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Laksh, I really like your plan!  Now Priya has to wear the watch the next day, so Manju can go home and tell her mother, and hopefully now at least dumbo Anu will use what little stuff there is in her head and talk to Pallavi about it.  Pallavi at least has more stuff in her head than Anu, and she doesn't believe RR blindly the way Anu does.

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Thanks LJ maa .. U have given a very detailed update Clap .. Hmm , Problem creator in Nivedha's marriage , vera yaaru , Kamesh thaan .. Tht guy will get caught only in last , but one episode Unhappy .. till then we have to watch his crap track ..
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Monday 9/8/10

Starts with Kamesh talking to Adhi. Adhi is all ears and Kamesh does
the same kerchief trick. Finally Aadhi asks Kamesh to call him the next day. "nalaikki 9 O'clock koopidunga. I have a few doubts. Athellam clear pannitta, naanum enga family um Nivedha pakkam kooda thirumba mattOm " Kamesh is happy and promises to call back
(looks like Aadhi has some plan to trap the caller)

Selvaraani with her parents - Roja,  you are allowed just two lines, beware. SR says that Karthik is a kanjan " mobile le no outgoing calls and one bonda in some obscure tea kadai !!" Gopi promises to spend 2000 rs to charge Karthik's phone " nee than fund pannine nnu therinja un mele oru ITHU varum, chinna meenai pOttu periya meenai pidikkalaam, say what?" SR and her mom are elated by his wisdom. Rojaaaaaaaaaaa, u exceeded the limit, inimel u can update only next week Wink

The Shree siblings household. Prem arrives. Talk turns to chain snatchers. Shreenithi says that she has a personal experience. Talks about how her "friend's brother " got it back for her. Prem is all suspicious and asks "this friend's bro?? How close are u??" Shree does an "enga appan kuthirukkul illai" expression and Prem now KNOWS that he has a villain to deal with.

Aadhi's house. Prem comes and tells him "Shree is in love" and tells him the chain story. Aadhi is very sane. " If you really love her, you should just keep off her from now. On the other hand, that guy could just be a friend. Why do you assume that he is her BF?? Why don't you talk to her and express  your feelings for her?? If she reciprocates, well and good. If not, just keep off." Prem has that villainous look but acts as if he agrees with Aadhi...leaves....


Tuesday - indha vaaramum uNdu....
Begins with VJ2.. Nivedha is walking down a street and Adhi bumps onto her.  Complains that they are not able to meet like earlier, once the talks of their wedding has beguun.  She just smiles..  Adhi does a monologue and is about to leave.. Nivedha says sorry for having spoken thus on the phone the other day.  Adhi is all smiles.. wants to have coffee at the corner shop.. Nivedha refuses..Adhi says that her friend Shreenithi is so very sportive... Nivedha she cant be like Shreenithi or love like her.. realises the blunder.. says Adhi not to divulge.  Adhi says he has seen them both.. they might have to face a lot of problems but they do love each other.  Adhi says he is both proud of her as well as feels sorry... proud that she is like this and sorry because he doesnt get to spend time.  Says although it looks to be an arranged marriage, it is a love marriage because he loves her very dearly.  What come may, he would spend his life with her. 
Now VJ3 - MK says that he was very lucky yesterday, that someone has charged Rs.2000 for his cellphone, thinks that it was a wrong number.. but no one has called him until then.  Selvarani is all smiles and tells it was she who did it and also tells the reason.  MK says he wants to lead a simple life, Selvarani asks how come he does not have any aasais.  He lists out that he would love to wear branded jeans, t.shirt and sun glasses.  She asks why he doesnt get it although he can.. he tells about his policy and tells her not to get these for him.. Selvarani in deep thoughts.. MK has a smile on his lips.
An old man in the car with Prem guiding him to Karthik's house. Says he might not be home because he leaves early for his social services.  Points at Karthik who is on the road ... Prem's car and Karthik on his almost bang each other.  The old man is recognised by Karthik and is asked for the reason of his visit.. he points at Prem. Prem has a villain look on his face but camouflages with a smile while getting off from the car.  Prem and Karthik smile at each other.. Prem wants to have a few words with Karthik in private.  Tells that his father is not at fault.. Karthik says it is alright.  Prem then broaches the topic Shreenithi.  Karthik is confused.   Prem says Shreenithi is his friend's sister and that she told all about the relationship between Karthik and her.  Congratulates Karthik, says he heard that they are very close.. Karthik says that there is nothing special like what Prem expects..Prem shakes hands with Karthik saying they are friends henceforth. Prem says not to tell of their meeting to Shreenithi, to keep it as a surprise... takes leave with a victorious smile unknown to Karthik.  Karthik has his own doubts.. tries calling Shreenithi but is unable to get through.. is annoyed.
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Episode - 78             Wednesday - 11.08.10

Kamesh gives a call to Aadhi as promised .. Adhi wonders whose side he is , him or Nivedha's .. Loosu Kamesh starts to bad mouth abt Nivedha's character .. Adhi wishes to meet him in person .. Kamesh asks why .. Adhi replies "un moonjiya udaikka vendam" LOL & taps his shoulders .. Smart K doesn't turn his face Wink , hangs the phone & starts to run .. Adhi chases him [Chennai nagara veedhi ula , namma viewers kku Embarrassed] .. Luck is with Kamesh Angry, manages to hide himself in an apartment complex .. Adhi fails to catch him ..

Gopi's home .. Usha pulambifies abt spending for Mechanic Karthik (MK) .. SR arrives , says , MK was happy to receive those gifts .. Gopi murmurs , why won't he be happy , everything was purchased in my money .. SR reminds him tht it's not his , but RR's money .. and he got money from father & spent for his son , and not his hard earned money .. SR tells abt MK's next request , a two wheeler LOL .. Gopi assures to buy MK a bicycle LOLLOL .. SR chides him & says MK wants a motorbike .. Gopi is thoughtful .. Usha & SR goads him to buy one .. Gopi has no other go , but to agree .. Also puts an condition to SR , she must get his consent for their marriage within 10 days .. SR promises to finish the task in a week ..

Prem visits prince Sri (Srinath) .. Princess Shree (Srinithi) is busy reading a book abt "Love & Marraige" in upparikai Embarrassed .. Prem kadhula , mookula ellam pugai .. Prince gets a call & leaves the arena .. Prem goes to upparikai .. Says , Karthik is his friend too .. Shree is surprised .. Prem tries to pottu vangufy , says , Karthik has told him everything abt their relationship .. Shree is all shy , Prem is AngryAngry .. Shree admits tht they both love each other .. and when probed abt their first meeting , she starts to brief .. Fortunately her mobile rings , Karthik on line .. Karthik informs her abt Prem's pottu vangufying act & warns not to tell him anything abt their love .. Shree has already done the damage .. She then asks if prem is his friend too .. Karthik denies , adds he has met him only on two occasions in his life .. And suspects abt his behaviour .. Shree certifies Prem is a GEM Angry .. But Karthik insists her not to talk Prem abt their relation .. Shree agrees ..

Once Shree gets back , Prem asks abt her first meeting with K .. Shree mazhuppifies & asks him a favor .. To open her love matter to her bro at right time .. Prem is thiru thiru .. Says, not to hurry things , as it may end in a neagtive result .. Adds not to tell her family abt her love .. Shree agrees & Prem leaves with a villaneous look ...

Manju gets ready to college .. Finds RR's watch , the one gifted by Pallavi for his birthday , in the dresser .. Anu serves RR breakfast .. Manju shows him the watch & asks when he bought it .. RR is shocked .. Anu gets the watch from her .. Recollects the watch store incident [naalaikku RR kuttu velipadumaa ?? illatta Anu loosu nu will prove us one more time ? ] ..

Thodarum ...
Thursday update- episode 79

APRR at dining- daughter walks in questioning daddy dearest how and when he bought this watch. Anu recognises it and says it is unique, one of a kind, and thats the one she vittu-koduthufied to Pallavi for her husband's birthday. RR mazhupufies as usual saying he bought it in Delhi. Anu and daughter are suspicious, but RR asks them (adappavi) on how they can question his integrity and truthfulness. Idiot Anu of course apologises profusely and RR is happy. Daughter wants to use the watch for the day only, saying that large dial watches are in fashion. RR feels guilty, thiri thiru-nnu muzhikkiran

Shree's house- Shree's mum welcomes an aunt home, who makes some small talk, and then suggests there may be a good groom for Shree. He is a long distant relative of theirs, and she suggests asking for his hand. The only glitch is that the groom has been married once but the wife committed suicide by burning herself. Shree's mum is hesitant saying she doesnt want such a problem family. The aunt says Shree also has many kuraigal and those "issues" will be known if Shree marries into a perfect family. So its better off if Shree marries into an imperfect family. (We dont know what this Shree's "kurai" is)
Shree's mother sobs...Her husband enters, says he also overheard the conversation, and asks the wife to calm down.

College- Priya and Manju encounter each other. Priya's friends veruppethu-fies that Manju is doing better in studies than Priya. She notices Manju wearing daddy dearest's watch and she remembers her dad had a similar one of a kind watch....

Anu's house- Loosu Kamesh looking stressed. He calls Nivedha and says he needs to tell her something important. He wants to tell something bad about Aditya but is interrupted by the doorbell. Aditya's parents are at the door. After the usual niceties, they settle with Anu to conduct the engagement on Friday. Anu is ok, but Kamesh suggests they should ask RR first. Kamesh is happy that he has managed to postpone the date....thankfully RR enters, and he confirms friday for the engagement.

Aditya's father then requests to meet RR's mother, and asks if he can do that...RR ponders....thodarum
Update for Friday, Aug 13, 2010:

Adhi's parents say that since they do not have any elders in their side, they would like to get RR's mother's blessings to proceed.  While RR and Anu are thiru thiru muzhichufying, Kamesh tells himself that the old lady will definitely put a stop to all this, and Adhi's parents prepare to leave.  Nivedha brings coffee, everyone is appreciative, and Adhi's dad says that he will get such good coffee only after Nivedha comes to their house (everybody laughs!)  After they leave, Nivedha asks Kamesh what he was trying to say about Adhi, and he says Nothing, and she goes away, calling him Loosu!

Selvarani is talking to KM, and trying to get him to agree to their wedding.  He is saying that he needs some more time to talk to his mother.  Gopi is all smiles listening to this.  His wife comes in, listens to what is going on, and tells SR to stop seeing him for some time, thus making him anxious to fix a date quickly.  Gopi and SR agree that this is a good idea.

Nivedha is reading a book and Anu tells her that she has to learn household responsibility and not keep reading books.  She says that from tomorrow, she will do all the work and Anu can sit and read a book.  Manju comes home and tells Anu about Priya getting jealous when she saw the watch on Manju's hand.  Anu tells her not to keep complaining about Priya, she is a good girl (as if she knows her very well!).

Priya goes home, thatha is waiting to go to a dance program with her, she wants to tell mom about the watch that Manju was wearing, but of course, since this is a serial, she won't come to the point quickly, instead saying, Amma, that Manju ..., at which point Pallavi tells her to stop her Manju puraaNam, and get dressed for the concert instead.  So yet another opportunity has been lost for RR's kuttu to come out.

RR's mother goes to a josiyar to see Nivedha's horoscope and tell her if the marriage will take place soon.  He says that there will be lots of prachnais and all that, but she will get married to a very good guy and they will all like the varan.  Paati is worried, thinking about the prachnais.

Thodarum ...

Sorry about the brief update, I am not feeling great today.


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