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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


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(26thth July '10 - 30th July '10)

Salaam, Namaste, Hello & Hii to all My Lovely YRKKH-ians & all our Rishtedaars.
We take immense pleasure in presentin' the 3rd Edition of the "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" Weekly Newsletter. So Happy Reading & Enjoy
Don't Forget to leave in your feedbacks, Comments of appreciation & criticisms.
All are heartily welcome. Big smile

Credit :: Maheen(Summary of the Week...)

Akshara and Naitik came to Maheshwaris House to accompany rajshri and Vishambhar to the airport!!All the maheshwari's come to know that Varsha is pregnant so vishambhar and Rajshri cancel their trip to london.

All taking extra care of varsha.

Shaurya didnt allow her to do any work! 
Varsha's Mom came and take varsha with her for some days!Rajshri worried about Varsha!Naitik buy a saree for sneha as she was not having money to buy it!Sneha starts Falling for NaitikEmbarrassed..Akshara see a bill of saree in naitik's bag but didnt ask him anything!Naitik's friend calling and messaging him again and again to make akshara more jealous!And to an extent his plan works!
Akshara start getting jealous and at last she decides to confront Naitik on this issue!!!

To know more About What Naitik's reaction be Keep Watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ----Monday to Friday 9.30 pm Only on Star Plus.

Credit :: Manasi(The Best Scene of the Week)

Rajashri, Vishambhar and the whole family return back to the house from their way to the airport when Rajashri gets a call from their family doctor informing her about Varsha's pregnancy.Seeing everyone back,Varsha questions whether all is fine,or if Nani is unwell.Rajashri says u didn't tell the soon-to-be grandparents about the good news!All faces lighten up.Rajashri gets very happy to know that she is soon going to be a grandmother and expresses her excitement and feelings saying that she would have even returned from London if she would have known about this later!She says there's such a big happy moment at my doorstep and you all were sending me abroad.Kaki, Dadi and all the other family members congratulate Varsha.Shaurya complains of no one congratulating him.Rajashri holds his ear and replies that she'll be holding his ears for hiding this good news from them!
This scene was very well scripted and even more amazingly presented by everyone, making it this week's Scene of the Week..

Credit :: Manasi(Best Dialogue of the Week)

Ek file hai Pyaar ki, Ek Takraar ki file,
Ek Sapnon ki file aur Ek kisike Nakhron ki file....

Shaurya says this to Varsha when he calls Varsha in the room with him just before she is about to leave for her Maayka along with her mom.He makes an excuse of not finding his files and tells Varsha to find them for him.On entering the room,Varsha asks which files is he not finding.Shaurya says there are so files, not just one.One file is of love, one file is of cute fights, one file of dreams and one file of someone's tantrums..Embarrassed

Credit :: Shikha(The Character that stood out from the Rest)

M r s . V a r s h a   A g a r w a l   M a h e s h w a r i

Varsha, the sushil, sanskaari bahu of Maheswari's. An Ideal Daughter-in-Law one could ask for. Taking Care of all the family members isnpite of herself being so un-well. An Expecting Mother feeling too excited for the new begining. She was successful in hiding this Good News from her In-Laws so that their London Trip is not cancelled. a Brilliant Charcter sketch with no loopholes & no "Buraai(s)" that a Mother-in-Law can discuss & share with her Friends in the Kitty-Party or any other gathering. Perfect 10 for Varsha.

Credit :: Shikha(The Actor/Actress that outshines all for his/her Acting Skills)

S o n a l i   V e r m a

"Kabhi Neem...Neem, Kabhi Shehad..Shehad..."
An Actress geting a chance to potray so many different moods Anger, Worry, LOve, Concern, Insecurity, etc. With her Raised eyebrows when she's angry or upset with anything she looks so Natural with her expression. Her Acting is just worth appreciating. Unke Gusse mein bhi Pyaar hota hai... A disciplined MIL, too attached with her son as an insecure & caring Mother. Hats Off Sonali !!

Credit :: Sia(Best Dressed Character)

This week, Naitik looked very handsome with all the bright coloured shirts he wore( His naughty smile was an addition Embarrassed).We also got to see a new look of his.He wore t-shirts to office(which he never did), looking really cute Tongue.So, its Naitik who looked stylish guysWink
Credit :: Vanshika(Best Jodi for their Chemistry)

NaKsh :: Naitik Heart Akshara

This week we have Naksh as our jodi of da week as naitik is doing every possible thing  to bring akshara close to her and even naitik is getting success in that. And this week we also had very cute Naksh scene where thy both ver feeding each other. Thr Chemistry was simply superb n adorable this week.

Credit :: Shikha(Best Song played of the Week)

We didn't had any particular this week for any of the Jodi or characters from the show. But the Sad music being Played whenever Akshara is jealous or upset with Naitik because of Sneha ji ws too catchy & gave the Scene a push & pep.LOL..!!Ouch

Credit :: Manasi(Rishta of the Week)

Saas-Bahu... Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi LOL

This week it has to be the beautiful Saas-Bahu Rishta we enjoyed as the Rishta of the Week.Rajashri asks Shaurya to return the car from the airport back to their house,thus cancelling her London trip when she gets to know about Varsha's pregnancy.She is more than happy to know that she is soon going to be a grandmother and is very excited.Rajashri apologises to Varsha for making her do work in such condition.Varsha doesn't let her apologise and instead just gently kisses her plam.Rajashri promises Varsha that she'd take extra care of her and treat her not less than like a queen!Saas ho toh Rajashri jaisi!The love and affection in this rishta is so pure and beautiful.It is more evident when Rajashri asks Varsha if anything special is to be cooked for her and also tells her to share it if she feels like having anything.We hardly get to see such a loving saas-bahu rishta...This rishta is definately this week's Rishta of the Week..

Credit :: Manasi(Most Lovable Romantic Moment)

Varsha is about to leave for her Maayka along with her mom.Shaurya returns from office and tells Varsha to search for his files,making an excuse that he isn't finding them.Shaurya takes Varsha to the room.Varsha asks him which file is he talking about.Shaurya says not just one,there are many files.One file is of love,one of cute fights,another of dreams and one of someone's tantrums.EmbarrassedHe hugs Varsha and says he is going to miss her alot.Varsha says you are lying,you are going to miss someone else moe than me.Shaurya wonders who is it.Varsha replies it is the one I'm gonna take with myself.Both laugh.Shaurya again hugs Varsha saying that he still can't beleive they are going to be three from two..Embarrassed

Credit :: Manasi(BlushyEmbarrassed Moment of the Week)

Gayatri suggests Akshara to take the tiffin to Naitik's office as Naitik forgets it at home.Akshara happily agrees.Naitik calls Akshara saying that she forgot to give him his tiffin.Akshara has already entered the office with the tiffin bag and says she'll come and give him the tiffin just now and will feed him with her own hands.Naitik wonders how is it possible.Just then Akshara enters his cabin.Both smile at each other.Akshara feeds food to Naitik.Naitik is about to feed her food.Akshara blushes saying what if someone will see them.EmbarrassedNaitik convinces her no one will see them and feeds Akshara.

Credit :: Nikki (Emotional Moment of the Week)

Maharaj ji was sad after returning from market. Akshara notices dis n asks him the reason. Mj tells him dat he saw Nandini bitiya standing in d queue to pay electricity bill in d sun.Ouch He tells Akshara dat if BM cums to know abt dis she'll really feel sad as Nandini has never done any such thing before.OuchCry

Credit :: Nikki (Funniest Moment of the Week)

Phass gaya NaitikOuchLOL
Naitik asks Akshara if she saw any bill.Tongue
Akshara cross questions him n asks if d bill was regarding sum saree.Ermm
Then in excitement she says to him dat  his surprise was out n asks for d saree. Naitik gets confusedConfused.Akshara insists him to give her d saree.LOL
Poor Naitik turns away from Akshara n murmurs to himselfLOL
"I thot of making Akshara jealous but now i am trappedOuch . What shud i do now??  It's better to run away"ROFL
Then he turns to Akshara n tells her dat he has forgot his laptop charger downstairs so he'll go n get it n runs from the room leaving behind  Akshara confused

Credit :: Nikki
(Biggest Blooper of the Week)

Naitik ki T-shirts (naye packet me cheez purani)LOL

Epi of 29th july where Naitik shows Akshara d t-shirts vich he bought for himself. Akshara asks Naitk y he bought all dese bright colors as he never wore them before. Naitik tells her dat now he is thinking of changing everything from his taste to looks!
(But Naitik babu  ye bright colors k tshirts to aap pehle b pehante the aur
 ..aap old stock utha kar le aayeLOL..agar yaad nahi to ye dekho proof!)
Big smile

Credit :: Bhavya(Best Siggy of the Week)

The Wining Siggy for this week is by starry.phoenix thtx Me.. Blushing

"Tauba tumhare yeh ishaaree..."Day Dreaming

Here's your Prize Siggy, Do Use itWink

 Credit :: Bhavya(Best Avi of the Week)

The Wining Avi was created by a very talented member CAQueen

Here's Your Prize Siggy, You can use this all this Week Wink

Credit :: Bhavya(Best Video-Mix of the Week)

Yeahh... this tym we have a VM on NaKsh by Preksha... Thnk u so mch Pre for givin' us atleast one VM.. n it ws amazin.. keep makin more....Clap

NaKsh:Kuch Khas Hai

Here's the Prize Siggy, Use it to flaunt it...

Credit :: Shikha(Best Writer for the Week)

The Writer for this Week is
again Shreya Ji for her FF Jaadu Ye Kya Chal Gaya
Keep Rocking Gurl !!

Here's The Prize Siggy, do use it...

Credit :: Shikha(Most Active Member of the Week)

So.... the biggest surprize of the NL is the Rishtedaar....!! ahemm ahemmm...

Its our newly hired VM Maker for the Forum LOLLOL
Preksha is the Rishtedaar of the Week for doin' the GOTW, making a single piece VM keepin in mind that members want to see sm good thins LOL Discussin' the show in such a cool manner !!
So "Khaana waana kha ke jaana haa...."ROFL

Here's your siggy, use it to Flaunt it...

Credit :: Shikha(Most Active Thread of the Week)

Hamare Forum ka bhi NO. aa gaya hai...LOLLOL i mean ki now we have hell loadz of creations from all over... & we all are enjoying each & evry creation by all the members so our * YRKKH : Creations Gallery # 3 * was the Most Active Thread for this week. We have already reached 130 pages & hopw to cum back with the next thread next week, Keep Rocking Guyzz Wink

Credit :: Shikha(New member of the Week @ YRKKH Forum)

So... the moment for which all the Newbies must be waitin for...  without much adoo its Kool_Namrata this week.... Namrata a very warm Welcome to the Forum. Hope you'll have a great time with all of us..
Here's Your Welcome Siggy, do use it all this week

Credit :: Manasi(Prediction for the Week)

This week Akshara seemed to be getting not only jealous,but also li'l upset and angry on Naitik due to his ignorant behaviour.Sneha has started falling for Naitik.Varsha is now in her Maayka.The coming week, it is predicted that Sneha will like Naitik even more, and will start feeling Naitik too reciprocates to this.Naitik will be falling ill and Akshara will be out of the house,attending a wedding with other family members.Sneha will step into the house and meet Naitik,asking him to take care of himself.Akshara will be back only after Sneha leaves from there and will take care of Naitik.Rajashri has now gradually started being the over-protective MIL.She might find some fault with Varsha's mom's care for Varsha.Maheshwaris have arranged for a pooja for Varsha and her coming-soon-child's well-being.We may see the pooja this week.Mohit is trying his best to keep Nandini happy.He has got 4 days off since he won't be going to Mt.Abu with Nandini,the trip arranged for all office staff.Mohit might spend some special time with Nandini taking her somewhere else, cheering her up.

Credit :: Sia(Best YRKKH Segment for the Week)

The segment shown in SBS saying NO entry...LOL
Naitik at home, Not feeling well, Akshara in green saree taking care of him.Meantime Sneha comes to the singhania house (reason, not known) and akshara was not there..Thy both are sitting on the sofa.
Then we had a interview of Karan and Chaya(Sneha). He said that He is unaware of Sneha's feelings towards him ,he just wants to make akshara jealous.The voiceover says Naitik's heart is filled with only and only aksharaEmbarrassed
Chaya (Sneha) says she is slowly falling for naitik.Ouch
They also show a scene where in Sneha has worn that saree gifted by naitik.

Credit :: Sia (the most entertaining episode of the week)

The episode of the week is the episode which was aired on-27th july.
Rajshri on  way to the airport gets to know Varsha is pregnant.So they all return backing hearing the news.Varsha is surprised to see them home.Rajshri is very happy that she is gonna be a Daadi(grandmom)soon, as she has been waiting for this day from long.All the family members are happy and excited.Naitik imagining tht he would be called phupha ji soonLOL.Akshara happy to become buaBig smileRajshri and the other family members taking care of varsha was nicely potrayed.They did not let varsha do any work.The saas-bahu rishta was very beautifully shown , more like a maa-beti rishta.TongueSunaina kaki, Vishnabar,Dadi everyone were taking care of varsha,preparing parathas for her,laddos.On the whole, nice episode where everyone was happy for Varsha.Smile

Credit :: Shikha(Quiz Contest for the Week)

Star Star Star
First Let get to the Solution & the Winners of the Last Week's Quiz.
A Bigg Thank You to Maheen, Divya & Vanshika for taking active part in the Quiz. Here's your participation Siggy...Clap

Now the winner has to be the one with maximum correct answers & its Maheen Bahut Research ki hai isne, all the ansswers are Correct !! Well Done Sweety...Clap
Here's your Prize Siggy

& Divya is the First Runner-Up with just one Wrong Answer & Vanshika with two Incorrect. But all of you were just fab. Keep rockinClapClap

S o l u t i o n
B u j h o    T o    J a a n e

1. Dadda Ji-Sanjay Gandhi
2. Bhabhi Maa-Medha Sumbutkar
3. Nandini-Nidhi Uttam
4. Rajshekhar Banna-Sandeep Mehta
5. Gayatri-Sinali Verma
6. Naitik-Karan Mehra
7. Rashmi-Neha Sroopa
8. Akshara-Hina Khan
9. Rajshri-Lata Sabarwal Seth
10. Vishambhar Nath-Sanjeev Seth
11. Shaurya-Ather Habib
12. Omi Kaka-Manu Malik
13. Sunaina Kaki-Neelima Tadepalli
14. Anshuman-Aman Sharma
15. Daadi-Vinita Malik
16. Gopi Daadi-Zarina Roshan Anwar Khan
17. Dhaniya-Sunita Rajwar
18. Bhola-Anand Mastana
19. Gulabo-Divya Bhattnagar
20. Maharaj Ji-Hamad Ali

& For this Week the Contest is
*||*FF Signature Contest*||* Double Masti

Do Check it out & Do Participate. Hope to see some really wonderful participations from all of your. Good Luck.

This is so difficult for us... but it has to be done... its who else bt Ami
Cos we can see her name while she's closing the Irrelevant Topics with the Note LOL

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Written & Video Updaters, honeey_16, manasi_31, sonyfan, Nipun97
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hope you all had a great time & enjoyed reading this NL. Thanks To all my NL Team Members
Manasi, Maheen, Sia, Vanshika, Bhavya & Evryone. Hope i'm not missing out anyone's name. Sorry if i am. Hugz to alll Hug

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Done.. completed !! Congratulations to alll & keep rockinnn

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The 3rd Edition looks Awesomeeee!!!!!!!!!Big smile

Very colourful with the apt pics..!!Big smile Gr8 job by all the NL Team members...!!Thumbs Up

Congratulations to all the Winners this week....!!!!Clap

Keep rockin guyz.....Star

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wow shiikzzzzz the NL luksss really wow with picss nd all
nd thnxxxxxx for hireing me as new vm makerLOLlolzzzzzzzzz

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awesome post shikha ClapClap
very nice work every one ClapClapClap
congratulation to d winners  PartyParty

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Wonderful Shikha diClap
Aaj to bht wait kiya but  as it is said intezaar ka fal meetha hota hBig smile ..aur wahi hua..
..Today's NL luks different(colourful) .. fabulous!!Star

Congos to all d winnders..Shikha di,CAqueen,Pree,Shreya, Namrata, Mahi, Divya n Vanshu!!Party

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Very nicely written,well presented .Clap Clap
@ Blooper... I didnt noticed that Thumbs Up ROFL chori pakri gaeee

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Awesomeee NL di!!so colourful!!!!
congooo to all winners!!1
n nikki di i didnt notice that blooper of the week!!great di!ROFL
And shikha di as usual Awesomeeee NL!!!!!!!!!

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