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Complete FF: Ishq Hua... (Maaneet)

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Mysecond attempt at a fan fiction.My first one was on Kya Dil Mein Hai and ppl enjoyed it. Geet has woken up the writer in me again!! So here goes. Please tellme what you think and whether I should continue!!! It start from the part where Geet goes to the dargah looking for Maan and finds him there. She also discovers that she loves him there itself.

Part 1 - Page 1

Part 2 - Page 1

Part 3 - Page 1

Part 4 - Page 1

Part 5 - Page 1

Part 6 - Page 1

Part 7 - Page 1Embarrassed

Part 8 - Page 1

Part 9 - Page 1

Part 10 - Page 1

Part 11 - Page 1

Page 12 - Page 1

Page 13 - Page 1

Part 14 - Page 1

Part 15 - Page 1

Part 16- Page 1

Part 17 - Page 1

Part 18 - Page 18

Part 19 - Page 20 Day Dreaming

Part 20 - Page 22

Part 21 - Page 23

Part 22 - Page 25

Part 23 and 24 - Page 26

Part 25 and 26 - Page 28

Part 27 - Page 30

Part 28 - Page 32

Part 29 - Page 33

Part 30 - Page 35

Part 31 - Page 37

Part 32 - Page 39

Part 33 - Page 40
Part 34 - Page 42
Part 35 - Page 44 Dancing (Vamptara aur Dev ka bajega band!!)
Part 36 - Page 45
Part 37 - Page 47
Part 38 - Page 48
Part 39 - Page 49
Part 40 - Page 52
Part 41 - Page 54
Part 42 - Page 56 (The plot gets thicker) Approve
Part 43 - Page 57 ( Brand new entry ka time!!! )Embarrassed
Part 44 - Page 59
Part 45 - Page 63
Part 46 - Page 64
Part 47 - Page 65 (New discoveries...Thumbs Up)
Part 48 - Page 66
Part 49 - Page 69
Part 50 - Page 72
Part 51 - Page 74
Part 52 - Page 76
Part 53 - Page 78
Part 54 - Page 80
Part 55 - Page 82 Embarrassed
Part 56 - Page 84
Part 57 - Page 87
Part 58 - Page 88
Part 59 - Page 90
Part 60 - Page 94
Part 61 - Page 96
Part 62 - Page 97
Part 63 - Page 100
Part 64 - Page 101
Part 65 - Page 102
Part 66 - Page 105
Part 67 - Page 107
Part 68 - Page 109
Part 69 - Page 112
Part 70 - Page 113
Part 71 - Page 116
Part 72 - Page 117
Part 73 - Page 120
Part 75 - Page 125
Part 76 - Page 126
Part 77 - Page 129
Part 78 - Page 130
Part 79 - Page 133
Part 80 - Page 134
Part 81 (LAST PART) - Page 135

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Part 1
Geet sees Maan walking away and asks herself, 'Theek hi toh keh rahe hai Maan Sir. Mein kyun paagalo ki tarah dhoond rahi thi unhe. Yeh kya ho gaya hai mujhe? Kaisa Ehsaas hai yeh? Kyun aaj Maan sir ko dekh kar aisa laga ki ek pal ke liye duniya ruk gayi ho?'


She follows him to the car and quietly sits down trying to not look at him. Maan is confused with her behaviour, 'Mein kabhi bhi is ladki ko samajh nahi paounga. Ek toh khud shaam mein kaha ke meri shakal nahi dekhna chahti aur phir khud akele pohoch gayi jaha par mein tha. Kya kahoun pata nahi. Naraaz toh who ab bhi hogi. Meine itna kuch toh keh diya. Maafi maangoun?'


Before he could say anything Geet speaks up, 'Maan Sir, mujhe maaf kar dee jiye please.' Maan is stunned as to why she is apologizing to him when he was the one who was inappropriate. He stares at her wordlessly seeing the tears in her eyes. She continues, 'Mein jaanti houn meine aapko bohot takleef pohochayi hai. Jis insan ne ajaan sheher mein meri itni madad ki, sahara diya ussi ki saath itni badtameezi toh sahi nahi hai na. Lekin phir bhi, daadima ki khatir mujhe maaf kar deejiye.'


Maan wants to explain that it's not her fault and he is to blame but thinks to himself that he will talk to her later and just tell her that it is ok and she need not cry about it. A faint smile lights up her face and she looks relieved. Maan can't say anything further because her innocence shows so plainly on her face that he feels ashamed of himself, 'Itni masoom ladki kisi ko paiso ke liye phaas sakti hain. Meine gusse mein kitni neechi baat keh di aur geet mujhse maafi maang rahi hai. Pagal hai yeh ladki. Ghar jaakar samjhaounga.'


Once they reach the house, Geet gets out of the car before Maan can and goes up to her room straightaway. Maan is confused but does not want to over react so he just sits down to take a breath. He closes his eyes while Geet comes down with her suitcase. She keeps looking at him as she comes down and thinks to herself, 'Aap ne mujhe maaf bhi kar diya sir. Ab meri baari hai ke mein aapke liye kuch karoun. Mein aapko aur pareshan nahi dekh sakti. Aap chahte the na ke mein chali jaoun. Lee jiye sir, mein jaa rahi houn. Apne dil mein aapka pyar liye. Haan pyaar. Aaj samajh mein aaye key eh sab kya tha aur aap mere liye kya hai. Lekin mein chahkar bhi aapke saath nahi ho sakti.' The flashbacks of her time with Dev and the fact that she is pregnant come to her mind and she has tears running down her face.


She reaches the door and is about to leave when Maan shouts out, 'Gee..eeet!!' She turns around to see him walking towards her with a confused expression on his face. He comes up to her and says, 'Yeh suitcase kaisa, Geet? Iss tarah bina bataye kaha ja rahi ho itni raat gaye?' She can't gather the courage to answer and he concludes that it is because of him that she is going. He is hurt but controls his expressions and  tells her, 'Tumhe meri wajah se ghar chodne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Jab tak tum yaha par ho mein haveli mein jaakar rahounga. Tum yaha reh sakti ho.'


Geet wonders why he is doing this when she has hurt him so much and he thinks she is leaving because of him. She wants to clarify this point so that this thought does not come to his mind at all, 'Sir, mein aapki wajah se ghar chod kar nahi ja rahi hou balki aapke liye chod kar ja rahi houn.' Maan replies, 'Mere liye? Kya matlab Geet?' She smiles at him with tearful eyes and answers, 'Jee Maan.' He is shocked to hear her take his name like that like she has authority over him. He feels closer to her and lets her continue.


'Mein aapke liye hi ghar chod rahi houn. Meine aapka jeena mushkil kar diya hai. Meri galatiyon ki wajah se kitni baar aapko mushkilon ka saamna karma pada. Aur ek baar aapne mujhe daat diya, toh meine aap par haat utha ki koshish ki. Sach to yahi hai na, Maan ke mein aapke aour daadima ki izzat aur ehsan ke laayak nahi. Aapne sahi kaha tha, mujh jaisi ladkiyan paison ke liye hi naatak karti hai. Mein bohot buri houn sir, bohot buri!!' She can't talk more and collapses on the sofa crying bitterly.


Maan hears all this and realises that he has said way too much and Geet has taken it to heart. He feels guilty and runs towards her as she collapses and kneels in front of her. He takes her face in his hands and comes closer to her. She sees him and feels like her world is right in front of her. Ideally she would have run away but his expression grounded her to where she was.


Maan looks at her intently and says, 'Geet, mein bohot zyada bol gaya aaj. Meine tum par aur tumhare charitra par bhi sawaal uthaya. Mein gusse mein aksar woh cheezein bol deta houn jo mujhe nahi kehni chahiye. Yeh badal jayega, yeh toh mein nahi janta lekin mein koshish karounga ke itni karvaahat meri har baat mein na ho. Tum mujhe maaf kar sakogi?'


She looks at him with relief knowing that she does not have to go anywhere now and nods her head smiling for him to know that she has forgiven him.

Part 2


Maan wakes up in the morning with a smile on his face but on realising that he was straightens his face again. He thinks to himself, 'Zyada muskuraya toh yeh Geet mere sar par chadh jayegi aur woh acha nahi hoga. Apne aap ko kho nahi sakta.' He gets dressed and goes down to the living room only to see that she is not there. He wonders to himself that Geet always wakes up early then why would she not be here. He is worried that maybe she has indeed gone away despite their conversation the previous night.


He starts calling out her name while going up the stairs but does not get a response. He enters her room only to see her curled up in bed looking adorable. He is mesmerized by her sight and walks towards her slowly not wanting to wake her up. He comes closer to her and looks at her for a while. He breaks out of his reverie and thinks to himself, 'Meine maafi maang li matlab Geet Handa soti rahegi? No way, MK yeh hone nahi dega.'


He looks at her and reluctantly calls out, 'Geet! Geet utho subha ke dus baj rahe hai. Yeh tumhara sirf ghar nahi office bhi hai!!' She does not react and he wonders why. He touches her hand to wake her up and finds it burning with fever. He touches her forehead and it is very hot as well. He gets very worried and tries waking her up at least. 'Geet! Please utho. Please!!' She slowly opens her eyes and Maan comes into focus. Everything seems right yet she feel so tied down under the weight of her fever that she can't reach out to him.


She raises her hand towards him and he holds on to it immediately. He scolds her, 'Yeh kya Geet? Tumne mujhe bulaya kyun nahi. Tumhe bohot zyada bukhaar hai. Tumhe doctor ke paas le jaana chahiye.' Geet gets frantic hearing the doctors names and tells Maan that she does not need a doctor but something else. He asks her to tell him and she says, 'Woh desi nuska hai. Aap ek bowl mein thanda paani leke aa sakte hai aur ek rumaal please.'


He is taken aback but knows better not to argue when she is ill. He goes and gets it for her and comes back. She tells him to dip the handkerchief in cold water completely and place it on her head. He looks at her strangely, shakes his head and then does what she asks him too. She feels better but still very weak. She sees him and says, 'Sir, meri wajah se aapka kaam reh gaya. Mein ab theek houn aap kaam kar lee jiye warna aap ka din zaya jayega.' He looks at her and knows that she needs him. 'Nahi Geet, mein ghar se kaam kar lounga. Tumhara bukhaar toh utar jaane do.'


Geet feels very good about it but her dilemma is driving her crazy. 'Babaji, ab mein kya karoun? Yeh mujhse baat ache se kar rahe hai, mera khayal bhi rakh rahe hai. Mein inke saath rehna chahti houn lekin yeh mere baare mein kuch nahi jaante. Kya mujhe inhe sab kuch bata dena chahiye? Kya Maan samajh payenge?' As soon as this thought comes to her she starts to shiver violently due to the fever coming down.


Maan leaves his work and comes and sits next to her. She tries to tell him her state, "Mmmmaaaannn.. Mera matlab hai siiiiir. Mujhe bohhhot tttthand lag'.' He looks at her helplessly and then just sits close to her and puts his arms around her along with the blanket. She snuggles close to him feeling better with warmth and strength around her. She begins to warm down and falls asleep with her head on his chest.


He rests his head back feeling very peaceful being so close to Geet. He goes over all their moment together at home from her coming out of the bathroom to him removing the strands of hair from her face to her applying toothpaste on his burns and him smiling


Kuch khwab dekhe hain, kuch rang soche hain
ab maine kal apne tere sang soche hain
Is raah mein jab bhi, tu saath hoti hai
Kisson ke panno si har baat hoti hai
Rooh jo hui meri fida, toh pal mein uthi koi sada
Ke dil se hua judaa judaa, toota main iss tarah
Sadka kiya yoon ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jahan, deedar hua
Sadka kiya yoon ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jahan, deedar hua


He tries to move her head in order to go back to his work since she is sleeping and manages to do so. As he takes a step, he hears her say, 'Maan, aap bohot ache hai. Bohot zyada ache.' He smiles, straightens her blankets and goes towards his desk in a daze with just Geet in his eyes.

Part 3


Geet wakes up feeling much better but it is very early. She decides to go to the mandir and just thank God for helping her to find Maan and staying in the house as well. She wears a lovely yellow suit with a beautiful dupatta and bangles. She feels really good and touches her tummy, 'Dekha tumne apni mummy ke dost ko. Woh kitne ache hai? Mummy ne ab tak ke jo bhi kaha woh sab bhool jana theek hai, baby. Maan jee dusht danav nahi strong manav hai!!' She smiles at her own joke and then takes the pooja ki thali and leaves the house.


She reaches the mandir and rings the bell. She closes her eyes and is praying ardently, 'Mujhe maaf kar dena. Meine bohot galat kiya na Ma. Lekin ab kuch galat nahi hoga. Meine sir ko kabhi bhi hairaan nahi karoungi. Woh daatenge toh sun lounge. Sach Ma!!' And she holds her throat to indicate that she swears she won't.


Dev is standing behind the pillar listening to this not knowing that Geet is on the other side. He smiles at the way she speaks and tells himself, 'Kitni masoom baate hai is ladki ki. Naintara toh khwaab mein bhi mujhe jalee katee hi sunayegi. Aisa laga ke Geet baat kar rahi hai. Meine uske saath kitna bura kiya. Woh yahi hai aur mein usse dhoond nahi paya!!'


Geet continues, 'Meri baat ka yakeen keejiye. Ab chalti houn ma. Aapki Geet ko sir dhoond rahe honge.' Dev head snaps up as soon as he hears Geet's name and he stands still not knowing what to do. He looks worried and then runs out to see that there is no one standing there anymore. He is looking around to where the girl left since she was right here. Meanwhile Geet leaves to the back exit not seeing Dev. Dev hits his fist hard on the wall, 'What nonsense, woh yahi thi. Meri kaan dhoka nahi kha sakte, woh Geet thi!!'


Geet comes home and makes breakfast for Maan, 'Pasta khane wale log subha mein parathe toh nahi khaate honge na? Toh mein banaoun kya? Hmm.. Omelette bana lete hai, toast aur coffee. Firang sarkar ko yeh pasand aayega. Chup kar, Geet. Phir mazaak aur woh bhi Maan ka.'


She prepares everything and walks out of the kitchen at the same time that Maan comes. She is looking down and walking carefully delicately balancing the tray. She looks up at him and smiles. His mind goes numb again and he thinks back to what she said about him being really nice. He just follows her to the table and sits down. She places the tray in front of him.


He keeps looking at her and does not realize he is already seated for breakfast. She calls out, 'Umm.. Siiir!!' He comes back to reality and looks at what she has prepared and is really surprised that she made the effort of making something of his choice. He tells her, 'Geet, tumhari tabiyat theek nahi thi toh yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat thi? Mein kar leta.'


Geet is worried that he is saying this because he is not going to like what she made, 'Sir, aap bana lete lekin mein aapke liye kuch karma chahti thi aur meri tabiyat bilkul theek hai ab, dekhiye.' She takes his hand and places it on her head to check the temperature. He stares at her pretty eyes that he could easily drown in. She looks at him enchanted and brings his hand down from her head and holds on to them in a trance.


Chahaton ka mazaa, faasalon mein nahin
Aa chupa loon tumhe hauslon mein kahin
Sab se upar likha, hai tere naam ko
Khwaishon se jude silsilon mein kahin

Khwaishein milne ki tumse, khwaishein milne ki tumse
Roz hoti hai nayi
Mere dil ki jeet meri maat ban gayi
Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi


Both break away simultaneously. Geet tells him, 'Agar aapko pasand nahi hai, toh phek dee jiye sir. Mein aap jitna acha nahi paka sakti.' He smiles slightly but does not let her see it. he eats it and really likes it. He tells himself, 'Yeh Hoshiarpur walon ka khana bohot acha hota hai. Dhabe par jaane ki zaroorat nahi. Waha ki cook toh mere paas aakar reh rahi hai.'


He finishes everything on the tray and Geet stares at him in utter surprise. She taps his shoulder and asks him, 'Sir, ek din mein aap muskuraye bhi aur khana bhi kha liya. Aap theek toh hai na?' Maan fights a smiles and says, 'Agar tumhari baat khatam ho gayi ho toh kuch kaam kare. Teen dino se meine kuch nahi kiya hai. Secretary ke hone se toh zyada kaam hota hai na?' He turns his back to her, smiles widely and leaves her scrambling to pick up everything so that she can start working
Part 4


Dev is pacing his room thinking about Geet's voice and wondering, 'Yeh toh doosri baar mein Geet se milte milte reh gaya. Yeh kyun ho raha hai? Mein usse milna kyun chahta houn. Naintara waise bhi usko lekar sar khati rehti hai. Agar uske samne aa gayi toh Geet ke liye bohot bura hoga.' He leaves the room with a very worried expression.


Geet is staring out of the window thinking over the day and how perfect it was. She thinks to herself, 'Har din aisa jaye toh kitna acha ho lekin Maan ka to aisa hai ke Dusht Danav kabhi bhi bahar aa sakte hai aur agar aa gaye toh kya hoga? Geet, tu bhi na, pyaar karti hai aur darti bhi hai. Lekin yahi pyaar toh mushkil hai. Maan mujhe samajh nahi payenge, mujhe pata hai.'


Maan sees her sad face and it hurts him no end to see her in pain. Earlier to make her strong he used to be firm with whatever he said but with the way he felt now it was massive effort to be rude to her or scream at her. But he knew that was the way to make Geet face the world. She did not know the concept of power so he took all his strength to talk to her firmly. He comes up behind her and she turns to look at him with tearful eyes.


Maan wants to wipe them away and just says, 'Geet, tumhare khandaan mein rone ki bimaari hai kya?' Geet takes him seriously and stutters, 'Nnnaaahhi.. Sir woh mummy aur chachi kabhi rote hai lekin bimaari toh kisi ko nahi hai. Kyun Sir?' Maan really has to contain his laughter at her taking his question seriously. He replies, 'Woh tum roz ek baar din mein roti ho na toh mujhe laga ke shayad khandaani bimaari hai. Purkho ki amanat and all that lekin yeh to sirf tumhe hi hai.' And he bursts out laughing at end of it.


Geet sees his face and is shocked at the change in his face when he is laughing. It is like all the anger and pain has been replaced by happiness. The change leaves her tongue tied however, the naughty Geet awakens. She looks at him all hurt and then turns around pretending to cry. Maan stops laughing and comes in front of her. She looks the other side to trouble him a little more. He takes her hand in his face and looks into her eyes, 'Geet, meine bohot keh diya na? Mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha na? Mein is ke liye bohot zyada'. Sorry'. Nahi houn!!!!'


Geet is amazed that he is still not saying sorry so she plans to tease him further, 'Bohot ho gaya sir. Mein aapki baat sun rahi houn iska matlab yeh nahi ki aap kuch bhi bol sakte hai. Mere aansoon dekh kar aapko khushi hoti hai toh mera gham dekhkar toh aapko sukoon milega hai na. Aap mere baare mein jaante kya hai?' She looks at him tearfully and very hurt although she was trying to control her laughter at the same time.


She is taken aback when Maan says, 'Yahi toh janna chahta houn Geet.' Geet is stunned to hear his answer since she was not prepared about how and what to tell him about herself. Will he be able to understand her dilemma and the injustice that was done with her? Meanwhile Maan continued, 'Aisa kya hua ke ek atharah saal ki ladki Hoshiarpur ko chodhkar Delhi jaise shehar mein akele aa gayi? Tum yaha aakar bohot badal gayi ho aur yeh baat acchi hai lekin itna saahas tum mein kaha se aaya?'


Geet stares at him and understands that he would certainly want to know how she landed up her but there was another truth she had to say. So she took a deep breath and replied, 'Aapki wajah se sir.' Maan was confused since that was the reason for their fight that he said that she was after him. He waited for her to continue, 'Jee sir, aapki wajah se mujhe himmat mili yaha tak aane ki. Meine zindagi bhar apne bado ka atyachar sehen kiya lekin jab aap aaye toh mujhe samajh aaya ke mujhe yeh sehne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Jab tak mein kamzor dikhoungi, tab tak mujhe log dabate rahenge. Mein har bandhan tod aayi houn sir. Mein apne parivaar se keh aayi ki mein Geet Handa nahi, sirf Geet houn.'


Maan does not know what to say at this declaration of this small town girl who left everything behind on his advice. He is in awe of her at the same time wants to just reach out and hug her for all the pain that would have led her to leave her family behind. He is pleased to hear what she did but does not understand why they wanted to kill her. Living life on your own terms is not that big a sin. He comes closer to her and she stares at him continuously. 'Geet, tumne aisa kya kiya ke woh tumhe maarna chahte the?'


Geet does not know what to say but has to answer so she starts stammering, 'Wohhh sssiirr, baat yeh hai ki' '. At that moment she decides she would say everything to Maan. He had a right to know what happened and why she is here. He was such a big part of it and she would have been dead had he not come there on time. She starts to say something when dadima comes and interrupts their talk. Geet shivers and thinks to herself, 'Babaji, bacha liya. Yeh mein kya karne ja rahi thi. Meri kahani par Maan jaise ache insan bharosa nahi karenge aur agar unhone bharosa kar bhi liya toh woh bardaasht nahi kar payenge. Nahi mein unse kuch nahi kahoungi.'


Part 5

Maan wakes up in the morning with Geet's face in front of his eyes. He is happy but his expression is replaced by worry instantly, 'Yeh mein kya soch raha houn. Mein janta houn ke aaj din tak job hi insan se meine pyar kiya hai woh mujhe cheen liya gaya hai. Dad, mom, Sameera!! Mein Geet ko jaane nahi de sakta, mein chahta houn ke mein Geet ko apne paas hi rakhoun. Mere pyaar ne agar usse bhi mujhse cheen liya toh mujhe yeh zindagi hi nahi jeeni!'


He is sitting with his head in his hands and looking down. Dadima comes and sits next to him. She puts her hand on his shoulders and says, 'Maan, apni zindagi agar koi cheez baar baar ho, iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki har baar yahi hoga. Mein tumhare baare mein har cheez janti houn aur aap jaisa ladka kisi bhi ladki ko dhoondne se bhi nahi mil sakta. Aapne apne dil ke darwaze itne kuss ke bandh kar liye ke aap kisi aur ko waha par aane hi nahi dete.'


Maan smiles at her last sentence since it is the same thing Geet had told him at the dhaba dinner night. Without thinking that it is dadima in front of him, he just says, 'Aap bilkul Geet jaisi baate karti hai.' He looks dreamily into space and dadima is very happy with this state of his. She however acts confused and says, 'Geet.. Ab iss baat mein Geet kaha se aayi, Maan? Lagta hain aaj kal kaam mein kuch zyada hi busy hain ke ghar ke baaton mein bhi secretary ki baat kar rahe hai.'


Maan breaks from his reverie and realises what he did. He just changes the topic and says, 'Dadima, nau bajne waale hai. Mein late ho jaounga, mujhe tayyar hona hai.' Dadima is trying very hard to suppress her smile and goes, 'Relax beta, company aapki hai, late bhi huye to kya? Kahin secretary naraaz toh nahi ho jayegi?' Without waiting for a response she stands up, smiles at him shaking her head and walks out of his room since she realises its Sunday and he does not. He looks at her going and smiles as well. He looks at his watch and starts hurrying up.


Dev comes into Maan's room, 'Morning bro! Kya baat hai, bohot jaldi mein hain kya? Jabse wapas aaya houn, aap toh dikhe hi nahi.' Maan replies, 'Haan. Woh' woh mein thoda busy tha. Acha hua tum aa gaye. Mujhe tumse kaam tha Dev.' Dev is pleased to hear this since he knows Naintara would be happy if he gets responsibilities from Maan, 'Ofcourse Bro, kahiye na. Kya kaam tha.' Maan replies, 'Meine Hoshiyarpur mein ek zameen li hai.' Dev does a double take on the name and all the flashbacks of his marriage with Geet come in front of him. He is shocked to hear the name and is staring at Maan who continues, 'Mein wahan par ek 5 star property khadi karma chahta houn. Aur mujhe chahiye ke tum yaha par ya waha jaakar koi party source karo jo interested hai.'


Dev thinks to himself, 'Hoshiarpur gaya toh zinda wapas nahi lautounga. Brij ne toh har jagah hamari baat kar di hogi. Mein wahan nahi ja sakta bilkul nahi. Pata nahi, shayad Geet bhi unhi ke darr se yaha par ho.' He starts stammering and says, 'Bhhaaaiya, woh mein nahi ja sakta. Mujhe yaha bohot kaam hai. Mein chalta houn.' He turns around and rushes out of the room. Maan calls after him and is surprised by his behaviour, 'Yeh isse kya hua?'


Maan has gotten ready by 8:45 and thinks of getting down but is actually nervous about facing Geet. She does not realise how much he respects her after last night and what she means to him. He comes down to see her on the couch curled up on the sofa with a book. He tries to take hold of his breath while he admires how beautiful and innocent she looks. He remembers her staring at him at the dargah and thinks to himself, 'Kya aisa ho sakta hai, Geet ke tumhe woh mehsoos hua ho jo mein karta houn? Jaagne mein, sone mein, kaam par ya ghar par tum hi dikhayi deti ho. Aisa tum bhi mehsoos karti ho Geet?' He just sits down on the adjoining sofa staring at her.


Dil mein tumhare chupa di hai maine to apni ye jaan
Ab tum hi isko sambhalo hume apna hosh kahan
Bekhudi do pal ki, zindagi do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak hum karenge bhala
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala


He straightens up and goes to wake her up and for the first time does not hesitate to touch her, 'Geet, utho Geet!' Geet with her eyes closed replies, 'Babaji, yeh kaun hai jo Sunday ke din aapki bechari Geet ko utha rahe hai? Ek din toh milta hai sone ke liye, uss mein bhi jaldi utho!!' She turns around and puts the pillow on her head.  Maan realises why dadima was smiling and she did not even correct him. He gets a blanket for Geet, covers her up, places his hand on her head and says, 'Sleep well, Geet. Sorry.' Geet gets up as he walks away, sees the blanket and touches the place on her head where Maan placed his hand and smiles and says, 'Thank you, Maan. Thank you so much.'

Part 6
Dev enters his room and throws his glasses angrily on the bed. He starts thinking to himself, 'Yeh aakhir ho kya raha hai. Kyun Geet ki baatein mera peecha nahi chodti. Pehle woh khud dikhayi di, phir sunayi di aur ab yeh Hoshiarpur ki baat. Mein bro ko mana kaise karounga. Woh mujhe wapas poochenge toh mein kya kahounga. Dammit!!' and he breaks a vase in his frustration.


Naintara comes running into the room, 'Aap pagal ho gaye hai, Dev? Yeh kya kar rahe hai? Dadima ne sun liya toh problem ho jayegi.' Everything is annoying Dev so he just shouts back in anger, 'Har baat mein dadima ko kyun kheech kar laati ho tum. Isse badhe problems bhi hai humari zindagi mein lekin tum andhi ho. Hoshiarpur'' Before he can say anything, Naintara cuts him and says, 'Ofcourse, Hoshiarpur, Geet, Geet aur Geet. Yahi toh hai tumhare problems zindagi mein. Mein kaun houn? Lekin Dev, hum aapko hum se door nahi jaane denge.' Dev looks at her and furiously says, 'You know what, Naintara. Shutup!! Tum pagal ho gayi ho. Mein kya bol raha houn aur tum kya soch rahi ho. Bro ne mujhe koi Hoshiarpur ki zameen par kaam karne ko kaha hai lekin mein waha ja nahi sakta. Brij mujhe dekhte hi maar daalega.' Naintara is shocked to hear this information.


Maan is sitting in the veranda on the outhouse while Geet comes from the side looking at him. She loses whatever she wanted to say and just stares at him. Maan realises this and looks at her. She is undeterred and just continues looking at him like she is seeing him for the first time and notices an eyelash on his face. He stands up and comes closer to her and wants to say something but before he could she raises her hand towards his face and is about to touch him when she realises what she is doing and stops. She takes her hand away however Maan realises what she was about to do. He innocently asks her, 'Kya hua Geet?' Geet is caught and does not know what to say. She replies, 'Woh Maan.. Sir.. Maan Sir aapke chehre par eyelash thi toh meine..' She looks down hopelessly not knowing how to hide her embarrassment.


He smiles lightly and says, 'Haan, toh sahi toh kar rahi thi na? Nikalo eyelash, mujhe aaine ke bina dikhayi kaha dega.' Geet replies, 'Sir, aa.. mein kaise iss tarah.' Maan looks at her and firmly says, 'Geet, kabhi ek kaam toh bina na kahe bina kar do. Mein yaha tumhara boss houn aur mera khayal rakhna, I mean .. uhhh. Meri zarooraton ka khayal rakhna tumhara kaam hai. Aur filhaal meri zaroorat hai ke tum yeh eyelash nikaalon kyunki mere paas aaina nahi hai.' Geet blinks twice and understands that there is no way out of this one. She comes closer to him and raises her hand to his face. Her hand lingers on his face while their closeness makes her so comfortable. She removes the eyelash and takes his hand. Maan is surprised by the gesture but just goes with it. She places the eyelash on it and tell him, 'Wish keejiye na sir.'


Maan looks at her confused and asks, 'Tum yeh sab cheezon mein maanti ho, Geet. Mujhe toh bachpana lagta hai,' Geet smiles at him and says, 'Wish kar ke toh dekhiye sir, shayad jo aap chahte hai woh ho jaye. Yeh karne se aapka koi nuksaan toh hoga nahi, agar hoga toh fayda hi. Aazma ke dekh leejiye.' Maan has faith in Geet's conviction and is about to blow the lash away while Geet stops him, 'Sir, aise nahi. Aankhen bandh kar ke, woh keemti cheez ko apne saamne rakh ke phir wish keejiye. Aur haan, kisi ko batana nahi, aapne kya wish kiya.' Maan keeps looking at her and says, 'Aur agar jo cheez chahiye woh saamne hi ho toh?' Geet looks up instantly and asks, 'Jee?' Maan fumbles with his words and says, 'Kuch nahi. Mein ab wish karoun?' He closes his eyes and all his moments with Geet flash in front of him.


Tu kahe to tere hi kadam ke main nishanon pe chalun rukun ishaare pe
Tu kahe tho khwabon ka bana ke main bahana sa mila karu sirhaane pe

Tum se dil ki baatein seekhi, Tum se hi yeh raahe seekhi
Tum pe marr ke mein tho jee gaya

Khuda Jaane ke mein fida hun, Khuda Jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun huwa hai, Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda


He makes his wish in his heart, 'Geet, mein chahta houn ke tum hamesha ke liye meri ban jao. Mein tumhare bina ab zindagi nahi dekh sakta' and blows the eyelash away. He opens his eyes and looks at her in a surprised way. She tells him, 'Aapne meri baat maan li Sir!! Ab dekhiye aap ne jis cheez ki kaamna ki hai woh kaise poori hoti hai.' Maan thinks to himself, 'Yeh tumne kya kar diya, Geet? Yeh kaisi kaamna kar li meine? Tum mere itne kareeb kaise aa gayi? Mein tumhe door le jaane ki koshish mein hamesha tumhe paas kaise le kar aa jata houn? Shayad tum se door jaane ki koshish hi chod deni chahiye. Mein tumhare hone se nahi ladh sakta Geet. Tum meri zindagi ho.'


Maan looks at her going away with a determined look on his face and takes her name. She looks back questioningly and says, 'Aaj Sunday hai, mere saath bahar chalogi?' Geet is taken aback by the directness of his question but smiles and nods her head. Maan looks pleased with himself.

Part 7


Geet gets ready in a lovely maroon and green anarkali looking adorable. She is seeing herself in the mirror and is about to put on jhumkas when she goes, 'Yeh kya Geet? Shaadi mein ja rahi hai ya Maan sir ke saath Sunday ki outing par. Tu bhi na? Maan sir kitne ache hai na. Jabse Delhi aayi houn, kahin nahi gayi. Aaj khoob ghoomoungi!!' She smiles, wears a pair of simple hoops and gets out of the room.


Maan is going down the stairs and is at the last step when he turns behind to see Geet and nearly misses the step before he takes hold off the banister to save himself. Geet rushes down and holds his hand and asks, 'Sir, aap theek toh hai? Lagi toh nahi?' They both stare at each other. He looks down at her hand on his and she takes it away. He replies and says, 'Haan, mein theek houn. Woh last step chhoot gayi. Ab chale?'


He takes her to all the famous places in Delhi. They have lunch together and do some shopping. All the while Geet is glowing and looking very happy. Maan has never enjoyed himself the way he enjoyed himself with Geet. He had no inhibitions and just wanted time to stop where it was. He thought to himself, 'Zindagi yun hi khushi khushi beet jayegi Geet. Tum mere saath hoti ho, toh aisa lagta hai ke zindagi jeene layak hai. Tumhe paana meri zidd nahi, zaroorat hai. Mein tumhara khayal rakhna chahta houn, tumhe har woh khushi dena chahta houn jo tumhara haq thi aur tumhe mili nahi.'


Geet is looking at him sideways and wonders, 'Maan Sir, aap paas hote hai toh har cheez alag lagti hai, khushiyan dugni ho jaati hai aur har gham chota lagta hai. Mujhe aapko apne saaye se door rakhna chahiye lekin mein aapki taraf khichi chali aati houn. Mein aapse bohot pyar karti houn lekin hum dono mein sach ko manne ki taaqat nahi hai.'


It is raining and Maan drives off the city limits towards the more scenic parts of Delhi to show Geet. Geet looks around at how beautiful it is. They drive up to a cliff where the whole city can be seen. Maan tells her, 'Aao Geet. Tumhe dikhate hai ki Delhi pahaad ki uchayi se kaisa lagta hai.' She comes out, he takes her hand and takes her to see the view. Geet is enchanted by the site and says, 'Thank you Sir. Kitni khubsoorat jagah hai yeh. Jab insan shehar ke paagalpan se thak jaye, toh yaha aa sakta hai. Sab kuch theek lagega aur zindagi dobara jeene ka mann karega. Hai na?'


Maan stands facing her and comes closer to her, 'Kaise Geet? Kaise tum woh cheezein ko jo meri zehen mein hai. Tum mujhe parhne ki koshish bhi nahi karti aur mere baare mein sab kuch janti ho. Meri pasand ke saath chalti hain tumhari pasand. Har baar tumse baat kar ke mein bezubaan ho jaata houn. Batao na, Geet? Kyun?'


Geet looks up at him and has tears in her eyes. She turns around, loses her balance and slips. He takes her hand but she is hanging from the cliff. Its raining therefore they are struggling to not let go. Maan shouts, 'Geet please upar aane ki koshish karo! Geeeet!' Geet replies, 'Mera haath phisal raha hai Maan. Mein bohot der tak nahi ruk sakti. Maaaaan!!' He tries once more and manages to get her away. She hugs him violently not wanting to let go. He hugs her back and takes her face back to kiss her forehead. Geet looks at him and asks, 'Aap mujhe kitne baar bachayenge Sir?' Maan smiles and replies, 'Tum jitni baar apni jaan gavaogi.' They just stay there for a while and Geet faints. Maan puts her down and pats her face, 'Geet, utho Geet!! Kya hua tumhe? Please uth jao.' His eyes are wet with fear. He picks her up and takes her to the car to rush her to the hospital.


He reaches the hospital and Geet is admitted. Maan is sitting outside worried and is pacing the corridors of the hospital. The doctor comes out and he rushes to her, 'Geet theek toh hai na doctor?' She looks at him and says, 'Haan ab woh theek hai. Meine usse pehle bhi kaha hai apna khayal rakhne ke liye, lekin woh kaha sunti hai?' Maan is confused about what the doctor is saying, 'Kyun? Khayal rakhne ke liye? Geet ko kya hua?'


The doctor is surprised and tells him, 'Geet maa banne wali hai Mr. Khurana.' Maan looks as if the world has turned upside down. Her face flashes in front of him and he just sits down in disbelief. His shock turns to anger and he thinks, 'Is liye tumhe job ki zaroorat thi Geet? Is liye tumhe meri zaroorat thi? Mujhe laga tum mere liye ruki hui ho lekin tum toh kuch aur hi nikli. Mein auraton ke baare mein sahi tha! Tum sirf dard dena janti ho, hai na? Kyun Geet? Yeh sab kar ke ek baar phir mein wahi reh gaya jahan tha!' He closes his eyes with a pained expression.


The doctor continues, 'Jee, Mr. Khurana. Bohot bura hua bechari ke saath. Koi NRI family ne aakar teen din mein paison aur Handa parivaar ki koi zameen ke liye usse shaadi ki. Usse saath mein vilayat le jaane ki baat ki aur phir bechari ko airport par hi chod kar chale gaye uske saare gehne aur zameen ke paper le kar. Baad mein pata chala ke shaadi aur pandit nakli the lekin iss beech Geet maa ban gayi. Parivaar wale uske bacche ko maar dalna chahte hai lekin Geet ko iss bacche ko duniya mein laana hai.' Maan is tongue tied at the revelation and just looks wordlessly at the doctor and Geet in the room behind her.

Part 8 
Maan enters Geet's room and sees her sleeping. He walks slowly to her side with tears in his eyes. The last of what the doctor said going on in his mind, 'Ek athtarah saal ki ladki mein itna saahas meine nahi dekha Mr. Khurana jitna meine Geet mein dekha hai. Meine usse poocha bhi ke kaise ajaan shehar mein woh iss tarah akeli jaise rehit hai? Ussne bas itna kaha, akeli kaha doctor, babaji ne mera khayal rakhne ke liye ek bohot acche insan ho bheja hai. Farishta hi samajh leejiye. Bohot pyaari bacchi hai.' He breaks down at the foot of her bed and cries bitterly as he remembers all that happened with Geet just because she wanted to get her baby in this world.
Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas hai mujhko sun
Main jo saath tere houn phir tujhe hain kaisa gham
Dard baat lenge hum sun
In palkon mein khushiyon ka sapna sajana hain
Tere dil ka mere lil se rishta purana hai
He stands up and comes closer to Geet. He holds her hand and comes down and kisses her forehead. He is looking at her with eyes full of new found respect and the love that was there to start with, 'Kis jahan se aayi ho tum, Geet? Iss duniya mein tumhare jaise logon ke saath bura kaise ho sakta hai? Aur uske baad yaha aane ke baad bhi, meine bhi tumhare saath kitna bura kiya na?' He closes his eyes and goes over all the times he was rude to her from the time he screams at her in the first presentation with Mr. Chopra to the time where he screams at her about being after his money to him twisting her hand begind her back whenever he was angry. He opens his eyes and is furious with himself, 'Aur tum mujh jasie insan ko farishta ka title dekar baithi ho. Pagal ho tum, Geet, bilkul pagal.'

He leaves her room deep in thought and forms a plan in his head, 'Mujhe Hoshiarpur jaakar iss poori baat ka pata lagana hoga. Geet ne un logon ko chhod diya lekin jo log usse iss haalat tak le aaye unko mein nahi chodounga. Maan Singh Khurana jisse pyaar karta hai uske liye jaan gawa bhi sakta hai aur le bhi sakta hai. Tumhare aansoon ki har ek boondh mein dil mein jama kar raha houn Geet aur uska hisaab mein uss parivaar se lounga jissne meri Geet ko iss umar mein itna bada dukh diya.'


He sees Geet's eyes open from outside her room and rushes in to see her. He holds her hand and asks, 'Kaisi ho Geet? Kaisa lag raha hai?' Geet looks at him and manages to smile lightly, 'Theek houn Sir, zinda houn. Yahi badi baat hai na warna babaji ne toh aaj planning kar lee ti mujhe uthane ki!' Maan keeps his hand on her mouth and says, 'Khabardar Geet jo aisi baat dobara kahin toh! Please aisa mat kehna.' Geet says, 'Mein theek houn sir, sacchi. Aap fikr mat keejiye.' Maan replies, 'Haan theek ho lekin doctor ne kaha hai ki tumhe do din yahin par rehna hai. Aur meine unhe kaha hai ke tum tabhi tak discharge nahi hogi jab tak mein nahi aa jaata. Theek hai.' She opens her mouth to argue but he places her finger on her lips, 'Yeh tumhare boss ka order hai and no excuses. Mein ek din ke liye bahar ja raha houn. Parson tumhe lekar jaounga. Ab aaram karo' She nods and just looks at the ceiling grumpily. He smiles and goes out.


Maan enters the doctor's cabin and tells her, 'Thank you doctor ke aapne mujhe yeh sab bata diya. Mujhe yaha se do din ke liye jaana hoga lekin mein chahta houn ke aapk Geet ko yahin rakhe. Ghar par koi khayal rakhne ke liye hai nahi aur Geet khud ka khayal kabhi nahi rakhti. Meine already keh diya hai ki aap ne hi yeh salah di hai. Aur ek baat, please usse mat bataiyega ke aapne mujhe uske bacche ke baare mein bataya hai. Mein aakar usse khud baat karounga. Aur Geet ke care mein koi tarah bhi kasar nahi rehni chahiye.' Doctor smiles at him and says, 'Of course Mr. Khurana.'


Maan calls dadima. She is worried about him, 'Yeh kya Maan. Aap poora din bahar chale gaye aur humhe bataya bhi nahi. Geet bhi nahi hai. Aap log hai kaha?' Maan understands her concern and tells her, 'Dadima woh Geet ka chota accident ho gaya. Woh do din tak hospital mein hain. Mujhe shehar se bahar jaana hai ek din ke liye. Fikr ki baat nahi hai lekin kisi ko batana nahi office ya ghar par.' Dadima is taken aback by the mystery of the thing, 'Maan, sab kuch theek hai na?' Maan places his head on his seat and says, 'Sab kuch theek hai dadima. Ab tak nahi tha lekin ab ho jayega. Maan sab kuch sahi kar dega.' Dadima is worried with the passion in his voice, 'Sambhal ke Maan. Humhe aapki bohot chinta rehti hai.' Maan smiles and tells her, 'Please don't worry dadima. Koi ghabrane ki baat nahi hai. Ek adhoora kaam poora karne ja raha houn. Aap apna khayal rakhiye aur mein waha pohoch kar aapse baat karta houn. Bye dadima.' Dadima smiles, 'Bye beta. Rab rakkha.'

Part 9

Dadima comes to the hospital to meet Geet. Geet is very pleased to see her, 'Dadima aap? Aap ko dekhkar itna acha lag raha hai aur Maan sir ko dekhiye. Mujhe yaha hospital mein akela chhod diya aur woh bhi do din!' Dadima smiles at her and says, 'Ab hum aa gaye hai na? Aap bore nahi hongi. Humhe bohot chinta thi aapki iss liye socha aap se mil aaye.' Geet replies, 'Thank you, dadima. Aap bohot acchi hai, kaash dusht .. sorry.. Maan sir bhi aapki tarah hote.' Dadima stands up and jokingly pulls Geet's ear, 'Geet, Maan hum se bhi acche lekin aap yeh waqt ke saath hi samjhegi.' Geet looks at her understandingly, Dadima pats her head and they continue to chat.


Maan arrives in Hoshiarpur and his manager is waiting there with his car. He smiles when he sees him, 'Bade Sahab, aap itna jadli pehli baar wapas aaye hai. Sab kuch theek toh hai na? Woh zameen ko lekar phir koi pareshani toh nahi hui?' Maan replies, 'Nahi nahi. Zameen ko lekar koi baat nahi. Lekin Delhi mein koi jaanta nahi hai ke mein yaha houn. Agar kisi se baat ho toh please bataiyega mat.' The manager nods his head, 'Jaisi aapki marzi.'


Maan takes the jeep and is driving along thinking about Geet all the way since this is where they had first met. He keeps getting flashbacks of her bumping into him at the mela, him saving her from the water, him meeting her at the hotel and him saving her from Brij. He is lost in her thoughts completely and takes out the taveez from his pocket and looks at it with tears in his eyes. His mind goes to the point where he is about to throw it and his manager tells him not to since this taveez is taking him in the right direction, 'Sahi kaha tha na Manager ne, Geet? Yeh taveez baar baar mujhe tum tak le kar aaye, meri keemti cheez, meri pyaari cheez, meri Geet. Ek baar phir tumne mujhe pyaar mein aur insaniyat mein yakeen dilaya hai. Tum yahan nahi ho lekin tumhara ehsaas hain, har disha mein, har jagah par tum ho.'


Mere ashq keh rahe meri kahaani, inhein samjho na tum sirf paani
Ro ro ke aansuon ke daag dhool jaayenge,

In mein wafa ke rang, aaj ghool jaayenge,
Paas tum rahogi, bhool ab na hogi, karoonga na tumpe sitam,
Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhein denge,
Daga nahin karenge sanam,
Rab di kasam yaara, rab di kasam.


He is driving down when he notices Geet's sister walking down the street with a small boy. He stops the car, composes himself and walks up to her. She looks at him in recognition but is upset because he was not very good to Geet earlier. She is about to go when he stops her, 'Suno, tum Geet ki choti behen ho na? Tumhara naam kya hai? Mein Maan houn, tumhe yaad toh hoga' She is pained to hear Geet's name and thinks about the time when Geet leaves them but she says, 'Chotu, tu wahan se ice cream le, mein hun te aayi.' She turns to Maan, 'Jee, mein Geet ki choti behen Rajji houn aur mujhe aap yaad hai. Lekin aap mujhse kyun baat kar rahe hai? Aapki zameen toh mil gayi na aapko? Didi nahi hai yahan par abhi, chali gayi hum sab ko chhod ke. Kitne hafte ho gaye, na phone, na chitthi. Itni rooth gayi, ke mujhe bhi chhod diya.' She starts to cry bitterly thinking of her adorable sister, Geet.


He keeps his hand on her head, 'Dekho Rajji, ro mat. Geet theek hai. Mein usse mila houn. Lekin tum kisi ko yeh baat bata nahi sakti.' Rajji stares at him in shock and asks, 'Aap, aap mile hain didi se? Kaisi hai woh? Theek toh hai na?' Maan smiles at her and says, 'Haan, woh theek hai lekin mujhe tumhari madad ki zaroorat hai. Mein janta houn ke Geet ke saath kya hua lekin mein janna chahta houn yeh kissne kiya aur yeh mujhe tum hi bata sakti ho.' Rajji is taken aback by the conviction in his voice, 'Mein aapko bata toh doun, Maan ji lekin woh log toh Canada ke hai. Aap unhe kaise dhoondege? Didi Amritsar milne toh gayi thi uss ladke se lekin wahan sirf unki biwi thi jissne dhoke ke baare mein didi ko sab bataya.'


Maan is satisfied to hear this information, 'Yeh theek hai, Rajji. Canada mein main bohot logon ko janta houn. Mein unhe dhoond lounga. Tum mujhe sirf batao ke kya hua aur unn logon ke naam jissne tumhari didi ke saath yeh kiya. Lekin usse pehle mujhe yeh batao ke Geet yahan se nikli kaise? Parivaar walon ne jaane kaise diya?' Rajji replies to him sadly yet proudly, 'Maan ji, pata nahi didi mein itna haunsla kaise aaya lekin woh wapas aayi aur sab gao walon ke saamne poora sach bata diya apni shaadi aur bacche ka. Brij bhaiyya ne sab ke saamne kabool kiya ke unhone didi ko maarne ki koshish ki aur Channi ko bhi unhone ne hi maar dala. Police Brij bhaiyya ko lekar chali gayi, woh ab bhi jail mein hai.'


Maan is extremely shocked at the steps that Geet took after he thought she was basically going to go home and suffer throughout her life inspite of the fact that he brother tried to kill her, 'Geet ne yeh sab kiya, Rajji? Geet ne?' Rajji nods her head, 'Jee, ghar walo ne unhe wapas aane ko kaha lekin didi ne unhe keh diya ki jis ghar mein izzat ke naam par larkiyon ke gale kaat diye jaaye, aise ghar mein woh nahi rahengi aur chali gayi.' Maan smiles and thinks to himself, 'Matlab ke har baar jab mujhe laga woh meri baaton ko unsuna kar rahi hai, Geet meri baaton ko samajh rahi thi. Woh haalaat se bhaag kar nahi, ladh kar aayi thi Delhi apne liye ek zindagi banane. Tum jaisi koi ho hi nahi sakti, Geet. Iss liye toh pagal ho gaya houn tumhare peechein. Iss liye toh nazar nahi hut ti tum par se.'

Part 10


Dadima is still with Geet and they are having a good time. Geet expression changes and she asks, 'Dadima, Maan Sir hamesha se aise nahi the na? Mein jaanti houn ke woh zyadatar gussa rehte hai, lekin uss gusse ki koi wajah hai, koi mushkil sach, koi badi baat. Apne aas paas itni badi deewarein khadi ki hai unhone ke koi chahkar bhi un tak pohoch nahi sakta. Doosron ko sahara dene wale Maan sir, kisi ka haath kyun nahi thaamte?'


Dadima's eyes tear up listening to Geet, she thinks to herself, 'Mein janti thi Geet, ke meine Maan ke liye aapko chun kar apni zindagi ka sabse bada kaam kiya hai. Itne aasaan shabdo mein aapne Maan ko samajh liya. Maan ke ateet ko agar mein kisi ke saath baat sakti houn toh woh aap hai. Agar kisi ke haath mein Maan ka haath dekar mein ja sakti houn toh woh ladki sirf aap hai.' Dadima holds Geet's hand and tells her, 'Aap sahi keh rahi hai Geet. Aisi koi baat hai jiski wajah se Maan itna gussa rehta hai. Ek badi baat hai jiski wajah se Maan ne apne aap ko bahar se itna sakht kar liya hai ki koi bahar wala un tak pohoch nahi sakta.'


She stands to kiss Geet's forehead and tells her, 'Lekin aap pohoch gayi Geet. Aur iss liye kyun ki Maan ne aapko pohochne diya. Hamari khushi ka aap andaza nahi laga sakti. Wadha keejiye ke aap Maan ko woh Maan bana degi jo woh the. Unko zindagi ke un cheezon se wapas milwaegi jinhe woh peeche chod aayi. Aur un mein sabse badi cheez hai unki khushi.'


Geet is confused since she is not sure whether she can take on something like that when no one knows the truth about her past, 'Babaji, yeh kya? Ab mein dadima se kya kahoun? Mein iss layak nahi houn ke Maan jaise insan ki zindagi ka hissa ban sakoun. Lekin unhe apni zindagi se milwane ke liye apna pyaar dikhana zaroori nahi hai, hai na? Mein unki taraf dosti ka haath barhaoun toh?' She looks pleased with her idea and smiles at dadima. She places her hand in Dadima's hand, 'Mein wadha karti houn Dadima, mein aapke Maan ko wapas le aaoungi. Wahi bana doungi, jo woh the. Bas mujhe waqt deejiye aur bataiye ke Maan Sir ke saath hua kiya.' Dadima beams at Geet and nods her her head.


Maan is with Rajji talking to her and getting more details about what happened like who got the proposal, how did they agree to get married in 3 days and what happened after she left with the family. Rajji narrates the entire incident about what happened at the airport and how her drink was drugged. Maan is furious listening to this, 'Itni ghatiya saazish aur itne gire huye log! Paison ke liye kisi zindagi ke saath aisa khilwaad? Tum mujhe in logon ke naam batao Rajji. Tumhari behen ka badla mein lounga.' Rajji looks at him strangely and asks, 'Kyun Maan ji? Aap ko Geet ki itni parvah kyun hai? Aap uske liye Delhi se yaha tak aa gaye. Yeh sab sawaal pouch rahe hai. Uske liye ladhne ki baatein kar rahe hai, kis liye?'


Maan thinks for a bit to get the right answer and then replies, 'Rajji, kuch cheezein waqt ke saath hi samajh aati hai. Lekin ek din tum samjhogi ke jab kismet tumhare haath mein koi keemti cheez de deta hai toh usse jaane dena paagalpan hai. Mein kismet ke haathon ek baar haar chukka houn lekin Geet ko mein haarne nahi dounga. Woh khud ke bal par yeh ladayi jeetegi. Aur raha sawaal ke Geet meri kaun hai, woh meri zindagi hai.' Rajji smiles at him widely feeling very happy for her sister's fate. Maan continues, 'Tum muhje un logon ka naam batao.'


Rajji replies, 'Woh chaar log the, Maan ji. Ladka, uski bhabhi jo baad mein pata chala unki biwi thi, maa aur behen. Unke naam, behen thi Kamya, maa thi Pammi Ji, biwi ka naam Naintara aur ladka Dev Khurana.' Maan writes Kamya and is about to write Pammi when he stops to listen to the other names and his expression changes from shock to horror to anger as Rajji ends on Dev Khurana. He stares at her wordlessly and can't bring himself to say anything.


Rajji does not understand his expression or the way he was staring at her as if he could not even see her. She says, 'Maan ji.. Maan ji. Aap theek toh hai na? Kya hua?' She taps his shoulder and he jumps with shock. He says, 'Rajji, kya tumhe pukka yakeen hai ke yahi log the? Shayad unho ne alag naam rakhe honge?' Rajji firmly replies, 'Nahi, Maan Ji. Yahi log the.' Maan is shocked once again and asks, 'Yeh kitni purani baat hai, Rajji? Yeh shaadi kab hui?' Rajji says 3 months ago. Maan starts thinking and goes back 3 months and wonders whether he spoke to Pammi during that time. He has a flashback of calling Canada for a week and not getting anyone at home.


He sits with his head in his hands and wonders, 'Dev aur Naintara? Dev ne aisa kiya? Rajji ki baaton se lag raha hai ke in logon ne paison ke liye yeh sab kiya lekin meine toh madad ki thi Dev ki. Toh phir usse ek masoom ladki ki zindagi ke saath khelne ki kya zaroorat parhi? Ek minute, karze ka koi hissa Dev ne bhi bhara tha aur meine usse poucha bhi tha. Tab kya kaha tha usne?' He sees a flashback of when Dev returns from Canada and meets him in the office for the first time. Maan asks him about how he paid off his debtors and Dev looks very upset and replies, 'Woh baat mein suljha chukka houn, Bro aur mein uss baare mein koi baat nahi karna chahta. Bohot mushkil se woh sab peechein chhod aaya houn.' Maan closes his eyes in frustration and anger and thinks, 'Yeh tumne kya kar diya, Dev? Kyun kiya tumne aisa!!'


Part 11


Maan is on his rocking chair flicking his lamp on and off. He looks extremely upset and hurt at what he has found out, 'Ek baar phir tumne mera bharosa todh diya, Dev. Dadima ka bharosa todh diya. Paison ke liye Geet jaisi ladki ke saath itna bada dhoka. Mein sochta tha ke tum meri nazron mein aur nahi gir sakte lekin mein galat tha. Aaj tum jahan pohoch gaye ho wahan se toh tum kabhi nahi ubhar sakte. Tumhari pehli galati, Naintara, phir tumhari ayyashiyan aur aakhri, Geet. Haan aankhri galati Dev kyunki iss pal ke baad mein tumhe aisi galati karne nahi dounga.' He looks determined and stands up to walks over to the window.


Maan goes over the times when he bumps in to Geet and it all makes sense to him now. The time when he meets her outside the restaurant at the motel, the time when she is crying in Amritsar and he saves her from being run over by a car and the time when Brij is after her trying to kill her. He closes his eyes painfully with the memories hitting him one after the other. He hits his hand against the mirror next to him and breaks it. His hand starts to bleed and he lets the blood flow. Geet appears in front of him.


He is shocked to see her there and says, 'Geet, tum yahan kaise aayi?' Geet looks at him and says, 'Aap mere baare mein soch rahe the na Sir? Iss liye aa gayi' Maan is so pleased to see her there but asks, 'Lekin tumhe lag gaya tha na aur doctor'' She places her hand on his mouth, 'Khud ke haath se itna khoon beh raha hai aur meri chinta lagi hai aapko. Aap bhi na Sir.' She makes him sit down and starts to clean his wound. He stares at her mesmerized with her being so close to him.


Har dua mein shaamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwaar hai
Dhadkanon ko tujhse hi tarkaar hai
Tujhse hain raahatein
Tujhse hain chaahatein
Tu jo mili, ik din mujhe
Main kahin ho gaya laapataa
O jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja

He smiles and raises his hand to touch her face. She comes forward smilingly and looks into his eyes. His hand reaches her face, she disappears and Maan breaks out of his imagination. He looks at his hand, 'Door ho kar bhi tum kitni paas ho na Geet? Khoon toh baha hai lekin itna nahi ke mein tumhare dukhon ka hisaab chuka sakoon jo tumhe mere parivaar walon ne diye. Kis tarah saamna karounga tumhara? Kya sochogi tum jab tumhe yeh pata chalega ke jis ladke ne tumhari zindagi barbaad ki mein ussi ladke ka bhai houn? Kya karoun Geet?' He looks down hopelessly and wonders what to do now.


Geet is sitting cross legged on her hospital bed and looking intently at Dadima, 'Ab bataiye na Dadima? Maan Sir ke saath kya hua.' Dadima takes a deep breath and says, 'Geet, Maan ek bohot hi suljhe huye par khush haal ladke the. Unki zindagi mein teen log bohot zaroori the, mein, unki maa aur Sameera?' Geet asks, 'Sameera kaun thi?' Dadima looks sad and says, 'Sameera Maan ki zindagi thi.' Geet looks confused.


(Guys at this point I am introducing Sameera but am taking the liberty of casting Sanjeeda Sheikh in the role instead of Mouni Roy. I hope you don't mind. It is just that it is the requirement of where my story is going)


A young Maan is shown talking to his friends outside his college. He is wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans. Girls keep eyeing him and try to get his attention but he does not care. His friends are laughing and playfully hitting each other when Maan suddenly stops looking at a girl who is walking towards them. She is wearing a plain white full sleeve salwar kameez with pink flowers on it. Her dupatta is on her head and she is wearing silver hoops in her ears. Maan is dumbstruck by the simplicity of her beauty and stands rooted to the spot. As she is walking, a paper from the books in one of her hands falls to the ground and she does not realise it and keeps walking.


Maan bends over and picks up the paper and walks up behind the girl, 'Suniye.' The girl turns around and looks at him questioningly, 'Woh .. yeh.. aapka paper gir gaya tha.' The girl takes the paper and looks at it. She smiles at him shyly and then says, 'Aapne toh bacha hi liya. Yeh woh paper hai jis par poori raat kaam kiya hai meine. Yeh reh jaata toh bohot problem ho jaati. Thank you so much''

She looks at him expectantly for his name. He stares at her for a bit and then realises that he should say his name, 'Maan .. Maan Khurana.' She says, 'Thank you Maan, Maan Khurana.' Maan wants to ask her name but he can't get himself to. For the first time he can't gather the courage to talk to a girl and he does not understand it. The girl looks disappointed and realises that maybe he does not want to know her name. She turns and walks away with her friends. Maan looks down and hits his forehead with his hand, 'You idiot, Maan!!'

Part 12


In the Present:


Maan wakes up in the morning with a plan in his head. He had told Rajji the previous day that he will meet her near the Gurudwara the next morning. He gets dressed and leaves to meet her. She is waiting for him. He comes out of his car and goes up to her, 'Thank you, Rajji ke tum aayi.' She smiles at him sadly and says, 'Aap Geet ke liye itna kar rahe hai, Maan ji. Mein yahan kuch bhi kar ke aati.' Maan feels bad at this statement and thinks, 'Kaise batoun Rajji ke jis insan ke liye tum yaha aayi, ussi ke bhai ki wajah se Geet aaj zindagi ke aise mod par pohochi hai?' He however smiles and tells her, 'Phir mera ek aur kaam kar do, Rajii. Mujhe Geet ke bauji se milna hai.'


She looks worried but he consoles her, 'Ghabrao mat Rajji. Bas unhe saath lekar yahin par wapas aao. Mein unse baat karna chahta houn aur yeh bohot zaroori hai.  Tum samajh rahi ho na?' She nods her head and says, 'Theek hai, Maan ji. Mein unhe lekar aadhe ghante mein yahin aati houn.' Maan tells her, 'Unhe batana mat ke tum unhe kaha aur kyun le ja rahi houn. Woh yaha aayenge to mein khud baat kar lounga.' Rajji goes to get him.


She returns half an hour later with bauji alongside. Maan gathers himself and walks towards him. Geet's father recognizes him straightaway and is upset seeing him. Maan understands why but says, 'Namaste. Mein janta houn ke aap mujhe pehchan gaye honge?' He looks at him and says, 'Pehchan toh gaya houn lekin yeh samajh nahi paa raha ke tum yaha kya kar rahe ho. Tumhari zameen toh Geet ne tumhe de di thi na?' He flinches taking Geet's name, the pain of her going is still fresh in his mind. Maan is apologetic and says, 'Mein zameen ke liye nahi aapki Geet ke liye wapas aaya houn, Bauji.'


Geet's father looks at him questioningly. Maan goes on to say, 'Haan bauji. Geet Delhi mein hain aur theek hai. Meri company mein kaam karti hai.' Bauji's eyes well up listening to this, 'Aap sach keh rahe hai? Meri bacchi Geet theek hai? Kaam karne lagi hai aur woh bhi itne bade shehar mein? Sach?' He starts crying and his head drops to Maan's shoulder. Maan says, 'Jee bauji, woh theek hai. Aaj agar aap usse dekhte toh aapka sir garv se uth jaata. Mera yakeen maneeye, woh bilkul theek hai.' Bauji smiles through his tears and says, 'Mein usse milna chahta houn beta. Itne din ho gaye apne bacchii ko dekhe.' Maan helplessly replies, 'Ab nahi bauji. Mein khud usse yaha le aaounga lekin filhaal mein chahta houn ke aap Rajji ko mere saath Delhi bheje.' Rajji and Bauji look at him for an explanation.


At the same time, Maan's mobile beeps with a message, "Maan, hum Geet ko hospital se discharge kar ke outhouse le aaye hai. Aap seedhe ghar hi chale aana. Humhe waqt milte hi phone kariye.'


Geet is sitting on the couch in the living room and is crying. She is going over what dadima told her about Maan, 'Itne acche insaan ke saath itna bura kyun kiya aapne babaji? Maan aur Sameera ka pyaar kitna saccha tha, kitna pyaara tha.' She smiles lightly.




(Another new entrant in the role of Maan's best friend. I am casting Abigail Jain (of Kya Dil Mein Hai fame) for the same. Her name will be Aditi)


Maan is walking behind the girl and bumps into another girl She looks at him in a very annoyed way, 'Maan Singh Khurana. Sirf tum hi ho sakte the jo side par dekhkar saamne chalte ho.' Maan smiles and retorts, 'Tum toh mujhe dekh rahi thi na, toh raaste se hat kyun nahi gayi, Ms. Aditi?' She hits him playfully and asks, 'Yeh toh batao, iss tarah ja kaha rahe the?' Maan runs his hand through his hair and looks towards the girl who he was following and then looks down. A mischievious smiles light up Aditi's face, 'Hmmm.. Ladki ka naam Sameera hai. Aaj hi college join kiya hai. Apne class mein hain aur tumhari kismet itni achi hai ke mujhe uska buddy assign kiya gaya hai.' He hugs her and says, 'Tumhe pata hai na tum meri sabse acchi dost ho, Aditi.' She playfully replies, 'Yeah right?!?'


Throughout class Maan keeps staring at Sameera. He wonders to himself, 'Aisa toh nahi hai ke meine pehle ladkiyan nahi dekhi toh phir meri nazar Sameera par kyun tik gayi hai? Sab alag sa lag raha hai.' He has a stupid smiles plastered on his face and Aditi notices him. She laughs and throws piece of rolled up paper at him. He does not even notice.

The class gets over and Sameera leaves. He runs up behind her and says, 'Excuse me, woh pehle meine aapka naam nahi suna theek se. Aapka naam kya hai?' She tries to suppress a smile and says, 'Meine toh apna naam bataya hi nahi, toh aapne suna kaise? Ab bata deti houn, mera naam Sameera Merchant hai.' Maan is embarrassed and replies, 'Ummm.. woh.. mujhe laga tha ke aapne naam bataya tha. Shayad nahi.' She smiles and says, 'It is ok, Maan. Hota hai.' She leaves and he keeps staring at her going away. Maan thinks to himself, 'Aapse toh dosti karni padhegi, Ms. Sameera Merchant.' He smiles and leaves.


Part 13




A few weeks have passed at college and Maan has not made much headway with Sameera apart from formal hi, hello and how are you. He is sitting on a bench with an annoyed expression on his face and Aditi is talking to him, 'Maan, apni shakal dekhi hai tumne. Aise lag raha hai ke college nahi shok sabha mein aaye ho.' She smiles at him but he is irritated and replies,'Aditi, tum toh baat hi mat karo. Tumne kaha tha na, ke meri kismet acchi hai ke tum Sameera ki buddy assign hui ho? Toh batao Ms. Sharma, mein ab tak Sameera se sahi se mila kyun nahi houn?' He crosses his hands across his chest and looks at her.


Aditi pretends to be in deep thought, 'Hmmm' Itna irritation aur attitude apni dost se ek ladki ke liye?' He is embarrassed and looks apologetic, 'Nahi Aditi. Aisa nahi hai.' Aditi holds up her hand, 'Ab bahane mat banao. Mein apna kaam kar rahi houn, iss liye toh meine aapki Ms. Merchant ko convince kar liya picture par jaane ke liye aur aap hamare saath chal rahe hai, lover boy!!' She holds up the tickets to show him and he smiles widely at her, 'Mujhe pata tha, tum hi kuch kar sakti ho, Aditi.' Aditi replies, 'Oye hoye, attitude mein badlaav toh dekho. You know what Maan?' He looks at her questioningly, she playfully hits him on his face and says, 'Shut up.' and walks off.


On the day of the movie, Aditi calls Maan and tells him that she is not feeling too well and tells him to go with Sameera on his own. He refuses but she encourages him and tells him that it's a golden opportunity to makes friends with her. He reaches the cinema and is waiting outside. Sameera walk towards him wearing a maroon color kurta and patiala salwar. She looks like an angel and he is just speechless looking at her. She comes up to him and says hi but Maan does not answer, 'Maan' Ummm' Maan!!' He breaks out and says, 'Woh Aditi nahi aa saki. Aa gaya mein. Picture mere saath dekhengi?' She smiles, 'Dekhoungi lekin tab jab aap line seedhi bolenge.' He smiles and looks down. They both go to see the movie, their first ever date.


In the Present:


Geet is broken from this memory by Nakul who gives her a letter from dadima along with a bag. Geet opens the letter which reads:


'Geet beta, Maan kal subah hi wapas aayenge. Aaj hum bazaar gaye the aur yeh saree nazar aayi. Na jaane kyun humhe aapka dhyaan aaya aur aisa laga key eh saree aap par bohot acchi lagegi. Hum dinner aaj outhouse mein karenge, aapke saath. Agar aap yeh saree pehnegi, humhe bohot khushi hogi.'


Geet takes the saree out and falls in love with it. It is a golden color saree with a red border. Dadima has also sent her matching bangles. She smiles and tells herself, 'Dadima ne mere liye itni pyaari saree bheji. Maan Sir toh mera khayal rakhte hi hai, aur ab dadima bhi. Mein in logon ka shukriya kaise karoun? Hmmm' Le!! Aaj dinner mein banaoungi, Hoshiarpur style!!' She tells Nakul about her cooking and tells him to get some things for her. She looks very pleased and excited.


Nakul goes to dadima and tells her about Geet's cooking plan. Dadima is very happy, 'Kya baat hai? Geet dinner bana rahi hai aur Maan ne message kiye ke woh aaj raat hi aa jayenge. Humhe yeh baat Geet ko batane ki toh zaroorat nahi hai na. Hum bas khud nahi jayenge. Perfect' She smiles to herself and tells Nakul to help Geet as much as possible.


Geet has prepared everything from hariyali kabab, paneer tikka masala, parathas, lassi and gajar ka halwa. She sets the table with Nakul's help and steps back to check everything, 'Sab lag toh bohot accha raha hai, mere ilawa. Dadima ne aise dekh liya toh kya sochegi?' She rushes upstairs to change in to the saree.


She drapes the saree but is struggling with the hook of her blouse and can't seem to close it. She sees Maan in the mirror and lets out a small shriek, 'ap, yaha, kaise?' She turns around and he is not there anymore. She sighs with relief, 'Tu ek dam kamli ko gayi hai Geet. Maan sir jab yaha hai nahi toh tere room mein kaise aayenge?' She hits her head and turns towards the mirror and starts to try the hooks again when Maan appears again.

This time she is not bothered with him standing there. She simply says, 'Geet, wapas se Maan sir dikh rahe hai. Mein apna kya karoungi?' She smiles at him and he just keeps looking at her.




Part 14



Maan is looking at her in awe and is enchanted by how beautiful she looks in the saree. He suppresses a smile when he hears her saying that Maan is in her imagination. He sees her struggling with her blouse and starts walking towards her to help her out. Geet continues with her efforts and reaches right behind her. Geet simply says, 'Maan sir bhi na! Bas khayalon mein aa sakte hai aur dekh sakte hai. Thodi si madad kar dete toh kitna accha hota.' She says this and feels Maan's hands on her back at the same time.


There is a sharp intake of breath from Geet and her eyes widen in shock. Maan is looking at her through the mirror and keeps staring at her while hooking up her blouse. He finishes with it and stands behind, their gazes locked with each other.


Kuch saaz hai jaage se jo the soye,
Alfaaz hai, chup se nashe mein khoye,
Nazrein hi samjhe yeh guftagu saari,
Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai, Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad,
Naa inkaar hai, naa iqraar hai, Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad


Geet turns around to face Maan and they are standing inches from each other. She still can't believe that Maan is here but asks, 'Maan Sir, aap yahan? Dadima ne kaha tha ke aap kal aane wale hai.' Maan composes himself since he is finding it very difficult to not keep looking at her. He replies, 'Haan, woh kal subah koi meeting hai. Iss liye mein aaj hi wapas aa gaya. Tum kaisi ho?' He looks at her with a lot of concern in his eyes.


She smiles and says, 'Aap ab bhi pareshan hai Sir? Mein sach much theek houn. Itni theek ke aaj ka khana bhi meine banaya hai.' She beams while saying it and continues, 'Dadima khane par aane wali hai aur dekhiye na sir, itni pyaari saree bhi bheji mere liye. Aapko kaisi lagi?' Maan looks at her from top to bottom and smiles lightly, 'Bohot achi hai Geet. Dadima ki choice sada achi rahi hai, har cheez mein.' And he looks at her face saying that. Geet asks, 'Kya aapke ghar mein sab itne acche hai, Maan sir?'


Maan does not know what to say to this and looks down. He is taken aback by the question and his mind goes over all the stuff that he found out about in the last days about Dev and his family, 'Kya jawab doun tumhe Geet? Kaise kahoun tumse ke nahi, mere ghar mein sab itne acche nahi hai. Mere ghar mein woh log rehte hai jinhonein tumhare saath woh dhoka kiya jiski wajah se tumhari zindagi yaha tak aayi hai.' Geet waits for an answer and then keeps her hand on her forehead, 'Mein bhi na! Aap safar se aaye hai aur muhje dekhiye sawaal par sawaal. Aaiye na Sir. Khane liye chaliye.' He nods and follows her to the dining room.


He is still in a daze. On seeing Geet in the saree, he momentarily forgot about all that he had to face now that he is back. He sits on his chair and is staring in space. She is worried about him and asks, 'Maan sir, aap theek toh hai na? Pareshan lag rahe hai. Dadima nahi aa rahi?' He replies, 'Hmm.. Mein theek houn Geet. Koi baat nahi hai. Dadima ne phone kiya tha ke woh aa nahi payengi.' Geet's face falls a bit but looking at Maan it lifts again, 'Aap toh khayenge na Sir?' He looks at her hopeful face and replies, 'Of course Geet. Mein yahi houn.'


She fills his plate for him and places it in front of him. He keeps looking at her and she looks back, 'Geet, ghoorna mat. Sir sochenge ke tu pagal hai.' She just says, 'Khaiye na Sir.' He is still just lost in her beauty and innocence and does not want to look away. She shakes her head, breaks a piece of kabab with her hand and takes her hand towards him. He looks at her hand and then her and then comes forward to eat. He has it and finds it really delicious.


He starts to eat properly and looks up to see that Geet is not eating but is just looking at him eat. He takes the paratha and some paneer and places it in front of her. She is surprised at his gesture and looks at him questioningly. He just takes his hand closer to her and she shyly comes forward to eat. He smiles and tells her, 'Ab toh khao Geet. Mujhe hi dekhti rahogi.' She smiles and then eats.


They finish dinner and Geet clears up the table. He tells himself, 'Geet ko sach toh muujhe batana hai. Mein jhoot par yeh rishta nahi bana sakta. Geet ko agar pata chala ke meine usse itni badi baat chupayi, woh mujhse nafrat karegi kyunki mera dhoka usse Dev ka dhoka lagega. Par bataoun kaise?' Geet turns around at that time and asks, 'Aap gaye kaha the sir?' Maan is shocked at her question and looks at her silently.

Part 15

Maan is still staring wordlessly at Geet and does not know what to tell Geet, 'Mein Geet ko yeh baat kab bataoun? Kya woh yeh sab le paayegi? Pehle yeh baat ke mein uske bacche aur Dev ke baare mein janta houn aur phir yeh ke Dev mera bhai hai. Ek din mein bohot zyada ho jayega. Mujhe shayad pehle Dev aur Geet ko ek baar milvana hoga, yeh janne ke liye ke Geet ke dil mein kya hai?'


Geet is patiently waiting for an answer while washing the dishes however when she does not get one she looks at Maan and asks again, 'Maan Sir, bataiye na. Aap kaha gaye the?' Maan breaks away from his thoughts and tries to change the subject, 'Geet, woh mein tumhe baad mein bataounga. Mujhe kal dadima ke liye gurudwara jaana hai. Tum mere saath chalogi?' Geet smiles widely and says, 'Ello sir, neki aur pooch pooch. Rab ke darr par jaane ke liye bhi kabhi koi sochta hai kya?'


Maan looks at her ruefully and feels sad that her happiness is short lived since he wants her to come face to face with Dev tomorrow. He stands up and is about to go when Geet comes up behind him, 'Maan Sir, koi baat hui hai kya? Aap bohot pareshan lag rahe hai? Mein kuch kar sakti houn?' Maan turns around to look at her and sees the deep concern in her eyes for him. He thinks to himself, 'Yahi hamdardi aur fikr jo tumhari aankhon mein aaj hai Geet, woh kal nafrat mein badal gayi toh mujhe yeh zindagi se nafrat ho jayegi. Kaise samjhaounga tumhe? Kaise?' He looks at her for a moment with moist eyes and without a warning just hugs her.


Geet feels his pain and helplessness in the hug but does not understand the reason for it. She wants to make him feel better and therefore hugs him back with all her hidden feelings at their peak. They both stand in the embrace trying to make each other feel better. She clings to him and her eyes well up sensing his misery. They both break away gradually and then stand face to face with another. Maan raises his hand to caress her face while she looks down. His hand lingers over her face and then he turns around and just walks away quickly. Geet looks up to see him going and is about to stop him but thinks better, 'Ruk ja, Geet. Jaane de unhe. Shayad woh akele rehna chahte hai.' She sits on the couch and thinks about him.


Maan comes to his house and shouts out for Dev. Dev comes down and is glad to see him, 'Hey Bro! Finally aap dikhayi diye. Do din ho gaye aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi ke aap kaha hai. Kaise hai aap?' Maan is furious with him but contains his anger and says, 'Mein theek houn, Dev. Mein dadima ke liye kal subah gurudwara ja raha houn, kya tum mere saath chal sakte ho?' Dev nods and says, 'Ofcourse bro! Dadima ke liye, kuch bhi. Mein Naintara se kehta houn..' Maan cuts him and says, 'Nahi, Dev. Sirf tum aur mein. Kya do bhai saath nahi ja sakte?' He replies, 'Theek hai, bro. Sirf mein aaounga.' Maan looks satisfied that he managed to get Naintara out of the trip. He leaves before Dev can say anything else.


Geet gets ready and waits for Maan to come. Maan is wearing a navy blue kurta and jeans and looks adorable. Geet smiles at how sweet he looks but turns to a straight face quickly. Maan finds that Geet looks so lovely in the silver anarkali that they had bought together the day she fell from the cliff. He thinks to himself proudly that he had selected it and it suits her so much. Maan has asked Dev to come separately making an excuse that he had some work before he reached there.


They go together and reach the gurudwara. Maan keeps worrying about what the consequences of today's meeting are going to be, 'Pata nahi Geet. Tum aaj Dev ko dekhkar kya karogi? Kya tumhare dil mein uske liye shayad koi jagah hai kyunki woh tumhara pati tha, jhoota hi sahi? Please Geet, sahi faisla karna. Please.' He closes his eyes in a silent prayer.


Geet steps out of the car and looks at him questioningly. Maan replies, 'Geet, tum jao. Mein paanch minute mein aaya.' She nods her head and goes up the steps and turns around smiling to see him and then disappears behind the pillar. Dev reaches there at the same time and taps Maan's shoulder, 'Let's go bro. I hope meine aane der nahi kar di.' Maan looks at him with unsure eyes and wonders whether he is doing the right thing. He gathers himself and says, 'Nahi, mein bhi abhi pohocha houn. Tum andar mein jao, mein paanch minute mein aaya.' Dev goes up while Maan takes the support of his car to steady himself. He goes towards the back entrance.


Geet is standing with her eyes closed and prays, 'Babaji, meine aap se bohot shikayatein ki hai. Bohot naraz hui houn lekin aapne ek aisa insan zindagi mein de diya jo har gham ko bhula deta hai. Jis ke aas paas rehte mera dukh khushi mein badal jaata hai. Is baat ka toh ranjh rahega ke mein unke laayak nahi houn lekin mein unki zindagi ka hissa to houn. Thank you, babaji.' She smiles and turns around to see Dev standing in front of her. Both of them are completely shocked.

Part 16


The pooja thali falls from Geet's hand and she stares at Dev with tears and disbelief in her eyes. Dev is astounded to finally see Geet after so long. All the moments passed between them come to his mind from where he met her the first time on the road to Hoshiarpur to their wedding to them at the airport. Geet can however only recollect the bitter memories relating to Dev. She thinks about her being abandoned at the airport by him, looking for him, her in jail and her being nearly killed by Brij before Maan saves her by intercepting the sword. Looking at Maan in her eyes, things come into focus. Maan is standing close by to keep a watch that things do not go out of hand.


She begins to leave when Dev stops her way. She looks at him angrily and says, 'Mera raasta chodiye!' Dev does not, 'Meri baat suno, Geet.' Geet moves his hand and says, 'Aapki baat sunu? Aapki? Jo aapne kiya uske baad aap yaha khade bhi kaise hai, mein nahi janti. Meri zindagi barbaad karke chain nahi mila ke aaj mere saamne aa gaye hai aap?' Dev removes his glasses and apologetically says, 'Geet, mein janta houn ke meine bohot galat kiya lekin meri majboori thi.' Geet shrugs her shoulders, 'Yeh kaisi majboori thi, Dev Khurana ke aapke aankhon mein ek ladki ki zindagi sasti lagi? Uske khandaan ki izzat bikau lagi? Bataiye na Dev!! Mein batati houn, paison ke liye kiya aapne aisa. Aur aapko aur aapke parivaar ko sharm nahi aayi yeh karke?'


Dev wants to answer but Geet cannot contain her anger and sorrow at all and she continues, 'Aap bhi ek behen ke bhai hai, hai na? Kamya ke saath ko aisa karta toh bardaasht kar paate aap?' Dev gets angry by her reference to his sister facing such a fate and shouts, 'Geet, tum aise'!!!' Geet stops him with her hand, 'Chillaiye mat Dev! Chillana mujhe bhi aata hai lekin yeh babaji ka dar hai, yaha par toh unki izzat keejiye. Lekin yeh mein kya keh rahi houn? Jo insan ek ladki ke saath agni ke jhoote phere le sakta hai woh yaha par chilla nahi sakta? Yeh toh bohot choti baat hai, hai na?' Dev tells her, 'Meine tumhe dhoondne ki koshish ki thi, Geet jab meine tumhe Delhi mein dekha. Lekin tum nahi mili.' Geet smiles sarcastically, 'Kyun dhoond rahe the? Koi deal karna baaki reh gayi thi jo aap Naintara 'bhabhi' ko batana bhool gaye jab woh Amritsar aayi thi.'


Dev stares at her in shock and says, 'Naintara .. Amritsar?' Geet replies, 'Haan haan. Kahiye ke aapko iss baare mein kuch nahi pata tha. Ke aapki patni, Naintara mujhse milne aayi thi. Kahiye!' Dev helplessly replies, 'Geet sach much mujhe nahi pata.' Geet has tears in her eyes, 'Sach! Sach ki toh aap baat hi mat kariye Dev. Kyunki aapka mail nahi hai uss shabd ke saath. Meine aap par bharosa kiya tha dil se. Aur aapne kya kiya? Ek atharah saal ki ladki ke dil ko apne pairon tale raundh diya. Babaji aapki kabhi bhalli nahi karenge, Dev, kabhi nahi!!' She turns around and runs towards the back entrance at the same time that Maan moves away from there feeling very bad for Geet.


Maan walks towards Dev who looks flustered and confused. He says, 'Kya hua Dev? Kuch pareshan lag rahe ho.' Dev gets all the more nervous seeing Maan and wonders whether he has heard anything, 'Nahi bro, kuch nahi. Woh mujhe kuch kaam yaad aa gaya. Mein aapse ghar par milta houn.' He leaves in a hurry. Maan wants to see him suffer and says, 'Issi ke laayak ho tum, Dev. Geet ka har ek shabd sahi tha. Geet!' He goes to see where she is. He finds her crying at the steps and walks down to her. He keeps her hand on her shoulder and she turns around to face to see him, 'Geet! Tum to kyun rahi ho? Kya hua batao toh sahi Geet?' He places his hand on her face and she hugs him tightly. He hugs her back knowing that this moment would not be easy on a young heart like hers.


Chanda ko taaku raaton mein
Hai zindagi tere haanthon mein
Palkon pe jhilmil taarein hain
Aala bhari barsaaton mein
Sapnon ka jahaan, hoga khila khila
Barsega saawan
Barsega saawan Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge
Angana phool khilenge


He walks her back to the car with his arm supporting her. She sits inside and looks down still crying. Maan feels very hurt that his brother has given so much pain to the girl he loves and thinks, 'Mein janta houn Geet ke tum aaj bohot takleef mein ho lekin jo kuch tumne Dev se kaha woh kehna zaroori tha. Tumhara gussa aur dard uss insan par nikalna zaroori tha jisne tumhare saath aisa kiya.' He starts the car and leaves.


Dev is sitting in his car going over whatever Geet said and bangs his hand against the steering wheel in anger and says, 'Damn you, Naintara!! Ek baar phir tumne meri zindagi mein aag lagayi hai. Iss baar mein tumhe nahi chodounga!!'

Part 17




A younger looking Dev and Naintara are sitting and talking on a bench in the same college that Maan was in. Dev looks totally enchanted by Naintara who has a slightly proud and snobbish air about her. He tells her, 'Naintara, kabhi kabhi mujhe yakeen nahi hota ke tum mere saath ho. Tumhare jaisi khubsoorat, successful ladki ko to koi bhi mil sakta tha, toh phir mein kyun?' Naintara smiles in an evil way and thinks to himself, 'Yeh toh waqt hi batayega ke meine tumhare saath kyun houn, Dev Singh Khurana lekin filhaal mujhe tumhare aage peeche ghoomna bohot acha lagta hai.' She however tells him, 'Yeh kaisa sawaal hai, Dev? Aur aap kisi se kam thodi na hai? Hum aapse pyaar karte hai, iss liye.' They smile at each other and Dev hugs her feeling really happy with what she said.


Maan is sitting with Sameera throwing rose petals on her as she tried to read her book. She keeps removing them and collecting them in her dupatta and then says, 'Bas bhi keejiye, Maan. Yeh kya kar rahe hai?' Maan smiles naughtily and says, 'Apni sab se keemti cheez par pyaar barsa raha houn.' And continues throwing the petals on her. Sameera shakes her head smiling, 'Itna pyaar karte hai mujhse?' Maan becomes serious and says, 'Azma ke dekh lo.' She replies, 'Waqt aane par aazmaougi. Yaad rakhna.' They both look at each other and start laughing.


Dev and Naintara pass by and Naintara stops looking at Maan and Sameera. She asks him who she is and Dev happily replies, 'Maan ki girlfriend, aur kaun?' Naintara is shocked and asks, 'Maan ki girlfriend, Sameera Merchant?' She crushes the flower that Dev has given her in her hands.


In the Present:


Geet has fallen asleep on their way back to the house. Maan is worried since she has not said a word the whole journey. He wants to ask her but does not know what to tell her. He tries waking her up but she does not stir. He picks her up out of the car and walks her to the outhouse. As he walks, he studies her face and the worry that has not left it even while she sleeps. He hates the helplessness of situation and the fact that he cannot make it better even if he tries. He places her on her bed and puts a blanket on her.


He is about to go but she takes hold of his hand, 'Please aaj mat jaiye, Maan sir.' She looks very scared, 'Mein akele nahi reh paoungi. Yeh sannate mein bhi bohot awaaz hai. Aap jaenge toh kuch bura ho jayega. Please yahi ruk jaiye.' He sits down next to her and says, 'Geet, mein yahin par houn aur kahin nahi jaounga. Lekin tumhe akelepan se darna nahi chahiye. Andhere ke baad hi toh subah hoti hai, hai na?' Geet tearfully replies, 'Kabhi kabhi raat bohot lambi ho jaati hai, sir.' She breaks down once again and he hugs her tightly wanting to take away all the pain that has come and what is meant to come.


Geet breaks away and looks at Maan apologetically, 'I am sorry, Sir.' Maan quickly replies, 'Please Geet. Tumhe sorry kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Hum ek doosre ko itne samay se jante hai, itna toh haq hai na ke dukh mein ek doosre ka saath de sake? Mujhe koi takleef hoti toh tum mera saath nahi deti?' Geet nods and says, 'Bilkul deti sir, lekin aap apni takleef kisi ko batate kaha hai? Apna dost kaha aapne mujhe, ek baar azma ke dekh leejiye.' Maan's head goes back to his conversation with Sameera where they talk about testing their love and he comes back shocked.


Geet notices his expression and understands that he remembers. She asks, 'Kya hua, Sir?' Maan becomes ok and replies, 'Kuch nahi, Geet. Mein tumse ek sawaal pouchoun?' Geet says, 'Aap mujhse kabhi bhi koi bhi sawaal kar sakte hai. Dosti mein yeh haq bhi bohot upar hai.' She smiles through her tearful eyes. He says, 'Agar mere kisi apne ne mere jaane bina tumhe koi takleef di, toh kya iss mein tumhe meri galati lagegi?'


Geet ponders over his question and says, 'Pehli baat yeh hai sir ke maan nahi sakti ke aapka koi apna mujhe takleef pohocha sakta hai. Ek minute ke liye agar aisa ho bhi, toh jaise ke aapne kaha woh aapke jaane bina hua toh mein aapko kaise dosh de sakti houn. Babaji mujhe kabhi maaf nahi karenge. Meri zindagi aapki amaanat hai, Sir. Mein yeh baat kabhi nahi bhool sakti. Marte dum tak nahi'


Maan places his hand on her mouth, 'Please Geet. Meine koi ehsaan nahi kiya. Aur please mere saamne marne ya jaane ki baatein mat karo. Jitni judaaiyan meine zindagi mein dekhi hai, usse zyada dekh nahi paounga. Tumhari zindagi bacha kar, mujhe nayi zindagi mili hai, Geet.' Geet looks up at him and says, 'Jee Sir?' Maan simply replies, 'Tum ab samajh nahi paogi Geet. Lekin jo jawab tumne mujhe pehle diya usse please yaad rakhna. Please.' He looks down with a very confused looking Geet at his side, 'Yeh Maan sir kya keh rahe hai?'

Part 18 continued on Page 18 ...

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Glad to know you are enjoying. Please keep reading and commenting. I need your motivational comments to keep me going!!!
Maaneet 4 ever Zindabad!!!

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heyy..dat was really niice!!can u add me to ur pm list???..
seems like geet has really opened the writer in soo many pple in this forum..its really amazing reading these stories!!!
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Hey nice ff
plz continue soon
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I will continue very soon!!! Thank you for the words of encouragement!!
Much appreciated!! If there is anything that you would like to read more of, let me know. I might be able to incorporate it!!! :)

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