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Monday August 2nd 2010 - Episode Update

Credits to
Anjali (AK + KK's daughter) talks with her BF, Karthick. The latter is curious to know about Anjali's decision.  As per his wishes, Anjali says a Yes to marry him!!!  She further adds that she wanted to wait and see how he was.  Now she is sure that he will take great care of her and also give her the space she need, i.e not intervene in her freedom!  Karthick is very happy.... but wonders how her parents will react.  Anjali says no matter what she will marry him.  Karthick is elated and says he'll bring his family tomorrow for Ponnu seeing!  Anjali agrees, but just before Karthick steps out, Anjali tells him, if Karthick ever changes after marriage, then she wouldn't be afraid to leave him.  Karthick is surprised at her negative talk, i.e. about splitting after marriage.  Anjali says it is best to talk it out now, as this will allow them to live a good life and also reduce any misunderstandings!  Karthick smiles and leaves.  Anjali too is happy!
At the jail, the jailer lets Thavasi out of the cell to go see his daughter sneha.  Sneha stands there with a lawyer... Thavasi is then given the good news that he will be let out on Bail tomorrow.  He is so happy... as soon as the lawyer leaves, Sneha says this was due to her aalu, Beach and says she had forced him to come with her today.  Thavasi gives a victory smile and they go off to see Beach,. who stands facing the other way. 
Thavasi calls him Maapillai and Beach responds to that [ConfusedConfused...ellam ivar kodukara idam thaan ithu!].  Thavasi says how happy he is that Beach worked to take him out of jail.  Beach just nods... Thavasi says how down to earth maapillai is, for which Sneha says he is like that... although he does a lot, he pretends as if nothing has happened.  Beach gets irked and looks at her, as if she is being sarcastic.  Sneha quickly twists her words and says how even though he bought her a house and all, he is being down to earth.  Beach doesn't buy it and looks at her.  Soon Thavasi starts saying how he should not have held a grudge like that.. atleast for Beach's sake against his family.  He says he is a changed man now, and suddenly asks about his UYIR NANBAn Aaavadaiappan.  Sneha says AV is no longer with Beach due to her and gives a brief update on what happened at the construction infront of Beach... (beach slapping) esp. after AV found out about Sneha-Beach affair through CM.  Beach gives her an angry look and tells her they need not talk about the past.  Thavasi pretends to feel bad and tells them to find him soon.  Beach says they are trying and leaves.  Soon Thavasi praises his daughter!!  And they bask in joy about Thavasi coming out soon! 
Next morning, Karthick family arrvies at AK veedu.  KK Madhu opens the door and is confused.  Anjali comes out of her room and happily welcomes them in.  The other three (including sonny boy and AK) are confused.  Anjali finally says Karthick's family is here to Ponnu seeing her.  Madhu loses her temper and says how could she.  Maapillai family muzhichittu sitting.  The father of the boy tells AK they thought Anjali might have informed, for which Anjali says she wanted to keep it a surprise.  AK tells Karthick's father that the kids are not mature enough to think about the elder's sangadam (embarrassment).  In the meantime, KK Madhu starts her Yov manthiram.  She asks him why he is talking to those people.  AK tells her to calm down and give respect to the visitors.   After some talk with Kaarthick (whether he will take care of Anjali), AK agrees to get Anjali married to Karthick.  KK madhu does another yov and says how could he agree on her behalf too.  Sonnyboy and AK tell her that if they don't agree now, the kids are not gonna listen to them... after that it woudl be too late.  Anjali is very happy.  Karthick family takes leave saying they'll talk aabout the marriage soon.  Once they leave, AK takes sonnyboy inside to talk, but Madhu is angry and stands still!
OH my lord, an episode without Omni CM ShockedShocked...
IF you've read the upate and liked it, please press the like button.  We encourage everyone to comment and share your opinions/ constructive critism.  Thank you

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Tuesday august 3rd episode update

Chellamma searching searching...still searching...last friday yerina auto...innum irangala...
chichuvasaon song...
Clap(By my guru ji Eclat)Clap
Daddy daddy oh my daddy
neen tholaindhadhalae perum sandaiyae
unnai thaedi alaindhalae
auto meter soodu eruthe
annangalum puyal pole ennai thaakudhe...
 Auto oruvazhiya halts infront of an old age home and chellama look vitting that place....Watchman says oru couple celebating their 60th birthday, giving food to everyone .....Chellamma comes in...anga daddy standing in the sappattu queue....He tries to move away from the place after seeing chellamma....birthday uncle and aunty stops him and tells him to come and get his food.... Chellamma finds her odi pidichu vilayada poranga chellu and daddu...on ur mark....get..set..go...Dead.Daddy starts running...Chellamma also running....out out out out...daddy out....Eventhough chellu is preggy she can run fast u over....
Chellamma asks AV...why are u running appa?ulagathula ungalukku endha sondham  illainalum..i'll bealways there foru appa....appa and magal crying...(very good acting by rads and dads).... Chellamma says "appa,fighting is usual in our family na...idhukkugaga why u came here?"....AV says "yes fighting is usual...but this time beach slapped me".....Chellamma shocked...AV crying ooo crying.....3 thaatha's watching this.....
AV says beach slapped him for that sneha....Says petha son kaiyala adi vaanganumu en thalai ezhuthu ma....Chellamma says if u dont want to go to that house..u should have to my house na?....why came here?...AVsays how can i come there amma?we have morapaaadu nna....u cant give me food or anything....adhaan i came here.....chellamma rombha sad....AV continues ur two brothers will notlikemy presence there...Chellu saya i dont care ....u come...chellu forcing her dad to come with her....
That 3 thaatha's comes in support of AV....Tells chellamma not to worry abt her dad ....and they will take good care of him...Chellama agrees..says..i dont want to force u...u can stay wherever u want...sollittu she leaves...AV stops her and asks...chellu...unakku varuthama?....Chellu says...."no varutham appa....but rombha kashtama irukku...(like manasu....valikudhu dialogue fom sethuLOLLOL).....AV says no propertyfor them...all property only for chellamma...Chellu says i dont want ur property appa,u r important to me....not ur property....Appa perumaiya looks at his daughter....Azhudhukitte chellamma leaves the place....AV too crying....Hisnew thaatha friends take him away from  the place.....
Thavasi coming home...Sneha and beach accompanying him.....Thavasi happy o happy....beach leaves for work.....Thavasi in deep thoughts.....Sneha says naanae acting...why r u over acting?...... Thavasi says if we want to succeed in our aim we should do all this.....Sneha asksing her daddy....what next ?Thavasi says now AV is out of beach's house...pearl will be now like avuthu vitta donkey....she can do whatever she wants....u wait and watch....she will  soon send beach's brothers from that house.....Sneha says pearl kku oru villi has come and her name is kavitha....Thavasi says yes i know....And he says what we should do is we should always create problems to that family members..Camera zoomson sneha's villi face...
Chellamma coming to temple....finds her husband and chithappu...They both asks AV kidachara illaiya....Chellamma says he is in mudhiyor illam....sithappu and vadai shocked... Chellam says he refused to come with me....Chellamma tells the reason for AV's mudiyor illam dera.....Says i thought if appa comes to know abt this sneha and beach's matter....anna will change...but ellam sodappal aa pochu....Chellamma azhudhukittey says that beach slapped AV...once again vadai and sithappu shocked.....sithappu and vadai thitting beach....Vadai says let him be there...nimmadhiyavadhu iruparu..... chellamma giving saabam to those who are not talking care of their parents......says yaarellam ippadi thappu panrangalo.....oru nalla anubavipaanga.....Sithappu says god irukkar...avar parthukuvar...u dont worry....Vadai and sithappu leaves and chellamma stands crying.....

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Wednesday -  will do a real brief one folks.

Snake slithers in to a temple where Pearl's mom is challenging the
nava grahas. Snake sees this. Hatches a plan immediately. Tells the priest that she wants an archanai in the name of "Sneha Kadarkaraiyaandi" Pearl's mom hears this, drops the grahas like  hot potatoes and rushes to confront the snake. Snake is very happy that her drama drew attention. Mommy asks "how dare you?? use my mappillai's name??" Snake stages drama no N - "Beach is like my God. I have no dad, no hubby. So, i added his name as my surname - God perai pOttukka ethukku permission?" Mommy kku already kAthu kuthi kammal pOttache - she does not believe this. Snake is mighty mighty happy.

Goes home - where dad and "hubby" are together. Hubby comes to know this and egirufies. Snake stages yet another drama saying that like all NORMAL (??!! - ithu normal nna Roja enge pOrathu??) women she wanted to use hubby's name. Thavasi is a double edged razor - supports both.

Home - mommy has briefed Pearl. Pearl says that direct confrontation won't yield any results. Beach comes to the dining table (Yovvv, rendu edathileyum sappitta??? Vayiraa, paanaiya athu??!!) Rathna comes and says that she wants to bunk school the next day. Pearl catches that and starts her assault. " pOi solraanga ...vara vara neriya pOi....." Beach tries to defend his daughter who has no clue as to what hit her. Pearl goes on saying that people have changed. " I think that they are my world but they lie to me" Beach looks like a scorpion bitten thief....mommy is pleased (aha ha ennama pOnnu valarthirukken naan ?? Best mommy award enakku thaan..)


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Friday 6/8/10

Folks i do not think that this trash merits any more updates. Panja maha paathagangal le Onnu kooda bakki illai uh huh -

Anjali is in some remote place - lying down and moaning. Two ladies who come in search of fire wood see her, create a ruckus, get help and get the police. The police calls for the ambulance and she is shifted to the hospital. One lady finds
Anjalai's mobile and the inspector calls AK's number. AK is told that Anjali was found in ECR road - hurt - "Arya hospital" AK heads out. NS confronts AK " enna ?? Omni yai meet  pannava??" AK has no option but to spill the truth. The whole jing bang leaves for the hospital.

Anjali is in the ICU. No one can see her now. The inspector says "unga pOnnu kku "Conscious" (uh huh) vanthu enna nadanthathu nnu sonna thaan theriyum." AK wants to know " yethanum thappa??" Inspector says that he is thinking of all possibilities. By then, the press is all over.
( oru mike, oru photographer, thappu thappa Tamizh and English pesara rendu aal - Bingo you have a TV channel) The press wants to know the whole detail. The press knows that it is AK's daughter and sense some sensation. AK requests them to keep off "Unga veetu pOnnu nna Odane news pOduvingalaa?? " The press is unrelenting - " we will wait and find out the truth.."

Karthik's house. He is flustered. His parents question him. He cries a lot and tells them " me and Anjali went to the beach... 4 per vanthu
kathiyai kaatti miratti....yen Anjali yai..."  Looks like Anjali was gang raped , Roja did not watch on Thursday !! Karthik wanted to save himself and so had to leave that place - leaving Anjali alone. His mother is categorical  " Karthik, wash up and forget EVERYTHING - including Anjali" Karthik and his sister Vaishnavi oppose this direction but father takes over now "we can feel sad for Anjali...period.... We have to think only of you both, let us be practical". Karthik is still in shock. AK and his clan in the hospital. AK calls his confidante Omni " na ippO irukkira nilamai le only you can give me some solace.. athaan" Omni promises to rush to his side...

Freeze , of course on Omni

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Update by "kelviyin Nayagi"..EclatLOLLOL

EPISODE -   (Yaaraavadhu therinjaa sollungaLEn)
Arya Hospital - AK tells CM to go home because it is getting late.  CM inturn convinces  him to get back home, says it would be better for her to stay with Anjali.  AK requests her not to tell this matter to anyone.  CM calls up home and tells Vadai that Anjali is admitted in hospital for viral fever.  Vadai asks if AK's family is there (kizhinjudhu pO !) CM says she asked them all to go home and is staying back for the night.  Vadai offers to come to the hospital which is vetoed by CM.  Chithappa asks about the call, scolds Vadai for allowing CM to stay back..  CM begins mothering Anjali, gives her milk ( ICU la milk ellaam kudukka allowingaa - then why cant they shift her to a ward ?) the    comes and gives a tablet which is to be given after half hour ,CM wants to know if any other med to enable Anjali to sleep.. nurse says this would do and asks CM to take care of Anjali ( appo ungaLukku edhukunga sambaLam?)   
ayyayo..yov segment...   NS -  with foreign sarakku..   AK gets back home and is shocked to see Madhu with the madhu.. she gives him the same dont care look.. Suresh comes down and says she created a ruckus in the middle of the road, kudumba maanam pOga koodaadhunu bought it for her.  AK questions Madhu why she is doing when their daughter is in the hospital.  Yov.. screams Madhu... blames AK for everything.  Says whenever she was correcting Anjali he came in support of his daughter..says because of all that Anjali doesnt love her or has any respect for her.. (adangoppuraanE..poNNu what expectingnE theriyaadhaa ! Shocked )  Suresh corrects his mother saying the lack of respect is not because of the reason cited..but because she never ever bothered about her daughter.  Madhu says that she did not want her daughter to do the same mistakes she did.. indha aaL (ugh... adhu ur husband ) gave permission for marriage when the boy came with his parents without seeing if they are capable of looking after Anjali.. AK shouts at her saying she is just talking not bothered about the daughter in the hospital.  Madhu says she is drinking to forget the pains not for bOdhai.. (bOdhai Eraama eppadi pains marakkum?) Makes a point that it was AK who sent her home.. AK is all anger personified, says everyone is empathetic to Anjali but the mother wasnt even being human.  It is all vidhi.. let us continue with life he says.. Madhu points out that it is vidhi that she has to drink and die... AK & Suresh try to stop her and in the ensuing fight for the glass... AK just throws the glass out.. says Madhu is just trying to justify her drinking,,, kabardhaar if you drink henceforth... Madhu says he is also behaving like a brute.. he wanted to show her that he too can be one such, saying he leaves.  Suresh gives his mother gyaan appa kOvam naama thaanga maattOm...takes the bottle saying he would drop it in the dustbin and leaves.. Madhu in tears...
The next morning - newspaper picked up by Karthik's father who sees the news of AK's daughter raped, shouts for the family.  Karthik is thunderstruck, wants to go and visit Anjali.   What if the police and the journalists find out that he was around then . The parents says he shouldnt atleast for his sister's sake, The sister says why make her "bali aadu"... the father packs off Karthik to Pondicherry, to the eldest daughter's house. Says that he should not divulge the reason  even to his akka, there might be problems in her inlaws' because of this.
Snake Sneha comes to Beach's house. Beach's mother in law is sipping her coffee.. SS nalam visaaruchufies.. MIL asks the reason for visit.. SS says want a signature. MIL tells her to get it in the office.. SS says karumamE kaNN so she came and goes inside calling for "Sir".. MIL wonders if valachchupOtting her maaps is her aim..Beach is annoyed seeing SS, asks for the reason.. SS says some land buying 1st appointment so need signature.. why namma veetukku varakkoodaadhaa? Pearl comes , SS calls her akka... Pearl staring at both SS and Beach.. Beach is giving a SBT (scorpion bitten thief) look..

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Wednesday - 11/8/10 Roja thappicha - no Nattu Sarakku for her.

Starts with the slithering snake calling Pearl "akka" with love and affection. If looks could kill.... snake would have been a heap of ash. Though there is no reciprocation of the "LOVE" snake orders a cuppa. Kaalam ketta kalaathile KathaLile maattikkita Beach muzhikkiraar , sabikkirar (under his breath) - then decides to go all the way " Sneha, breakfast aachaa??" Snake says that no one was kind enough to feed "egg and milk". Beach orders breakfast and asks the snake to accompany him "office kku ennOdaye vanthudu" . Snake moves to the dining table, helps itself to idlis and water. Asks for some sambhar. Pearl adds a handful of salt and serves. Snake hits the roof - now it is time for snake to play the  "Scorpion Bitten Thief ". Pearl and mommy are happy that with this kind of salt in the sambhar, snake will sure shed its scales. Pearl goes on to invite mommy to the temple and mommy would grace the temple only if Pearl has a valid reason. Pearl says that she wants to see if any one does archanai adding the name of their boss with their own "appo na oru verbal archanai pannuven, so that they know that they can not use some one else's hubby's name." Beach rescues the snake and while walking towards the car learns that snake was given salty sambhar. Both act as if they are kids fleeing the iron hands of mommy (kashtam da sammy !!! Intha kashta kaala jOdi yai paarthu, update vera kudukkanum nnu Roja kku head writing !!)

Well, the news of "AK's Daughter" is all over - thanks to the Fourth estate. Chithappu and the Chef get to know the truth and confront Omni. Omni says that AK wanted to keep it under the wraps and so she lied - even to them. AK calls on cue and laments " antha police inspector thaan leak, avanai 4 Q s kekkame vida matten" Omni offers assistance. Goes to the police station.

The inspector looks to be a nice person. AK confronts him and he says that he is equally sorry about this turn of events " enga department le some people will do anything for money, apdithaan leak aagi yirukkum, I am sorry " He further adds that nothing much can be done against the Fourth estate " freedom of speech, creating awareness nnu 100 reasons kuduppanga, sir, our hands are tied" AK goes the emotional channel " if she were not my daughter, this won't be such a sensational news, right??? Tomorrow, if she goes alone, people may not identify her but if I take her somewhere, she will be identified !!! I can't even take my daughter out freely !!" - cries copious tears and the inspector sympathizes. Now Omni dons the coat of a senior police officer (Habbbaaa, Roja are u happy that Omni's avtar for the day is settled??) and orders the inspector " newspaper vishaythile kOttai vittuntinga, but don't let Karthik escape, gotcha?? The only person who can identify those rogues is him. We tried to contact a few times but they are evading us. Bring him to your custody" (yeah sure - order by Omni. Inspector, nalaikki unga family kku sappadu venuma?? Obey Omni) Inspector is worried about his tomorrow's buvva ,  asks Omni to take him to Karthik's house. Omni "orders " AK to keep company to Anjali "If u come with us, you will do some thing and Karthik will not co-operate" AK meekly accepts and decides to stare at the camera while Omni boards the police van . YOVVVV, Vazhvuthaan ya umakku !!!! Freeze on YOVVV!!!

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