand strokes her head. As Heer goes to sleep, Prem watches her, more worried about her and her health and all than about his impending death.


~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


Prem remembers that time he met Kripa, who was then Angad's girlfriend (now his wife). After that meeting, he kept persisting and insisting on to Kripa to give him Heer's phone number, or at least tell him where she studies or something, but Kripa refuses. Finally, after about a month of insistence, Kripa being tired of Prem irritating her, and also convinced that Prem's feelings for Heer are genuine, she gives him the details ' Kripa is just about to start a course in the arts faculty at St. Zavier's College. So, Prem, decides to "further his studies" there. He tells his Padma and Shashank that he wishes to delay starting to work in their family company because he wants to study further. Padma and Shashank respect his wishes, saying that if he wishes to study further now, so let him, afterall he will be more knowledgeable in his field when he actually joins the company. So, Prem applies to get a place in the college, and much to both his surprise in happiness, he does get a place, in Heer's course, and class.


Into the second week of the term, he joins. First he visits the principal's office to confirm his course and get his timetable, then heads to the room, for the first lesson. Prem knocks the door, and the teacher ' Ms Tamanna (Kishwer Merchant) '  gives him permission to come in.


"Jee Mam, main Prem Juneja hoon. Aapki class mein naya student" Prem tells Tamanna.


"Prem' Haan, principal ne mujhe bataya tha ki naya student aane waala hai. Welcome to the class." Ms Tamanna tells Prem.


"Jee, thank you Mam." replies Prem, already feeling welcome.


Prem then turns to see his new classmates. Everyone of them seems to be looking at him, everyone expect one girl that is. That one girl is right at the back of the classroom, and she is so immersed in reading some book, that she doesn't even seem to hear her friend, sitting on her left side, calling out to her. That girl is Heer, and her friend is Kripa (note: Kripa hasn't told Heer that she is the one who gave Prem her details, as she didn't want her to get angry).


Heer finally manages to set her book aside when Kripa nudges her to get her attention. And when Kripa points to the front of the classroom, Heer looks in that direction, and seeing Prem, she begins to ask herself where she has seen him before as he looks familiar. She is about ask Kripa the same question, but just then, Ms Tamanna comes to stand beside Prem, to introduce him to the class.


"Class' Yeh hai Prem Juneja. Aap logon ka naya classmate. Prem ki padhayi already khatam ho chuki hai, lekin ab yeh apni studies to furter karna chahta hai, kuch naya seekha chahta hai. Isiliye, sab ise please welcome kijiye." says Ms Tamanna to the class, introducing Prem.


Everyone, including Heer and Kripa welcome Prem to the class and the college. The girls all stare in awe at him ' with him being so tall and dark and handsome, basically the typical dream guy ' while the guys cheer and do the typical guy stuff.


Ms Tamanna tells Prem to take a seat, to find any empty seat and sit down there, but to chose carefully, since that seat will be his permanent seat, for the rest of the year, at least. There are quite a few empty seats, besides some girls, who all gesture to Prem to come and sit beside them. However, Prem has only one empty seat in sight ' the one on Heer's right side ' and he goes and sits there. The girls feel jealous, that out of all the pretty girls, he choses to sit beside Heer ' who though not that popular and being very bookish, is still quite pretty. Heer also seems surprised that Prem chose to sit down beside her.


As Ms Tamanna turns to the blackboard to right something, Heer turns to Prem and asks him "Aapko pehle bhi kahin dekha hai, shayad. Kahaan dekha hoga?"


"Aapki birthday party mein." replies Prem, smiling despite remembering his initial embarrassment at the party.


"Birthday party mein? Lekin aap toh mere dost nahin hai, maine aapko invite nahin kiya." says Heer, seeming very confused indeed.


"Correct. Aapko shayad yaad nahin hoga, lekin main aapko zaraa remind karta hoon' Remember, last year' Goa, woh kutta, aur who ladka'" hints Prem.


"Oh haan' Toh woh ladka' Tum?!!!!!! Hahaha' Sorry'" Heer laughs, remembering that incident, then controls herself, remembering that it is rude to laugh at other people's embarrassments, so she apologizes.


"Nahin. Its ok. Aapko maafi maangne ki zaroorat nahin hai." Prem tells Heer, that there is no need to apologize to her ' what he doesn't add is that actually it was his good fortune that the incident happened to him, because otherwise, how would he have met her?!!...


"Waise. Main Prem hoon, yeh toh aapko pata hoga. Aapka naam kya hai?" Prem asks Heer.


"I'm Heer." she replies.


"Toh Heer'Mujhse dosti karogi?"


"Dekhoongi, sochoongi, kal-parso kuch kahoongi'" Heer jokes.


"Kya?!" says Prem surprised at Heer's reply.


"Sorry. Just joking. Who MDK film actually meri favourite thi, aur main kab se kisi ko who dialogue kehna chahti thi, lekin mauka hi nahin mila'Lekin, aapse'Sure, friends'" says Heer, taking the hand that Prem has entended to her, and shaking it.


Then, Ms Tamanna turns to the class again, and begins her lesson.


The screen fades away as this flashback ends'



~ ~ ~ END OF FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


Prem snaps back to the present, after thinking of that time when he entered Heer's course and class as a student, despite being 3 years older than her, and the rest of the classmates too.


In the present, Prem now turns to Heer. A lone tear drops out of his eye, but he quickly wipes it away as he looks down at Heer's stomach, where her hand is resting, as if protectively, in a way to protect the yet unborn baby. Prem covers Heer's hand with his own, and bringing himself nearer to Heer, he drifts off to sleep.

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~ Part 10 ~

~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~

It has been about six months since Prem has joined the college where Heer is studying. By now, he is the total stud ' the most popular guy in the college, and all the girls are totally fida over him. Prem however, eyes for only one girl ' Heer, who seems to show no apparent interest in him and just considers him her good friend. One reason for this may be because Prem just hasn't yet been able to confess his feelings for Heer, to her, yet.

The mid year exams have just been over, and to help the students relax and have fun for some time, the college decides to organize a talent parade ' Talentamaina' In this talent parade, there are 2 categories, the individual and the group. Everyone can take part in the individual category, but only the best 20 performers will get to go ahead to the next round, from where 10 will be selected to take part in the finals held within the next 2 weeks. As for the group category, those who take part in the individual category are still allowed to perform for the group rounds, however, they must chose a complete different concept and talent for it. In the auditions round for this category, the 15 best groups will be selected, while only 5 will be able to make it to the finals.

Heer had auditioned for the individual category, where she sang, and to her surprise, she even got through. Heer also participated in the group category, dancing with Prem as her partner ' and also with Kripa and another of their college friends Abhimanyu Modi (Amit Tandon) who will be joining them, as a "couple". In the group rounds, they did get through, after having danced as a good and synchronized group as the judges liked.

During the 2 weeks left before the Talentamania finals, Heer and Prem have been staying back in college almost everyday to rehearse, as have Kripa and Abhimanyu (a.k.a. Abhi). During these 2 weeks, Prem finally decides to confess his feelings to Heer. After one of their rehearsals, Prem goes up to Heer and finally opens up.

"Heer, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai." says Prem.

"Haan, bolo Prem. Kya baat hai?" Heer replies.

"Woh main' main' I' Main.."

"Yeh kya bakri ki tarah main main kar rahe ho? Seedha seedha theek baat karo na"

"Ok' Heer, main' Heer, I' I' I, Love, You'!" Prem says this, finally breathing a sigh of relief after having got it out of his system.

"What?..." Heer is completely speechless when Prem confesses his feeling for her. And then Heer reveals a truth that shocks Prem. "Prem, main tumse pyar nahin kar sakti."

"Kyun?" asks Prem, confused as well as slightly hurt at her answer.\

"Prem, maaf kardo ki maine tumhein bataya nahin, lekin mera already ek boyfriend hai."

Now, its Prem's turn to say "What??!!!". And as he says this, the hurt and disappointment in his voice is visible. Rather, if it is even possible to say, his world at that moment complete shatters.

"I'm sorry Prem" says Heer, feeling truly sorry for having hidden this from Prem, her good friend ' as well as Kripa who doesn't know about this also. "Lekin mera already ek boyfriend hai. Main use bohot bohot pasand karti hoon. Shayad pyaar bhi' Lekin woh sab mujhe nahin pata' Phir bhi, Prem, please' agar maine tumhara dil dukhaya ho toh main seriously maafi chahti hoon."

Prem is crying, and Heer is also coming close to tears for having hurt her friend. But, Heer feels sad for Prem, and hugs him. Prem does hug her, but after a few seconds, he suddenly starts laughing.

Heer, shocked moves away from him, and questions him ' "Tum has rahey ho? Iska kya matlab hai?"

"Mazaak'main mazaak'" says Prem, still laughing, and clutching his stomach.

"Toh tum mazaak kar rahey the? Mujhe toh itna daraa diya tumne. Maine sach mein socha tha ki tum mujhse pyar karte ho, aur maine tumhein inkaar karke tumhara dil dukhaya." Heer says, as she gets angry and starts to pack to go home. She is about to leave the place where they are practicing when Prem holds her hand.

Heer stops, and turns, seeing Prem kneeling down and holding his ears.

"I'm sorry Heer. Main tumhara dil dukhana nahin chahta tha, lekin kya karen'?"

"Kya karen ka kya matlab hai Prem?" Heer questions him, still angry, but only slightly ' after some of her anger having melted down at the sight of Prem looking like that, kneeling down, with a adorable puppy-dog look on his face.

"Well' maaf karna, lekin mera tumse I Love You kehna' darasal, yeh ek'" says Prem, when he is interrupted in mid-sentence by a third voice, which is not Heer or his either ' the voice says "Yeh ek shart thi.".

Prem and Heer both turn around to see that Kripa is walking up to them. "Haan, Heer yeh so called love confession ek shart thi,sirf ek shart' Taaki tum humein sachayi bata sako'" Kripa reiterates.

"Kya sach? Kaisa sach?" replies Heer, slightly confused.

"Woh sach ki tumhari zindagi mein kya chal raha hai. Tum aaj kal itni khoyi khoyi si lag rahi thi, aur upar se, class ke waqt day-dreaming karna jo ki bilkul tumhari aadat nahin hai. Aur phir, aaj hi maine tumhein kisi ke saath phone par romantic baat karte huye sunaa tha. Mujhe laga ki shayad Prem hoga ya phir shayad Prem ko pata hoga ki kaun hoga, kyunki aajkal saara waqt toh tum usi ke saath ho, toh maine Prem ko bataya. Lekin jab Prem ne mujhe bataya ki use iske bare mein kuch bhi nahin pata, toh maine yeh plan socha taaki tum humein asli baat bata sako. Prem toh yeh plan karna nahin chahta tha, lekin maine use majhboor kiya."

"What'? Prem ko'? Kaise'"

"Maine use yeh kaha ki agar who yeh nahin karega, toh main tumhari us Goa wali party ki baat purey college ko bataaoongi, jahan par Prem ke saath who cake waala incident' Toh phir Prem ko manna hi padha."

"Tum bhi na, Kripa' Achcha, chal. Ab baatein bohot ho chuki hai. Aur mujhe bhi der ho rahi hai."

"Apne doston ko chodkar kya tum apne boyfriend se milne jaa rahi ho?"

"Haan." says Heer, smiling and blushing as she makes her way out of the room where they were practicing, and eventually, out of the college.

As Heer leaves the room, Kripa walks up to Prem and puts his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Prem. Agar Heer ko pata hota ki tum sach mein use kitna pyar karti ho na, toh shayad'"

"Nahin. Nahin Kripa. Heer kabhi mujhe pyaar nahin kar payegi. Kyunki woh toh kisi aur se pyar karti hai na?"

"Prem'!" Kripa just says his name once more, and tries to console him, but Prem is unable to hold it inside himself any longer, so he just breaks down. Kripa finally understands that Prem's love for Heer is not just strong, but it is divine ' it is just too sad, or rather heartbreaking, that Heer loves someone else and not Prem. As Prem falls down on his knees once again, Kripa holds him, and out of the genuine (and platonic or rather more brotherly-sisterly) affection he feels for her, Prem hugs Kripa.

And Prem continues crying as the song Jag Soona Soona Laage plays in the background.

Main Taaj Ya Naamara, Haay Ve Dasu Main Ki Kara
Dil Jude Bina Hi Tut Gaye, Hath Mile Bina Hi Chhut Gaye
Khel Khale Kismat Ne
Baar Baar Rod Ankhiya Tainu Jo Na Vek Sakhiya, ??? Kudarat Ne

Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2)
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Hai Toh Yeh Kyun Hota Hai
Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai, Roye Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein, Jag Soona Laage
Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2)
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2) Re
Soona Laage Re

Roothi Roothi Saari Raatein, Phike Phike Saare Din
Viraani Si Viraani Hai, Tanhaayi Si Tanhaayi Hai
Aur Ik Hum Pyaar Ke Bin Har Pal
Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2)
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2) Re

Patthron Ki Iss Nagari Mein, Pattha Chehre, Patthar Dil
Phirta Hai Maara Maara Kyun Raahon Mein Tu Aawaara
Yahaan Na Hoga Kuchh Haasil, Mere Dil
Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2)
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, Jag Soona Soona Laage
Jag Soona Soona Hai Toh Yeh Kyun Hota Hai
Jab Yeh Dil Rota Hai, Roye Sisak Sisak Ke Hawaayein, Jag Soona Laage
Chhan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2)
Koi Rahe Na Jab Apna, (Jag Soona Soona Laage - 2) Re
Soona Laage Re Mohe

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~ Part 11 ~

As Prem hugs Kripa who is consoling him, someone seems to be clicking pictures of them, which seem to suggest that they are in some compromising position. Prem and Kripa seem unaware of this, as the mysterious man finishes off what he had come there for, after spying on them, and leaves off with a smirk on his face (NOTE though I am saying face here, the audience meaning u readers are only able to see the mouth area' meaning he is still a mysterious person to u guys' I plan to him in suspense until the time arrives to reveal abt him')


After some time, Prem leaves and so does Kripa. The next few days pass in awkwardness on the part of Prem, who though still loves Heer, feels so because she has a boyfriend. And as for Kripa, after college and her dance practices, she heads over to Angad's house, where they spend some quality time together.


On the 5th day after Heer's truth about her boyfriend comes out, Kripa heads over to Angad's house as usual. However, when she does, she finds Angad looking angry, instead of being in his usual romantic and happy mood.


"Yeh sab kya hai?" Angad demands to know, asking Kripa as soon as she enters his living room.


"Kya, kya hai?" Kripa questions him back, confused as well as rather worried, as to why he seems so angry.


"Yeh sab. In photographs ka kya matlab hai? Kya matlab nikaaloon main?" Angad questions her one more time, back.


Angad shows Kripa the photographs of her and Prem hugging. Kripa is surprised as to who took these photos, when no one seemed to be in the room at that time, right after Heer left.


"Kya yeh Prem hai?" Angad asks again, looking at one of the photos and recognising his best friend.


"Haan' Yeh toh Prem hi'"


But before she can explain any further, Angad cuts her off, and calls Prem, in an angry tone. He wants Prem himself to rush over here to explain.


"Kya hua? Angad, tum itne gusse mein kyun ho?" Prem asks this worriedly.


But Angad continues to be angry, at Prem, as he questions him further.


"Aisi kya baat hui jo tum mujhe nahin bata sake, lekin jaake Kripa ko bataya?"


"Woh baat'" Prem starts off, wondering what on earth could Angad possibly be talking about.


"Jhooth mat bolo. Aur tum bhi Kripa. Aisi kaunsi baat aur secret hai jo tum aur Prem mujhse chupa rahe ho? Maine kal shaam tumko aur Prem ko phone par baat karte huye sun li. Sach mein Prem, maine zindagi mein bhi nahin socha ki mera best friend'"


Prem and Kripa get worried as to what Angad is thinking at that moment, but then Angad's anger seems to lessen, and with a slight smirk on his face, he says "Prem, main sach mein, tujhse bohot naraaz hoon. Tumne koi baat mujhse chupayi. Ro-roke Kripa mein confide kiya, aur mujhe is baare ki khabar tak hi nahin?"


And finally, Kripa and Prem understand what Angad is talking about ' the fact that Prem, Angad's best friend, didn't confide in him about Heer, but instead turned to Kripa to be consoled. Angad then starts laughing, and that totally replaces the worry and confusion on Kripa and Prem's face with happiness, and in the case of Kripa, "revenge anger" ' which Angad manages to cool away when he apologises in his usual way and Kripa has no heart to refuse him.


 Prem and Kripa then explain all that happened ' Prem's accidental meeting with the cake at Heer's 16th that year in Goa, his falling in love with her at first sight, his insisting Kripa to give him Heer's details, him joining the same college just to patao Heer, becoming her good friend in a short time, coming even closer to her, and finally, his heartbreak. By the time they finish telling everything, even Angad seems to have moist eyes, as does Prem ' thinking about Heer, and how she can never be his ' and also Kripa ' thinking about the love Prem has for Heer, the love which no one ever had for anyone before, and the heartbreak Prem, whom she considers to be like her brother, suffered.


Prem spends some more time with Angad and Kripa, to keep his mind off Heer ' which he actually is unsuccessful in. But he soon leaves, as he too is tired, with it being quite late in the night and all.


Kripa turns to Angad, to question him about the photographs.


"Vaise' Woh photos tumhein kisne bheje?" Kripa asks.


"Pata nahin. Kisine courier kar diye the unhe." replies Angad.


"Courier? Jhooth mat bolo Angad. Tumne khud hi toh nahin kheenche the na? Mujhe pareshaan karne ke liye?"


"Main kyun karoonga yeh sab? Vaise Kripz darling. In photos par zaraa date aur time toh dekho. Yeh photos toh paanch din pehle ki baat hai na? Aur paanch din pehle main kahaan tha? Singapore mein, ek business trip par. Toh main kaise le sakta hoon?"


"Haan. Yeh baat toh sahi hai."


"Dekho. Vaise, main tumhein sataane ke liye yeh sab kyun karoonga? Aur bhi behatar tareeke hai mere paas?" says Angad, as he moves closer to Kripa and nuzzles her neck, making her laugh. (and the screen fades away)


The next day'


Heer and Prem as usual stay back after their lessons for their daily dance practice. As soon as they finish, Heer's phone rings, and she answers.


"Haan, darling. Bolo, kya baat hai?" Heer asks her boyfriend, who is on the other side of the line.


Prem hears Heer speaking on the phone, and when she says "darling", he starts getting moist eyes again, but he turns his face away from Heer so that she can't see him.


"Milna chahte ho? Kab?... Abhi? Nahin, main bohot thak chuki hoon' Kya?... Achcha, tum please keh rahe ho toh. Aur vaise bhi main tumhein refuse nahin kar paati jab tum please kehte ho' Ok baba. Toh bolo kahaan milna hai' Barista, ek ghante mein. Ok' Aur kya?... Prem ko bhi saath mein? Kyun' Theek hai, theek hai. Main tumhein usse milva doongi'"


And Heer keeps the phone down. Prem wipes his tears away, and turns to her soon enough, so that she doesn't suspect he's been crying.


"Prem," Heer says "Tum free ho ab?"


"Meri pyaari si dost ke liye toh main har waqt free hoon" says Prem, with a lot of pain being used to say the word "dost".


"Theek hai. Toh mere saath abhi chalo. Barista. Koi tumse milna chahta hai."


"Kaun?" Prem asks, not having heard the full conversation, though he can still seem able to guess that she is referring to her boyfriend.


"Mera boyfriend." says Heer.


And Prem's fears are confirmed. Yet, Prem still goes along with Heer to meet her boyfriend ' to see how he is, because if he is a good guy and will keep Heer happy, then he has no problem even if Heer is not his, since if Heer is happy, so is he. Prem and Heer reach the Barista outlet, where Heer was told to come, and they enter ' Heer enters with eager anticipation, while Prem with worry and sadness. Heer spots her boyfriend, and walks up to him, leading the way.


"Prem, isse milo. Yeh hai mera boyfriend Rajveer, urf Raj. Aur Raj yeh mera ek sabse achcha dost Prem." Heer says, introducing the both of them.


Prem and Raj shake hands, and finally, they reveal Raj's face. (well, duh-uh' you should know' Raj is played by none other than Amit Jain.)

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~ Part 12 ~


Heer introduces Prem and Raj to each other, oblivious to anyone else except themselves, both Heer and Raj are unable to see that deep inside, Prem doesn't seem that happy, and has tears in his eyes. After that meeting ends, Prem goes to his home, and with quite some difficulty, falls asleep.


The next few days, he avoids Heer. Unable to talk to her, unable to look her in the eye without getting teary-eyed himself, Prem decides its just better to not let her see him in that condition.


Heer one day manages to catch up with Prem, and confronts him. Prem cant tell Heer the truth, but he cannot lie to her either, so he just decides to hide his pain ' the pain that resulted because Heer didn't love him more than a friend, like he did for her, and that probably, Heer could never become his, she had already committed herself to Raj.


Heer was unable to see Prem's hurt and sadness, but Kripa and Angad could definitely see it, and they were the ones to comfort him everytime he felt down.

~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ENDS ~ ~ ~


Back to the present, Prem now wakes up in the morning. He sees that Heer is not in the bed, and immediately gets worried for her.


"Heerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr''.!!!!!" Prem screams.


"Don't shout. Main yahi hoon. Bathroom mein." Heer says, just as she is coming out of the bathroom.


Prem breathes a sigh of relief as indeed, he sees Heer emerging, looking more beautiful than ever. He goes up to kiss Heer, but she pushes him away, telling him to brush his teeth first. Disappointed, Prem frowns deeply, and Heer giggles as she sees this. Then, as Prem goes into the bathroom to take a bath and get ready, Heer heads down the stairs to the kitchen.


As Prem gets ready, he again thinks back to the time when Heer first introduced him to Raj.


~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


As Prem shakes hands with Raj, he secretly looks at Heer, out of the corner of his eye. Seeing Heer's eyes filled with love for Raj, Prem does feel a pang of jealousy, and for a moment he wishes he were bad enough to separate Heer and Raj so he could have Heer for himself. However, throughout that meeting, he sees only the purity of the love that Raj and Heer have for each other, and thus makes a decision. Heer and Raj soon leave, and watching her retreating back, Prem is unable to hold back his sadness. Nearly choking on his tears, Prem calls Angad and tells him and Kripa (who was with Angad at that time) of his decision.


"Hello Angad."


"Hi Prem", say both Angad and Kripa.


"Main vahaan loudspeaker pe hoon? Koi aur aas paas mein toh nahin?"


"Nahin. Bolo. Kya hua us meeting ka?." asks Angad.


"Raj ek bohot achcha ladka hai Angad. Woh aur Heer ek dusre se bohot pyar karte hain. Main Heer aur Raj ko alag karne ka soch bhi nahin sakta. Agar woh alag ho gaye, toh Heer dukhi hogi. Aur agar woh dukhi toh main bhi dukhi. Aur vaise bhi, Heer ko pata chala ki maine use aur Raj ko alag karne ka socha bhi, toh woh mujhse naraaz hogi. Main Heer ka dukh nahin seh sakta, lekin uski khushi ke liye apne aap ko dukhi bhi karna ho toh zaroor kar sakta hoon." Prem tells both of them.


"Toh iska matlab tum.." this time it's Kripa talking, obviously worried for Prem, who has been like a brother and dear friend to her.


"Nahin, Kripa. Main Heer ko kabhi nahin bhula sakta. Heer mera pehla, doosra, teesra aur aakhri pyar hai. Main humesha Heer se pyar karta rahoonga, har janam janam. Main Heer ke khushi mein hi khush rahoonga."


"Lekin, Prem'" Angad and Kripa both start to talk, but are interrupted by Prem.


"No lekin-vekin. Main Heer ko kabhi nahin bataaonga ki main usse us tarah se pyar karta hoon. Maine apni kismat maan li hai. Shaayad meri takhdeer ka yehi faisla tha hi main Heer se sirf pyar karoon, use paaoon nahin. Agar takhdeer ne apna faisla badal diya, toh shaayad kuch ho sakta hai."


"Prem, agar tum usko bataaoge nahin, toh use kaise pata chalega ki tum usse pyar karte ho? Heer ko bataa toh do, shaayad woh Raj ko khud hi chodkar tumse pyar karein. Agar usse tumhare feelings ke baare mein pata chalta, toh woh unka iqraar bhi kar sakti hai." Kripa asks Prem.


"Nahin, Kripa. Maine kaha na, main kuch nahin karoonga. Main chahta hoon ki Heer mere maas apni marzi se aaye, jab woh mujhe pyar karein. Aur na ki isiliye ki woh mujhpar taras khaye ya phir koi bhi aur majboori se. Vaise bhi Kripa, tum toh Shahid Kapoor ki bohot badi fan ho na? Tumne uska pehla movie Ishq Vishk nahin dekha kya? Usmein Amrita Rao kehti hai ki agar tera pyar jaana chahe toh usse jaane do, lekin agar woh vaapis aaye toh woh tumhara hai, sirf tumhara. Main vaise hi kar raha hoon. Heer ko jaane de raha hoon. Agar Heer ek din vaapis mere paas aaye, toh main samjhoonga ki kismat ne aakhir mera saath hi de diya." Prem tells Kripa and Angad. By now all three have tears in their eyes.


Prem hangs up the phone,  and goes to his car. Just sitting there for a few minutes, Prem cries his heart out. With all the tears dried out, Prem finally manages to compose himself and drive back home, with a sad heart.


~ ~ ~ END  OF  FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


Down in the kitchen, Heer is helping to prepare breakfast with the other ladies in the house. The ladies, being ladies, are also arguing about the menu to make for lunch. Nupur, Meher, Heer, and even Padma, each want to make their husband's favourite dishes.


"Aaj hum gatte ki sabzi banaa le?" asks Nupur, "Mayank ko bohot pasand hai."


"Nahin, nahin. Prem ko gatte ki sabzi pasand nahin hai. Hum bhindi banaate hain. Aur baingan ka bharta." Heer argues.


"Lekin tumhare sasurji ko na hi gatte ki sabzi aur na hi bhindi ya baingan pasand hai." Padma tells them. "Hum aloo banaate hain. Aur methi malai matar."


"Eww.. Matar..  Preet ko pasand nahin." Meher finally pips up.


"Preet ko, ya tumko?" Heer asks Meher.


Embarrassed, Meher replies, "Actually, haan mujhko hi matar pasand nahin hai. Aur kyunki mujhe pasand nahin toh Preet bhi nahin khaata. Aur itne saalon se matar nahin khaye hai usne, ki main bhi bhool gayi usse actually matar pasand hai".


"Haan, varna toh Preet toh sab kuch khata hai na?!!" Padma jokes, and all the ladies laugh.


"Kiske baare mein baat ho rahi hai?" Prem asks coming into the kitchen.


"Don't worry Prem bhaiya. Hum tumhari baat nahin kar rahe the. Sirf yeh discuss kar rahe the ki aaj lunch mein kya banaaye."


"Oh. Okay. Vaise Heer, tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho?" Prem asks, turning to Heer. "Tum kitchen mein kaam nahin kar sakti. Sirf aaraam karna chahiye tumhein. Aakhir, tum pregnant ho."


"Lekin Prem..." Heer tries to argue, but Prem cuts her off.


"No lekin. I want you to rest."


Heer knows it's useless to argue any further with Prem, because he only will end up winning. Heer goes with Prem to the dining table to sit and wait for the breakfast. Nupur and Meher go "aww" seeing the love Prem has for Heer. Padma brings them to attention and tells them to get back to making the breakfast.


After breakfast, Mayank and Preet go to the office with Shashank, while Prem decides to spend that day at home with Heer. Prem and Heer watch tv for some time, while Padma goes to the market to shop for groceries. Heer soon gets bored watching tv and feels like doing something else. Prem suggests looking at their past photo albums, and Heer agrees.

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