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The HottiesOf Twilight

The Twilight Phenomenon Still Conquers all Movies with Its Sexy Vampires&Werewolves and This Sensation Carries Not one, Not two But Quite a Few Sexy Hotties. The Actors of this Vampire,Human&werewolf Love Story have been the Worlds Biggest Heartthrobs and Not Just for Teen But also Mothers, Grandmothers, Teachers and What not. Its pretty Official Hotties from All Over the World have Gathered In this World Wide Phenomenal, Teen Sensation The Twilight Saga.
Leave a quick comment if you'd like to join or press the LIKE button below.
Bios, pics, vids, etc are at the following posts below.

~Do not bash an actor you do not like~
~Please refrain from arguing with anyone here~
~Source of Articles/pics posted need to be provided~
~Please do not discuss other actors or shows that aren't related to the FC~
~Keep personal chatting to a minimum~
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Full Name: Edward Anthony Masen Cullen
 Played By: Robert Pattinson

Date of Birth: June 20, 1901

Date of change to vampire: 1918

Originally from: Chicago, Illinois

Hair color: Bronze

Eye color: Originally green ' Vampire gold/black

Height: 6'2"

Physical description:  Lanky ' not bulky.  Extremely Handsome. Boyish looking.  Messy hair.

Special talents: Mind reader

Occupation: Currently enrolled at Forks High School

Family members: Natural son of Edward and Elizabeth Masen ' adopted son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen ' brother to Alice and Emmett Cullen as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

Source of change: Carlisle Cullen

Hobbies: Collects cars ' plays piano

Car:  Volvo S60R - silver, Aston Martin V12 ' silver volvo

Personal history: Edward's human life in Chicago was fairly happy and uneventful.  His parents were moderately wealthy as his father was a successful lawyer.  The biggest worry in his mother's life was the fact that World War I was raging and Edward was only a year away from the draft, which had been lowered to 18 years of age in August of 1918. 

By September of that same year, the influenza epidemic hit, claiming the lives of both of Edward's parents and very nearly taking his own as well.  His attending physician was Carlisle Cullen, who saved him by changing him into a vampire.  It was Edward's mother who requested Dr. Cullen save Edward.  She seemed to "know" that Carlisle could save him in a special way and begged him to do it. 

Since that time, Edward has passed as Carlisle's adopted son or as the younger brother of his wife before the family grew to its current size. He has been to medical school twice, but never practiced.   He loves driving fast and collects cars as a hobby.

From 1927 until 1931, Edward had a bout of rebellion and went off for a few years on his own away from Carlisle and Esme.  He figured that he could drink off of humans if they were truly evil, using his special gifts to avoid the innocent.  After a while, he couldn't "escape the debt of so much human life taken, no matter how justified" and returned to Carlisle and Esme who welcomed him back with open arms.

Around 1936, Edward moved to Forks with his family where they encountered the Quileute Indians who have the ability to transform into werewolves.  A treaty was arranged stating that the wolves would leave the Cullens alone so long as they didn't bite any humans and stay off of the Quileute land.  The Cullens lived in Forks for a few years before moving on to other places.

In 2003 the Cullens returned to Forks.  Then in 2005 Edward met Isabella Swan.  Her blood "sang" for him and he becamesinfatuated with her. She soon figureed out his secret and accepted him as a vampire. They fell in love despite innumerable odds.  When Bella became the victim of a tracker named James, Edward was forced to drink her blood to stop the venom form spreading through her system.

Edward stayed with Bella until her disastrous 18th birthday party where he was forced to reevaluate the future of her life with him.He decided that Bella would be better off living a normal life without him and left Forks along with his family. He spent his time tracking Victoria all around the southern United States and even ventured into Mexico and South America. When he was told that Bella was dead, he traveled to Italy with the intention of committing suicide.  Bella and Alice arrived in Italy in time to stop him.  He convinced the Volturi to let them all return to Forks with the promise that Bella would be made a vampire.

The return to Forks meant the return to a normal routine between Edward and Bella.  He agreed to change Bella as long as she would marry him. He was then reminded by Jacob Black that the treaty says he is forbidden to bite a human. 

News reports came in shortly there after that alerted Edward and his family that a newborn vampire was loose in Seattle. This fact coupled with Bella's desire to make amends with Jacob brought out the over protective side in Edward.  He took her away to Florida to visit her mother and even had Alice "kidnap" Bella when he was away hunting. He did eventually allow Bella to see Jacob, concluding that it would better for her to see him safely than to try to escape off to see him.

When Edward picked up the scent of an unknown vampire having been in Bella's bedroom, his concern lead to the prospect of battle with the newborns in Seattle Graduation came and Bella pointed out to Edward and the Cullens that she believed Victoria was the one creating the newborn in Seattle.This new information surprisingly brought an alliance between the Cullens and the Quileutes to not only protect Bella, but also stop the newborns from attacking anyone else.  In order to calm Bella's nerves about the attack, Edward agreed to sit the battle out and stay with her. Bella and Edward reached another compromise that she would marry him in exchange for them making love while she is still human.

Edward helped Bella set up the newborns by planting her scent in the field where the battle would happen.  After an evening in cold watching Jacob sleep next to Bella to keep her warm he allowed Jacob and Bella to make their good-byes, which included a willing kiss from Bella. Bella assured Edward that she loves him more and wants to be with him forever.  The battle ensued bringing Victoria and her personal helper, Riley, to the camp.  Edward and Seth Clearwater killed them and burned them.   When Jane and the Volturi arrived to clean up the mess, Edward tried to save a few of the newborns, but was unsuccessful. 

After Bella said her final good-bye to Jacob, Edward went and collected her from her car and held her all night as she cried.  In the morning Bella told Edward again that she has made her choice and that the time has come to enlist Alice's help with their wedding. Later, against Bella's request, Edward sent Jacob an invitation to the wedding along with his personal thanks for everything he ever did to protect and care for Bella.

Full Name:  Jacob Black
Played By: Taylor Lautner
Status:  Werewolf

Date of Birth:   1990

Originally fromForks, WA

Hair color:  Black

Eye colorBrown

Height:  6'5"

Physical description: Long, glossy hair in a pony tail, beautiful skin, a hint of childish roundness to his chin  In his wolf form, Jacob's coat is a rusty brown color.He cut his hair very short after his transformation but let it grow back out later on.

Occupation:  Protect the LaPush area from Vampires

Family members:   His mother, Sarah, died many years ago and he has twin older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca.

Hobbies: Fixing up cars and motorcycles

Personal history: 
Jacob met Bella at First Beach about two months after she arrived in town.  He told Bella the story of his ancestors making a treaty with the 'cold ones'.  It was Jacob's great-grandfather who helped make the treaty.

Although Jacob didn't believe the superstitions of his father or ancestors, he delivered a message to Bella that the Quileutes 'will be watching' and a suggestion that she should break up with her boyfriend.  Bella refuses.

After Edward left Bella later that September, she showed up at Jacob's house wanting help fixing up two broken down motorcycles. Their friendship grew and Jacob hoped that someday they could be more than friends. 

Jacob, as well as most of the boys on the Rez, experienced amazing groW*H spurts. Even though the boys are in their mid-teen years, they appeared to be in their twenties.  One by one, the boys joined in with Sam and his odd little cult.  

After going out with Bella to a movie, Jacob went home feeling very ill. At home, Jacob mysteriously changed into a creature he didn't understand.  He was very tall with paws instead of hands and when he spoke, he growled. It was later explained to him that he was a werewolf and that having the vampires near by was what triggerd the change at the onset of puberty. Because his anger is too difficult to control right now, Jacob was told to stay away from Bella.

Jacob and the other wolves tracked down Laurent in the woods and found him with Bella. They raced after him, tore him apart, and killed him.  Later, Jacob managed to leave a suggestion with Bella that lead her to realize he was a werewolf.

Once Bella knew, Jacob included Bella in most of the LaPush activities and even aggred to take her cliff diving.  While tracking Victoria, Jacob saw Bella jump off the cliff on her own.  He dove into the water and saved her.

Soon after Alice returnd to Forks, Harry Clearwater died of a heart attack.  Jacob was at the Swan home when the phone rang.  Jacob answered it and told a man who he assumed was Carlisle that Charlie was at a funeral.  In reality, the person was Edward and he assumed that Charlie was at Bella's funeral.  Jacob stayed behind while Alice and Bella raced off to Italy to save Edward.

When Edward and Bella returned, Jacob made sure Bella was grounded by showing Charlie the motocycles.  He then reminded Edward that the treaty they have with the vampires states that the vampires are not to bite a human.  Bite, not kill.

Jacob stayed away from Bella for the few weeks she was grounded, avoiding her phone calls and only sending her a very choppy note explaining why he couldn't see her. Along with his pack, he tracked down Victoria and ended up getting into a disagreement with the vampires over who had the right to track her. 

He feared the worst when Bella went away with Edward for a weekend and broke his silence when she returned by calling Bella to make sure she was still human.  The next day, he went to Bella's school to talk to Edward about the situation with Victoria. But he wasn't granted time alone with Bella until she ran off to LaPush to visit him without permission.  He told Bella about Victoria and more about his biology. Late, he 'kidnapped' Bella away from her 'imprisonment' with the Cullens and learned that she intends to join their family very soon, which makes him very angry.   He tried to call Bella later on an apologize, but she won't talk to him. 

When the scent of an unknown vampire is picked up in Bella's room, Jacob jumped at the request to help track him down. With a new agreement in place, Jacob invites Bella to come to a tribal council to hear about the werewolf legends. He even goes so far one night as to tell Bella that he is in love with her.   

With the information that Victoria may be behind the newborn vampires in Seattle and the break in at Bella's home, Jacob and his pack form an alliance with the Cullens to not only protect Bella, but also stop the newborns from attacking anyone else. He helped carry Bella away from here the battle will happen, up a mountain where they camp for the night.  Freezing in the cold, Jacob held Bella in his arms as she slept and talked with Edward about his relationship with Bella.   In the morning, he heard that Bella agreed to marry Edward and made his good-byes to Bella where she gave him a real kiss before he left to go fight in the battle. While Leah was trying to take down a newborn on her own, Jacob stepped in and was wounded.  Carlisle examined him and found that he was healing, but slowly.  

After the battle Bella came to see Jacob and told him that even though she loved him, she can't live without Edward and has chosen him. An undetermined amount of time later, Jacob received a wedding invitation from Edward.  The impact and implication break Jacob's heart and he runs off to be alone.

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Biography Cont...

Full Name: Carlisle Cullen
Played By: Peter Facinelli
Status:  Vampire

Date of Birth: 1640s

Date of change to vampire:  After 1663 ' he was 23

Originally from:  London, England

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Vampire gold/black

Height: 6'2'

Physical description: Very handsome, like a movie star

Special talents: Compassion

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Family members: Married to Esme Considers Edward, Rose, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper as his "children." 

Nick Names:  Stregoni Benefici

Source of change:  Unnamed sewer vampires

Hobbies: Medicine - can easily resist the temptation of human blood

Car: Mercedes S55 AMG ' black

Personal history: The son of an Anglican pastor, Carlisle was raised during a time of religious persecution.  His father led hunts for witches, werewolves, and vampires all in the name of ridding the world of evil.  As his father grew older, Carlisle was placed in charge of the raids.  Carlisle wasn't as enthusiastic about killing as his father was, but he was clever enough to discover a coven of true vampires living in the sewers of the city.  He set a trap for the vampires and chased one down.  Carlisle believes that the vampire  was actually too hungry to run and consciously decided to attack.  The vampire fell on Carlisle and left him bleeding in the streets after killing two other men and taking off with a third.

Knowing how his father would react, Carlisle crawled into a cellar and buried himself in rotting potatoes for the three days of the change.  When he emerged, he was a vampire. At first he tried to destroy himself by jumping from great heights or drowning in the ocean.  Somehow, he was so repelled by what he was that he resisted feeding off of humans.  He even tried to kill himself with starvation. 

Eventually the thirst was too powerful and he attacked a herd of passing deer.  He found that living off of the blood of animals could sustain his life and was infinitely more humane than taking the life of a human.  Over the course of two centuries, he developed a sort of immunity to the scent of human blood and was able to become a medical doctor.

Carlisle was studying in Italy when he met a coven of vampires called the Volturi that seemed more civilized and educated than those he was familiar with in England.  Aro, Marcus, and Caius were the three vampires that inspired some of the works of Solimena.  Even though they were refined, they persisted in trying to persuade Carlisle to drink from humans.  Naturally, he refused.

In 1911 he was working in Columbus, Ohio, where he treated a happy and beautiful young girl by the name of Esme Platt for a broken leg.  Shortly there after, he moved on to Chicago.

He spent several years in Chicago and was nearing the end of his allotted time.  (Looking the way he does, he can generally stay in one area until the people believe him to be around the age of 35, and then he has to leave.)  The influenza epidemic broke out in the city and Carlisle found himself treating Edward, who had just lost both of his parents and was on the verge of death himself. It was Edward's mother who requested Dr. Cullen save Edward.  She seemed to 'know' that Carlisle could save him in a special way and begged him to do it.    Carlisle acted out of loneliness and changed Edward. 

The pair moved to northern Wisconsin where, in 1921, Carlisle again tended to Esme.  This time her injuries were from a failed suicide attempt.  Remembering her from before, and feeling saddened by the turn her life had taken, Carlisle changed Esme to save her.  The two fell in love and were legally married.  (Again, just the one time.)

Carlisle then found and changed Rosalie with the intention for her to be a companion to Edward, but it wasn't to be.  Carlisle then changed Emmett after Rosalie found him being mauled by a bear.  Although he didn't change Alice and Jasper, he accepted them as part of his family when they came to him.

Around 1936, Carlisle moved his family to Forks where they encountered the Quileute Indians who have the ability to transform into werewolves.  A treaty was arranged stating that the wolves would leave the Cullens alone so long as they didn't bite any humans and stay off of the Quileute land.  The Cullens lived in Forks for a few years before moving on to other places.

The family returned to Forks, Washington after a stay in Alaska.  At the start of Twilight, they have lived there for two years. 


Full Name: Jasper Whitlock Hale

Played By: Jackson Rathbone
Status:  Vampire

Date of Birth: 1843

Date of change to vampire:  1863 ' he was 20

Originally from: Texas

Hair color: Honey blond

Eye color: Vampire gold/black

Height: 6" 3"

Physical description: muscular, but lean

Special talents: Able to manipulate the emotions of those around him

Occupation: Currently "in college"

Family members: Married to Alice  ' adopted member of the Cullen family

Nick Names: Jazz

Source of change: Maria

Hobbies: Interested in scholarly endeavors

Personal history: Jasper served as a Major in the Confederate army during the Civil War.  The vampire family that changed him in 1863  was very different from the Cullens in their dietary habits 'they fed off humans. Jasper became depressed over his way of life and sought something better.  His search led him to Alice in 1948 , which in turn led him to Carlisle in 1950.

Jasper has the most difficult time with the lifestyle set by the Cullen family.  He avoids contact with humans, as he is more tempted than the others to drink from them.  Going to school is a difficult task, but he does it for Alice.

He would do anything for Alice, as she is his whole life.  Even though he treats the other members of his family with respect, he isn't bound to them the way he is to Alice. 

Jasper uses the last name of Hale because he and Rosalie look so much alike and people assume them to be twins.   The vampires tend to go with whatever the humans are willing to believe.  Rosalie insists on using Hale as a last name, and therefore, Jasper took it as his, too.  

Full Name: Emmett McCarty Cullen
Played By: Kellan Lutz
Status:  Vampire

Date of Birth: 1915

Date of change to vampire:  1935 ' two years after Rosalie - he was 20

Originally from: Tennessee

Hair color: Dark

Eye color: Vampire gold/black

Height: 6'5"

Physical description: Big, muscular, like a weight lifter, curly hair, dimples.

Special talents: Strength

Occupation: Currently enrolled at Forks High School

Family members: Married to Rosalie

Source of change: Carlisle Cullen

Hobbies: Competition of any form

Car: Jeep Wrangler ' red

Personal history:  In 1935,  Emmett was out hunting in the mountains of Tennessee when he was attacked by a bear.  He very nearly died, but Rosalie found him and brought him to Carlisle to be saved.  Emmett describes the event as being saved by an angel who brought him to God.  Once the pain of the change had passed, Rosalie and Carlisle explained the situation to him, and to their surprise, the whole vampire issue didn't disturb him.  In his own words:  "But if Carlisle and Rosalie, my angel, were vampires, how bad could it be?"  He had trouble with the rules at first and has tasted human blood on several occasions.

He is married to Rosalie, and has married her several times for show.  Emmett will do anything to make Rosalie happy, and since Rosalie likes attention and is all about show, she gets a wedding every so many years.  Often time, he and Rosalie live away from the others as a newlywed couple.
Full Name: Riley (Xavier Samuel)

Status: Vampire (deceased)

Date of Birth:

Originally From:

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Vivid red


Physical Description:  Bella, when she first sees him, says "I could barely look at the blond boy'yes, he was just a boy, though he was muscular and tall, maybe my age when he was changed. His eyes'a more vivid red than I had ever seen before'could not hold mine."

Family Members: Orginally Mom&Dad - After Becoming a Vamp - Falls in Love with Vitoria

Personal History: Riley was among the first (if not the first) that Victoria changed to form her army. She told him that she loved him and convinced him to serve her faithfully. He corralled the other new vampires and told them what their mission was, what they were supposed to do.

When he faces Edward, Edward tries to convince him to give up the fight, but Victoria's hold on him is too strong. He tries to attack Edward, but Seth gets to him first. Seth, with a little help from Edward, manages to kill Riley.


 Umm the bios are only upto Eclipse so far, they will be updated after Breaking Dawn is released.
Err..i'll make Ayysha update them...she gave me all this info in the first place..LOL

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  *They are direct links, if the links for some reason do not work: The page number is written, go there.Stern SmileLOL*
Important Pics Links (Direct) [ADDITIONAL]
Anybody else want to share links? Go ahead and PM me with em!

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  *They are direct links, if the links for some reason do not work: The page number is written, go there.Stern SmileLOL*

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  *They are direct links, if the links for some reason do not work: The page number is written, go there.Stern SmileLOL*

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Fan Comments

Taylor : OMG Taylor is the Perfect Jake Heartthe Perfect HottieEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i would die If he wont be part of TwilightShocked i Mean I will Seriously kill some1 Sleepy
cuz Im Sure more thn 60% galz Watch it for Taylor Wink
Keep Rockin Taylor Heart
 Robert: Im not a Big fan of u Buh really liked u in Eclipse Smileand i actually felt really bad for u....Cuz it showed u really do love Bella Alot and i sometimes feel tht u deserve betta Confused
Boy keeep Rockin Embarrassed
Riley : Damn Boy Twilight is gettin ALL Hot Casts Wink n ur ofc one of them  EmbarrassedWink
Kellen : Seriously! ur The HOTTEST Vampire Wink
 Jack/ Jasper : Love urs & Alice Pair Embarrassed

Taylor...is a wonderful actor and does a gud job as Jake...n suits the character alot!!!Smile
Robert....best choice for Edward Thumbs Up...hot!!! Day Dreaming
Kristen..good as Bella... Wink
Ashley...I love this gal as Alice... Star

Emmett: ...Hottest Vampire...Tongue
Carlise and Esme...wonderful parents..Smile
Jasper AND Alice....wonderful pair... [:)

Edward Cullen...i'm always like this Day Dreaming Day Dreaming thinking of him...he is wonderful.. Embarrassed
Jacob--- taylors the Perfeeccct jacobThumbs Up. no one can play jake as he has. i love jake becoz of his sweet, cheerful, ever happy nature n his persistence. he seems much more real n natural to me n plus he runs a 109 degrees so i wuldnt mind him as my blanketWinkLOL. i love the way he is n i connect with him more bcoz i love his carefree nature(hes just like meWink). plus i feel that jacob is the kind of person who lets the child in u go free. for me truely he is "the sun, the air"

taylor---- talented, cute, sweet teenager whose success did not get into his head. he is still down to earth, appreciates his fans n goes abt his chores at home. clear, lovely, breathtaking smile which makes me go crazy. his six pack abs (bt that is just an added feature to his already so many lovely features)............his innoccence, his charm n his really hardworking guy totally committed to his work n fans.

alice---totally sweet natured person, carefree n lively

ashley---- dont noe much abt her bt i really like the way she plays aliceSmile

Taylor- down to earth, sweet, kind, honest, friendly, HOT!!! Sexy!!! and the man of my dreamsEmbarrassed
Rob- Good looking, good natured, open, Hot and teen Heartthrob
Kellan- Sexy, optimistic, talkatimely good looking, Great actor and parent figure
Xavier- Charming, sexy, great actor, Clever, good hearted
Jackson- Friendly, open natured, Hot!!!
Hey Guys!

Harsha/Ayysha Here. Any your perfer is fine with me. I am just doing this comment to let you all know one thing. Robert Pattinson&Kellan Lutz&Xavier Sameul Belong to Moi! Speically the First one now I sorry but Twilight for me = Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen&Some what the boring Bella along the way. I see Edward Cullen on screen & my stomach starts to twirl, This weird smile appears on my lips, its just his magic on me. I know he is like a world Teen heartthrob but screw that shit he belongs to only me.

Personality Attraction

Robert Pattinson is the most perfect soul in this universe he is so kind, sweet, caring, adorable, giving, patient, & always trying to be there for his fans.. Looks aren't the only reason i love him but the way he is. The way he is everywhere, He says anything in interviews, he never puts on a face that's the one thing that i love about him. The way he is so sarcastic, sweet & always straight forward (Other then his relationship about Kristen).

I love hearing about him everyday, watching his smile, watching his as Edward Cullen, Cedric & Tyler its always so amazing because all of these roles are so close to my heart & I love the way he portrays them its just amazing. The emotion&feelings his eyes carry when he in the intense moment or the pain his eyes carry when he on the edge of losing something is always the look to bring tears in my eyes.

I also love how he can joke around so freely with his co-stars and be so free with them its amazing. The way he is so honest in interviews&public is just amazing. He has everything in personalty that I would want in a guy.

Physical Attraction

Robert Pattinson has been said to be the most Seixest Man Alive because he just is there is no question about it. He has gotten awards for his hair, eyes, fashion sense&even his SEXY Smile. I mean come on! As much as I love him as a person his looks always make me swoon. His Jaw line when he talks&the way It moves always drives me crazy because its perfect&looks like someone measured it to make it so perfect its just too good for Words.

His eyes are like marbles that never stops shining, If i have a picture of him where his eyes are visible i can stare at it all day long that's how beautiful they are, better then Edward Cullen's for me because for some Rob's eyes are so soft, but If I am sad I look at the Edward's eyes they can bring tears to my eyes that's how much emotion they carry. I loved his eyes in Remember me.

His Hair is speechless, specially his new hair cut. I love his hair so much if some  one were to give me a million dollars or a Chance to run my hands threw his hair I would chose the second one because Its just that's the only thing i wanna do when  I look at him, well there are other things too but I'll keep those to my self. His height, his chest, his arms, his fingers ..... ugh his fingers. OMG! on the Piano just straight up drool worthy. Proven to be the Sexiest Man Alive.



Edward Cullen: My reason for Twilight&My reason for love in Twilight. Edward Cullen has stolen my heart. The more I watch him the more i love him. He is just the perfect boyfriend. Do NOT piss me off by talking about New Moon because he wanted her to be happy so its sweet ! So Shut it! Also he is so sweet when it comes to her Jacob like times I wanna slap him for being a little too sweet because she could run off to someone that doesn't love her. There is not one reason for me to love Edward but many so all i am going to say is Thanks SM for killing my Chances of ever having the Perfect Man.

Remember Me

Tyler: The best brother ever. He is so sweet in the movie&I love how he looks after his sister it's so touching. I am not going to say much on this one because it killed me at how he Died in the end. So all i wanna say is Tyler is my Fav brother so Far!

Water For Elephants (April 2011)

Jacob Just waiting for this movie. Cannot wait for him! He is going to be so cutE!


Other Hotties

Kellan Lutz is the most hottest Buff man alive in this world. He is so sexy with his dimples&cute smile. Just love him to the bottom of my heart. He is adorable as Emmett Cullen Love him!. Himself in person is amazing because he is always joking around and goofing off, Kellan is someone you would have to make you laugh and make you feel Better. Love you Lutz. What can i say I am Nutz for Lutz.

Xavier Sameul This man will be the next heartthrob i can bet you. He was so hot as Riley its not even a joke. Speically in the Rain, loved his acting. Total Hottie. Love you Xavier.

Peter Ekkk! Such a Hot Father&Doctor Not even funny. Never seen someone as Hot as him in a father role. Also He is so funny in person with his wife. Its adorable. Love you Pete and your wife is very lucky to have someone like you also you are probably a great father in real too so your daughters are also very blessed.

Jackson I am officaly a member of Team Jasper from now on, after Eclipse i reazlie how amazing of an actor he is, also he is so cute in his interview and Specially with Rob its adorable. Just adore his personalty.

Taylor Launter his smile is one thing that attracts me. He is amazing as Jacob&Adore him in interviews with R-Patz&Kris.

PHEW! That was Hard! Well Looking forward to meeting many people! Hand Off Rob Please! Love you All! Also Sorry guys None of the siggys are for use. Sorry.

Love you All Harsha.

Thank you to everyone whos shared their fan comments!!

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