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Falling In Love Again - ArSh Note+Link Pg 150 (Page 4)

lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 August 2010 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
wow! superb first part, loved it, please do continue and please do add me to your pm list!

reemz.malik IF-Rockerz

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Thanx for all the wonderful commentsHug

Thanx Tani for helping me with the ideas..Love you!Hug


Part 1

Armaan woke up hearing the sound of loud music. "Muskaaaan turn off the freaking music NOW!!" he yelled and covered his face with his pillow. The sound of the music got louder and louder. Getting irritated he threw the pillow at his closed door and he covered his ears with the two other pillows that were lying on his bed. "What is wrong with this girl?" saying that he got up and walked over to the living room but to his surprise, nobody was there. He then checked the time "Oh shi* man am late!!!" he ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

"It's 12 and nobody woke me up today? I wonder why? And if Muskaan isn't there then who the heck is playing the music? I can still hear it'" Armaan talked to himself while putting on his socks. Picking up his car keys, cell phone, and his sunglasses he walked out of the apartment. The music got louder as he walked out. Then he saw that his neighbor's door was open. "Looks like the Khanna family is back" he said looking at the two red suitcases. But they never play such loud music, something is new. He waited for the elevator looking not so happy. Coz firstly he woke up with the loud music and secondly he was getting late. "Heyyyyyyy club guy" he turned around and saw a girl running towards him'she came out from the Khanna family's apartment. And she looked familiar to him.

"Me?" Armaan looked at her confusedly.

"Yeah you'how are you feeling now?" She grinned.

"Am fine'" he tried recognizing her.

"Don't remember me? Am Shilpa'remember last night at the club? You were dizzy and all? Does that ring a bell?" Shilpa asked crossing her arms against her chest.

"Ohh yeah I remember you'thanks once again" Armaan smiled.

"Do you live here? I just moved in'what a coincidence na" She said excitedly.

"Yeah'are you related to Mr.Khanna?" He asked.

"He is one of my friend's uncle and I will live here till he comes back'actually I ran away from home coz they wanted me to do something that I was not interested in at all'so had a fight with dad'" She kept on talking and Armaan was getting annoyed plus he was getting late for work.

"Ok ok'take a break'breath'" Armaan tried making her quiet.

"I didn't finish yet? You know it's a bad manner to interrupt in between when someone's talking" She acted angry.

"Ughh another Muskaan'why do girls talk so much? Am getting late for work'I have to go" saying that he left.

"He is so disrespectful" Shilpa placed her hands on her hips and made a face "Oh gosh even am getting late'it's my first day" she checked the time in her cell phone "Hawwww almost 1'he wasted my time'If I don't get this job then am blaming him for it and he will have to find me another job" she narrowed her eyes.


"What is wrong with Armaan? He doesn't like these designs? What the heck!! Then what kind of designs does he want?" Muskaan sighed looking at her assistant.

"He said he will use these designs for another movie'" Muskaan's assistant Neha informed.

"But he had picked these right? Arghhhh why does he keep changing his mind all the time? I need to talk to him" Saying that Muskaan went to Armaan's cabin.

"Armaan!!" Muskaan knocked his door and went in "Great he is on the phone again'" she rolled her eyes and sat on the chair facing Armaan'waiting for him to end the call.

"Ok send her in'not right now though, I'll let you know'yeah ok" hanging up the phone Armaan looked at Muskaan's glaring face "Yes Muskaan, what did I do now?" he said ignoring her angry face he started looking at some scripts that were in front of him,  as he knew she was mad at him.

"What is wrong with those designs? I mean you had chosen them and now you are telling me to make different ones" Muskaan cried.

"Look Muskaan I didn't say I won't use those designs'but for this movie we need more formal and professional types of dresses" he explained.

"Ok fine'I'll send some pictures and make the CORRECT choice and then send them back to me as soon as possible" She tried sounding serious but failed as she chuckled in between.

"You can never act serious'" Armaan giggled "Ok don't send the designs now coz I have to take an interview, I'll send someone to get the designs as soon as the interview is over" Armaan picked up his phone and told the receptionist to send in the girl in for the interview.

"Oye who are you interviewing so late?" Muskaan asked curiously coz Armaan doesn't like when somebody shows up late for the interview.

"Some girl'" Muskaan's mouth hung open "I know I don't like late comers but we really need a casting director so am going to give it a try" Armaan explained before Muskaan opens her mouth.  
"Ohh acha'I thought you were going mad" she laughed "Ok then good luck see you later" Muskaan left.

"May I come in sir?" The girl knocked the door.

"Yes come in" Armaan was busy looking at her file'one thing he did not notice was her name.

"Club guy???" Shilpa's eyes popped open "I mean sorry sir" she nervously entered his cabin.

"Oh god not again? What are you doing here?" Armaan got up.

"Am'am'am here f..for the int'interview" She trembled looking at his angry face.

"Ok relax'have a seat" he sat down and she did the same "Have some water'you look nervous" he handed her the glass of water and then they started the interview.

Armaan thought that she will start talking again and he had made up his mind that he will not give her the job before even interviewing her. But to his surprise she did not talk like she did when they met this morning. Instead she acted very professional and it seemed that she was really passionate about her work. All the people that had came for the interview today were not so good, but Shilpa seemed to fit this position the best. So he decided to give her the job and he also needed a casting director urgently.

"Hmm nice'I guess you are perfect for this job then" he grinned.

"Omg thank you soooo much" she jumped in joy "So we are neighbor's plus co-workers'that's awesome" she was now dancing in his cabin.

Armaan walked upto her and tapped her on her shoulder "This is my cabin and I'm your boss'you think you should dance in front of your boss?" He asked in a stern voice.

"Ohh am sorry'I was just too happy that I got the job so I started dancing without realizing that am in my boss's cabin'actually getting a job is very complicated, especially in Mumbai so'" getting irritated by her silly talks, he placed his hand on her mouth to make her stop talking coz she was not ready to listen to him. Feeling his hand on her mouth, she looked deeply in to his grayish blue eyes. They were standing close'really close and Shilpa was lost in his eyes.

Shilpa came back to reality when Armaan's phone started ringing "You can start working from today if you like'I'll explain everything to you" saying that he went and answered the phone.

"Haww I just noticed his eyes'so pretty" she said it in a dreamy way "No I didn't mean to say it in THAT way'that was just a compliment'yeah JUST A COMPLIMENT" she mentally kicked herself.

"Did you say something?" he asked handing her some papers.

"Err'no nothing at all" she smiled widely taking the papers from him "What's this?" she asked looking through the papers.

"These papers will explain you on what you have to do'there are some people coming in for audition today at 5, be ready" he smiled showing his dimples. 

"Ok thank you'" she smiled back 'He has dimples like Shahrukh Khan awww' she thought "Umm club guy? I mean sir where is my cabin?" She asked innocently.

"Firstly don't call me "club guy" or "sir" everyone here calls me Armaan'and secondly my assistant is waiting for you outside, he will take you to your cabin'Good luck" he winked at her and continued his work. She just stood there with a shock expression on her face "He winked at me".

Lunch break'

"I can't believe that you are actually working with us" Anjali was delighted to see Shilpa and so were Muskaan and Atul.

"She is living in the same building as us" Muskaan Smirked.

"Same floor as well'in front of our apartment" Armaan said joining the group.

"That's great'I thought we would not see each other again after yesterday but I guess I was wrong" Atul smiled sweetly.

"You all live in the same apartment? That's so cool" Shilpa said taking a bite off her sandwich.

"Cool? Haha most people think it's not right'but we don't care about what people think coz we are not doing anything wrong" Anjali said.

"Yeah, that's how I am'I don't care about what people think" Shilpa giggled.

"By the way'why didn't anyone wake me up today?" Armaan asked raising his eyebrows. Atul, Anjali and Muskaan looked at each other.

"Err'Anjali told me not to" Muskaan blamed Anjali.

"No Atul told me not to'" Anjali said wrapping her arm around Atul's neck "Right Atul?" she asked in a threatening tone.

"Don't kill me Anjali'am too young to die" Atul tried to free himself.

"Champ'why did you say that?" This time Armaan wrapped his arm around his neck.

"Armaan yaar, don't you know these girls always blame me when they do something wrong" Atul made a puppy face. Shilpa was laughing continuously looking at their craziness.

"We thought you were not well so we didn't bother waking you up'" Muskaan said and sipped her soft drink.

"So Shilpa where are you from?" Anjali asked curiously.

"Am from here only'just ran away from home" Shilpa replied casually.

"You ran away from home? Why?" Everyone looked shocked except for Armaan coz she had already told him before without him asking.

Then Shilpa started telling them her story'and Armaan was irritated once again with her talks. Muskaan loved Shilpa already as she loves talking as well. Anjali was getting pretty bored when Shilpa and Muskaan were talking. And Atul was quiet as usual.


Later at night'

Shilpa finished decorating her apartment around 11 pm. And then she went on terrace to get some fresh air. She loved going to the terrace even when she was at home she use to spend most of her time on the terrace. As she entered, she saw someone standing there, staring at the dark skies. She walked up to him wondering what he was doing on terrace that late'

"Excuse me?" She tapped his shoulder lightly. And he turned around "Armaan? Tum yahan itni raat ko?" She was amazed to see him there.

"Please leave me alone'Main baat karne ke mood mein nahi hoon" Anger was clearly visible on his face.

"But what happened?"

"Just leave me alone!!" he held one of her arms tightly.

Hope you guys liked the part...Plz do comment good/bad. Suggestions and Criticism are welcome. Embarrassed

PS: Add me to ur buddy list if you wanna recieve a PM.
Part 2 on page 8

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... I AM SOOO LOVING DIS RM... I can already imagine ArSh....Embarrassed Awesome... Pls pls plssssssss update asap... I can't wait 4 da next part....

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R&R!!!! Hug

This was amazing!! Loved it..Big smile
Don't tell me the last part was about that women?Sleepy Say someone else but not thatSleepyLOL

Continue soon! Big smile

I'm loving it! Tongue

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wowwww sooo good Reemzi!! :D

Loved Shilpa's interactions with all of them.

So Armaan is Shilpa's boss, cant wait to see what happens next! :D

Jaldi update karo.. kal tak Cool
dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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awesome part dear
unnatia Senior Member

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Awesome update! Waiting for next part!
disco_diva Goldie

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Awesome update....
pls add me to your pm list..
Continue soon...!!


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