Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

4th August written update part 1/2 /3/4/5 updated

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Sadhli hope to make you proud wish me luckWink
Part one
Gopi is about to leave MM. Our mount everest Kokila shouts stop Gopi bahu.  Come with me, Gopi shocked, so Hetal and Baa also follow Kokila to Rashi's room.  Rashi as usual being queen bee jumps up and shocked and says Kokila you.  Kokila  questions Gopi yesterday after the juice fell on me i went to bathe, when you put the chana in the cooker and came to me "who was in the kitchen"?  Fatal music
Gopi getting nervous tension etc starts to stutter voj ma i am am asking you a question and i  want you to give me straight  honest answer?  me -u u-me who was there?   and then mount everest shouts at Gopi was it? Gopi shouts out Rashi Bene.
So now the camera shows everyones shocked faces, Gopis starts to put hand on mouth in total shock.
Dramatic music again Kokila tells everyone  it was Rashi who took out the chana  from the cooker, Rashis faces is a sight to be seen,  Gopi is shocked so is Hetal. Hetal questions Rashi and then Rashi says honestly this is Gopis doing now she is blaming meDead

Part two  in a little while
Sorry a little bit missing (sure u guys understand)
Rashi says why would i do such a bad thing,Rashi points to Gopi this is all Gopis doing, She is the one who makes these types of mistakesDead,  Kokila says Rashi sach sach batho sorch samjakar honestly think about it  were you there or were'nt you there? Rashi shocked  and kokila shouts YES OR NO?  Rashi says yes i was there kokila .  Kokila says to Hetal have your heard and then Rashi says Nahi when Marni  got there i had already started to leave,  Wrong wrong shouts kokila.  Gopi has tears in her eyes and Hetal and Baa are in shock,  You are lying shouts kokila.  Marni was not there Marni was with Baa she was working with Baa"Right Baa",  Baa nods her head, Rashi shocked starts to shake her head and looks at Hetal and starts to plead Mummy ji " i am telling you the truth, why would i lie? " i did not take the channa out of the cooker" and Kokila shouts " i have not mentioned cooker so  how did you know Rashi? (rashis goose is cooked kokila ur a Star)  Hetal and Baa are shocked

Short precap Kokila says who did this should be punished whilst she is looking at Rashi

Up to now i have not mentioned cooker so how do you know, you are lying kokila shouts to Rashi (whose mouth is wide open as if a train is going into it)LOL  Rashi starts Voh, then turns to Hetal and says mummy ji the reason i said that the cooker was it was empty when in blew, Hetal looks at Rashi in disgust, she continues i saw it with my own eyes that Gopi put the Chana in with her own hands someone must of taken them out.  Hetal and Baa give a dis approving look.  Detective Kokila looking satisfied.   Rashi pleads mummy ji  i did nothing, When marni came into the kitchen i was there and left, Hetal is not looking at her.  Gopi looks down unhappy.  Kokila was about to say something then Baa says yes she sent Marni to get Haldi from the kitchen for the puja , everyone looks at Baa, /but she came back in a couple of minutes.  Kokila says ok i  will call Marni and end this right now.  Then Rashi says no kaki ji, she then turns to to Hetal to get sympathy see i told you no one believes me .  Kokila shouts to Marni,  Hetal say to Kokila leave it, and kokila says to  why should i leave it why?  Everyone is looking shocked.  Kokila says i will get to the bottom of this and bring the truth out. kokila clicks her fingers "lets go Rashi" and grabs her by the arm, Rashi pleads to hetal mummy ji  and kokila shouts for Marni and marni comes running(amazing big house she came in seconds thats what you call a maidLOL). Marni says yes nani bhabhi.  Kokilas sayes yesterday when you were doing the preparations for the puja with baa did you go into the kitchen.  marni replys yes i went to get the haldi and rashi bhabi was there and she left.  Kokila ask Marni did you take out the channa from the cooker and put it on the gas, Marni replies no nani bhabhi why would i do that?  I took the halidi and whilst i was there the juice was on floor  so i clean ed it.. kokila claps her hand, OH YES , Hetal has tears in her eyes Baa shocked,  Kokila says that Rashi spilled juice on my saree purposly, Rashi looking shocked Hetal and Gopi are dazed,  Yes Rashi kokila shouts so that i would have to go and bathe again and i told you to clean the juice and you said yes, then if you did not clean the juice then what were you doing in the kitchen, Rashi looking terrified,  Gopi Shaking her head and Hetals closed eyes are crying,  Kokila says everything cleared out in the open.  Kokila  says refering to Rashi you want to blame Gopi for your wrongdoings, Rashi looking shocked  and turned to Gopi then koki says first Gopi now bechari Marni, Hetal is angry, this means your wrongdoings you blame others (dont understand the bakra bit)   Rashi shakes her head Nahi Gopi crying, Hetal and Baa shocked  and Rashi pleads Mummy ji look mummy ji no one believes me and everyone believes the maid Hetal is shocked and looks at Rashi in disgust.  You know Gopi has being making mistakes these days , Gopi shakes her head..

Part three soon  got to feed kids

Rashi pleads mummy ji maybe she forgot to put the chana into the cooker, Kokila looks at Gopi who is shaking her head,  I swear (oath) you mummy ji I did nothing (hold her throat) and one thing more since  karakara putwara some did not understand plse forgive. Since then I have not interfered in Gopis work.  Kokila shouts lair, Rashi turns round Hetal is looking down and Baa is looking scared lie after lie  you are speaking Rashi, Rashi shaking her head and crying,  Kokila continues my Gopi bahu knows her responsiblilties  and knows how to complete them, Rashi looks shocked and Hetal is thinking  enough..

And another thing my Gopi bahu never lies, Dramatic music and Rashi shaking her head, Gopi crying and Hetal says Kokila  we can do this afterwards  Kokila says why should we do it afterwards  and Baa looking sad, kokila says my life was in danger, whoever did this should be punished kokila looking at Rashi, (Rashi looks like she wet her saree) Gopi looking shocked, Hetal turns trying to stop her tears, firstly shouts kokila my Gopi Bahu was leaving this house  now Rashi will leave this house Rashi looks like she is about to collapse, Gopi looked shocked again,  Hetal and Baa shocked again and Kokila looking at Rashi who is shaking her head and says nahi Kaki ji and turns to Hetal mummy ji, kokila shouts chup Rashi turns and looks at kokila,  just be quiet  Rashi (close your mouth) shocked again  kokila says you put my life in danger and I survived and seeing I was the one put in danger then I will be the only one giving you punishment.  Shocked Rashi and Hetal and kokila says pack your bags and leave.  Rashis mouth wide open (Rashi it will be a long while before the train stops) shocked and Hetal looking at Kokila  and Gopi Rona thona starts again.  Baa is looking at kokila while she is looking at Rashi (The dramatic music playing).  Rashi shaking her head turns to Hetal for support but Hetal turns her head in disgust.  Rashi realizes she cannot get support from Hetal now  and turns to Kokila shaking her head. Rashi says kaki ji Gopi crying and Baa looks at Rashi who turns and runs to her room. Hetal looks and Gopi wants to stop Rashi but stops from saying anything, Baa looks at Hetal whose looks up as if her whole world has been shattered.  The dramatic music playing in the background gets stronger

Precap Rashi on the phone to urmi because of what has happened I am being thrown out of this house, urmi say listen to me


Rashi runs to her room crying (about time she got a taste of her own medicine).  Just at the right time her mobiles rings (guess who) she looks to see if anyone is there and goes and picks it up. Its Urmi and says something I don't understand and has the thorn left the house Gopi has been thrown of her raj and now you will  take the raj and she continues hi hi you must be very happy Rashi is crying  now I am just waiting for Gopi as soon as she sets foot into this house and I will throw her out.  Rashi starts crying and says mummy plse stop Urmi looks shocked(her Cheshire cat grin goes) Raj and me will be very far in the future, everything is done that I have to leave this house, Dramatic music again urmi teeth looked shocked oh sorry that was her face  but yesterday I gave you a plan what happened did that go wrong and Rashi replys its all due to charail karkari  I don't understand how she got hold of the chana Urmi covers her teeth oh sorry her mouth and rashi continues that they don't believe that Gopi did that, urmi shocked and Rashi says now even Gopi has spoken she has a voice now (hurray) she is saying when she left the kitchen that the cooker was on the gas and I was there.. she is bawling now  urmi  is shocked  rashi crying and you know what mummy after that karkari churail have given me orders and because of that I am going to be leaving the house.  Urmi shock horror Rashi crying and urmil tells her quiet let me think for one minute Rashi panicking and urmila comes up with a plan listen to me and stop crying keep those tears for your husband  and dramatic music and listen to me once about gopi  Rashi listening to her mothers plan (have you not learned your lesson your mothers plan fail). 

Kokila says Gopi Bahu take your bags and take them to the room, Gopi says Maaji can I say something kokila replies going on say what you want to say don't get scared, but whatever you want to say sarf sarf kao.  Gopi puts her hands together pleading to kokila don't give such a big punishement to Rashi bene.  Kokila looks softly at Gopi and kokila puts her hand on Gopi and puts them down

Part 4 and 5

Kokila says Gopi Bahu this punishment is only for the elders, youngers should not speak in this matter, Gopi nods her head.  And from now on I don't want to hear from you that you want to leave this house, gopi looks down and kokila says samjah kaye and another thing take your bag upstairs and send Rashi bahu downstairs and I can not wait for her the whole day Gopi looks up  kokila says go.

Gopi goes upstairs and Hetal and Baa come to kokila, Hetal says Kokila  look kokila  this is one big farsila, we should take sometime to think about it,  kokila says Mota Bhabi everything is in the open and even after this you still have it in your heart about your bahu and remember everytime Gopi bahu did mistakes  I have punished her  yes I don't deny this Hetal replys  but giving punishment this way is not the way to get the person on the right track  we can show them with love kokila looks at Hetal  Mota Bhabi kokila speaks punishment given then in your mind you will be scared to do it again, and if one stops that person from doing it again, Hetal says that is how you think, my thinking is different from yours,  kokila replies my gopi bahu is something(don't understand) and your Rashi bahu is sitting on your head  kokila and hetal looking at each other.

Rashi in her room packing and  is crying and says jigar ji I shall call jigar ji and calls jigar who has left his mobile at home, the phone rings at her dressing table.  Rashi despairing says jigar ji left his phone at home and starts to cry and gopi walks in and hears Rashi praying god plese do something that her mothers plan is a hit. Gopi looking at her then looks down

Rashi continues otherwise I will be living a death. Gopi crying comes over to Rashi and puts her hand on Rashis shoulder  Rashi looks at her in disgust, gopi shakes her head and Rashi hits gopi hand and says you, gopi starts Rashi bene au ma, rashi replies Shut up Rashi bene ve rashi bene voh  I want to leave this house and I don't want to give Aham any problems and now gopi I was trying to help you with your problems and now and how much I was thinking of you and what did you do (gopi now crying) and your mistakes you sent them back to me, Gopi looks shocked Rashi continues you have gone down so much that I would never have thought,Gopi looking shocked shaking her head.


Precap Rashi downstairs with Hetal Baa and Kokila an jigar walks in and says Rashi where are you going? Rashi goes running to Jigar crying  jigar ji plse talk to kaki ji she is throwing me out of the house sending me back to my mothers house  jigar looks at everyone shocked Rashi continues what have I done. (you goosed is cooked  and your going back home to maikar and jigar cant do a thing about it)

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thank you sooooo much

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thnx suk. Superb work.
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Thanks for taking the time to update.

I swear if creatives are going to give us more bakwaas then im done with this show.
Not a single good thing has happened so far. It just shows that truth never really wins.

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hey thx deari was busy so coul'nt watch and was waqiting for update eagerly

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hope Rashi is caught in front of baa, hetat and Kokilla

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thanx 4 ur time suk. Thanx a lot
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thanks for te update. im tired of this track now. i want to see some romance with gopi and aham and i want rashi OUT of that house ASAP.

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