update 29th jul 2010: Reshmi FINDS OUT re: Jyotir

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Posted: 29 July 2010 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Part 1

Kabir joins the crowd, which is busy chanting 'Kumar-sa zindabad'.  Jyoti is annoyed that fate keeps leading her to him, and covers her face w/ her dupatta.  Kabir passes her w/o  seeing her, but his dupatta flies into her face (these scenes just ain't funny anymore, CVs, either bring them together, or separate them for good, instead of dragging this on.)  One person is videotaping all this and notices Jyoti, and videotapes her really good (I'm guessing he's one of Sumer's spies)

Reshmi urges Jyoti to go inside, but Jyoti is now a total zombie, but refuses.  She says that it's a big crowd and they'll come tomorrow.  Reshmi tries to protest, but  Jyoti yells @ her, telling her that they'll come later.  Reshmi is pissed, but has no choice other than go w/ her.

Back in the haveli, Sumer is checking his phone, while one of RP's aides tells him that his ticket is guaranteed.  RP is pissed, and tells him that chachi, who's sitting there, has only 1 thing on her mind - getting Kabir married to her neice.  He complains that if he tries to force Kabir, he'll leave, and the votes will leave w/ him.  He's given his assurances to madam, so he has to deliver some seats.  He then shows his aide the attitude his bhabi is displaying (why don't you get your beta Sumer to off her - it's not like you all treat women well to begin w/)  The aide tells him to think of lofty goals and forget the love story of Kabir & Jyoti Clap w/ obvious disdain for chachi-sa.  The aide then leaves.

Sumer joins them, and RP asks him what's new?  Sumer shows him the phone video, and RP & chachi are both shocked to see it.  Chachi mocks him for his statements about Jyoti being as good as dead, but RP is cocksure that that will happen.  He asks Sumer whether he has understood.

Part 2

Jyoti & Reshmi are on the bus back home, w/ Jyoti getting her stupid flashbacks.  Kabir is in his office, and asks if there's anyone else, and is told that he had listened to everybody.  He checks Reshmi's file, and asks his aide how  come she didn't turn up, given that she had the first appointment (Kumar-sa, had she not had your loser ex for a guide, she would have!!!)  He asks the aide to call her @ her number and ask if she'd like him to wait a bit longer.  Jyoti's phone rings and Reshmi hands it to her, but our loser is still in a zombie mode and won't take it.  So Reshmi answers it, and the aide asks her why she didn't turn up.  Reshmi apologizes, and says that she wasn't feeling well, and therefore didn't come. (So now, Reshmi too has to lie for that loser)  Kabir tells his aide to tell Reshmi to call him @ the number on her phone.  Reshmi agrees.  The whole time, Jyoti the zombie is oblivious to all this, begging the question as to why did she butt into Reshmi's life.

Finally they come to the stop, and Reshmi prompts Jyoti to get down.  She tries to get an explanation, but Queen Jyoti haughtily refuses, asking her to go home, and that she would join later. (If I had Jyoti w/ me, I'd gag her and shave her head, for all the sado-masochism she was subjecting me to)

In the haveli, Sumer gets off the phone, and is furious that the person he's talking to is going to come by boat, instead of a flight.  RP asks him what it is.  Sumer tells him that he's got a hit man from Dubai who'll leave no traces of what he's done.  He was yelling @ him b'cos the killer was afraid to fly LOLROFL and so would be coming by boat.  RP ridicules Sumer for getting an imported killer, telling him that people from here go to Dubai.  By the time 10 days pass and he arrives, Kabir would have met &  married Jyoti.  He is furious and tells Sumer that Kabir & Jyoti's union is his dream Shocked and starts crying.  He wants Jyoti as their bahu. Shocked He begs Sumer to find Jyoti Question

Just then Kabir arrives, and RP sits him down, and asks him whether he didn't meet Jyoti?  Kabir is confused, and asks him what was wrong w/ him, while RP is sobbing.  He tells her that Jyoti is the girl for him, and that once Sumer has discovered her, she will be his.  Kabir leaves, and RP reads Sumer the riot act for not being discreet enough about his plans, and openly discussing murder in the haveli halls.  He tells him that from now on, he wants no talk, just action.  He signals him to kill Jyoti (okay, so he was just putting up an act for Kabir, even b4 he arrived?)

Part 3

Jyoti is @ the temple again, giving her bhashan to the gods (why don't they just send some danavs to abduct Jyoti, take her to Kabir @ marry her off @ trishul-point, and tell her that they are not interested in her pyaar ka jeet?)  asking them what sort of a test is this...  If she retreats from this, she'd be going back on her word, and if she faced Kabir, she has no idea how to face him.  She narrates to the all-knowing how she locked this love of hers in a lockbox so that Kabir didn't ruin his future by marrying a divorcee.  She then gets a flashback of Dadi telling her that this is a karma yudh.  She then resolved that she won't turn her back to her karma (I hate to break it to you, dear, but you just did!)

At home, Dadi is doing pujas when Reshmi gets home.  Dadi asks Reshmi what happened, but Reshmi has been bitten by the same zombie mode as Jyoti, and doesn't answer.  She however asks Dadi why didn't Jyoti marry her lover, and Dadi tells her that she didn't want to ruin his career by him marrying a divorcee.  Reshmi asks her his name, and she tells him Kabir.  She tells Dadi that she'll answer her questions after a day.  Jyoti arrives home and apologizes to Reshmi, but assures her that she will be w/ her all the way in helping her prevail (Jyoti dear, as they say, talk is cheap)

That night, Jyoti & Reshmi are lying in bed (this is the Sharma family now - Jyoti, Reshmi & Dadi, and whenever they feel like it, Deepu & Poonam)  Jyoti gets a flashback of chachi's jhootan comment, and then looks @ her photo-frame on the dresser.  She gets up, opens it and turns it around, and starts admiring Kabir's  photo (making up w/ emotions what she clearly lacks in guts)  Reshmi magically wakes up that very moment and looks up, and sees Kabir's photo from a distance, and recalls the guy she saw @ the meeting that morning being cheered on as Kumar-sa.  (She's probably guessed why Jyoti didn't keep that appointment)


I'm really getting sick of this - so much so that I actually hope that Sumer succeeds in his mission of assassinating Jyoti.  After giving Reshmi all those bhashans, she has the gall to yell @ her.  If I were in Reshmi's place, I'd either slap her, or hit her w/ my chappals.  On one hand, she avoids the primary reason she was there in the first place, and yet, she keeps getting those stupid flashbacks.  And Reshmi - why can't she just walk out on Jyoti, and tell her she'll have her abortion and move on, and Jyoti should get the fCensored out of her life.  One thing though - if Jyoti does get to Vikrant, then that stupid chachi-sa can shift her focus from trying to force her neice on Kabir to trying to save Vikrant from having to accept Reshmi as his wife. Evil Smile  One thing I agree w/ RP - chachi-sa is the stereotype that he disdains about women - instead of sharing his concern about the party, she's obsessed w/ forcing Kabir to marry her neice.

Anyway, looks like Reshmi is close to discovering why Jyoti did what she did.  One needs a heavy dose of ehsas to figure that woman out - no wonder CM, Padma, Poonam et al gave up trying.

I want this to  end - and soon.  Either have Sumer kill off Jyoti, and put us out of our misery as well, or get Jyoti married off to Kabir.

Episode rating: Thumbs DownThumbs DownThumbs Down

Thumbs Up: Nothing

Thumbs Down: Jyoti avoiding Kabir, and behaving like a zombie going forward.

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Posted: 29 July 2010 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update Vrisha Thumbs Up
What's wrong with CVs...why are they behaving like such knickerheads!! I cant believe they are actually dragging Jyoti-Kabir meet again...and tomorrow I bet Kabir will have another BHASHAN syndrome from Jyoti Ma - that, only if the CVs choose to let them meet!
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Posted: 29 July 2010 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

Thanks Virsha for the update.


So what ever Vaishal told is working. Jyoti and Kabir are going to meet @ Haveli surprisingly.Embarrassed


Hopefully Jyoti don't turn Kabir down in front of  Sisodiyas.when they meet.Angry

 And we will see some romantic moments between Kabir-Jyoti.Tongue
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Posted: 29 July 2010 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
The only romantic moments seen nowadays are in Kabir's imagination.  Dunno about  others, but I'm not much of a fan of those - too much fluff.  Either put them together, or have both of them move on.  Kabir  taking Jyoti's dupatta w/ him everywhere looks way too effeminate.
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i hope jyoti meets kabir soon :)
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Such a boring episode ,you have done a great job to update it thank you.Clap
In Part  3 I burst out laughing when I read In temple she again give her bhashan to gods,I wonder what kind of woman she is ?
Sacrifice and Balidan for nothing,she is not clever enough to see her Duppata  around his neck and understand the depth of Kabir's love.
Jyoti was the one when she divorced ,didnt care about what people saying about her and now just because of "Chachi Sa"she turned down Kabir again.
How can she help Reshmi when she needs somebody to save her from herself?

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.Vrish.anu rulz

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^^^ Looks like Reshmi is poised to be the one to save Jyoti from herself.  Go Reshmi!!!  And have no qualms about interfering in her life - after all, she's only too happy to do that to you.  Get your nose in, and say that along w/ you joining Vikrant, Jyoti too has to join Kabir.  And tell your would be sasuma to marry off her neice (assuming she doesn't have a mind of her own - we already saw how wrong that assumption was w/ Neelam) to that fake rags guy, or the cop who couldn't get it right, or Sumer's boat assassin.

Edited by Vrisha - 29 July 2010 at 3:11pm
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anu rulz
anu rulz

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thanx vrisha...jyoti again on a tirade against Gods...what else is new??see kruttika,one day wid jyoti not giving bhashans was made up for the next episode..i knew it..u know jyoti is one of those characters who are plain stupid..and irritating..u want to be mahan,thn go out of your way to do so,widout involving others into it..now here first she starts poking her immensely long nose into reshmi's business,drags her all arnd the city,making huge promises,and thn lets her down so badly..if u wanted to do social work,thn dnt let ur personal issues come into the picture..talk to kabir like a professional..bt she is obviously afraid na..coz she dumped him widout as much as informing him..tht is also mahaan??i find tht nauseatingly selfish..in fact most of the so called mahaan women on tv are ridiculously selfish,coz they dnt care abt how many people they are screwing wid just to show themselves holier thn thou..kabir had specifically asked her what she wud do if his family refuses..tht time bade dinge maar rahi thi abt pyar et al..all tht went into the pit??i sumhow cnt get over tht fact tht she just disappeared frm his life widout as much as informing..how mean is tht??and now wid her reshmi ko insaaf dilao andolan..hv u ever done insaf to ur near and dear ones tht u started doing so for random strangers??how hypocritic is tht??she takes decisions for everybody widout even cheking what the other person wants..i doubt she even bothers..poonam is right..she has this stupid God complex and expects everyone else to blindly follow..jyoti deserves the crap meted out to her by poonam..

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