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SR OS- One will die in love

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Narration by Dr JP to the interns

It was a normal day in sanjeevani.

 Not really.

A fuming riddhima was searching for her husband. She looked like a female version of the predator that was searching for her prey. Anger had possessed her like anything. She stopped when she saw Sid standing at a distance of 10 feet in the opposite direction.

Riddhima turned Sid around, who was busy examining a case file. They had an eye contact.

Sid :( Scared like hell after watching a flaming riddhima)

Rid: (Agitated) you, you. Why do you do this to me.Firstly, im trying to juggle both my professional and personal life for you, but you don't care at all.

Sid :( Confused) what did I do?

Rid: You toh don't do anything. It is I who wakes up early in the morning like an idiot after an exhausting day at work just to prepare your favorite breakfast which takes hours. And you just run away to work.

Sid: But?

Rid: Shut up. Why didn't you drink the milk? You know I kept a fast for you; still I made breakfast in spite of the killing weakness. I do endless things to keep our house in order and to keep you happy. Your health always stays my concern and your irresponsibility towards it always adds to my worries. Do you know how tough it is to manage all this Taking care of you is like taking care of a baby? I don't know what will happen when we will have a baby. And…..

Riddhima stops as her eyes shifts to a bunch of doctors who were looking at both of them. The gesture was sweet for shilpa,jp and jiggi as they lovingly and pleasantly watched a husbanf-wife fight.Riddhima,embarrassed tried to hide herself,but it was of no use. An embarrassed riddhima walked towards the corridor after giving an angry look to sid.

Sid chases riddhima

Sid: Riddhima wait.

Rid(Walking): Go away,I don't wanna talk to you.you don't care about me at all.

Sid:Takes hold of her hand and takes her to the fire escape.


Sid:Im sorry riddhima.i didn't realize whatever you said there.i was so busy in work that I just couldn't see the efforts you put just to keep me happy.you know how husbands are.im sorry.It wont happen again riddhima.infact I will help you from now onwards

Rid:(Melted by sids Words)No need to.i just want you to take care of your health and spend some time with me.

Sid:Like Yesterday.

Riddhimas cheeks turned blood-red remembering what happened last night.

Sid:(Teasingly)I can see someone turning red remembering about yesterday.

Rid:(Embarrassed):Shut up (Hugs sid and hids her face on sids chest.

Sid:Actually,I don't remember what happened.can you tell what happened last night

Rid:(Lost in her own world pours her heart out)Yesterday will always be one of the memorable day of my life.

We were walking down the road hand in hand.The soft monsoon breeze.our shyness.we stopped to a deserted area.The weakness hit my knees as that special moment was coming near.

The closer you came,the tighter you held me,My body became numb like it was always meant to be.You came near,came a smile on my face.i knew there was nothing to fear as my heart began to race.The sounds around became unheard.a feeling ive had never.

You said that special word that lasted in my heart forever.Our breath slowed down as you moved towards my face.I closed my eyes as our lips willingly embraced.

Sid:(Astonished by her description): Wow,it was like I relived yesterday.

Rid:(Smiling) You wont understand a womens heart. We women build our lives around such moments.

Sid Hugs Riddhima from behind and says,''Ok Then,let me give you such more beautiful moments overhere.

Rid:(Flushed) your magic cant work all the time.

Riddhima runs towards the door when sid holds her by both the hands and pins her to the wall.Sid moves forward and hugs riddhima tightly.A weakness captures riddhimas body as she fells sids body heat.She closes her eyes as she tells sid to stop.

Sid slowly moved his hand inside her lab coat and started caressing the back of her body.He began caressing her back in circular motion sending currents in her body.her body had lost all its strength and resistance.She hugged sid tightly as emotions started stirring in her heart.She closed her eyes when sid caught hold of the zipper of her dress.Her breath stopped as sid began to unzip her dress.She had become miserably weak and tears started flowing as sids hand roamed around her bare back.A slight movement of his hand sent butterflies in her stomach.She came back to her senses when Sid zipped her dress and broke the embrace. She couldn't face sid.

Sid:What was that, your magic cant work all the time hah.

Riddhima didn't answer him as she ignored looking at him.

Sid(Now Serious): I Love You.

Riddhima looked at sids face which now showed what he just said.

Rids: I love you too,Sid

Both hugged,when sids pager beeped.

Sid: Emergency sweety Gotta Go Bye.

Sid heads towards the OPD Leaving a smiling riddhima in her own world.

Rid: Buddhu.When will my baby grow up.

Riddhima left for the temple where she was going to break her fast.

Modi Penthouse.

Sid was watching TV. It was 10pm and sid was beginning to worry about riddhima. Sid picked his mobile to call her when he saw riddhima standing near the doorway all wet and crying.She ran towards sid as soon as she saw her and hugged him in total fright.She was crying and lamenting so loudly that sid just couldn't bear it.

Sid: What happened riddhima,why do you look so scared.tell me what happened,please.

Rid:(Trying to keep her calm)Sid,today I went to the temple to break the fast and I met a baba there.He read our kundli and he said that one of us will die soon.That means we wont be together. I don't wanna live or die without you sid.im so scared sid. I cant lose you sid.

Sid tried every possible thing to calm her down but all failed.

Sid: Don't Believe Him Riddhima,He's Lying.Its their job to fool people.No one can set us apart riddhima.Trust me.

Rid: I do, but the way he said it, It felt so real sid.

Riddhima was on the edge of a breakdown, when sid gently made her sit on the couch and gave her juice.

Riddhimas dozed off within seconds of drinking.

Sid: Im sorry riddhima, I mixed sleeping pills in your juice. This was for your own good. Sleep peacefully riddhima and don't worry, no one can separate us. God himself brought us together.

Next Morning

Sid:(Talking to a sleeping rids) It was so painful to watch you like that yesterday. I don't know why this is happening. Is it another test of our love. Whatever it may be, I promise you, ill never leave you.ill always be by your side.

Sid kisses riddhima on her forehead and heads towards the medical to buy some medicines for rids.

Riddhima wakes up from her bed smiling at the bright sun.she opens the windows of her house as her eyes try to seek sid.Her smile slowly fades away as she remember the words of the baba. Panic starts to take over her as she frantically searches for sid. Her Mind Stopped Working.

Rids Thinking: Oh my god,where are you sid,please protect him god.

Her anxiety had taken the form of fear.She couldn't understand what was happening.She wanted sid in front of her eyes anyhow.She ran towards the corridor of the house in search of sid,when she slipped on the wet floor and feel on the edge of the staircase.Blood was flowing from her head and her eyes were getting heavy as sids name started to fade away from her mouth.

Hours passed as Sid could not find the medicine anywhere and the heavy rains added to the delay.An irritated sid decided to try his luck on another medical when his phone rang.

JP: Sid,where are you….ive been trying to call you from the past 2 hours.

Sid: What happen Jp,why are you sounding so worried,what happen.Hello?Talk slowly JP,I cant hear you.

JP: Riddhima Bhabhi had an accident.Blood was continuously flowing from her head.Now,there is nothing to worry as she has been treated in sanjeevani.please come fast sid.She is calling your name endlessly in her unconscious state.

Sid was petrified. The only Thing he heard was,"Riddhima had an accident".It was raining so heavily that he couldn't hear a thing except for that sentence. He didn't know that riddhima was alright.

Tears started flowing as fear was absorbing his mind.

Sid(Crying): Will it happen. It cant. It shouldn't. We went through a lot to be together. our love cant end this way. It wont.Riddhima.

Sid headed towards sanjeevani.He Was running like a failed man as tears didn't seem to stop flowing. His tears had mixed with the rain and his legs were filled with dirt and mud as his anxiousness to meet riddhima increased.

Sid didn't even try to call a cab or a rickshaw. He was frantically running as he didn't want to waste any time. Riddhimas face was coming in front of sids eyes.

Sid: Today ,It felt so special,the moments. It cant end this way.

He was not far from sanjeevani,when a speeding vehicle bashed him brutally.

Sid was on the Ground. Crowd gathered up as Sid Slowly began to lose his conscious. His Eyes Closed.

He opened his eyes to find himself, injured and bandaged on the bed of sanjeevani. Lying next to him was an unconscious riddhima. Her eyes were closed. He tried to get up and check on riddhima when JP assured him about Riddhimas Safety and Health. A Heavy Weight was lifted off sids shoulders.

He Buried his head on the pillow. He was Just Looking at Riddhima as Tears Started Flowing From His Eyes.


Few Years ago, you were nothing in my life, but now.

What is it about you  that I'm so attracted to?

Is it the tender look in your eyes?

Or your lips so soft and kissable?

Is it the way you call me baby?

Or the sweetness in you, which makes you so lovable?


What's there in you  that I've never felt before?

Is it your touch  or your warm embrace?

Is it the way you hold me  or your silky caress?

Or that every time your lips meet mine,

There's a sincere, special look in your face.


What is it about you  that makes me miss you so?

Is it that I can't imagine me without you?

Or that not hearing the sound of your voice,

Always makes me miss you more  makes me so blue.


What is it about you  that makes me long for more?

Is it your confident, yet kind and gentle way?

Is it that when we cuddle, my heart you always touch?

Or the way I urge to be with you night and day.


What is it about you  that frightens me so?

Is it that you may not feel exactly what I feel?

Is it that there's still a wall setting us apart?

Or that you're so afraid of opening your heart.


I have yet to find the answers,

to the questions which here lay.

All I know is when I'm with you,

all my worries fade away.


Sid Smiled as his sleepy eyes closed for a nap.


Riddhima woke up and found sid sleeping with bandages all over him. Riddhima panicked and screamed as it scared her like hell. Sid woke up and tried to calm Rids down, When Shilpa came Inside.


Shilpa: Calm Down Riddhima,hes alright. He will be discharged within two days.

Sid:Yeah Riddhima, Just calm down.


Riddhima Shed Tears as she got up from her bed and buried sids face on her chest. Now she felt Safe. Sid was in her embrace safe and sound. Sid moved a little to give riddhima a little space on hi bed as riddhima sat and held sids head on her chest.


JP and Shilpa left the room as it was a moment better not disturbed.


Hours passed. Sids hands were on riddhimas thighs as his head rested on her chest.


Rid: Sid

Sid: yes Riddhima.

Rid: I love you very much. Im scared Sid. What if one of us dies.

Sid: Don't worry, Shilpa told you na that are reports are normal.

Rid: I Know that, but she lied to me about yours. Im a doctor and also a wife. You cant lie to me sid. I know your life is in danger isn't it. You are going to leave me right.

Sid: It wont happen riddhima. No one can separate us. Trust me

Rid: ive always had.


Riddhima was caressing Sids head as sids eyes were getting heavy. She knew the time had come. One had to die.


Then what happened sir,Asked an intern among the five of them. Everyone eyes were wet as they were attentively listening to the greatest love story on earth.


JP: The most Shocking Thing in my Life.

What Sir- Asked everyone



Interm: But How? That's impossible. Riddhima was fine right and the baba…

JP: That's what shocked me too and the only person who I thought could answer my query was that baba.


I went to meet him and cameacross a shocking thing.


Baba: I remember her, how can I forget her. The innocence and honesty of her eyes.

JP: Shes dead and so is her husband.

Baba: I know that. It was written in their fate.

JP: But you sid one will die.

BABA: Yes they were one by soul.

JP:  But,how can such lovely people have such a sad ending. They were perfect for each other. They should have been together.(Tears Flowing from his eyes)

Baba: They Still are.

JP: What?

Baba:  God always gives a person what he deserves. This world was just not for them. They deserved to be in a better place together and I know that. I can only assure you one thing. Wherever they are, they are happy and together far from this world of hatred.


His words would have sounded foolish to other people,but not me. I knew both of them very well and even I used to think that how can these people be so loving and caring. I miss my big brother and Bhabhi at times,so do a lot of people in this hospital. But they gave something that will always remain in our heart


What Sir?


The Meaning and importance of love.

This hospital will never forget this love story as it crossed all boundaries of sacrifice and commitment and more importantly LOVE.


                                                                           SIDDHIMA FOREVER


NOTE: This is a work of fiction and just a way of showing the immortality of a true love story .SR Post.



For Those who wanted the links of my last two oss


Final part of CSLY






















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Cry Cry Cry     Cry Cry Cry    Cry Cry Cry


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Originally posted by indian_beauty

Cry Cry Cry     Cry Cry Cry    Cry Cry Cry



Thanks zarqa:-)
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loved it sweety....Wow!!!..You are a  great writer..Please give us some more......ClapClapClap
mightymyth9 Senior Member

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Originally posted by mknageswari


Jeez thanks
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Originally posted by uppaas

loved it sweety....Wow!!!..You are a great writer..Please give us some more......ClapClapClap

Thanks man, love it when you guys comment.
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Omg!!!!!!!! that was so touching!!!!! Cry

they were one soul so both died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg evn if i was so sad they died,,, it was such a beautiful end!!! this place was not for them!!! superb writing!!!  do continue writing!!! 

all SR OS have this poignancy with them,, and they are all SR all they way!!!

keep on the good work!!!!! *claps*

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