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FF:*~*Another Chance to Dream*~Maan/Geet (p112) (Page 9)

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Hey guysSmile

Sorry for the late update, but I got caught up in some schoolwork. Anyhow, check out the next part...I hope you guys like it...and if you do, please please leave me comments. I love reading your responsesEmbarrassed...Enjoy!

Part 5:

Part 1:

"Ah hem."

As the noise registered in their hazy minds, Geet and Maan sprang apart.

Geet turned around to find Neha standing a few feet away. Briefly, Neha's gaze flittered towards Maan before returning to land on Geet's face.

Geet didn't need to guess what Neha was thinking...her face was doing an excellent job at conveying her shock at seeing her best friend in the arms of a man. In the last 5 years, Geet had never known any interest in a guy. Neha never pushed her either, for she knew that Geet harboured feelings for someone else. Though she denied it, Neha knew that Geet had not forgotten HIM.

Yet, walking in to find Geet in the arms of a stranger...that too, so openly (they were in an airplane, for god sake!)...had left Neha completely stunned.

Still, Neha tried to mask her emotions and act as normally as possible. "Woh...I was just getting ready to serve some snacks to the passengers...but, if you're busy...I can do it on my own. Don't worry about it."

With those words, Neha made to turn around and leave as quickly as possible. There was no need to prolong this uncomfortable situation.

"Neha, wait," Geet said, running up to her friend. "Let me come help you."

Grabbing a hold of Neha's hand, Geet dragged her friend through the curtain, before Maan had the chance to stop her.

Once on the other side, Neha pulled Geet into the kitchen area.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!?" Neha whispered loudly.

"Keep it down," Geet whispered back. She poked her head out of the kitchen to check that no one had heard.

Satisfied, Geet turned back to face Neha. "We were just talking."

Neha stared at her in shock. "Oh, don't play innocent with me, missy. YOU WERE IN HIS ARMS! That is not what 'qualifies' as just "talking". That dreamboat was holding you...damn yaar,  you move fast...I couldn't even muster two words to say to him at the airport...but you, landed in his arms?"

Neha winked at Geet, grinning ear to ear.

Geet glared. "Neha, stop it. It wasn't like that."

Neha sighed. "It's ironic, really. Usually, I'm the one who ends up winning a guy over...but this time, it is you who ends up in his arms! Kash...mein tere jaga hoti!"

Irritated, Geet shook her friend. "Neha, focus! He is not who you think he is."

Neha laughed. "So, he isn't drop dead gorgeous...straight out of a romance novel?"

Geet rolled her eyes at her friend.

For some reason, Geet didn't like her friend describing Maan like that. Neha was her best friend, but that didn't mean she wanted her friend drooling over him!

Startled by this thought, Geet pushed it aside and attempted to focus on the conversation.

"So, do you want to know who he REALLY is?"

Neha nodded excitedly. "Do you really need to ask that question? Of course, I do! Did you get his name...perhaps, a telephone number? Because if you're not interested, at least give his number to me! Jaldi batao...kaun hai woh?"

Geet took a deep breath.


Neha's smile slipped off her face, as she slowly slid to the ground.

She stared up at Geet in shock. "THE Maan Singh Khurana?"

Geet sighed. "Yes, the VERY same."

Shaking her head, Neha starred off in the distance. "This is bad...this is very, very bad. Do you realize what this means?"

Moments later, Geet sat down on the floor beside her. " means my time has run out."


Scene 2:

Maan paced up and down the aisle, restlessly.

Where the heck is she?!?!

It has been 30 minutes, since she disappeared with her friend. Thirty minutes of waiting that felt like an eternity to him.

Again, he glanced towards the closed curtain.

Why didn't she come back? Wasn't she happy to see him?

The latter thought led to a twinge of pain in his heart. Immediately, he pushed the thought away. Of course, she was happy to see him! She may not have said as much to him, but he had felt it...when he had held her in his arms. That was the thing about them...words were never necessary. They had always been kindred spirits...soul-mates...deciphering the thoughts and feelings of one another, through a mere glance or a touch.

That level of awareness had not changed, even after five years. It was still there.

Maan smiled.

God, it had felt so good to hold her in his arms. And, if it had been up to him, he would have never let her go.

Then, why the hell was he not going after her? Upon this thought, Maan stopped in his tracks.

If she wouldn't come to him, then he would go to her.

No longer would he let her run away...fate had given him a second chance, and he would be damned before he would let it slip through his fingers.

Lifting his chin, Maan headed towards the closed curtain...ready for battle.

Scene 3:

Geet was a hopeless wreck.

As she stood in the small kitchen area trying to make coffee, she kept replaying her meeting with Maan. Endless thoughts...that muddled her mind and made her heart beat excitedly. At any moment, she expected herself to collapse to the floor with a heart attack.

"Baba Ji, ye kya kar diya apne," Geet said, hopelessly looking upward. 

"I guess you never got over your habit of talking to yourself, huh?"

Startled, Geet dropped the spoon she had been holding to the floor.

She stared helplessly, as Maan walked towards her.

Momentarily, he bent down to pick up the spoon. This bent posture briefly brought their faces level, providing Geet with the opportunity to study his handsome countenance up close. He was older, of course, the planes and angles of his face more defined. Yet, his dark black hair was as thick and wavy, and his long, lean frame as dashing, as she remembered. His nearness brought her the familiar flicker of awareness...the one she often felt, whenever he got close to her.

It might have been pleasant to stand close to Maan and allow this feeling to grow---but her present surroundings did not afford her such liberties.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

He looked wounded. "Surely I deserve a better welcome than that," he suggested, lifting one brow with a hint of the old Maan peeking through the calm facade.

Geet grabbed the spoon out of his hand and turned her attention back to her coffee. "This is a staff only area. So, unless you need something, I would request that you return to your seat, SIR."

Her stressed "SIR" was a reminder to him of the present walls that still stood between them. She had to maintain this sense of formality...if not for him, then as a reminder to herself...this cold front was necessary to prevent herself from being sucked back into her past by the feelings she still held for him.

"MAAN," he corrected, moments later. "Do dispense of this formality, when you and I both know that it is merely an act."

 Geet flashed him an annoyed look before saying: "GO AWAY!"

Instead of deterring him, it only led him to step closer. "We need to talk, Geet."

Geet shook her head. "Not now, I'm busy."

Maan: "When, then?"

Geet: "Never."

Maan felt his temper shimmer. But, he held it in check.

Instead, he tried a different tactic.

"What are you doing?" he inquired, glancing over her shoulder. A simple question that provided him the opportunity to edge closer to her.

Geet tried to control her breathing, as he leaned close, placing his hands on either side of her on the counter. She felt boxed in with his body behind her. Soon, her senses were assailed by the smell of his cologne that made her stomach flutter and her toes curl. Subconsciously, Geet closed her eyes as she allowed the familiar smell of Maan to weave a spell over her, a spell that led to symptoms of lust, attraction, and envy. Envy of his beautiful, strong scent...that always had the ability to drive her insane with wanting for this man.

"Geet," he whispered against her ear. "Mere paas aane se, kuch hua tumhein?"

Shocked out of her reverie, Geet turned around in the circle of his arms. The retort, she had been about to deliver died on her lips as she saw something dark sparking to life in Maan's eyes...desire...for her.

Maan tilted his head towards her, a dishevelled lock of his hair just brushing Geet's forehead. When he spoke, his breath was warm against her face. "I know this is driving you nearness always did. Are you feeling hot for me yet?"

"Yes," Geet almost whispered. Passion surged inside of her, and she felt her breath catch in her throat.  

Maan had only meant to tempt her into prove to her that she was not as immune to him as she pretended to be. Yet, his tactic had turned against him. For as he stared down at her flushed face, Maan found his own self control slipping a notch or two, as desire hit him, full force. Her eyes spoke what her lips were too afraid to voice aloud...she wanted him.

He drew in a shaky breath, which drew her attention to his lips. In a daze, Geet reached out with her hand, and softly touched his lips.

Maan froze.

As Geet's fingers slowly skimmed over his lips...a soft-feathery touch, Maan found himself battling for self-control. But, she was slowly driving him over the edge...and he couldn't control himself anymore...he ached to have her fall apart in his arms again.

Upon this thought, he softly grasped her hand and pulled it away from his lips. She looked up at him, then...her eyes silently questioning him. Yet, she did not have to wait long to know what he was about. Like a drowning man surrendering to his fate, Maan slowly lowered his head and sealed his lips to hers.

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that was sooooooooooooo sweet hey continue soon

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but y did u stop here?????

update sooN!!!

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awwww that was soo good
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue
can u plz add me to ur pm list

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That was so lovely
pls continue soooooon

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gr8 story!
continue soon!
plzzz add me 2 ur pm list!

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Awesome update... luved the Maneet scene.. do continue soon..

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Nice part
Neha was still drooling over Maan but getting to knw he is Maan she was shocked
Wat is that thg whch Maan did that led them to seprate
Geet was trying hard to control she controled but Maan loosed himselfLOL
Update soon

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