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GamE [MayUr FF] : *Completed* [25/Dec/2011] (Page 35)

valliyah Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
plsssss update soon can't wait..................n u didn't pm me for MN untitled SSConfused.....................plssss pm next timeSmile........n awesome promo....................aise promo ke baad itna late update BOHAT NA-INSAAFI HAIDisapprove................PLSSSSS UPDATE SOON............!!!

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katherine123 Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
nice pm me nxt tym u update.......!

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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 10:54pm | IP Logged

waiting for ur update
plz update soon

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Echo.of.Hope IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged
awesome promo.
upd8 soon

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 6:31am | IP Logged
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Thank you so much guys.
Thank you so much for linking the promo.
Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.
i know, i m lateLOL 
you all are very much impatient, everyone want an update.
i m sorry for late update.

so, here is the dagger, please PRESS THE LIKE TAB, who want to kill me for my late update.LOLWinkBig smile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 5:28am | IP Logged

Part :8 (a)

<Mayank's pov>

"Mayank, your are our pride." your father said in last moment, when you leaved for CWG. Your mother was crying in happiness, "mera Mayu, gold jitega, dekh lena!"

She did arti. Papa said, "tumhara mayu khelne ja raha hai, border jung ladne nahi!"

"khelna, jung ladne se kam thodi na hai!" mom completely refused and put tilak on you forehead, "Bhagvan tujhe sakti dega." You & Papa chuckled at Shilpa's act.

Mayank, you fulfilled your mother's dream, you won gold ?? for your mother ? for your motherland. High raised national flag of India torn the sky apart ?. National anthem filled into air ? your gold made everyone proud. You are became winner!

But, next moment, you are became a looser, a cheater. You were numb, when JD sir told you about your dope result.

How? Why? When?

Many unanswered questions jammed your brain. "jeet ke aana" your mother's word echoed on you ears, tears brimmed out of your eyes, tried to figure out your fault, but no use, tum nahi jeet paye Mayank Sharma ? tum ek looser ho!

Don't you feel exact same pain, when you were 5th std. you became first, won a tracksuit in 100mtr race, won a wristwatch in 200mtr race. Then main event was come, relay race, your main competitor were Raghubir .. You both were good sprinter .. Everyone was chearring up ?. Finishing line was just few feet away, suddenly you tumbled on a peables & fall on the ground. Raghubir came first.

You thrown your 2nd prize on the corner & cried. Papa consoled you, "koi ek hi race me jeet ta hai beta, aaj usne jeeta, kal tum jeetoge."

"par papa, main to har gaya na!"

"har aur jeet dono hi accept karna sikho, tabhi tum ek acche sportsman ban paoge!"

Papa took you in his arms & you cried almost whole night.

You couldn't understand papa's words, but with time you realized the depth of those words.

"I am proud of you beta." he said, when you shows your third prize in relay race, of std 8th with a smile.

You knew, your Papa wanted to be an athletic too, but his knee injury ended his career. Now he wants to fulfill his dreams through you! And you? You give him the lifetime shame!

Do you remember your camp days? JD sir told you about your aim, and you also follow his instruction strictly, soon you became eyedoll of  NSS, everyone was proud of you.

"I want gold Mayank." JD sir said, "you have potiential to win gold. Kar sakega?"

"yes sir" you nodded. From that time you completely forgot rest of the world.

But you are also a human ? many time you bothered about same routine, same food, same training ? many time of those years your performance graph wwere low. Many times you felt very low ? JD sir talked to you, with various subjects. You listened, many stories of many sportsmen and their fights. They were genious, because they fought back in to life, into limelight.

"read this." Oneday JD sir handled you a book. " yeh book har sportman k liye ek Bible ki tarha hona chahiye!"

'its not about the byke, my journey back to life' by Lance Armstrong. After reading you realized how true the meaning was.

Citius-Altius-Fortius means, fastest-hightes-stronges, the main & only motto of an athlet. JD sir told you that, and you totally ruined his faith. You become nobody, but a cheater.

Adhiraj said, "if you are not guilty, God'll help you." But why God help you. Suneeta miss of your school said, "God unlogon ki help karta hai, jo khud ki help karte hain."

To phir God tumhara help kyun karenge Mayank? Kyun? Kya issi andhera ka layak the tum?

You still don't know what your fault was! But you know, you became the most attractive topic for conversation. Everyone look at you in a strange look, like you are an alien. You donot want to face anyone, but you faced Samrat sir in today's breakfast table. He smiled & took you little far. He put his hand on your back, "I know, you are not guilty. But I also knew something will happen, par aisa hoga, yeh mujhe bhi pata nahi tha!"

You were surprised, he again said, "be positive, truth will come out soon."

After return Adhiraj asked, "kya keh raha tha who?"

After you told, Adhiraj became angry, "sympathy! Ab who tujhe sympthay dikhane aya hai! Ab tere hath me kuch nahi hai, is liye sab tera mazak bana rahe hai. Mayank, I am with you, tu kuch math soch. Just be positive."

Positive! What a positive word, but it was now becomes most scary word of your life.

Be positive, Mayank! You can't lose your hope so soon!  

B-positive! What will you do Mayank, if your result come positive again!??

You'llbe banned for lifetime.

Kuch der me hi sample-B ka result anewala hai! Kya hoga? Kuch pata nahi.

Kya tumne sach me koi drug liya tha? You continuously try to remember, but you unable to remembere anything properly. You ate light launch before race, you ate only two pieces of boiled chicken & desert! Toh? Adhiraj also taken same lauch from bufey! Then why only you became postitive?

You and Adhiraj took your lunch together. You leave your lunch just one times, to fetch two bottles of water. So? Adhiraj was there ? ALONE!!!

To kya usne ? !!!! nahi nahi aisa nahi ho sakta, he's my friend, my true friend. Who aisa nahi kar sakta! To phir ? toh kya deset me kuch tha?! But how was possible?!

But , who fetch desert to you? Adhiraj or someone eles or you yourself???

Do you remember properly, you didn't have anything before race? Anything? Remember Mayank remember. Yes, remember, you taken vitamin pills after launch, but it was given by dietitian, so was any possibility to given drug by dietitian?!

No, its not possible! Then who?

But most important question is HOW????

You noticed, Nupur attend the press meet, but all the time she was written everything rapidly, in between her writing, she look at you ? with questioning eyes. Was she believed on you? Or believed on the current fact?

Was her presence still affecting you? Or you just pretend?

<POV end>.

Mayank totally lost in his thoughts, that he didn't heard the footsteps.

He startled first then turned, Mr. Sing was there. Mayank faced him, his swallowed eyes searching some hope in Mr.Sing's eyes.

"Mayank, your sample-B result also positive. We are sorry, par tumhe yahan se jana hoga!"

Mayank close his eyes, his head was spinning, but he steady himself, "I ? I already completed my packing. Mujhe kab jana hoga?" He whisper. He feel like someone snatch his life, he become now a body without soul.

"tumhe abhi jana hoga! Par Mayank, hum tumhe suspend kar rahe hai, par game ke baad iska official announcement karenge! We are so sorry for you, we are really very sympath-" Mr. Sing's voice trailed off as Mayank suddenly shouted, "OKAY, I DON'T WANT ANYONE'S SYMPATHY. UNDERSTAND!!!!"

Mr. Sing was taken aback of his sudden outburst, but he was an experienced person.

"aise dicision jaldi nahi liya jata, aur kissi ne mujhe personally request kia hai is k liye. par main nam nahi bata sakta." He rubbed his back, "we are with you."

Mayank leave from Game Village.


 Nupur's office.

RV put down the receiver on the cradle, sighted, "Nupur, sample-B result is also positive."

Nupur gasped in disaapointment, "ab kya hoga sir?"

"wel, pehle to usse ghar vej diya jayega, uske baad ban for lifetime."

"but sir, how it was possible? I mean, I know Mayank, he's not that kind of guy. jarur kuch na kuch gadbad hai."

"agar hai to hum kya kar sakte hai? Kissi ki kismat badal to nahi sakte na!"

"right sir, par try to kar sakte hai na!"

"what do you mean by try?"

"sir, please, this is completely my personal" Nupur look at RV with little nervousness, RV guestured to carry on. Nupur continue, "sir, you know, Mayank & I, are know each other form schooldays. He is still so arrogant, but he'll never hurt anybody's emotion ? so, I thought, k hume Mayank ki case ki investigation karna chahiye!" Nupur's face lit up in hope.

"hmmm" RV playing with his mobile for sometime.

"I know, he never hurt anyone, except me." Nupur thought.

"ok, done." RV smile, "but, from now, this case is totally your responsibility."

Nupur's mouth half open, "why me sir? I just give you a suggestion, and you -"

"stop Nupur. You are a journalist & I am your boss. So don't argue with your boss. Okay!" RV sound professional, but with so much love & concern.

"okay, boss." Nupur pouted.

RV chuckled, "don't be sad, my sweet sis. Do you know, why I give you this responsibility?"

Nupur doesn't answer, silently looking everywhere, but RV.

"kyunki, tumhare alawa yeh kam aur koi nahi kar sakta, and I believe on your honesty."

Nupur starred him, a slow smile creapt on her lips, "main apka biswas nahi tutne dungi sir. Main sach ka pata laga ke hi rahungi."

"best of luck" they shake their hands, then Nupur left the room.


* Adarsh *

It was still raining. Nupur stopped her car in front of Mayank's house. She know, today is the not appropriate time to speak with Mayank. But she believe 'now or never' theory. So 6:00 oclock at evening, she is pressing the doorbell.

Door open. A middle aged lady was there, "yes?"

The lady was wore a saree, sharp intelligent face with a friendly smile.

'she must be Mayank's relative' Nupur thought. She come one step closer," hi aunty, I am Nupur Bhushan. Can I speak to Mayank?"

The lady frown, "are you a reporter?"

"yes aunty. I -" before Nupur can speak further, the lady said very sweet but sternly, "dekhiye Ms.Bhushan. Mayank abhi baat nahi kar sakta, thoda busy hai."

"I know aunty, k who kissi se baat nahi karna chahta, par main uski help karne ayi hun." Nupur said, "I completely believe k who innocent hai!"

The lady starred her, like she thought, what Nupur just said. She smile, "come in beta."

Nupur entre in the house, reached to hall. Nupur's breathing was almost stopped to seeing the decoration, she knew Mayank was rich, that much, she can never imagine. Nupur was amazed to see the perfect decoration, which shows their taste & money.

 "it was so perfect." She whisper.

"who to hoga hi, meri choice hai. Bdw, I am Shilpa, Mayank's mother."

"hello aunty." Nupur said, "aunty, can I speak to Mayank, please! Actually, I want to go home asap, before the weather getting worse."

"okay beta. Main dekhti hun." She said before climbed up to first floor.

Nupur waiting in the hall ?  flipping some magazine, and impatiently checking her watch, it was almost half an hour passed.

"where is aunty!!" Nupur murmured. She was impatient ? the weather become wrost now ? it was raining cats & dogs. Her father called her to back home. She was tensed.


Nupur turned, Shilpa was there, "I am sorry beta. He didn't want to face anyone."

"its ok, aunty" Nupur smile faintly, "I'll come tomorrow. Bye aunty." She took her bag, about to leave.

But Shilpa stopped her, "kahan ja rahi hai, itni barish me?"

"who, ghar ja rahi hun aunty. It was already 8:00."

"I know beta, tumhe kafi strenge lagega, par tum aaj yahan ruk jao." Nupur open her mouth to protest, but Shilpa cuts her, " its not about any formalities, its all about your safety. Dekho, itni raat ko, itni barish me kuch bhi ho sakta hai ? agar tumhe koi problem na ho, to please meri baat maan lo."

Nupur agreed, realized the situation.Shilpa shows the way of guest room. Nupur relaxed there & also informed her parents. She rest her head on pillow, & immideately dozed off coz of her all days hectic schedule.


Okay guys, that's enough for today.

I am giving you full right to throwing chappals on me.

I know, this update was boring, & u r waiting for Mayur scene, but it was just a filler. 

i'll update next part in next week.
Please leave you comment & press the 'LIKE' tab, As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :)

If there is any mistake, do tell me, dont hesitate :)

Feel free for criticism, suggestion & questions :)


Bye ....... Take Care of yourself & also your friend & family.


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MARRY X-MAS StarStarStarStarStar
Party time guysPartyPartyENJOY PartyParty

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