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Friends..lovers! ArSh new thread (Page 6)

armaanridhimma4 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 July 2010 at 10:39am | IP Logged
awesome prologue. please continue soon and add me to your pm list

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blessing-beauty IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 July 2010 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Awesome FF mallu

looking 4ward 2 the next parts

cont soon

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Access_Denied Senior Member

Joined: 26 September 2009
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Posted: 29 July 2010 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Awesome Tossom Prologue Maleeha ..!!
plz add me in ur pm ist

w8ing eagerly !!

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funkybratz IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 July 2009
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Posted: 31 July 2010 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
omg!!! such beautiful comments...i didnt knew you all will like the prologue soo much!!!! as i told you that i would change the characters only if you want soo...i guess that wont be happening because many people are happy with arsh!!!! in it!!! thanks to those who clicked like button and the people who comment i love you guys!!!!

p.s- people who want the pms!!!! please DO MENTION IT IN YOUR COMMENTS i would edit my pm list!!

p.s.s- i hope you all like the part!!!

p.s.s.s- those who wanted this fic with AR i m REALLY REALLY SORRY because many people wanted it with ARSH...i promise to come up with a new idea for AR fic!!!

do comment guys!!!

She drove like a mad woman, not caring about anyone or anything coming on her way, she turned her car quickly as she saw an old woman coming close to her wheels this would be the last thing she wanted to kill someone in a hurry.




She heard people shouting behind her almost running car. And she didn't even decide to answer them; she didn't want to waste her time by replying to those people who won't even understand why she was hurrying.

Her car stopped at his house, the house where she almost spent her childhood playing with him, sharing her secrets, stories of her latest crushes with him, the place she loved the most after her own home which she didn't have now!!! After he father death she didn't looked at her place like a home!!! It was a house where she would just go and sleep or watch movies, keep her things her belonging there, or eat which she almost never did'as cooking was the last thing she would love to learn.

She opened and entered the place which was lit by several lights, the place was wonderful and she loved it, whole house was shinning as if happy with her entrance, the garden was also lit but with moonlight, as it made the green grass almost shine under the moon'the smell of roses and orchids was lingering in the air, making the person who breathed the air jump in excitement after smelling the fragrance.

But one thing she knew, all this won't make him happy!!! He wont get happy with all these things nature is providing him'it was wonderful and surprising at the same time that how his home is always the most happiest place in whole earth for her.

She stepped on the green grass entering the garden, as her sandals got wet. It had drizzled awhile a go and she can still feel the droplets from the sky on the red roses in front of her. She touched that rose with all the love she carries in herself'the beautiful red rose shone with the same care and love as if understanding her.

Her eyes moved towards him standing in the corner near the artificial lake, his parent have built long ago, he was standing on the same corner where they use to stay, sharing their child like secrets, her heart aches as she saw his hands moving towards his eyes and clean the tears which were falling from them.

Even though she can't see him as the light was to less, but still under the moonlight she knew how strong he was from outside totally opposite from what he was inside right now!! "Why god always do such things with him??" she questioned looking at his back which was now not to far from her. "Why does god always choose him for such pains?"

Wasn't it enough for him that he lost his parent in a plane crash'wasn't it enough? Wasn't it enough
that he was almost thrown out of his own house because some people made a wrong crime report of his dead father? It was all thanks to his uncles who tried their best in finding top lawyers who attended his case!! And wasn't this enough that she left him without telling him a single word'and not even telling him that she would be back or not! And if all this wasn't enough the he was still crying today with the most unbearable pain anyone can get.

She moved towards him and moved her hands towards his waist and felt his hard body almost loose itself as if, it can anytime fall down. He released his crossed arms which were there on his chest for quite some while now and felt her hugging him'her body pressed tightly against his back, as he felt his vest a little wet.

He removed his tears and turned around to see her. Her tear were roaming here and there freely on her pink cheeks, he didn't knew what to do? After all he was more miserable than her'she didn't loose anything it was him who was loosing everything since the start.

Her eyes moved upward looking at his ever grey blue eyes, he was trying to hide his tears from her, she smiled a little looking at him doing that "armaan!!" she whispered as he moved his eyes to watch her

"Hmmm" she felt that how painful his voice was sounding'soo painful!! She never felt his voice like this before.

"No man cries in front of a woman bracelet" she said as he smiled a little looking into her eyes

"Soo you remember that?" he questioned again hiding his tears.

"I remember everything my best friend said to me!!! Your words are like quotation to me!! I cant forget them" she heard her own voice going down, while he hugged her tightly crying his heart out'it was not him but his heart who was crying like that and she felt her own tears roll down it was unbearable for her to stand there and watch him cry like this.

"Armaan don't cry please." She begged hugging him tightly as if scared to loose her only best friend while he too reciprocated hugging her more tightly as making her go breathless.

"Then what should I do?? What??" he murmured as his fresh tears landed on her shoulder strap. She can't understand him, since two month he was trying to make her understand but she wasn't trying to understand and now he even didn't wanted anyone to understand how painful it was for him'he can't get word to describe the pain he was receiving right now.

"she doesn't love you armaan!!!" the merry statement of her shook his world as if bringing him back from the world he was living in. he removed her from his hug almost making her loose her balance, while she knew it was time to make him realize the truth and the reality.

"She doesn't love you armaan anymore forget her may be she hasn't ever loved you." She again tried to get his mind back but she couldn't, she knew it was difficult to make him understand it. It was all his past and he should move forward now!

She looked into his eyes and the tears in them were telling her how hurted he was from inside, how her little statement made him feel'how weak he was getting with every passing second

"Why?? Why?? Why she doesn't love me? Why she doesn't love me anymore?" his tears left her eyes as he saw her standing there rubbing her own tears and then moving forward to do the same with him.

She placed her hands gently on her cheeks and rubbed his fresh tears and then said "I don't know armaan'maybe god didn't choose her to be in your life'maybe there is someone else for you!! Someone who will love you more than her own life!!!"

"I don't need any one'understand no one other then her!!!! I don't bloody care if she loves me or not, all I care about is the fact that I love her more than my life" he shouted almost scaring her, his anger had always scared her even she didn't know why? But then it did!!!

"You aren't understanding armaan!!! She is married for god sake forget her" her tears were long gone as she could see that he wont understand easily'she would have to bring her anger side too'after all what should she say!!! The woman he loved was married now and he, here was busy crying over that fact.

"SOO'WHAT IF SHE IS MARRIED'ITS LOVE WHICH HAS MORE IMPORTANCE THAN MARRIAGE'AND THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED DIVORCE!!! SHE CAN OR MAY BE I CAN FORCE HER TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND!!" he tried to make her understand, he wanted her now'he knew that he cant stay without his love anymore it hurted him a lot by just thinking about her with someone else.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? HAVE SHE TAKEN YOUR BRAIN TOO WITH YOUR HEART? CANT YOU JUST THINK!!! SHE IS MARRIED'YOU KNOW MARRIED'AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION EVEN YOU AND I KNOW WHAT THE IMPORTANCE OF MARRIAGE IS'SOO JUST STUP UP AND STOP TALKING RUBBISH" he knew she was right all together, he have always considered marriage more important than love but now when he was going through all this he found out that love is something which can overtake the importance of marriage too!

Tears again formed in his eyes'as he just stared at his best friend'this girl was here when he thought no one would support him, would give him a shoulder where he could keep his head and cry she was here when he needed someone badly and still she is here when his mind wasn't working.
Quickly going through his past once again, standing in front of her he sobbed, his tears suddenly, from no where rolled out from his eyes and then within a second he threw himself on the wet grass near the lake'

"Why me? Why me of the entire human here? WHY ALWAYS BLOODY ME? First mom and dad died and that too when I needed them the most, when I needed someone to guide me'they left, then suddenly from no where you left, without even telling where you are going, when you would be back, no contact nothing, leaving me all alone, all by myself, when you know that how much I need you, how much I need my best friend'and when everything was turning out to be fine, new career, new friends, new life'she came into my life, I never knew that I would fall for her this badly but when I m in love she is no more here because her father wanted her to marry that DR.Sidhant!!!..i know she loves me, I know my heart say that she does even now'she just have to say that and everything will be fine like it was before sidhant.

"Just tell me one thing armaan!!! Her father asked her to marry sidhant he didn't forced her because he knew that she and you were together, still she choose him over you why?" shilpa's little questioned really did shut armaan's mouth for a while'yes ridhima had a choice but why she never choose him!

"maybe her father forced her and she didn't told anyone" armaan whispered even though he knew that it cant be possible, he knows Dr.Shashank every well now and knowing him armaan can easily say that ridhima wasn't at all forced by her father!!! He loved her soo much and forcing his own daughter to marry someone else was the last thing Dr.Shashank would do.

"Come on Dr.Shashank could never do that you know that don't you?"Shilpa said knowing that Doctor Shashank won't do that at all.

"I know that!! I know that" he whispered, looking at his state she sat down next to him pulling him in a hug, she knew how broken he was'after all the woman he loved was married to someone else now!

He cried badly for few minutes not knowing what to do'he was madly in love with that woman "for god sake I can't bare soo much pain'I m a human I can't bare it now" shilpa rubbed her palm on his back trying to calm him down, she can't think of downing anything except that.

"armaan please calm down'I m here now'you have cried a lot please stop it now'crying is not always a solution stop it" she said trying to convey him that whatever he was doing wasn't good at all, he have started drinking a lot which he did occasionally, he use to call ridhima while sleeping, not eating at all and even he wasn't going to work'where DR.Kriti was ready to eat him dead or alive.

"You coming to work tomorrow?" even though she knew the answer but then trying to ask him again was not harm at all.

"no" he mumbled "she would be there I can't face her anymore, she is ridhima modi now and I can't like her, move on as if nothing have happened, I can't forget those beautiful years of my life within a second as if they were never a part of my life at all, I can't smile like I have never cried at all and I can't love anyone like I have never fallen in love even once" he said hiding his face under her hairs as if scared to lose her also.

She didn't knew why all of a sudden she just whispered "yes you can love" his tears stop within a second and he pushed her hard enough for her to fallen on the ground.
She closed her eyes quickly scared to see his angry face.

"you are crazy shilpa!!!" he roared "you are saying that because you never believe in love at all'you know the day you fall in love, I'll ask you how it is to fall in love and the lose him, like he never came in your life"

He looked at her face, as he could see glint of tears in her eyes'she was his best friend and still she was saying all this! Anger was slightly taking place in her eyes'he knew this girl could never cry easily and still to control her own tears she was trying to get angry!

"I don't know about love armaan" she shouted controlling her own emotions "but yes if you stay like this anymore'I can guaranty that I will lose my best friend too like I lost dad" getting up she moved her back toward him, as he just looked at her retreating back, she was going towards her car and he knew that she would be crying too.

Sitting in the car, she opened her dashboard and took out her father picture, kissing it she whispered

"I miss you dad, you shouldn't have drink to kill yourself" she looked again at the garden and saw armaan eyes fixed on her.

Quickly rubbing off the tears she started the car and stopped on the gate for few seconds'she wrote something on her cell phone sending the message to the person'she zoomed off.
He felt his cell phone vibrating and within a second he saw shilpa message.

"respective devdas'if u wanna tlk..then cme to hospital tmr!!!
Varna...i'll cme hme to drag you thr.

i hope you all liked it.... sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake i didnt got time to read it and check it in a real hurry!!!
please comment guys!!!!!!
love maleeha!

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Posted: 31 July 2010 at 5:06pm | IP Logged
loved it to the core.... thanku for the PM n continue soon

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Anjali-K Goldie

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Posted: 31 July 2010 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Interesting FF, do continue soon.

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moonlight2630 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2010 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
wow very nice update.Thumbs Up
KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 July 2010 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it
love ArSh friendship
can't c armaan unhappy
plz cheer him up soon
can't wait 2 read more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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