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~Journey So Far~(Updated to post leap)

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Tere Liye

The story begins in a mental asylum, where the female protagonist Taani has just arrived and it's raining cats and dogs. From her conversations with the warden, we come to know that she is a famous singer who has come to visit her husband Anurag who is lodged in one of the cells. We see Anurag as a man with unkempt hair and a scraggly appearance (but still handsome Embarrassed ) who keeps on scrawling the word 'Mishti' on the walls. Taani tries her best to convince him his Mishti has returned, but he ignores her and retreats to his mattress, where he curls up and ignores her. Taani then begins narrating to the curious warden as to how she met Anurag and married him.

Taani and Anurag came from different economic backgrounds, but their families were close to each other. In Taani's family there was her father Bimalendu and mother Laboni who managed a sweet shop, and her brother Taposh, who had gone away to college, but returns after completing his education. In Anurag's family there was his father Shekhar, a powerful businessman, Neelu his mother who was good at music, and younger brother Robindo and elder sister Ananya, who was in love with an employee of her father's called Ritesh.

Ananya on hearing her father discussing marriage ran away to Ritesh, only to discover that her parents were thinking about Taani and Anurag marrying. For the sake of her parents, Taani agrees to the marriage. The two children are not informed as to why they are being married to each other.

Taani and Anuraag keep having fights with each other, sometimes due to Anurag's physical appearance, which makes him the butt of many jokes, embarrassing Taani. Also, a common friend Subodh, who is more handsome than Anurag, keeps on creating misunderstandings between them. Angry Anurag thinks Subodh and Taani like each other, but then he comes to know that she does not like him at all. The two of them make a pact that in the future if they fall in love with someone else, they will surely inform each other and amicably part ways.

The reason for their marriage is finally revealed when Laboni suspects Bimalendu of having an affair with Mrs. Chatterjee, a doctor whose child also studies in Onu and Taani's school. She finally ends up having a nervous breakdown and Taposh asks Shekhar as to what is happening. He takes them to the hospital where they come to know Bimal has a brain tumour and does not have many days left in the mortal world anymore. Unhappy

Meanwhile, Ritesh and Ananya are married to each other after Ritesh proves his worth to Shekhar. But we come to know he is actually Ashutosh, a small-time con man who is after Shekhar's vast fortune. He has many extra-marital affairs and is wanted by many dangerous goons who are determined to find him and make him pay for his debts with blood-literally. When Bimalendu discovers the truth he tries his best to expose Ritesh, but somehow Ritesh stages fake incidents to make Bimalendu complain to Shekhar-and as expected Ritesh is proved innocent. Finally Ritesh stages a drama of leaving the house after another one of Bimalendu's complaints. Ananya loses her cool and behaves rudely with her kaka and kaki. Laboni goes to apologize but Ananya shakes her off. During their argument Ananya falls down the stairs and Laboni comes to know she was pregnant. Ananya loses her child and puts the blame on Laboni.Dead

Shekhar and Neelu reconcile with Bimal and Laboni but Ananya ignores them, and during her birthday party refuses to share her cake not only with them but also with Taani. Whenever Onu mentions Taani's name, Ananya makes some excuse and goes away.

Onu and Taani had gone on camp where a jealous Subodh tried to destroy their friendship by spreading the rumour that they were kissing each other. Humiliated, Taani breaks off her friendship, but on finding she cannot stay with Anurag, makes friends with him again. AT AM's party Anu comes to know that Subodh was the culprit and they both start fighting with each other. In her attempt to separate them from each other and pacify them, Taani mistakenly pushes Subodh down a waterfall into the jungle. Anurag takes the blame and is put in jail, and Taani has no choice but to tearfully see him suffer in prison. And according to grown up Taani, that was the day responsible for their separation. [:((]

Will Anurag and Taani ever meet? For more just catch the future episodes of Tere Liye.

Hope you enjoyed my post, Meg.

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Parts Index

Part 1 - Page 1

Part 2 - Page 2 (1st Post)

Part 3 - Page 2 (3rd Post)

Part 4 - Page 2 (5th Post)

Part 5 - Page 2 (6th Post)

Part 6 - Page 3 (1st Post)

Part 7 - Page 3 (2nd Post)

Part 8 - Page 3 (4th Post)

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WOW thank you so muchHug

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thanks a lotttt

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Thank you so much.Embarrassed

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Hey Thanks a lot for this

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Continuation of Above Part

Originally posted by IndigoBlues

Continuing from my Journey So Far...since many people appreciated it and some people are complaining about missing last two three episodes.

Ritesh uses this is an excuse to break the already fragile friendship between Bimal and Shekhar. He says, in the most diplomatic way possible, that the wedding was a mistake, as it brought the two kids closer than they already were, and they might even have kissed the way Subodh said. (I'm surprised Shekhar did not slap him! ) Ananya, chamchi that she is(what to do, in most serials wives consider their husbands to be gods )says that what he's saying might be true and because of Taani, Anu got into trouble. (No you stupid..in love there's no such thing as getting into trouble for your soulmate..it's called sacrifice. You should know that, on your wedding night you were giving such misaals about love to Anu. )

Shekhar agrees but Neelu(thank god for Neelu ) says that their sanskaars were so good that Taani and Anu would have never done such a thing. But Shekhar says that he made a mistake by marrying both of them to each other. Bimal, who had come to comfort Shekhar is shocked to hear his best friend say such a thing. The trauma is too much for him to bear. He stumbles into his house and collapses, taking Laboni and Taani next to him, and making Laboni promise to take care of the kids, and maintain friendship with Shekhar(Poor guy, even in death he believed the friendship could be saved ) He curses himself for not making much out of himself, to which Laboni tells him to shut up, and then... CryCry

Laboni goes to Shekhar's house where she has an outburst, refusing to step inside the house. She tells everyone Bimal died on hearing Shekhar's words. The entire family is shocked(even Ananya and Ritesh!) Shekhar runs to Taani's house and shakes Bimal, but Bimal doesn't reply. (He looks like he's just sleeping. Eerie.) Neelu rushes to the police station and gets Anurag freed. During the last rites, Laboni doesn't allow Ritesh to put a garland on Bimal, which widens the rift. Ritesh complains to Ananya(god, that fellow is doing tricks even when someone has DIED!!) and she decides not to go to Bimal's shraadh, but Ritesh gives a big lecture about values. (Haha, Ritesh and values. ROFL )

Meanwhile Anu and Taani have a cute scene in the jail where Taani, after obtaining permission because of Molly's dad(I like Molly and her dad. Interested to see where the Molly-Taposh-Robindo triangle goes) expresses her loneliness, and Anurag holds her hand and he comforts her. On coming home from jail after some lengthy legal procedures, Anu hugs Shekhar and Neelu and rushes to Laboni's house without greeting Ananya and Ritesh,(Serves them right. ), where he, Laboni and Taani have a family moment together.

During the night Shekhar, taking swigs from a glass of some kind of liquor, tells Neelu after she assures him that the friendship is still safe, expresses his feelings. He starts talking as if he is some god, saying how nice he was to forgive Laboni and Bimal for suspecting Ritesh and Ananya's miscarriage, but he cannot forgive Laboni for accusing him of killing Bimal, leaving poor Neelu shocked and sputtering that she was just frustrated, so she said what came to her mind, but Shekhar refuses to understand.

Love, Meg.

Now i will be Contiuing the Rest Part as Leap is Today Itself and to help People in knowing the Story so far. Thanks to Meg for the Above Two Parts

Shekhar uses his contacts to get Anurag released from jail. Anurag is back at home. Taani hopes that now since Anurag is back everything will be fine. Except Ritesh Everyone Goes to Bimal's Pindaan. Here Taani and Anurag are talking about that Subodh thing alone but Ananya overhears their words. Ananya listens that Subodh was pushed by Taani not Anurag and Anurag is suffering becoz of Taani. She tells the complete truth to Ritesh and Shkehar too. Shekhar scolds Anurag and Taani for hiding such a Big thing from them. Taani overhears all these Harsh words of Shekhar goes to her Mom and tells the complete thing to Laboni. Now Laboni is worried for Both Anurag and Taani

Taani remembers each of Shekhar's words and gets upset. Anurag attempts to find as how the family got to know about the truth. He calls up Taani late at night and asks her to meet him. Shekhar scolds him for stepping out late at night. Taani clarifies the fact to Anurag that it's not her who has told the family the truth about Subodh's incident. Anurag is concerned of the possible split between them because of the existing tensions in the family. Shekhar gets furious when he finds out that Anurag has gone out to meet Taani against his wish late at night. He is stunned to see Laboni in the park along with the kids. He accuses Laboni and tells her that it's because of Taani that the Ganguly family has to suffer such humiliation. Arindam aka Mr. Basu comes at Shekhar's place. Ritesh attends him. Everyone is stunned to see Arindam.

They welcome Basu . After Basu leaving to his room. Anurag blasts at his dad for the first ever time saying that Shekhar has no faith on him and Laboni Maa is much better than him in understanding him. Shekhar feels bad thinking Anurag first time went against his words. But Ritesh makes a Fake Drama again saying he is just kid. Next Day a Guy comes and informs of Bimal's Debt of 5 Lakhs. Laboni assures that she will pay him that money so soon. IN school, Anurag gets restication papers from Principal. But he hides them from Taani and goes Home. Shekhar scolds him and drags him to school again asking to tell him the real truth of Subodh's Death.Taani comes to know that Anurag got resticated becoz of her and blurts out the truth that she pushed Subodh not Anurag. Taani is being Taken away by Police . Anurag runs behind her and sits in the Poilce Station. Shekhar offers help in getting freed of Taani but Laboni refuses.

Rest Part in 3rd post of this page By Meg

Thanks Meg for this ThreadEmbarrassed

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