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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
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Posted: 13 August 2010 at 3:54pm | IP Logged

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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 May 2009
Posts: 33480

Posted: 13 August 2010 at 3:54pm | IP Logged


haww look whose birthday it is. PartyPartywell hello! I am going to try and write something that compels you to read it over and over again because I am're becoming buddhi and we can do nothing about it!ErmmOuch I know you were waiting impatiently for my message. Embarrassedonly mine.Cool I'm not sure if you know that i'm an excellent singer so today on this special day I shall bless you with my melodious voice. sirf tere liye.Hug HugSo get your ear pads on or whatever. because you might need them later. just a precaution because i love you so much.EmbarrassedROFL

happy birthday to you. now you're one year older!Thumbs Up
happy birthday. your life still isn't over.Tongue

happy birthday. you did not accomplish much!Ouch
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.Clap

seee? beautiful wasn't it? Day Dreamingnot everybody gets to listen to my beautiful voice so you better remember it for the rest of your life or else i'm going to reveal some of your really embarrassing secrets. SmileSmiledeal? now where do i begin with you?Ermm you know it's been just two months since i met you and out of which one month you weren't even here Angrybut it seems as if i've known you've always kept me at so much ease that i never realized that it's been hardly weeks.Clap Clapit's been so much fun knowing you, i cannot even begin to tell you how much you mean to me..Approveeven though i am a victim of sudden outbreaks at times and stop writing to youOuch it does not mean that you're a chari and i am not interested in talking to you.Smile i'm of an unsound mind. but you beat me anyday.SmileROFLROFL

i've had a blast with you and aqsa. LOLLOLtoo many jokes. and the less i say about the jokes the betterBlushing. because if i begin i am the one who will end up being isulted. Ouchand then if i am insulted i will be compelled to tell everyone what bad bad things you've done and she has done.Wink so no comments.LOL erm erm. i am also trying to remeber that video confrence that we had. shit you watched me and my nagin dance for a good 60 mins and all i got in return was ms. sara yasmeen for a handsome 10 mins that too busy suppressing her giggles.AngryAngry i was not that bad you know.TongueLOL

and yup i'm still trying to remember fun things.Day Dreaming consider yourself fortunate because nobody besides aqsa and you knows how wild i am.Star and all my fantasies. Cooland yours and mine bathroom experiences.ROFL ROFLso yeahh..if you want me to exagerate feel free to let me know and i will do so.Wink sara? so to nahin gayi na? Sleepynahin to phir sun.Party the other fun thing was you, aqsa and me in a yahoo convo talking about a certain someone.Wink we were so mean there.ROFL venting out all our frustration and then laughing like a drain.ROFL i don't think i can ever be angry with you or aqsa because we've had too many jokes together! bestness.GeekErmm
tu mujhe bhule gi to nahin na? kyunki main tere jaisi nahin hoon. ahh well.Tongue

okay i don't know what i've been writing Ermmand this is because i didn't have to think before all came out naturally and that proves..that words are not enough to describe the kind of person you are!HugHug whatever i wrote here is all for fun and remembering old times.EmbarrassedDay Dreaming and i couldn't find a better oppotunity. it's been so so so much fun knowing you.LOL more than words can describe. always be like this is life and if you ever think about changing then you will see. because i love this sara. my twinnie? LOLi think without further ado..

sara! i hope you have a great day and you enjoy it to the fullest and i wont tell anyone your real ageErmm..if somebody else does please don't cry.Tongue everybody becomes budhi one day.Big smile chalo i think i am finished hereErmm..i really hope you have a nice day twinnie and remember me when you're having funCool..i know you wont. Ouchi still hope you get whatever you wish for and you get a pati like maan prem or mayank?Shocked take anyone i don't careSmile..but i'd be thankful if you could spare my prem. please?Disapprove okay enough now. loads of love coming from my side. happy birthday sara!Hug

oye song credit..adam sandler.EmbarrassedROFL bohat acha hai. kabhi dekhna.ROFL
emmm dunno from where i should start.but yeah how can i forget the day when i met the most sweetest and lovely girl in this world. we met on CC first time.she came there as amreen's friend but after her first dhamakedar entry she became a permenant member and JAAN of our cc.she brought a new life for our cc.first i was little bit jealous with her friendship with aqsa LOLLOLi know i am telling this secret first time sara but still bol diya...but life of that jealousy factor was really short because like someone said "how can u tell the rain not to fall when clous exist?how can you tell the leaves not to fall when wind exist and How can you tell me not to fall in friendship when u exist"and then after little chats we became friends in our cc.she always feel unsecure about my friendship ummm sara tu he bta tu kaisy beleive kry gi k you are like a sis for me Hugi luv u so much dear.thanks again and again for cming in my life

My moments with sara, Well from where to start I don't know Ermm , every moment that I spend with sara is precious for me and very much intact in my heart as if just minutes ago Embarrassed.

Well its not that we met years ago and hence are close friends, our friendship journey is not very old just few months ago yet it feels as if from years we are together Big smile . I still remember our first encounter in Desh Chatties, I was habituated to go there daily to meet all my friends and when 1 day I met you, at first I was so not pleased Wink but then we started interacting I started liking you but that was just once as you stopped coming there after and even I forgot you.

Ab don't need to give me glares Stern Smile I met you just for once so how can you expect that I will remember you throughout, thats logical yaar but still logic to whom I m saying !! TongueROFL

Anyways but destiny destined us to be together so we agin met through your famous daram of leaving IF as usual, don't really remember how many times you said the same but till now is big IF freak ROFLROFL.

And seriously till now I was under impression that Amreen was common link for our friendship Wink and it was her because of whom I met but no it was your nautanki Thumbs Up, overacting Thumbs Up because of which we met and thanks honey for reminding me that and refreshing my memory by showing me that PM.

And from there journey starts slowly n steadily like smart person we started out smart moves and here we are,Embarrassed  I still remember my scraps were around 50 or sumthng and our non- stop made it to 1000 Shocked  ROFL, I had to del so many as you had spammed my SB Angry as your try to apologize for your mistake and we had our first fight then, it was not a fight actually but I felt bad Ouch and then there I got to know the real sara for whom friendship is above all nad who can go to any depth to bring a smile on others face especially if she loves someone from her whole heart n soul.

And then everyday, every hour, every second just strengthen our relation and brought us here at this stage where we are. From there onwards you gave me another name to look for, to rely upon, who cries along with me, whom I can even disturb late night and I know who will be head over heels for me if I need her.

The only ebil girl who made me cry with her stupic act and I am still very angry for that, don't ever try to do that ever again, you don't know what are you for us and we can't affford to loose you.

Anyways time for YM, lets show our gratitude for it also which is another link of our connection, our late night Yahoo chats, Confrences are something which will always remain afresh in my mind. Our confrence, me, you and sofi, gosh what confrences that was and now remembering those make to fall in fits of laughter, what things we didn't discussed, your and sofi Washroom secrets ............ oops sorry secrets mean not to be revealed, He He He.

And then remember our that confrence about something, gosh what day that was, what fun we had, but that was not right but still for the moment that was needed and we throughly enjoyed ouself, that day literally I had stoamchache all because you and ebil sofi and offcourse my tantics too. We were just too mean that day but well we were compelled too, gosh our ........ modes ROFL, well i zip my lips here onlyEmbarrassedTongueROFL.

And then yours n sofi's fights on clamining my bro as yours Blushing and putting me in Dharamsankat so as whom to choose perfect for my bro and the race is still on CoolROFL, mera Bhai itna famous and in demand ROFLPartyDay DreamingROFL.
We Had great time, didn't we?
I really don't remember when I laughed this much on net, surely time spent with you both is very close to my heart which can only cracks me upROFL.
And sleeping beauty, wake up I wrote all this to make you sleep not to make you sleep, so better before you pull up your socks and put on your sandels to run behind me, I better stop, I love my life, very much. Mujhe toh bhaut kuch dekhna hain abhi.


And wow I thought this to be hard but this was simplest of all I didn't rethink and just jotted what came in my mind thinking of yuou and our friendship, woww I am impressed.

Anyways on this wonderful occassion just want to end here by wishing you 

 "Happy Birthday"Party

Have a Prosperous Year AheadSmile

God Bless YouHug

And Keep Smiling because your smile is reasons for others to smile.Hug

And always Just Look Back To See Your Friends waiting for you opening their arms to hold you and support you

helo. sweetheart*meri ek lauti bhabi*LOL....1st of all..A Very Very Happy Returns Of The Day..Wish u a very Happy Birthday...*loads of hugs*
hope this day will brings u lots n lots of success,hapiness,n ofcourse lots of gifts...LOLhmm...wah wah promotion frm haddi to bhudhi...LOLkush ho jaa..ab.meri *bhaow bhaow*ROFL.Tonguebeta aaj toh tanduri chiken milega kabse nhi khaya its time to recall our gud n bad memories....sho..whn we met n how we met...i remember...2 years back*long time na*hehe..whn i just joined IF as an active member..LOLthn one day on kis desh forum i saw 2 crazy ppl..r fighting ovr harshad like a mad.n tht was none othr thn u n nisu.....sho me tapking thr n starts fighting with u guyz for harshad..thn nisa invite me n u on yahoo...n we 3 had a reli long n full of fun convo thr....*woh beethe din yaad hain*reli missing those dayz..thts how we both starts chating on yahoo....we chats almost everyday.for many hours..n thn thr only we exchanged our phone no...remember our 1st phone convo...u keep laughing n laughing*pagal*...LOLLOLthn we both plan to start our group n we invite shabs on msn..omg we had a reli gud time wid shabs..miss her n her chats.. u n me alwayz keep fighting in our chats..n shabs stops us..evrytime....LOLi missed those whole nights chats n masti..very we all r busy so much n we hardly hav time to chat...sho sad....but we alwayz thr for echothr .evn those dayz too... phone hamare un dino ka saharaLOL LOL...this thing make our frndship more stronger...the best thing in u which i like the most is tht..tht u realise ur mistake easily n thn sweetly apologise..Big u kwn abt me almost evrything u kwn whn i m low whn i m happy n whn i m ready to fight....*luv u for this*LOLour frndship see bad time too....jab hamari dosti ko nazer lagi..thi...kitna ladai kiya tha humne...haaye...dont want to remember those..dayzLOL...but woh din bhi gaye n thn happy dayz r here again*mashallah*....LOL LOL.only cos of u now i hav sho many frndz on IF...Hugn .now u r the heart of our rocket gang dont feel insecure thr  n u kwn abt this secret most of the time teri wajah se..waha sab khush hote hain..cos tu bolti hi itna hain.LOL..woh itne cc khatam hone.ka most of the time credit only goes to u..TongueLOLn zunni..uske toh Zuchar ke name ka hi credit tujhe jata hain..teri wajah se uski luv story amar ho gayi...ROFL. dekh kitni lucky hain i admit tht u r special..cos u r now like my small sis*aqsa u r my best buddy*..jiska air digest nhi hota bina ladai kiye toh khati hi wanna say saru..the time which i spend with u is one of the best in my life.n never  ever forget during my whole life..alwayz remain like this only..Big smile.n dun worry i didnt forget u...mere bache hone ke baad bhi nhi....n dont dare to call him namuna..werna teri tohhhhhhAngry LOL LOL..n now starts take sum healthy food yaar...cos my bro hates haddi..ROFL*samjhi Babiji*rest cant reveal here.*ahem ahem*..i cant express my feelings abt u.n cant tell u much u mean to me..i thnk u kwn wht gift do u want. frm me...dont ask me abt siggy n avis cos u kwn tht i dont how to make thm..dont ask me abt pic cos i already gave u few days back....bacha bas.vm..yeh ab le..le..LOL LOLonce again..wish u a very Happy Birthday nautanki..Hugnow time for sum gud blessings for u...


                                               Sending a Joyful Hello ...
                                    To Someone Who is A Blessing to Know

                                Cherish God's love and celebrate His plan for you!
                                                          Happy Birthday

                                 I hope that your day is blessed with happiness and joy.

                                       Praying that your day is as special as you are.

            May the good Lord shower you with many blessings on your special day.

                 Birthdays give us the opportunities to stop and appreciate all the
                                beautiful things we have been blessed with.

                                   "I thank my God in all my remembrance of you." 

              "This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

                                                         "God Bless u "                                                               
                      loads of lub n *hugsss*

Sara i wish u the best birthday ever....Spending time with you is great fun!...i learn so much from you.
We had good times and bad times....We share very pleasant moments...that i will always remember.
On your birthday i want you to be a happy girl, eat lots of cake, spend time with your love ones, and just enjoy.
Being friends with you is  great. Your more than a friend to me  you know that and i will never break it. You always cheer me up when i m not well. I always want u to be happy and safe no matter what happen.
So on this birthday i want you to forget everything you regret doing or mistake whatever it is and just be happy!. I still remember the day we met it was really amazing  do the craziest thing  which has nothing to do with what everyone is talking about but that's the fun of our dosti and describes our rishta am i right? acha before u get senti let me say  no matter what ever happens remember there's someone in the world always praying for u so yeah and now chill
U r my bestest sissy love u soo much

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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

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So its 14th August, your birthday and like all I should wish you but thing is I am in dilemma what should I wish, what new that I don't pray for you daily. Seriously I have nothing new to say or pray, whenever I meet you, talk to you I just pray that This Girl is just too innocent for outisde world and may God shield her from all the evils and keep her under his love and care. The one who only just knows how to curve others lips into a big smile, and so such pure hearted person deserves all the happiness and joy around. Never she hurts anyone but always to cheer them up so never she should be hurt. Instead of path of stones and thorns, it should be always decorated with flowers and blissful moments waiting for her to embrace them.

She deserves all the success and a right to lead a prosperous life and she should be given that.  She should always be same merry around and never any circumstance affect her or could change her.

Thats what I can say, nothing new though but still couldn't let go off this day without my wishes.

How silly of me said everything but forgot to say "Happy Birthday sara".

Heyyy Saru!!!!
How are you????

Many Many Many Happy returns of the day sweety!!

I am know you must be really angry at me for not remembering your birthday initially! And I am veryyy sorry for that!
Anyways I hope you have a blast & enjoy loadss & do super-duper well in your exam!! Hug
Waise I am also sorry, coz I couldn't send my message to Amreen on time..... so I decided to send it directly to you! I hope you'll read it on time!
I was thinking what is it that I can do hatke for you on this birthday of yours. Something that you will remember forever & then I thought of recollecting all the old memories with you. The memories of MayUr Paradise, YM Chats, IF Chats etc. All the memories of our fights, helps, PMs & everything.
Guess what? I found the link to the page from where we had begun chatting & got to know each other. Here is the link : *~MayUr Paradise #12~*
It felt like all those days were cumming bak! Day Dreaming
All the haunting...talking...making fun of everyone...discussiong MayUr & MJHT... & dying for mondayyy to come!Embarrassed
It was all soo lovely. And I remeber the time...when we lost touch & met on YM though vini once again. I was soo shocked & happy to regain that contact.
You know what, you were the 1st person to whom I'd given my no. on IF & to whom & I'd talked with. You were always such a big inspiration for me!Tongue
I always loved to talk to you & belive it or not, I felt veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad whenever I had a fight with you. We fought soo much too!!LOLLOL...gosh! that was the worst part!
Isse pehele ki we fight one more time, let me make one thing VERY clear to you that you are an ETERNAL part of my life & even if we fight or loose contact, you will always be there with me, in my heart, as my dearest IF friend!Big smile
Without you, our CC Krazzy-4 & all the other CC's of which u & I have been a part, wouldn't have been soo intresting & so fun-loving! It has always been a great time with you...even if we chat for 2-3 mins or 2-3 hours, i enjoyed just the same.
OMG! I said too much senti-senti stuff kya??EmbarrassedLOL
I totally forgot, I have made 2 siggies for you as well, here they are:

I don't like the second one much though!Ouch
Anyways I still want to write sooooooooooo much but I think mum is cumming frm her room, so will stop here now.ConfusedLOLLOL
Bye, tc, love ya always!!!
& Many Many Happy returns of the day once again! Hug

Padooo you know what? I'm so blessed to have a padoo like you all to myself! I hope you become macho mans macho woman and he does not need to go around doing those awfull commercials becuase he wil have you by his side..and that's truly a blessing!
All I can say is that chill and enjoy, make every single moment of this day a precious memory! I hope it turns out to be just right in every way! May you have all the joy your heart can hold, All the smiles a day can bring, All the blessings a life can unfold, May you have Gods best in everything. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Padoo!
 Happy Birthday Sara Hug
Many many Happy returns of the day
wish y all the happiness & success in urs life
May all urs dreams come true
may you have a long, healthy, wealthy, lovely life ahead!!!
Always be happy & keep smiling

hey sara happy birthday my sweet sis wish you a very happy birthday may Allah bless you with lot of happiness and everything you want in your life.may your birthday bring as much happiness as you give to everyone.i am so blessed to have a friend like you.may your everyday be filled with laughter and joy.and han i hope you will get a date with SRK on your next birthdayLOLlots of warm wishes for you dear.
It must have been a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn't really rain,
the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel'
happy birthday dear friend
May this year be your best ever.

I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

Not just a year older, but a year better.

Here's to another year of experience.

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.

 Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.

May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!

I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.

 May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer.
 May this day bring to you all things that make you smile.

  Age is all but a number.

Hope your birthday is just the beginning of a year full of happiness.

You think you're special because its your birthday today. That's complete   nonsense... you're special every day.

Remember, you'll be this age for only one year but you'll be awesome forever.

Hope you have a birthday that's as cool as you.

 Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.
Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my sweetttttttttttsssssssssssssssHugHugHugHeartbaby badi hogayee aakhir *wipe tears*ROFLarre yeh to khushi kay aansoo hain ladoooROFLROFLROFLdekha kitna pyaar aaraha hai mujhey tumpe seriouslyEmbarrassedlove ya loadsHugHugMay you have wonderfull n have  a long long happy life (Ameen)May allah bless you always sweetyHeartHeartHugHug
Your gift hope you like it..
Love saherHeartHug
Heyyy Saraa, Wishh youu a veryyy happyyy birthdayyy yaaarr!!!
Partyy Hardd!!


happy bday sara!!!!may god bless u...may all ur wishes cum true...
ur one of my gud frends on IF...


Saarz, meri Chichoran!!!!!

LOL Congratss on your BDAY!!!!!!!!


You obviously dont want me 2 sing do u??? Since u already have the idea "HOW GUD A SINGER I AM!" LOLWink

Chal... yeh le... Tere Liye... SIRF aur SIRF "tere liye" :P
issmein bomb nhi hai...
Id love it if u use it... sorry bt made in only 3 mints...


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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

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Heey Sara!

OMG! Its my babies B-day EKKK! Hope you have a Sara-Attack like you gave me one once LOL. Kidding wishing a awesome awesome awesome Birthday baby, hope you have an awesome day filled with many great joy & happiness.

You are one of the funniest&cutest people i have met in IF&very helpful too&ilove you for that.Missing you for the past few weeks haven't to you yaar.

Hope you have an awesome birthday&all your dreams,hopes, & desires come ture and may you find your Harshad. ALSO DO INVITE me to the wedding remember I'm gonna be your brides Maid. Also you know since i am gonna be Harshad's half wife since i am his Sali hope you don' t mind sharing him. You get him during&i'll take him for the night ROFL.

Anyways before you kill me i'll go back to being sweet.

Wish you a happy birthday sweetheart. Have an awesome one&save some cake!

Love you babes.

Ayysha Hug

P.S. My name Harsha is Harshad+Ayysha combined so be careful!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Embarrassed

Big smileHappy Birthday Sara...

lovee u dear.......................a lot gud njoy lyf.MAY UR EACH N EVERY WISH COMES TRUE N GET WHAT U DESIRE........
here's ur birthday treat

N a gift 4 u

Hey Sara
You are really sweet and amazing.. always stay this way and don't ever change! I hope your bday will be as special as you are =D Have loads of fun and wish you all the best for your future (:
This is for you

Happy BirthdaySara!! Heart

Many Many happy returns of the day!! Hug
Hope all ur wishes comes true and hope u have a BLAST on ur bday!

Keep smiling Embarrassed

Heres ur cake...Tongue

Love u loads


Hey SaraHugHappy BirthdayParty Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer

New happiness that stays throughout the year

Hope your birthday brings all these and more

Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.

Because you're you, I'm celebrating today! Happy Birthday

Go you, its your birthday, we're going to party like its your birthday!

You're older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, Happy Bday!

Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.

You were born to party.

siggys for ur bdayEmbarrassed

Hope u ll like them Smile


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y
Many happy returns of the day Sara..
Wishes for you,

Kay Teray Janam Din par
Khuda Paak!
Tujhay who sub kuch Ata karay
Jis ki Tammanna Teray Dil nay Ki,
Har who Khuahish jo teray labon par
Machalti ho
Poori Ho!
Aur teri yeh Roshan Ankhain Sada Chamkain
Teri MAsoom muskurahat
Sada teray labon ka Mehwar ho
Khushiyun say tera daman Hameesha Bhara rahay
Aur Khuda Paak!
Teri Umer Daraz Karain


Today Is Your Day To Celebrate
Your Day To Be The Star
So Let The Ones You Love All Cheer
And Say How Special You Are !


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y

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SunShine_A IF-Stunnerz

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Well I was in no mood to but knowing your birthday so main aa gayiEmbarrassedROFL
All I wrote up there now wht to write except
Happy Birthday Honey
Have A Blast
Keep Smiling and make others smile
May You Have Very Long
God Bless You
And you know you are gonna get surprise, am so not talking you, if u knew that also thewn could have sealed your lips just for us to have feel of gvng surprise but no you have to open your big mouth,isn't itAngryOuch. Anyways this you must had not expected, tell me frankly, ahh we made last minute changesTongue.
Hope You liked it and any gusses that vm by AmmiTongue, though i being the criticEmbarrassed and made her rework on them again, this time even thrice alsoROFLand she didn't complaint fr a second, Siggys and Headers by Sofi , who did so much, this post would not have been possible without her I just name it and she made it & one by maha and Introductory post ones by our famous combo Shafia Thumbs Up, special thanks to sharu who on just my saying was up till4:00 in morning and did write up siggys, Luv you guys.
Zunni & Ammi for all the messagesSmile
Love you all and my fatz, how can I forget you, thanks for last minute work.
So better thank us allTongue and then mere toh kya kehne, mujhe toh mat he kar thak jaayegi karte karteROFL.
Anyways dare not you say that T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U or any crap Geek above one was sarcasm in case you didn't caught itStern Smile
Hope you will like them
Love You sara and this is just one of our attempt to show you our love
Keep Shining and always remain the way you are, you are loved for what you areHug.
Here once again wishing you
Happy Birthday
And in the last along with your birthday wishes I want to thank all our Rocket gang and Sharu for doing this much, these are the only person responsible for making your birthday so memorable
luv you guysHug

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-Maha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Heyyyyyyy Saraaaaaaaaaa

Happy Birthday Dear
May you have many more
I Hope u have a perfact Birthday
Allah bless you!
luv u soooooo much
lovely post ash

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Sofia. IF-Dazzler

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H a p p y B i r t h d a y

Padooo it's 14th of August already!PartyThis means that I can officially wish you! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you...May you have many more...Happy Birthday to you!Hug

Firstly sorry padoo...I received all your messages on YM yesterday but I ingnored them on puropose!CoolROFL And I hope I will not have to provide you with reasons as to why I was doing so?Tongue I hope you thought it was all worth it because all of us have done everything possible to make this day a speacial one, so that you remember it for the rest of your life with your machoman...keep him to yourself. I don't need him!ROFL

The credit for this post does not go a specific person..but it is the result of the sheer hardwork everyone has put it...aqsa chari..who was up till what 5 in the morning?Shocked main to dhoka de ke bhaag gayi is ko..LOL aur yahi thi jo sab ke sar ke upar ghum rahi that we do not misss out on anything! And she did not complain even oncee.EmbarrassedHug Amreen jaan jis ko main aaj kal jaanti her for the awesome video mixes that she made..Day Dreaming Sharru...the sigs look extremely beautiful!Day Dreaming and everybody else re...maha, zunni, fatty everybody had their share in making this thread! Love you all for this!Hug

In the end..I just hope you're enjoying your day and we played even a tiny winy part in making it all the more special for you! You can eat to the fullest day will do you no harm!Angry 17 saal ki chokri...ab tu badi badi lagti hai mere see.Ouch

oh aur tera gift due hai...tu 18 saal ki hove us se pehle i will make sure you get it!LOL

Edited by Sofia. - 14 August 2010 at 8:30am
.StarryPhoenix IF-Veteran Member

FF Graphicer Head
Joined: 11 April 2009
Posts: 34853

Posted: 14 August 2010 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Hey Sara.... Big smile

wish you a veryy veryy

                          Happy wala Birthday !!!! Party

God Bless alwazzz Hug

may u be blessed with loadz of Heart
                        love, success & happiness

hv fun & njoy Wink

LOadz of love, hugs & WishesBig smile

Edited by starry.phoenix - 14 August 2010 at 2:57am

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