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hey payal, havent finished reading the previous chaps,  as now a days im reading lods ov ffs, from here and there,  soo didnt get time, So i need time to catch this, hope u dont mind, and yeah do continue pyar to hona hi tha 

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Thank U guys.. for all ur encouraging comments !!! Ur comments always motivate me... and I absolutely cherish this feeling.

Yaa... Krishna does love Pratigya since the time.. he met him for the first time.. though it was just a meeting from Krishna's side.. and Prat didnt noe him. Read to find out Prat's reaction on their proper first meeting. Hop u will like it... I am seriously... having no idea.. where dis is moving towards too...whateva is coming in my mind.. I am placing it forward... hope I will b able to give it a proper logical ending Embarrassed Else.. would ask help from all the creative minds in our forums.[ :P]Tongue
Yeah aabrayy... u take ur time... and I am planning the next chapter for the other ff too... Smile

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Chapter 4


The day had been really long for both Komal and Pratigya. While happy memories always lifts our spirits, bad memories does it all the more depressing. The girls had enough for the day... and it was getting more tiring to say and think about the past years. They now started talking about their life at present... and cracked small jokes.. just to lighten the situation. They tried to behave just like those stress free souls.. which they had during their school and college days. It did help a lot.. and before long.. they were cheerful once again.... while Krishna was still there.. sitting in his dark room... thinking of Pratigya... the thought which never seemed to leave his mind these days.


The dinner was simple yet elegant , cause they were having it together after soo many days . Komal smiled, all excited as Pratigya placed one complete round Aloo Paratha in her plate. With a wide grin.. she looked at her and said " Yummy.. there u go.. Miss Paratha Specialist " . Pratigya smiled back at her childness... and silently thanked God that she still retained it.. despite all that had already happened with her. However she brushed off the topic quickly from her mind .Focussing herself on the next paratha... she called her put loudly " So.. Guess... u will not need any more "

Komal , quickly shouted back, mouthfull " Nohh !!! I will need two more ... there are too tasty... "

Pratigya looked bac at her in disbelief " What... two more.. u already had three... my dear... look at ur ever increasing waist line ."

Kom : " I will.. wok out later... but for now... dese are awesome.. for me to leave ... I have just started enjoying... and yeah.. dont spoil my mood with ur diet plans "

Pratigya laughed out loudly. She was like this forever, since her school days. While Pratigya always avoided the junk food... she was complete road food material. She doesnt remeber her coming back home without tasting the food at all the stalls that she sees on the road. pani puri, chaat , pav bhaji , vada-pav ,idli dosa, uttapa.. chowmein, sandwich... ohh !! she had a big list bac those days... her day would have been incomplete if she hadnt tasted even any one of dem. She still remembers.. how much she used to get scoldings from Amma.. for having these foods... and Komal always made her the partner in crime... n as a result even she had to go many nights without dinner... result of amma's Gussa. Unknowing her lips parted... as she remembered those naughty days. Komal's loud and contended voice.. suddenly made her break her off her trance.

Kom : Pata hain.. Pratty... in dino mein.. jitna mainne tujhe mis kiya.. usse bhi jyada.. I missed ur paratha s LOL.

Pratigya looked at her cutely and spoke with a complaining tone " Haan haan.. mujhe sab pata hain ". However suddenly something struck her mind... and she asked Komal , a bit unsure about her reaction.

Prat: Erm.. Um.. woh.. Komal.. Krishna will not have his dinner ?

Komal , still busy with her food.. replied faintly "He doesnt eat "

Pratigya narrowed her eyes.. and said out in a confused tone " Doesnt eat... huh ??!! "

Kom : Aree.. I mean.. he doesnt eat here... with others. U noe... I said u na.. he is a bit strange.

Prat : But.. !! Who does the cooking for him ?

'I dont know. U noe wat.. pratty... its been an year... since we have spoken. He is just a silent guy..always busy doing something. I had requested him many times to come and stay in the mansion... but he says he is all comfortable with himself in the outhouse. He did a lot for me... but I do still hesitate speaking to him, may b just bcoz we have hardly interacted. He always prefers to do his job silently. Just that I noe.. if I have any problem.. I have a support system.. out there. Other than that... we share no other bond. Though he , at time comes to the mansion... and works in the study. I dont even noe.. what he exactly does... or whats his bussiness. Just noe.. dat he is a busy man !!! ' Komal completed with a sigh.

Pratigya gulped down the bit of food in her mouth. For some unknown reason... she felt a sudden urge to meet see him.. and to understand him.

The next two days went really well. Reunion after such long time.. indeed gives an extra pleasure. While both the morning they were busy shopping and outings... the evenings were spend completely with each other. Komal informed her about her new friend and boss Adarsh. Adarsh was really a good guy and... in a way liked her. But Prat could clearly make out that Komal was a bit apprehensive of getting into a relationship.. after all that happened with her. She made her understand.. that life has to move on. It was really a great fun being together... and Pratigya had practically forgotten about her urge to meet Krishna.. when Komal informed her.. that she had to go to Delhi for a week. It was the marriage of Adarsh's sister... and his entire family wanted her to b there. As they were really good friends... even she didnt want to diappoint him. So had to agree.

Pratigya was really happy that Komal was being brave and trying to move on. She helped her in packing... and wished her all the best.. before she left her.. all alone in the Mansion.. for a week.

Life at mansion.. all alone.. was certainly not very easy. While every time she felt uneasy and restless.. the huge house without other members seemed to pull her down in the past memory lanes. . Every time.. she remembered Ammaji.. she felt the guilt creeping in her mind... and felt in a way responsible for her death. Depression was getting over her.. when she finally thought of Krishna. Yeah.. she remembered... Komal had reffered to him as a support system... may b he will help her out too... may b.. he will shift in the house for a week ! May b she wont feel dat awkward with him in the house.

Thoughts crowed her mind... when she finally took her bold steps towards the out-house. With a fast beating heart... she finally managed to knock the door.

It was almost five minutes... and she was still standing outside his door. Pratigya stomped her foor in annoyance... Looks like.. he is desparately avoiding my knocks... barely knowing that he was just lost in her thoughts.

She knocked for the last time.. with full force and was immediately welcomed with a cold pair of eyes. Waiting at the door.. was something which always irritated her... and his cold stare even made no difference to her irritation. She looked at him with a annoyed face.. and spoke out in a rude manner.. " WHAT TOOK U SO LONG ? "

Without any reply... he moved aside... giving her space to come in. The room was quite dark, only a dim light showing upon his study table. Pratigya moved in quitely. A sudden feeling of mystery shrouded her mind... afterall isnt he the " strange man" about whom Komal speaks about. The room too gave similar vibes. Even in one quick glance.. she could make out the loneliness of the person saying there. She could have went on observing his room...when his voice suddenly broke her off her trance " WHAT DO U WANT HERE" . Pratigya looked back at him... and again.. she met those dark deep eyes... the ones that had once made her feel unwanted ... had made her feel unimportant... was today making her feel an urge to get close to him. However.. she controlled her racing mind.. and taking a deep breath, replied him back.

Prat : Actually.. Komal is not at home... and I was ...

'Scared !!!??!! ' she heard him say that sarcastically. Taking several more deep breaths... she needed tthem to keep a control on her mind... which was giving her some wild thoughts.. she managed to say in a stern manner..

" Noh !!.. Not scared.. Just a bit bored "

" So u want me to entertain you ??? "

" Yaa... I though u would dance for me "

She looked back again at those eyes... and this time..instead of the cold looks... she guessed she saw a small spark in them. While her mind was again busy investigating the probable causes of those deep sparkling eyes... once again his masculine voice..drifted her mind .

" Look.. I dont have the whole day for u... Tell.. me what do u want ?"

" I said u.. I thought u would dance for me !! "

" Cut the crap.... Its enough !!!!!!! "

She could sense his irritation... his annoyance coming back to his face... did she go too far.. ?? How could she forget.. afterall hez the " Strange Man" the one who doesnt speak... and is always busy. But den.. what was that spark for ? Why did I feel that he isnt strange.. just posing to b one... Ohh God.. whats wrong with me... I.. wat.. am I thinking.. Pratigya was thinking too deeply to realize that he was nearing her. With one intense look...he shouted bac at her " WHAT ?????????? "

Pratigya almsot jumped off her place with his sudden shrill voice. Tears flooded her eyes... as she was hurt !! ?? She couldnt understand her own feelings.. why would she b hurt... he s just one random... man... who is he to hurt her.. ... May b.. I need to leave.

With a stern voice.. she said him " NOTHING ... I WILL LEAVE NOW ".

Every single step that she took towards the door... she felt that she was leaving something behind her. It was a moment of utter confusion. She felt her mind going illogical... who the hell he is?? She has even not met him...properly... and just as much as they had interacted... he has always misbehaved with her !! He has been so rude to her... making her feel miserable.. then why was she having these weird strange feelings for him ? Where were these feelings coming from. Tears brimming in her eyes... cursing herself for each of these thoughts... she hardly noticed the door was closed and bumped into the hard door.. with a loud bang.

Senses knocked in her she shreiked out in pain. The right side of her forehead started bleeding... and the unshed tears till now.. started flowing freely. Holding the wounded place tightly... she was about to leave... when she felt his hands pulling her in and in the next moment... she found herself against a strong chest . She could clearly feel his fast beating heart against her own...and his deep breaths falling roughly on her shoulder. Her mind was getting dizzy.. with the sudden intimacy...his breath.. the warmth of his body. She felt his hand on her waist... griping her firmly... to get her stable. She closed her eyes... to absorb his deep masculine smell. While her mind ws still trying to get logics behind her strange behavior... she was still lost in him.

His effect was indeed intoxicating, as she had completely forgotten her pain.. which made her cry out loudly just minutes ago. Eyes fixed on his deep ones... she found a tinge of concern in them. Moments passsed away.. but it seemed that it had stood still for both of them. In a slow and soft voice... he made himself audible to her.

" Wait here... I will get u the first aid box "

Pratigya didnt knew what she was doing... but she gripped his hand firmly.. letting him not to leave. He looked at her curiously... and she simply nodded in negative. With a faint smile... he repeated his words... and added " It wont take long.. will b back just soon " . In another jerk..he freed himself from her clutches.. making her sit on the couch and moved inside to get the first aid box... Tongue

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guys... there was some prob.. n everytime.. I was sending the pm.. it wasnt getting delivered... So.. !! sorry for the inconvenience Embarrassed
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It was a sweet chp.So finally Krishna and Pratigya came face to face.It was interesting.Looking forward to the next chpSmile

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fab part ClapClapClapClap plzz continuee soon..cantt wait to readd moreee EmbarrassedSmile

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ROFL In A Way, Kriya Convo Was Sooooo Funnnyyy!!!
Ohhh Righttt Now I Get Krishna's StoryTongueLOL
But Why Is He Acting Weird In Front Of Her? Like Rudely Etc EtcConfused
Anyways Update SoonEmbarrassedx
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Originally posted by SadieLuvs_Suku

ROFLIn A Way, Kriya Convo Was Sooooo Funnnyyy!!!
Ohhh Righttt Now I Get Krishna's StoryTongueLOL
But Why Is He Acting Weird In Front Of Her? Like Rudely Etc EtcConfused
Anyways Update SoonEmbarrassedx

@ Suku : Yaar.. thanks dat u likd it !!TongueSmile

Ohkay.. coming to his rude behavior... its like. since Krishna thinks his existence as a big shame.. because.. his so called father..played around wid several gals.. n thus he was born. His real mom was a true professional.. can do anything for money. So.. despite loving Prat.. he doesnt want toinclude himself in her life.. bcoz he thinks.. she deserves a better one. Thats it.. Hope its making sense Embarrassed

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