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Asleep AK (Chapter 14, Page 13) Posted on Mar 10

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Hello Everyone,

I am Nisha and I have written 2 fanfictions before. A Blue Moon Ago which is completed and Smothered which is still in progress. If you would like, please check them out. This is again a fanfiction based on Angad and Kripa but it's completely different from the show. I only have the same names for the characters. I don't even know what I was thinking about when this idea came in my head, but I had to write it down. I'm not sure if it is based on something or not. The first chapter will be up in a few minutes and please do leave comments on my chapters. Thank you.

Edited August 5, 2011

I also have started a OS Gallery which has OSs based on different couples. Check it out as well!

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Chapter 1

The sun was shining brightly and the flowers were blooming. A young woman of about 21 years old rushed to the hospital muttering to herself. 'This always happens to me. I am always late for everything. If that nurse leaves her station, what am I going to do? Rashmi Aunty will be so disappointed. I can't do one thing right.'

She walked towards the reception and collided with a ward boy. He was mesmerized with the young woman. He scanned her and found her long dark hair tied in a ponytail to be appealing. He wasn't too sure about the black Tshirt and the light blue jeans, but her hazel eyes were very striking. He could picture her in a sari or a dress and knew that with her height of about 5'7 and her striking features, she would outdo everyone.

She quickly said excuse me and walked past him. She went to the reception and asked for Ms. Mary. 'Hi, I am Kripa. I came here to get Rashmi Aunty's reports. She was busy so she asked me. I have a note from her giving me permission to get her reports. Did you get a call from her?'

Ms. Mary smiled. 'Here, let me see the note.' She scanned the note and saw Rashmi Aunty's signature. She looked for the reports and gave them to her.

Kripa gave a huge sigh of relief. At least something was right today. 'Thank you so much! I thought I'd miss you. Can I take a walk around?'

'Sure, just make sure you don't just wander in random wards. I don't think that the patients will appreciate it.' Ms. Mary said.

Kripa walked towards the corridor and mentally noted all the commotion that was happening. Yes, all this would be useful in her book. She knew that she wasn't supposed to walk into wards but she couldn't resist it. She walked into one of the wards and saw a man in a wheelchair. He had bandages on his head and his body appeared to be injured as well. He was staring outside.

Kripa walked to the man but didn't see his face. 'Hi, I'm Kripa. And you are?'


She tried again. 'I was just passing by and saw you looking outside. Would you like some company?'

She met again with silence.

An agitated nurse walked in and saw her. 'Who are you and what are you doing here?'

'Hi, I'm Kripa. I just saw this man staring outside the window and I thought that I should give him company. But he didn't say anything. Who is he?'

'He won't say anything because he can't. Nobody knows who he is and nobody comes to see him. It's none of your business but I'll tell you all the same. He was brought in the hospital a month ago. He was very badly injured. From that day, he hasn't made any movement on his own. The only thing he does is opens or closes his eyes. And he can breathe on his own. Other than that, it's as if he is dead.'

Kripa was horrified. She couldn't imagine anything like that. And nobody came to see him? Poor man! What if she was in such a situation? She shuddered just thinking about it. She made a decision. 'Do you mind if I come see him?'

'It's against the hospital rules for a random person to come see a patient.' The nurse dragged a hand through her hair. But this poor man was lonely! 'Fine, you can come see him. I just can't see him like that. I was coming back to put him in bed anyways. Would you like to help?'

Kripa jumped at the opportunity and helped the nurse put the man in bed. She looked at his chiseled face and smiled. He had beautiful brown eyes and thick dark hair that looked like it hadn't been cut in a while. He also had a beard that Kripa was sure hadn't existed before the poor man's accident. She wondered how his jaw and chin looked like. She shook herself from her reverie and turned to the nurse.

Kripa thanked the nurse and the nurse left. She turned back to the man, sat on a stool beside him, and began speaking to him. 'Hi, as you already know, I'm Kripa. It's really nice to meet you. I thought I was going to be late today to get Rashmi Aunty's reports but I made it. Rashmi Aunty is my neighbor. She is a sweet 70 year old lady and she has nobody to look after her. She is a very strong woman though. She is one of the most inspiring women ever. She ran away from her abusive husband when she was very young. She had just lost her child because of him. Can you imagine anyone hitting such a sweet lady and end up killing their child like that? Not me. But anyways, she did such a fabulous job with her life after that, it's just very touching.'

Kripa paused for a second. 'I wonder what your story is. You don't seem like the type to lie in the hospital with no one around you. I hope you get better soon. Oh, I haven't even told you about myself. I'm 21 and I graduated from Delhi University recently with a major in English Lit and a minor in History. I know, I know, you must be wondering what the hell I'm going to be doing with my life with those majors. But really, those two subjects are the passions of my life. So right now, I work part time as a front desk receptionist. Blah, I can't stand being so fake around the corporate types.'

She looked at the dull hospital room and frowned. 'The room is so depressing. How do they expect patients to get well in this atmosphere? Anyways, don't worry, when I come see you tomorrow, I'll bring something to brighten this room a little bit.'

Kripa looked at her watch and gasped. 'I really should get going. Rashmi Aunty's going to kill me! I'll be back tomorrow, OK? I don't know what time because my life is a bit crazy like that, but I promise I'll be back.' She stood up from the stool and walked to the door. She turned back to look at him, smiled and said goodbye.

Kripa hurried back to meet Rashmi Aunty but she was thinking about that mysterious man she had just met. She hoped that she never ended up being like that. She ran up the stairs and knocked on Rashmi Aunty's door. The door opened and a short yet strong looking woman smiled at Kripa with her grey head shaking. 'I knew something or the other would happen. Why are you so late this time?'

Kripa sailed in the apartment and hugged the lady. 'Hi Aunty, you know me so well. Anyways, this little boy was lost on the street so I helped him look for his parents. His parents were crying when we found them. It was such a sweet reunion. I went to the hospital and Ms. Mary gave me the reports. Here you go,' she handed Rashmi Aunty her reports and continued with the story, 'I just started walking around in the hospital and saw this man. Oh Rashmi Aunty, it was so sad! The poor man is banged up everywhere and can't move or talk or anything! And no one was going there to see him so I just stayed there and chatted with him a little bit.' Kripa sniffed a little bit and controlled her tears. She just couldn't see other people in pain.

'Oh Kripa, you borrow too much trouble. I do hope everything works out with that man. Anyways, let's read my report.' She opened the report and read it. She gave a huge sigh of relief. 'OK, good news, I don't have breast cancer.'

Kripa gave a squeal of joy, 'Oh Aunty, I'm so glad you're fine. I'm so happy everything's alright.'

Rashmi Aunty sniffed as well. 'Yeah, I was so worried. How would I have paid all the bills? It's not like there is anyone to take care of me. I guess I would just have had a very painful death.'

Kripa shook her head with her eyes widening. 'Aunty! Don't say that! I would have taken care of you. Don't ever say that again, OK!' At this, both women hugged. When they pulled apart, Kripa looked at her watch again and gave an excited squeak again, 'Aunty! I'm going to be late for that stupid job! Bye Aunty! Take care.' She gave her a quick hug, ran to her apartment, changed, and hurried to get to her job.

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hey gr8 start
so is d man angad??
cont soon....
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Originally posted by love_KYPH

hey gr8 start
so is d man angad??
cont soon....

Hey! Thank you. I guess it is! *wink wink*

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Chapter 2

'Congratulations!' Kripa and Aaliya screamed in unison with their faces hidden behind huge teddy bears. They moved their teddy bears on the side and both hugged their friend Mishti who was standing by the huge mahogany doorway. Huge tears started dropping from Mishti's dark brown eyes and she sniffed, 'It's the hormones. These are so cute! And thank you so much both of you. I don't know what I would ever do without you two.'

Aaliya was 5'4 and had grey eyes. She had long wavy brown hair and she wore a short dress that matched the color of her eyes. Aaliya bent down and hugged a 5'2 Mishti again, 'Sweety, that's why we're always here for you. So that you don't have to do anything without us. So where's baby daddy?'

'Right behind you two!' Kripa and Aaliya launched themselves in muscular arms and peered at a handsome, baby face with striking brown eyes. 'Congratulations Bro! You're going to be a Daddy soon! We're so excited for you two!' Aaliya smiled at her brother.

Kripa wiggled her eyebrows and teased her friend, 'So now we know why you missed so many hangouts with us,' Kripa gave a fake cough, nudged Aaliya and continued, 'Our friends were too busy to spend time with us.'

Prithvi and Mishti reddened and Prithvi grabbed Kripa's ears, 'OK, Miss Kripa, time out OK. Stop teasing me and my lovely wife,' he said gazing lovingly at Mishti.

'Ow, ow, Prithvi, leave my ear alone! OK, OK, I'll try not to tease you two. Prithvi, leave my ear!' Kripa managed to say in between laughter and wincing.

They all laughed and Prithvi went to his wife. He stood beside her and gave a quick peck on her lips while Aaliya and Kripa made gagging sounds. 'He's started it again. Look at bro, now we definitely know how all this happened. And look at him; he took a few days off so that he can take care of Mishti. What a sweet husband.'

They laughed again and went into the house. Kripa looked around the house and smiled. The house was very cozy and homely. She looked at her friends and smiled again. She was very happy for her friends.

After some time, she left the house and walked towards the outdoor florist. 'Hi Aunt Jenny, how are you? How's little Nick doing? Has he started teething yet?'

Aunt Jenny smiled at the caring, young woman, 'Hi Kripa! I'm doing great! Nick has started teething and he's driving Mandy and Rohan crazy! It's so nice watching them as a family. I thought my Mandy and Rohan would never be together because of the religion barrier and all that. But now they have a kid of their own! I'm so proud of them.'

Kripa gave Aunt Jenny a quick hug and nodded. 'Yeah, I remember how Mandy always used to cry saying how much she loved Rohan. I'm glad Rohan's parents agreed.'

'Yeah, it was all His will. Anyways Kripa, what can I do for you today?'

'Aunt Jenny, may I have 3 dozens of different, colorful flowers please? They're for a friend. He's in hospital.' Kripa explained.

'Oh sure. Here, take the mixed bouquets. I'm sure he'll love them.' Kripa paid her and walked to the hospital. She had brought 3 tall colorful plastic cups from home for the flowers as vases. She didn't have a huge budget so she made do with what she had.

She walked in the hospital and greeted Ms. Mary and walked in the man's room. She saw a doctor there and smiled at him, 'Hi, I'm Kripa, his friend. I brought flowers for him,' she walked towards the man and said, 'Hey, I'm back. I told you I'd be here. Anyways, I brought flowers for you,' and she put the flowers in front of the man's face, 'I'll just put them in the vase and set them about, OK?' She did just that and turned towards the doctor who looked stunned.

'Do you know this patient? What's his name?' he asked.

'Oh, I just met him yesterday and we became friends. I don't know his name but he seems like a nice person. What are you doing?' she asked in curiosity as she saw the doctor moving the man's legs as if it was an exercise.

'I'm just making sure he gets enough exercise every day. We don't want his blood to stop circulating to his arms and legs so we have to make sure that we give them enough exercise every day. So we have to do this for anywhere between half hour and one hour every day,' the doctor answered.

'Oh cool, can I come watch sometime?' she asked the doctor as she saw him place the man's limbs on the bed and ready to leave.

'Sure, we do this at 11 everyday. You can come tomorrow if you want.' Kripa nodded happily and sat on the stool beside the man.

'Hey, so are you feeling better today? I hope you are getting enough exercise. If you ever need anything, you know you can always ask me. Anyways, I heard the most exciting news ever today. My best friend, Mishti, is pregnant! Isn't that so cool! We've been friends since I was 6 and she was 9. She is like my sister. If it wasn't her, I don't know how I would have survived the orphanage. It wasn't too bad there, but you just had to find a way to keep yourself sane and not get pregnant. Over there, so many young girls got pregnant with the other boys from the orphanage. So I was always tailing Mishti so that I didn't get in trouble. She was nice and she accepted me. It was nice to be accepted for once,' Kripa trailed off lost in her memories.

She shook herself and changed the topic, 'Oh well, I'll tell you the rest of that story some other day. But for now, I brought a few poems with me to read to you, OK? I really do hope that you like poetry.' She read two poems from the book. The first one was 'The Road Not Taken' by Robert Frost. It was one of her favorite poems because it was about the choices that individuals make.

'This next one is written by me so don't laugh, OK? And don't cringe. Just pretend to like it. I really like fiction so I thought of it in the context of running away from someone, it's about fear and, ironically, I named it 'Fear'! So here goes,

My heart is pounding
Bile is rising up my throat
All I can think of is running.

Shadows cross my way
Moonlight comes out to taunt me
I am afraid to look back.

The night is filled with its music
My feet crunch on the path
I hear other footsteps.

My legs are tired
Tears threaten to spill
Yet all I can think of is running.'

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x.sunayna.x IF-Dazzler

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Hey ! Read both parts of the ff and love it ! Kripa's character's soo cute, love her bubbly personality !
Hoping that guys Angad !
Looking forward to the next chapter !
ksasi IF-Rockerz

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nice starting.
hope the guy is angad.
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 August 2010 at 12:19am | IP Logged
hey gr8 update
i luv kripa's character
d poem ws cute
cont soon....

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