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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


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(9th Aug. '10 - 13th Aug. '10)

Salaam, Namaste, Hello & Hii to all My Lovely YRKKH-ians & all our Rishtedaars.
We take immense pleasure in presentin' the 4th Edition of the "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" Weekly Newsletter. So Happy Reading & Enjoy
Don't Forget to leave in your feedbacks, Comments of appreciation & criticisms.
All are heartily welcome. Big smile

Credit :: Maheen(Summary of the Week...)

Nandani came for Teej to her Maayka and Akshara goes to her Maayka for few days!.Then Rajshri arranges a pooja for Varsha and All the Singhanias came to Maheshwaris place.Sneha writes a letter to Naitik and her cousin sent that to naitik with designs.Akshara opened that courier and sees that card and gets upset n angry with Naitik.Naitik trys to make her understand the truth but Akshara was so deeply hurt that she didnt want to listen anything!Rajshri notices this!Then Akshara remain in her Maayka and Naitik wents away!Both started missing each other.To know more how Naksh will face this phase in their life and Will Naitik be able to manofy Akshara ?Keep Watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai..Mon to Fri...9.30 pm

Credit :: Manasi(The Best Scene of the Week)

This week we enjoyed a beautiful Ghoomar sequence on the occassion of Varsha's godbharai.The whole sequence was very nicely choreographed and presented..Also the dance sequence had li'l bits of Naitik-Akshara which were properly fit into the scene.The Ghoomar song  was excellent.

Credit :: Manasi(Best Dialogue of the Week)

Humne pehli baar suna hai chaand se yeh poochhte ki woh kaisa lag raha hai..
Ab woh toh bas hai sundar..

Shaurya says this to Varsha when Varsha is standing infront of the mirror in her room, wondering if she is looking good in the simple lehenga given to her by Rajashri.Shaurya says that it is the first time he has seen a moon wondering how it is looking..But it is genuinely very beautiful..

Credit :: Shikha(The Character that stood out from the Rest)

-still writing-

Credit :: Shikha(The Actor/Actress that outshines all for his/her Acting Skills)

-still writing-

Credit :: Sia(Best Dressed Character)

This week everybody looked their best at the teej celebrations. But  Varsha managed to look gorgeous in a simple pink and mustard lehenga with simple jwellery .Though her look was simple, she looked beautifull.So this week we have Varsha as the style icon .Smile
Credit :: Vanshika (Best Jodi for their Chemistry)

ShaVa:: ShauryaHeart Varsha

Thz week v hav ShaVa in our hot seat..LOL means jodi of da week. Shaurya n Varsha shared some cute n romantic moments this week . Shaurya also gave a gift to Varsha which was very nice.  Thr jodi totally rawked this week.. Shava ka jadoo chal gaya..Tongue

Credit :: Shikha(Best Song played of the Week)

-still writing-

Credit :: Manasi(Rishta of the Week)


This week we saw two Maa-Beti rishte simultaneously in two houses.

Rajashri was seen as the worried mother for her daughter when she sees Naitik with Sneha on Sneha's birthday.She doesn't let Akshara know about it, but makes sure that Akshara takes good care of Naitik and makes her understand she shouldn't ignore her husband amidst all the household chores.On the other hand,when Akshara gets upset with Naitik coz of Sneha's call and then her greeting card,she hides it from her mother so that her mother doesn't get worried.

Nandini shows herself to be really happy in her sasural.When Rashmi asks Nandini what did her MIL gift her on Teej,she says her MIL wanted to gift her many things but she herself refused it.However,Bhabhimaa understands Nandini is juz being compromising.Also, when Nandini gets a call from Daddaji that he won't be returning so soon,Nandini is more worried for her mother than herself.On the other side,Bhabhimaa is worried if Nandini will know about Daddaji's late arrival she'll get upset.

Credit :: Manasi(Most Lovable Romantic Moment)

Varsha is standing infront of the mirror thinking tht she isnt looking gud.Shaurya enters the room saying tht no1 asks him hw is she looking.I hv first time seen a moon wondering if the moon is looking like a moon.Varsha turns back and says any1 shud learn hw to make talks frm u.Shaurya asks her if she isnt believing him.Varsha says no.Shaurya hugs her and tells her to ask his heartbeats if she is looking pretty.Varsha blushes.

Credit :: Manasi(BlushyEmbarrassed Moment of the Week)

This week's Dhatt Moment is the NaKsh convo near Naitik's car outside the Maheshwari house.Naitik says to Akshara that he won't be able to sleep today anyways.Akshara blushes and asks why.Naitik tells her to come closer to him.Akshara comes a li'l closer.Naitik tells her to come even more close.Akshara comes more closer to him.Naitik whispers in her ear that he has got some work to do.Akshara moves back from Naitik with an upset expression and asks him what such work does he have.Naitik says he'll miss her alot.Akshara blushes.

Credit :: Nikki (Emotional Moment of the Week)

 Akshara sees d cardBroken Heart

 Askhara  receives a courier from Naitik's office..knowing it has been sent by Sneha she opens it quickly..she finds a card in it along with sum designs..she opens the card n finds

"DEAR Naitikji..Thank u once again..from sneha" ..written in it!

Akshara becums very sad after reading itBroken Heart..Naiitk sees all this frm far ..he cums dere n asks Akshara y did she open it..sneha called him n denied to open it as she has left sum personal  things in it by mistake!Dead Akshar luks at Naitik with a broken heart n hands him d courier and d card n walks away sadly!CryCry

Credit :: Nikki (Funniest Moment of the Week)

Rashmi teasing Bhaabhi maaWink

 Bhabhi maa n Rashmi were sitting n chatting..Rashmi starts teasing Bm saying "since Dadda jee has called u r talking aboutt him only..every topic starts n ends on himEmbarrassedLOL"(BM blushes).. Thn Rashmi suddenly says (in order to tease BM more) LOL"Nandini didi has cum"..BM becomes happy n turns around to see Nandini..but no one was dere!Rashmi laughs!!

Credit :: Nikki
(Biggest Blooper of the Week)



Credit :: Bhavya(Best Siggy of the Week)

The Wining Siggy for this week is by starry.phoenix

Here's your Prize Siggy, Do Use itWink

 Credit :: Bhavya(Best Avi of the Week)

The Wining Avi was created by -none-
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Credit :: Bhavya(Best Video-Mix of the Week)

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Credit :: Shikha(Best Writer for the Week)

The Writer for this Week is

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Credit :: Shikha(Most Active Member of the Week)

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Credit :: Shikha(Most Active Thread of the Week)

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Credit :: Shikha(New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum)

Our Newest Rishtedaar is
So, lets Welcome Her to the Forum.. Here;s your Welcome Siggy Buddy, you can use it all this week...

Credit :: Manasi(Prediction for the Week)

This week it is predicted that the misunderstandings between Naitik-Akshara will increase.Akshara is very angry and upset with Naitik.We'll be viewing both of them missing each other.This week Sneha's family might get to know about Sneha's feelings for Naitik and soon we'd see Sneha's mother walking upto the Singhanias' with a rishta for her daughter.As of now, it remains to be seen what will be coming up this week in YRKKH..

Credit :: Sia(Best YRKKH Segment for the Week)

This week , we had many YRKKH segments and all of them were good.But the best one was in SBB.SBB showed a segment titled Akshara's masti, which was hilariousLOL.Firstly they showed that the celebrations of teej are going on and singhanias are at the Maheshwari house.Then showed akshara aka hina doing masti with  Garima Dimri .She was actually poncing on her. LOLLOLAkshara in orange and blue lehenga, looking really pretty.TongueNaitik was in purple kurta looking cute.Embarrassed

Then a scene where Akshara receives the courier sent by Sneha is shown, akshara ia very angry seeing the courier which had a card saying Thank u naitik ji.Ouch

Then Naitik-akshara interview is shown. Akshara says she is very disturbed with the way sneha is getting close to naitik and the fact that naitik took to her to the doctor.Then naitik says i dint know that sneha will fall for me.Then Akshara takes over(and howLOL) and tells whats the need to be a good person ,to naitik.Naitik says I just took her to the doctor, Akshara says no need, I have seen the episode(karan bursts out laughing at this pointROFL),she says you could have asked their husband ke wives to take sneha ROFL(she was soo hyper that she dint know what she was tellingLOLLOL).Overall a superb segment. Big smile

Credit :: Sia (the most entertaining episode of the week)

 The episode of the week is the episode aired on 13th August.
The episode started off with Naksh convo.Akshara talking to naitik one on one about Sneha.Naitik makes her understand that there is nothing between him and sneha.Akshara is still not convinced.The best part of the scene was how akshara was asking questions to naitik.Naitik on the other hand was trying his best to convinve her that he loves only her.Big smile
A ghoomar song played, beautifull song with good lyrics.The whole Maheshwari and Singhania family is happy and enjoying the celebrations.And also celebrating varsha's pregnancy.All the ladies dancing on the song.Naitik signals akshara to smile when she's dancing with a sad face.(lovely scene).Akshara-varsha scene, where akshara is conveying through song that all are waiting for the baby to come.A good sequence with lovely moments.Clap
Akshara receives the courier sent by Sneha.She is even more depressed.She asks naitik for explanation.Naitik says he is confused and now cant answer anything expect that there is nothing between him and sneha.Thumbs Up
 Rajshri is very happy for Varsha, all the ladies bless Varsha.Smile
 Overall, a good episode with different emotions beautifully shown.Smile

Credit :: Shikha(Quiz Contest for the Week)

The Contest is On for the Siggy Compy, So *||*FF Signature Contest*||* Double Masti
 is again the Contest for you all... The Last Date has been Extended till 27th Aug. '10 Lets wrap it furst before actually moving on to the next one..

participation Siggy...Clap

 Prize Siggy

Do Check it out & Do Participate. Hope to see some really wonderful participations from all of your. Good Luck.

Its again our dear Friend Ami... for the Forum Look Out !! LOL

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Written & Video Updaters, honeey_16, manasi_31, sonyfan, Nipun97
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Hope you all had a great time & enjoyed reading this NL. Thanks To all my NL Team Members
Manasi, Maheen, Sia, Vanshika, Bhavya & Evryone. Hope i'm not missing out anyone's name. Sorry if i am. Hugz to alll Hug

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awesome NL di..congo to all winners... Clap party tym.. Party Party

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awsome NL dii.. waise ye har bar se thoda l8 he me to harroz NL dhundti thi cz sunday or atleast monday tak to aa hi jata he....
btw agn fab job n awsome
congratz to all NL team done a fab job...Big smile
congo to allll....... n thanxxxx

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@shikha thans fr giving us such an awsome newslettr...HugHug
n conratulations to all...ClapClapClap

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aweosme NL shikzz
inspite of nt being wel u came nd completed the NL thnxxxx
@ winners congratzzzzzzzzz

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ohhh to ur nt feeling wellll..... thank uuuu ssoooo mmuucchh u done this for us..Big smile

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good job every1!!Clap


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thanx for such a nice post...congrats to all winner...
revision is good for memory..lolz... Wink
loved recap n all those lovely dialogs n scenes... Day Dreaming

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