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Monday 2nd august 2010 Episode 297

2 more episode to 300 th episode......!!!ClapClapClap
pictures by atina
Credits to viluthu.com
Update by

A policekaar brings krish to meet the inspector and inspector says "ohh...u r the one who triedto kill babu vaa?"...Krish says he didnt do anything.....Inspector says dont lie man...Babu came here with his medical certificate and lodged a complaint against uLOL.... Krish says no munvirotham and all...He is my sister's husband and some family problem....we were talking abt that and......Senthil aajar....says "sir....krish didnt do anything...i only broke his legs...."......periyapolicekaar asks chinna policekaar whether senthil's nameis there in babu's complaint...Chinna policekaar says no,only krish's name.Senthil kenjararu..."polskaar..polskaar...leave my maappillai...he is a goldkambhi..."Policekaar sends him out of the station.....Senthil thiru thiru nnu standing outside polambing "Ennala krish maatikittanae".....
There comes AZ,gayu and her dad....Senthil tells them abt babu's arrest....AZ shouts at senthil ..says he will never change.....Gayu's dad asks senthil abt the incident....Senthil updates them abt his heroism and krish's zeroism.....Eveyone shocked and angry...Senthil says polskaar said that they are going to file a murder attempt case against krish...If anything happened like that ,krish's life will be completely spoiled....Pls do something and save him from this.....Gayu sends senthil to the shop saying that they will take care of krishna.....
AZ and co enters the station...oru 10 sec soga feeling look towards krish....AZ tells inspector that krish is AM's son....Inspector replies..that's why avarr mela innum kai vaikala naanga ....but we cant leave this...babu medical cetificate oda complain pannirukar...we should take action now....Gayu's dad that this is our family matter.....Inspector says..so what can i do for that?..If i didnt take any action,that babu will straightaway go to the commisioner office....".....Gayu's turn ....But inspector not ready to listen...says "only 1 way...go and meet babu...tell him to withdraw the complaint...FIR file panniyachunna,court kkudhaan poganum...."Gayu and co shocked...
Gayu tells her dad to go arrange for a lawyer and sin the meantime she and AZ will go and meet Babu....They leave the place....(Wife gayu husband krish kitta 1 vaarthai kooda pesala..strange....alavukku adhigamana paasam pola irukku....ConfusedConfused)....  Krish sogama sits back in the chair....
Senthil rombhvae sogama sitting  in AM arisikadai....Ms.Cyclone ranjani comes there and starts poojai and archanai to her bagwaan senthil...."yov..neeyellam oru manushana?"....Poor senthil tries to explain his wife...Wife gap vidama thitting her husband....Who r u to involve in that family matter?... 
that day itself i should have killed u....ellarum sendhu kaapathi tholachuttanga...nee irundhu yaarukku enna use?........OuchOuchSenthil sad..Ranjani continues....u came to our thinnaiLOLLOLour nimmadhi gone...u went ricemill...Krish's job gone...Now first day in arisikadai...Gowri's life gone and krish in jail....Enna vilangadha jenmam nee?why r u still here?This is my last warning to u....get out from this place and from our life....If i see u again in my house thinnai...thoongumbodhu thalaiyila kallai thookki potruven...."......
Senthil shocked...(Why?Why nnu ketkaren...idhu enna pudhusa....first kerosene....ippo kallu...thats the difference ....irundhalum  indha amma konjam overathaan pesaranga...Ouch)......Ranjani niruthara maadhiri theriyalaSleepy....goes on shouting...."dont u have any soodu...soranai?...maramandai...if u have a ny VMSS in u...get lost.. Dont ever try to come back.....".(Arrey yaarDead...this lady is talking too much.Angry.).. .....Senthil leaves the place very sad....
Babu's house....Gayu and AZ coming to meet babu...Babu's dad and SP(saamy pillai)welcomes them...AZ  feels abt  babu's appa nilamai....Gayu and AZ  once again ottufying "senthil babu arisikadai fight movie"....Babu's dad angry...SP thiru thiru...Gayu says also babu had given a complaint against krish...krish can come out only if babu withdraws his complaint.... Babu's dad calls his son...
Babu comes out from his room...Gayu says whatever babu doing is not at all  nyayam....Babu says "who r u?neenga yaarune enakku theriyala"....Ellarum oru time shocked....Calls his wife...
Gowri comes out and asusual she is crying...Babu  asks gowri whether she knows them(AZ and gayu).....Gowri azhudhukitte goes inside.....Babu tells them to get out of his house.....Babu's dad shouts at his son....Now babu comes near his dad and says "neengalae oru useless fellow...u r supporting them aa?i want  this house to be silent..."Orders SP to take his dad inside....Again ellarum shocked.....Gayu kenjufying...pls babu...i'll ask sorry onbehalf of senthil...pls withdarw ur complaint "....Babu firmly says he will not do that at any cost....just leave the place....Shock faces once again...
Konjam shock percentage aa korachukonga...oru naalaikku ethanai time shock aavanga makkal...
Thank a million Sumi....(from atina)
Tuesday, August 3rd Episode 298
1 more episode to 300th Episode!!!!
Updates by Aisha
Pictures by atina
Credits to viluthu.com
At Sundaram Boss's house......  Babu rudely warns everyone in the house at the time (his dad, saamipullai anne, AZ and Gayu) to 'shut up'... Sundaram boss gets angry and tries to get up in anger, but Saamipulle anne stops him.  But Babu continues to boss people around there, and tells AZ and Gayu to leave... all are shocked!  He says Krish and family need to suffer for his avamaanam!
Gowri comes out and starts to cry!!  AZ gets angry but Gayu calms him down and they leave.  Saamipulle anne wheels Sundaram Boss inside.  Gowri continues to cry and goes to her room.  Babu followers her and asks her why she is crying.  Gowri doesn't stop crying.  Babu loses his temper and shouts at her.  Gowri is terrifed and stops crying.  Babu feels bad and tells her he will take her somewhere that will only make her cry.
At the police station, krish sits on the bench.  Gayu, AZ , TK and lawyer are discussing.  Just then babu arrives with Gowri.  Gayu n co follow them.  Inside, the inspector tells Babu that this is a family matter and they should have solved it on their own... Babu is a little shocked and asks " so you didn't file the FIR yet??" 

All are shocked.... Gowri is upset.... the police officer says "ok we'll do it and submit Krish to court tomorrow!".  But  suddenly Babu smiles and says NO plz dont' file it. 
All are happy.. the officer gives Babu the relase form and gets him to sign.
  As they go outside, Babu starts it all over again.. he asks Gowri to find out the reason why Krish and Senthil beat him up... Gowri starts to cry....... then Babu jokes around that the siblings can't talk since he got the promise from them (AngryAngryAngry ithu rombha too much).  Soon Babu happily takes a sad Gorwri to the movies.
Krish then requests the others not to tell Paro mommy.
Senthil walks back to AZ appa's house.  He regrets hitting Babu and getting Krish in trouble.   He goes and sits in his temporary kudisai.......and thinks.  Ranjini comes to throw the garbag and sees him.  She gets angry and starts insulting him and throws his bag and cloths out.  She wants him out of the house after doing something like this. 
But Az appa comes and tells Ranjini to stop!  Ranjini is shocked.. AZ appa says Senthil wanted to teach that Babhu a lesson, since the latter was hurting Gowri (mentally).  Ranjini says it will only create problems..
but AZ appa says they can't always be like Krish who is a proumai saali... but Ranjini isnt' ready to accept Senthil, but AZ appa says Senthil is his MAAPILLAI!!!
Senthil is so elated and kai korthu kumbiding.

Wednesday ,Episode 299

Updates by Shreenithi
pictures by atina
Credits to viluthu.com 

Starts with AZ appa saying senthil is his maappillai...Ranjani shocked....Says shewill never accept him and also will not let him inside the house.... AZ appa says accept him or leave him...its ur headache...
.stop shouting like ur mother and go inside....Ranjani goes in and senthil goes and picks his clothes which was thrown out by his beloved wife....
says this is god's sodhanai and  because of that only AZ appa accepted him.... 
Babu's perrriya veedu....SP polambing to babu's dad abt babu's behaviour....Daddy sad....
SP says we should try to change him...Daddy says he is very worried abt gowri's life...poor girl...ippadi babu kitta vandhu maattikittalae...SP says we should do something now....or else everybody's life will be spoiled...and also there is a limit for krish's porumai...(No no SP anna....no ellai for krish's porumai...avar porumaiyin perumai avarukkuae theriyadhu....evallu adichalum valikadha maadhiriyae nipparu...evalavu thittinalum puriyadha maadhiriyae nipparu....ambooootu nallavaru..akkaaang....)....Daddy says enakku oru idea.....babu kayila panam irukaradhanalae dhaanae ippadi aattam podaraan...iam going to tansfer all the property to gowri's name...appuram parkalam babu enna panrannu?.....Babu will be like a setha snake and gowri will be like uyirulla snake....sorry makka....finger slipppu....aarvakolarla ezhudhittenLOL...Gowri vazhkaiyum nalla irukkum.....SP says babu kku therinja problem....Daddy says i dont care...
tell our lawyer to come here 2morrow.....(daddy ji....aappu nallathan irukku....unga maganaru ungalapottu thallama sari....all the best ).....
krish's house.....Devi paapa ennamo pannudhu....read pannikitte walk pannudhu.....Krish and gayu coming home...krish tells his wife not to tell anything to paro amma....Gayu asusual mandaiya mandaiya aattingDead..Paro welcoming them and visariching abt their arisi kadai inaugaration...
.krish and gayu chup....Gayu says her purushar is very tired....Paro asks krish....Devi came to ur kadai...but kadai was locked aamae?...why?...Krish and gayu shocked.....both looks at each other...
.paro and devi questions mela questions aa ketkarranga....Gayu says they had gone to meet her mother....Gayu nalla reel otting...
paro rombha sogama ketking the story....
Krish goes inside....Paro visariching abt gayu's mom's health...Gayu answers her.....Paro konjam polambing abt her son and daughter....krish sad on hearing all this.....
Chitra updating babu's fighting with krish to mugs....Mugs performing thaiyya thakka dance....Goes to his dad and shouts...u should have called me appa...avana oru vazhi aakiruppen...
AZ says we have to think abt gowri's life....Everyone...krish,babu's dad,myself everone of us are maintaining porumai just becoz  of gowri's vazhkai....
Mugs says he will go and ask babu....Ellarum stopping him....Mugs says he will go....Visalam stops her son saying...there should be no relationship with that paro family....why r u going there?
Everyone is annoyed at her words....AZ says If krish is having someproblem.,...we should help him....Visa says no need....
Iam talking to my son...u ppl stay awayLOLLOL....orders chitra to take her husband inside....Mugs and chitra gone.....AZ appa mattum sogama standing there....OuchOuch
Mr.UthamaPuthiran senthil comes and talking to chitra...With his famous Aaahh..aaahhh...BGM.He says he hasbought laddu for his aasai thangaatchi chitra....morning chitra mugs kitta laddu kettangalaam ...Thats why laddu in uthamaputhirar's handLOL....
Chitra silent....Senthil kenjo kenjunnu kenjing...
Chitra still silent.....Some more kenjal from senthil....says pls forgive me sister....Chitra melt aayitanga....takes the laddu fom her annan's hand and starts eating....
Senthil very happy....
but not fo long time...MS.Cyclone ranjani comes there and chithu kayila ulla laddu vathalli vidraanga....(adadaaa......laddu poche).....
      Fireworks Text      
Fireworks Text
Fireworks Text
Updates by Atina
Credits to viluthu.com

Senthil feels happy to see Chitra eating the sweets bought by him. Ranjani comes and thaatifies the sweet from Chitra and screams," Chitra why are eating this from inda aalu...? he managed to change AZ appa's manasu some how...and now he is targetting you and Mugunthan....look here Chitra you better be a little away from this aalu...that is good for you and for all of us"
Senthil  feels very offended," Ranjaneee........there is no need for me to kaakka puduchufy anyone....you better wait and see....what I am going to do this evening....may be atleast after that you all will accpet me"
The Bank manager comes to see Babu's dad Subbu. Samipillai goes and tells this to Subbu. Subbu make sure that Babu is not around. SP brings him to the hall in the wheel chair. Subbu asks the manager whether he brought all the forms to be signed. Bank manger tells yes and asks," why you have to deny access to babu from your accounts and give the access to Gowri now ...what is the hurry sir?"
Subbu replies," We have to do some stuff  when we are alive itself....look at me...I have become a useless person...and what else I will do apart from this to safe guard my wealth and name I earned...when I have a tharuthalai magan like Babu...ok...give me the form for cancellation....let me sign it...Samipulleh...go call Gowri"
Here comes Gowri...Subbu asks her to sign in application forms for all his accounts...Gowri reads theu and gets shocked...but without telling a word she signs the papers. Manager leaves...now Gowri talks," maama....why did you do,like this maama....for sure Babu will not it...he will get offended.."
But Subby tells her," this is the only way to change him amaa....but you keep quiet about this...until I twll him or he himself may find it too...until then just keep quiet ok maa"
Senthil carried a brief case....and he storms into AZ's house...and straight goes to Am's picture...and  opens the petti and takes bundles of currency and keeps next to AM's picture....
Noticing this angry Ranjani....surprised...Visalam...Mugs...CHitra and AZ reach there. Visalam and Ranjani ask him to get out of there. AZ stops them and asks them to be quiet.
 Senthil  turns to the pictures and stars his prayers," Maamaa....I am sorry....you have given me such a nice status as a maapillai of this family...but I did not deserve all that gowravam given to me by you maama...I did so much and mnade this family to suffer...but now I am a changed person....I ahve realised all my kuttrams....
Government has given me the value of the Rice mill land...and  I sold my land in paalipattu...and here is the 20 lakhs total...maamaa pleazse help me to make this family members accept me once again...."
Visalam comes and appidiyeh....thatti vidals those bundles," Paavi....you made soi much kalagam in thsi veedu....and just because you give this money...do you thin whatever you did can be forgotton...you  better leave from here....you put all this dramma in front of AM annan....we are not going to accept you"

AZ asks Visalam to stop talking like that ," Let us hear what he has to tell" Ranjani repklies to AZ," appa...because of you only ivan came inside the house now....you please ask him to get out of here appa"
At this point...Chitra gets some pain and everyone's attentions is drawn to her. Everyone is panicking...Chitra is taken to the hospital.....After the check up the doctor announces," some food poison...she must have eaten some wrong food.....not only that she had a miscarriage too..."

Friday, August 6th Episode 301!!!
Credits to viluthu.com

Dr informs that Chitra had some kind of food poison  and she also had a miscarriage ..hearing this both Ranj & Mugs are shocked.

Ranj tells about Senthil giving some sweets to Chitra and he only must ahve given some poison  in the sweet. He will never learn his lessons....

At tis point...Senthil rushes in and asks Ranj about his sister Chittu.
Here goes Mugs....he charges on Senthil,"yov....we have tollerated all the aniyaayam you did to us...for that you have nicely punished us ha? Why did you make my wiife to eat some kettu pona Laddu? chitra lost her baby now...it is all because of you only" Mugs start beating up Senthil...Sema  adi......
Ranj pushes him to outside and tells," are you a manushan or mirugam......if at all  you show up here....my thambi will get mad and he may even beat you up to death...mind it"
Telephone rings and Visalam comes and picks it up....and she says," what????ennadee ? what are you talking?" Az is surprised to see Visalam like this and comes  to her and asks what happend...Visalam slowly tells about Chittu.
AZ is shocked and tells," I was thinking that I am going to get a peran or pethy nu...but now..." Visalam tells that it is all because of him nu....you only allowed him to live outside...but see what happend now...anda paavi gave chitra some laddu.....and chitra lost her baby"
"Paavi....you did one after another so many deeds and made us suffer like anything....and you are still not satiuisfied....? you better get out of here.....Now I realsise that...there is  nothing wrong  in Ranjani trying to burn you alive nu...here is your bag...get out of here...NOW"
Senthil tries to tell his side of the story...but visalam is not ready to listen....inspite of AZ's request.
Chittu's mom Lakshmi comes there and Senthil complians to her that everyone accuses him for nothing.....but Lakshmi..slaps him and tells to get out of there. Senthil sadly picks up his bag and starts walking towards the street.
 Krish is in his shop...selling rice to one lady...as the lady leaves Gayu reaches there. Krish does not notice gAYU...and Gayu jokingly asks," I need some 10 bags of Basmathi rice" Krish tells," Tharengaa...and turns,...to realises it is no one else but Gayu. Gayu tells," You are always in the shop...forgetting your pondaati....Dont you remember that  you are supposed to come home early so that we both can go out some where.
Krish replies," Look here Gayatri...we both going out...together...to spend some time together....thellam..we need to stop all this as I have to return the money which I borrowed from your dad as soon as possible" Suddenly he notices Senthil  walking towards the shop.
Senthil comes ther and tels," Mappileh...I can not stay there any more maapilleh...." Then he tells about him buying Laddu for Chitra...and Chittu eating it....then...Chittu becoming sick and admitted in the hospital......she had a miscarriage.
Both Krish and Gayu are shcoked. Senthil cries and tells," maapilleh do you think I would poison...my own sister....in the house they all accuse me of soing this maapileh...so I can not stay there anymore...Either I should leave this place or I should kill myself".... Krish consoles him and asks him to look after the shop. He and Gayu head towards the hospital to visit Chittu.
Mugs is with the Dr. She tells that Chittu's Uterus is very week and it is not strong enough to hold this two month old foetus....that is the reason she had miscarriage....and this is not due to food poison. She also tells that there is no chance for Chittu to give birth to a healthy baby....may be there is just 1% chance  for her to deliver a baby. 
 Mugs becomes very sad. He requests the doctor not to tell her about this. Dr consoles him by teling that there are so many treatemets for this condition.
gayu and Krish reach the hospitaland they go to chittu's room. Seeing them CHittu starts crying. Gayu tries to console her and asks her not to cry. But Chittu is helpless...and cries.
Mugs comes in and everyone becomes emotional....


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thanks for updates . why gowri still stay with babu? she should complaint about him to police. say he beat her for dowry. do complaint in any police station, they will treat babu with 'respect' then. nothing going to happened if she keep crying.
and babu's dad, please transfer all ur property to krish and senthil. let babu stay in naadu theeru. what happened to babu's MBA coursse?
migan Cool Viewbie

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Thank you for the update. This Gowri - she keeps crying. I guess she is bound by her bro's words not to leave babu. But she should show opposition some how to his behavior.

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Thanks Chaks and Shree - beats me as to why Gowri puts up with this sadist??? And why is she scared?? Is she the same girl who mustered enough courage to commit suicide??? Sundaram sir, muthalle unga sothu ellam Gowri mele ezhuthidunga. Hit your son where it hurts. Yarumma athu Babu kku Aappu vaikka varra new character??? Seekiram thalai yai kattumma , unakku punniyama pOgattum !!!

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thanks for updates. its was relief to see krish out from police station. i liked to part AZ sir accept senthil. after all he is new person now. i think now is the time to everyone forgive him. why gowri still live with babu?

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thanks for the updates
intha babu kodumai thanga mudiayala.
poor Gowri no dialogue only shedding tears.
Ranjini un purusahn thirinthitaru mannichidu.

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Babu calling his father useless is too much....

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Thanks Shreenithi , Aish & Atina

Mr.Babu - how dare you call your father "useless".. Angry Angry avaru ippothaan paralysis vandhu vElai seyyamudiyala... ivvaLavu naaL avaru uzhaikkala... nee ennaiyyaa seyyara.. oru naaL.. only one day vElaikku pOga try kooda seiyala... nee thaan man useless, first go and look into the dictionary for the meaning of "useless" before you utter another word...

Gowri - kaadhalikka dhairiyam irundhadhu, veettavittu Odi pOga dhairiyam irundhadhu, suicide attemptkku dhairiyam irundhadhu andha dhairiyam ippo engamma pOchchu?   all dhairiyam spent?

aappu vekkapOgum punyavathingaLa please aduththa flight pidichchu vandhu serunga...

Oh forgot to mention Gayu looks very cute & beautiful.. avanga mugaththula "kalyaaNa kaLai" vandhiruchchu dOi !! Wink

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