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FF : KKTM UPDATED.Part33:Sath nibhayenge on pg 106

--Saaki-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 12:36am | IP Logged
My all LTL forum Darlings.................................................
I was supposed to post this very long before.But,u know I was so irregular to the forum that just couldnt do it.I have made a FF which i dont say small as its going to be a long one & hope you all like it.Smile.
Note :
*My narrating part will be in English  
*Dialogues will be in Hindi.I hope everyone understands hindi.
*All kinda comments are welcome .Hug
*If you can I would definitely love to have my PARTS rated .Embarrassed
Part 1 : Nakusha.......... - page 1
Part 2 : Woh Ladka....... - page 3
Part 3 : DUTTAAAAAAA............. - page 5
Part 4 : Dutta-Nakku........ - page 7
Part 5 : Koi kaq nahi............ - page 10
Part 6 : Yeh Dosti................. - page 14
Part 7 : Accident......... - page 18
Part 8 : Face Revelation........... - page 22
Part 9 : Gaadi nikal padi........ - page 26
Part 10 : Shukriyaaaaa............ - page 30
Part 11 : JUNGLE.............. - page 34
Part 12 : Dil ki baat......... - page 37
Part 13 : Dil chugayi........ - page 41
Part 14 : Jazbaatein......... - page 45
Part 15 : Koi hain............. - page 48     
Part 16 : Morey............. - page 51       
Part 17 : Pyaar hain.............. - page 54 
Part 18 : Wicked Morey........... - page 59  
Part 19 : Izhaar........... - page 62         
Part 20 : The Trap..... - page 65      
Part 21 : Nakku Kahaan Hain....... - page 70                  
 Part 22 : Maahi ve........ - page 73
Part 23 : In Ur Arms..... - page 75
Part 24 : Kaali Ghaati...... - page 79
Part 25 : Surrender....... - page 82
Part 26 : Chaal ulti padi....... - page 86
Part 27 : Lambi Judai....... - page 88
Part 28 : 2 Yrs Leap...... - page 91
Part 29 : Paagal Kala..... - page 94
Part 30 : Greedy Kala..... - page 97
Part 31 : The Return...... - page 100
Part 32 : Milan........ - page 104
Part 33 : Saath Nibhayenge.... - page 106
Babi : A mother of three children.Comes from a poor family.Wants to see her children always happy.She can go to any xtent to protect her children from any sorts of difficulty .
Ganpat : A father of three children & husband of Babi .He is a self-centered man who thinks about himself first than his family.For his happiness he can make his family's life miserable.Babi overpowers him yet he loves his wife wholeheartedly.Eventhough he is so selfish,he has got this soft-corner about his children & do cry for them in times.Quite innocent to see the "Good & Bad".A very addicted-Drunker.
Nakusha : The second daughter of Babi.Very dedicated girl to her family .She loves her family & can go any xtent for her familys happiness.She hardly care about herself.All she wants to see is that her loved ones are safe & happy.
Gajri : Nakusha's best friend.A girl who has the only one relation in this world that is with Nakusha.She can go any xtent for her fiend.Quite a funny girl & pure Tomboyish.
Sethji : Nakusha's brother.He is very fond of her Taayi(Nakusha).In his very young age,have seen a lot of things.He do care for his sister & always listens to her.

Dutta : A strong & handsome guy who works for a Gangster Satya.He has his only relation with his sister Kala & his best friend Baaji.At a very young age,he took all the responsibilities of his family .A very determined guy with principles in his life.True to his work & very sincere to his boss.Yet,emotional at heart.


Baaji : Dutta's true friend.He has no one in his life xcept his Best friend Dutta.Dutta-Baaji are childhood  friends.No one can separate them for whatever reason.they both are like "Do Jism Ek Jaan".


Kala : Dutta's step sister. Kala is the elder sister of Dutta,who is living with Dutta.She presents herself very caring & loving to Dutta .Se is a married woman with one son,but never lives with her husband & makes Dutta to believe that her Husband tortures her & so is living with Dutta.But,her truth of staying with Dutta is the Property in his name which was left by his father .Dutta is not a real brother to her as he was adopted by Kala's father & mother who died in a train accident.But,Dutta's real father has got a tremendous money which Dutta is unaware of & Kala is aware of.Kala pretends her to be  loving Dutta as to get his property which Kala is aware of .


Kishore : Kishore is Kala's husband who just hates his wife for her evil deeds & for her never ending selfish motives..........


As the Story continues we will get to see more characters.Rt now,these are the main characters.
Other small appearances are
Babi's Mother in law : Alady who thinks daughter is a "Bhoj" to the family.
Roopa : Nakusha's Elder sister.
Morey : A spoilt police officer who is less police more "Hitler".
Kusuma : A loving neighbour & very good friend of Babi.

Sriram Patil(SP) : Dutta's real father who is very desperate to see his son who is missing from him from his childhood.

Rudr : A guy who works in Gal selling business.

Guddu : Morey's right hand.

Chotu : Kala's assistant in SP's house.

Satya Bhao : Dutta's boss.

Shekhar,Damle,Chandu,ali : Satya's men.

Anay : Kala & Kishore's child.

                                                      PART 1
"Babi...........Oh Babi..........." calls Kusuma out of desperation.She is so want to see her Friends face rt now & cant wait a minute.
"Babi re,kahan hain tu?............Babi"Suddenly she stops.
A lady coming out of the room which is covered by the screen .Her hairs tied up & left a bit at her right hand side.She comes out with an irritating xpressions & asks Kusuma angrily ,
"Kai sala? Kaiko chilla rahi hain tu?Main janti hain har bar jab teri ko wo mandir wala gunda satata hain meri hi yaad aati hain.Main hoon na yahaan pe teri ko usse chudane ke liye.Warna kal tune jo meri saath nahi aayi uss police waale ke saamne,maine to sochli thi Kusuma ki main teri se baat nahi karegi aaj se aur tu bhi na aati yahaan pe.Meri ko sab maaloom ha".Looks angrily at Kusuma.
"Ye Babi,teri ko mallom hain na meri ko kitna darr lagta hain uss lafngey Police waala se.Kalka ghussa aise mat nikal Babi.Meri ko tere sive kaun madat karega?Chalna Babi ,Ghussa to baad main bhi karsakti hain tu".Says Kusuma lovingly to convince the Babi who is quite angry with her.
"Bas BAs ha re Kusuma,pata hain meri ko.Ab zyaada Maska mat laga.Chal dekhte hain ab kya karne waala hain wo tere saath.Tu aage chal main aati hain peeche."
Kusuma satisfyingly turns & starts to walk.Everyone in the BAsti know that noone can win over Babi .As sweet she is with her friends that much danger she is with her enemies.
"Nakku........." Babi enters the room to see her daughter setting the plates for Ganpat & Sethji to have their breakfast.
Babi looks at her for sometime lovingly & a smile occurs on her face.She remembers the day Her second daughter was born.
Ganpat  moving restlessly in the hall .His mother says ,"Agar iss baar bhi ladki huina,to ghar mein bhochal aajayega main bolrahi hoon.Main bardaash nahi karoongi.Aur teri ko doosri shaadi karoongi waise to Babi se kya hua hain aajtak.Nayiwali aayegi to "Beta" laayegi".Ganpat eventhough pissed at her mother thinks not the time for any quarrel & sits at a distance from her & gazes at his first daughter Roopa for a moment & again bends his head .
The cry of the baby comes from the room.Ganpat gets xcited & desperate to see the baby.
The lady who brought the baby to Ganpat & said "Ladki hui hain".Ganpats mother shots,"Bas ab yeh bahut hogaya.Do do betiyon ko rakhke kya ghaas khayange hum.Ladkiyaan to bhoj hoti bhoj.Main kehti hoon iss manhoos biwi kochod tu aur tere liye achcha sa ladki lekar aayengi main jo tujhe "Beta" degi.Meri maan".She keeps her hand on Ganpat's shoulders.But,Ganpat removes her hand from his shoulders & goes in to see Babi who is awre what her Mother in-law told & in tears.Ganpat consoles her saying he wont leave her .At that moment Ganpat,BAbi & their two kids gets out of the house & her mother in-law moves to Ganpat's cousine's house.
"Yeh kya hogaya,agar is baar bhi ladki nahi hui hoti to hame ghar chodke to nahi aana padta.Waake mein manhoos hain yeh ladki hamaare liye."Nakusha".Is ka naam aaj se Nakusha hain."Babi desperately said which then onwards becme her daughters name.
"Aayi.........,Aayi........." .Babi who was busy thinking about her past suddenly comes to reality & sees the dark girl with such a ugly face stand infornt of her calling her.
"Kahan khogayi thi aayi.Kaiko bulaya mujhe?Kuch kehna tha?"
"Haan.Ghar ki khayaal rakhna Nakku.MAin Madir jaarahi hoon Kusuma ke saath.Woh Ali phir se tang karraha hain use."Says Babi leaving Nakku in worry.
Hope you all liked my first PART.
Plz comment friends.Smile

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-MeMyselfI IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 12:37am | IP Logged
looking forward 2 it....but when will Dutta show up?Embarrassed

Edited by 2010huma - 15 August 2010 at 12:47am

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IshyMishi Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 12:47am | IP Logged
Not fair
U finished with sketch description in the 1st episode ,
Pls update it soon.

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shonapinky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 1:28am | IP Logged
too good saaki...Clapawaiting ur next update...hope v hav duttaz awesum entry in ur next update..!!!

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--Saaki-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 2010huma

looking forward 2 it....but when will Dutta show up?Embarrassed
Hero ki aane mein abhi time hain.Trust me guys,I have planned a bilkul Dhamakedaar entry for Dutta dear.  

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--Saaki-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by IshyMishi

Not fair
U finished with sketch description in the 1st episode ,
Pls update it soon.
I have updated the Part 1.Hope u like it dear. .
Characters to abhi bahut aani hain. 

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--Saaki-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shonapinky

too good saaki...Clapawaiting ur next update...hope v hav duttaz awesum entry in ur next update..!!!
Ha hahaa.........Sorry dear,Next update main Dutta to Nahi aayenge.Par jab aayenge I bet you will Love it. 
Thx Angel for your reply.Big smile 

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ramathi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 August 2010 at 3:07am | IP Logged
 Clapping Hands 
Hey saakshi wonderfully written.Loved it
Waiting for the next part asap.

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