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Bhaskar Bharti

*.:l:.Happy B'day *TANU* aka Armu4eva .:l:.*

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Posted: 04 August 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Hello All my Dear BB Forumites! Big smile
Hope life is treating ya'll good at your end! Hug
Well we're all gathered here today to celebrate the Birthday of a
very VERY SPECIAL person.


On the 5th  of August this person was born to spread the joy on planet Earth

(Hope that wasn't too cliche'...LOL I coudn't think of any other lines..BUT it is TRUE! This person does spread joy no matter which forum she is inSmile)

*Someone who is part of our family here at the BB Forums*

(DUH! It's abit obvious all of us here are like one big happy family so that clue was kinda useless. LOL Okay will give better ones! Wink )

*Someone who loves BB so much and is a mad, crazyyy lover of ArBi* Day Dreaming

This person can talk about ArBi all day long and even if we get a small glimpse of them anytime, anywhere or'll set this person smiling for many days.

*Someone whom i'm very close to on I-F and who is very dear to me* Embarrassed
*Someone without whom i think this BB Forum woudn't be running anymore when the show went off air *
*This person always makes an effort to keep the forum active by posting NUMEROUS amount of articles on almost ALL of the BB actors being out and about and what they are doing currently. She even goes down to the directors!  Shocked Can you believe that?! LOL 
 That's HOW MUCH she researches when finding these articles! LOL  

News, TB articles, interviews, launches, you name it and this person brings the news to you ASAP! Approve 

You know i think if there were news on the BB spot boys whereabouts, this person will also post them. LOL Due to this, us, here at the BB Forum, have named this person our BB Reporter Cool

Actually Immygave this person a better name, Mumbai Mirror LOL

But we know the reason for her delivering so many news to us is because she's very keen on keeping the forum active, alive and kicking! Embarrassed You know after a show goes off-air many of the members dissappear BUT for the BB Forum we make it a point to keep it active  *yea babay yea* and this SPECIAL Person has done alot on doing so!
Me am PROUD of you beta! Approve *pats you on your back* LOL
Alright getting to sentimental. I want FUN! LOL 
Lets start teasing this person! LOL

*This person worships her GODs very much. And no i'm not talking abt Gods as in Bhagawan i mean GODs as in SRK and KajolLOL This person loves this Jodi like ANYTHING! *

 She loves them as much as she loves me Blushing

Oops i gave out another clue..Yes guys, this person is a FEMALE. Big smile 

(Now don't look at me like that! That is a HUGE clue alright!LOL )
 So no worries our love for each other is solely friendship based! ROFL

(FYI i'm being funny which i hope is happening in this post nowLOL, it's so tough to make a birthday post funny! Cry)

But scrap that, what i meant is she loves her GODs so much to the extent that she has watched DDLJ more than 50 times in the cinemas! Shocked AND  if any of ya'll ever want to watch the movie again and need someone to accompany you, all you have to do is RING this person up and she'll coming running down to the cinema to watch the movie. LOL Just like the way it was first aired in theatres. she's THAT crazy abt this two.
I can say one thing girl, you have spent ALOT of money on these cinema tickets! LOL
Her love for SRK-Kajol together is never ending. For her this Jodi is the best, was the best and will forever remain the best.
(in simple words, yes she has gone insane LOL )


Hey talking abt her GODs, today is KAJOL's Birthday as well! And trust me this person LOVESSSSSSSSS KAJOL soooooooooo much. Totally fulto Kajol Loyalist, she is.

How cool is it that they both share the same BIRTHDAY!
So why not we wish Kajol as well!! Wink


PartyA Very Happy Birthday KajoL Party


 Heart We love you as much as this special person does! Heart

(I've been a fan of Kajol as well. EmbarrassedLOL I mean who isn't right? She's such a fine actress and a wonderful human being! But i don't think i'm as crazzyyyy as this special person.. LOL)

Hmm now where was I?? Ermm
Oh yea back to this special someones's birthday! 
I forgot i was making a birthday post! ROFL


BTW guys i'm giving ya'll clues so that you can guess who this person is. There are alot more clues to be given coz i can't help it there is SO MUCH to talk about when it comes to this person!!

 Wacko ----> (condition of me when creating this post)
Haii Raam!! LOL 
Koi toh muhje bachaaooo!!
*Next she loves to bug me alotUnhappy Not just me, but the rest of this forum members as well. She always asks them for their Next VM, when they'll update their FF or write an OS or make a Siggy etc. *
I think i've been having hair fall due to her bugging and her always wanting to eat my head!! Sometimes i wonder if i even have a head! Cry Cry LOL LOL LOL


BUT BUT BUT, All these bugging actually motivates us to create things. In a way, this special person is like a motivation for us. She inspires us with her sweet & wonderful comments which gets us motivated to come up with more stuff and creations. So, on behalf of all of us here, i would like to say,

 We LOVE YOU special someone for always bugging and eating out heads off!! Hug


Some more clues because i know you guys STILL haven't managed to guess who this person is! *tsk tsk*  LOL

Seriously people!! Think harder! Geek
*She loves Aamir Ali also. He for her is her HE-MAN * Day Dreaming

She's followed him ever since his early days and was totally crazy over Armaan in BB. Still is actually. But then she  had competition here, coz ALL OF us Love Armaan too! Evil Smile LOL

So i guess if she's an Aamir loyalist, she also lovesss Aamir and Sanjee being together.

*But hand on a sec, don't think she loves only ONE guy. She has a WHOLE bunch of list as well. Like her RK boy Ranbir Kapoor

You see she may not say it but i so know she loves RK especiallyin his white towel.WinkBlushingBlushingBlushing

 (yea you got it right! That "Jab se tere Naina" scene Day Dreaming )


*Oh and talk about white! That's like her uber favourite colour*

She loves white and finds it so pure, sophisticated and erm...Ermm a whole bunch of other stuff. The bottom line is she loves the colour so much! Big smile

*She makes GREAT post at the SGP forum and even here at the BB forum*

Her analytical skills are wonderful and hey even this lil' Missy can make AWESOME siggies! Wink So go and bug her to make a siggy for you if you ever want one! LOL
Okay guys listen or i mean read CAREFULLY! This next clue is a sure give away and you guys would surely know who i am talking about! Big smile



      So did ya'll guess it ??? Tongue


No..??  But it can't be!! I mean who has the alphabet A in their name..?? Ermm


Okay hmm i do ROFL

Okay how abt she's a LEO! *Cool, yea sista we rock it..being a LEO*

Now that should have given it away!

What..? Shocked You guys STILL don't know??


Haii raam!! D'ohwhat do i do with ya'll?? LOL

Chal theek hai, give You guys MORE clues!
She has a movie coming out sometime around this year in which she'll be "marrying" her Manu. Now, you're gonna ask me who is this Manu..well even i don't know who this Manu is....LOL but sources tells me that it is Maddy who is playing the role of Manu..Oh she must be wishing that Aamir Ali was cast opp her LOL (Tough luck babes! )
Oh but guys that isn't her real Manu Embarrassed..that's just her REEL life character in the movie. LOL


And NO the birthday girl isn't Kangana Ranuat! I know she was told to be acting in the movie..but last min there were changes and our "special someone" bagged the role!  Approve LOL


My msg to this special someone, plzzz don't forget us once you're famous! Cry

Do rmb your frens back at I-F! *pouty look*

Okay i shall bring in the SERIOUS Clues now! Let me stop teasing her Embarrassed


*Her love for the show BB is unconditonal. She loves it to the extent of fighting for it when we found out the forum was gonna be archived. I'm, sure she was the most pissed off when we got the news that the forum just might be archived.*


 *We even had a One year Anniversary Bash for Bhaskar Bharti on the 25th of May. It was a HUGE success and all of us had a blast celebrating that whole day.

 Partying NON-STOP(online i meant LOL).
But in actual fact, this person was the one who came up with the idea of celebrating the 1st Anniversary of BB in a grand style. She came up with the list of things to do, the naming of ALL of the awards to be given out. She co-ordinated everything.
Giving her the credit for coming up with the Anniversary bash and executing it so flawlessly on the actual day has LONG BEEN OVER-DUE..LOL


So since i am making the post now, i thought what better opportunity to mentioned it than now. Guys, She ACTUALLY took a day leave from work just too ensure that the Anniversary bash went smoothly! Shocked

That's how dedicated she is to the forum and it just goes to show what a true fan she is of the show BHASKAR BHARTI. She loves it from the bottom of her heart...Embarrassed

So Special Person, on behalf of the rest, i would like to say THANK YOU!


How sweet, but dear i have something to tell you, DON'T EVER do it again! Angry 

Your electricity bills must have been skyrocketing high for that particular month! i mean  you were online from 9am in the morning to 4 am the next day ?? Baap Re Baap!! Shocked 

Pls save the environment darlin'! GLOBAL WARMING IS ON THE RISE!!
 When i last checked page 4 of my Straits Times Newspaper today Geek, it said that Global Warming is a
Serious issue my buddy!! SERIOUS ISSUE!!! LOL LOL



Okay guys i shall stop with my clues.  LOL Seems like i forgot once again that i am making a B'dae post! LOL I can see loads of angry faces and some of ya'll have your chappals half way out, ready to attack me any moment. LOL

 *Vini ready to duck incase any chappals come flying at her*


I think i made you guys wait TOO long.LOL

This must be THE LONGEST Guessing of Birthday Post ever on the history of I-F. LOL 

If you guys have no idea who this birthday girl is, than i SERIOUSLY don't know what to say. *Shakes head side to side, very dissappointed* LOL


So Time to announce who this person is....


Lets all SCREAM OUR LUNGS OUT and wish our Dearest, Pyaari Se Birthday GIRL









Drums rolls please!!



(Yesshh that is the ONLY "drum rolls" stuff i could find! Now don't laugh at me! AngryLOL) 

HeartHeart Heart










Wopieee Time to sing!!!

*clears throat*



Happy Birthday to YOU!


Happy Birthday DEAREST




Time to cut the CAKE!
Tongue  YUM YUM YUM Tongue 




I know you love chocolates so i shall give you loads of them PLUS Jalebi, your fave Embarrassed LOL





Lastly, i just want to say Tanu, all of us here at the BB Forum love you very much from the bottom of our hearts and the forum wil defintely NOT be the same without you!

 Party like a ROCKSTAR girl Cool

Have a blast and ENJOY this special day of yours to the FULLEST!!Party





Hope you have a wonderful year aheard!

Wish you all the happiness in the world!
And God bless you always!
Stay happy and healthy and keep smiling always!
One last thing, please stay the way you are because that's what makes you SO VERY SPECIAL! Hug

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Tanu, my message and gifts will be posted tmrw..Embarrassed

I'm sorry but i'm halfway doing my pressie..It's nt completed yet..
Was doing the main post thats why..Embarrassed
Happy Birthday girl! Hug You know i love you! EmbarrassedSmile

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Kanu's Message specially for YOU..Smile

(Her computer is not functioning at the moment, so i'm posting the message for you on her behalf..)

An oldhose, very bad in condition. The owners left it, they stay abroad. They want to sell the house so they sent Bharti, who is a broker who deals with buying and selling houses.
Bharti came to the house to check its condition. She felt something different. Actually the house reminded her grandpaa's house, where she used to spend her summer holidays when she was a child. Her father had to sell the house as he needed money Unhappy
Bharti met the caretaker of the house who is a very old man. He told her that once this house was full of life. Bharti decided to stay in this house until she gets a client to sell this house.
Soon she started loving this house. She started decorating it, she made a beautiful garden outside the house. She was not willing to sell the house so she stopped searching for clients and she told the owners that she is not getting clients.
The caretaker asked her "yeh sab karke kya hoga beta, yeh ghar to biknewale hai, shayad isse todke ek factory ban jaega"
Bharti: uncle, is ghar mein chhupa hua pyar ko bahar la rahi hun main. Aap dekhna ekdin yeh pyar is ghar ke logo ko bhi wapas layega
Oneday a man came to see the house. He was impressed, "I like this place, I would like to stay here"
Bharti: Sorry, but yeh ghar bechne ke liye nahi hai
The man: ha, main bhi yahin keh raha hun, I will stay here
Bharti: dekhiye aap meri baat nahi samajh rahe hai, we don't want to sell this house
The man: shayad you don't know who I am, main is ghar ke malik Avinash Sinha ka beta Armaan Sinha hun. Mujhe Mumbai mein job mili hai, so I have decided that I will stay here only. waise bhi main kabhi bhi is ghar ko bechna nahi chahta tha, it's my grandpaa's house, we used to come here during my summer holidays. Is ghar se meri khoobsurat yadein juri hui hai.
He kept talking about his childhood, it reminded Bharti about her childhood. Her eyes were filled with tears. She knew she was right, "is ghar mein pyar chhupa hua tha" that's why Armaan came back Smile
This is the story of BB Forum. Bharti=Tanu, and she knows that she needs to bring out the hidden love, one day BB will definitely come back Smile
Happy Birthday Tanu, hamesha aise hi rehna, we love you Smile

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OMG................Vini................i m seeing all the day....  erm but wait...its actually nite..n i m supposed to see STARS...Ermm
Wohooowwwwooowwwieeeee............ Vini............i cant imagine.. u actually wrote that post.......for me..  *FAINTS* OMG...SillySillySillySilly going nuts........
Girl.................HugHugHugHugHugHug i cant tell much this means to me.................... u got tears to my eyes......................gosh...Vini...this is so very very sweet..............
Thank u sooooooooooooo very much.....................i m totally stupefied to write anything at all..............n i cant......say.......
Thank u ........from the bottom of my heart....HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
BB was and will always have the most special place in my tomorrow n forever.................n i thank it for bringing some of the most amazing people in my life...Hug Luv u sweetipieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

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@Tanu: Aww no prob at all girl!...HugSo glad you like it! Tongue..i've updated the front page..Do check it again..:D

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Posted: 04 August 2010 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Gosh..............guys....u got all tears in my eyes..........Kanu........CryCryCryCryCryCryCry thank u soooooooo very much..............Hug

words will fall short to thank u ......for being the first person to make me a friend....for always..encouraging me.....guiding me...n luvng me...thru my well..Embarrassed
N yaar...kya OS likha hai....................zindagi bhar yaad rahega.....Heart
I can never ever ever everrrrrrrrr stop loving....what n whom i luv...from the bottom of my heart..............n i m so honored to have u in my heart...
Luv u for life....

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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