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Maneet FF- Contract wife- ch17-pg103

nehara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 9:49am | IP Logged
Hey every1....

well i thought of writing a maneet ff... cz i really love to watch maneet scenes.... well i have written stories b4... but this is ma first maneet ff.... hope u guys like it... Big smile


well the story is same as the drama.. but there is a slight change.. geet is not pregnant in this...
this story starts wen geet starts working for maan.. and maan's dadi wants maan to get married really fast, so he decideds to ask geet, if she could marry him?? but the problem is,... that it's a contract marriage...


chapter 1- page 1
chapter 2-page 3
chapter 3 - page 6
Chapter 4- page 9
chapter 5- page 14
Chapter 6 -page 21
Chapter 7- page 23
chapter 8- page 32
Chapter 9-page 36
Chapter10 - page 41
Chapter 11- page 47
Chapter 12- page 55
Chapter 13- page 64
Chapter 14 - page 70
Chapter 15 - page 82
Chapter 16 - page 93
Chapter 17 - page 103


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TvSerier Senior Member

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
nice, i really wait for that!!

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Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 10:13am | IP Logged
hey.. pls write .... nice concept anyways...Smile

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nehara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 10:17am | IP Logged

i thought of posting the first chapter... hope ur'll enjoy it... and pls forgive me if there are mistakes... Big smile


Geet is in her office. which is rite next to maan's cabin, she has been working for maan for 3 months now, and she really liked the job. and she really liked her boss' and after a few months she fell in love with him. even though she loved him she also hated his attitude.. she wanted to know reason behind it, cz he never smiled or talk to girls in a very friendly manner.. but he had a soft spot for his dadi, who was really nice to her as well.. actually she was really close to dadi now, and she alwayz had a habbit of telling her everything, but the only thing she didn't mention is about her fake marriage. the marriage that broke her down, the marriage that separated her from a her family, maan knew her story, but she never mentioned maan the name of the guy who deceived her.., cz she already hated him for deceiving her..
but geet liked dev a lot.. bt she knew that was not in love, cz the first time she fell in love was with maan, she thought she loved dev.. but she never did.. now she knows how love feels like, well she didn't know when it happened or how it happened... but she alwayz wanted to be with him, well actually she was with him, at the office and at home, cz she lives in kurana's outhouse...
she got the house cz of dadi ma.. she gave her the house for a reason.. she wanted her grandson to get married to geet.. well geet and maan didn't know abt her plan at all...
but one day geet was really upset cz she heard dadi telling maan, that he should get married really fast. cz her health was not that good, and maan said he doesn't want to get married, but cz of dadi ma...he said yes he will..

Maan is in his office, thinking about what dadi ma said... he said he'll get married cz he has to make his dadi ma happy... and wen he said yes to her the only girl that came into his mind was geet, he doesn't know why he keeps on thinking about her, for the last few months, the only thing that was in his mind was geet.. where ever he goes whatever he does.. he sees geet... he knew that he really liked her, bt he didn't want to trust in girls anymore... but he couldn't help it with geet... she was the first girl who talked back with him, who fights with, and then... she tries to make upto it. but it turns upside dwn and messes everything up and pisses him off... but he always liked it..

but he knew that she was the only girl who could help him go through this situation... cz for some reason he knew her too well... and he knew that she would understand him.. so decided to talk to her....
so he took his phone out, and dialed geet's no...a sweet voice answered 'hello sir' for a sec he couldn't control himself 'sir??' she said again, then maan realized that he hasn't said a word to her, 'umm yeah geet, cn u cum to the cabin for a few mins?? it's really important' he said everything at once. ' yes sir I will come rite now' she cut the line.
maan.. didn't know how to ask her... but he was gonna give it try....

geet on the other hand was wondering why, he called her... there were no meeting today, or any party to organize.. so why did he call her. was the only thing that was in hr mind, wen she entered his cabin. when she walked in she saw him pacing from one corner to another... he looked really tensed.. what was worrying him so much? she walked upto him, and said, ' sir, is everything ok? u look realy worried?' maan stopped pacing, and looked at geet, 'geet.. it's really important, well ok well first sit down will you, then i'll start' geet was wondering why maan was so nice to her early in the morning, well then she tried to sit on the sofa.. she accidentally knocked on the corner of the table, so the files that was on the table fell... ' oh oops.. I'm so sorry sir.. wait. i'll pick it up..' she tried to bend and get the files, but at that same moment.. maan bent down to pick it up too, and then both of them knocked their foreheads... and both of them screamed 'ouch' at the same time... and then they look at each other and they have their eye lock session... (mahi song goes in the background)

Maan was really pissed he wanted to talk to geet, but she was alwayz clumsy, and she alwayz distracted him. but he was actually lost in her eyes.. she had beautiful eyes.. and he loved looking at her... but he still didn't know why, he came back to the reality, ' geet... what's wrong with you? you never do anything properly?' suddenly geet's face changed, and at that moment he felt really bad.. he wanted to see her happy bubbly face all the time.. ' i'm sorry sir, i didn't mean to drop the files.. and i...' before geet could finish maan kept his index finger on her lips.. ' stop geet, actually m sorry, i wanted to talk to you, so i called you here and then m scolding u... it's my fault' geet face changed again, she looked as if she was really shocked.. and he knew that she was going to speak again so b4 that he said ' geet pls sit down, we need to talk'

geet was shocked.. maan seems to be changed, she was shocked cz first he scolded her and then he said he was sorry and that it was his fault.. geet was actually confused... and then he said they need to talk... abt what?? she didn't know wt was happening... so she went and sat on the sofa.. and waited for him to start the conversation..
and then he sat on the sofa as well.. and said 'geet, you know that dadi ma, wnts me to get married rite??? ' geet didn't want to think abt his marriage cz she knew that he was going to get married to someone else and she couldn't bare it.. but rite now she couldn't show him that she was hurt.. so she just nodded her head, so then he continued.. ' well geet, i dnt want to get married, but dadi keeps asking me to. and now she's sick.. and i dnt want to trouble her so, i decided to get married.' geet wanted to cry but didn't want to embarrass herself, so she nodded again. ' but geet i dnt trust women that much... ' b4 he could finish geet got pissed and said.. ' wt do you mean you dnt trust women.. u know ur insulting me as well... how could you say u cnt trust women...?? wen i'm sitting rite next to u? ' geet said' in anger, and maan said. ' geet listen to me i didn't say all the women, u know that i trust u rite? well forget i said that... the well the thing is i dnt want to get married for real.. so i thought of getting married to a girl who is willing to sign a contract with me... u know a contract wife... to make dadi happy..' he finished saying it and tried to smile... geet was kind of shocked for sec.. she didn't now wt he was saying. cz she was shocked that he wanted a contract wife...

' umm sir.. contract wife... but??... how cn u find one...' she was actually lost for words, she was shocked as well as hurt.. he didn't want to get married for love... well he didn't seem to be hurt or shocked so he went on ' well i have already found one.. and i just want her to say yes....' at that moment geet's heart stopped.. she knew that her heart was broken.. he already found a girl?? and didn't even tell her?? well who is she just the sectary.. why would he tell me abt his girl?? she thought... and then said.. ' sir, who is the girl? ' she didn't want to ask.. but she didn't have a choice... and she wanted to know.. and for a sec she thought it would be sasha...
after a while he said.. ' i'm glad that u askd geet, well u know the girl really well...' and he stared at her.... ' i know the girl?' and geet gulped really loudly... and maan said ' yes you do... cz that girl is you....'

precap:- will geet accept maan's offer? and more maneet scenes...

k... well that's the first chapter.... Big smile
pls comment and tell me how it is.... Big smile


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 10:23am | IP Logged
awesome concept and update.loved it.
continue soon and pls pm me.

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iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 10:30am | IP Logged
oooo I'm very intrigued and I want to see how this turns out cont soon!

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NoorFatima IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2010 at 10:48am | IP Logged
its nice Smile
do cont.
add me in ur pm list

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