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~:BB Paradise: ArBi, PayKar & Gyaneeta :~

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A daily show that aired on Sony from Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm and dealt with the story of  a man turning into a woman as a result of being cursed by one of his love interests .
The show premiered on May 25, 2009 and starred the hearthrobs of the Indian TV industry Eijaz Khan & Aamir Ali, with the super rocking Ragini Khanna Aanchal Sabharwal,  ably supported by Jai Kalra, Rukhsar, Vivek Mushran, Amit Behl, Rajesh Khera, Preeti Amin, Shakti Anand and others.
The show ended on December 17, 2009 after a short but super successful run of 6 months
But in its brief run...BB has given us...some of the best moments of Indian TV history..
Be it the comedy...the romance......the action......the  Passion ....and the Fun..
BB had it all.....
This CFC is for all the Die Hard BBians...........who love the Show.....
and its magical pairs aka
 HeartHeartHeart   ArBi    HeartHeartHeart
 HeartHeartHeart   PayKar   HeartHeartHeart
HeartHeartHeart   GyaNeeta   HeartHeartHeart
 to the Hilt.....Tongue

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Bhaskar Bharti aka Eijaz Khan (special appearance)
Born and brought up in the princely town of Gwalior, Bhaskar is a shrewd, yet lovable character. He always dreamt of going to the famous Scindia School, but his father couldn't afford it. So all he could do was, gaze at his dream, while he cycled his way to Hema Convent School. He proposed to a girl just once, and that rejection made him suffer from tremendously low self-esteem. But he was too good to be ignored for a long time. He starts writing for his college newspapers. And applause starts pouring in, he has finally found his calling-writing.

After his graduation, Bhaskar wants to shift to Mumbai, the city of dreams, but his father wants him to take up a job of an assistant manager in a nearby factory. And his mother wants him to get married. Bhaskar is scared, he believes that marriage bogs one down and doesn't let one achieve his true potential. His Chacha was a living example of this belief. He revolts, he wants to be successful and not married. He leaves for Mumbai. Once here, he grooms himself. Slowly to his utmost surprise, he starts having a way with women, they find him cute, he finds them useful to go up the ladder. Amidst all this drama, he meets the owner of fledgling magazine called,' Man's Universe'. Her name is Camilla Bhatia, she offers him a job. Bhaskar, a complete opportunist, grabs this opportunity with both hands and soon becomes the Chief Editor of the magazine.
Bhaskar doesn't believe in the concept of love. He believes love is the biggest obstacle one can face on his way to success. He portrays himself to be the perfect person, he keeps everyone happy just to get his work done. If a person doesn't serve his purpose, the person doesn't exist for him. But everyone wants to keep him happy, then be it the peon, the housemaid or even his secretary. He is not the best person around, but there is something about him.

Bharti aka Ragini Khanna
Bhaskar's female avatar
Armaan Sinha aka Aamir Ali 
From home to office and vice versa, he is Mr. Nice Guy. He doesn't go out drinking with Bhaskar and gang, as he is a single father. He always rushes home to be with his daughter. He is man of great integrity: honest and hard working. A brilliant photographer, he is getting great offers from various places, but he sticks to ' Men's Universe' because it had given him his first break. His ideologies constantly clash with those of Bhaskar. Bhaskar hates him, but Armaan is too level headed to hold any grudges against Bhaskar. He just lets him be.

He cares a lot for his 6-year-old daughter, Jia. He doesn't want his daughter ever to feel the absence of a mother. He tells her that, her mother died when she was just an infant, it's a lie Jias mother had left Armaan for another man. But he doesn't care for her anymore; he is completely smitten by Bharti. But slowly his infatuation for Bharti turns to respect as he sees her dedication at work. He empathises with her whenever she struggles with anything. And whenever she is in trouble, he comes to her rescue like a knight in shining armour
Payal Mehra aka Aanchal Sabharwal
She is Bhaskar's best friend, who loves him and wants him back in his original self. She is constantly with him through this tumultuous phase of his life, and helps him in dealing with his new body and new personal and professional life. She also helps him in his attempts to turn himself back into a man

Gyaan Verma aka Jai Kalra
A man with no morals, he can stoop as low as need be to get what he wants. He craves only for sex and money, nothing else! He is Bhaskar's partner in crime when it comes to womanising. He doesn't believe in hard work, rather doesn't need it. He just steals projects, presentation etc to retain his position in the company. He only has this job thanks to Bhaskar. This job is actually a return favour by Bhaskar as Gyaan was the first one to befriend him when he came to Mumbai.

Gyaan always puts on his best behaviour in front of Bhaskar, through which he remains in Bhaskar's good books. But Bharti's entry shatters his plans. He starts plotting against her to secure his position as a Managing Director. And nothing can stop him, being the person he is, he can go to the extent of erasing data from hard drives, spilling ink over artworks and much worse
Vineeta Lambha aka Rukhsar
She doesn't mind doing physical favours as long as it helps her reach the top. As a Public Relations executive, she uses her skill to the hilt to publicise her multiple short-lived affairs. She is a loud mouth. She even tries seducing Bhaskar, but he doesn't give her much attention.

Vineeta hates competition and that is exactly what Bharti is. The idea of working under a female boss completely unsettles her, as then she can't seduce her way to the top. Having pampered herself to the point of being spoilt. She is now searching for a perfect husband. The only condition being, he should be a millionaire. May be then, he would be able to afford her. May be!
Amarjeet Chaddha aka Vivek Mushran 
Bhaskar's boss, Amarjeet  was a simple man. He was a crude Punjabi Jat who ran a decently successful tyre business in Ludhiana. But his life changed the moment he fell in love with Kamla. She was a very ambitious girl, she forced him to shift to Mumabi. Once there, Kamla became Corolla and she started a men's magazine titled ' Men's Universe'. Amarjeet sold off his business to put all his money in this magazine.
The Rest - The Best 
Shakti Anand Shakti Anand  -  Role:Omkaar Sinha
Madhura Naik Madhura Naik -     Role:Anu
Ravee Gupta Ravee Gupta Role:Corolla
Simran Sharma Role:Jeeya
Snehal Sahai Snehal Sahai Role:Sonali Sharma
Preeti Amin Preeti Amin Role:Geeta
Vaishnavi  Role: Sudha
            Role: Laxminarayan
 Role: Nanhe
Amit Behl -  Role: Raichura
 Rajesh Khera  - Role: KK  *Lord Krishna*
 Sourav - Role: Trilok
Shagufta Ali - Role : Bua
Credit for all Signatures/ Avs / Banners / Pictures/ Vms/ FFs goes to the respective MAKERs

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The story is centered around the life of Bhaskar (portrayed by Eijaz Khan), an attractive and debonair man and Chief Editor of Men's Universe, a fledgling men's magazine. He's quite popular among women; however, he keeps moving in and out of relationships, as he doesn't believe in the concept of love. This leads to a lot of anger and heartburn among his love interests. Eventually, one of his girlfriends (whom he promised to marry) curses him to turn into a woman, so that he may understand the pain and anguish that he has caused her and other women. The curse comes true, and Bhaskar transforms into a woman that night.

Bewildered by this sudden change, he tries in vain to turn himself back into a man. He soon realizes that he has no choice but to continue his daily life as a woman until the curse can be reversed. To be accepted back in his workplace, he pretends to be Bhaskar's cousin Bharti (portrayed by Ragini Khanna) and lies that Bhaskar had to leave to attend to a family emergency, and that he has asked her to assume his responsibilities at his office until he returns. He is able to get his job back as a result, but realizes that getting everyone's respect and attention will prove very difficult, more so now as he is a woman.
 Story so Far: 
*to be updated*

God does crazy things sometimes to teach his mankind creations a lesson, doesn't He? But, did you ever think He would go as far as turning a Man into a Woman?  

Bhaskar Bharti is the chief editor of a well known magazine called Men's Universe. He is notorious for being a "player", having ditched over 45 girls! One day when Bhaskar broke his promise to marry a girl named Geeta, she prayed to Lord Krishna to punish Bhaskar, so that he can feel the pain of a woman. Overnight Bhaskar turned into a beautiful woman. He went from : Man to Wo-Man!He was turned from Bhaskar Bharti to Bharti Bharti!

Bharti/Bhaskar met a mysterious person named KK again and again who claimed that he had created all the problems in Bhaskar's life. Later on Bharti came to know that KK is lord Krishna who is punishing Bhaskar for ditching Geeta.

Bhaskar, who was from Gwalior dreamed of one day gifting his father a Gwalior Haveli. To do this, he had to stay at Men's Universe. What better way to do that then introduce himself as Bharti, Bhaskar's "dooooooooooooooooor ki rishtedar!" Soon enough through her charms, Bharti was given Bhaskar's chief editor post, and through schemes became a board member, received a bonus and got her father's haveli!

Along with the perks of getting her post back, Bharti realized she worked with rude and conniving  colleagues that tried day and night to kick Bharti out of Men's Universe! Bharti overcame these problems with the help of her friend Payal and office colleague Armaan.

Soon enough, when Bharti's life was shaping up, her parent's come to know that Bhaskar is missing! They arrive at her house and Payal introduces Bharti as Bhaskar's wife, because that was the most logical thing she could think of! Bharti goes along with the idea and after a rough patch, her parents accept her as Bhaskar's wife, their "Bahu."

In the mean time, Nanhe (Bhaskar's brother) reveals to Amarjeet's devious daughter Anu (because he falls in love with her) that Bharti is Bhaskar's wife and news spreads quickly. Everyone at the magazine finds out that Bharti lied to them. She is not Bhaskar's relative but his wife! And, according to the company rules, because Bharti lied, she is going to be fired from her job, and loose her title as a member of the board.

Bharti schemes to throw Gyaan off the magazine and with Armaans help, she was successful. However when Gyan finds out after he looses his job, he goes to confront Bharti and Bharti and Gyan fight! This leads Bharti and Gyan in jail.

As for the love story part of this show, Payal, Bhaskar's best friend loves him but could never muster the courage to tell him. But, Bhaskar bana Bharti! And, Bharti met Armaan! Armaan is a divorcee with a six year old daughter named Jia. He falls in love with Bharti slowly but surely. Bharti is also attracted towards Armaan but tries to maintain distance because she knows that she is Bhaskar in reality. She is a man in reality! Armaan finds out from everyone at the magazine that Bharti is Bhaskar's wife. Payal and Armaan angle might be shown as well, because in recent episodes, a bit of chemistry was shown between the two.

Bharti is currently facing numerous problems at once! Her main one is to return as Bhaskar, "the man!" Then deal with her feelings for Armaan which she has been running from, as well as regain her post at Men's Universe.


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  -:VM Galleries :-





bubblygal aka Hasini
sonu4ever aka Humera
Blueberry aka Vini
  -: BB Creation Gallery Links :-
>>: Bhaskar Bharti Creation Corner 1:<<
 >>: Bhaskar Bharti Creation Corner 2:<<
 >>: Bhaskar Bharti Creation Corner 3:<<
  -: FF Gallery Links :-
Tum Say Hum: by Ghazal
 Tera Hone Laga Hoon: by Sohana
Pyaar Impossible: by Immy aka BlessedSexyOne
Jaane Yeh Kaise Hua: by Noorie aka BlessedCuteOne
 Kash Aisa Hota: by Kaninika
  Kismat Connection : by Kaninika
 Jab Lurve Hua: by Jassie
Pyaar Zindagi Hai : by Jassie
 BB Part 2 : by Deepu
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani : by Vini aka Blueberry
 Dil Ko Tumse Pyaar Hua: by Zoya
 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: by Zoya
Love Makes Life Beautiful: by haaki.b aka Harika
 Mistake: by .Lali
Meaning of Love: by .Lali
Change : by Naley
Jaane Kahan Dil Mil Gaye : by Lalmirch
  -: OS Gallery Links :-
PS : I Hate You  -  by Kanu
 Once Upon a Time In Rain  -  by Zoya
You are Ma Life  - by Zoya
Mere Sang Toh Chal Zara  - by Zoya
 Socha Na Tha  - by Jassie
Yours forever  - by Haaki
A Broken Pact  - by Vini


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 BB mite be over...but our Crazy Lot are going places..Tongue and this is a segment which will keep u all updated about the whereabouts of our Beloved BB cast...
|| Eijaz ||

Eijaz to play film critic Khalid in next

|| Ragini ||
Ragini Khanna to play Suhana in Sasural  Genda Phool -Star Plus
Ragini Khanna performs on 'Baat Hamari Pakki' on Sony TV
Ragini Khanna on 'Big Money' on Imagine TV
Ragini Khanna participates in 'Meethi Choori' on Imagine TV
Ragini Khanna dances on 'Azadi Live' on Star Plus
|| Aamir ||
Aamir gets his 'Sweetest' break in 'I hate luv Storys'
Aamir in 'Zara Nach Ke Dikha -2' on Star Plus
Aamir-Sanjeeda performs on 'Baat Hamari Pakki' on Sony TV
Aamir-Sanjeeda performs on 'Jashn-e-Azadi' on Colors TV
|| Aanchal ||
Aanchal in Shreya Creations' next on Zee - Main Bulbul Tu Sayyad
|| Rukhsar ||
 Rukhsar inspired by Tabu in her upcoming movie - Benny & Babloo
 Rukhsar in a toothpaste Ad with King Khan  
|| BB Forum ||
|| ArBi FanClub ||
|| Bhaskar aka Eijaz AT ||
|| GV Dreamland ||

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Page1The Paradise 
 1No Bashing of BB, BB characters/actors/ FC members
 2No Comparisons of BB, BB characters/actors/ members with other Shows/actors/characters
 3 - Follow all I-F Rules
4 - Hv to be a  BB Lover
-  Shounak  -
-  Nehanne  -
-  Mahnaz  -
-  Vini  -
-  Zoya  -
-  Ghazal  -
- Deepu -
- Noorie -
 - Naley -
- Arpita aka Bublai- 
 - Haaki -

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Great job TanuThumbs Up
Agree with shounak, you are fully dedicated
Zillion thanks yaara for doing thisHug
CFC looks awesomeClap

Count me in!

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