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"O Re Piya"-Dancing the Night Away MAANEET OS

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 4:56pm | IP Logged

Hey Guys'..This is My First Shot at writing a One-Shot on Maaneet'.I really wish that all of you would read'and Post In Your Comment'.It would definitely mean a lot to me'.

Scene Starts'..

One evening around 8 pm'..Geet is alone at the Outhouse'it thunders outside making Geet shake with fear'.

Geet: Tu Darr Math Geet'Kuch Nahi bearish hone wali hai'isliye'Tu Ghabra math huh''.

Having Nothing to do'.She walks into the Hall where Maan practices his Tai-Chi'..Her mind wanders on its own and stops at the Point where she was caught looking at Maan when he was exercising'..She wards off the thought and scolds herself for thinking about the incident'..But to her dismay'.the thoughts of Maan putting the earring for her sends a shiver down her spine'Unable to control her mind from wandering towards Maan, His actions and thoughts she blushes slightly and smiles'.

She shakes of her thoughts and turns away'.She walks towards the window and stands by it looking at the Moon ever so beautiful shinning radiantly from between the star-studded Sky'.The Light breeze caresses her cheeks and she closes her eyes enjoying the moment'..The Moment she closes her eyes'.thoughts of her and Maan's close moments flashes once again.'..she is jolted out of her thoughts when she feels drops of water kiss her Face'.. Seeing it rain she puts her hand forward to feel the rain drops fall in her palm''Her Hugging Maan on the Night at the Dhaba flashes in her mind'..

From Here on we have a background Score/Song...'Its the one of the most beautiful Songs I have ever heard "O Re Piya" from the Movie Aaja Nachle'.

Actually I have edited the song to what I wanted for this one- shot'.Here is the Link'.

15.wma - 4.0 Mb

If you hear the song along with reading the next few Para's'..It will help you imagine the Story in a better way'..

 Background Score'.Song Picturisation'..

 The melodious sound of Flute makes its way into the beautiful Night''

'.......coming out of her thoughts of the Dhaba Night she smiles blissfully as though acknowledging something'.What was it that she felt for Maan??'She did not Know'..But it always bought a smile on he face and left her heart contended'..An unknown feeling had invaded her'.making her go completely Baawari''

Music Starts''.

Geet Turns to face away from the window and her eyes falls on Maan's Pic On the side Table'..

O re piya haye..(She Looks at the Pic'unable to take her eyes of a sweetly Smiling Maan)

O re piya... (She gets Flashes of Maan saving her from drowning the first time they met)

O re piya haye... O re piya...(Geet walks to wards the Table where the Frame is kept)

O re piya haye... (She takes the Frame In her hand'.and caresses the pic ')

O re piya... (With the frame still in her hand she smiles and swirls taking the Frame along with her'.)

 Udne laga kyun Mann baawla re'?? (Still swirling she stops to look at the Photo)

Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re?? (Slowly she sits down on the floor and keeps the Pic on the floor in front of her'.)

O re piya... O re piya haye... (Still sitting'slowly she bends and leans towards the Frame'Bringing Both Hands beneath her Chin'.Looking at Maan lost in his world'..)

 From Now on there will be two scenes going on side by side'.coz Maan is entering here'.


 An Ehsaas that Maan is looking back at her forces her to blush and avert her gaze downwards (Sharmake Nazarein Jhukana)'.

 Flashes of her irritating Maan with her talks'..Her dropping the coffee on him'.crosses in the back of her mind when she raises her eye to look at the Pic again'.Looking at the guy in the frame reminded her of the times when her covered Her up with his Jacket when her Saree gets torn'..and Maan wiping her tears when they were sitting in the corridor after the wardrobe malfunction at the party'..

 On the Other Hand''Outside the outhouse Maan's Car is swiftly entering the Driveway'.he parks the car and gets out of it''

 In The Hall as the breeze gets a little heavier''Geet gets up along with the Frame and advances towards the Window'.

 Maan locks the door of his car when his gaze moves upwards to the window in the hall which laid wide open'.making the Curtains fly bizarre'..He wonders who left it open and thinking so walks into the house'..

 Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haye'. bunti hawaa'..(In the Hall Geet Reaches the window looks into the star studded sky'.which looked beautiful amidst the Rain'. she closes her eyes as a prayer escapes her thought her heart..'.)

Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan hayeeee'..(She Opens her eyes'..smiles to herself she turns to keep the Frame back on the side table'.)

 At the same time downstairs Maan who has entered the House takes of his waist Coat and places it on his chair in his study'.."Yeh Geet Kahan Gayi???"

Sazish mein shaamil sara jahan hai'.(Placing the pic she turns to move away when she feels her dupatta being pulled'.she turns to look back to find it hooked on to a nail in the side table'..)

Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai'.(She unhooks the dupatta and her Gaze again falls on the Pic'..)

 Rainy Season always held a special Place in Geet's Heart, it washed away all her sorrows and bought a new zest to her life'..The same way it had happened last time'.when she had hugged Maan out of helplessness and in the want of the moment when he was reminded of her haunting past'..

O re Piya''(But today for the first time she realized that after that day drenched in the rain'closely hugging on to Maan the rain washed away all her hurt'.her pain'and her miseries'.FOREVER'.Leaving behind only happiness' the form of MAAN)

Maan on the other hand is racing up the stairs''

O re Piya haye...(Sensing an inexperienced Peace and elation taking over her she couldn't help but smile at the thought of dancing once again'.something she always used to do when it rained'..and today it rained happiness along with the downpour'')

O re piya haye...O re Piya'.(Maan reaches the Hall and is surprised to see it opened'it then strikes him who else other than Geet would it be'In order to Find out what she is up to he enters the hall without making any noise'.)

Music'.. (Harmonium)

With the passing night the breeze becomes heavier'.making the curtains go haywire'.His eyes keeps searching for her'.

ni re re re ga ga ga ma ma ma pa pa ma ga re sa

 He stops in his track when he felt something move from his right side '..On the opposite side across the curtain'..he looks through the curtain and gets stunned by what he sees'.."Am I hallucinating???"

sa re re sa ga ga re ma ma ga pa pa ma dha dha pa

 To make sure of what he just saw'.. he slowly moves the curtain apart which reveals the most mesmerizing view his eyes had ever savored in his life'..

 ni ni sa sa pa pa sa ma pa dha

His eyes blinked basking in the beauty of what he saw''

There she was '' A breathtakingly beautiful GEET '..looking heavenly in a white salwar (Full Sleeves Anarkali)'..swaying and swirling gracefully'.

 ni sa ni re ni sa sa sa... sa sa sa.. sa sa sa

Geet is totally Lost in a world of her own'.'her thoughts still on Maan'. Dancing to her heart's Content '.. Does not see Maan enter'.or the fact that his Passionate eyes were casted upon her''


Maan had never seen anything like this before'He had never seen Geet so peaceful, contended and happy'.And she never looked so radiantly beautiful never'.

 Nazrein bolen duniya bole'. dil ki zaban haye'' dil ki zubaan

(Geet uses her fingers casted perfectly in Dance Mudras'.highlighting her eyes'.which are twinkling  with Happiness'.Maan who is still in daze sees this'. but he does not miss to notice the same feeling he had seen in her eyes at the Dargah''once again glisten in her eyes'..)

Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan hayeee'.
(Geet continues to dance'.her hands moving swiftly'..Her expressions changing from'.smiling'to being shy'.to teasing'.)

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai'.
(Maan moves along the curtain'and keeps himself hidden so that Geet Does not see him '.. His eyes moves from her sparkling eyes to those soft lips that parted into the most gorgeous smile he had ever seen '.to her delicate fingers perfectly shaped into postures and dance stances')

Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai
(Geet still dancing remembers all the times Maan had stood up for her, saved her'.Made her feel that she was important to him'..Maan looks at delicate figure swaying in front of him'his eyes filled with warmth and passion'.flashes of her always ending up by his side for help in times of trouble crosses his mind'. And He had always felt the need to protect her'.to stand up for her'')

O re Piya Hayeee'..O re Piyaa Hayeee'(Geet starts to dance vigorously (Turning in rounds'. circling the part of the hall where she was dancing)'.Unaware of her surroundings and unaware of the fact that other than her somebody else was also present there'..)

O Re Piya'.O re Piya'..(Maan stunned by the speed and perfection with which she was rounding and still captivated by her Beauty walks towards her'.even without out him realizing it'.)

O re Piya'..O re Piya'..She takes her Dupatta, swirls it over her head'. around her self bringing it in front of her like a veil ending her dance in a beautiful stance'. a huge smile on her face which suddenly fades away when she sees Maan just an Arm distance away from her'.looking at her with his big big eyes which had nothing but love and passion in them'..

Song Ends.....

Surprised to see Maan appear suddenly before her'.she looses hold of her dupatta which slips and falls in between the duo'...but her hand in the same Posture which a few seconds back held the Dupatta'

Geet and Maan eyes catch hold of each other'..and they get totally lost in each other'As always the trance breaks suddenly and both are jolted back to reality'..Maan Looks away and its then Geet Realizes that she is not wearing a dupatta, that it's fallen down'.she bends to take it when the dori of her suit snaps open'.Geet is shocked'Maan also sees this'. Geet gets embarrassed due to what just happened, she straighten up quickly and moves back....She tries to tie the dori by herself but fails terribly'.Maan sees Geet Struggle and not bothering anything else ever so passionately he comes forward to help Geet'when he's almost there, Geet brings her right hand forward to stop him and it lands on his chest'.Maan looks at Geet's hand which technically is placed over his heart and then at Geet '.Geet shudders feeling his bare skin under her palm' but does not bother to take it away lest he comes forward'.

Maan looks at Geet who is unable to look at him due to embarrassment'.He catches hold of her hand which is placed on his chest to stop him and turns her around making her back face him'..Geet's Hair (Not Left Open or Braided'but tied in a low pony tail) softly slaps across Maan's face making him close his eyes '.Opening his eyes he realizes that that he still has not let go of Geet's wrist'..He loses the grip'.and then slowly moves her Hair and places it on to her left shoulder revealing her open back'..Geet finds it difficult to breathe or even stand properly '..when Maan slowly takes the Dori of her Suit and looking away from it'. starts to tie it'.His Fingers gently working his way on tying the dori Brushes her bare skin which sends shivers down her spine'.and she closes her eyes sinking in the moment'..

Maan'"Ho Gaya"

She is suddenly jolted out of her reverie''Maan walks to the place where the dupatta lay'.picks it up and walks back to Geet'.Geet who still hadn't come in terms with understanding what just transpired between her and Maan is again left speechless and touched when Maan brings the dupatta from Behind her'over her head (Like the falling of a Curtain)'and puts it on her'..Geet slowly turns her face to look at Maan who was still standing behind her'..Their Eyes Meet'.....caught in the tangled web of of a feeling that evoked every time they were with each other''Time came to a stand still as their eyes met'..Their Face Close....'Their Lips inches apart

The clashing of the clouds against one another jerked them out of the beautiful reverie they were living with each other, bringing them back to reality as to how close they had come and confused as to how they keep getting lost into each other, every time their eyes met, pulling both of them into a Vortex of unknown yet beautiful emotions'.Who was it'.or what was it that kept bringing them closer????

Just when everything seemed to get better except for the awkward silence due to the embarrassment that prevailed'it thundered again Making Geet Shudder and forcing her to take a step closer towards Maan'It was something that came involuntarily to her, she knew that she felt the safest in the whole world when she was with him'With Maan'.Embarrassed

Maan looked at Geet on seeing her shudder at the rumbling roar of the clashing clouds and how she moved closer to him'..How Vulnerable she looked???His heart went out to her'He had never seen or met anybody like her'she was a puzzle which he could not figure'. One moment she would be laughing her heart out and would be uncontrollable sobbing the next'.

She was 18 and at such a young age she had gone through so much pain and misery in life'..He thought and wished how satisfied he would have been had all troubles and miseries befallen upon him rather than her'.Flashbacks of how her very own Brother tried to kill her sprang up in the back of his Mind'what would have happened that night had he not reached on time???The very thought of it sent chills down his spine making Maan shudder with fear'.Fear of Loosing her'..

But that was an Episode form the past'Now looking at Geet he said to himself(Mind Talks)'."Ab Geet ere saath hai'.Ayr main ise Kuch Nahi Hane Doonga'"Maan always felt protective about her'he felt the need to shelves her from all the bad and evil that came by her way'..

The Thunder strikes again forcing the electricity to go off and in the call of the moment out of fear Geet Covers her face and turns around only to end up burying herself into Maan's Chest'..

Maan's chain of thoughts broke when he realized what happened and once again Maan was Left speechless at the closeness Nature showered upon them'.Loving'Living'and enjoying the moment....the feel of Geet this close to him' he smiledSmile'He did not move back or jerk as it would alarm her'..then Slowly and ever so softly in a husky tone he says" Geet Tumhe Darne Ki Koi Zaroorat Nahi'Main Hoon na Tumhare saath"'.

Hearing these words, Geet slowly lifts her face and looks into his eyes which Gleamed with Honesty and at that moment she knew how earnestly those words came from his heart'Glistened in his eyes and escaped his lips '..

Maan for whom by now it had become a Child's play to read Geet's eyes and every emotion that it expressed, for the first time found it hard to comprehend what it said now'..There was Fear, helplessness, vulnerability mixed with happiness and peace'..For an instance his heart told him to catch hold of her'hug her'comfort her'Kiss away all the fear and pain leaving only happiness behind'But his hands would not give in'..

As for Geet, the very thought of being with Maan gave her trembling body and heart all the courage it needed' And he had gone onto say that he is with her'The Joy those words bought with it was beyond all the riches in the world'tears of joy brimmed in her eyes at his words, which reminded her of all the times Maan was by her side, with her protecting her from every trouble that came her way'..

She could never figure out what that divine-driving force was...which bought Maan into her life every now and then she wanted help, she was in trouble'.whoever or whatever it was'a silent prayer escaped her heart thanking it''

Being around him, with him.... always gave her a strange peace and joy'.the same for which she kept searching'the same for which her heart yearned'The very thought of Maan in her life 'lifted her spirits'.made her feel more livelier'.gave her a sense of feeling that she was indeed Important''How she longed to spend all her life like this being with him'..but that was no what life had in store for her'.. the thought of what lay ahead for her in her life made the smile fade away from her eyes'..

Maan who was still looking into Geet's eyes trying to read the hidden emotions in them... saw the happiness fade away and pain and misery take over completely'.he wanted to stop it but before he could react'..Geet pulls away'..

Geet: Woh'Main'..Woh

Maan: (Looks at her fondling with her dupatta and fumbling with words'.He could not help but smile'.) "Mujhe Patha Hai'.

Geet: Ji???

Maan: Mujhe Patha Hai ki tumhe andhere se Darr Lagtha hai''

Geet: Nahi Sir'. aaisa kuch nahi hai' (She said trying to sound normal)'.

Maan: In his taunting tone and flashing his signature lopsided smile'..Wink "Acha 'toh tumne mujhe Gale Kyu lagaya (hinting towards the half hug)'

Geet: Maine??? (She looks at him'and understood that he was referring to her burying herself into Maan's chest when the lights went off'.and now he was waiting for an answer)'.Woh Main'Woh'(she tries to escape from his darting eyes and his questions'.)..."Main abhi aathi hoon'."

Maan (Puts his hand in front of her to stop her'..)'Geet tumne mere sawaal ka jawab nahi diya'..Bolo Na'??

Geet does not know what to say'..Maan knew that since the day at the Dargah Geet's eyes showcased the same feelings which kept haunting him day and night'.He had seen them today earlier too when Geet was dancing her heart out'.Though earlier it was a feeling which he wanted to fight against'now he wanted to be engulfed in the feelings and emotions he felt for her'.for Geet'.He knew what he had seen in her eyes was not a part of his imagination and he was determined to bring it out'.But seeing Geet highly uncomfortable he knew he had to approach her differently'.. There was no point in pushing her any further and so to ease her he changes the Topic'.

Maan:" Wiase Aaj Mujhe Tumhara bare mein kuch patha chala hai'. (Geet Suddenly wondering what was it Maan was talking about'..and before she could think further') ''ki tum bahuth Khoobsurat Dance Karthi Ho'."

A small smile with a tinge of Blush Embarrassed creeps in making its way through Geet's cheeks which did not go unnoticed by Maan and he was enjoying every second of it'..whereas Geet was flustered at the thought that Maan saw her dance and avoids looking at him'..She walks up to the window'

Geet: "Woh aaj baarish thi na'..toh patha hi nahi chala kab mere pair apne aap thirakne lagi''."

The word Baarish brings images and memories of their first hug in the rain''

Maan: "Tumhe Baarish bohath achi lagthi hai'hai na????"

Geet's mind too wanders to the rainy night when she hugged Maan outside the dhaba'..and says "'.Bohath"

Maan knew Geet always loved the rain as she had told him about it earlier....but something deep within him told him that at this moment she was thinking about their first hug in the rain'..and as though reading her mind and knowing what she was thinking of Maan asks'..

Maan: Kyu Kisi ki yaad dilathi hai???

Geet suddenly gets taken back by Maan's question'..

Maan:'..Mera Matlab Hai'..Tumhe Baarish ithni achi kyu lagthi hai'.koi khaas Wajah???

Geet: looks at the rain "Jab barish hothi hai'Dil ko ek ajeeb sukoon mil jaathi hai'."

Maan looks at Geet and he couldn't help but admire the innocently gorgeous lady who stood infront of him'.The one who had made his life go topsy turvey'.

Geet: Puts her hand outside in the rain'.."Aisa lagtha hai ki saare Dard'.saare Dukh'saari Takleef uske saath Behjaathi hai'..aur peeche chod jaathi hai sirf Khushiyaa'"

Geet keeps looking at the rain slightly playing with it''and Maan just keeps looking at Geet''

Geet: Par Sir aapko toh Baarish Bilkul bhi acchi nahi lagthi hai na???

Maan: Ab Lagthi Hai''

Geet stops playing with the rain startled at what she heard and turns to look at Maan'.and their eyes meet catching hold of each others once again''.


Hope you liked it...

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desigirl_18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
OMG OMG it was soo awesome!!! Loved it!!! can't believe it's ur first OS u have written it wonderfully!!! and O Re Piya one of my faves..perfect for them!!! ahh i want a dori tying scene soo bad!!! Awesome job!!!Clap

_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
This was SuperbClapClap
I really enjoyed it a lotStarEmbarrassed
I loved the song while reading the whole sceneWinkWink
and I really loved the scene when Maan puts Dupatta on herDay DreamingTongue
this was totally mind-blowingClapClapClap
i never blinked while reading the whole part LOL because i was so much into itDay DreamingDay Dreaming
thanks so much for sharing itEmbarrassed
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by desigirl_18

OMG OMG it was soo awesome!!! Loved it!!! can't believe it's ur first OS u have written it wonderfully!!! and O Re Piya one of my faves..perfect for them!!! ahh i want a dori tying scene soo bad!!! Awesome job!!!Clap


Hey Fatima.....Thanks a lot Yaar..Believe it or not its my fist One-Shot.....And i am happy you liked it

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by jattionfire

This was SuperbClapClap
I really enjoyed it a lotStarEmbarrassed
I loved the song while reading the whole sceneWinkWink
and I really loved the scene when Maan puts Dupatta on herDay DreamingTongue
this was totally mind-blowingClapClapClap
i never blinked while reading the whole part LOL because i was so much into itDay DreamingDay Dreaming
thanks so much for sharing itEmbarrassed

Hey Kittu.....Thanks a lot Yaar...It means a lot to me considering the fact that this is my First One-Shot

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Sofna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Viji.............It was Magical!!!
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sofna

Viji.............It was Magical!!!

Thanks YaarHug

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asmaanixx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 August 2010 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
This is cute!
But I wish you would have ended it with describing their feelings towards each other a bit more.
Overall, this is really good.

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