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SR FF "The Proposal" update sept 12(pg9)

kusumfan Senior Member

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged

Hey guys this is part 4 of the OS  i wrote on Siddhima. Hope you enjoy it and please comment !

Parts before this one(below)

Part 1-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1443254
On the abondon roads of Mumbai, in the pouring rain walked a figure as On the abondon roads of Mumbai, in the pouring rain walked a figure as if a tornado, willing to destroy anything that comes in front. However in Ridz's mind there was only one thing, one person that she wanted to shred into tiny, tiny, tiny pieces'Siddhant Modi. Uski himat toh dekho? Itna sab kuch hone ke bad, joker ki tarhan chup raha.

 From behind Sid ran like a maniac to try and catch up with his maniac wife.


Sid beta, you are committing suicide by just following this 'this time bomb. Jo kisi bhi waqt aur kisi ko thapad mar de gi. Nahi, kisi ko bhi nahi, sirf aur sirf tujhe marti hai.


"Rid-hi-ma! Stop. Arre meri maa ab to rukh ja, kab tak bhag gay gi? Meri Olympics main entry karva ke hi chore gi. Riddhima!"-Sid as he frantically runs after Ridz.


She hears Sid calling her name from behind, but she still continues to walk at a speed that wasn't thought possible.



I love the way he says my name in his husky voice, it sounds so right. I just wish he would say more than my name, like "I Love You". I mean paanch sal ka bacha can say "I love you" aur ye 24 sal ka bacha nahi kahe sakta. Idiot. Par hai toh mera idiot aur cute idiot hai! The way he makes baby faces when he is thinking and the cute way he talks to himself and scolds himself. The way he'Ridz snap out of it. Angry, remember angry. Remember ussne tujhe "I love you" ab tak nahi bola.


Ridz recalls her anger and allows Sid to catch up to her so that she could shred him with her bare chudailu nails. Finally Sid catches up and warns himself to approach his chudail with great, great caution. All of a sudden Ridz turns to face Sid and he is taken back by both her closeness and the anger he sees on her face. 



He gazes into Ridz's eyes and is confused as he senses strong emotion but he wonders whether her eyes are portraying anger or passion. Maybe'maybe she shows her passion through her anger and judging by the fataks earlier I would say she is deeply in love with you, Sid beta. Ab careful, kahin kuch zaada hi pyaar na mil jaaye. Okay, do I play the romantic card and try to calm her down. Or should I find a rock to hide under and prepare for world war 3. He decides to risk being romantic with Ridz and try to calm the erupting volcano.


Sid gazes into Riddhima's eyes, ignoring the snarling noises coming from her. He very smoothly places his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him so the she could feel his heart. Ridz is taken completely by surprise and lets her guard down. Sid slyly maneuvers his hand on Ridz's face and tucks a strand of her hair behind her now burning ear. Still gazing into her eyes he moves his lips closer to her rosy lips and her breath quickens.



Damn! He's doing it again. Why on earth did he have to have the face of an angel, just melting away the molten anger within me a few seconds ago.  Every time he looks at me like that I lose all the feeling in my body, except for my heart that beats so damn loud that it could be heard from the heavens above. And when he is so close to me I forget everything. My mind only seems to see him and my heart desires to pull him closer and never break away. But I can't help it. His eyes are so passionate and seductive. They just pull me towards him and I forget everything. Wait wasn't I suppose to remember something, like to breath and something else? Hell with it! 'as Ridz lovingly continues to stare into Sid's eyes and hesitantly moves closer to him.


Sid moves his lips closer to Ridz's now shivering lips, but as soon as he closes his eyes Ridz snaps out of her trance. She quickly regains the feeling in her hand and slaps the clueless Sid.



What! What happened ? Man! So close yet so far away. Yaar, is ki dimak mein kya alarm clock hai jo har bar mein is ke kareeb jata hoon, aur alarm baj jata hai aur ye mera band baja jati hai! (Sid thinks, as he backs of while rubbing his red cheek.)


"Why did you slap me?"-Sid as he pouts and tries to regain his hearing.


"Because you tried to kiss me. Batameez, beach sarak mein ek ladhke ko molest karte huiye sharm nahi ati"-Ridz demanded as she prepared to take her sandals off and hit him.


"Toh. Tumne toh mujhe airport mein kiss kiya. Woh bhi sab ke samne. Tab kahan thi tumhari sharm? Dhood lene gaye thi kiya? Aur tab maine tumhe thapad nahi mara tha"-Sid as frustration is slowly starting to rise.


Ridz takes of her stiletto and throws it at Sid's face. Fortunately with being around Ridz so much his reflexes had improved and he was able to catch the stiletto.


"Tum kya George Bush ki bhanji ho? Jab dekho bina wajah ke attack karti rehti ho! Aur Ridz tumhe sharm nahi aati? Pati ko chutti mar rahi ho, who bhi sarak pe? You should love your husband"-Sid as he raises his hands to protect his face and prepares for the other stiletto to be thrown at him.


"You are right!"-Ridz with a softer expression on her face.

"I am? I mean I am!"-Sid as he recovers from his confused expression.

"And darling to show you my love, I burnt all your comics."-Ridz with a mischief smile and satisfied with the cry the escapes Sid.




He was confused about whether to cry about his precious comics or yell in agony. To calm himself down he put his finger in his mouth and bit as hard as he could. The blood rushed to his face and his veins started to pop. Meri comics, meri comi'Breathe Sid, breathe. Comics aur aajaynge, biwi sirf ek hai. Aur waisi bhi murder ki punishment kuch zaada hai


"Aur pyaar chahiye? Ye lo"-Ridz threw her other stiletto at Sid. She then gave an expression of pure triumph and started to walk in the other direction.


"Oh thapad ki dukaan! Come back! How are you suppose to walk when I have both your shoes? Sun rahi ho. Come back, confusion ki maha rani!-Sid yelled as he ran once again after Ridz. Upon hearing his insults, Ridz sharply turned back. She stormed towards Sid with her finger dug into his chest and he began to walk backwards to avoid being corned in with an irritated lioness.

"Tumne mujhe kya kaha? Thapad ki dukaan? Confusion ki rani! Abhi bata thi hoon "-Ridz as she corned Sid against the trunk of a tree.


Finally Sid looses it. He took Ridz, who was caught of guard, by the shoulders and forced her against the trunk. Then he moved himself closer to her and she let out a deep gasp of air.


"Chup. Maine tumhe confusion ki rani nahi kaha. Confusion ki MAHA rani kaha. Aur tum ho thapad ki dukaan. Aur mein tumhara ek lauta customer hoon kyunki is puri duniya mein sabse bara pagal hoon jo tumhare thapad ko withstand kar sake."Sid says with a tone of authority. Upon hearing this Ridz softens and a thin smile spreads across her now glowing face. But she quickly wipes it and unsuccessfully attempts to angrily stare into Sid's loving eyes.  She is unable to, so she lowers her eyes and waits for Sid to react.



Wait! Did I hear right? He, in the least romantic way said that we were meant to be. That there actually was and is a "we". Sid, you have no idea how long I waited for you to say I love you. Wait a minute, is ghade ne mujhe abhi tak " I love you" nahi bola. In fact he called me "Tapad ke dukaan!" Anger once again started to boil within Ridz and with great determination to glare angrily at Sid, she begins to raise her eyes. But as soon as she meets Sid's eyes all that anger is replaced by the desire to have him even closer to her. Damn him!


Sid senses this and moves closer. He feels her body shivering and he gently entwines her in his embrace. Then he lowers his face to her neck without touching it, as if to tease her. As soon as he kisses her neck she feels a chill run down her whole body. She then entwines her hand around Sid for support as she was sure she would fall without it. Sid then slowly moves up her and neck and stops at her lips. There lips are so close that they can feel each others quickened breaths.

"Sid, yeh kya kar raha ho?"-Ridz shyly whispers without letting go of Sid's eyes.

Sid lets out a soft chuckle "Cricket khel raha hoon" 

And without giving her anytime to react, with force he places his lips upon hers. He kisses her with all the passion that had been burning ever since he realized he had fallen for the thapad queen. He anticipates for another slap, but he still continues to kiss her. To his surprise Ridz tightens her arms around Sid and holds him as she kisses him back with the same passion. Finally the need for air forces them to part. Sid looks into Rids eyes that are now glittering with tears.


"Confusion ki queen, Sue was going to and went to America. I was just dropping her off"-Sid with a dreamy look on his face, as he was still trying to recover from the breath taking (literally) kiss.

"Oh!!"-pleasantly shocked Ridz


"Oh! Ridz I am never going to run away from you because I can't. You are a much bigger part of me than I am, you are my soul. How could I ever run away from my self?"  


Hearing this Ridz let out all the tears that had been building up. Sid lets out a sigh.


"You are one crazy girl. You are sad that I am leaving you and you slap me. I tell you I am not leaving and you cry about it. Come on, let's go home. Oh and by the way Ridz I don't think I should come to the airport anymore. It's proving to be a health hazard for me"-Sid teased.



PM List (please let me know if i forgot anyone)
Thanks soo much for all your comments. Am really glad that you enjoyed it!
Part 1-http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1443254

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Prachi It's awesome n funny also
The thoughts of Sid -Ridzi r so realistic...... Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Thapad ki dukaan what a nickname for Ridzi....
This is why i love my FATAK jodi
I m really day dreaming while reading ur update.....
Wish something like this happens in dmg
All SRians r such good writers Clap Clap

Heart Manika

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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Prachi Hug
Great update yaar
Dis is hilarious LOL LOL
Throughly enjoyed reading it
So our Batameez & Chudail r back , oh I luv dem Sooo much.. Heart Heart
Great tags given to Ridzz ' thapad ki dukan' 'confusion queen ' LOL LOL
Write more..
arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Wonderful story!!!! i loved it....i luv how you continue to bring out the chudail in Ridz and the batameez in Sid and yet they are so romantic...

my favorite

Yaar, is ki dimak mein kya alarm clock hai jo har bar mein is ke kareeb jata hoon, aur alarm baj jata hai aur ye mera band baja jati hai!

So true...Ridzys alarm hamesha sid ki band baja tha hai

plz do write more
norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 2:16pm | IP Logged

Excellent OS on siddhima, thanks alot for continuing it Prachi

its hilarious, you have done an awesome job

Siddhima are too good,

do continue

-jas- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
OMG awwwwwwwsommmmmmmmmmm post keep it up.............
hewascool90210 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 2:49pm | IP Logged

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2010 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
ooh parachi
thanks dear 4 pming
love love love ur os
its awesome
love every bit of it
plz write some moreeeeeeeeeeeee!

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