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-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
so bakra of the week is bk.
Wb rimi, m w8ing 4 ur answers.

bharat9 IF-Dazzler

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 what is the most touching scene/situtaion in Saathiya for u till now?

...when ahem saves gopi from fire!!!

ur favourite Drink(Pepsi,Mountain Dew,Crush or something else)


wats ur favorite colour....asking me again??? not convinced first time?ShockedWinkLOL
wats ur
lucky number...Ermm not sure
wats ur ambition in life... the moment thinking the list of questions when its time for us to gril u!!!!!!Wink
wats ur favorite quote...give everyday a chance to be the most beautiful of ur life!

ur favorite couple (drama)....since goham is not happening at present so its geet and maan!
ur favorite couple (bolly)....hmm...cnt think...hang on....SRK-kajol
favorite actor (drama).....gurmeet
favorite actress (
favorite actor (bolly)....none
favorite actress (bolly).....none
favorite actor (holly)....brad pitt?!...not sure again...
favorite actress (holly)...none

dont have favorite actors or actresses be it bolly or holly or telly!

wat r ur favorite songs...lots and lots....if i start to write them here it will be a novel!
wats ur
favorite movie(s)....KKKG
wats da 1 thing u'll never get tired of....good question, mayb its net!Ouch

What are ur hobbies? asking again??...hmm...seems like someone is not reading the answers i'v already given!LOL

Urfavorite book (noticed that no one had asked you that)and why it is your fav. english its Harry potter!!!
Ur favorite author....tagor...i think...
What book are you currently reading?...none, planning to get hold of a book by an indian author. any suggestions??
What is the best dish you have ever cooked? indian = curry and halwa! non-indian = pasta, deserts
Do you like to travel? What places have you visited so far? sadly havnt visited many places as yet!

Now we come to the interesting topic (Boys) ....damn...

You are given the opportunity to go on a date with one of them and have been asked to choose.  Shahrukh Embarrassed, Aamir Embarrassed and Salman Embarrassed whom would you choose?....none....woh sabhi mujhse kafi bade haiLOLLOL

Abhishek sings "Right here Right now" what will your retort be? Please give your reply using a filmy gaana LOL......speechlessEmbarrassedWink

If you are given an open ticket to travel to any part of the world, which country or city would you choose to go first? Smile.....sooooo difficult to choose.....

Why is that in Indian cinema, they show men crying? LOL...really??ShockedShocked kab? rarely, they do. coz a man also has a heart!Smile

What did one ocean say to another?....there is only me!Wink

What are two things people never eat before breakfast?.....hmm...let me guess....hmm...cnt think of anything....maybe its paan and slap!!

what is the colour of the sky?....ha..i know this answer..i know this answer!! yupee....main pass ho gayi ashi ke questin paper se....its blue...tell me it is!LOL

which came first, the egg or the chicken? question ne to sari duniya ko ghuma diya haiSilly

What if u were stuck in a lift with Imran khan  Embarrassed.....kaun sa imran khan? the actor, the singer or the crickter?? lol..i know u meant the actor!! Embarrassed

Why do like Aham AKA Nazim Embarrassed...he is handsome and dashingEmbarrassed

what will be ur reaction if u got the a bag of gold coins in your backyard?....come again??!! pinch not dreaming this right??LOL

Have u visted  tihar jail?Big smile whts tihar or where is it??

Your favourite animal? lots......but its dog
Your favourite colour? wht?? asking me again...for the 3rd time!!!!
Your favourite smell?!!!
Your favourite cartoon character?......disney characters like princesses, aladin, donald duck, micky mouse, yasmeen, sleeping beauty....all the disney princessesDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Your favourite mobile company?......its all business so none

What's your perfumes name? at present got 3 diffrent types

What soap do you use? lol....cnt believe u asking me these questions!!

Whay deodrant do you use?Shocked
Which company is you PC from? lol...acer
What colour are you curtains? pink!Embarrassed
Have you got a calender in your room? just throwd it away!
What's your dress code? anything tht i feel comfortable with!

What's your best friends name? wont publish her name online without her permission!Tongue

What were you wearing in your best pic ever?....let me think......

What's your favourite song?....soft hindi songs
Are you more of a dancer/singer?...previously dancer but now singer!

Do you believe in faries if now why if yes why? haann...y dont know....everyone believes in them!!

Have you ever tried placing your tooth under a pillow and found money?...does tht really work??LOL
Do you believe in miracles? yesSmile
What makes you sick? ppl who lieAngry
Describe how your clock looks like. its damagedCry cnt decide a new one!!
Do you like playboy? no

What do you throw everyday in your bin (the most common thing?) household waste and tissues after washing my hands but now trying to become more eco friendly!
Would you like to meet me or Aham Embarrassed? youWink ahem ke saath i wont feel comfortable!LOL

What time do you normally wake up on saturdays and sundays? depends wht im doing on tht day!

Describe how you were like when you were 8 years old? haaannn....let me go and find my old picsWink

Your favourite childhood book?.....any cartoon books and fairy tale stories...
Your favourite nursery rhyme?...twinkle twinkle little star
Your favourite hero? none

Your favourite hym? hymn? Vande Matram!
Do you believe in princess? yes

Are you imaginative? totallyWink

What ryhmes with orange? knowledge?!! dont know!
Are you a random person? yesLOL

How many times do you burp a day LOL pls stay with me the whole day and i'll give u this jobWinkWinkEmbarrassed

What do you normally have for breakfast? tea+toast
If you could've changed your name what would you change it to? i dont know. i like my name
Do you have a good sence of humour? noOuch

Tell us a joke that always cracks you up! some santa-banta jokes!LOL
How are you feeling now? exhaustedWacko

Give one word to describes an apple! red

Do you like annoying people? sometimes

If you could open a club what you it be? Ermm 'scratching my head'
Have you got some of your own dance moves? not sure. havnt danced in agesCry
Would you rather eat a worm or kill i hate worms and im against crime!Embarrassed

 Would you rather leave IF or suicide? leave IF!!!

Would you rather meet ME or Koki? this is difficult. hmm...since i chooose u above over ahem so this time it has to be kokiEvil Smile

Your you rather sit on a chair or bed? chair

Would you rather have Ice-cream or slap Aham? ice-cream!!
Would you rather eat yourself or eat me? vegetarian!!
Your with me on an island where no one is there to be seen and your dead hungry i'm ok not that hungry what would you eat if therez no food around you?...if there is no food around me then i cnt eat anything. simple as tht! we'l both be in the same boat!!!Ouch
Your friend calls you and says I met Koki would you believe her?...will ask for proof!
You have a spelling test tomorrow and you forgot to revise and the next day you copied somebodyz answers and then what would you do (except applogize)?...feel guilty
Your walking on a road and you think that somebodyz following you, you turn around and you faint and you wake up and your in heaven what do you think happend to you that moment?...died?!!
If Baa said "hi" to you what would you say? i'll give her a big hugHug
Your enemy came and dropped your books on the floor what would you do? slap them!
If you were a boy who would you be? Confused
If you were the only person left on earth how would you feel? i dont wnt tht
If your best friend said get lost i hate you what would you say back at her? ask her y?!!

What do you like the most about you feet?...Silly
Tell me a dream you just had today?Day Dreaming socho!!Wink
What colour are your eyes? typical asian indianEmbarrassed
How does your room look like? hmmmmm ok and nice....kind of square in shape
How often do you visit IF? as often as i can

If you meet me what would you say? hi u? remember me??!Wink
If somebody said "ewwwwww Rimi you look horrible in that dresreally? should i change!?!

If somebody did a burp on your face what would you do? Dead
You just came back from the park and you see that your roomz in a total mess who would be the first person you'd suspect..........urmila!Wink

Your fell down the stairs though somebody pushed you who do you think it was? rashi
You had a dream and after 100 days that dream came true how would you describe this in one word................jaddu

which is ur lucky number,color,alphabet?.....omg...this is the 4th time u asking me the same question!!!!

most happy day of ur life?....time spent with my friends

do u like gollupollu babies or babies with green or grey or brown eyes?LOL......look at u....wht type of questions are u aksing me??

the most hillarious day of urs at IF? when i visited 'Raksha - Ravana' (means Danav means Demon) fan club in Ramayan Forum!! lol..i still rember tht of the best fan club and hillarous post ever seen on IFROFL

have u ever being foolled by someone?LOL...U r doingtht to meWink

oh I forgot the last one..wht now???Shocked

If Jigar ask u on date what will be ur reaction ? awwwwEmbarrassed

Did u check you have answer all the questions correctly ? LOL im going to do tht now!LOL

Thats all for now. LOL lolz, I guess I have ask enough questions but u deserve it have fun hun and and i will be back with my 3rd round soon EmbarrassedLOL nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

luv u ...same hereHug

mwahz Ashi xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s. now dont call me SHAITAAN Evil Smile LOLLOLLOL.....i think u do deserve tht titleWinkWinkWinkLOL

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bharat9 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
ashi this took me more than an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadhli pls when its ashi's turn u also make sure tht she gets bk!! lolLOLWink abhi se sorry bol diya ashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waise wht was the surprise u planned for me ashi??????????

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-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
loved al ur replies rimi. Dont worry i'l send u spl pm if its ashi's turn.
prikiashi Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 8:26pm | IP Logged

aww Rimi Embarrassed, trust me they r the sweetest answers Big smile...  i really enjoyed them Big smile..

now since ur ready for 3rd round then why wait for tomm LOL.. so i am posting ques now itself LOL 

okay ms. ! i'm back with my queries!! i'll throw the same questions at you now Evil Smile LOLhave fun answering them!!

What is your greatest achievement?
 What is your biggest fantasy?(ahh i think i know this one )
How do you forsee love?
Why all the hot guys are taken?
What is a friend to you?
What is the one most important thing that we need to surive on?
 If you havn't weren't a member of IF, what would you be doing?
 Do you sacrifice or do you fight for you right?
What do you want in a guy?
Do you think you are special? How and in what ways?

Rapid Fire:
Karela/Bhindi :
Jeans/Dressy Pants:
Sweat shirt/ dressy shirt:
Tu ya mein :


What you do in your spare time:
Your fav sports:
Your fav brand:
Who you click with the most on KS or IF:
Who you find annoying?
Would you like to visit US?
How do you view bisexual relationships?
What is 2x + 3 = 9 (it's a simple algebra problem)
What is evolution in your terms or phrase?
What characteristic make you different from others? Not physically but psychologically?
If you had a son what would you name him?
If you had a daughter, what would you name her?
What is the greatest gift of your life?
Do you believe in destiny and can you change it?
"Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking,"! Do you agree to this quote?
Is sacrifice a strenght or weakness?
Do you believe in the live and let live? Why?

What does the statement "forgive and forget" mean to you?

Do you believe that love is blind?

Do you believe in the statement the "poor gets poorer the rich gets richer" Why?

What commitments does a husband- wife relationship needs  to survive? 

 Do you believe that love has no age barrier? What do you think of people who are love with an age barrier?


Describe what does the following word means to you:

o        Love is:

o        Friendship is:

o        Commitment is:

o        Trust is:

o        Hatred is:

o        Soch (Worried) is:

o        Money is :

o        Romance is

o        Education is:

o        Life is

 What makes you hyper?

Are you allergic to anything? If yes what?

 What makes you cry?

What makes you happy?

If you are down, what will make you cheer up?

 Do you wear make-up?

List the items that anyone will find in your purse?

What kind of cell phone do you have?

Do you have siblings? If so are they older then you or younger?


Saathiya Questions 

Rapid Fire

1.       Aham is:

2.       Gopi is

3.      Jigar is

4.      Rashi is

5.      Aham and Gopi's romance scene:

6.      Gopi and Aham fighting is:


what is your favourite place to eat out?
what is your favourite hobby?
what is your favourite car?
what is your favourite time of day?

what other serials do you watch apart from Saathiya?
what strikes you most about Saathiya?
which member of your family are you closest to?
 which member of the Saathiya family are you closest to?
which member of IF are you closest to?
 which member of friends would you say you are most similar to?
 what do you like most about the India?
what do you like the least about the India??
where would you prefer to be (in which country) apart from the India?
what do you like about school/college?
 what don't you like about school/college?
what are you studying at school/college?

name 10 features of your ideal bf or hubby!!!
what is your favourite tv programme- indian?
what is your favourite tv programme - english?
what is your favourite item- such as a lucky chasrm bracelet?
what is your favourite holiday destination?
what is your favourite day of the week?
what is your favourite day of the year?

what do you like about this forum?
what do u hate about this forum?
are u addicted to this Saathiya forum ... if so why
are you funny ? if yes, why are u so funny?

if you were deserted on an thing you would take?

if you could be any fish...which one would you be and why?

if you could befriend a cow or a snake who would you choose and why....

What is the one thing in ur life u cherish the most ?If you were given a chance to torture a person who would that be ?

What do u prefer.. brains or beauty.. why ?

What do u prefer... a person with u or a person for u ?

Well for instance think that u r angry with a person.., and there is an important information u need to let him know what would u do... ?

Imagine.. some of ur friend misunderstood u and insulted u in front of everyone.. what will ur love still remain for her the same or change ?

 If by any chance u r said to be guilty for the thing which u r not .. how would u react?

Tell the incident .. where u felt like banging ur head to the wall ?

Why do u like irritating people the most ....

What is ur goal?

If anytime in ur life if u r asked to prove ur love.. would u do it .. if so how.., if not why ?

When u r tensed... do u take ur anger on anyone else..?

What is that excites u the most?

 If u r angry.. what immediately cools u down ...or who hahaha ?

Would u like to be cut.. or pricked .. hahaha ? ( dont mean to hurt u jaanu .. just for fun sorry if u feel bad)

Did u anytime climb up a tree..did u fall down ... hahah ?

 What subject r u good at ..?

What do u say about the latest technology...?

Life without love is waste... ur go on it ?

 Ur fav song.., sing one loudly nowwwwwwwwwww... did u hhahaha ?LOLWink( first let me run away...)

What if u slip into a well.. without any water...?Tongue

 U feel sleepy and tired.. in the middle of the desert.. in hot sun .. what would u do ?

What's your favourite recent song?

What are your likes and dislikes?
Who's your role model in life?

who do u like better actor: salman khan or sharukh khan?
who do u think is a better actress: kajol or aishwarya?

If granted 3 wishes what would they be?
do u like Flowers, or Teddy Bears?
Do you like poetry?
Discribe a scene between Gopi  and Aham, Rashi and Jigar  that u want to see.

Was there a time in your life that you felt helpless or lonely?

If you were to become the president of usa, what would your first and farmost goal?

Would you rather be girl or boy?

would you be rather Sad or happy?
would be be muscly and thick or puny and clever
Televison or books?
computer freak or book worm? 
chocolate or fruit? 

Your Dream Date would be :
What is your favourite Car :
What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening with your boyfriend:
What is the last movie you saw and what did you like / dislike about it?
Whom do you like the best and worst in
Saathiya and why?

Tell us something really interesting about yourself that we already don't know...

What is your nickname?
Who do you admire the most?

One of the best compliments your have ever received?

Do u take life seriously or easily? Why? 

who is ur favourite crickter?

If you could ever become an animal for a day, which would you be?

When you are around friends, you wait for them to say hello or u are the first one to say hello?

If were to become one of the disney character........what would it be and how would u feel?

the biggest blooper you've ever made in life?
what do you regret most?

 are you serious of fun-loving?
 your biggest dream?
your ambition?
your fav. Comedy/Romanitic movie?

 fav. Romanctic jodi( television/movies)

what is the embrassing thing u have done
where do u think u will be in five years

confess something really bad that happened to you or you've done
your fav name english and hindi
what's the thing you're really obsessed with?
your worst nightmare?
your best friends name?
what would you wanna change in your life
what's the worst and best habbit of yours



choose one:

sweet or hot?

chaat or pizza?

juice of fizzy drinks? 
movies or soap operas?
phone or IF? 

winter or summer?
flip-flops or high-heels?
chocolate cake or vanilla?
strawberries or bananas?
what's your shoe size?
lip gloss or lipstick?
do you have a pet? if yes, what?

 what would u prefer for dinner :....

Dahi / milk

Rice/ Fried rice

Vegetables / Non veg

aloo mutter / palak paneer

custard / ice cream

roti / bread

mustard / turmeric

thali / hand

water / soda

coffee / tea


name me 5 things u like about urself
now name me 5 things u like about me lol


can you think of one question which nobody has asked yet and write it out and answer it for us all!!!



You take your time and answer these extremely simple questions, I will come up with some more.... I hope you had fun answering my questionsLOL   Well.. Rimi. sorry darling.. my cutie sis .. mei ne tumhe bahut tang kiya naa with these questions Ouch.. but questions did made me close to u .. well now go ahead and answer them.. and love me for asking them .. dont yell at me ... okie LOL Embarrassed




prikiashi Goldie

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Posts: 1250

Posted: 09 August 2010 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bharat9

ashi this took me more than an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sadhli pls when its ashi's turn u also make sure tht she gets bk!! lolLOLWink abhi se sorry bol diya ashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waise wht was the surprise u planned for me ashi??????????

third round of ques is ur surprise from me Evil Smile LOL  First, let me close my ears Wink LOL and now you can Screammmmmmmmmmmm ShockedLOL
-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2010 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Hello m till now Ashi has only asking questions so u must be feeling na...k how come m not here to make u feel Special or Most here my turn...

Small Set of Questions first as Starter only...main course baad me..

What first thing comes to ur mind while reading below names...


If you have to dedicate any song to the below persons then what they be....


If you will get Jadui Chirag and A Jinn will come out who will ask u for three wishes....then what will u be ur three wishes and why...?

IF is an addiction..yes or no...and Why..?

Whom u like more...Aham The Character or Nazim The Hero....why..?

Which is ur Dream scene that u want to watch on Gopi and Aham..?

Whats ur fav dialogue (if u can recall now..) in Saathiya....why..?

ok...abhi k liye itna bahut hai.....baaki baad me,.....
prikiashi Goldie

Joined: 14 May 2006
Posts: 1250

Posted: 10 August 2010 at 8:38am | IP Logged
ab aayegga asliiiiiiii mazaaaaaaaaaaaa...............   now wanna seeee Rimi's reactioonnnnnnnnnnnnnn LOL  hum dono ko wo kaccha kha jayegi, sp. me OuchLOL

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