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ONLY YOU FF(Maaneet) Part 13 : Page 131 (28/8/11)

.Suhasini. Goldie

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Only you

 Part 1

'I miss you dear'you also come with me'we both can have lot of fun'''Sameera said while hugging him tightly''.


'Its my wish also to come with u dear but'..i have  lot of work to complete and u know bauji is not well so I have to take care of business'.' Maan said sadly'.


'Maan u can handle your business from New york also and moreover you have branch there also' you can take care of that office and India business can be handle from there'.please come Maan without seeing u I cant live'..' Sameera said even more sadly than Maan


'I love to come with you Sameera'.but u have to understand the situation'''' Maan said convincingly


'What understand Maan u convinced me to take admission in New york university so that we both can be together'.but last minute u changed ur decision'..its not at all ok with me'.i don't want to go''''.' Sameera said with deceiving voice and turned his head


'Sameera'listen to me'. look at me'I thought to handle New york business so I suggested u to admit in the same country so that we can be with each other and understand each other'..but plan changed because bauji is really not well'..i cant leave him like that''.if I go how can he handle such a large business here'..and I don't want to stop your education for my purpose and your dad also wants you to get through big universities' please understand the circumstances Sameera''and I'll daily call u' don't be sad'.i cant see u like this''..please Sameera come on smile '''.' Maan convinced her'..


'hmnmm''ok but u don't forget me right''.and u have to call me daily otherwise I'll kill u'''' Sameera pouted with groan'..


'Sure Sweety I'll surely call u daily and I'll make sure that we have video chats too'..and i never ever forget you Sameera' announcement is given'be like a good girl and start'.and don't be sad''.give me a smile and move on''ALL THE BEST Sameera'.take care''' Maan said and gave a peck on her cheek''''..


'Thank you Maan and take care''..' Sameera also pecked him on his lips and moved away to board her flight''.


Maan and Sameera were dating for two years'..Both are college mates both completed there MBA from London university''.Both are really good friends and both thought that both can be good pair too'.Maan liked her and he proposed her and she gladly accepted him'''.and now Sameera is leaving for New york for her new Project''.actually Maan too have plan for going with her and look after their New york branch but his bauji condition is not good so he decided to stay back in India''


Three months passed, Maan and Sameera daily have their conversation on phone or video chat''.and Maan's bauji condition is also getting better and Maan also doing very good in his business''.everything is going perfect in Maan's life until'''''.



'Nahi mujhe ice cream abhi chahiye''''''..abhi abhi abhi''.' A girl shouted in Maan hear loudly''''''..' Maan felt defeated and said 'bacha abhi ice cream nahi kathe'..its tooo cold'..if you eat now then you get caught with cold and you have to get bada injection from Doctor'''.do u want to be inject''' Maan said calmly'''


The girl seemed to be convinced'''hmmm so u want injection or ice cream tell me'..' Maan asked smiling inside'..'Do I real get cold if I eat ice cream now'' the girl asked very sweetly that anyone cant say no to her''but Maan made a mental note to not melt for her sweetness and said 'Yes u will get Cold...' the girl nodded and told him 'ok''.'Hmmm so come on get into bed and sleep'''.' Maan said while making her bed neat which is scattered with all dolls and pencils''he made her sleep on the bed and covered her with comforter and sat beside her and stroking her hair to make her sleep'''


After like one hour Maan trying to get up to make his way out of room assuming that she is asleep'. When he is about get up he felt a hand grip on his wrist and he turned and saw the girl gripping his wrist 'Are my Princess is not asleep'''.??' Maan asked her'.she just shook her head'.'but y bacha'.' Maan asked concernly'..


'She got up from the bed and stood on her knees and asked him in the most cutest way one can ask 'One ice cream please''''' Maan after hearing her he just cant say no to her desire and her pouting made him to accept for her only desire to night and said 'Ok bacha''but promise me that only one'..and after that u have to get steam so that u cant get caught of cold ok''.promise'.' Maan asked for her assurance''..


The girl happily said 'Ok'''only one and I'll take steam also''..thnk you sooo much'..' and jumped from bed and both went for Night Ice cream mission'''.


'Princess don't make noise'..agar ma ko patha chala we are dead''' Maan said making his steps near to kitchen'..'uffooo now u stop this duffer and make your move fast im damn eager to have ice cream'.' Girl said'..'Bacha u should not call elders duffer''Maan said while still walking towards kitchen''..'ok ok idiot'.' The girl said'.Maan laughed seeing her verbal antics''


'Princess there is no hurry have slowly'..' Maan said seeing her eating hastily'.'oho idiot if I eat slowly then it will melt then I have to drink it''how u don't know such a silly point'.seriously ur duffer'.' Girl said while eating her ice cream beamingly''..''Princess I said u'' but Maan cut by his mother''..' Maan what are you doing''.' The voice surrounded whole house as its night and silence Maan shuddered and saw at girl who is equally terrified'..'and what she is doing'.OMG she is eating ice cream that too at this time'.and OMG OMG can u see outside the climate was cold and she is eating ice cream'..' Naina shouted with concern and anger and gave daggers to both the girl and Maan''.


Both Maan and girl gave apologetically look and gave peck on Naina cheeks before she starts her song of scolding and ran towards their room''''''..


'haha bohuth maza agaya naaa'..' girl said while laughing heartily'.'Maan said 'haaa''' he also answered smilingly and turned to her side and said 'bas bacha now go to sleep''eyes close''..' Maan said while tugging her in bed and caressing her hair slowly'.'Nooo'' girl shouted and again stood on bed like while ago'.Maan understood her and said 'No bacha'.i said one and it finish now sleep''..' Maan said strictly'.. and made her to sleep on bed forcefully'

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.sireesha. Goldie

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Thanq sooo much for the PM
Great StartClapClapClapClapClap
Its Interesting
pls continue sooooooooooooon

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anufa Goldie

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loved iT!!!!

update sooN!!....add me to ur pm list!!!!

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smiliey Senior Member

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interestinG!!!!! but where is Geet???
update sooN!!....add me to ur pm list!!!! plsssssssssss

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.anishaa. IF-Dazzler

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Thanks for the PM! But where is Geet? And if he was with Sameera where did Naina come from? Just curious, that's all. But it's a good story, keep it up :) And welcome to the forum Smile

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sona-rai IF-Sizzlerz

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very niceClapwaitnig for next part

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.Suhasini. Goldie

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                                                                                      Part 2



'uffoooo idiot….' Girl said struggling from his grip to get up…'Princess sleep otherwise I'll not talk to u…..' Maan said with fake anger….and in return heard sobbing and looked at her before pacify her she tugged herself in comforter and said 'u forget to give me stream…and morning if I get cold dnt ever scold me…' said while crying and giving dangerous glares to him…Maan felt bad for scolding her without learning the reason and said 'im sorry Princess…' by apologizing with his two hands on his ears and pleading his Princess…



'Princess please excuse me for this time please bacha im really sorry……….' Maan asked feeling really sorry for his outburst on her…girl turned her face other side and said 'nope im not going to take ur sorry worry I don't want you…gooo away from here….' She said while shouting at him…….'but I am sorry bacha please excuse me naaa……' Maan said in most pleading manner by keeping his hands on her face to make her turn towards him….'nope I wont see ur face go away….u just shouted at me without my mistake…' Geet said and closed her eyes when Maan turned her towards him….Maan keep on pacifying her but she didn't melt single bit then he decided 'acha don't excuse me if u don't want and don't ask me to take you tomorrow for movie…..' Maan said while blushing and tried to go out….



'Hey wait wait who said ur not excused…and im just joking u know……' the girl said while getting up from bed and stood before Maan said trying to make him convince….with in a minute scene reversed and now she is pleading him….'Maan please im realy sorry for not excusing you…ok now ur excused don't worry…and we are going tomorrow for movie na???' Geet asked doubtfully….Maan burst out and said 'mera bacha…. we are going to movie tomorrow pakka' keeping both hands on her cheek and gave her hot stream through steamer so that she wont get caught of cold and after that he said 'and now u sleep….ok Princess……' Maan said finally tugging her in bed..' Good night …' she said while giving peck on his cheek..' Good night baby……' Maan pecked her cheek and sat beside her until she slept…….


After making her sleep he came out of her room and moved to his room and opened his room door and saw his mother waiting for him 'Ma u still awake…' asked Maan and came near her and kept his head on her lap and asked 'you want to ask me something maa???'


'Maan what did you think of her…….?' Naina asked caressing his hair…' what about to think ma….?' Maan asked feeling sleepy due to his mother's hand massage….'Beta it has been two months she is being here…' Naina asked trying to make him understand…' Maa please not again…. she is happy here…I cant send her somewhere where she don't want to….' Maan said getting up seriously from her lap and walked to window and asked 'Why ma why you want to get rid off her…?' Maan asked unable to control his grave…..


'Maan its not like that I want her to be out of this house…….i too like her a lot but u see she didn't change anything from the day we had brought her here……..she needs to get treatment….we shouldn't be selfish Maan……..we have to think about her condition…and moreover how many days u will keep her here……..we cant keep her here always….so we have to think alternate Maan….' Naina said calmly to make him understand…..


'Ma why she cant be here…….she can be here and im here to look after her and u know that she is not at all trouble to anyone.. from day one she never gave any trouble to anyone…..please ma let her be here………and im sure she wont trouble…' Maan literally begged his mom…..Naina saw tears in his eyes and thought to talk to him tomorrow and make him understand……..'Ok ok now….go to sleep u r also becoming another Princess…. Crying like her….idiot….now go to sleep its too late….and morning u have meeting also….' Naina said and left the room……..


Maan arched on his bed and thought of the day which completely changed him………..


Exactly before two months he finished his meeting and driving his car to head home and suddenly a girl came near his car and Maan tried to stop the car but due to sudden arrival of girl near car he couldn't control and girl has hit by his car……he came out of car and saw a girl laying with her head hurt ….he lifted her fragile body into his arms and saw the girl she is simple and her face was a symbol of peace….she looked like a fairy…..she is beautiful simple sweet looking girl….Maan felt tug in his heart after seeing angel like girl….and then he saw blood oozing from her head part….thats it he felt someone stab on his heart hardly…and he took her to hospital which runs by his mother…..


'Maaa please see her….' Maan said while bringing the girl who is injured on her head 'Maan what happened and who is this girl beta….' Naina asked shockingly seeing a girl hurt in her sons arms…..'Ma she came near my car and I couldn't stop it and she got hurt please help her ma…' Maan asked worriedly….he don't why he was feeling restless seeing this girl in blood…..he is so freaked out seeing the girl hurt….Naina took her inside and aid her injuries and came out….'Ma how is she is she fine….is everything ok…' Maan asked super worriedly and with concern all written over his face….. 'Maan why are u soo freak out….she is fine and its very small injury beta…just two stitches and for that ur feeling soo tension cool down beta….u sit and have some water….' Naina said and called attender to bring some water…


'Ma its not small injury ma….she lost some few drops blood also…and she cried heavily ma….u would have seen her…..she is very fragile ma……' Maan said distress………..


Naina observed him and thought I never have seen him like this….even when his father got heart attack he is so strong and very matured but why he is feeling so distress seeing this girl……


'Mam she is conscious…..' nurse informed Naina………..before Naina turn to tell Maan…Maan rushed to girls room and saw her awake…..Maan rushed to her and sat beside her and asked her by taking her head into his hands 'How are you….?' the girl seeing him just hugged him tightly and cried her heart out ….Maan seeing her sobbing felt pain and asked her while releasing from hug 'What had happened…is it paining…..?' Maan asked wiping her tears which are making him hurt more…..'No its not paining….take me home….i don't want to be in this place….please take me with you….' Girl asked innocently…Maan observed her she is very sweet….but he couldn't get what she is telling….she is asking him to take to his house…Maan and Naina exchanged looks and Maan asked 'where I have to take you….tell me your address…' Maan asked calmly……'where what we have to go home na…come we shall by the way you're my friend naaa….shalu told me that you will come one day….and thx friend u came….now chalo we have to go home I hate this place…….' She said making face to show her disliking of hospitals…..


'Come on friend im hungry' She asked with 'about to cry' face which made Maan again loose his hear beat……..Maan and Naina exchanged looks shockingly not understanding what to do….'Friend' she shouted and sobbed as she is not getting any attention….' Ok Ok don't cry he wiped her tears and asked even more calmly 'Ok I'll take you home first tell me what your name..' she looked at him doubtfully and asked 'you're my friend u said then u don't know my name…' girl said….'What he said you're his friend or you said….' Naina asked confusedly….'whats different and who are you…..?' she asked and moved towards Maan with fear……'She is my mother…….ok now tell me your name….' Maan asked her….'u really don't know my name….?' she asked pouting…..Maan heart danced when he saw her cute face…..'I forget that's why im asking…' Maan said 'So now can u tell me whats your name….'


'GEET….GEET…GEET………' she shouted while telling her name……its sounds like song to him…..her name made him shiver……Naina tapped his arm and got him from his dream land........he looked at his mother who is seeing him with questing eyes…..Maan turned his face to Geet and asked 'So Geet were is your friend shalu….we shall go to her…..' Maan asked trying to get her information…..'hmmmm….shalu….' Geet thought like about to give an answer and said 'Haaaaaaaaaaa….pachhh…….nahi nahi….' And again 'hmmmm first tell me whats your name friend…….?' Maan laughed seeing her antics and said 'my name is Maan….'……….'So tell me were is shalu…' Maan asked again………'hmmmm nice name…..but not as sweet as my name….' and gave her beautiful smile…Maan felt soooo good seeing her smile…..


'tell me Geet whats her address….' Maan asked again…..'uffooo Maan wait na…let me think………' and tapped on her chin and said 'Yaaa…..shalu…..' …haa shalu tell me Geet' Maan asked anxiously…'Geet gave a glare and said 'Wait na…..' and asked Maan to come near her and she said in his ear 'Maan who is this shalu…..?' Maan got another shock……….


Maan and Naina thinking what to do next….they understood that she is mentally not stable…she is may be in 20's but behaves like 6 or 7……..'Maan I think we have to leave her in asylum…..' Maan hearing that felt rage and shouted 'WHAT mental asylum……..what are you talking ma……did u see her……do u think she is insane……….how could you ma……' Maan asked his mother harshly……..'Maan be practical………other than that what we can do tell me……..' Naina asked……..


'We will take her home with us………..' Maan said…….'Maan are u mad…..we don't know who she is, where is she is from and what her back ground is……??how can we take her with us…if anything happens who is responsible….??' Naina showered with questions……….'Ma I don't have answers for your questions but im not going to leave her in asylum im taking her to house……….thats final………….' Maan said with finality in his words……………..

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nice.. thanks for pm

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