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AR OS : ll Destiny's Plan ll

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D e s t i n y ' P l a n
"God this damn car!Isse bhi band hona tha..Is sum sam raaste pe..Raat ke 11 baj rahe hai..Mom is gonna kill me now..Mere late nights toh band.." Riddhima cribbed and hit the car with the her leg and hurt her self instead "Owww'stupid car!..Yaha toh lift bhi nahi milegi..aur milegi toh koi hoga stupid sa banda jisse sirf ladkiyo mai sirf ek hi cheez dekhti hai..." She made a face..and sat in her car..praying to god to start her car.."Bhagwaan ke naam pe chalu hoja pleasseee'" she prayed for one last time but no luck.."STUPID CAR!Aise time pe band hoti hai DUMMMZIEEE!!" Riddhima yelled'


A car passing by stopped and a handsome guy stepped out of the car "Need help??"'Riddhima looked at him and thought "Kya karu help mangu??Dekhne mai toh theek thaak lagta hai..acche khandhan ka lagta hai..chal mang hi leti hu".."Well ya..meri gadi kharab ho gayi hai"..He stepped forward " may I repair it?" "Yeah sure!"Riddhima agreed..The guy opened the bumper of the car and thought "Cool Armaan ab tu gaadi theek kar raha hai"'Riddhima stood beside him and said "You know I was so scared ki muje ek mechanic nahi milega itni raat ko kaunsa mechanic ata hai but I was wrong tum kaafi dedicated mechanic ho" Armaan looked astonished and said "Mai tumhe mechanic dikhata hu?Listen up girl ek sports car chalane wala mechanic ho sakta hai?" "I'm sorry..par jo madat charna chahta hai normally gives a lift you know"..Armaan proudly said "Well I'm different you see..Jo log karte hai vo mai nahi karta..mai kaam apne tareeke se karta hu and if you don't mind kya ap bina bole kuch der reh sakti hai" Riddhima got offended and said "Listen car theek kar ke koi ehsaan nahi kar rahe can leave if you want to"


"Chill girl'raat ke 11 baj rahe hai and this is area is not safe..kaafi rape cases yehi hue hai.." Riddhima looked scared after hearing the rape cases "Arey itna mat daro mai hu na..I know kick boxing..okay so smile.." Riddhima hesitantly smiled..She stood their silently until Armaan asked "Do you have a coolent?" "What?" "Gaadi garam ho gayi hai do you have coolent??" ..Riddhima went and checked in her car and found no coolent there.."Nahi hai"..Armaan held his head and said "Good Lord!Female expected it from you!Tum ladkiya bhi na coolent toh rakhna chahiye..par nahi rakhte hi nahi hai..useless man!"


Armaan got the coolent from his car and poured it in the tube of the coolent "Oye!I'll pay the money back to you okay..aur toh kya hua mere pass coolent nahi hai toh pani toh haina"...Armaan sarcastically said "Paani hai toh kya hua!"'Riddhima with her head held high said "Mr..paani bhi ek type ka coolent hota hai.."'"What bu..oh yah sorry" Armaan said and without even giving a second glance to Riddhima he started working on the car..and muttered to himself "Ban gaya na hero se zero..duffer hai tu..itni acchi life saver ki reputation banayi thi..bigaad gayi.." Riddhima heard it and started laughing and said "Come on tumhari reputation nahi gayi hai I'm still thankful to you for repairing my car..".."Errmm..Yeah ." an embaressed Armaan said 


Suddenly Armaan felt water droplets on his head..He look at the sky and cribbed "No way man!Baarish hone wali hai"...Riddhima looked up and said "Wow!I love rains!!!They're so romantic and exciting!".Armaan looked at Riddhima and said "Tumhare liye romantic hogi,,par mai toh phas gaya na..meri gaadi ka bonnet nahi hai...kya karoon.."


Before Armaan could think of some thing it started raining heavily..Riddhima closed the bumper and rushed inside her car she saw Armaan going back to his car.."Shit!Ab ye ja raha hai..God isi time pe bearish honi thi..ab mai kya karoongi..arey ye gaadi chala kyu nahi raha..5 min ho gaye ja hi nahi raha..I'll need to find out"..Riddhima got out of her car and went and stood near the door of Armaan's car "Tum ja kyu nahi rahe ho?Baarish ho rahi hai " Riddhima said in a loud voice.."Tumhari gaadi theek karni hai'jab baarish band hi jayegi tab I'll continue with the repairing.."


Riddhima was in awe of Armaan..She never thought a guy could be so sweet and helpful.She thought all the people in the world  were greedy and selfish but this guy proved her wrong..he was waiting in the rain to repair a stranger's car..Riddhima started respecting Armaan..On the other hand Armaan was having a hard time not looking at Riddhima..She looked gorgeous and beautiful..She had worn a red suit and looked ravishing..and with the rain her well maintained body was showing off..He couldn't deny it he was attracted to her..


"You come in my car..Tumhe thand lag jayegi aur baarish rukne ka naam nahi le rahi hai please chalo.." Riddhima requested "Arey no no it's fine..tum apni gaadi mai jao" Armaan said "Maine kaha na meri gaadi mai..You HAVE to come get that straight in your mind Mr!" Riddhima ordered'Armaan held his hands high and said "Okay you wish madame..but hey I'm warning you I'm quite dangerous hah" He gave his evil smile.."Chill out!Mai ladko ko handle karna janti hu"..


Riddhima didn't know why but her heart trusted that guy and felt the guy wouldn't misbehave with her..Armaan got up and sat in Riddhima's car.."So tum kya karte ho?" Riddhima asked trying to start a conversation.."I'm a doctor.."..Riddhima gave a huge smile and said "I'm a doc too!"'"That's nice..kaunse hospital mai?".."Sanjeevani.."


 Armaan looked impressed and said "Wow!That's a reputed hospital..I work in Sahara'" Riddhima switched on the radio and said "Hmm..that's a nice hospital too..I wanted ti get into that hospital but I couldn't get into that hospital"'Armaan looked outside the window and replied.."Yeah..It was quite tough to get into Sahara.."


Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si..was playing on the radio..Armaan secretly looked at Riddhima drying her wet hair..She looked like an angel..He chuckled when her all messed up and she was trying her best to sort it out..She looked so cute when she was irritated..She had a slight frown on her face..Riddhima suddenly looked at Armaan as she felt she was seeing her..Armaan looked down..He was caught staring at her..He didn't have words to say..


By god's grace it stopped raining..and Armaan got out of the car and said "Baarish ruk gayi hai..I'll fix the car."..He started fixing the car while Riddhima was feeling awkard.She didn't know why but she liked that the Armaan staring was staring at her..If it would have been some one else she would have whacked him but when Armaan saw her she blushed slightly..Armaan's shirt got wet and it was transparent..His well built body and his tattoo's were seen by Riddhima..


"Gaadi theek ho gayi..Try starting it'"..Armaan said not looking at Riddhima..Riddhima started the car and it started..She felt slightly sad..She didn't want to leave Armaan....She saw Armaan sitting in his car.."Hey!!Thanks a lot!"..Riddhima screamt..Armaan smiled and started his own car..


Riddhima realized that she didn't ask his name and screamt "Apna naam toh batao!" but it was too late Armaan had already left.."Damn man!Mai bhi ajeeb hu..jabhi kisi se milti hu sabse phele uska naam puchti hu pata nahi aja kya hua muje.." Riddhima remembered how she liked Armaan staring at her.."Bhool ja usse Riddhima ab vo tuje nahi milega.." Riddhima sadly said..She started her car and left for her house


*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*


There was a lot of rush in Riddhima's house..A  guy was coming to see her for marriage..Before meeting Armaan Riddhima was quite excited to the guy her mum had chosen but after meeting Armaan..She didn't want to see that guy any more all she would remember was the hot guy she met last night.His sweet smile his helping nature was all she thought about all night


"Riddhima ladke wale agaye hai..Are you ready?" Asked Padma..Riddhima nodded ans said "Mum mai neeche nahi ane wali..the guy will come here in the room.." Padma was shocked at Riddhima's demand but she agreed to it..Before Padma could go Riddhima asked the guy's name and Padma replied "Armaan" She sent the Armaan up to the room..


There was a knock on the door..Riddhima bit her tongue and thought "Okay Ridz..vo Armaan agaya hai..stop thinking about that guy you met last night.."..She looked at herself in the mirror and said "Come in" 


Armaan entered he was confused when Padma told him to go upstairs..He wanted to the girl that he couldn't marry her as he liked the girl he met last night and would stalk the full Sanjeevani to find her..


"Erm..Riddhima right.." Riddhima didn't respond so he continued "Look I really can't marry you..I like some one else.."'On the other hand Riddhima thought she had gone crazy "Get a grip on yourself Riddhima ab uski awaaz bhi sunai de rahi hai tuje!But wait what he just say he can't marry me.Yeah!Muje kuch karna hi nahi pada"..


She turned around to thank Armaan..She turned and she wasn't able to speak a word..She saw the guy she met last night..the only thing she could say was "Tum??" and she heard Armaan say the same thing..


Armaan came forward and said "Can you do me a favour?" Riddhima nodded.."Please pinch me.." Riddhima did what she was told..she gently pinched Armaan.."It's not my dream!" Armaan blurted.."What?"..A confused Riddhima asked.."Nothing..nothing" Armaan looked down and was smiling away happily


Riddhima was happy to see the guy she met last night that was Armaan but what made her sad was he liked another girl so he didn't like her..The feelings were just one sided'She felt sad and she thanked him again for repairing her car last night.."So you're Dr Armaan huh?" Riddhima said trying to sound happy .. "Yeah!" Armaan said.."Well I'll tell mom I can't marry you..I'll make up some thing" Riddhima said.."No!You don't need to do that I'm fine with this marriage"..Armaan answered immediately'"Pagal hai kya ye?Abhi toh bola ki I can marry you aur ab bol raha hai I have no problem.." Riddhima thought.."Voh actually vo mai mazaak kar raha tha.." Armaan said trying to make some sense.."Okaayy'" Riddhima said still not satisfied with his answer..


"Do you like some one?" Armaan asked curiously..Riddhima looked down and mumbled a yes..Armaan's heart sank and unwillingly he asked "Who"..Riddhima naughtily looked up and saw Armaan and said "YOU!"..


The minute she said 'you' Armaan was well shocked and the next second  Armaan hugged her tight and Riddhima realized that Armaan liked her too..Riddhima's heart was dancing..She felt happy'Armaan broke the hug and said "I like you too!"'"I know that duffer!" Riddhima said..Armaan looked confused and asked "How?"..Riddhima hit his  forehead lightly and said "You just hugged me..Isn't that supposed to mean you like me?" Armaan looked embaressed for his own stupidity..and said "Can I tell you some thing?"..Riddhima asked him to continue..


Armaan sheepishly said "Actually you know I waited in the rain yesterday to repair your car?" Riddhima smiled and said "Yeah!I was so touched at that gesture..".."Well I waited cause I liked you and I wanted to spend more time with you.Koi aur hota then I guess I would have left"


Riddhima was astonished and said "Gosh!And I thought you were so helpful and all that..but you'" Armaan came closer to me and said "Me what huh?Don't forget you like me and I'm your to-be hubby" "Yeah Yeah!" Riddhima said.."Eyyy don't say that huh..Please" Armaan had a hurt look on his face and Riddhima couldn't bear that "You know what you should smile..I like your dimples.." Armaan smiled and said "Really?" Riddhima kissed his cheek and said "Yesh!"

Armaan engulfed her in a passionate hug..Both of them were really happy to spend their life with each other..

*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-*
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lovely os

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aww soo sweet
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Lovely ONE SHOT.....Big smile

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Lovely OS :)
Just loved AR.....Very sweet :)
Do write more....!!
Shatakshi :)
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nice one.
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cute OS :)

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