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Written and Video Update- August 11

Pyari_Zahra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2010 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

Written and Video Update- 11th August

Hello people! I hope you're all okay. Sorry it's so late, but Ramadan started today so I've been a little busy today. By the way, Ramadan Mubarak to those who celebrate it. Here's what happened in today's episode:


~:* Video Update *:~


(to be edited)


~:* Detailed Written Update *:~


The episode begins with Ritesh and Ananya dressed in white going towards the door, but Shekhar stops them. Shekhar asks Ritesh whether Ritesh is attending Bimal's pindaan ritual and Ritesh replies that he is. Shekhar tells him not to go and the family are shocked. Shekhar says that he knows that whatever happened was not Ritesh's fault, but looking at the circumstances it would be best if Ritesh did not go there today. He explains that the same thing will repeat which happened to Ritesh at the last farewell/ antim darshan time, and he does not want another spectacle in front of people. Ananya argues that it was Laboni's mistake and thus Ritesh should not have to face the punishment of not going there. Shekhar explains that Laboni has just lost her husband and is in deep shock at the moment, and that they shouldn't expect her to act sensibly at this time. He tells them that now that Bimal has gone, his responsibilities towards that house have increased and he does not want to take any risk.


Ananya questions what risk there is. He says that the relationship between the two families is going through a rough patch and a small mistake could destroy everything. Shekhar says that it could even affect Anurag and Taani's relationship and he cannot afford that loss. He tells them that until Laboni comes out of the shock of losing Bimal, they have to try not to cause any hurt to her. He asks Ritesh whether Ritesh understands what he is saying and Ritesh replies that understands. At Shekhar's asking, Ananya tells her father that she will come to the pindaan, yet when everyone leaves she turns to Ritesh and tells him that she did not like her father's words. She talks about how he is worried about Anurag and Taani's relationship, yet not their relationship. Ritesh convinces her that her father was right- that Shekhar just does not want him to get humiliated once again, because Shekhar knows that his humiliation would hurt Ananya. Ritesh tells Ananya to go and she leaves.


The scene changes to Bimlendu's pindaan ritual taking place. Laboni casts her eyes towards the door, waiting for Shekhar and Neelu to arrive. The priest asks Laboni whether they can begin the prayer. Laboni tells him that they should wait just a while longer, as her son is coming. Just then, Neelu and Anurag enter, followed by Shekhar, Ananya and Maushi Maa. Laboni tells Anurag to take a seat and he does so. Neelu sits beside Laboni and Taani sits next to Anurag. Ananya looks disinterested in the background. The pindaan ritual begins. Laboni looks at Bimlendu's picture and muses over how both his son and son-in-law are together paying him respects.


Back at the Ganguly house, Ritesh is thinking about how he created one misunderstanding after another between the two families, yet every time the love between them brought them together. He thinks that the death of Bimal created sympathy and brought them close again. He bitterly thinks about how the two families are together under one roof paying homage to Bimal, and if this continues he would have to pay homage to his dreams. He tells himself that this time he would have to attack and give a deep wound that would not heal with anything.


Bimlendu's pindaan ritual is complete and everybody gets up. Taani cries and leaves the room and Anurag watches as she goes away. Taani walks towards the window of her bedroom and cries. Anurag walks into her room and comes up to her, asking her if she is missing her father. Taani tells him that she had been very worried from the past few days, first because of her father and then because of Anurag going to jail. Anurag tells her that it was not her fault that he went to jail as she did not push Subodh on purpose. He says that it was only an accident, and that everything happens for a reason. Anurag tells her that if she had gone to jail, she would not have been with her father in his last moments. He says that the most important thing is that he himself could not see her behind bars suffering a punishment. Ananya overhears their conversation and angrily thinks that Anurag had to go to jail because of Taani.


Ananya tells Ritesh what she overheard, and Ritesh tells her to leave the matter to him. Back in the Banerjee household, Laboni gives Taani offering/Prasad to give to Neelu. Taani asks Laboni to come with her but Laboni refuses, convincing Taani to go quickly. The scene switches to the Ganguly house where Shekhar looks infuriated. Neelu asks him why he is so angry, and just then Anurag walks down the stairs. Shekhar calls his name and tells Anurag to come to him. He asks Anurag whether what he is hearing is true. Anurag keeps his head down and asks Shekhar what he is talking about. Shekhar replies that he is talking about Taani causing Subodh's accident, and how Taani pushed him not Anurag. Shekhar shouts at him to answer what he is saying. Anurag gets shocked and stutters. Shekhar yells again, saying that the truth is written all over Anurag's face and that he is gone crazy by taking someone else's crime upon himself. He yells about Anurag's future and how Anurag would have wrecked the family's name and reputation. He asks Anurag how he could have done such a thing. Anurag tries to speak but Shekhar shouts at him again, saying that he should have at least thought of his own mother.


Shekhar tells Anurag that this time he has crossed all limits of carelessness. Anurag says that he was thinking of Taani. Shekhar stops him and asks why he is thinking of Taani at such a small age, when Shekhar is there to save her. He says that Anurag did the wrong thing. Shekhar shows Anurag the newspapers in which stories of Shekhar Gunguly's son's arrest are printed. He puts the newspapers in Anurag's hands. He again asks Anurag why he did it and for whom. He says that he is very angry at Taani. Just then, Taani comes and stops at the door. Shekhar says that Taani was with them for all of the three days that Anurag was in jail, yet not once did she find it necessary to tell them the truth. Taani stands stunned at the entrance of the house. Shekhar moves to Anurag and yells that Anurag was ready to sacrifice himself when she was saving herself and watching the spectacle. He says he does not understand how a man like Bimal could have such a selfish daughter. Taani is shocked and cries.


Ritesh looks on pleased. Shekhar goes on about how Taani calls them Maa and Baba yet she couldn't see their pain, and how her Neelu Maa was in pain, not eating and sleeping as her son was away from her. Ananya steps in and says that it is possible that Taani had told the truth to Laboni but Laboni had purposely hidden the truth from them. Ananya says in order to save her daughter, Laboni was willing to let Anurag take the punishment. Shekhar thinks for a moment and then says that before he said it by mistake, but now he actually believes that he should not have gotten Anurag and Taani married. He says whilst being carried away with emotions he chose the wrong girl for his son. He chose a girl who has no values and can hide such big truth in her selfishness.


Shekhar walks to Neelu and says if that girl can do so much at such a young age, when she grows older and enters their home she will do so much more. Anurag speaks up and tells his father that he is thinking the wrong thing. Shekhar yells at him to shut up and shouts that if Anurag says a single word more he will get a slap. Neelu protects Anurag and tells him to come with her. Neelu and Anurag leave the room and Taani leaves crying. She arrives back home, leaving the Prasad in front of her father's photo  and rushing to her room. Laboni gets worried and also goes to Taani's bedroom, asking her why she came back without giving the Prasad. Taani cries and Laboni asks her why she is crying and whether something happened at Anurag's house. Taani replies that nothing happened, but Laboni again asks why she is crying. Taani confesses about Subodh's accident and how it was her fault not Anurag's. She also tells Laboni what she overheard at the Ganguly house. Laboni asks Taani how she could hide such a big thing from her. She says that Shekhar was not wrong, Taani made the mistake.


Taani cries. She says that the first mistake Taani made was pushing Subodh, and the second mistake was that Taani didn't even tell Laboni. She tells Taani that is she had told the truth then this would not have happened. Laboni demands why she hid the truth, and Taani tells her that Anurag had made her take an oath on their friendship. Taani tells Laboni that Anurag had said that if Taani told anyone the truth he would break their friendship. Laboni tells her that these oaths mean nothing, but Taani argues that her father made Laboni give these oaths and without saying a word Laboni would listen to him. Taani says that her relationship with Anurag is similar, and that giving importance to their oaths is not a wrong thing. She asks Laboni whether Laboni would have liked it if Taani broke the promise she made to Anurag. Laboni cries and places a hand on Taani's cheek, wiping her tears. Taani embraces her mother and they both cry. As Laboni comforts Taani, she thinks to herself that Taani is both right and wrong. She thinks that she cannot blame Taani, and when Shekhar blames Taani she cannot even say anything to him. She thinks that Shekhar was already regretting his decision of getting Anurag and Taani married, and worries that now that he knows the truth she doesn't know what will become of Anurag and Taani. End of episode.


RATING: 9/10


Not a bad episode, I guess because things are speeding up and leading to the leap. I'll keep my comments short- I liked the Anurag and Taani scene- very cute and innocent. On the other hand, I hate Ananya- the way she rolled her eyes when Shekhar talked about Laboni losing her husband was just disgusting. Shekhar is being a bum- Is this his way of fulfilling his promise to Bimal? He is a disgrace in the name of a friend! Anyway, I am preparing myself for the separation now- can't wait to see Harshad and Anupriya.


Love Zahra x

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khajju IF-Rockerz

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thanks for update....soo sad episode....i m hating this shekar...he is verryy selfish.
CutieeMe Senior Member

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Posted: 11 August 2010 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
i cant watch cause of Ramadan but thnkx for the written update and i hate Shekhar and Ananya at this point and nobody can separate my Anu and Taani and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone
minaz296 Goldie

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thanks for the lovely update!
username88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 August 2010 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
really appreciate the update!

wow ananya man, shes so heartless :\ wts up wid the sudden change of character?! can ritesh have that much of an affect on her?
shekhar keeps changing his mind about taani...

he also mentioned that what kind of sanskaar does taani have, then contradicts himself saying something alongs the line of how a man like bimal can have such a selfish daughter. her sanskaar come from her parents right?
either writers made a mistake there or hes saying her parents didnt giv her sanskaar...hmm

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Soaps1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 August 2010 at 9:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xmuqix

really appreciate the update!

wow ananya man, shes so heartless :\ wts up wid the sudden change of character?! can ritesh have that much of an affect on her?
shekhar keeps changing his mind about taani...

he also mentioned that what kind of sanskaar does taani have, then contradicts himself saying something alongs the line of how a man like bimal can have such a selfish daughter. her sanskaar come from her parents right?
either writers made a mistake there or hes saying her parents didnt giv her sanskaar...hmm

Arey since Bimel is dead now he did not want to talk bad about him, so he said how can bimel have a daughter like her? Matlab baap tou acha tha beti kis pey gai ... he is just Angry

Thanks for the update Zara
nilizaa Groupbie

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thanks zahra for the wonderful update!
pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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thanx 4 sharing

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