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Monday  Episode No 71 2/8/10

Anu visits her athai. Tells athai that Aadhi's parents want Nivedha
as their DIL. "but unga pullai said that this can happen only if you
approve, athai !!" Athai is happy with the alliance. Anu uses the
opportunity to tell athai " this wedding is in your hands. Aadhi's
parents were surprised that you live alone. If you come and live with
us, all these doubts will be quenched !!!" Athai says that her love for her grand daughter is much more than the hatred for her son "if the situation warrants, I wont hesitate to come and live with you , got it??" Anu is thrilled and thanks athai for her concern. But athai is smart "see, this wedding is not in my hands. Your hubby needs to gather himself. He needs to do two things - 1. He should not do a repeat performance of absconding from the marriage arena . Start to finish, he should be present. 2. Nivedha love panraannu antha mudhal varan veet le kOluthi pOttathu yaaru nnu kandu pidikkanum. Only then, there will be no foul play in this alliance." Anu suspects Santhosh but paatti vetoes categorically - "no , no, Santhosh
won't do this...some one else...... " ( yen vaarthaikkulleyummmm sangathi undu...kandu pidiiii - BG by Roja) Anu promises to talk to darling hubby.

VJ no 3 - Selvaraani manages to wangle a lift from mechanic Karthik.
Starts a big time vazhisal which gets reciprocated..... " neenga ippO
enna panrings??? I am driving....che che not that, enna velai seyyaringa?? .... naana?? car...service.. oh aama aama social service panringa nnu appa sonnar..... aama aama social service thaan ....nalaikki intha pakkam varuvingalaa?? yenna na varuven.... appO naanum varuven..." happens. Uh huh.

Pallavi visits Anu ( sollame kOllame vantha RR maattippar nnu Roja mathiri Pallavi yum thappu kanankku pOttu ttangalO??) Anu says that she was planning to visit Pallu. Rendu perum sernthu cooking...Pallavi says that she never takes such privileges .."yennavO, neenga enakku romba close friend aagittinga..." Anu smiles... Talk turns to " Nivedha's first alliance rejection story" Anu narrates the incident... well Pallu has heard this before from some one else.... hesitantly asks " groom's mom is Kalpana??" Anu is surprised that Pallu knows them. Pallu says that Kappu is a good friend " Nivedha vai reject panninathukku..naanum oru reason..." Anu is shocked?? surprised??? whateverrrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday - do we get any other VJs?
3RD AUGUST 2010  EPISODE - 72     
Pallavi apologises to Anu for having played a part for the misunderstanding, is willing to talk to her friend Kalpana... Anu wants to let bygones be bygones..says nalla varan ippo amanjirukku... everything happens for good.  (Bhagavathgitayai orE linela solli mudichchittaanga!)  Tells Pallavi she has to switch off the stove, goes into the kitchen and starts cooking (Eljay, neenga episodekku episode area maarinadha complaint senjeenga, inga last scene dialogue itself is forgotten) ding..dong continuously goes the bell... Anu comes from the kitchen, adhukkuLLa Pallavi offers to open the door.. Anu is fine with it, says "avaraathaan irukkum" (naangaLum adhukkuthaan waiting ) and gets back into the kitchen. dhigil BG music ellaam Odings..   Pallavi opens the door and finds Manju there.  The hi aunty stuff gets done with... Anu tells Manju that she shouldnt have rung the bell so continuously, Manju says her mom should have opened at the first bell itself (... silly thing to say by Manju.. what if the mommy had gone to attend  nature's call !!) Pallavi wants to know if Priya & Manju are friends too? replies -  Priya doesnt like to be friends with her.  Santhosh comes in gets introduced to Pallavi.. Manju asks for some mechanics notes, which Santhosh was unable to procure...Manju starts her whining.. Pallavi offers to take her home and give the mechanics notes which Karthik had got for Priya.  Manju says Priya would need it too.. (photocopy..photocopynu oNNu irukku kaNNungaLaa...)  Pallavi is confident that Priya would have completed her project.  Anu too pushes Manju .. Pallavi and Manju land up in Pallavi's place.
Pallavi's mom gets too senti on knowing who Manju is... is sent in to get some juice for Manju by her husband.  Priya is summoned.  Both Manju and Priya give each other "the enemy" look.... Pallavi tries to make truce between them, no avail.  Pallavi's father tries too.. says at the count of three both should assent.. at the count of three only Manju says yes.. a victorious smile by Priya. Manju feels bad.  Pallavi tells Priya to lend Manju the notes... Priya says no.. Manju feels humiliated and leaves.  RR who is on his way to Pallavi's house (Anu is waiting for him and this fella looks like forgot his timetable)  is waylaid by some old man,  conversing with the old man RR misses Manju and Manju too misses RR.
He comes to P's house to find Priya being scolded, gets to know the reason.. the threesome (P's parents and RR) give a guilty or whatever it is supposed to mean look.  P's says he should have bumped onto Manju, she just left.  RR's mindvoice says "oops..great escape"!
Anu updates RR on her visit to athai's place.  Says her athai would come and stay with them if need be.  Wants RR to go ahead with talks with the groom's parents.  Athai also wanted them to find out who is the culprit behind calling Kalpana's house and bad mouthing Nivedha.  Loosu Kamesh comes in to overhear their talk.. and is like a scorpion bitten thief (thanks RP for the term!)  RR tells Anu they can find out, no probs, dont fret.. spots Kamesh and asks him what is wrong... LK is sweating..says nothing.. RR says something is wrong.. LK says he has a headache , Anu asks him to rest and leaves to get coffee for both hubby and bro... LK leaves for his room, RR 's suspicious look on LK..
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Episode - 73          Wednesday - 04.08.10

Loosu Kamesh says headache & escapes from there .. Anu goes to coffee for both useless men .. RR goes to Manju's room , who is still upset with Priya's behaviour .. RR probes & Manju does a mini RKO .. Updates him abt Santosh failing to buy her some book & how she got insulted by Priya .. RR promises to buy her one & takes her to a book store ..

Prem's father visits a goldsmith with those stolen jewellery he purchased .. As we guessed , Shree's chain too is in tht bundle
[next scene , Oorula naatula vera goldsmith ye illa nu , Karthik will visit this very same person Wink ] .. Tells him to melt those jewels & make new ones in latest design .. Meanwhile Karthik calls GS & confirms his availability .. Adds he needs a chain urgently & he'll visit him in another 30 mins

It's 9 pm .. SR hasn't returned home .. Her parents await her .. Usha chides hubby .. Does RR's son into social service .. RR kke rendu , paiyyanukku evlavvo .. Fears something harm must have happened to SR .. Chases hubby dear to look for SR .. Same time SR arrives .. Parents probes abt Karthik .. SR updates them abt her meeting .. Managing to get into Karthik's car & cleverly passing her contact info to him Wink [Gopi kodu potta intha ponnu road ye pottudum pola ] .. Also confirms if Karthik will pass the same road & fixes appointment with him the same time every day .. Gopi & Usha gloats abt SR's samarthiyam .. SR feels mechanic Karthik is not tht smart .. Mech K calls her asking for Manickam .. SR is surprised & reveals her identity .. Mech K apologizes for making a wrong call & hangs .. Vetkam ketta parents get to know abt the caller & goads SR to call him back .. SR calls him & asks for Meena .. VJ continues their job Wink [BG la sangeetha swarangal yezhe kannaka thaan missing Tongue .. yaaru best vazhisal pair nu oru competition ye vaikkalam pola .. too much of vazhisals paa Dead] .. Vetkam Ketta parents parthu rasikkaranga Angry ..

VJ 1 meets in a park .. Karthik says his goldsmith had a chain similar to Shree's [Ada loosu adhu avaloda chain thaanEmbarrassed ] .. And shows her the chain he got from him .. Shree confirms it's her stolen chain .. Karthik decides to purchase it from gsmith .. Shree denies the idea & suggests to lodge a police complaint .. Karthik feels bad for gsmith , as he may be troubled .. Adds goldsmith is a very good guy .. his customers could have brought this to him .. Shree says let him give this explanation to cops .. Karthik fears as they might also be troubled .. Points out tht their lie (hubby-wife) might also be revealed if this issue reaches cops .. Shree panics .. Karthik assures to get her the chain , next day ...

Thodarum ..

me on Thursday....hope no APRR's smart aleck comments within his head on his two timing achievements....

Episode 74

Indha episode-ai 50 words-kuLLa ezhudha mudiyum- basically nothing happened!!

P's house- Karthik has a new camera (its such a rare sighting for someone in this ultra rich family to own a camera it seems). Mother, grandma and grandpa are all taken in by Karthik's camera. Karthik wants to take the 1st photo in it with his mother. P of course asks darling son to take both P and APRR. But RR says photo-naale enakku allergy (nobody wonders why of course) and storms into room. Confused

P is upset, her father tells RR secretly that he understands why RR is "allergic to photos"- he doesnt want it to fall into "wrong" hands (Anu)...(nobody has heard of handphone cameras in that house. I think it should not be hard for kids to snap pictures with mobiles nowadays, but apparently nobody in the house takes photos of dad. Angry

Next- Selvarani and Karthi (mechanic) vazhisal on the road. She tells him she "knows" who he is and how rich he is. Karthi asks her if she will love him if he was poor, and if he was not RR's son. She says no problem, her love is true (but inside she thinks he is lying that he is poor to test her). She questions him on how come he comes in a different car each day if he is poor- loosu- he is a mechanic Embarrassed

Karthi is relieved at her response and he proceeds to drop her at her home (?)

Prem's house- Karthik (RR's son) comes with jeweller to their house and requests Prem's father to tell him how he got the chain which he gave to the jeweller. Prem and the father get nervous but they adjust saying someone borrowed money and gave this chain as collateral. They tell Karthik they cant remember who gave the chain. They are curt in response and request Karthik to take action if needed. Karthik apologises, and understands its not their fault, and leaves with jeweller. Prem and his mother scold the father for doing this business and says he wont be bailed out if he gets arrested for his illegal gold trading business. Prem is angry with the father and leaves.

Textiles shop- (There is only 1 shop in Chennai of course)
RR and Sundu are looking for a shirt at the far end of a small shop.
Enter- A and P together shopping for other clothes. After selecting, they want to buy some shirts and proceed to walk towards the shirt section where RR (looks calm) Angry and Sundu (looks panicked).
They await to be noticed by A&P... thodarum

(But of course they will escape magically otherwise the serial will end- maybe the ground will open up and RR will escape to basement?) Cool's patience is tested once again this week with the lack of storyline today.

(Cool wonders- WHY wont 2 friends ever ask each other what their husbands are doing- Its not like they have anything else professional to discuss???) Dead
Hmmm, indha showle Pallavi doesn't know that Anu is before her in biwihood, here Thursday doesn't know that it is being followed by Wednesday!  In any case, Friday is last!  Thanks to the One above for giving us a break over the weekend.

Update for Friday, Aug 6, 2010:

RR and Sundar are in the store and RR points out his two lovely ladies, walking towards them.  (Ada poNNungaLa, konjam look up and you will see your darling hubby looking like a scorpion bitten thief!).  Since RR is a coward, he decides to hide in the dressing room (and how I wished it had been occupied at that time, leaving him with nowhere to hide!).  A and P walk up, still deciding whether to get shirts or T-shirts, and A sees Sundar.  She says "Sundar aNNa?" and then P also sees him and asks "Sundar aNNa?"  Sundar turns around looking every bit guilty (and these two don't even notice that!), A asks P if she knows him, and P asks the same of A.  A says that Sundar is her hubby's best friend, and P says the same, and Sundar thinks to himself that they both have the same hubby!  A asks him if the two hubbies know each other and he tells himself that they are one and the same, but he tells them that the two guys don't know each other (and I was born yesterday!).  Then he hurriedly shoos them out of the store and into the car, and sees them off.  He returns and rescues RR from the dressing room, and RR heaves a sigh of relief.  Innum ethanai naaL thaan neeyum ippadi escape aagirae, naanum paarkiren!

I just realized that I omitted tbe best part of today's episode:  VJ3 go to some hole in the corner hotel.  SR looks aghast at the place, KtheM (Karthi the mechanic) assures her that it is the best hotel in the area  and he eats there often.  Once seated, he asks her what she will have and tells her not to ask for any sweets because they make it in oil and then claim to make it in pure ghee there.  The waiter comes, KtheM asks what is fresh, the man rattles off a few items, KtheM asks the price of puris, waiter says Rs. 25, KtheM is shocked, asks about bondas, those are only Rs. 15, KtheM orders one plate.  He says he is not hungry and he can share SR's plate.  In the meantime, his phone rings and he tells someone that he cannot accept any sodhappals in the order for cement and he had to go to a lot of trouble to get this order and if it is not done properly, he will not tolerate it.  SR is impressed and asks him how long his father has been in business, he says since before he was born, he brags about his father's various contracts and various bridges built by his dad.  SR wants to use his phone to call home (what happened to her phone?) and dials, only to be told that he has a balance outstanding for three months, so service is denied.  She mazhuppufies, saying that the line was not available, but she is wondering what is wrong with the guy, esp as he is busy polishing off the bondas!  I think I like this jodi the best, they are good for a few laughs, esp as you can see KtheM thinking what to say and SR wondering why he is like this.

Adhi comes to Srinidhi's house, tells her mother and Srinidhi that his parents have decided to do the engagement ceremony on Friday and invites them for the same.  He says that he has been asked to convey this info to Nivedha's family too, and asks Srinidhi to do the honors, but she tells him to do it, so he agrees and she dials the number and gives it to him.  Nivedha answers the phone, and when she finds out that it is Adhi on the other end, she tells him not to call like this, she says that she doesn't like the practice of spending hours on the phone pouring Ums, and to not call again, and she hangs up, without giving him a chance to explain or say anything.  Srinidhi asks him what happened, he tells her, so she rings again, and this time the phone is answered by Anu.  Adhi explains to her what happened with Nivedha  and tells her that he thinks Nivedha has misunderstood him.  He also tells her about the engagement on Friday.

Anu is pleased about this and calls Nivedha.  She asks her if someone called earlier and who it was.  Nivedha has a guilty look and she tells her mother that it was Adhi, but she told him that she doesn't like the practice of calling and hung up on him.  Kamesh is eavesdropping as usual (vera velai illai, idhuvaadhu paNNalaame enru thaan!).  Anu is very pleased by this and she tells Nivedha that she didn't know about Adhi or his family until now, but now she knows that he is a good "paiyan" (in a fake accent - is she Kannada or something, or is this just the effect of the dubbing?)

Adhi is going to his car and his phone rings.  It is our vetti Kamesh at the other end, and he disguises his voice and tells Adhi that he has something to tell about Nivedha.  Adhi asks him who he is, and of course he doesn't reveal his identity and says that Nivedha is not of a good character.  Adhi is listening with a worried look on his face.

Thodarum ...
Thanks Eclat - intha RR kku semai maccham !!! epdiyO
great escape !!!

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Thanks Rojakka & Eclat .. Wish Loosu Kamesh gets caught soon .. RR , r u smart enough to catch him redhanded .. Or else Anu , Pallavi mathiri pea brain for u too Embarrassed .. this Priya is very annoying .. Enna thimiru paa .. Manju better stay away from her ..

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Thanks for the update Roja and Eclact.

This RR only look thaan viduvaru. not smart enough to catch kamesh.

Priya Appa romba Thimiru and pidivatham like her mother?
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Thanks, eclat!  I also wondered why Anu said she was going to turn off the stove and then proceeded to do some cooking, instead!  Memory lapses run through the entire unit, I guess!  Maybe this is why RR also has two wives - blame it on the same memory problem! 

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Thanks Laksh.

RR takes both his family out so freely.. is there not a soul out there to ask him about it? not even one to mention about his other child or wife visiting? ulagathu kaNNulEndhu ivaru escape aagaraara...kadhai sollum ayyamaarE kadhula mattum kaadhu kuththunga...

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Thanks, Laksh!  It looks like SR has been out all day long, since it is 9 p.m when she returns home.  Where was she the entire time?  Didn't her parents think to ask her that question?  Are they okay if she spent the entire day with Karthi?  What kind of irresponsible parents are they?  The mother keeps talking about her tying fire to her stomach (vayathile neruppu kattindu) when she has a grown up daughter returning home late at night, but doesn't think to ask her where she was gone all day long.  eljay, when will you learn that serial parents are not real parents?  They are just actors so they do not behave like real parents.

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I cant wait for Priya to find out she is mistress's daughter and not the real one. Poor Manju, the girl is actually quite ok. Priya is a real idiot- and I HATE Angry her voice...or is it just me???
She sounds so throaty and irritating..she also has a permanent sulk glued on her face.

RR-ku office velai paarkaradhukkey neram ellai, engey poi Kamesh-ai investigate paNNa poraru?? Also, he seems to be in P's house in the day time but A's house at night...which self respecting biwi wont think hubby is up to no good when he spends daytime with her and not night? Ulagam theriyaadha poNNa Pallavi? (Paithiyam-dhaan)

Evil Smile

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Thanks Eljay.
Trial room, bathroom idhula ellaam evvalavu naal ozhunjukka mudiyum, ivvaLavu naaL thappichadhE inga naanga nambardhukku kashtama irukku.. RR unna naanE pOttu kudukkalaampOla irukku..

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