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FF: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (IMPT NOTE +upd pg 14)

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ok.. so i had a fan-fic of the same title on the kis desh mein forum, but didnt update for some time.. then the forum got archived.. i also had a topic on this fan-fic forum but didnt update for quite some time, so the topic got closed.. i am not sure if it can be unlocked or anything, but whatever, i prefer making a fresh topic..

i will put the links to the earlier closed topic here below, but also post everything from the promos and character intro and storyline to the latest parts, and update here only from now on..
so dear MODS: plz DO NOT close this topic.. it has to remain active, as i will be updating regularly from now on, having much more time on my hands...
from the Kis Desh Mein forum...
From this, Fan-Fic forum...

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Significance of the title...

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Couples, soulmates, are made in heaven, and sent down to earth to meet. This is one such story - of a couple - destined to be with each other from the start. God blesses each one of this couple with a good, safe, and long life together - and that wherever they may be, they will go together - so not even time, people, nor their fate will be able to separate them forever (Na waqt, na log, na haalaat, koi judaa nahin kar sakta - a quote from the old serial Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan, that is actually the basis for my storyline) nor even God himself, even thought he created them...


Promo 1

As she enters the restaurant, she sees that almost everyone has arrived, and her birthday cake is ready, sitting on a table in the middle of an empty space, waiting for her to cut it.

Just then, a guy whizzes past her.. He seems really worried and scared. He ends up knocking some tables as he crashes into them. He is finally stopped by the table, holding the cake, when he crashes into it. The cake falls on his face, and he falls on the ground. She starts getting furious at him for attempting to spoil her birthday party.

Promo 2

Every day after that day, where he accidently embarrased himself and destroyed "his angel's birthday party", the place where he saw his "angel"  for the very first time - he has been unable to forget that face, that angelic face, and that beautiful laugh that belonged to that even more beautiful angel. Not knowing, he has actually fallen in love with her.

Promo 3

He finally gets to meet his angel. Over time, he and his angel become close friends. Just when he is about to confess to her about his feelings for her, she drops a bomb - she is in love with someone else. He is heartbroken, but attempts to be happy for her sake. When is is unable to take it any longer, unable to see her with another guy, he decides to leave her. And when he does, she becomes deeply disappointed, as her one good guy friend, someone who was able to understand her way better than her own childhood friend, has left her.... Will they be able to meet again? Will she ever understand his love for her - that not only is it deep rooted, but it is also never-ending, self-sacrificing, and the most love that one can ever show to another person? More importantly, will she ever reciprocate his feelings for her, or will he be left broken hearted once again?

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~ PM List ~
sweet scorpio
*** if there is anyone i missed out, in adding to my pm list (from the earlier 2 topics i created for this fan-fic), or if there is anyone else who would like to be pm for further-updates, plz state so in ur reply... thanks ***

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~ FF Index ~
Promo 1 to 3 --- pg 1
Characters --- pg 1
Parts 1 to 4 --- pg 1
Part 5 to 12 --- pg 2
Parts 13 to 15 --- pg 3
Part 16 --- pg 4
Part 17 --- pg 6
AUTHOR'S NOTE --- pg 6
PROMO Part 18 --- pg 8
Part 18 --- 8
Part 19 --- 9
PROMO Part 20 --- pg 11
Part 20 --- pg 11
AUTHOR'S NOTE --- pg 12

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~ Characters ~


Main Characters:


Prem & Heer Juneja (Harshad Chopra & Additi Gupta) {Both are married, with Heer being 26, and Prem 29 years old.} They first met when Heer was 16 years old. Prem fell in love with her at first sight, but Heer took some time to understand her feelings for him. Many trials and tribulations came their way ' with them suffering some heartbreaks ' before finally confessing their true true feelings, and getting married, happy that their happiness is now finally their's. However, they are completely unaware of the news which is going to change their lives forever ' some tragic news, which however, as time moves on, they will begin to accept it.



Other characters:


Preet & Meher Juneja (Sushant Rajput & Vaishali Sehdev) {both 24 years of age} Meher is the younger sister of Heer's best friend Kripa Sharma, but considers Heer as her older sister too, especially since they had all knows each other since young. Meher is married to Preet, Prem's younger brother. Preet is what everyone calls his "shaitaan" ' meaning the devil. He does not spare anyone, not even Meher, and has to manao-fy Meher everytime she gets angry, or at least pretends to, at him. They met each other when during one of Prem and Heer's pre-wedding ceremonies, and developed feelings for each other.


Mayank & Nupur Juneja (Arjun Bijlani & Rati Pandey) {both 24 years of age} Meher's best friend Nupur and Preet's fraternal twin brother Mayank met in college. Mayank is the total opposite of Preet ' Mayank is the studious and quiet type, while Preet is very naughty and talkative, still. And Nupur, is just like Preet. Nupur actually met Preet first, and then Preet introduced Mayank to Nupur, thinking that she is the one girl who can "set him straight". Nupur and Mayank used to have their daily nok-jhoks, and Mayank at first also hated Nupur, but slowly, after spending time with her, began developing feelings for her. And now, they are married ' after Mayank patao-ed Nupur, in total Nupur style, i.e. the sapno ka rajkumar, safed ghode par savaaar type.


Angad & Kripa Khanna (Iqbal Khan & Neha Bamb) {Angad is 29 yrs, and Kripa is 26 yrs} Angad and Kripa are now married, but, they have been dating for a long time ' since Kripa was 17 and Angad was 20. Angad is Prem's best friend, from childhood, while Kripa is Heer's best friend ' Kripa actually helped Prem and Heer meet, on Prem's request. When Kripa and Angad were dating, they had no problems among themselves. But they did have others to create problems between them.


Shashank & Padma Juneja (Monish Behl & Shilpa Tulaskar) {both 55 yrs old} They are the parents of Prem, Preet, and Mayank. They love all their kids equally, and a lot, even thought they may seem to get pretty annoyed at Preet most of the time.


Anurag & Prerna Malhotra (Cezanne Khan & Shweta Tiwari) {both 50 yrs old} They are the parents of Heer and Manish. They also love their both their kids very much.


Manish Malhotra (Parzun Dastur) {16 yrs old} Despite the 10 yrs age gap between him and Heer, he loves his elder sister a lot and is very close to her, sort of more close than he is to their parents.


Rajveer Tiwari {dead at 22} Rajveer (or Raj for short) was a year older than Heer. Raj's dad used to work with Anurag since before both Heer and Raj were born. Raj used to really like Heer from the very beginning, but after his parents died when he was still quite young, Raj had to leave Mumbai and go to London, to live with his maternal grandparents and uncle (mother's brother). He got lots of love from them, but he was also missing Anurag, Prerna, and especially Heer a lot. (He had left for London before Manish was born, so didn't meet him yet). So, to complete his graduation, Raj decided to return to Mumbai. Once back, he met Heer and confessed his love to her, and to his surprise, she too reciprocated the same feelings. They started dating just before Heer turned 17; Raj was already 18. (why Kripa doesn't know about Heer's love for Raj is because she hasn't met Raj yet'and Heer has been hiding from those she knows that she is dating Raj')' After 3 years of dating, Raj, asking permission from Heer's parents, proposed to Heer. That time, Heer was 20 and Raj was 21. Anurag and Prerna felt Raj and Heer were too young to get married, but they accepted their relationship, since both Heer and Raj were in love, and Raj was a very nice guy. Heer and Raj were all set to get married but tragically, just a few days before their wedding, Raj (aged 22; while Heer was still 21), Raj met with an accident and died on the spot.




*** note guys' I put the real names of the characters in my ff'coz I assume u know them, that's why I didn't want to put the pics here' but if u don't know who they are, and want me to, I will surely do it'


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It is a stormy night in Mumbai, as a guy is seen driving his car.

"Tring, tring!" his mobile phone rings, and he stops the car at the road shoulder so that he can answer the call.

"Hello?!!" he says worriedly, fearing that it may be her, calling to tell 'the news'.

"P-p-p-r-r-e-e-m-m-m'" sobs the other person on the line.
And, that sob, those tears shed while saying just his name, confirms his fears. He quickly puts the phone down, ensuring the sobbing person that he will be there, with her, soon. He rushes back to his destination, fortunate enough to not have had an accident, and the guards let him in the 'Juneja House'.
He quickly rushes inside the mansion after parking his car, and as he opens the main door with his keys, he sees that it is complete darkness inside.
He makes his way through the hall, up the grand staircase, and into a bedroom. As he comes nearer, the sobbing person who he was talking to earlier hears his footsteps and gets up.
And when she sees his, she runs into his open arms..
"Prem!!" she cries again...
"Heer!" he says, and he cries along with her as we feel the depth of the pain both of them are experiencing...
And then, they part from their hug, with their tear-streaked faces.
~ Part 2 ~

Prem makes Heer sit down on the nearby bed, while he hugs her, both still crying. Prem wipes Heer's tears, but that really does it ' Heer bursts out crying again. Heer hugs Prem again, never wanting to let go.


"Prem, main tumhein chodna nahin chahti." Says Heer.


When she says this, Prem just hugs Heer even tighter, wanting to keep her with him forever ' but what can they do, it's in her fate, their fate, their intertwined fate.


Prem starts reminiscing on his memories with Heer ' they day the met, how they fell in love, the problems they faced, and how they finally became one. But then, he starts thinking about what is about to come, the dark and dire future ' and he decides that he does not want to think about it, but rather on the beautiful memories that he and Heer shared in the past.


"Heer, rona band karo." Prem tells her, or rather, orders her.


"Lekin Prem'" protests Heer.


But, Prem cuts Heer off, and makes her understand the situation and why its best for her, for both of them, if they stop crying and thinking about the future.


"Dekho, Heer' Aane waale kal ko yaad karke koi faayda nahin hoga. Is rone-dhone ka koi faayda nahin hoga. Yeh sab humein dukh hi denge. Agar kisi cheez ka faayda hoga, toh who hai humare beetey huye palon ko yaad karna. Jo waqt humnein saath bitaaye hai, unhein yaad karna. Main bhi tumhein chodkar jaana nahin chahti, lekin kya karen, humari kismat mein hai. Shayad humara saath itne tak hi likha tha. Shayad humari kismat badal bhi sakti hai, lekin agar badal naa jaaye, toh main dukhi hokar tumhein chodna nahin chahta. Main khushi-khushi se jaana chahta hoon." Prem makes Heer understand.


"Theek hai Prem. Agar tum nahin chahte, toh main nahin roungi."


Heer wipes her tears, and his as well, making Prem smile slightly. And, since Prem asked her, she tries to lighten up the moment by asking him if he remembered the past ' the first time they met.


"Prem, tumhein yaad hai woh din, jab hum pehli baar miley the?" she asks him.


"Of course Heer!" Prem says, lightening up, and smiling even more. "Woh din main kaise bhool sakta hoon? Woh din toh meri zindagi ka sabse accha din hai, aur sabse embarrassing din bhi."


Heer remembers the moment, and gives her slight laugh, while Prem still gives her the "look". Heer looks towards Prem, and laughs even more, pulling his cheeks, and calling him "my angry young man" ' to which Prem gets more "angry", and tries to get up from the bed.


But, Heer catches his hand and pulls him down. Prem falls back on the bed, on his back. And as he does so, he pulls Heer as well, and she lands on top of him. Prem tries to kiss her as "his revenge" on her for teasing him, but she just gets shy and blushing and turns her head away. Prem takes his free hand, the one not holding Heer down, and turns her face to look at him. They both then start laughing. And finally, sitting up, they go into the flashback mode ' to the first time they met.



~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


10 years ago'


At one of Goa's beautiful beaches, the waves are crashing against the sand, sometime during later-afternoon. The beach is relatively empty, expect for a small party of people, made up of mostly teenagers. The teenagers, all girls, are having fun playing volleyball. Then, a little kid, a boy of about 6 years of age, comes up to one of the girls and tugs her, calling her to come with him as he has something to show her.


"Didi !! Didi'! Mere saath aao na. Mujhe aap ko kuch dikhana hai." Says the boy.


The boy draps the girl over to where he "drew something" on the sand.


"Happy Birthday," it says.


The girl, a teenager, picks up the little boy, and hugs him, thanking him ' she simple adores him, and for he did, think's its very cute.


"Aww, munna! Thanks. Mera pyaara chota bhai. Tumne happy birthday ki spelling mere liye sikhi na, varna toh tumhein spelling se nafrat hai."


"Didi..!" whines the cute kid.


"Haha! Sorry, lekin, that was really very sweet of you."


"Pata hai, aakhir, chota bhai kiska hoon" he says, cheekily. "I love you didi..!"


"Aww..! And I love you too, munna'"


The girl hugs the little boy, who also hugs her back. The camera spins around the both of them, showing the brother-sister love and the strong bond that they share. It finally stops on the girls face.


And, we see that the girl is none other than Heer ' a 16 year old, a beautiful and intelligent teenager ' 10 years ago.

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~ Part 3 ~ 


Heer and her brother, nicknamed Munna – but real name Manish – part. Heer puts Munna down, and holding his hand, walks him over to where she was earlier playing volleyball with her friends (all her age).


"Heyy girls…!" says Heer to them. "Ab let's stop playing. Hum ready hote hain. Party kuch der mein shuru hone waali hai."


One of the girls – Kripa Sharma, Heer's best friend, right from the time they both were babies – replies to her.


"Ok birthday girl. Whatever you say..! Lekin, pehli munna ko auntyji ke paas chod de, varna yeh humein taiyyar hi nahin hone dega." Says Kripa.


So, they go into a nearby chalet, entering through the back door, and porch, which extends out to the beach. As soon as they enter, Munna escapes Heer's grip, and runs to his room, to play with his toys. Heer, Kripa and the rest of their friends – including Meher Sharma (Vaishali Sehdev) who is also Kripa's younger sister, and Nupur Bhushan (Rati Pandey) who is Meher's best friend  – head to the room in the chalet where they are staying, to get ready.

Heer and Kripa are both 16 years of age currently, while Nupur and Meher are  both 14yrs


Upon entering the room, they find Heer's – Prerna Malhotra (Shweta Tiwari), already in, setting the birthday girl's special dress on the bed. Heer gets really happy seeing the dress on the bed, as she had wanted that dress for quite some time.


All the girls too admire the dress, since its so pretty, and a tall, beautiful girl like Heer will definitely look good in it.


"Aww mom! Thanks!" says Heer, looking very pleased indeed, and she hugs her mother.


"You're welcome sweety! Tumein yeh dress bohot pasand tha na, toh main aur tere paap specially tumhare liye laaye." Says Prerna.


"Thanks mom, phir se!"


"Accha. Ab thanks kehna band karo. Jaldi taiyyar ho jaao. Mehmaan kuch hi der mein aane waale hain. Aur yeh birthday party toh tumhari hi hai na, toh tum apni hi party mein der se kaisi aa sakti ho?!"


"Ok mom."


"Vaise, tumhara yeh shaitaan bhai kahan hai?"


"Apne room mein khilone se khel raha hai."


"Beach se aane ke baad haath-pair dhoye usne?"




"Abhi jaake dekhti hoon us shaitaan ko."


Saying this, Prerna goes to see where Munna is, and scold him.


The girls all giggle softly, as Prerna goes, thinking of Munna and his cute antics – as even though Munna is Heer's younger brother, he is close to all of them, with them having known Heer, and Munna too, since Munna was born. They then start getting ready.


Soon enough, they do get ready, and head back out to the beach – to have a nice walk, on the warm sand, to the nearby beachside open restaurant, where the actual party starts.


They all reach there, and Heer's hand unconsciously goes to her neck – to find the necklace she was wearing earlier missing.

Worried that she would not find it, and her parents may get upset if it is really lost, since they did buy it for her with a lot of love, Heer decides to trace her steps back to the chalet, to see if she dropped it on the way. And sure enough, she does find it – on the back porch.


"Thank god yeh mujhko mila."


Heer goes back in the chalet, and uses the mirror in the nearest bathroom, to see while putting her necklace back on. Then, she sets off again for her party. As she enters the restaurant, she sees that almost everyone has arrived, and her birthday cake is ready, sitting on a table in the middle of an empty space, waiting for her to cut it.


Just then, a guy whizzes past her.. He seems really worried and scared. He ends up knocking some tables as he crashes into them. He is finally stopped by the table, holding the cake, when he crashes into it. The cake falls on his face, and he falls on the ground.


Heer is really angry, and is about to shout at the guy, for "spoiling her birthday". But then, she sees a dog whizzing past her too. The dog goes and jumps on the guy, and starts licking the cream and cake off his face.


The guy, obviously embarrassed, and totally red in the face, with all the guests staring at him, tries to get up. And the guy is none other than Prem, age 20 – 10 years ago, just 4 years older than Heer.

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~ Part 4 ~

Prem finally manages to push the dog off him.

Heer approaches Prem to help him get up. Prem finally looks at her, and is mesmerized. He keeps on staring at her. He is about to open his mouth to say something, probably trying to apologize, but before he can say anything, Heer speaks up.

"Thanks! Meri birthday party kharaab karne ke liye!" says Heer, in an angry way.


Prem is really shocked and embarrassed.


"Oh fish !! Iski birthday party thi? Aur maine ise kharaab kar di. Crap! Ab main kya karoon? " Prem asks himself.


"Dekhiye, I'm sorry" Prem begins, about to apologize.


But, he sees the look on Heer's face changing. Heer starts laughing, and all the guests join in too. Prem's face turns even more red, and he becomes even more embarrassed. Yet, he is unable to stop himself from staring at Heer.


Prem continues to look at Heer with such intensity, even when Heer's dad Anurag Malhotra (Cezanne Khan) help him to the a nearby restroom, while Prerna goes back to the chalet to try and find some fresh clothes that will fit him.


After Prem goes, Kripa and the rest of the girls approach Heer. They all take one look at each other, and then burst out laughing again.


~ ~ ~ END OF FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


Coming back to the present time... Prem and Heer smile remembering that time, the first time they met.


"Aah! Chahe jitna bhi embarrassing who din tha, who meri zindagi ka sabse achcha din tha." Says Prem, and he truly means it. (Note: Prem, till this day, still remembers the stranger dog that chased him, and is still kinda afraid of dogs)


"Mujhe pata hai, and after a few seconds of silence, Heer continues ."Prem'" she says his name.


"Haan, kya?"


"I Love You, Prem."


"Heer, I Love you too, 3, 4, 5, 6'." Prem says to Heer, as they both laugh again, and go back into flashback mode once more.



~ ~ ~ FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~


About one year after that embarrassing evening, Prem gets ready to meet his best friend, Angad Khanna at caf in Mumbai. Prem is quite excited, meeting Angad after a long time ' having been his best friend, his "chaddi buddy" from the day they were born, as Prem's mother and Angad's mother were best friends too, and gave birth to their sons on the same day, at the same hospital.


After that day in Goa, where he saw the "angel" ' he uses as he refers to Heer, still not knowing her name ' and her parents had given him some spare clothes he had ' Prem goes off back to his hotel, too embarrassed to return to the party, despite Prerna and Anurag inviting him to do so. All the while, Prem has been unable to forget that face, that angelic face, and that beautiful laugh that belonged to that even more beautiful angel.


{ note: Prem is staying in Mumbai, but that embarrassing time, he was in goa for a holiday with his family. Same goes with Heer, Kripa, their friends, and families. They all stay in Mumbai, but had come to Goa for a holiday, cum one of their common family friend's wedding, cum a special sweet 16th birthday party for Heer'}


In the past year, he dreamt of her almost every night, when she came into his dreams, and also in the day, when he daydreamt about her.


"Main kitna taras raha hoon, us ladki se milne ke liye, yeh toh kisi ko nahin pata" says Prem to himself.


Prem then thinks about his friend Angad, looking forward to their meeting him, for the first time in 5+ years.


"Suna hai ki Angad ko koi girlfriend mili hai" Prem says aloud, but to himself. And he continues grumbling "Lekin pata nahin, ki use apni girlfriend ko mujhse milvaane kyun laana tha. Main apne yaar se paanch saal ke baad mil raha hoon, aur who bhi uske girlfriend ke saath. Ab zyaada ladkon-waali baatein bhi nahin kar sakte."


Prem gets ready soon and drives over to Barista.



Prem enters, and looks around for his friend, Angad. Finally, he spots him at the counter, giving his order. Prem walks up to Angad, and taps him on the back.





Angad turns around, surprised, and seeing Prem, hugs him. Done with their initial hi's and all, Angad then leads Prem over to where his girlfriend is sitting, to introduce them both.


"Prem, meet my girlfriend Kripa. And Kripa, meet my best friend, bachpan se, Prem Juneja"


Prem finally gets a look at Kripa ' Angad's girlfriend ' as she gets a look at him too. Both Prem and Kripa look to shocked to see each other.


"TUM'!" they both look shocked at seeing each other.



~ ~ ~ END OF FLASHBACK ~ ~ ~

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